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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  February 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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storms across the country are being felt now here in california. we are in a race against time race between infections and injections and any officials in southern california now forced to close some of their vaccination sites because of the delivery delays. good evening, everyone i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener here in the bay area, several counties say their shipment still have not arrived. but so far, officials have not been forced to close any distribution centers, sama te'o county said. as they were still expecting to receive a shipment of 14,000 vaccines, they say right now there's no word yet when it'll get here, but they say their vaccine clinic tomorrow at sfo will go on as planned. but some second dose appointments may be canceled. santa clara county also reports that a number of moderna doses have been delayed, however, so far they're still
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able to facilitate existing appointments with the doses that they have on hand. san francisco's covid command center tells ktvu that shipment was received yesterday. but right now it's unclear how delays may impact future deliveries and sonoma county also reported a similar delay yesterday, although would not elaborate on how many doses were impacted in southern california. the delivery delays forced to mass vaccination site at disneyland too close temporarily. appointments tomorrow are being postponed. orange county officials say a shipment of madonna's vaccine was expected tuesday, but never arrived. it was a similar situation in l. a as mayor eric garcetti announced that more than 12,000 patients have had their appointments automatically rescheduled because of the delivery issues. we know these vaccine shortages and the inability of planes to deliver these doses is not unique to l. a it's a nationwide problem, and it's been reported here in
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california that in fresno in orange county, santa barbara and san diego counties have all experienced similar delays, and i've had to shut down their vaccination sites as well. mayor garcetti said they are ready to restart a soon as supplies are available today. the white house press secretary, said. the administration is closely monitoring the situation. we're also working with our partners to move up scheduled deliveries whenever possible, and the third shipment operations through the end of the week into the weekend or in conversation about extended hours, an additional appointments to try and reschedule shots given the storm. many vaccine sites across the country directly affected by severe winter weather have also had to shut down temporarily from the pacific and the southern united states. we are expecting an announcement from state officials on youth sports any day now the high school coach behind the push to get student athletes back in action tells
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ktvu. the governor is expected to make an announcement soon, sarah football coach patrick walsh says. he and other leaders from the golden state high school football coaches community met with two of newsome's aids last night while says they didn't tell him what the final decision would be. but he is hoping for some good news. california lawmakers have agreed on a $6.5 billion school re opening plan aimed at getting students back in classrooms this spring. the plan would require county public health departments to offer vaccines to school staff who are turned who returned to in person classes. it would also require school seeking funding to reopen starting april 15th two vulnerable students and those in lower grades. the plan overhauls of $2 billion proposal from governor newsome that was widely criticized by school superintendents, unions and lawmakers. there was a very public plea going on in sonoma county to get students back in classrooms. a new billboard is up along highway one of one
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through runner park. it kind of resembles here. a missing children message. in this case, though the sign includes the house to the hashtag open, sonoma county schools now sonoma county 68,000. public school students have been learning from home since the beginning of the pandemic last march. county is currently reviewing safety plans that would allow some students to return to their classes. frustrated parents and students fed up with online classes are taking distance learning right to the gates of closed campuses in san francisco this morning, they held what they called a zoom in to bring awareness to the struggle that many kids have been facing for almost a year. now, the students did their distance learning in midtown terrorist park rather than at home. parents say their suffering and students say they're sick of staring at screens for hours each day being on a screen so long it hurts my eyes that makes my
