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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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because it involves two juveniles. san jose police were done ducting -- are conducting an investigation on a veteran police officer for prevending to to -- according to police, on august 30th, the off-duty motorcycle went to the boy's home in full uniform to confront him and acknowledge handcuffing him and telling him, a cop's daughter is not somebody you mess with. the two juveniles were cited for unlawful sexual contact. >> the family was quite frightened at the time and i don't really blame them. i can understand the father being upset but for him to use his uniform and badge and -- especially the handcuffs. >> reporter: legal analyst steve clark says if that happened, that's false
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imprisonment. [ no audio ] >> if he did handcuff the young man and have the parents permission does that change anything? that's the case. if the parents would have authorized this, could have been okay. >> reporter: the police officer's attorney says the officer came to the boy's home as a concerned parent and was invited to use scare tactics and there was no objection to the scare tacting and the handcuffs and shook his hand. we talked to the boy's mother this afternoon. she told me she's very distraught by what happened and called the statement by the after's attorney "a pack of -- by the officer's attorney" a pack of lies."
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the boy's attorney believes child abuse, kidnapping charges should be added. now, the parents used a cell phone to videotape part of the incident. that's in the custody of the police officer. back to you. the san mateo coroner today confirmed three family members were killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion bringing the official death toll to seven. dna was used to identify gregory bullis and his mother, and 17-year-old william james bullis also died. officials say two women who suffered smoke inhalation have been discharged in good condition. a male in his 50s was transferred to an acute care hospital in kit can condition
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-- critical condition. we're learning one of the victims is really touch and go and having a really difficult time with miss recovery, this comes after a lot of disaster. maureen naylor is live in san bruno with more. >> reporter: we have seen a lot of the devastation zone. behind me, you can see this heavy equipment was brought in. that was just brought in today to start the cleanup, official cleanup process for the neighborhood tomorrow. 37 homes here were destroyed. work on three of them begins tomorrow. workers in riot gear hosed down to clean up toxicity. >> we were hoping to start today. the site is not ready unless we can do it 100% correct, we're not gonna do it. >> reporter: some damaged cars were removed but those
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completely charred won't be taken away until tomorrow. crews will had use these devices to check air quality. >> this will monitor any fugitive dust or emissions coming off the site and we'll be able to collect them and find out if there's anything truly hazardous. >> while the cleanup preparations were underway, this resident was at a nearby gymnasium talking with his health representative. he says his biggest concern is his roommate who was severely injured. >> he had like 75% burn. he's in critical condition. he had had a stroke. we don't know if he's gonna make it. he's 60 years old. >> i can go to aaa? >> i just haven't been able to exercise in two or three weeks. so i would rather expend energy this way than carrying kids out of a burning home.
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so it's just for -- for sanity purposes. >> reporter: the toll of this almost two-week old disaster has clearly left its mark, both on the neighborhood and the minds. residents here. >> i'm a little bit on the edge. when i hear a siren or something like that, it kind of makes me think what's going on? >> reporter: the county continues to do air testing and say tests show so far, no toxins are leaving the site. work will begin tomorrow here at 8:00 and is expected to take up to a month to clean up. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the gas leak disrupted the -- a gas leak disrupted the first day of school for one school. they pinpointed the area of construction nearby. evacuations were not needed
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because most students were on their way to class and the wind was blowing away from dorms and classrooms. the university does contain about 14,000 students. they were already self- evacuating from the dorms which were right near us. they were upwind away from the situation. >> the line was capped at around 10:30 this morning. it couldn't be any closer. that's the conclusion tonight of ktvu 'exclusive new field poll on -- ktvu's exclusive new field poll on california's race. there's not a whisker's worth of difference between meg whitman and jerry brown. >> ever since march, one candidate or the other has been up by an insignificant point or two but now it's dead even. 41% for jerry brown. 41% for meg whitman. >> in fact, the only
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statistically significant change that we've observed over the last six months in this case is that there's a slightly higher proportion the voters who are undecided. >> i'm a nurse, so i'm -- i don't really want meg whitman. but i'm not really sure about jerry brown either. >> there's good news and bad news for republican meg whitman in the field poll. in a state with far more democrats than republicans, she's dead even. >> this is california. this is a state that voted for for -- who voted for barack obama by 25 points. >> she can't open a lead. that's the bad. >> all of the advertising she has spent over the last six months has not improved her image one bit. >> i'm not going to make my decision on what a television ad tells me what to do. >> that's the good knew for brown. he's still tied. the bad.
