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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 21, 2021 12:00pm-12:59pm PST

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one of his administration. what we're learning about his plans to find covid-19 as cases and deaths continue to rise across the country, plus a batch of modern of vaccines that was under investigation have now been deemed safe to use once again what it means for counties right here in the bay area that were already in short supply and the number of people filing for new unemployment claims continues to rise. the effect covid-19 closures are having nationwide the news s. is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. we'll start with breaking news we're following in the south bay in san jose, where police are at the scene of an officer involved shooting. it's happening in the area of lapolla drive, and mckee wrote. this is in the east foothills of sad, jose. from this video, you can see a lot of law enforcement officers there at the scene now. the police
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department tells us that no officers were injured and it says there are no outstanding suspects. at this time. we have a crew at the scene. we're working to get you more information on this shooting involving a police officer will bring you more information as soon as we get it. 24 hours after taking office, president joe biden has laid out a national strategy on his how his administration plans to attack the covid-19 pandemic. it's an ambitious plan as he has hopes of vaccinating 100 million americans in his 1st 100 days in office. ktvu frank mallicoat reporting live on this after monitoring what the president had to say moments ago. and he still speaking right now. gasia mikaelian president biden's number one priority mentioned it yesterday during the inauguration is getting the pandemic under control. the president said to hell, we must remember affectedy over 400,000 people have died. that's more than world war two and starting today will be full
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steam ahead on both the federal and the local level. the president outlining his national strategy right now from the white house. he wants to you. realized the defense production a allows federal agencies to produce more supplies, including ppe covid testing supplies like syringes and freezers. another order requires fema to reimburse states at 100% the cost of using national guard to administer vaccines through community clinics vaccination centers next month, president will also launched a new federal pharmacy. program to send vaccines to local pharmacies beginning next month, president the president said he will move heaven and earth who defeat the pandemic. some of his other orders include creating federal dashboards to publicly share data on everything from covid cases to vaccination rates to schools,
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businesses of re openings. president is also canceled any plans. of leaving the world health organization, and it will become a requirement for all incoming international travelers to show proof of negative covid tests before boarding their flights. and whenever on federal property face coverings will be mandatory. just some of the many elements of the president's plan that will go into effect immediately. he did mention cost is not take care with no delay to meet this public health crisis. i'm frank malik oh ktvu, fox two news, bond. frank, the president noted he expects to see now 500,000 deaths as a result of covid-19 very soon. thank you. president biden's been his first hours in office, rolling bag, some of the trump administration signature policies. he signed 15 executive orders and two actions yesterday. addressing
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the pandemic the president made wearing mass on federal property mandatory. he also rejoin the world health organization and created a national covid-19 coordinator. president biden also re committed the united states to the paris climate agreement and also stop the construction of the keystone pipeline. president also ordered border w. president biden and vice president president kamila harris began their first full day in office today, participating in a national prayer service from the white house. or that the event was hosted by the washington national cathedral and included prayers, readings and hymns from interfaith leaders and also celebrated artists, including patti labelle, civil rights activist the reverend william barber, deliver the homily. the interfaith serviwood
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heavyweights are rushing to support this. biden, president. the last night's inauguration celebration featured a fireworks display as well as messages and performances by many celebrities. president biden went to the lincoln memorial to address the nation and said he wants us to overcome the challenges ahead. will we meet the moment like our forebears have? i believe we must and i believe we will you. the american people are the reason why i've never been more optimistic about america than i am this very day. there isn't anything we can't do if we do it together, americans actor tom hanks was the host of last night's celebration. now to california's covid-19 crisis as we continue to monitor the latest numbers here in our state in just the past 24 hours, there have been more than 19,600 new covid-19 cases and 571 deaths. this according to