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brain feel all matched up like mashed potatoes. it makes me feel groggy. it makes me lose my focus. i don't like it. not at all. families plan to hold zoom in mornings for the next few school days. organizers say the closures have led to mental health issues for some students learning loss, and they say that many private schools have figured out how to safely reopened. so san francisco unified should do that as well. startling comments from school board members in oakley. they thought that part of their school board meeting was private, but his ktvu is cristina rendon tells us the board members were caught. on an open mike talking about parents as parents watched, unaware they were streaming live comments from some board of trustees at oakland unified elementary school district are going viral and we alone. yeah. if you're gonna call me out, i'm gonna you up. bored talking
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about parents and the letters they've received from families urging the district to reopen schools. they want to pick on us because they want their baby sitters back right? of a pier and say the board members realized their mistake turned off the camera, then came back to apologize. it's frustrating for the kids. it's frustrating for the parents. it's frustrating for the teachers, board members and. a light. i get it, but we don't speak that way to other people about other people that certainly not at a board meeting. it's okay. if you don't want to send your child to school. it's okay the deal, but don't degrade parents by degrading the teachers by calling them baby sitters. no one's a baby sitter here. that's not the case. we want our kids to be kids. mom of two erica turner is concerned about her kid's mental health being out of school for a year, but grateful for teachers who we're fighting every day for their children. ah changed on ork petition has gathered more than 2000 signatures calling for the
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members to resign. they should step aside and, you know, take initiative for the things that they chose to say and do last night. superintendent greg hetrick, who was on the call issued a lengthy statement apologizing and taking responsibility. part of it reads. i know that we lost trust with the community. i am responsible and accountable and i am truly sorry for what took place. i pledged to work collaboratively with stakeholders in community members to begin doing the important work that is needed to rebuild community trust in our district. some parents held zoom out on thursday, where they kept their kids from participating in distance learning. there's also a planned protest in response to the board members comments that's being held on saturday at noon outside oakley city hall, cristina rendon ktvu. fox two news. us claims for unemployment rose during the first part of february 861,000 people filed for jobless benefits last week. that's according to the labor department data released today.
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in california about 20,000 mork claims were filed last week alone. the new claims bring the total number of americans claiming benefits to 18.3 million since the beginning of the pandemic. meanwhile growing number of beleaguered and disillusioned workers at california's unemployment agency are leaving the department in droves. ktvu is tom vacar tells us that's making the big problems at the e d. d even more. difficult to solve, like every state unemployment agency following the badly crafted federal program, the e g. d was immediately and mandated with the title wave of federal unemployment assistance claims that the beginning of the pandemic its protocols. particular it's anti fraud protocols were very, very pearly put together since last march in an effort to provide better speedier service the e g d has hired about 4900 new employees and now has about
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11,200 employees. almost all of them work from home. this is a system that takes some time. to get up to speed and really learn, learn the rules and learn the protocols. during that same period. nearly 1600 employees have left the e d d 14% of its workforce, some through normal attrition, also taking a toll. relentless overwhelming caseloads and harsh public and client criticism, especially for new folks working at home. dd in many ways this past year has replaced department of motor vehicles as the most criticized of all of the state department's in the thursday teleconference, she had another new e d d director says she's hiring 900 new employees. she then repeated the same mantra. frustrated claimants have heard for months we are in. moving our building to make timely decisions about potentially fraudulent claims. really after
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months of uninterrupted payments, freelance writer stacy thompson was cut off cold turkey in december. the timing and i did get something. i think it was. january 4th or around that time that said that it was the fraud email that everybody had been getting. but even after using a dee dee's new i d system to submit documents proving her identity, it has been of no avail. one e d d whistle blower tells it this way. we have one job, which is to help people out who are unemployed and we're failing at that mission. so far, california alone has paid out as much as 31 crooks. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the house of representatives is moving fast on a covid relief bill to beat a deadline to extend key unemployment benefits, house speaker nancy pelosi said today.