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>> he's not carrying subgroups that normally vote -- >> this year is an historic year. we've never had a situation where we've had a female republican at the top of the ticket, running against a male democrat. >> historically, i voted democrat but i'm pretty much independent today. >> and you are open to the possibility of meg whitman. >> i'm totally open to the possibility. >> absolutely jerry brown. >> why? >> long track record of being able to deliver results. >> since the non-stop ads haven't moved the needle much? what will? their first debate is scheduled for next week. randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and again, the only place to
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watch the bay area -- rather, in the bay area, to watch the debate right here on ktvu channel 2,ing meg whitman and jerry brown face off tuesday, september 28th, right here at 6:00 p.m. we have breaking news coming to us from the slurs area. we've learned that two people fell 25 feet down a cliff. we know that a rescue is in progress. newschopper2 is arriving at the scene right now. the so-called big 5 are meeting in southern california trying to hammer out a new state budget which is now 84 days late. governor schwarzenegger who is sick with the cold asked to meet closest to the home. they are trying to to find a way to close the $19 million budget shortfall. the battle california's
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pension reform op pope sigs is heat -- opposition is heating up. they were out distributing no on b and talking about the impact the proposition will have on families. >> you are talking about pension reform. what you are gonna do is on one hand say that. often the other hand you are gonna take money away from working families. >> the november ballot initiative calls for city employees to pay more into the retirement system and to pick up more of the health care cost for their dependents. the california watchdog group is trying to muster up against the t.e.a. party. organizers hope to close the
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enthusiasm gap in time for the elections. the spokesperson for. t.e.a. party says no political conversation cannot take place today without some mention of the t.e.a. party. we're learning more about the controversy in the city of bell. eight people were arrested. the state controller's office said a lack of oversight allowed officials to mismanage more than $65 million in city funds in bell, including exorbitant salaries, and the repayment of personal loans. all eight defendants are expected back in court on october 21st. the city of walnut creek has lured san rafael's city manager away from his job. ken nordoff is get to start work in walnut creek next
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month. the deal was closed last night when the walnut creek city council voted knew unanimously. [ closing bell ] >> the dow pulled back from a five-week winning streak. the dow end the nearly -- ended nearly 22 points. for more financial and consumer news, visit and click the business tab. a revealing and in some cases, revolting look. >> we have liquid manure oozing out of two building. >> what was going on at an egg farm during the recent salmonella outbreak. i'm tracking a warm cold front. i will tell you which days will have the highest fire danger.
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one woman got so sick from the salmonella, doctors thought she would need abdominal surgery. >> i was so sick. >> sarah lewis and another victim got so sick after eating eggs linked to two iowa farms. this afternoon, lawmakers did a show and tell of sorts. >> we have liquid manure oozing out of buildings and dead and
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decaying chickens. >> where the fda found salmonella and where investigators found hundreds of positive tests in the last two years. the owner of hillandale farms refused to answer any questions. >> we apologize to anyone who may have eaten ourics and gotten gotten -- eaten our eggs and gotten sick. >> most likely the contamination to be the meat and bone meal in our feed. >> it sounds like both of you are refusing to take responsibility for a very poor facility. >> lawmakers say they hope today's hearing will help them figure out why and how this happened to prevent it from happening in the future. many are hoping this will pressure the senate to act on a bill that would strengthen the food's safety lays and give the fda more power.
