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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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di sivi.on ,050 w95eerer heo t watch it. an thorks fch watthing e2016 co s orlight nhl stadium series. fina slcore in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, eth colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc eepxct on ethes wt coastt is i your local news and later tonight its i saturday nightiv le whit host ronda rousey and musical guest selena megoz. i sulhodur hry up and say for
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elfisod on lfrg enom dver.a las vega s yo h utougrp says it's being ta edrgette by ens awithgu bb n t inashe ellt va ey. >> t arran ainest ea a d dly hi d-t-an run. wh e at wleare niarbong aheut t sp suanect s d hicoact temmites r priothto ade deraly ty.ged a vibig y ctorouin sarth ca olin n. at whs thismean s for uper y. >>wsnest 3 rarts night ow.
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am i ra gerordo .mano a yogruth isoup ge tarwited th te ens hein tt easevally. elhis itist and random attacks. some residents a brennegitoing rr woaty thth is gne sia of erbiggbl proem. so ja'nn ojoeil usins ea in st va nlleyboear a nanz and ho oollyw d. th nawhan, ouat yl tel us? >> h weleave d arne thate thre rasepatte as tackisthk wee ugthro thoutashe las veg ll vaey. e onheof tti vicwam's s a te e enagwhboy s o wawiout th hi urs chouch yroth gwhup heen s wackattay ed bentes ager who we utnt o s and hhotitim wbbh a n. gu >> gamerln daoningt wa s ad leheing urr chpoch sednsor ut yoouh grd p anava scr enge ihunte n thidseas e ig nehohbor od. >> eyther wone he tor cr ne itwag inr >>sia clverloar sdowed wn an end opre fi aonup gro
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te ens wi bth an.b gu he>> got shotant d hie abov eythe d e anfohis eaur hd. wthey eeretixpect ng ithand ey di t dn' wknowasho w . >>n it ifithe tirst hime t s ek weeo somne a was imvicta of g bbhoun sg otinhein t las s vegaevally. o twerothta ins rncesteepor d re wet jus wthis eek. >> wtheypuere idnk kins do g me songthi. i arstd tearheginor mree rtpos and it seems like it's becomg in omoreprf a m.oble tw>> eno tes ager awereterresd an cud acofsed al stebbing or pe nslicam froora st te in he so esuthw vterny.alle uit'sarncleth wheheer tes arr t d anatthe s tackcoare tennec d. >>oras f theagteeny e bo who su nestaie d thryinjum fro the bb gunam, i d tol hthat e is g doinllwe r butnaeaso bly sh uaken p. f asheor tde lea tr ofouhe y th gr soup,ahe sthys idey d not
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e thvee hicllvinvor ed o the su t spechein t. car atheyopre hthing omat s eone swillhiee td s an know thsomeaning ntd copoact .lice >> e thoslvinvon ed i the sh bouldvie adthsed olat p ice ar te onlohe t.okou fuhopethlly iley wvel ha an ar vrestsoery on. 10 na-q, fthanheor tat upde . a >> cepolie havstarre ed a ea24-yd r-olerhendmason n in ecconn wtiona ith anhit-n d-ru h deat 5of aar0-ye w-old.oman ericedturnse himn lf iy toda . e thanwom h wasedit waynesd gh ni mt bydeerce bs onerould gh hiway rtno wh ofsparm s.ring vethe e hiclrewas edportle ston bu unt foved seral holaurs ter. th mae wos n wanot in m akear d cr swosk alenwhhe str sk uc and sh iee d td atcehe sne. e shbehas haen c wrged ith fe hlonyndit-a, -runlereck ss dr g ivindeand anath ild fa ure to de rend.r ai >> k clartycounef fireright s co enreunteurd ne vonalilisib ity co iondits ns a theyugfo ht a