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the house aims to vote on its version of the $1.9 trillion relief bill by the end of next week. democrats are trying to approve the rescue package on other on their own through budget reconciliation, as republicans expressed concerns about spending. last week. we rode up the bill within that framework within different committees of george diction honoring their. amounts and then that now has gone to the budget committee, which will consolidate all of that. make sure that it is again in keeping with what reconciliation. allows congress before march 14th. that's when a federal unemployment supplement and jobless benefit programs expire. stocks were lower overall on some discouraging economic news today, applications for unemployment benefits rose last week with more than 860,000 new
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claims. the dow dropped 119 points. nasdaq fell 100, the snp was lower by 17. coming up. nasa successfully completed a safe landing on mars this afternoon. and now the epic quest to learn maura about the red planet really gets underway how a bay area team from nasa ames was crucial in today's mission. it's still incredibly rocking. this is my third mars mission, and it doesn't get any easier. and despite the cloud cover, we had temperatures in the upper sixties and even low seventies i'll have the four katherine return, plus another barry county announced his plans to expand the eligibility for coronavirus vaccines, the next group to receive them in contra costa county and taking a live look at the conditions on the san mateo bridge. the commute direction heading in the east bay, those of the lanes there on the left, ktvu fox cats. comm. this is it case.n
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the surface of mine to begin speaking the sands of past life. was you just saw a big celebration in pasadena today after nasa's perseverance rover landed safely on the surface of mars. it was a nail biting, ending the mission, especially challenging because of the red planet's rough terrain. people all across the country. watch the landing, including right here in the bay. area ktvu is christian captain has more on today's exciting and historic day lift. after eight years of planning and a nearly seven month trip through space, finally, the moment nasa and science lovers had been waiting for confirmed. safely begin
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speaking. the sands of past life within minutes, the perseverance rover sending out its first photos of its new home, nasa engineer helen wine watch. in that moment, along with the rest of the world. it's still incredibly nerve racking. this is my third mars mission, and it doesn't get any easier. in the next few days, the rover will begin its primary mission searching for signs of life past or present on the red planet. more advanced instrumentation. that's going to be part of it. and then we have a helicopter that's going to be flying on mars and then i think the best part. we're actually going to be collecting soil samples from mars. we're going to bring them back to earth, eventually with two other missions. none of this would be possible without wang and her team's work at nasa, ames in mountain view, her team worked to create the heat shield to protect the spacecraft and rover from 2500 degree fahrenheit temperatures as it entered the martian atmosphere. we have to basically. take 90% of that kinetic energy that we come in with and basically just
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rejected all to make sure that we don't burn up the rover. that's the whole point. the whole spacecraft is there just to protect. that perseverance rover scientists around the world and right here in the bay area, watching every development in the mission to mars, ben burress and astronomers chabot space and science center, saying big scientific endeavors like this are a gift to the scientific community, but also pay off for society at large to solving the problems. how did. drop the robot onto mars can be some of the same thinking process towards solving problems back on earth. i think it's exercise and this is just part one of a multi year multi trip mission to mars plans are already underway to develop the mars sample return missions to gather the samples that perseverance will leave on the surface as it explores and then return those samples back to earth. that sample return mission, currently scheduled for launch as early as 2026 christien kafton ktvu. fox two
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news turned out to be a pretty darn nice day. there lot of clouds but a little bit of sunshine as well. so a little bit everything. and not only was it a little bit, sonny, but it was really warm. and we saw 71 degrees today and morgan hill. it'll be chilly tonight, but not cold, not freezing. it would be just quote not to get some valley fog going. is that moisture that humidity moves in with that next system? here are the temperatures from today and you're gonna see him wasn't the temperature. stop gonna let's go see those temperatures. sure i don't get about four x is super important. you see these on there it is. okay temperatures from today. 71 morgan hill. it is right cause that's unusual this time of year, february 71 degrees 68 in san jose. it was 64 santa rosa. show temperatures tomorrow, not a zoo, warm disease, but we're so going to see some low sixties, so it's still gonna be fairly fairly warm. so if you look outside like i mentioned the valley fog back in the forecast tonight, baby real patchy, not a lot of wind lot