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for more information on the latest recall, go to click the egg recall tab. crews are wrapping up repair work on a broken lane that broke last night near morell and viking drive. that pipe broke eight days ago. water service was restored by rerouting the water to 40 homes. crews dug a hole to get to the pipe. the break affected traffic in the area which is near several schools including diablo valley college. scientists are still trying to determine the species of a dead whale that washed ashore this week. the whale was so badly decomposed, the biologists could not figure out what kind it was. they ruled out grey whale, blue whale. what's left is the second largest animal that's ever
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lived. all right. on to our weather now. the temperatures are kind of going down. have we started the trend going back up? >> it's gonna start ramping up tomorrow. it's heating up around here. temperatures will come up a good 5 degrees, 8 degrees tomorrow and then further warming as we get towards the weekend. the main mechanism for the cooling will be high pressure but with the high pressure building in, this fog that you can see here will not be as prominent and you can even see it's not that prominent now. around sutro tower, it's been socked in. you can see it's breaking apart. the marine layer is getting chewed up. when the fog goes away and the winds kick around and go offshore, we'll find temperatures back in the 90s in the bay area. clear and mild tonight. clear, for most locations, along the coast now, pacifica and half moon bay, you may have a little fog. but nothing like we've seen. we're going into our summer -- or our fall time weather.
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this is the best weather we get. we're gonna have four days days with winds going offshore, warmer daytime highs getting into the 90s at time -- at some point. and we'll watch the air quality. the extended forecast, it's gonna get hot around here especially as we head toward the weekend, the early part of the week. forecast highs, the computer model puts it at 67. i have it at about 73. i just wanted you tophet the goal for the increase of the temperatures -- i just wanted you to get the feel for the increase of the temperatures. this is at 3:00, 4:00, probably around 80. here is the key component. you get the picture. here is the key, warms will be coming north northeast. that's slightly offshore and they will go more north northeast as we head into the
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weekend. there was some patchy fog. we showed it to you there. as we move into the next 24 hours, it's warming up. high pressure comes back. the wind goes offshore, the air sinks. it's gonna get pretty darned hot around here. when i come back i'm gonna show you on the five-day forecast which will be the highest fire danger days of the week. we'll peel see you back here. we have -- s.e.a.l. we -- we'll see you back here in a few minutes. we've learned that two people have fallen 25 feet down a cliff at panther beach. it happened about 45 minutes an hour ago, less than an hour ago. our newschopper2 is flying to the scene. as soon as it gets you, we'll bring this to you. they are bringing a helicopter to lifeflight one of the individuals out. one man, we know, is a victim. from what 2003 understand, he has serious injuries. two people have fallen over a
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cliff near panther beach in davenport. as soon as we have pictures we'll ally show you what's going on. kevin costner was on capitol hill today. costner spoke before the house committee and homeland security, who is examenning the government's disastrous responding to the bp spill in the gulf of mexico. >> we can choose to separate oil from water at high speeds with outputs that extend the epa standards and exceed efficiency with every boat on the water or we can use dispursants and -- dispersants and sink it too the bo tom -- sink it to the bottom. in less than an hour, leaders of one bay area transit agency will discuss taking drastic action that could impact thousands of passengers
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and also cause dozens of jobs. a new list is out. the city of san jose tops it when it comes to bad roads. san jose is not the only bay area city to make the list. it's a rap or is it? the plan to cloak some b.a.r.t. trains with advertising messages and where else you could be targeted during your commute.