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es the e arosphot wthat ere pr edovidth by ree fiar dept tmen bjuste eforth730 oris m.ning 1- 9-ll1 cames care in inport g e th'arbysts rentaurar nea inflamgo s waedfillh wite.smok gupon ioinge nsid ltheyedocat re fith in tce kihen inand the agstoreae ar s. he otr fighrefi uterssed ai chs nsawpeto o hn up ioles n e th.roof ntheydoot wn toinlo emp yees gemana d toget saout .fely hi>> y llartoclinn woe n th arprimy y brethe.e on e ths focutsshif toup s er estuy.da evsthae elndansmas hhe tat l est fr olom ca.umbi >> hit'sryillain clbyton nd lae!slid is thim clath souol car inase ts he p r usufor tuper y esda in th daree ys. >> w wecoill e mpetevfor ery vo inte ry eveat ste . a weotre nin takytg an hingan d a weotre nin takyog anorne f
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>> ionlyrnn beanie s ders sthomes ay ihehe an ad i the po lls. >> bei e liev nthatnlot on y ca inwe w, we d canatefe umtr p! >>p trumis aicampg gnin with s christchri ie. >> reget teady sennes e. >>g a bit fighn is is texa e wherteuzd cres takta a snd. pi sck a ide! i twillyell hiou tens wh it co tomes ki picng, i ckpi s ae id d ani anstaid agwanst gtshin on an thd wi a thecameriopn pe le! cruz and rubio can still eat um trp oner pap . >>n a coartist will never get rocont tl ofpahis rty! >> i ghthoud t te icruz s a ri valliar but ruisbio se wor! am icerhaa nes r veopstei b ng
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>>dobun't waild blls, reak bdownerarri s. >>evheen tni winng otis n ss po oibleupn sueer t.sday am i ve stedl hanites wc h nb snews couthinarol a. >>fathe f ct omathe itter s at thco it aluld ol beinver re thyse da . pe suesr tuisday n wheta12 s tes an e d onitterrwaory dy an . lthe poive calitiecl sp ial st aarts00t 6:m. p. it'son e th iaspecpol reitrt wveh li up s datereand tssul. ey th b areniegint ng a p7:00 m. >>threey ati putng oit n he otrs .cars
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esplats thi.year th o ey dwanot o nt tthpay e gi retistraeeon fd s anisone ea st tlinglahe p tes. if y thestare , olenbee sur to le emt thw knohein t w dmv ill re ceplam. the >> eaa grent evr t foaibarg n op shs.per it he's tst firti aucf on o the ye ar. rehundf ds os itemnoare ge lon r ed ney ed bgothe mevern nt ag esenci t andarhey une foatd th mce rrca aanpoir.rt nemofry somesaloe gcks ba to ve gontrnmenc ageanies td in he pa thst, lee saves hase rai d ve semiral n llioardoll s. >>thmbe nuofer ll char enge av trs elerinfly o andf ut o las ve bygas 7%. it n'srlea3.y mi6 iollpen leop j inryanua. mothe y nthly tallwas alreve ed ye dastery. h2015heas trd thihe hig st co unt ainrtirpoto hisitry w h re mon thail45 b lion enpass.gers
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w sacoa re8 rd 4iomilln ss parsenge. it ve. ne xt,efthe tfortlpo he un yorgstes o whnomay at be ble njto eheoy ter expe.ienc
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ch .ildrehen 's aplexam ae ofst lo s vegaeyvallin comgeg to.ther atheyosre h dtingowowntn and it n 's at even pthatderovi s en teths wiss dreores foo sch l nc daes. htheymoave n re o thow he an enual iventnes bengfiti a so scialceervi-f nonroor p fit. >> is thth is gge biyeest
