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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the report he wanted to replace the lead in the russian investigation. >> fake news. >> at the battle over immigration continues. the flu season takes another life. >> i am in disbelief. >> 44-year-old bay area man killed by the virus. the four on 2 starts now. this year's flu season is hitting the nation, california in the bay area pretty hard. the number of those who have been killed continues to increase. i'm ondrej senior. >> i'm aliana gomez. the flu is now widespread across california and the entire u.s. the latest numbers show 23 people under the age of 65 died from the flu the state from january 14 through january 20. there have been 97 deaths in california for the season and doctors say they are seeing more hospitalizations and doctor visits unexpected
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particularly among people age 50 to 64. this year's dominant strain is age 3 into which researchers say appears to be stronger this year that was last year but it is not clear why.>> this was particularly strong in that is why the transmissibility is more. >> it is not to late to get the flu shot. the cdc that it will not be clear exactly how well the shot is working until next month when the flu season is expected to peak. at the current rate the cdc estimates about 34 million people will get sick from the flu before the season ends. behind every statistic number in the flu outbreak is a person who had a life and people who love them. >> rob roth spoke with one family who just lost their loved ones. >> jason is one the most recent people to die from the flu. his family took him off life support yesterday. >> reporter: these are two
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people jason left behind, his wife and sister. the still cannot believe he died from having the flu. >> it has been eight treacherous three weeks. >> reporter: his home -- he was home on christmas day but was not feeling well. he was 44 and in perfect health.>> he started feeling sick with the flu and of course like everybody he wanted to take care of it on his own. it started getting worse. he was having trouble breathing. >> reporter: his wife convinced him to see dr. who detected pneumonia and give them antibiotics and sent them home. four days later he went to the hospital. >> he started coughing and was turning blue. the nurses were running in. >> reporter: he worked in i.t. and went into medically induced coma eight days after first feeling sick and would never
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regain consciousness. he was transferred here to california pacific medical center where he remained on life support for more than three weeks but the damage the flu did to his lungs was to much to overcome. his family removed him from life support yesterday. they say at no time while he had the flu did he think it would end up killing him. >> i am in disbelief like everybody else. constantly reading the stories every day and it becomes more real. >> the family said they want people to take the flu seriously and advocate hard for their healthcare. they never thought they would have something like this happen in they do not want any other families to go through anything like this. the family has to pay gofundme page to help with the medical expenses. >> any word if the victim used tamiflu or any other medication? >> no he was prescribed antibiotics thinking perhaps it was a bacterial flu but obviously it did not work.
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this year's flu season is turning out to be one of the nastiest in years and is especially dangerous for the young and elderly. dozens of kids have died from the virus and we are barely into the flu season. >> it is incredible to think about a normal healthy child who can succumb to the flu and also succumbing quickly.>> more than 30 children died or deaths are being blamed on the virus and according to the center of disease control prevention this past week flu -related illnesses took the life of a six-year-old north carolina the girl any two-year-old in mississippi and a 12-year-old florida boy. >> everything is normal. it is irregular cold. shocking. you get a call that he is past. >> even though this year's vaccine is around 30% defective at best, doctors stressed that children and adults to get the
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shot. the city said more than 80% of children who die from the flu we are not vaccinated. you can find the latest california flu report by heading two, and clicking on the web links to. >> the search continues for driver who triggered head on crash between the chp patrol car and an innocent driver in hayward. it up on interstate 80 near the off from. -- interstate 880 near the offramp. >> reporter: chp has released the description of the vehicle they are looking for in connection with this morning's incident. they are looking for dark blue dodge ram single cab pickup truck with yellow paper plates. the plates read, investigators say they are looking for the driver of the pickup truck saying their actions lead to the head-on collision. it all started when he pair of chp officers spotted the pickup truck speeding northbound on 880 this morning with the distinctive paper plates.