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new numbers, just released by the state right now, the bay area has 7% icu availability. that means we are still in the stay at home order ordered by the state, and it's not clear when that could be lifted. sacramento's availability is at 8.3% that region has already been released from the stay at home order by the state, california department of public health says it is safe to once again use a batch of the covid-19 vaccine by moderna. that w t several allergic reactions, state offics said that people should stop using a specific batch of the modern a vaccine after several report. of allergic reactions in san diego. safety officials now say that a review was conducted and the vaccines can be resumed immediately. and several counties right here in the bay area, say that decision by the state to dispense them or during a batch that was on whole will help with the
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already limited supply here in the bay area, san francisco is actually set to run out of doses tomorrow. but officials say that this madonna batch means that the city will not run out tomorrow. ktvu rob rob, there's more in the city's gold to vaccinate everyone the city by the summer. san francisco health officials and health care providers say they're planning to open a mass vaccination cited city college this friday. it will be by appointment only some providers are opening up to people age 65 older others to 75 up, the unced it is setting a goal that all residents by the end of june. 1 made your obstacle is vaccine supply, but we're starting with friday and hopefully beyond depending on we've got a couple of days left to get more vaccine in ucsf executive vice president dr joshua ever made that statement during a special hearing wednesday before the san francisco board of supervisors health and safety committee. the hearing do the heads of the major medical providers in this
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city to help smooth it's covid vaccine rollout from defense to the state to the local level. so far, it's been a mess. and we need clarity. we need answers, and we need plans. kaiser also says it supplies are low. kaiser as the staff and the infrastructure in the electron ix and logistics to produce a mass vaccination program. we just don't have the vaccine supply. san francisco is issued a health order to require health care providers to report to the city. how much vaccine they have the number of patients vaccinated and to submit a distribution plan by february, 1st. each health provider gets its own vaccine from the state. san francisco public health also gets its own separate supply. if thousands of vaccines parachuted in today that we could very quickly get more vaccine out to people in our existing infrastructure and footprint. the city also announce who will be sitting up
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vaccine clinics and mobile vaccination units within the next three weeks. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. remain high across our country, according to the labor department, another 900,000 americans applied for first time unemployment benefits last week. it's down 26,000 from the week before, but still nearly four times the pre pandemic level. we focus here in california we find that initial unemployment claims decreased sharply to about 124,000. that's the lowest level we've seen in 10 months and the largest weekly decline in unemployment filings for california stocks, you're drifting right around the record highs on wall street, even on those mixed epic economic reports, including the jobs numbers we just mentioned. we see the dow jones is up very slightly after taking a brief, brief dip in the red, it's getting about four to get points. right now s and p is up by just eight points. nasdaq though, is up by a good two thirds of 1. there is one
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winning ticket from last night. 730 million powerball lottery. that ticket was sold in the state of maryland, and the winner could take home a lump sum of 546 million. maryland is one of those states that does allow winners to remain anonymous that was purchased by a group of people, two tickets were sold in southern california that match. five of the six numbers they're worth nearly $600,000 each if you need to check in one more time. here are those winning numbers from last night's draw. 40 53 60 68 69. the powerball number is 22. if you did when that one. don't worry, there's another big jack on out there that you can win the mega millions. drawing is set for tomorrow, and that jackpot has now grown to nearly a billion dollars 970 million. this is the second largest prize. in the history of this
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game, and it's the third time in the drawings history that the jackpot is nearing that billion dollar mark. still to come in. now we're taking a closer look at the rollout of the covid vaccine statewide, health officials say. if people 65 older can now get vaccinated, but we'll take a look at just how long that process could actually take. plus joe biden is getting a mostly warm welcome from world leaders. but how long will it last? i'm benjamin hall in london, with all the details coming up. cooler weather and clouds of return to the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast, including when we could see our next chance of rain. you have the power to know. before you go when you wake up mornings onto you also have the power to know. everywhere you go when you download the ktvu fox two news app.