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of community lot of moisture that the surface and in the showers come in late tonight and early tomorrow morning 1/10 of an inch of her lucky. quarter of an inch in the marin county watershed s o something like that. that's not the model. that's a live picture. when i come back, we'll take a look at the computer model and you could just take it from there and go. okay, here's here's how it times out for friday, and there's a little something party night into saturday morning. i'll see you back here. the extreme winter weather may have people paying more for gasoline temperatures in texas or being blamed for taking some of the largest refineries in the united states off line. those refineries handle about 20% of the country's capacity. experts say this could cause gas prices to go up anywhere from 10 to 20 cents per gallon here in california. gas prices are up 16 cents a gallon compared to last month. the average cost for a gallon of unleaded is $3.50 in the nation. but of course we all know that prices
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are even slightly higher here in the bay area in san francisco. one of gasses 3 61 and in oakland and san jose. it's 3 52. that's according to triple a teachers and grocery workers are among the latest groups now eligible for the covid-19 vaccine, and contra costa county. the county extended eligibility today to residents who work in the education and child care sector, food and agriculture workers and those an emergency services for those seeking an appointment can expect await, county officials say all appointments county sites are filled through at least the next two weeks due to a temporary reduction in supply. hundreds of public safety employees got their shots there. coronavirus vaccine shots in alameda county today in all they expect about 1800 county employees from the public defender's office, the d. a's office and the county sheriff's department will get vaccinated. the clinic is being held at the office of emergency services in dublin. the sheriff's
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department says it's a huge relief to get their personnel protected. still ahead tonight, a texas senator facing harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle after flying to cancun as millions of his constituents remain without power during a historic winter storm. also an eight year path to citizenship laid out today, the sweeping immigration reform being proposed by president biden.
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immigrants waiting for a change in u. s immigration policy today, president biden unveiled his bill that's designed to initiate sweeping reform across the country are south there, reporter jessica harry tonight with our report. this about how america is safer, stronger, just shy of one month in the oval office, and president joe biden is setting a path forward for sweeping immigration reform. president biden, you know, a big part of his coalition was to get latino votes was to get immigrant votes is abroad kind of multiracial, so it really doesn't surprise me that he really has put a lot of emphasis.ation package. the u. s citizenship act of 2021 would create an eight year path to citizenship for roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country before january. 1st. farm workers and daca
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recipients immediately would get green cards. there would be increased funding for immigration judges in staff to help alleviate case backlogs and higher per country visa caps for family members. term alien will be replaced with non citizen one might see this knot is the final bill that needs to be voted on, but rather the first part of ah, non going negotiation that will lead to the final bill. the biden bill is backed by democrats guaranteeing passage in the house. the senate is a little more complicated where democrats will need 10 republicans to join their cause, helping them get to the 60 vote threshold, if not. they face a likely gop filibuster, which makes the bill as gargantuan. his comprehensive is this woman, you know, more and more difficult to actually get through. still those on the front lines of the immigration fight say they're cautiously optimistic their end goal is within reach. south bay immigration attorney ron common ayan says daca protections only
6:26 pm
goes so far. they are tired of really waiting in the shadows and. um, you know, looking over their shoulders, wondering if, um at some point, they they're going to be a target for deportation relief may have to come and legislative stages instead of one bill, ohio congressman jim jordan tweeting republicans shouldn't support any immigration reform bill that does not secure the border does not permanently end catch and release and does not end incentives for illegal immigration. san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox. two news, texas republican senator ted cruz is facing a storm of criticism tonight after flying to cancun in the midst of the weather and power crisis in his state. he flew to mexico last night with his wife and two daughters. the new york times reports they plan to stay at the ritz carlton resort until sunday. in a statement, cruz said his daughters were going on a trip with some friends and he wanted to travel with them. overnight.
