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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 25, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PST

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of the coronavirus. what's now being tested by fizer as concerns about the new strange continue to grow and after challenges was supplied, the mosconi center is now back open as a mass vaccination site. what's going to happen for those who had appointments canceled during the closure, plus, with nearly $2 trillion on the line lawmakers are fighting over a covid relief bill. i'm caroline shyly in washington. i'll have that story coming up. this is ktvu. fox two news at noon and good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. california's just reached a grim new milestone in the covid-19 pandemic more than 50,000 people in our state of died from the coronavirus, or it is the first state to reach 50,000 coronavirus death. at the same time, there is some encouraging news. the virus death rate in california has slowed in the past few weeks after new cases surged, starting around
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thanksgiving visor will start a study of a third booster dose of the covid vaccine to see how much protection it could. it could bring against variants of the coronavirus. bringing ktvu allie rasmus live on this today. in this announcement, alec comes a day after moderna said. it's also planning a third booster, and it'll take a few months to see the results of that study and if it's found to work a third dose of the fighter vaccine is something we could see distributed as early, possibly, as this summer advisor says. for now, it plans to enroll up to 144 people who participated in their phase one. received a disturbing doubles to their vaccine. they're also discussing a steady with regulators to see if they might need another booster shot to protect against specific variants like the south african variant madonna announced similar plans develop a third dose of the vaccine and already has its own variant, specific booster already in the works that these third dose boosters become a reality. people would
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get them about 6 to 8 months after their first two doses. this announcement from fizer comes just a day after the new england journal of edison published new research that shows that two doses of the fizer vaccine is highly effective for people of all ages. once you've got the second dose, the effect was much higher. 92% protection of severe disease and 94% protection off symptomatic illness very similar to what they saw in the clinical trial run by fizer. our karen. he's right dying earlier this morning, vice president kamala harris spoke with a pharmacist in a d. c area grocery store who talked about doing everything they can to encourage people still reluctant to get any vaccine to go and get there. 1st and 2nd shots. all of this comes as the vitamin administration announces that the federal government has now distributed 50 million doses of the covid vaccine nationwide halfway to their goal of 100 million shots distributed in the president's 1st 100 days in office reporting live. rasmus ktvu,
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fox two news. definitely feels like a change is happening, ali. thank you, san francisco's mosconi center is back open for high volume vaccinations and this time around the city's actually expanded who was eligible to receive those shots. ktvu is elissa harrington as the story. a line formed outside san francisco's mosconi center, the city's largest hub. this is whee people who live and work in the city can get a shot by appointment on lee. our appointment is for this morning, my friend here and myself and so hopefully everything is going according to schedule. this mass vaccination site is finally back open after a supply shortage and shipping delays link to storms in the midwest forced it to close well was crushed. and when we open this up, we were so excited. we wanted it to be able to do 10,000 day. and not only did it not get up to that number it actually we had deposit for two weeks. city supervisor matt heini, who represents district
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six stopped by the site, he said the temporary closure was disappointing, but the city still hopes to get all san franciscans vaccinated this summer. we've got some urgency now we've expanded the eligibility way want to get our teachers vaccinated so we could reopen our schools. we want to make sure our food and restaurant workers, especially as we reopened indoor dining around the bay area next week. we need them to be vaccinated, so this site has to be rolling more than 142,000 san franciscans have received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. that's 19% of the city's population. more than 51,000 have received the second dose as well. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the membership based health care provider, one medical group has stopped receiving covid-19 vaccines from a few bay area counties after reports that it allowed people to cut in line and get vaccinated, according to the chronicle, san francisco, san mateo and alameda counties are no longer sending doses to the company. san francisco is even asking the company to return.