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but it is unclear just how long the congratulations and the nice gestures will last reporter benjamin hall has the story from london. there's a fantastic joint common agenda. reaction from world leaders has been overwhelmingly positive. so help me god. congratulations mr president following the inauguration of joe biden on
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wednesday, almost immediately after taking office, the president rejoining the paris climate agreement, a move seen in europe is just the first step toward a policy re alignment with the united states. it's kept antifa off. there's just a much broader space of policy agreement with president biden. if you look at the executive orders that were signed yesterday, we can work together. again on the paris climate agreement in the middle east. reaction has been mixed. iran's president welcomed the departure of donald trump, but hasn't yet weighed in on relations with president biden on in israel. most people are welcoming the change of power with a combination of hope and concern on me more than i did from e really liked trump and his relation towards israel, but i didn't like his public appearances. they were sometimes crude. biden on the other hand, appears in a much more dignified way. the chinese vement alshappy to see the trump administration go, they say former president trump needlessly incited a trade war on escalated military tensions with beijing and they're looking forward to a reset
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under president biden even quote you city election without a k a few anti china politicians in the united states have made too many lives for their own interests and incited too much hatred and division president biden's first overseas call will be with canadian prime minister justin trudeau scheduled for friday. in london, benjamin whole ktvu fox two news, cal fire says now that the strong winds we saw earlier this week of died down, it's making good progress against several small wildfires burning in santa cruz and san mateo counties. this fire started tuesday and were pushed by strong winds. the two biggest fires or the freedom fire near watsonville and the penta ridge fire near boulder creek. investigators say the fires may have been caused by members that were still burning several feet underground from wildfires we had in the same area last fall. strong winds likely pushed them to the surface and then into the air. starting those new fires, and it's nice to see those winds have died down and you check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. i'll and the temperatures are also starting to drop out.
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there was a cool start to the day. yeah, very cold start mike and gaussian looks like that cooling trend will continue not into the weekend, but especially next week. in fact, it could be cold enough. by monday. we could be talking about snowfall in the bay area hill so, yeah, big shift. in the overall weather pattern, and eventually we are talking about rainfall, possibly significant. rightful is we take a look at the maps? of course it is dry today, just a little bit cooler. the forecast model take this into next week. things really changes they had on a tuesday night and wednesday now that these numbers will pry change around a bit, the forecast models are kind of going back and forth with the rainfall projections, but it does look like significant rainfall for tuesday night into wednesday. just how much will be watching out for that over the next few days. so here's kind of the breakdown friday. the first system comes on board tomorrow. some light rain showers, another one by sunday, especially sunday afternoon sunday night. nothing too strong monday that cold air moves in so often on cold
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showers with possibly some lower snow levels and then in a tuesday. especially tuesday evening in the wednesday that's stronger storm we're tracking in the pacific here is the satellite right now we have this low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline, hugging the shorelines of it cool for the beaches, but away from that, actually, not too bad. across the region as we check out some of the current numbers most areas lee still in the fifties, so bit of a cool down, you could see that fog doing its thing out toward half moon bay napa right now. 56 we have san jose in the lower sixties and look this camera shot right now looking out toward the golden gate bridge and the clouds over the marin headlands might be sunny in your neighborhood. but the fog looks like a summertime weather pattern near the coast and out toward the san francisco bay. here is a set up, you could see that area of high pressure is beginning to lose its grip. so remember last weekend we had the record heat in the strong offshore winds that he going away and those winds are going away as well. cooling begins
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today with the coastal fog and in this system, it's not the strongest test system, but still it'll drop off those temperatures in your friday and some light rain showers for tomorrow. here is our forecast model, and as you can see, there's that frontal band moving across the region. this is 5 a.m. on fridays. so some rain showers light to maybe some moderate downpours of times and then some more breaks the act. but still, there's actually the possibility of some life slated thunderstorms throughout the day on friday, and then this system moves on out saturday will be dry that we're tracking that next system as we head into a sunday so coastal fog today, partly sunny skies temperatures in the fifties to the lower sixties cooled out will continue in your five day forecast, as you can't see into your friday and then into the weekend. we are tracking that next system. sunday into and then beyond monday that next system by tuesday night the wednesday that could be a full fledged winter storm, something we have not seen in quite some time, and we'll talk more about that system coming up in a little bit. you look quite all right,
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mark. thank you. for that still become his noon time. it was a late start, but the dungeon is crab season is currently underway. however there are more challenges standing in the way here why the crab could be even more difficult to find right now. and if you do find it leave. yes. in awe start to
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finish thinking about a loved one who should have been there. he was one of president biden's
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closest confidants for years, but died of covid-19 in recent months. ktvu is deborah villalon reports. he really had a wonderful relationship with biking. sarah rasky. remember son larry, who worked on all three of joe biden is presidential efforts. so help me god. congratulations mr president. men met years ago. larry was a pr pro and strategist for prominent democrats over decades. last fall, he helped launch the political action committee. that would raise money to fend off trump attacks and boost bid good bite and searched ahead on super tuesday and larry's family got a joyful call, he said to me, he said, mom get ready to go to the even overrated. that same month, larry died at 69 of covid complications. my big brother.