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traffic cameras recorded the trauma. the truck took off at speeds approaching 120 miles per hour. >> we are approaching in number three ways at 120 miles per hour. paper plates. >> reporter: chp officers were in pursuit and it activated lights and sirens following the truck until it's been off the freeway at the e street here in hayward. the truck sped through the intersection, to in red light. the chp approached the intersection with lights and sirens on and proceeded to the intersection and that is when the vehicle collided head-on with a sedan. at that point the chp workforce to stop their pursuit. the two officers in the suv and the other occupants of the other car received minor injuries. the suspect vehicle sped away poorly getting back on i 880 northbound. we have asked the chp if they
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captured the suspect vehicle on camera and they are looking into it at this point. finally the impact on the morning commute fortunately minimal. the vehicle was cleared out before traffic started picking up. we will continue to follow up on this story look for more details on the vehicle there looking for. another officer involved crash. you started:before 8:00 this one. they received the tracking signal from a stolen black cadillac. officers found the man and woman asleep inside and when they try to question them they took off. >> they searched and located the vehicle parked, occupied in the parking lot of westgate shopping center. the officers attempted to detain the two individuals in the car. they started the vehicle and decided to flee. >> the chase took them about half the mile where police say the thieves turned down the cul- de-sac, spun a you turn and came at the pursuing officers. witnesses say they watched it
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all unfold. >> he was trying to elude the police. he came down here and realized he could not get out. he turned around and when he came back out, the police car got in front of him and forced him into the power pole. the lights all went out. >> even with all of the chaos investigators say no one was injured. both suspects are in custody facing charges. the chase also in the collision. license plate will be tracked across the country. according to cnbc the agencies finalize the contract giving it access to nationwide license plate recognition database. it is capable of giving access to billions of license plate records and real-time location tracking. this is raising significant concerns from civil libertarians however and i.c.e. spokesman said they are not speaking to build the license plate reader database and it will not collect any data. the family of an
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undocumented immigrant who was detained by i.c.e. officials after dropping his daughter off to daycare protested in front of i.c.e. headquarters today. >> fernando career has been living in the united states for 20 years but was taken into custody in october. immigrant advocacy groups rallied on his behalf. >> reporter: fernando's wife and three daughters got support today from the jewish community as well as other faith organizations and they say fernando's only crime is not being from this country. singing hymns in hebrews and toting sign saying, free hernando, members of san francisco's jewish community felt compelled to stand up for him. and illegal immigrant from mexico who faces deportation.>> we don't have to look back to 3000 years ago when moses said, let my people go to know that
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this is unfair and unjust. >> reporter: fernando was dropping off his four-year-old daughter edit a in san jose october 11 when immigration and custom enforcement officers detained him. he has been in federal custody ever since. >> it been in nightmare. emotionally, physically and financially. we have been struggling.>> reporter: fernando's wife was born and raised here in is a u.s. citizen but she said red tape has prevented her husband from becoming legal. she blames the trump administration for its tactics regarding immigration. >> children and families are suffering. it is not fair. >> reporter: fernando's 15-year- old daughter said it is difficult to get out of bed each morning. >> i feel like my whole life has slowly crumbled apart and i feel very out of place in life. >> reporter: organizations are trying to get fernando released. >> the main issue is where tried to get him out of detention because when you are in detention it is difficult to go through, to get legal counsel
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. it is difficult to get the kind of legal advice you need.>> i have to remind myself that we are not going to let these people win. keep fighting for my dad. >> reporter: in response to today's protest i sent ktvu an email stating, all people are able to voice their opinion without interference. enforcement -- of our enforcement laws. the effort to prevent wildfires like the one in wine country prompted the gathering today of lawmakers and representatives from pg&e. you will hear from one who attended the meeting. the california wildfires affected wildlife. two peers who were burned her healing now thanks in part to the skin of a particular fish. dry weather returned
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to the bay area in time for the weekend. i will have to look
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two bears recovering from burns from the southern california wildfires have been released into the wild. rescuers brought two adult bears in the amount line to veterinarians of the state department of fish and wildlife in the bears had suffered third- degree burns on all their poss.