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we're following breaking
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news in davenport. you are looking at the scene of a rescue after two people we're told went over the cliff at panther beach, north of santa cruz. we got reports of this around 4:45. we know that one person is being taken by lifeflight to the hospital. we're told that one man has serious injuries. again, two people went over. we don't know what condition the other person is in. we can certainly see some activity in the area. just a second ago, you saw how close the water is. again, two people in need of rescue at panther beach, just north of santa cruz. we'll stay on top of it and bring you the latest as we get it. the ac transit board of directors is set to meet in less than an hour and may make sweeping cuts. the agency is facing a $56 million shortfall and it could save by $11 million by cutting weekend and late-night service in half. management said that would also
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do away with 90 union jobs. another calls for outsourcing paratransit services for seniors and the disabled. that would transfer to more jobs lost and save about $7 million in the year. san jose has some of the poorest roads in the country. the 2008 study by the national transportation rich group "trip" found that 56% of roads in the san jose area were in poor condition. the concord metro area came in fourth with 56% of its roads rated poor. the same for the san francisco/oakland area. know, poor roads are more than than -- now, peer roads cost money as a result of bad road -- poor roads cost money as a
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result of the bad road conditions. >> i was driving down tully road. and there was a hole in the street. and my front end was just smashed in. i did get the alignment. san jose mayor, chuck reed, says he believes local and state funding are out of whack, saying over the past nine years have risen 64% while the city's revenues have only got up 18%. payments for retiring benefits have tripleed. 2% of roads a -- 24% of roads across the country rated poor in that study. mayor newsom vetoed it right after a tax on alcohol was passed. but tonight, why this fight may not be over. why firefighters here in the marin head lund are saying
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-- headlands are saying a federal agency is going to have blood on its hands. >> reporter: pg&e is digging up streets. i'm tom vacar. what's going on here? still ahead. the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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i'm worried about my future. am i gonna lose my home? can i provide for my family? it's a very stressful situation. >> firefighters and some marin county residents are on edge
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tonight. we'll get to that story in a moment. first, more information on the breaking news story out of the santa cruz area, specifically at a beach in davenport. here is a map showing you where this is going on. it's a cliff rescue happening at panther beach in davenport right there on highway 1, north of santa cruz. want to bring in live pictures now from newschopper2 to show you the rescue that's going on. from what we understand, two people fell off a cliff there, possibly about 25 feet. we do know that at least one of them is a man who we independence has some pretty serious -- we understand has some pretty serious injuries. it looks like firefighters are taking one of the victims and putting him in a lifeflight helicopter. we do not know the condition of the other person or the whereabouts of the other person. this is going on right now, the headline at the hour here, two people at denveren -- at panther beach in davenport somehow fell off the cliff the at least one person has serious
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injuries and is being taken away in a helicopter. now to the outcry over the planned shut down of a fire station that served the marin headlands for decades. leaders say this move is not being done to save money. and they say despite the closure, people who live and visit the area will still be protected. rob roth is live in marin county with our report. rob? >> reporter: gasia, for more than 50 years, station 52 has been the only fire station in the marin headlands but tomorrow, it are likely start to phase out and close for good. these two firefighters were checking the hoses and water pressure today. come next friday, they will be unemployed. a crew will remain until early november. after that, the presidio fire department will be disbanded and 14 firefighters will lose their jobs. >> i'm worried about my future, losing my home, providing for
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my family. it's a very stressful situation. >> reporter: station 52 serves a very populated area but the air jaw -- area does get crowded with visitors. come october 1st, the southern marin fire district will be responsible for the area. its nearest station is about five miles away. >> you will had have somebody die here and the park service will have blood on it hands. >> you are looking at five, six minutes for response times. >> but federal officials say response times will remain within safety standards and more park rangers will be deployed to handle medical calls. they say eliminating the fire station is not about money but improving service. >> it's really more effective to do this by contract with existing departments that have higher level of calls and the training. >> firefighters point to the