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unused doses. one medical says it's disappointed that quote ill informed hearsay is causing misconceptions about its protocols. cvs is beginning to administer vaccines at 40 of its pharmacies across california. all appointments are booked, including at its pharmacies in berkeley, conquered daly city, santa clara and sonoma. also walgreens is now scheduling appointments that some of its pharmacies you can register to be notified. one appointments are available in contra costa county, the mount diablo unified school district is still debating a return to in person learning during a virtual board meeting last night, both parents and teachers spoke out about reopening schools and distance learning number. parents spoke about the school board getting their children back to in person learning. some teachers are still pushing back. idea continues to believe that it is not safe. open our schools while covid is widespread in our community. idea believes we
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must ensure the health and safety of every person who enters our schools, educators and students. media being the mount diablo education association. also, the school board talked about the potential approval of a hybrid learning program. so far, no agreement has been made. weekly unemployment numbers show that us jobless numbers dropped more than economists expected last week. the labor department report. 730,000 people filed for unemployment. that's a big drop from the week before and fewer than 100 45,000. wall street had predicted. california also saw major drop in claims with 89,000 unemployment claims filed last week compared to 139,000 week before. well, economists say we still have a long way to go these not these numbers are offering a possible bright spot. meanwhile, a recent report is highlighting one of the many disproportionate effects of the pandemic. the national women's law center reports 275,000 women dropped out of the labor force last month. brings the total since the start of the pandemic to more than 2.3
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million. many of the women have been forced to stay home do the ongoing closures of schools and day care centers. experts say. they're worried about how this will eventually impact women's wages, especially women of color, who are seeing even higher unemployment rates. democrats in congress are moving forward with the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. although there is some resistance from a number of republicans, caroline shamefully reports on what's in the bill now and what could be pulled out. $1.9 trillion covid relief bill up for a house vote friday is either the worst thing to happen to america this year. this is a boondoggle for the left is just not a coronavirus relief package. this is a real relief package for poorly managed democratic states or it's the best. it depends on what politician you ask past the american rescue plan so we could get those $1400 checks to folks. so we can save our small businesses. here's some of what's in the
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bill. as of now, ah $1400 check for those making under 75,000 year, another 1400 for dependents. 350 billion for city and state governments and 130 billion for schools. republicans in congress say it's too big and chocked full of waste. but at least one gop e important than precision. we ney just we've got to go big enough to make it happen now. probably the biggest sticking point for republicans and a few democrats is a $15 an hour federal minimum wage. it'll stay in the house version but could get stripped o. my 100% happy with what's in there, of course not, but we'll see what this said it any adjustments that they make, and they will take it from there for a final vote in a couple weeks. that 350 billion for governments may not stay in the final bill. some lawmakers are worried that local governments will use the extra cash to cut taxes instead of fighting the virus in washington, caroline shaw lively ktvu, fox two news.t
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very hard by the covid pandemic. what the governor says needs to be done as challenges continue with the vaccine rollout. plus i'm acting in los angeles, where golf legend tiger woods is not expected to face criminal charges for that rollover accident coming up more on woods recovery. and we had a windy start to the day and cooler weather now all across the bay area, including chatting on the city of san francisco. this time you do need a jacket. ktvu meteorologist. see paulson's you wake up with morning's onto you also have the power to know. everywhere you go when you download the ktvu, fox two news download the ktvu, fox two news out. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus
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of the oakley school board, since those members stepped down, are now looking for permanent replacements. the board of education president and that louis appointed herself into county board members as interim trustee's for the oakley elementary school district. entire board resigned last week after members complained and joked about parents demands to open schools during the meeting, they didn't realize was being livestreamed. today, the filling trustees will meet to discuss whether to appoint new trustees or hold an election.
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golfer tiger woods remains in the hospital this afternoon, recovering from surgery on his right leg. meantime the los angeles county sheriff says the rollover crash that woods was involved in was an accident. matt finn has the story. tiger woods is continuing. the investo the accident is expected to take several weeks. but on wednesday, the los angeles county sheriff appeared to rule out potential criminal charges. this remains an accident accident, notities say they sawo evidence was was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. but questions are mounting over the safety of the road where the accident took place. she'll say, since have occurred on the downhill stretch of hawthorne boulevard where woods crashed. the county supervisor has requested a safety review of the area, experts say car safety features and a seatbelt likely save the golfers life.