12:24 pm
both sister and mob watch the inauguration through tears, thinking of larry and the democratic values. he believed it. they're all values that we grew up with. that we hold very near and dear. they were tickled to receive this official announcement in the mail and have many warm memories of crossing paths with joe biden over the years. he never remembered my name. he always called me sis because he always knew that i was larry sister bite and came to larry son's bar mitzvah now will rasky joins the administration and where his dad's tie for the virtual swearing in of new staff. my mom would say, god love. y'all got a lot of work to do. larry would be so proud of him. i mean, we do feel larry's presents rasky and biden very alike, friends say, y are just sort of to thomas
12:25 pm
stretching in guys. who are humble bite and lost a friend and trusted aide but his sister on older brother who loved his family as much as politics. you know what i miss. is hamlet joy, he would have if he were alive. absolutely in nevada, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. president biden has already added some personal touches to the oval office. there is now a bronze sculpture of longtime well known labor leaders, cesar chavez, located right behind the president's desk, as well as a portrait of benjamin franklin on a nearby wall. now one major office feature remains and the president is using what's known as the resolute desk built from oak used in the british arctic exploration ship named h. m s resolute. unusual $20 bill is
12:26 pm
turning out to be worth a lot more than what the treasury originally intended when it printed it. that's because of a del monte sticker like the ones you find on bananas is on the bill itself. it got stuck to the bill between the 2nd and 3rd pressings of the 20, so the serial number was printed onto the sticker. the last time his bill was sold. i went for $25,000. at this point, it's being sold by a dallas auction house and right now the top it i just checked 126. you become this new time, some confusion out there. some frustration remains. we're gonna have the latest vaccine all senior citizt vaccinated, plus new reaction to president biden's first moves in office, some lauren blanchard in washington, plus new reaction
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colgate optic white renewal removes ten years of yellow stains. that's like all the way back to 2010. they're jeans. they're leggings. they're jeggings! whoa. remove ten years of yellow stains with colgate optic white renewal. jose, where police are on the scene of a shooting involving a police officer. we took these images just minutes ago here of what's happening in the area of lapolla drive, and mckee wrote in the east foothills of san jose. you can see there is a very large police presence here. the police department tells us that no officers were injured. there are no outstanding suspects at this time. at this
12:30 pm
point, we're giving you a live look from up above sky fox overheadf police officers were working to learn what may have started the shooting if anyone may be in custody, we certainly have a crew with the scene also sky fox up above we will continue to follow this story. they're shooting involving a police officer in the east. photos of san jose around lapolla drive and mckee road will get you more information as soon as we get it. thistles president biden's first full day in office, and today he unveiled his national covid-19 strategy. just this morning, the president along with the vice president and dr anthony fauci at the white house, president biden signed several executive orders focused on the pandemic. they include in order to utilize the defense production act, which allows federal agencies to order private companies to produce more covid-19 related supplies. another order. requires fema to reimburse states and tribes for the cost of using the national
12:31 pm
guard to administer vaccines. hospitals or out of beds, businesses. they're close for good schools are caught in between. and while the vaccine provides so much hope the rollout has been a dismal failure thus far. president biden is making good on some of his campaign promises with these early executive orders and as lauren blanchard reports, republicans are closely watching president biden's actions as confirmation hearings for his cabinet nominees are underway. president biden continues signing executive orders on day two. but for some of his agenda items like a massive bill, he will need help from congress. president biden and first lady dr jill biden began day two in the white house with a virtual prayer service. the new president is moving full steam ahead, putting his mark on america while reversing a number of his predecessor's policies. and he says one of
12:32 pm