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ye t . the community donated 1500 dresses. >> li a rane w appedd roun the bu inild tg atsqown fuare or do wnwnto . we>> t wanetto ge hert.firs ad anritoa esrras hee bwan init g in ha tlit fne more oranth th horee wiurs erth hps ster iste moand .ther we>> s ared econinin ld e an 'sitfo a r aldeha tyot cau t n' atbe . sdis uer20 pss dre! >> threey ami teap ng u with 5 98.foe r thuaannenl ev t. p itderoviens teths wi an af abfordltle atiernao ve ts dres pishop ng. >> e thsdresrees a t out here twithonags m thehein t ir be fuautiwnl gos. f weaneel l d al ptheerartn s el fet thayou should not have to decide if youou cold g to pr r om obenot e causu yon'ca t af rdfo a dress. >> part of the proceeds
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>> this one is pretty. >> ada rian tieson heckr pi for a military ball. >> u yot can'a put e pric tag on d theedonates drs se . >>coyou uld see e the smil tuponirhe gacls f es. >> isths wa20our th day isth nt moovh abrme nondal a we are
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to rrmow.oheis tly eart par for ma rch. u yollwiea h mrh ucremof o isth. no e is tin she akybove the valley. ach ye ar. g e. my a bu aildsnewarendss a ch mude-neeund f dingfoe r th t ual ro orck f h the oeartchf a ild. t. 's itua annenl evlot al wing in
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erconsivatve t hearctdefe s. re mon tha l2000s ocalorsupp t em thh eac.year th lley aheow tld chis ren'rthea un foondatica to ourry s t it raprog ms. >> thsaous ndrtpaipicedatn i the annual color run. the dippsaraeae nc tof 5hek wi cthorolow p erevy er lokitemer. th ceylealthd e happiest 5k run on the planet. the portion of the proceeds benefit the e threresquad foo .bank >> yifilou w ol beheut t re ru g nninndarourr, jeowy br n is thout ere thwi w theereath th auy oritcaforendst as it' aubefutioul idts e. >> it j'stuspl sdiend. as y cousean e e, w chaves.loud
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y.toda dit'sinown s the wtrip ith 69 0. e thdihumis ty i0%at 2. it ur's f sther iouths n las vega 6with40. it ve's o sr inrummelin at the ondawsoo sch 6l at50. u 35p heat tge lod . 0 6and erov. 10 1 6 tinyehe e 15 anosd clo er t , home'sitn dow6to 60. alookest thtee afn rnoos.high 7it'sn 70 imothe inuntages ed 7 at9. al awaystl litte bile coothr wi er ev eyoneinlse 8 the 0s. it us's jcot rehird trgs go eous t starheto tek weend. th i weink d can ao it gain rrtomon ow iupthe 70per
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it70 encurrtly 6at l1 ina. rehes ie thtesaitlldoe yo ulu coe d seavwe houe cl ds go thing h roug awith m few ore la onter . to t nigho we glypartud clo y th wiig a bry sto in s the torm hein tif pac ic. a oflot d colisair rc ciiulat ng. it l wilo go tnothe rth. lo t ok afothe strecaar rad de mol. wiyou eell ss it'g goin aup nd erovth toe tp ofighe h h es pr.sure tawe srmy wa d andry d an niovertoght t nigh swith ome cl s oudthand aat'shell s ot wre. ta lke aatook se the. ne gey rallhein ter upp a 40s nd lo s.w 50 s hightoare owmorr upa co le de s greeercooln thaytoda. wh ouen y 8 areou10 y a cand ffor rto dop . li a e ttlcobit aoleru s yo move h nort4 at 7o.alam ni to pght,ngassiud clos in the hwnortbrest e.eez eas t si de.
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li deughtfl. 0 73ooat nd n an76 5at:00 mp.. 's it a notto fac ir ina t's dgoodo ay tp be uthat e un mos.tain m we nighteeot nurd yo ng los johnat 600 of the lodge. ve gita or a ke eedegr. rewe aki talbong a00ut 8 ro ththugh d e enheof t th i yoink n u calehand. 760 th te atmper duresngippin dow into upthe 40per s. 's itea a bfuutirkl wo.week es tu 1daysch mar i and t's amb.