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it is testament to how much safety standards have improved over the past two decades that he was able to, if not quite walk away but least be. helped out of what was a norma's accident. the chief medical officer of harbor u. c. l. a where woods was treated, says the golfer suffered significant injuries to his right leg. a combination of rod screws and pins were inserted to stabilize broken bones, doctors say. woods faces a lengthy recovery. these are very complex injuries. this is a massive soft tissue injury that happens have broken bones underneath it. these take a long time to recover from the very first sheriff's deputy on the scene, says his body worn camera was on and recording when he was interacting with tiger woods, the l. a county sheriff says his office will be as legally transparent as possible regarding that video. in los angeles math in ktvu, fox two news in the state of taxes more than 1.3 million
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people are still having water supply issues after last week's historic winter storms. now things have gotten a little bit better since they sunday when nine million people were affected. state officials, state officials say more than 850 public water systems. are on a boil water notice. the texas commission on environmental equality is examining the failures to try to prevent the disruptions from happening again. and a woman from the houston area is now finally in a $1 billion lawsuit accusing her electric company of price gouging lisa korea suing the texas power company gritty, saying she was built $9000 during last week's statewide energy crisis. short periods of time when i had power, i was too afraid to turn my heat on because, you know, i saw my light bill jumping so knt all the people that this affected that you know they get some relief. today. texas lawmakers are holding hearings about the power outages and then tomorrow, president biden will be flying to texas to help
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with the recovery from those storms. well he was cranking all throughout mornings onto here. we are the noontime, lucky to have steve paulson with us, and we're outside and not meet needing a heavy jacket today, anyway, are we? i don't think you need one gossips. that's starting to warm up again. we're not as warm my gus is we were yesterday, but it's still mostly sunny and above average temps here. it looks like this will probably contain and you all the way for the rest of the month. there are some signs, though. some of the forecast global models are hinting at maybe a little pattern change in march. goodness knows we will need a few high clouds up there. no big dealing, see some up around cloverdale, healdsburg, santa rosa, but that really that that that's it. the temperatures 71 nevado 71, also on fairfield, 68 sent carlos. i mean, we're we're still in the sixties. they're only a couple of fifties. sixties and also seventies, but we are running a little cooler. i'll say compared to 24 hours ago. so even though it's nice out where one day nine degrees cooler than yesterday, this time, with the napa airport leading the way at minus night, one
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interesting, too interesting thinker. there's still a north wind or northeast went except and alameda in san francisco they have turned on shore are westerly and also along the embarcadero. it is west southwest. it's six still 63 degrees. that's almost like i'm talking like a summertime pattern. hey, we have a sea breeze kicking in in february. any rain there now. not really. there might be some trying to sneak up from the south around march 3rd or fourth. that's what they're picking up on. we'll see if that happens still a week away, but until we get to march, nothing's going to develop brain wise up in the specific northwest. seattle portland, like okay, okay, waving the white flag we've had we've had enough, but we just can't get anything down here for right now. 41 tyler 40 and reno 60 sacramental 64 beautiful degrees down in monterey and 65 phoenix lot of sixties or fifties out in the sandwich. keene valley, the dome of high pressure just controls our weather, and it looks like it'll continue to do that. we will have one more what looks to be wind event this weekend as everything stays to the north. the rain track for now is just not our
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friend here, and everything is mild, staying dry above average temps. the breeze will probably pick up again as for late friday into saturday, and then after that, hopefully we will see an end to these offshore wind events. but today, mostly sunny. it's nice tomato warm. i mean for february. it's warm or get 10 degrees above average for some. sixties and seventies. very quiet wind again on saturday after that things, calm down. let's hope was we had to march. maybe get some writing near augusta, probably that he thank you still to come this noontime in east bay community a bit on edge. we're gonna have the latest on a series of attacks involving a coyote and really what's being
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if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help.