his biggest priorities is putting an end to the coronavirus pandemic now requiring masks on federal property. he's set a very ambitious goal, which you touched on which is 100 million shots in the arms of americans in the 1st 100 days, and there are some very clear. steps that he's outlined to do exactly that. meanwhile the senate moves forward today with their job confirming president biden's cabinet members. hearing from transportation secretary nominee pete buttigieg judge. i believe good transportation policy can play no lesser role. then making possible the american dream. many world leaders have congratulated president biden on social media, but his first foreign phone call will be with canadian prime minister justin trudeau on friday in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. and president biden is reportedly planning to reach out to russia regarding a nuclear arms treaty set to expire next month, according to the associated press. an anonymous u. s official told
12:33 pm
the news agency that the president plans to propose a five year extension. russia has said it would welcome an extension of the new start treaty, which limits the number of u. s and russian strategic nuclear weapons. the trump administration recently tried to ext many people here in the bay area say they're so proud of over baby area native kamala harris now becoming vice president. ktvu is amberleigh shows us the way people are showing their support, oakland city hall is lit in red, white and blue in honor of president joe biden and vice president kamila harris, who calls herself a daughter of oakland mayor libby shaft texted me this video wednesday night of her celebrating with her husband and daughter right after the vice president took deal. of office in the lakeshore district. neighbors gathered to talk about the inauguration and the vice president's impact on the bay area, just knowing that there was someone from oakland who grew up here in the bay area,
12:34 pm
who knows the challenges that we've gone through and grow appeared just made me relate to her a lot more from the town to the white house, you know, so it's just real, real big. chase center in san francisco. the golden state warriors decided to wear their oakland jerseys for the first time during their game against the san antonio spurs on inauguration night and playing on a court celebrating oakland. a shout out to the vice president. just a huge day. obviously in our nation's history and for the bay area as well, so it's great to be able to honor. her and her big day, the warriors released video of their gift to vice president harris, her own madame v p. jersey congratulations blazing your own path. we're all rooting and supporting the whole way. oh this means so much to me, you guys i will proudly proudly display this in the office of the vice president of the united states in san jose at notre dame high
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school students gathered to watch the inauguration. they say january 20th 2021 marks a huge milestone for women especially said sonia sotomayor was the one that not graded her. it's amazing just to see the women empowerment and all offices. one teenager tells me having someone who looks like her as vice president is empowering. it just feels like there's a part of me and the government now and then the things that are happening, people we spoke with, say, this is an unforgettable moment in american history. now they're filled with optimism and ready to see what the biden. his administration will do back here at oakland city hall. the red, white and blue lights will be up through sunday night in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news, california health officials have said that people 65 older are now eligible to get the covid vaccine. but they also warned it could take until may, maybe even june to vaccinate all six million older
12:36 pm
californians because of the way our state is being allocated those shots. health care workers have priority federal programs with walgreens and cvs should finish that finished finished vaccinations for people in long term care facilities by the middle of next month. california gets about 450,000 doses a week, and two doses, of course, are required to complete the vaccination. the biden administration says, getting more vaccines out the state is a top priority. many californians are waiting and wondering when exactly is their time to get the vaccine. ktvu is jesse gary explains why a website offering up information on california vaccinations may not be everything it is advertised to be. a few short keystrokes could provide a quick path to an often asked question where and when can i get coronavirus vaccination shots? it's a place where you can go to find, um, where you can get vaccinated near you. manish gore. gallagher is one
12:37 pm
of a team of 260 people behind the week old website, vaccinate cia dot com. he says the team does the legwork for the masses concerning covid-19 vaccinations, then puts the information on its free website. it was a lot of people with various skills just coming together and just really building things just really quickly. once on the home page user can scroll through california'stely landing on the information that's pertinent to them. location and time of date of the last reported vaccination information is listed. the goal is to make the vaccination location search easier. so people don't get frustrated and then stop looking. we want to make it better. we want people to get vaccines as quickly as possible. and if we can publish information that helps them find where to get the vaccine. we think that that's. just helping helping them get it as quickly as possible. the web runs the gamut from very accurate, robust if that could be hard to find are hard to