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oit'sevnce foery eaur yrs! we>> e havatto wouch t. wo wimen skll a t yourro ma y em thth on y.e da it n 's atrold ioaditn an d it bgoesceack ientur s. >> yifayou s y noavou h e to tgive12hem rs paigl of oves. yodid owu knt tha? >> di i .dn't 's it p 12 oairsovf gles ju, st in e casaryou kee as d. >>aspa preonratints co, inue roconty versa and olack f ve diy rsitcouentin s to shover hadowwoolly bod's ig ni ght. e thr actoacand s tresll, wi it smd h anpijay t nketh smit wi ll not be attending the big .show rethe enverad plo ns tstage the protest. >> e thtinaaloned m ia al con itio swillsohow rilida ty on i the bssueary webring own ri s bbonheat trd awaw. sho
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ve hame comd nte tonishe sue but ma ayny swi he hall leve ptonty y saaton sy urdat.nigh >> ythisisear pi shap ng u to be ac a rtwe behoeen oollyw d te ve aransewnd nrscome . mike takes a look at this arye t's popdretiic.on >>it isn't beieasyn ng i the adem ac y. >>aryoe gou g in toitfix ? >> ka wteslin het aasosn r ca tonhe show t bu pwedirect e sh llwiea bhet our fot thr bee st ppsutior >> twereinalkg tod m an stchribaian le.
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>>venespr k ea monbey lfha ! >> it's pretty much a hu sc.yler >> bhe'snoeen temina md so any ti !mes wa outch ht ifese dowin't n! >>eight lmfiare s fup theor st pbetuic. re >>y hourdeat irehe . at wh hevernsappele, aron do cadiiopras hn acos arort a le t ascla e osplrea icof the uestat.
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st atueatthr beas heto tz prie. mit'sfrade onom d mateds.etal rehundndd afa 50 s ndod nate 3overou ps nd sofveilanr d d.gol on le dardoriicap o'sangrhedmot r r isanussi h and e ispor pula in th une coantry r othel loca fan cl s ub iwathe o ys theget r to him. >> yoa h utorsp ctschoaan c im ctpa c aldhior f l ne xt, a new segment called
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e ths focuho, dw weo vedeplo ait's o badrune cg shin and at eshlet nfcoceidende or sire lato p y. w hoe do wlodeved p anurencoage be ctteresoach ? nc si hlairoias jyoned uth sp oortserf amtoica ng bri thtogexper e iertse n thd fiel roto p pvideicractuial gindeles heres indciwiy ythr ounnwig in ywa . . hes tr anack eld fid d ans play egcolllle ba . >>nti weco to e lleg with
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>> ye hs, mowy annswian ce w t?ge >>neof oosthise essu is pl g ayin.time wit'serhethoa a c pchesnglayi vo fas.rite >> thi evink neeryo rt paaticip es. >>everyone participates. >> then it changes after high sc olho . >> mesof oe thalquy itvene r baemasrrs se horilumteiaths e pl erays. they nurture every talent. e thh coac hasensech coa ing
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>> e thipdisce linoais c ches wthat anttoh pusus past enelemt. did they enjoy the game? was it fun? did they learn something? answers. >> xtnei onlt ne atiitme, 's a bdatah reacheat ts. ir indealtg wih a try aged of a
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af r tedea adlyor wk moa me srialceervid hel y toda kforazalamshoo ngooti he tem th. wh en ionwas te ofixhe s op pehole we weredkillt las rdsatuftay anoer oonr veivdr er enwhea i dshdly ngootipa ramge. e shbehad aren m triedr o he anhusbhrd, cphistofoer, r 40 s.year th bove ser td inirhe ace for d anryma r loucheahe t sseffta se eargnt . sh s e wae closerto h st er-in-law. she was lsallo kiined the tishoo ng. >> icastkan asns city was later saying they are vimo ng rwfod arthwi thsie resdent. re thope peerle wlle kinded a 14 rsothee werreinjud. 's itan a mtuufac pringt lan on th ayursd .
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e pi tcingheogetidr ev.ence 's iter a viqy unomue ctmuniy. pmanye eopltuare ngrni to th faeir anith chd eaer oth . >>sires dent cwill ome to ergethie, granve lkd taut abo vi moorng f.ward >> rethrle gie s arngfaci im cr cinalesharg forinspik g a te r'achefts sonk drih wity spic hoterpepp. gione isrl dtetrace d thheteac r il whote antwher ooo te k th indrank d crput edushpe pep r in sothe anda c . en wh t theereachok tori a d nk, sh gae be cn to ahoke nd ex enperihoce sssrtnebr of .eath ait'shell t f redeslak of pe apperhend tls gir i did t ca bethuse ace tehaher d sc dineipli o onee f ths girl ieearl tr ineehe wk.