6:27 pm
crews returned home to houston. afternoon telling reporters he planned to work to get power and water restored. a lot of texans are hurting on this'll crisis is frustrating. it's frustrating for millions of texans that shouldn't happen. cruises trip was met with criticism from both sides of the aisle back home in texas, the head of the state republican party, said cruises trip is something he will have to quote answer to his constituents about today, former longtime senator bob dole announced that he's been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer dollars 97 years old. released a short statement saying that he was diagnosed recently and is going to begin treatment on monday. dole is a republican. he represented kansas in congress for almost 36 years, serving twice as senate majority leader. he resignedrom the senate in 1996 when he became the republican presidential nominee. he ended up losing, though to incumbent president bill
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clinton. coming up on ktvu. box two news at 6 30, the family of an east bay man now suing the antioch police department, after they say a call for help during a mental health crisis took a deadly turn, plus a debate within the oakland police department over the arrest of a store owner who opened fire while trying to stop a robbery in chinatown. and later in sports. good news for warriors, big man and rookie sensation james wiseman, our sports director market. bonnie's will have details
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three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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celebrated today is nasa's perseverance rover landed safely on the surface of mars. the mission eight years in the making, is to look for signs of life on the red planet. severe weather across the country is delaying coronavirus vaccine shipments here in the bay area, sonoma county officials say a shipment of 14,000 vaccines is delayed. santa clara county reports that unexpected shipment of moderna doses hasn't arrived, and sonoma county says they had a similar delay yesterday, parents and the oakley una union elementary school district are now calling for the resignations or the recall of school board members. the board members were seen on camera and heard over an open mic without knowing last night
6:32 pm
they were complaining and using profanity to describe how they felt about parents of children in the. oakley school district, you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6. 30 east bay family taking legal action after a 30 year old man died in police custody. the family says that police who are responsible for his death, and now they question the tactics used to restrain him. ktvu is investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been following the story and spoke with the man's family. i was there. i was watching them trusted them, um, e thought, you know, they know what they're doing. cassandra pinto collins recorded this cell phone video after her son fell limp while being restrained by antioch police. it was two days before christmas. she said her son, angelo kato, was having a mental healt. so she put him in a bear hug his sister isabella called 911.
6:33 pm
when police arrived. she said he'd calm down. they take him from me and they put him down and he said, please don't kill me. please don't kill me. what happened next is at the heart of the family's legal claim they filed thursday morning. what happened here is the officers got on his mr queen owes neck with that knee and press down on it. bay area civil rights attorney john burris is representing the family. they held a press conference in their front yard burst said they've conducted an independent on autopsy indicating kinko s fix ea did and he literally was dead within five minutes. the antioch police department didn't issue a press release or statement about the case when it happened. they also have not released the names of the officers or said if they were wearing body worn cameras. the coroner's autopsy is still pending. in a statement to ktvu, any art police lieutenant john fortner said the investigation is still open once some additional portions of the investigation or completed a pd will be getting together with
6:34 pm
all the involved agencies to provide more information to the public. christmas presents for kato still sit unopened in the family's living room. they hope their legal claim will help bring some answers. i don't believe that this happened now. yeah, that's the only reason i'm able to talk and not scream right now in antioch evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. oh we're learning about an internal debate within the oakland police department over the arrest of a store owner in chinatown, who fired shots to try to stop a robbery. our crime of water, henry lee tells us officers didn't want to arrest the store owner, but they say they were ordered to take him into custody. the case of the oakland chinatown store owner who was arrested after firing shots to stop a robbery has divided the police department. on monday, the store owner saw woman being confronted by men who wanted her camera and your night than franklin. men also hit her with the car. that's when the store
6:35 pm
owner fired shots and the men took off. i have learned that the store owner has a concealed weapons permit from outside alameda county that's valid statewide. oakland police officers and investigators believe the owner who has helped them find suspects in the past, should be released from custody. but those officers were overruled. sources tell me by captain who ordered the owner be jailed. this captain made a horrible decision. it smacks of politics. it smacks of c y a. i don't want him in st make him a steak. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza said the owners arrest only alienates the chinatown community, which has been hit by criminals. just think with that store owner is going to do next time the police needs help. he's going to go. i'm not helping you guys. you're going to arrest me that captain is going to come back out and he's going to have me arrested. apparently this week, chief laurent armstrong said he understands the safety concerns in chinatown. but he said store owners to be calling police not firing their guns, particularly we don't want people to fire weapons into our community, right when weapons are fired in
6:36 pm
our community, there could be unintended victims, civil rights attorney jim chanin agrees as sympathetic aziz the person maybe. it's simply not the law we can have. we can have this kind of vigilante action. the store owner told officers that arresting him sends the message that citizens should quote, do nothing and that it's okay for criminals to target the vulnerable. cardoza says he doubts the store owner will be charged. nobody will convict him. they'll probably want to give him a medal. the store owner, the woman targeted by the robbers, and the police captain have all declined to comment. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a marketing executive at facebook is calling out the industry for failing to respond to the recent hate crimes against asian americans. late nineties, my grandfather was beaten in a hate crime in the outer richmond, atlanta, and they label it as a hate crime because nothing was stolen. he was just beaten and he was left
6:37 pm
at land's end to die. and i thought you suppressed that number for question. time haven't thought about it until i started seeing more and more reports of more asian. elders getting beaten, pushed down. in an article in adweek, eric tota, says influential companies and brands need to break their silence and work to combat anti asian racism. coming up here. the pandemic, taking a toll on san francisco's foster care system, what experts say is contributing to a shortage of foster parents and what the city is doing about it. also apple introduces more than 200 new emojis, this time with greater emphasis on inclusivity.