12:38 pm
collate to absolutely erroneously, and out now, right lies san jose state universityoa trojan horse. would say, use caution. they may have the better mousetrap, and it might be very well worthwhile information, but there is a risk. dr schwartz and others recommend verifying information found on private websites with local and state websites. the california department of public health had no comment in regards to the vaccinate cia .com website. department members point to the launch in the coming days of several state websites, which will notify people of their eligibility to receive the covid-19 vax. nation shots in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. joe biden administration is trying to stop people from losing their homes during this pandemic. the new director of the cdcnding a n
12:39 pm
moratorium through the end of march. the administration says the virus has triggered both health and housing crisis. an investment firm estimates that 14 million struggling americans are very close to losing their homes. california is preparing for the number of objections to double this year, according to the l a times, landlords are expected to file nearly a quarter million new eviction notices before the end of this year. that's about twice as many as usual. the governor wants to extend a program to help tenant stay in their houses and apartments. but he's also asking state lawmakers to increase funding for courts, which will handle those new eviction cases. a convicted killer scott peterson made a brief court appearance this morning as part of his penalty phase retrial, peterson appeared virtually from san quentin prison. his lawyers did not wave time for the retrial. this means things will continue without a trial date, but a status conference was scheduled for april. 27th he'll remember. peterson was convicted in 2004 of murdering his wife, lacey, and they're under unborn child. he was sentenced to death. the
12:40 pm
state supreme court overturned the death sentence, citing errors in jury selection now to fremont were a $50,000 reward is being offered by people who live in that city in hopes that it will help find the 12 year old boy from fremont who was swept out into the ocean along the san mateo county coast in recent days. a ruin a proof he was pulled into the ocean by a sneaker wave on monday while playing with his family at cal ranch. state beach. the official search has been suspended yesterday. volunteers call neighboring beaches of private helicopter searched overhead and others were out on jet skis and boats. classmates also posted reward fliers for any sighting of a ruin a pruthi i'm here to find my friend because he was really a nice and he always helped me have been going into lagoons and tide pools and creaks anywhere there. there's drift word we've been looking. we have not left any spots unchecked. up and
12:41 pm
down the coast for about 20 miles. the go fund me page and i'll pay for the search is now raised $140,000 a petition to get more help from the coast guard has more than 50,000 signatures. still to come this noontime at just 22 years old amanda gorman continues to be in the spotlight for her non grow poem. way talk to one of her biggest supporters and also take a look at the meaning behind what she wore just yesterday, plus changes to the weather here in the bay area's we give you a live look at the oakland estuary can see clouds over the city of san francisco. we're going to check back in with mark tamayo because he was talking about a big storm headed our way something we haven't seen in a while. not only rain but also the chance of snow
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vaccine that can protect us from future covid-19 mutations. as ktvu tom vacar reports the lawrence livermore national laboratory is helping come up with the technology that could make pandemics much easier to defeat. lawrence livermore national laboratory and conserve bioscience of the united kingdom have partnered up to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine. conserve the bio says you case expertise is an identifying substances
12:45 pm
that can induce an immune response in the body substances called antigens. our collaborators in the uk they have a violent dramatic pipeline in which they can identify those parts of a virus, for example, that. should go into the vaccine formulation. such a vaccine could immunize people from a wide range of coronavirus is including, but not limited to covid, mers and sars, whether from humans or animals. it will. um, have the necessary pieces to protect against a very broad. rod family of viruses. the coronavirus is air, not identical. they do have common components that are identical and can be exploited to fight virus mutations and even ones we've not encountered, th thosef viruses that we do not know yet. lawrence livermore national labs. expertise is in
12:46 pm