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od pranuct isd po on. >> thx e taerplaya dat is se tiven lames trger han or aliginholy t.ught inthe alternen reverue s vice csays cybernarimiusls ed a lapopuolr to tonebhe w tsite o ee ste r ththe tarmx fo s of 00104,op0 pele. it ev redisp u30to 3.,000 th ene ags cy iclnow r ose to 72 0.0,00 e therotis palentint ide ity th aneft eyd th o areedffer a th crree peditctroteion. th wiey etll ger a pl sona tiidentificar on on a piernumb p toctrotee threfutu x ta ngfili s. e thhairs s t sen up aneonli cu do tment oolpefor alrson in rmfoation. >> paa l rtiae-ceas ifire s in cteffe nowfor tmorea han day.
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riigno.ngyrin sa ia, iapart l as ceree-fian begmi at htdnig d an hit'sngoldif so ar. in as dam, cusn darsrive a has . >>deits ctstrupeion trrpe ated uon aginimae nabl.goal th waere us analnusu, , itdespe bothugths aiclngmihe tth or e d haenbrok c the-fease.ire
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to in o onee f thecitis it he's tar squate th b has een re epeattadly edrgetre by bel mo rsurne rtma.yrs ait'sid resalentia are hit ag ain. >> 'sitne of oe thstmo no ritos ouacpl iesdan mthisaan sys hohis wause t s hi . >> . th>> sqis uare lisevike ery da y. >>thapis hdpene . >>e hrebalily fs.nche >> on o the stherofide the
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th cee e-asrefi. it ee's k apinge n eyllon a the viacti ties . >>atwh y canayou s ? st juab an tesoluorly gs geou day. i wwishue cootld bittle and ikeept . 0 35ay60 dyes a ar.
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no t t gersworse.ia t's iomiss tn to mi eyckou mse house and it cost yoexu m. th aey rreliol ongthut eir ascls seorfin se gly daettick s. he t eighon11 minths an advo ce t p or eak. of alficiy s saatne disd,ylan lu vayse dat cos5 usd9 and re r gulaetticklls wit cos 05usd1 . ek we days cwillost rehund9.d 1 of alficiy s saalannuce pris gechanti mul t-daytsicke llwi cr in.ease >> if a youoore l fking or an r otheonreasbe to si outde , cl coark hunty pas asiropo.tion etsunsk par nis aroew p gram
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olpatre thac323 are prk. ni dexpse es.lain >> yifpeou snynd ae tim at su pnset yark,reou aun bo d to have lda wi lifeunenco.ter >> 'sitl cal ed . >> omfrhe gopo rs ts,dog arcl k co tyun llwidu etecahe tub pc li ouabt pathe ndrk a the itcredors. vo ntlursee wi clltonl roemth se ond t anndremim thet abou the pa ulrk r es. >> ait'sll smami comt tmen for ab foout hour peurs ntr mo h. >>heis tnt couriy's ght cr oneatiec spstiali . >>omat s weoneho s haedwork ll fume-ti.