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created. major problems for the city's foster care system. many former foster parents are opting out because of the pandemic. ktvu rob roth tells us what the city is doing to encourage more people to become foster parents. want him five year old kicking a soccer ball while a two year old navigates a play structure. we've blurred their faces to protect their privacy, but they are among the more fortunate foster children in san francisco. they have foster parents willing and able to take them in. that's just been incredibly rewarding on. i do hope that we are making a
6:41 pm
difference. michelle voices even though she and her husband have full time jobs, they're able to care for their foster children. the city pays for daycare. i hope that i can provide some stability and these uncertain times when their their parents, you know who loved them very much. just need a little time and support to get back on their feet. but while these two children have a foster home, there are dozens in san francisco in need, who do not, officials say covid is causing major problems in this city's foster care system? a lot of what we're seeing right now is. more intense type of abuse or neglect, because, folks, they're home all the time. you know, parents might be out of out of work and because children are not in school teachers or not, is able to spot potential trouble and reported to authorities and covid is creating another problem. there's a shortage of san francisco residents willing to become foster parents, many of opted out. because of the pandemic, maybe health issues or they're a high risk because of their age. um, you know,
6:42 pm
because of underlying conditions, and so they put themselves on hold. so they're taking taking children. that is why the city has launched a campaign to attract new foster parents. it includes signs and social media. the goal is to keep a san francisco foster child in san francisco and your family if you're looking to be the bridge and provide stability for a kid until they can reunite with their parents, or until they could be placed in another safe and loving home, then you're gonna you're gonna love it and you're going to be rewarded. with lots of smiles and hugs and kisses. rob roth, ktvu fox two news, apple is focusing on inclusivity with its new iphone emoji is there are 217 new emojis for the latest version of apple's mobile operating system, they include a more inclusive set of couples, allowing users to bury the skin tones and genders of the couples kissing. or with
6:43 pm
the heart. there's also the option to choose either a woman with a beard or a man with a beard and other additions include the addition of helmets on the emojis of people climbing a wrapped up heart and a heart with flames. some showers back in the bay area forecast. we'll talk about that and what you can expect the weekend that is coming up. see you back here. but first after the break, she's just one of two black women to ever hold statewide office in california history. what the states newly appointed secretary of state says about her new role. and her goals for the future. no. dam
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sun and some warmth. morgan hill was 71 degrees. we did talk about that. 66 fairfield temperatures tomorrow will not be as warm. there's going to be a little bit of rain overnight into the morning hours. and if you look out live outside, we can tell you that would be a little valley fog opportunity tonight, as well as a chance for a few sprinkles showers late late late, like really early friday morning, more than anything on that'll bring maybe 1/10 of an inch. if we're lucky, maybe a quarter of an inch in those from the north. communities so it's yet another super weak weather system that's coming our way, which is a drag because we've seems like we've had our share of super weak weather systems this season, and here comes yet another one as we prepare for this system, you kind of see it up there in the north, right? and as we come in a little closer, the green representing
6:47 pm
the rain, and that's where the heaviest right is that came in to see. know a little bit of point arena getting some showers that all drift south tonight. but by the time against us a lot of it's is going to be gone. so we're not gonna be seeing it. so you coming close? you can see eureka in those areas. they're gonna get quarter half inch, maybe in some of those silly locations. but for us, it's going to amount to trace amount and what i will do as about 150 miles away from us. what it will do is what the roadways for the morning commute, so that could be an issue. so if you're thinking about your commute tomorrow morning, maybe a little wet on the roadways i've noticed, and i bet you have to that the. traffic is getting kind of back on it right. things were starting to get back. torto tickle traffic patterns, which isn't so great. actually toby, careful tomorrow morning. driving around here is the model. this is right now. this is overnight in about 45 a m into the north bay. looks like nothing right and then