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hundreds of school children who come to the area. >> we bring our students here and it's a real peace of mind to know there paramedics and firefighters here. >> we're confident this is the best way to go forward for the visitors. >> the fire department was out here for a reason. >> the international firefighters union is looking at illegal avenues to keeping the station open but park officials say it's a done deal. station 52 will be closing. reporting live in marin county, rob rocket, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco mayor gavin new some's veto, the new city tax on alcohol may not be the end of the matter. the supervisor said today the measure may be taken directly to voters. mayor newsom vetoed the ordinance hours after it was
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passed. senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer introduced legislation to strengthen oversite at the nation's gas pipeline. this follows the gas explosion in san bruno. it calls for increased in penalties for regulation and it would double the number of safety inspectors, require the use of automatic shutoff valves and would prioritize old pipelines in seismic areas. >> pg&e workers today were involved in a high-profile and highly important repair project in the south bay. the repairs were being made because of what was discovered by something called a smart pic. tom vacar is live to explain what's going on. tom? >> reporter: well, first, frank, have a look. this is a natural gas transfer . if, the big one here in milpitas. it's directly affected to san bruno and this new problem in
5:36 pm
south san jose. this 20-inch wide pg&e high pressure natural gas transmission line runs right under this san jose neighborhood near the east ridge shopping small and many others for miles and miles. when it was built 60 years ago, it was not a densely populated urban area. pg&e says what it is looking for is not on the top 100 list. in fact, it's much more important go whenever we find something that needs to be addressed, we're not gonna wait. we're gonna take immediate action right away. >> reporter: the problem was found by a smart pic short for high-tech inspection gauge. it's reading every well and looking for signs of imperfection like corrosion or a dent. this appears to be a dent. >> reporter: pg&e says the dent
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was found during routine maintenance. >> we got the results last wednesday. so less than a week later we're digging it up and seeing what under there and making any de-- and seeing what is under there and making any repairs that are necessary. >> reporter: this pipe is also slightly electrifyied to deal with the corrosion. >> uncoat the pipe. we'll sandblast it if we need to and wrap it and make repairs. >> now, pg&e has 6,000 miles of these big pipelines running throughout bakersfield to the oregon border service area. one other thing. they did, indeed, find the dent in the pipe. and it appears it was placed there by some third party that didn't report it. easy enough to track? somebody is gonna have to pay a pretty big deal. they will fix it and it will probably be fixed by tomorrow. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a bay area woman claim she was fired after being hit by her boss's dog. and breaking news north of santa cruz. more on this when we come back. and gavin new some says he's ready to --en newsom says he's ready to swing into action. what he plans to do if the federal stops giving the city money. and bay area scientists have uncovered a link between you, your job and again shaw. dementia. ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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you are looking over panther beach just off dashen port, north of santa cruz. you can see one helicopter is hovering. we know that another helicopter has just taken off with one man who has serious injuries inside. we're told two people were hiking along the cliffs and that both of them fell. one man has been taken away in a helicopter with serious injuries. there's another helicopter on standby. we don't know much more about that second person but we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. a former executive assistant from mills college who was fired after being bit by her boss's dog and reporting
5:42 pm
the dog as vicious to oakland's animal services. she said she received minor injuries during a fund-raising event at the home. mayor gavin newsom announced a backup plan in case congress fails to fund the jobs now program. newsom is running for lieutenant-governor and is for thive of the -- and is supportive of the program. federal money is part of the recovery act and runs out at the end of the month. if that happens, may offer newsom said he will ask the board of supervisors to approve 2.1 million of city funds to fund the program. scientists say that a never- before-seen worm is responsible
5:43 pm
for a rash. [ inaudible ] >> it's still unknown if the itchy parasite was native to japan. uc researchers say a form of dementia is raising questions about a person's brain. it damages one hemisphere of the brain more than another. patients whose job involve language and art experienced in the logical left hemisphere while those using numbers lose the more intuitive right hemisphere. a government corporate showdown over healthcare. the kids caught in the middle and the -- also working to get more
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information on this rescue that is underway right now at a beach near davenport.
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what you are looking at is a medical helicopter and they are loading a second victim onto that helicopter.