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if you can't afford your medicine, bay we're talking about the city of san jose police there on the scene of a shooting. this is on the 800 block of delon avenue. that's kind of right near interstate to 80 and meridian. if you're familiar with the area, the san jose police department does say that there is one victim who is suffering right now from life threatening injuries. no word. on if anyone is in custody if they're searching for a gunman right now we do know that traffic is blocked there on delon avenue between nevin way and kingman avenue again, this breaking news is coming into our newsroom here. a late morning shooting in the city of san jose will continue to fall this story out of the south bay. and of course, as we get more information, we will bring it to you. four people are
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being treated now for burn injuries after a fire in east palo alto. that fire started shortly before 6 30 this morning at a home on almond court between clark and pocus avenue firefighters. you could say they jumped all over this one. they knock down those flames and just about 10 minutes. two of the victims are in the hospital being treated for those burn injuries. fire investigators are still trying to determine how that fire started. there's more more concern in the east bay after another report of a coyote attack five people in all have been attacked in the same area, including two children, and experts say the same coyote is responsible for all five of these attacks, get two views. henry lee tells us what authorities are trying to do to catch this coyote. latest coyote attack happened on friday near this quick stop, not far from busy mount diablo boulevard, an offer yet walked across the street sat down and he was approached by this coyote that bit him. the man didn't report the incident for a couple of days. by then, his
12:23 pm
wound had already healed over. but we did see that the victim had not washed his pants that he was wearing. had not washed them. yet fish and wildlife officials found the coyotes dni a on the pants and tested it. it was a match to the same coyote. that's been two kids and two other men in lafayette and morocco since july that made it bite number five attributed to one coyote via that'd napa profile. there have been plenty of sightings of coyotes in la brenda recently. this coyote was spotted tuesday morning in morada. this one room that are in the street on monday morning, and these photos were taken sunday morning at lafayette reservoir, a popular spot for hikers and joggers. this video was shot back in december. also at the reservoir, although no bites have been reported in orinda, jenny says. san says this video card, a coyote snatching a red already caught in a trap early thursday morning, were very surprised when you look up to see this coyote take the rat. the rat had not been killed in the trap, and somehow the coyote came and took it for us. wildlife officials have set up
12:24 pm
traps and cameras on private property, but so far have been unable to catch the wily coyote. the aggressive animal is most likely hungry, but it's not clear why it's biting humans or when it decides to strike. there's no rhyme or reason so far that we can tell and pattern this animal. we just we just don't really know. i wish we did. it would help us refine our efforts, coyote sightings and especially bites should immediately be reported to local law enforcement. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well five victims are filing a lawsuit against former p jeannie executives and board members, a trust representing more than 80,000 victims of wildfires. asu in nearly two dozen former p. jeannie managers, the lawsuit says they neglected their duty to ensure the company equipment wouldn't cause people to die. lawsuits seeking up to $400 million in payments. san francisco public leaders are pledging to improve public safety after a jump in violent crimes. mayor london breed and the police chief bill scott, spent part of yesterday talking with business owners in the richmond district that part
12:25 pm
of the city acenas. increase in the number of reported robberies and assaults. the mayor wants to improve communication between the police department and the district attorney's office, which of headed, sometimes contentious relationship with a focus on repeat criminal offenders and gun violence. we have to do a better job with coordination around our criminal justice system. you know how much i care about criminal justice reform? i care about giving people a second chance, but it's also critical that people are held accountable. for their actions when they cross that line, mayor breed also announced the state's giving san francisco $1.5 million grant to expand its violence intervention program staying in the city here. california's oldest catholic cathedral is in danger of closing san francisco's old st mary's church and cathedral opened in 18 53, california and dupont street. the cathedral is run down, and the church also owes $250,000 in insurance payments. weekly donations have
12:26 pm
drastically dropped since the pandemic started a go fund me aside meant to help the cathedral stay open is generated more than $25,000 in donations. will become this noontime, troubling news about an increase of what can be a devastating illness in children that causes different parts of the body to be inflamed and its more vaccines are on the way as drugmakers begin to target different strains of covid-19. i'm steve harrigan in atlanta. that story ahead. also the winds coming down across much of the bay area, the rain well, nowhere in sight as we give you a live picture there of the lower east shore. some heavy traffic actually headed in the westbound direction. they're on 80. we're going to check back into steve, because if you are a fan of the wind, hey, he's gonna dial some up. probably
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the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. president biden vice president kamilawhite house. president bin has promised to deliver 100 million vaccines in his 1st 100 days in office today. marks day number 37. or than eight million doses of nobl. more than 37 million americans have received one or m over