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the vets say they could not continuously put the animals under anesthesia so they turn to some alternative methods. for more i'm joined with -- i am joining my two of the doctors who work on the bears. thank you for joining us. thank you for all the work you have done. the story has been making national news. so many people are pleased with the work in the alternative treatment methods that were use. doctors about where these bears are discovered what conditions they were in. >> the first bear we received on december 9 and the second on december 22. both were found in one able to walk. our wildlife officers responded brought them to rancho cordova near sacramento for treatment. >> talk to us about some alternative treatments. we mentioned briefly that you are not able to continue sedating the bears. and often times giving them some pain treatment in their
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food there is not a guarantee they will eat that. what where your alternatives and talk to us about what was used. >> we wanted to incorporate other integrative -- one was acupuncture. it helps treat pain overall and doing cold laser and therapy which is magnetic field therapy. what we needed was something else to cover the wounds and provide protection and pain relief as well as accelerate healing that is where the idea for the bandage came into play. >> i was talking about this and we were say, how did they turn to fish skin. it is probably difficult because the bears will want to pull off what they have on their pause or chew it up. that was a great alternative.>>
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i always say it is good to have an open mind and looking at what everyone is doing around the world, about a year ago i read about it medical trials that they were doing in brazil and when i saw the bears in the wounds and the trouble we are having as far as for pain control i remember and thought, this is a perfect idea. the cool thing, when you sterilize the fish skin it does not have the odor of fish anymore. there is no reason why the bears would think it was food. animals are so smart when you give them something to help with pain there very good about leaving it on. the bears left the bandages on the entire time. >> we have seen the pictures of the bears with the treatment and the bandages on their pause , lying down. how quickly where they able to get back up?
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>> surprisingly come after one of the first treatments on the first bear she stood right away after waking up. she had not really stood the whole time prior. we think there was at -- and they started to stand and move. being in large animal and lying on your side for days any time is not good. by having them move we think there was a lot of improvement.>> the positive results, will there be more fish skin treatment? >> we hope so. we are encouraged by what we saw. one of the big factors for continuing with our research, hoping people will be interested in donating to this area to the vet school under the integrative wildlife burn care. that will help us to be able to further research and help treat other wildlife. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time thank you
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for everything you have done for these bears in the mountain lion as well. if you are heading to the sears this weekend to take advantage of the fresh powder, get ready for icy conditions. reminder, letting drivers know about chain controls. as you can see they have been lifted and eastbound direction but remain in effect for the westbound traffic because of the steep grade. officials warn drivers to take it slow. to find out more about our weather, we turn things over to rosemary orozco. >> if you are headed to the sierra, it is going to be nice. dry there and dry here. they received one foot to two feet of snow. your some rainfall amounts since thursday. .
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totals are not to bad. where drying out in time for the weekend. we have high-level clouds overhead this afternoon. that is due to his system that will continue to the north of us. you can see rain on the north corner of california. we will not get any of that but we have plenty of cloud cover in place. stretching all the way back, the ridge of high pressure that will strengthen in the coming days so not only keep is dry but warm us up as well temperatures tomorrow morning, another cold one. freezing in some areas. into rosa 32. 32 in fairfield. upper 30s for antioch, livermore. low 40s to mid 40s around the bay. san francisco 45. san jose 38. we have lingering moisture in place. fog will be an issue tomorrow
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especially for our north bay valley. as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will be mild, slightly warmer for portions of the south bay. widespread mid to upper 50s around the bay in the east bay. 58 for the afternoon high in santa rosa. today, low to mid 50s up as. temperatures are climbing as we get into saturday, even more so on sunday and monday looks like it could be the warmest day. more on that in the extended forecast coming up. hearing in santa rosa today to talk about what utility companies can do to prevent future wildfires after the deadly wine country fires. the state senate committee hearing was attended by the public, lawmakers and cal fire as well as pg&e. the cause of the fires is not known but they talked about the role that power lines can play in causing wildfires and what regulations are needed to make
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sure lines are maintained as was the impact of the recent drought. >> the force right now is in the worst shape we have ever seen. we have been struck with oak death, beetles and droughts. we have so much dead standing timber. it is a matchbox. >> pg&e faces lawsuits claiming that the northbay fires were sparked by power lines come in contact with vegetation.>> as for the rebuilding projects, a firm based in concord sent the letter to the people in the neighborhood yesterday and informed them their construction partners could not guarantee the resources necessary for cost-effective production model. it was it difficult and emotional decision to drop out. two weeks going neighborhood rebuilding group stated 75 homeowners expressed interest in hiring lenovo.