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two people were hiking at panther beach when they fell 25 feet. the beach has a big cliff there and it fell right off the cliff. we believe the other person suffered pretty serious injuries. we don't know the extent of the injuries. a confrontation is brewing tonight over healthcare in california. major federal healthcare changes take effect tomorrow six months after president obama signed them into law. a key change here is about children. john fowler is live in oakland with more. john? >> reporter: for children and their parents, some good news and some bad news. under new healthcare rules beginning tomorrow, all dependent children under age 26 are to be covered under parents' policies. welcomed news for money. >> i used to work for safeway and i had benefits there and i lost my job. >> reporter: for many it -- >> like flu shots and dental
5:48 pm
things. >> reporter: some told us they tried to buy health insurance. >> i can't afford it either. i'm a single parent of two. i just don't have it. >> what this does is allows them to have a safety net should sheathe -- should they get sick, they have injuries. >> reporter: and now all major health insheerers -- insurers in california say they will no thronger write new policies for children. insurers cannot deny preexisting conditions but simply not write the new policies. anthem will start to policy tomorrow. >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous. >> this is a significant number of kids who will be affected. i think it's just wrongheaded and it shows bad faith in terms of the new healthcare. >> reporter: a bill now on the
5:49 pm
governor's desk would require insurers cover six kids at reasonable rates and cover those who don't. >> banning them for five years from the insurance market. it's a showdown and the governor may, we've learned, sign this tomorrow. reporting live, john fowler, cut kut. coming up next at -- ktvu channel 2 news. >> coming up at 6:00 why a cheerleading coach is in trouble for stealing money. why she did it and what the money was for. julie haener is in the newsroom with more that's coming up at 6:00. well, we'll have coverage of the gar re-- garrido couple. tonight there are new numbers on customer
5:50 pm
satisfaction, numbers that have not been seen in 20 years. and the huge bay area company that's moving 500 to 700 jobs and where those workers will now be located. we'll see you at 6:00. >> thank you. let's go back to our chief meteorologist, bill martin, for the end-of-summer forecast. >> it certainly feels like it. it's going to change. it are feel like well, it's fall like. it's very fall like. that's why our fire danger is so high this year. we'll go to the golden gate bridge. you're gonna see a realtime wind mumm up. that is west-southwest at 13. the west-southwest wind looks just like this. it's coming from this direction. that is a cool breeze. what's gonna happen as we go into the next couple of days, the winds are gonna start:00ing out of the north-northeast. and that's when we get the higher fire danger and get the
5:51 pm
poor air quality and the increase in temperatures. that's the weather story, increase in temperatures. that starts tomorrow. it's actually starting a little bit out there now. the extended forecast, downright hot. numbers are gonna get into the mid- to upper 90s as we head towards the weekend. so the forecast tomorrow will be warmer than it was today by a good 5 degrees and then each subsequent day, temperatures are coming up 5 to 10 degrees. fog sticks right at the coast. temperatures tomorrow just like this morning. the trend for thursday is for a temperature increase right through the bay area weekend. on these days, saturday and sunday, that will be the highest fire danger. we might see a fire danger advisory. we'll watch that for you. it is getting hot. the air quality is getting hit. the forecast highs -- we're looking tomorrow -- were 80s.
5:52 pm
more 70s and more 60s. this is slowly bridge bringing the -- bringing the heat out to the west. i will come back and show you. it will show reds coming your way. show 80s and 90s. forecast as you go through the bay area microclimates tomorrow. around the bay 70s. out towards moraga getting into the 80s. as you get out to where the real heat is in the valley. maybe mid- to upper 80s. friday is warmer it looks like. in oakland tomorrow, your forecast starts out clear. you end up with 75 degrees tomorrow in oakland. your forecast is gonna be a -- one with warming in the future. the hottest days on the week you see them right there, saturday and sunday, those will be the highest fire danger times but the fire danger will be ramping up a little bit each day as we begin to warm up. >> thank you, bill. well, they told their
5:53 pm
stories. >> it was never recorded in video. >> and they were heartbreaking story from the loved one, people who jumped from the golden gate bridge.
5:54 pm
you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
5:55 pm
secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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the jump was never recorded on video. his body was never recorded. having a child missing for hours and then days is a nightmare for every parent. >> it was part of an event called please don't jump day. a collection of shoes symbolized those who have died jumping from the golden gate bridge. some of the shoes, in fact, once belonged to suicide victims. >> we keep doing these events, doing these memorials to keep the awareness there and let people know suicide is preventable. but you have to restrict the lethal means. >> there's been a $5 million
5:57 pm
budget for this barrier. muni gets a report card from its riders find out the grade they save out -- next.
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good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm franc somerville. >> we begin with developing news in santa cruz county where rescue crews have reached two people who fell 25 feet down a steep cliff near davenport. the incident was reported at 4:30 this afternoon at panther beach. this was the scene from newschopper2 just a couple of minutes ago. ktvu news has been told that one man suffered serious injuries and has been lifeflighted to a hospital. we do not know the condition of the second victim but just a couple of minutes ago, a helicopter took that person to an ambulance that was standing by. we are working to get more information. if we do during the course


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