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13 million have received a second dose of the covid vaccine. new data on the ongoing vaccination efforts all around the world are showing some promising results this as a third vaccine option could soon be available here in the united states. we're talking possibly just days away. steve harrigan has the story from atlanta. it's another boost for the biggest vaccination effort in american history. a new large scale study shows. visors vaccine works almost as well in the real world, as it did in clinical trials, proving 57% effective after just the first dose and up to 95% 2 weeks after the second dose. we were surprised because we expected that the real world setting you will not get as good results as you got in the controlled setting off the clinical trials, but we did. the report came just hours after the ft. announced johnson and johnson's one shot vaccine met the criteria for emergency authorization. it's about 66% effective in preventing
12:31 pm
moderate to severe covid-19 versus more than 90% for fizer and madonna, but doctors and health officials say it will still protect the public and help end the outbreak that you wanted to keep you out of the hospital out of the intensive care unit and to keep you from dying, and certainly all vaccines. a careful eye on this case in hospitalizations continue to decline, morris states air getting children back into classrooms, some middle school students in new york city, the country's biggest school district, are heading back thursday for the first time since november, part of a national trend that is seeing remote on lea learning fall from 62% september 2 31% today the rewards outweigh the risk. i think she has to go to school. emotionally academically. she needs to be in class. now madonna says it's beginning clinical trials for booster shots to target different strains of the virus in atlanta. steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news here in the bay area, steve paulson. i'm thinking of one of my favorite willie nelson song's blue skies
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smiling on me. it's not too bad out there right now. is it what shining actually, well, shining. it's either way it's a lot of blue sky. i mean, there are a few high clouds, but doesn't matter. and i mean we're still on their nice conditions here. plenty of blue sky out there and it'll be a probably this way until we h to marge. there's some signs things might change in march, but rest of february looks like very mild, very warm and maybe some more wind events. we are looking at a few high clouds, but and no big deal. there's a lot of sunshine out there. so your thursday thoughts. well, we had a cold morning but now we're looking for mostly sunny and breezy conditions that cole would be back tomorrow morning once the wind tails off that's a pretty dry air mass over us. so mount saint lina came in with the most 78 mount diablo was 73 last night overnight into early this morning. nah, nah, man, i'm tvi blackhawk, oakland hills. mount tam in half moon bay, 32 2 58 mph. but things are a lot quieter right now, and they're also warming up. i'll say fairfield 71 nevado, 70 67 san carlos, mid
12:33 pm
sixties mountain views in their oakland 63, berkeley 62. there's a little bit of an onshore breeze that has kicked in instead of offshore for san francisco and also hello. me to get in the oakland, berkeley hills and in marin county hills. it's still offshore. is there any rain for us? not for the next five days now watch to the south sea. what it's trying to do there is trying to bring up something there's going to be a low, you get a lot of lead time on something like this. they're going to put a low right here and then what is going to do is try and bring up some moisture like that. i would not bank on that being very much again. that would not be until about march. 2nd or third until then, if you want rainbow, north seattle portland. they've had plenty. they're still getting some a little north breeze a travis back villain davis. yet the napa airport has turned west southwest. so we are seeing a little change here finally is a little bit over an onshore breeze. 41 tiles 60 sacramento moderate 64 degrees santa maria 65 71 down in san diego with crescent city at 50 degrees, the dominant feature
12:34 pm
for about a year now has been that high. remember last february, we did not have a drop, aerated. we're ending this february without much at all. so enjoy the sunshine is going to change, but not for the next few days. 67 these on the temps today, still above average, but not as warm as the last couple of days. looks like another wind event offshore again and to the weekend so february ending. sunny breezy but windy at times they're gassing. thank you, steve governor, gavin newsom says our state needs to do more to reach outto people living in the hardest head minority communities when it comes to preventing the spread of covid-19. ktvu political reporter, greg lee spoke with two doctors who are at the frontier of that fight. the most obvious reflection of canary in the coal mine of inequity in our society is health as covid-19 vaccine distribution accelerates in california and nationwide equity remains a concern. so the numbers show that african americans and latinos are getting vaccinated at a lower rate. relative to their their being in the population to
12:35 pm
california state population, dr oliver brooks's cheer the state's panel that determines who gets the vaccine. and when the department of public health recently began releasing data related to the race and ethnicity of vaccine recipients, the latest numbers show they are 32.7% white. 16% latino 13% asian 2.9% black and 0.3% native american ages, the biggest factor that is driving deaths from coronavirus infection, but even in those older age populations were seeing a really big gap in who's actually getting vaccinated. dr kirsten bivens domingo was a ucsf epidemiologist and health equity researcher. i brought her and dr brooks together to discuss. how do we ensure shots reach the most impacted communities. both agreed opening sights in underserved areas like oakland coliseum is a good step, but after vaccine access codes met for black and latino communities were misused, the doctor said. there is much
12:36 pm