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on the way home from switzerland, president trump addressed the recent report on the russian investigation and waiting on the immigration debate. we will have more after the break.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think.
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secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit lieutenant governor is getting another key endorsement the race for telephonic governor. former arizona #gabrielle gifford and her husband announced their support today. gifford as you might remember
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was shot in the head while meeting with people in her district in 2011. she and kelly say they are endorsing newson because of his history of action on gun control. >> there are group of people that would like us to think this is normal. having 30,000 people dying from gunshot wounds every year with another 100,000 shot and injured is in normal thing. i would like to remind people that it is not normal. >> newsom called giffords and kelly american heroes and touted the passage of california's prop 63 in 2016 which requires background checks for purchases of ammunition and prohibits possession of large capacity magazines. president trump returning tonight. he has fired up the immigration battle and is facing questions about whether he tried to get rid of special counsel robert mueller. karen shively has more. >> reporter: president trump day twitter fight calling one of his immigration foes -- that is one battle facing him in dc.
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the other involves the special counsel investigating his white house point -- his white house. with the president pushing back on reports and you try to fire special counsel robert mueller last summer. sources say the president did say you could fire mueller if you wanted to and he had the authority to do it but was told by white house lawyer that firing the man investigating russian interference in the election would blow up in his face. >> there is no evidence of collusion or wrongdoing. >> reporter: the other issue is immigration. president trump mentioning it it in his speech in switzerland. >> america is a cutting-edge economy. our immigration system is stuck in the past point >> reporter: the presents plan with graded path to citizenship for one .8 million dreamers and set up a $25 billion trust fund for the border wall. >> the wall will send the
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message to the world that in the united states, we enforce the laws for this country. >> reporter: democrats are ripping that apart.>> that plan is a campaign to make america white again. it is a plan that says, over 50% of the current legal immigration will be cut back. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised the debate on immigration early next month but no one knows what it will look like. there are plans coming from democrats, republicans and bipartisan groups in congress. where learning more about the grown children of two parents accused of keeping their 13 kids chained and held captive in southern california. is there double standard when it comes to free speech on college campuses? we will break it down after the break. sfx: tinny headphone music
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the trump administration is supporting the law or a lawsuit rather against uc berkeley that centers on free speech. the justice department filed the statement supporting the suit that was filed last april. after speech by conservative ann coulter was canceled, the republicans and you and america's foundation accused the school of a double standard that restrict speakers with a
4:32 pm
conservative viewpoint. after protests turn violent the school canceled other speakers over security concerns. the schools that it does not discriminate against speakers and the allegations in the suit are unfounded. here with me to discuss how the move can be interpreted i'm joined by david levine. thank you for joining us. the question is, when the protest turned violent the school said the venue that ann coulter wanted to use was not secure. same with the conservative office -- author. which argument is stronger? >> the university has got some pretty strong arguments. the first time this case started the trial judge dismissed the lawsuit. she gave the plaintiffs chance to come back because what has happened is the university has tried to make clearer it
4:33 pm
standards and guidelines because the university with say they are worried about being viewpoint neutral and yet keep everybody safe. the core of this lawsuit is to say there is to much discretion on the part that is left in the rules so that if he viewpoint was unpopular in the college republican say they are unpopular in berkeley, that the administration could use these rules to stifle unpopular speech. >> we have three conservatives here in they are staunch conservatives, very outspoken. when you make the rule like this do not run the risk of being looked at as though your stopping free speech? >> there supposed to be content neutral. things that you have to provide ample notice to the campus security if you're going to of a large event. i think right now the rules say you expect more than 200 people. that is not regarding what is the basis of the contents. if you bring it well-known person, you know you will get a big crowd the campus police