6:48 pm
kind of lingers and moves out through san jose by noon and the rest of your day looks like this, but then we get a deal up here. this system rules really quickly on the top of us. friday night into satday morning, so you'll see it go through. right there. did you go through? yeah there it goes right through and when i went through that goes through that's gonna be flying into saturday morning, and that'll give us the opportunity for perhaps a few more sprinkles. maybe 1/10 of an inch, maybe a quarter of an inch, and when he's using in wintertime, there's the highest for tomorrow. the wintertime like this in february, when you skip his weather system you expect, you know, good weather system. i like, you know, half inch in san francisco and inch and a half two inches and can't field a half inch in san jose, but we're not going to get that we're going to see trace amounts. there's the five day forecast. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. all right, we'll see them. bill thank you as we continue to celebrate black history month today, we're hearing from the recently appointed california secretary of state. surely weber, she and kamala harris
6:49 pm
are actually the on lee to black women ever. who held statewide office in california ktvu. greg li tells us one of her priorities is to try to expand voter turnout. it's quite an honor, obviously to be asked to serve in that capacity and at the same time, quite a responsibility. i fairly webber on the eve of black history month, dr shirley weber made history. she was sworn in as california's first black secretary of state. democratic simply woman from san diego when longtime educator said the moment was bittersweet, this 170 years that's a very long time in the history of california to not have a naff rickon, american service secretary of state but equally important, the only have two black women to ever serve as statewide officers myself and kamala harris. dr. webber led the california legislative black caucus before her appointment. she said. one of her focus is will be continuing to expand voter turnout and civic education. we have to create greater opportunities
6:50 pm
for people that voting rights is extremely important. i father was never allowed to vote in south. dr webber was born in hope, arkansas. her father, a sharecropper, her family fled from a lynch mob after her father refused to back down and dispute with a white farmer. they moved to l a. but her father took them back to the south. every four years. we got a chance to see segregation. my father refused to eat it any place that would serve him in the back, so we took all of our food for three days, two days on on on the car ride because my dad would not go in the back. he was not gonna pay you in the front and pick up his food in the back. dr. webber has spent her career advocating for civil rights in equality, particularly in the classroom. she was a vocal supporter of calls for governor newsome to appoint a black woman to vice president. kamala harris is open senate seat. it was newsome's choice of alex padilla that led to webber's new position, but she says she won't stop fighting for representation. being in the room is important and the fact that we have a senate that has no african american woman period. the voice of black
6:51 pm
women is very different than any other woman. dr. webber echoes the sentiment of vice president harris when it comes to making history. she may be the first wants to make sure she's not the last. they see that women and people of color can stand firm can challenge the system can win. in many ways and can adequately represent them and not forget who they are. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. okay, coming up here. major league baseball has decided to make their baseball's a little heavier. giants manager gabe kaplan weighs in if you will, on the changes that come from the new way, our
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need
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with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise) i'll take that. yeeeeeah! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar drink, play, and win big in the powered by protein challenge! followed major league baseball over the past two or three years, i'm sure you're very aware of how the sport is basically devolved into a game of home run derby. seems like guys either hit a home run of mile where they strike out was the san francisco giants begin their second day of spring training down in scottsdale, arizona. i think this is good news for you purists, the true
6:55 pm