creating an organic delivery wrapping of the antigens to get the vaccine into your body. it's just a huge moment. i think in in science right now, the two components of the vaccine will be combined with each other prior to injection, eventually, both components would be freeze dried to avoid super cold storage and transport problems as well as shelf life. the ideal scenario. be to have those components separate, ondo stable at room temperature. this technology's applicability other viruses and bacteria and can be developed very fast, like the fizer and madonna vaccines. it's incredible to really think about. how these vaccines were able to be manufactured and come to be used in the general population as fast as they did from this kind of research, more effective, universal vaccines could treat most strains of the flu and other
12:47 pm
pathogens that have plagued us for generations. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. let's run back outside and see howrk tamoo jacket required today, but i imagine this will change in the coming days. markh, definitely gaussian fact i could still feel lot of a cool down today. but the real coolie not losing tomorrow into the weekend. in fact, the clouds have been increasing just over the past half hour to an hour released of looking out toward the mount tam behind me, so the cool down will continue. in fact, we start off this morning as we take a look at the maps. very cold start a lot of these neighborhoods starting out. day in the mid to upper twenties runner park 26. petaluma 27 forestville, 29 san ramon, one site to showing 29 in the upper twenties. so here's the forecast model. of course it is dry today. heren the bay area, but look what happens at some rain in the forecast for tomorrow. we're tracking a series of systems one for tomorrow, another one into
12:48 pm
sunday, probably the strongest deal that'll be tuesday night and into wednesday of next week. so here is the breakdown. today. just partly cloudy skies light rain returns for your friday rain develops the ladder in the latter half of sunday monday. some lingering showers could lead to some low snow levels or maybe a dusting of snow. the berry hill's it'll be that cold and then we're tracking that stronger storm by tuesday evening and into wednesday. here's the satellite showing you this, and today we have partly cloudy skies. the fog, though kind of stubborn your portions of the coastline, so it's having a big impact. temperatures for the beaches for today that green offshore no real rainfall just yet mainly just some higher clouds approaching our shoreline. as far as current numbers out there most areas in the fifties, a few spots the warm spots in the lower sixties out toward free month and san jose half moon bay, though in on lee in the upper forties. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo, and we're talking about the fog. right near the immediate coastline, and some
12:49 pm
of that is showing up in this live camera right now, so not completely in the clear for today. here's the set up our first system moves, then this is not a strong, not a strong front or anything, but it will cool us off. mainly for your friday so today we begin to cool things off there. you can see the eventual tracking the friday with light rain developing for tomorrow. it'll be out of here by saturday and then our attention next no will eventually turn to that next system on sunday. so here's the forecast model. here we are. friday morning, six o'clock and then into the afternoon hours, still so often on scattered showers with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. and then later the day friday, we should begin t that'll set the stage for our dryatday as we start off the weekend for today, though, partly sunny skies still some fog for the shoreline. no more. no more seventies. the warm spots on lee in the low to maybe the mid sixties. and here's look ahead your five day clouds light rain into friday saturday that's probably your best weekend day
12:50 pm
to get outside. we're tracking two more scattered showers into sunday and maybe a dusting of snow in the a. berry hill's on monday up above 2500 ft. that record heat is. outta here. we're talking about a significant change in the weather pattern. not on here just yet. probably the biggest storm of them all that moves in first thing wednesday morning, and we are ready for it. mark. thank you. amazon offering to help in the nationwide distribution of the covid-19 vaccine, a top executive at the e commerce giant sent a letter to president biden offering company resource is. would include the use of amazon's best operations and communication system. amazon says it already has deals with healthcare providers to administer shots. that company facilities. amazon is also asking that its front line workers of packing center's web services and whole foods stores get vaccinated. will become this noontime. the bay area dungeon is crab season the largf grab peo the new grab peo the new challenge
12:51 pm