4:34 pm
have to be ready. the university would argue that's. the college republicans would say, this is all subterfuge and they are not applying the rules in an evenhanded way. >> how can the law differentiate? they have to look how they make the rules? >> import how they went into them but also what the rules are. university that provides the public forum for debate is open to speech has to have content neutral rules. we call it, time, place and manner. it is legitimate to impose restriction but has to be done evenly and it cannot be a subterfuge to prevent certain kinds of speech from being presented. >> we are talking about this
4:35 pm
because the department of justice, uc berkeley asked for this to be dismissed and the department of justice yesterday issued his statement in support of it. what is their interest? >> their interest is to make, it is stated as their interest in the constitution. this is a political move. there is no reason for the attorney general to step in at this point except to making political point. the justice department is entitled to come into cases where they see an interest but it is very unusual to come in at the trial court level. it is do not the supreme court level. if you read the document that the justice department filed, it is about this specific case. it is not but the general principal. to me looks highly political. >> it is filled with references to free speech suppression. thank you for giving us an inside look at what we could be seeing from the statement from the department of justice and uc berkeley. new information on the
4:36 pm
family living in the so-called, house of horrors. the oldest boy of the 13 siblings, that were held captive with a star student at his community college and was on the honor roll for two semesters. prosecutors say the son who's in his 20s went to college and his mother brought him to the school and would wait outside his classes for him. transcript show he earned a's in several classes from 2014 through 2016. the legal battle over charles manson's remains are in court. in los angeles judges hearing arguments on where the battle should be held. three counties in california are vying to have the trial held in their courtroom. at least three parties are staking claims for his body and possessions. the winner could gain rights to the convicted killers image and songs he wrote. second florida man claims he is manson's grandson and there is no will. two penpal say they have wills.
4:37 pm
second man is under arrest after the bodies of two women discovered implicit county. the sheriffs department released the mug shot. investigators say woman's body was found in the freezer in the home owned by the suspects parents earlier yesterday morning. the tells about the to most northwest of sacramento. the second woman's body was found in the pond on the same property point there is no word the age of the women or their relationship to the suspect but law enforcement did say the women lived on the property where they work down. there >> they were known to be here at this residence on and off. >> martin is facing two counts of murder. the sheriff said there is not a threat to the public. kentucky governor has claimed this sunday is the day prayer. the committee shows that support for students heading back to school following the deadly shooting. police in pennsylvania say they
4:38 pm
wearable to stop asian school shooting before anyone got hurt . here is more. >> reporter: grief stricken kentucky community comes together as students go back to school. he student went on the shooting rampage tuesday killing two and injuring several others. the governor urging support for each other is the only way to move on. >> even in the darkest of moments, a community can rally like this and come together. it is incredible. the reason i wanted to come here is to encourage this community to continue to do what it is doing which is to pray. >> reporter: police were present as marshall county high school students entered the classroom for the first time since the shooting. at the local community center, grieving families being comforted by neighbors. >> i'm standing here for the victims today. >> reporter: as the legal process begins for the 15-year-
4:39 pm
old shooting suspect in kentucky, state police in pennsylvania say they stopped a shooting in a town south of pittsburgh after receiving calls about the student who was allegedly making threats, finding guns and ammunition in his bedroom. >> quite frankly, the parents and the child who reported this are actually the heroes. had they not reported is there could have been in major catastrophe today. >> reporter: there have been 11 school shootings the class -- across the u.s. since the beginning of the year. the big shakeup at michigan state university. connection by u.s. olympic committee and the latest fallout from the larry nassar abuse scandal. high clouds sleeping over the bay area. we're looking at a dry, warmer weekend. i will have to look in the extended forecast.