fans. major league baseball, very aware that this fort was turning into kind of a cartoon announcing that there will be a slightly different baseball is here put into play. it's gonna be a tad heavier. the idea maybe fewer home runs but more real baseball. the giants, who put a little more emphasis on power, the past year, are not worried about the change of the baseball. so, says manager gabe kapler, everything from a hitter's perspective it zach really pretty simple. it's high line drives always work from a hit from pictures perspective. i could see it, providing some confidence. maybe of all of it would have gone out over the course of last couple years dozen. i know where we can make our impact, and that's in the messaging with our players, and our messaging hasn't changed. it won't change based on the baseball. all right. so the oakland a's also in their second day of spring training, little down the road in mesa,
6:56 pm
arizona, pitchers and catchers. and, of course, most of the talk it their camp has revolved around all the guys that are missing like some markets, simeon and liam hendriks nowhere in sight, but there is one key piece that they didn't lose to free agency this offseason. that would be right hander mike fires who agreed to a one year deal in this offseason worth three point. $5 million to stay put with oakland fires very reliable in the oakland rotation talks about his first foray into free agency. it was scary. i'm not gonna lie. i mean being a free agent special in these times. it's tough. you don't really know how things are gonna shape up and i was trying hard to come back here. i mean, that was that was my number one option for me. i love it here. so you know, i'm still living. no, my dream, so it's all about got there and having fun and helping anyone i can. can you
6:57 pm
believe it? it's already time to start talking about the nba all star game, which will be held early next month, down in atlanta, georgia, kevin durant in lebron will be the captains for the east and the west. and, of course you know this. it's a no brainer. steph curry. will be the starting guard for the western division of the season. he's having now in the here and now the golden state warriors, just a little concerned about their injured teenager. that's james wiseman, the 19 year old rookie who's missed nine games now with a sprained left wrist. that's his shooting hand. he was re evaluated today is making good progress could be back. some time on the current road trip, which they will start tomorrow night. all right, quarterback roulette, you might call it in. the nfl continues today already. we've had some big names with the likes of jared goff and matt. stafford going changing
6:58 pm
uniforms? we might even have a change of uniform for another quarterback for the name of the shawn watson. but we definitely do have the eagles with a big trade of their once untouchable carson wentz go into the indianapolis colts. they need a quarterback now that philip rivers has a retired wind signed a $128 million contract a couple of years ago for various reasons. he's kind of gone downhill eagles are going get a third round pick and a conditional second round pick next year. all right, we all know about the terrible weather. that's it. the midwest and, of course, texas some people finding a different way to get around like this gentleman who strapped a big fan on his best to get through the snow that was the god of love it. no well, that's doing him. but well, that's doing him. but that's the sporting life.
6:59 pm
boy, it seems like forever since the four of us have been out to eat, you know? just the guys. oh, god! yes, we get it. you have a girlfriend now. a little jealous, are we? no, i'm not jealous. all right, i'd kill a hobo if it'd get me laid. now, can we order? oh, dear lord, they redid the menu. so what? it's the same food. oh, is it? look at this. general tso's chicken is no longer listed under "specialties." it's now under "chicken." so? yes, general tso. not "tso," the chicken, "so" the question. so? so, why is it no longer a specialty? did the chef lose confidence in the dish or himself? and look over here. "shrimp in mobster sauce." what is mobster sauce? it's obviously a typo.
7:00 pm
perhaps. or perhaps this restaurant's now a front for organized crime. for all we know, the mobster sauce contains actual chunks of deceased mobsters. no, no, no, no-- i think it just means it's the kind of sauce that mobsters like. it doesn't mean any of that! it's a typo. you know what? let's just get a pizza. good idea. we'll go to corleone's. sure, no mobsters there. you know, the more i think about it, the mobster sauce couldn't possibly contain chunks of mobster. and why is that? it was listed under "seafood." what if they were mobsters who slept with the fishes? (laughing) leonard, are we having a serious conversation or not? leonard: what the...? the tv is gone.


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