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asking whether hasn't been an official response to an incident involving an alleged white supremacist gunman during a martin luther king jr day event. the incident happened on monday in alameda as a caravan drove by the home of alameda district attorney nancy o'malley. organizers say the gunman threatened people in the caravan with a rifle he removed to safety by security officers who are monitoring the caravan. in terms of nancy o'malley would think that, um, that the fact that this happened a block away from her house that she would have something to say that she would be outraged by the fact that this happened when people were simply engaging and their right to engage in civil disobedience and that we were doing little more than asserting our humanity as
12:55 pm
to have that humanity spit on again. but the d a has been silent. no one was injured in the incident. the district attorney of alameda county, nancy o'malley, is not yet commented on the group's allegations. we're learning more today about the young poet from california who got a lot of attention during yesterday's presidential inauguration. if we're to live up to her own time than victory won't lie in the blade. but in all the bridges we've made, that is the promise to glade the hill. be climate on lee. we dare it because being american is more than a pride we inherit. it's the past. we step into and how we repair it. 22 year old amanda gorman is from los angeles. she's a harvard graduate, she was asked to share her, paul on the hill. we climb after first lady dr jill biden saw her speak at the library of congress. one of our biggest fans is a grandmother who lives in sacramento to be
12:56 pm
with the first. black woman of color who has been elected. as.s historic, and for her to be a part of that is beyond fantastic. we took at the library of amanda gorman's grandmother says. gorman says she plans to run for president one day now a little bit more about amanda gorman here. she wore a yellow code as a nod to dr jill biden her as the inaugural poet after dr biden first saw gorman performed at that first performance. gorman was wearing yellow and she decided to repeat that yesterday. also oprah gifted gorman, a pair of earrings and a bird cage ring referencing previous inaugural poet maya angelo. we also saw alameda purple yesterday the inauguration. it is coue and re, representing the two opposing republican party's alcohol consumption has increased
12:57 pm
during the pandemic, especially among women that, according to recent data, marianne rafferty explains now the reasons behind those numbers also some tips on how to curb your drinking habits. a pandemic is driving more people to drink. during the early months of stay at home orders, americans sharply increased their alcohol consumption with heavy drinking among women rising 41% as the pandemic worsens, health experts say. it's a good time to ask yourself. are you drinking too much? but have you ever had. or drinks or more in a day for women or five drinks or more for men, and that considered that's for us is considered a high risk drinking. many people use alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety and loneliness, but excessive alcohol can actually make those mental health problems even worse, leading to a feedback loop that can have long term health consequences. both emotional. and physical if you're coming to a point where
12:58 pm
you can't cut back on drinking and. you're spending a lot of time either recovering from alcohol or thinking about alcohol. he's a huge red flags that you know you should try to address addiction. psychologist recommend thinking about the role alcohol plays in your life. if you want to restart, try taking a break from drinking and find alternative things to diogo. millions of people give up alcohol is part of dry january to start the year off, right. but as the end of the month draws near, doctors are worried people will revert back to their old drinking habits. there needs to be some kind of moderation with what you're doing in december, no different than what you would do any other month of the year. it's not unusual for people to turn to alcohol during traumatic times. events like 9, 11, hurricane katrina and other catastrophes have led to an increase in drinking. marianne rafferty, fox news. to be a cono
12:59 pm
be a rough one for manythe crabt one third. the usual pole. some say the late start and natural cycles for crabs are affecting the supply off. the bay area coast is also west crime on the market since fishermen up north in washington also had a late start to the season. so we're seeing fewer imports and also the low supply means higher prices at the market. bart is now accepting applications for proposals from people who were hoping to get their hands on retired bart cars phase one of the application process opened up this week. it allows people to send in their ideas for giving the legacy cars as they're being called a new life. the deadline for pre qualification is march 12th. if selected applicants will have to pay the costs of relocating the train car and mike that can run somewhere between. eight and $10,000 now is a pricey car, but a piece of history. i guess you could say i could see one outside the front of the old kostya here, maybe a place to hang out for the friends since i don't have any room in my house left that that guy spacex
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