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las vegas sina mogul is the latest high-profile figure under fire for sexual harassment. several women including employees told these wall street journal harassed and assaulted him. the paper says one case was settled $7.5 million. he is also the finest or of the republican national committee. he strongly denies the lysing there being orchestrated. the larry nassar case is
4:43 pm
having ripple effect. >> this comes as congress announces its own investigation into the sexual abuse scandal. here are details. >> i am so truly sorry. >> reporter: the michigan state board of trustees meeting friday after president and the athletic director both resign from their positions. the resignation the latest in the fallout in the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal. nasser, former dr. for msu sexually abused young female athletes under the guise of medical treatment. >> i have a daughter here and he daughter the dreams of coming here and i want her to feel safe. i want all of our daughters to feel safe. >> reporter: judge sentencing nasser to 40 to 175 years in
4:44 pm
prison after more than 150 of the of his -- 150 of his victims came forward. many victims revealing they had made complaints about him but said nothing was done. >> we recognize that change is overdue. >> reporter: change beginning this week is that of the u.s. olympic committee demands resignations from the entire board, warning of termination into certification for anyone who does not comply. as the msu board appoints in interim president, trustees admitting they have not focused enough on the victims. >> we must and will change the culture which allowed the serial predator to exist on our campus into the culture which causes the silent victims to remain in the shadows out of fear and helplessness. no more, not again. >> reporter: committee saying it will investigate sexual abuse in organized sports including michigan state university, the usa olympics and usa gymnastics. >> late today usa gymnastics said it will comply with u.s.
4:45 pm
olympic committee order the calls for the board to reside after the nasser scandal broke stick officials say the crisis at the faltering orville damas cost the state roughly $870 million so far. more than 180,000 people were evacuated when the whole in an emergency spillway threatened to flood the area. the city is suing the state department of water resources for millions of daughter -- millions of dollars. back outside in the bay area, seeing cooler temperatures. finally able to open the windows in the house. >> temperatures will continue to climb as we get into the weekend. a little bit tomorrow more so on sunday. monday looks like it could be the warmest day. and look at temperatures as we begin to cool down already. a few puffy clouds left point we will have partly cloudy skies in store for your evening
4:46 pm
hours and as we get into the overnight hours as well in addition to few cumulus clouds we have high-level clouds moving through. 53 in santa rosa, 52 san francisco. low 50s in oakland and mid-50s livermore. and look at storm tracker 2. the tail end of the system that is bringing little bit of rain to northern california. we will remain dry in the sierra will remain dry. pointed this out in the last half hour, look at the satellite view in the upper level you can see the ridge is beginning to build and it will strengthen as we get into the coming days so that will not only push the storm to the north and keep us dry it will also give us the bigger warm-up as we get into sunday and monday. temperatures will be a bit above average. mid to upper 60s for some. if you're going out to fan fest tomorrow, it will be beautiful. temperatures will range from the low 50s at about the start
4:47 pm
at 11:00 to mid to upper 50s by the afternoon it will be chilly start along the east bayshore. oakland, starting out in the upper 30s. for the afternoon upper 50s expected. around the region, tomorrow morning we wake up freezing once again. santa rosa 32. 34 napa. 34 livermore. closer to the water not as bad but very chilly. 44 hayward, 30 at redwood city. where more than likely to have the fog once again for the east bay as well as the north bay locations. afternoon highs tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. 58 san francisco 58 oakland. the south bay, 61 san jose. it will be the south bay the seas the warmer temperatures as we get into sunday and monday.
4:48 pm
tahoe will be chilly but beautiful. partly cloudy skies on saturday mostly sunny on sunday. temperatures will dip into the 20s tomorrow morning as well as sunday. the afternoon, upper 40s to low 50s upper 40s -- upper 40s to low 50s. extended forecast as we get into the bay area weekend, slightly warmer tomorrow, even better on sunday. warmest day on monday, upper 60s in the forecast. monday and tuesday temperatures dip back down but the extended showing dry weather. we have got the extended models keeping any rain out of the bay area for one or two weeks. that could change. we hope it does because even though we like the sunshine we need the rain. nearly the corridor from merrill -- were million employees call into work the
4:49 pm
day after the super bowl. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
4:50 pm
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned.
4:51 pm
the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. teachers in san jose who cannot afford to own homes are getting helping hands. teachers attended meeting in san jose last night sponsored by the eastside alliance, coalition of eight san jose school districts. many teachers is that they cannot afford the cost of ownership and may have to leave. last night third about a program just for educators that provides 10% toward the down payment of a new home. >> we provide 10% to the cost of the home they want to purchase. the educator brings the other 10% at the time the partnership ends we share in the change of value of the home.