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>>eyth a areg skinguthe s est otto nd feethcke du s. ei ther di t ispornpco . e thinma goal will be to act as an r otheofset s eyeeaand rs. th reey aur ensthing e cr reoneatiroal cewwn jwiel ll
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>> riit bbangs emck ms.orie an , ywayetforg g thes!ator h wehiave logh cgouds ing th hroug. d isatown s theo tudi in do wnwnto v las.egas withe s nd iivat fd e an lihumity iser pow aful%.t 25 it'shein tt wes sideanstd we xa tes iis 6n at0. 's it o 35 upmon the inunta and 62 n dowlathe ke . i' rem suy the bwillsye bu mo to.rrow >> asmo we veve or, 61 l0 in a d ann 54
8:47 pm
ow87 d inphn nioeanx d d69 own in d san.iego >> yollu wiy sta tdowne o th h.nort it'shein tth nor aweste nd w willayster ththe wiig a b dg ri he ofprigh reessu. s it'inholdf g of rthat ain and it b's aleubbth in moe atresphe ep keusing h higdrand y. stthe syorm stem pisngicki up th nde wi onrs th isere ow a l atthso seae nabl rads ngunniew a fre degboes a ve no brmalt'ut iols co or ov ghernit. ahow iboute n thr uppedo50s wn to l the ake? wn doo in onvert a andhot sc ol on m theaiount n atn 30 o lechar.ston hi toghs owmorrtw at 0 o 3 to y dat buenwhyo oru ny ae on r fohithe yogh, n u cardaffo a
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>>aryou ile st tl in0he 7s d an mveryinuch c thertomfo n zoe. er thsoe's 0sme 4th in e tl ou aying reasattho als an un tfevenigul nitht w h a no esrthweet brivze f0.e 1 u yohacan omve snde with in e rn mobuing eyt thl wiligbe l ht by da midd y anlo790 gokin at 73 by n noo 7and 56 bypm:00 . 's itll reacey ni . >> 60 t0 up ahere3 nd 7edat r ck ro . nd wie s art lighatand ar chonleste , thr watetiis s ll co utld b a theemir ttuperas re i ghdeli!tful sethe daven rey fo castu yo d coul ogiveker taeg a d reed an wiyou anll houg arhend t 800 tmarkghhrours thuday. withe conds nme ad anu d yo will a see emsyst ma ikinglit a ttle ifbit fy. wh sen iroay dp , li aminook g t at0she 7 . er ovt nigh wlowsagill inain
8:49 pm
th s.e 40 st , illiter's vchy muth in e mf cozoort ne. >> w i thish adey h7 a 2 day fo streca . >>ouit we ld b tnicereo st tch it . out >> thd e olngsayiat th rcma h me co s inweand evre rngersi at ths thi.year >> thbee rerels ak bacheon t o flor heas tig bav fitores over wyoming.
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it . s.weedur nats e'erboomang. ouat r ndup k, we noweythp keengcomik. bac u yor neveteinviisd thbb stu ornlelittca ras yl topaour tio. drso, heaw te. lin spone ofray nd rou mup ax rocont5 l 36s killheto tt roo
8:51 pm e causospatiul sho fd beor incookt g oukiand g ckin.back ro punduax mtr con65ol 3 .dr heaw te. lin evprweent freds omom c ingckba u for op toeane y r.mas x haipa trth to e nf coceerent nexrdsatu ay. sa en ditago ste a has memern fothe crmerh oacwith dave rice
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th ste laul regeaar-sgason me. roje meevsirse onre fi. s he ftepserarthk bac. st cueph wirry hth af albuzzer beater. ilhe w tl be wherethith ree st htraigts sho9/ in r 0 fo the re s.bel hrhe tonows ie up12n a /1 re wbels18ith nt pois. he s cutwithte snsveme esorn and the tomahawk jim. he il wlel badfoy iurthn e se ndcoal h.f it would be the alley-oop to zimmerman. atthas woo gbed uca see th re rbelsn etur wtohein tme ga. >> /7 79 4. >> no lt so uckycoouts red 22 /5.
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at 2/ 857. the boys took on the state amchonpiipsham g re ineno. they went for the division iii title. it's the defender and they come back down the bucket. th e er buptwy o and it's a long-range shot . it t's cheishrantica amde yin california. it's been a very important part for decades. this time itha s ake bnde.ak
8:54 pm
they maintain the lead and th ey ta heke tmp chahiionsn p wi by fi ve. th ae chnsmpiogahip eame l ves ea inrly g theaname d thrle gi s at sthae cnsmpiogahip me with 7.50/4 no sw hes tartt.las sitystan oe thsiin ded an he go eaes h hd to.ead he takes t lhed eaghribat k.c shetcwis hethwi c ackheeder fl agckpiuping be num.r 77
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>> it b'sbaubaw ln sothwihe t st e.rok e therputtks wor at 48 . >> it's another birdie there. ait'spl trigee boy. >> wel wilwhsee daen am keta s e th.wind >> tatalhe hurf-coott sh . heanotrar miusculoot sh. it et's g otingld. >> lwillfoook d rwarhto tat .
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