work to do because we need to make sure that people have the information that the digital access is not a reason why people don't know where to get the vaccination things like transportation. we need to be provisions made. for example, black of african americans work where they don't have sickly, but it can't get off from work their essential workers as distribution moves into the next phase. dr brooks is confident the race metrics will improve. doctor bivens domingo says it's incumbent on leaders to address what caused those disparities to begin with. i believe that we are moving in the right direction. it will be more vaccine there would be more equitable vaccine if we're going to have a future. ah healy society healthyociety. weo have to pay attention to these.s expressed hope that the disparity is laid bare by the covid-19 pandemic could lead to
12:37 pm
some long term changes. moving towards equity. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. and you can see more of greg's interview this weekend when voices for change returns as a monthly show. exploring the issues of race, equity and social justice. this week's show with sunday morning at 9 30 right here on ktvu. doctors say they're seeing an increase in a serious health condition in children that is somehow tied to the coronavirus, multi system inflammatory syndrome in children or miss c. causes different parts of the body to be inflamed new data shows. there are 302 reported cases of missy statewide. that's up from 176 cases last month in 157 in cember, research shows nearly all the children who had missy tested positive for covid-19, the other said better. found someone with the virus. we think it might have to do with increased risk of infection because many of these families
12:38 pm
are essential workers and so they might be getting having increased risk of exposure. the cdc says. missy is a new syndrome and many questions remain about why some children and adolescents develop it after a covid-19 illness or contact with someone with covid-19, while others do not more businesses and other activities are beginning to rio. then again in san mateo and marin county's ktvu xem early is a look it out gyms and restaurants welcome back customers indoors. for the first time in months, working out indoors resumed at 5 a.m. wednesday at physique magnifique in south san francisco just might have to close down to get next time. the owners say they hope there will be no more shutdowns. but no, it's always. possibility one client says receiving personal training over zoom doesn't quite work out the way she'd like when i'm
12:39 pm
here. you know there's people around. they're all working hard, too. so the energy is better and, you know people who can see you and you don't want to be slacking off. you know, river right here. all right. enjoy across the street at cafe 382 owner, costa panels says during the shutdown, he relied on take out and outdoor dining. panel says his restaurant offered indoor service wednesday as soon as it was allowed. there's nothing like sitting inside of russia are getting the food superhot right to your table, you sit outside, sometimes their food gets cold cause you're outside in the cold. it's nothing you can do. despite indoor dining now an option. plenty of people still ate outside, i'd feel more comfortable eating outdoors. i mean eating because you have your mask off your opening your mouth. you're chewing your swallowing. you're talking next door at brew 382 patrons told me they had been waiting for this day to enjoy a drink indoors. there's some relief coming our way with people getting vaccine. they say they feel safe coming to a favorite
12:40 pm
spot where they and the establishment take precautions. i'm a double massacre. there's two mess here it those brakes. but as for physique, magnifique. the owners started offering outdoor classes at a nearby park and training online to stay afloat. should there be another shutdown. they're ready to roll with the punches. i would not be surprised if we get close again. i because you know, especially with the variant. people tell me they're cautiously optimistic that the pandemic has taught them to expect the unexpected in south san francisco amberleigh. ktvu fox two news. meanwhile, public health experts are reiterating the importance of wearing a face covering setting a new study by the cdc about how the coronavirus may spread inside a gym. according to this report, a number of infected people over one week attended high intensity indoor exercise
12:41 pm
classes at a gym in chicago off 81 people exposed 55 contracted the coronavirus. the researchers say that mask use was infrequent and likely contributed to the outbreak. look on this noontime a closer look at california's crimin george floyd plus supposed to get students back into the classroom in the city of san jose. the announcement just a short time ago from san jose mayor sam accardo and the effect it's having o now. in j. n
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
robbery and in any ox store at the any up target store. ktvu never be alone. updates us on the police investigation. from sky fox. a target parking lot cordoned off customers cleared out the store closed and the wreckage of a failed get away. they did brandished a firearm at the web at the pharmacy. i they went behind the counter, police say, 2 18 year old men from antioch used a gun to rob the pharmacy of narcotics, most likely opioids. and on their way out. somehow a customer was shot in the leg, and we don't know if there was a struggle at the door if he just got in their way, if he was trying to intervene, we just don't know and we're still trying to piece that part of it all together, the robbers pulled away into the path of an arriving police vehicle. we really just think it was an incredible circumstance of the wrong place
12:45 pm
at the wrong time for them. they ran into the police car. the passenger fled. the officer chased on foot. both suspects were quickly caught. ah, gun. what had tossed was recovered. and as this unfolded, i want the residents of antioch to know that they will be that they will be provided answers. annie ox mayor and police chief were explaining on in custody death i can share with you that our officers are completely devastated by what occurred last night. this incident is in the hands of contra costa sheriff's department. just past midnight. ah lift driver reported someone trying to steal his phone officers arrived to find that suspect in coherent and paranoid in the road. he attempted to enter a car that was stopped at a red light by pulling on the door handle and banging on the window, yelling for the driver to let him inside. officers struggled to get him out of traffic, according to the officers, the man exhibited extraordinary strength, and they were unable to gain control of his arms. ah third