4:52 pm
>> the program is administered by a group called, landed in the funds come from investors and foundations. starbucks, google and walmart making an impact on the stock market. pam cook has a look at market trends.>> reporter: the dell mike and the s&p 500 started the day in record territory. part of the reason the president of the treasury secretary said the new corporate tax cuts will translate into quote, massive investment in the u.s. wall street seems to agree. one stock to watch this morning when the bell rang, starbucks shares down after reporting disappointing shares. still -- sales in china strong but here in the u.s. the eggnog latte and the chestnut praline chai tea latte did not go over well. google one now that you mute the ads that seem to follow you online. the company has editing new feature in its ad setting tool
4:53 pm
to block those reminder ads. the ads show up on websites to remind you to buy items you have searched for but did not buy. the mute option will only work on websites you use google at services. walmart is getting into the digital book market. it is teaming up with japanese e-commerce company to begin selling e-books and audiobooks on the website. warmer than where more than 6 million titles on the website and will begin selling the eve readers. you might recognize the name, it is one of the warriors big sponsors. at super bowl lii it is almost here but there's a lot of focus on february 5, the day after the big game. there is a push to make it day off from work with pay. nearly 3/4 of human resource managers say they think the day after the super bowl should be a paid national holiday. in his survey finds more than
4:54 pm
25% of american workers admit to calling in sick the day after the big game. >> need that recovery day. new peer house is coming to california's downtown disney. it plans to open new brewery, tasting room in downtown disney district in anaheim later this year. the menu will offer, taste of san diego with popular tacos. the plan to expand across the country with the production facility in virginia in a taproom in chicago. south korea's deadliest fire in over the decade kills dozens and injures over 100. that is coming up.
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in south korea an investigation is under way into what started a deadly hospital fire that claimed the lives of 37 people and injured more than 140 others. as greg palkot reports, many patients were trapped on the upper floors and there were no smoke detectors in the building. >> dozens are dead and more than 100 injured after a fire broke at a hospital in miryang friday. the flames engulfed the first floor before the firefighters arrived. >> we stopped the fire spreading from the first floor to the second floor during the initial phase. in this respect we also prevented the fire spreading to the second to fifth floors. >> reporter: all the dead were
4:58 pm
from the hospital's general ward, while elderly patients from the nursing ward were safely evacuated. the building didn't have sprinklers, which the hospital director says are not required by law. an investigation was ordered. >> president moon said the government should prioritize by taking measures to rescue victims. >> reporter: modeficials say 10 injured are in critical condition which suggests the death toll could increase. hospital operations are suspended as a result of the blaze and the city's mayor offered his apologies and condolences to the victims. [ non-english language ] >> i deeply apologize for the fire tragedy which occurred at the hospital in miryang. i would like to express my condolences to the victims and families. >> it follows a fire last month which left 29 people dead with concerns about safety standards in the
4:59 pm
country. greg palkot, ktvu fox 2 news. for a third straight week, the flu is blanketing the u.s. and the bay area. one in every 15 doctor visits nationwide is for the flu. even healthy people to the doctor are falling victim to the virus. >> i'm in disbelief and you are reading the stores are every day. and it becomes more real for you. >> good evening, i'll allie rasmus. julie haener is off tonight. >> i'm frank somerville. the cdc says the flu is now widespread across california and the entire u.s. it's the worst they have seen in years. the latest numbers show 23 people under the age of 65 died from the flu in california from january 14th to the 20th. and then just last night, a 44- year-old man here in the bay area was taken off life support. overall, there have been 97 deaths in california this season. doctors say they are seeing
5:00 pm
more hospitalizations and doctors visits than expected particularly among people ainge 50 to 64. this year's dominant strain is h3n2 which researchers say appears to be stronger this year than last year although it's not clear why. back now to the 44-year-old man who just died. rob roth talked to the sister about the decision to take him off life support weeks after he came down with the flu. >> reporter: behind every number is a person someone with a life and people who loved them. jason barbeau of san mateo county san francisco one of the most recent people to die from the flu. his family took him off life support yesterday. these are two of the people jason barbeau left behind, his wife and sister. they still can't believe he died from having the flu. >> i can't wrap my head around it. it's been a treacherous


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