12:46 pm
officer taste the man and he lost conscious this narcan and a defibrillator failed to revive him. no knee or other limbwas ever applied to the man's neck. the chief says the man was never hit or pepper sprayed, and the corroded restraint hold was never attempted. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. during this black history month. we are taking a look at california's criminal justice reform movement and where it stands after the death of george floyd and he say it is the civil rights movement of our time. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has the story. this movement around criminal justice reform is to restore the rights of our people finish holland's works for the nonprofit californians for safety and justice, working to unwind the state's tough on crime policies of the past. she grew up in san francisco's bay view hunter's point neighborhood and lost two brothers to gun violence. how you doing today? before our interview, a man was shot dead
12:47 pm
here along third street, a stark reminder ofies like this t reckon with every day it' that this is such a common for us, but holland's is critical of how the criminal justice system has responded to neighborhoods like hers. i think folks are aware that you know all the investments over the decades that have gone into mass incarceration that have gone into the tough on crime approach didn't necessarily make our communities safer. last year, lawmakers in california back to sweet of bills targeting racial equity. and police reform following the killing of george floyd. most of the initiatives died on the floor of the legislature. but many progressive lawmakers plan to bring a new volley of bills this year. there are number of studies out there that show that black and brown communities are over, monitored over, policed over incarcerated are given longer sentences. sydney came logar is a state assemblywoman representing part of los angeles. and vice chair of the legislative black caucus.
12:48 pm
she's working to get several bills across the finish line, including new police accountability and sentencing reform laws. the ark, you know that bends towards justice is long on each generation is required to do its part over and over again to fight to get us there. it's important for us to recognize that these systems do have racist histories and given that it's black history month, reform advocates like holland's so understanding our nation's past will help us confront the present and it's time for us to right that wrong and not just for the benefit of black and brown folks, but for our entire society in san francisco, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. san francisco police chief bill scott is opening up about what black history month means to him. he posted a message on social media talking about growing up in the state of alabama in the 19 sixties during the civil rights movement. some aspects of black history aren't just what we
12:49 pm
learned about in school or watched on tv. they're what we grew up hearing about at the dinner table images and films we see today of birmingham police in the 19 sixties spring fire hoses, sticking dogs on protesters and worse. many of those protesters were my family members and my family's friends. it was real for us growing up. when i decided to pursue a law enforcement career after graduating from the university of alabama, i couldn't have guessed my path would again cross an arc of history. i was a rookie cop with the loss and chief scott also talked about being a young black police officer in los angeles during the 1992 riots after four police officers were acquitted of beating rodney king scott says he had a front row seat to history that he would not wish on anyone. knew it knew in san jose's mayor, sam look, carter was continue. going to push for schools to reopen for in person learning a few minutes ago,
12:50 pm
marla carter, was it horace mann elementary on seventh street, not far from city hall. he was joined by parents and doctors. they're they're urging officials to find a path to get students safely back into the classroom and to prioritize vaccinations for teachers and staff against covid-19. mayor tl closures are i would urge that we focus on equity, ensuring that elementary schools that are serving our poorest families are open first, because we know that children of color and children coming from families that are least affluent are the ones who are harmed the most with this since learning and closed schools, he said. union high school district in alum rock district say they'll not fully reopen until teachers and staff received covid vaccinations. santa's a unified school district's labor agreements called for the county being in the orange tear or teachers and staff being fully vaccinated. a
12:51 pm
ruling by a san diego superior court judge could be an indication that indoor youth sports could soon resume across could soon resume across our state. judge will that all youth basketball and wrestling and start immediately because young athletes are not a greater risk of transmitting or contracting covid-19 than college or pro athletes? the lawyer filed that case friends to file similar lawsuits and other counties he specifically named san francisco as one of those counties. youtube has a plan for what is a three tiered account for user's younger than the age of 18, but too mature for what's called youtube. kids there will be increasingly relaxed limits on what users can watch or do on the channel based on setting selected by parents. it will first roll out the explore moat that would include tutorials in some games suited for children nine and older, explore more. would be designed for younger teenagers and most of youtube for older teens. parents will be able to monitor what their children
12:52 pm
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streaming performances as they worked for welcoming audiences back safely in person. one upside of the san francisco symphony. being on lee online is that it's expanded its reach around the world. the unmistakable peel of trumpets starts one of the most recognizable pieces of classical music. only this, william tell overture is unlike any other. it's one of the only ways members of san francisco symphony can play together.
12:56 pm
during the pandemic way felt that. we needed to offer something to everybody that was relatable. and you know, we're all we're all at home with our children or pets or partners. and, you know, we're all kind of doing the same thing and we wanted to just kind of show something a bit relatable. what we're what we've been up to. in the pandemic. good and bad. we loved that element of it, connecting with our community personally, so not just musically, but like you said, opening up our homes, our lives. our children, our gardens and just kind of the general silliness that you kind of have to mask when you're on stage, but it's just there in every human so that was just a thrill for us. i don't know about you, katie, but i had so many texts and messages and email from friends around the country that i hadn't heard from in a really long time saying, oh, my gosh, i saw you and it waszing and thank you, and that was really the best part of it san
12:57 pm
francisco symphony is offering free streaming performances and a new subscription service sf symphony plus curated by the new music director s a peck a solid in the world renowned conductor and composer, became the head of the symphony at the start of this season, when beloved former music director michael tilson thomas left the symphony after 25 years to big changes in the middle of the pandemic. it's been sad to not be able to give a proper send off. off turn music director and a proper welcome to our new one. and so i think we're all just waiting for the time we could be on stage and there's gonna be a lot of ah lot of celebrations, now return to davies symphony hall just yet for the symphony, but there was so much to discover an sf symphony dot com. also the symphony as a great youtube page that goes back for decades. most of this is free. there is a subscription. service, but
12:58 pm
it's all great, especially for family viewing. some people in oakland are receiving hot meals today, all because of the golden state warriors organization, the warriors home court assist is delivering more than 2000 meals today to multiple east bay organizations. these meals air from horn barbecue in oakland, which is a chase small business restaurant. they're being dropped off and distributed at. covenant house, east oakland collective and tribe in youth uprising. the real blessing is, you know, we could have a young person that can come in and we can give him a warm smile with the door. we can provide them with the shower with clothing with the bed. but at the end of the day, there's something about nutritious, delicious meals that's just medicine for the soul. heather holmes assist is a six month meal delivery program that brings more than 12,000 hot meals to bay area communities in need long his hod of the season is tomas hertl has been placed in
12:59 pm
the nhl's coronavirus protocol. tonight's game against the vegas golden knights has been postponed saturday's home game against the blue still a go at this point, but that could change. the training facility there in san jose, has been closed until further notice. back to some breaking news. we had parade the top of this newscast in san jose. police are on the scene of a shooting on dylan avenue, just south of 2, 80. meridian the san jose police department tells us there is one victim with life threatening injuries. at this point, we haven't heard whether or not anyone is in custody yet, but clearly can see a lot of law enforcement on the scene. traffic is blocked off there onto land avenue from nevin way to kingman avenue. gonna stay on top of the scene because the sky fox up up above, but keep this in mind if you're making your waythe hours to comw our next newscast is not until four o'clock today, but in the meantime, we'll have more coverage on that breaking news online for your ktvu .com and on the ktvu news out. thanks
1:00 pm
for watching everyone hope you have a great afternoon. dr oz have a great afternoon. dr oz dr. oz: coming up next, inside tiger woods' shocking car accident and devastating injuries. after emergency surgery for compound leg fractures, everyone is asking, not just will he walk again, but will he golf again? and a stunning twist in the case of doomsday cult mom lori vallow. >> we are going to be filing conspiracy to commit murder charges. dr. oz: a secret recording reveals shocking details from the investigation, coming up next. ♪ ♪ dr. oz: will he play again? it's been two days since we first laid eyes on those horrific images of tiger woods' car accident. now, after emergency surgery for severe compound leg fractures, everyone is wondering, not only


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