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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 18, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>you're watching kron 4 news at >>thousands took to the streets in san francisco to take part in the 4th annual women's march was not just here millions marched across the country including in new york, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and in washington d c good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 i'm justine waltman and i'm j r stone these rallies focused on issues such as climate change pay equality. we're pretty reproductive rights and immigration kron
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four's felipe gaulle has details from the city. >>of unity the streets saturated with a wide range of demonstrators who demand more from their government empowered by walking for mothers and daughters immersed in the movement to stay strong let's. san francisco police facilitating security for an event that remain peaceful to the late doctor martin luther king junior on his birthday weekend. >>and being in power as much as we can be have a 4 year-old daughter who is definitely a reason to do that >>impeachment proceedings and proceed corruption by elected leaders leading protesters to call for change in the executive office we need to on the saw a problem. in st, traveling to the embarcadero for the 4th annual women's
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march this year's team together and we're out. from santa cruz bringing attention to issues often swept under the rug. >>marching for women me cfs it's narrow otto me into affects your whole body. women with it boston don't get the offices. when they tell their son the 2 are also i struggle with ptsd. that often gets overlooked for women as well obviously we're part of the clear community and we want to support them to call for action backed by a movement women's rights are human rights. >>we believe intersectional feminism. it can be taken for granted and women say they certainly won't stay silent in san >>and the women's march here in san francisco cause major traffic delays take a look at the bay bridge this afternoon as traffic and just along. it
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took some employees here kron 4 news in action hour. just to get to work today. >>super excited super excited drive for 6 o 9 ers. go niners hurt their excitement continues to build as we are now just one day away from the 40 niners. >>nfc championship game against the green bay packers fans from all over now filling up local hotels and getting that party started a little bit early kron four's dan thorn is live now in santa clara, he joins more. >>with fans from both sides who just cannot wait for all that action on sunday >>hey justine and jr lots of excitement for people tonight ahead of tomorrow afternoon's game packers and niners fans saying they wouldn't miss this game for the world and they're both confident their team will win it. >>on the eve of the nfc title game levi stadium is quiet but the anticipation is building as 49 ers and packers fans
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from all over will be filling it up on sunday going on or so neither niners fans try salazar and john red house made the trip up from southern california. they say they've been ready for this for months for last weekend and this weekend. but my tickets about a month 2 months ago. before it all happened so. it was destiny. this group from idaho says this was a game they just couldn't miss so exciting a 40 them for a long time 40 years. >>well traveled packers fans also made the track they too are expecting a victory are going to win we're going to we didn't have first game against 49 ers so this is however most fans on both sides aren't expecting either team to run away with it and be more competitive last week an inspector in rogers play another eric snow games east. confidence is overflowing for these cheeseheads from vegas
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to beat us up so bad last time we get to come back and do >>well we will see how it all plays out the packers have yet to lose a sense that week 12 disaster against the 49 ers tomorrow's nfc championship game kicks off at 3.40 reporting live in santa clara dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well, thank you so much dan if you plan to go to levi's stadium for the game santa clara police would like to remind you of their bag policy clear backpacks fannie pack its bags and purses are allowed in seat cushions are also allowed. stadium employees say bags that are not clear camera cases oversized tote bags and purses will not be a lot. >>and heads up about from traffic advisories that will be in effect sunday around levi's stadium tasman drive will close at one 30 am creek trail will close at 10:40am the parking lots open at 11:40am tomorrow gates open at
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one 40 and kickoff is at 3.40. you can find a full list of all the road closures and details plus other ways to get around levi's stadium and also to levi stadium on our website kron 4 dot com. we have you covered on air and online and through our kron on app to get you ready for championship sunday tonight, kate rooney will take a look at the game on the red and gold zone that's a playoff edition starting at 9 o'clock and then tomorrow right after the game we will have a full recap plus highlights and reaction during a special sports night live that's coming up sunday at 09:00pm but of course we'll have news at 8.10 surrounding that big shot. >>and golds on their sunday night at 9 o'clock well in san francisco concerns tonight after one resident came across hypodermic needles on the ground city workers cleaned it up in san francisco after they were notified, but it was the location. that's really unnerving people. >>it was right next to that brand-new embarcadero homeless navigation center kron four's
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gayle ong joins us live in san francisco with more details counts. >>jr justine the residence as they found them while they're out on a walk with their dog. >>this photo shows 7 needles at the end of beale street in san francisco south beach neighborhood the concerned resident immediately notified city workers the city sent out crews to clean up the syringe is. >>that it's a location that has people in the neighborhood upset a even better >>we didn't have them in the first place the needles were found a few feet away from the homeless navigation center on the embarcadero while asleep chairs the group safe embarcadero for all of which opposes a navigation center here it's disturbing and it's not really a surprise to me know and i don't think it's a surprise a lot of people in the neighborhood because. when this navigation center was announced. >>a lot of us actually went to looking at an education centers and that's a theme park and a problem that we around the other ones the center opened last month the facility has 200 beds to
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provide shelter and services for the homeless san francisco police assigned for additional officers 7 days a week. >>that extends 2 to 4 blocks from the vicinity still there are problems are issue is not with homeless people that we've seen needles all over so i mean it's not just right around here so it's it's you know i a constant problem right now in the neighborhood. >>residents are concerned about the potentially hazardous debris and say they've spotted more homeless people camping out since the new center open. the city says there is an expedited 3, 1, 1 one q. >>for the area surrounding the navigation center and they are closely tracking it reporting live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well an undergraduate student at stanford was found dead in a fraternity house, the fate of delta chai house, the student's name is not being released at this time the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating this death and say there are no signs of foul play at this time. the body
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was found on friday morning in a statement from the university reads in part quote this is very difficult news for any family to bear our university community grieves with them campus resources are available to anyone in our community seeking support. >>in the east bay, a car hit a teenager riding a bicycle this afternoon in brentwood. the teenager had to be transported by helicopter to a nearby trauma center. police say the driver remained on scene and is cooperating with authorities. the current condition of the teen is unknown at this time. police are investigate we will take a live look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and there is the golden gate bridge. >>not as bad of traffic there this afternoon as we saw in that time lapse video from the bay bridge but still little nice night out there. yeah beautiful night it was a very busy day beautiful day as well that is busy with so many people here in the city is we're joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to break down.
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>>what we can expect for the big day tomorrow. yeah, great weather for the 49 ers games or going to continue that warming trend a little bit of an increase in cloud cover though, but no rain in sight. >>let's take a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley. clear skies as far as that low cloud cover goes but we are tracking a thin layer of high clouds overhead and very dry conditions right now with stormtracker 4 not tracking any rain and that's going to be the trend all weekend long even through your martin luther king holiday weekend. so let's take a look at the 24 hour temperature change a little bit warmer though especially for those of you half moon bay upwards of 5 degrees of warming compared to 24 hours ago so you're in the low 50's a little bit milder there but already cooling down into the 40's for those of you in the north bay with upper 40's for most of our interior valleys and wind speeds out there right now relatively calm but winds shifting out of the east a little bit breezy right now for downtown san francisco around 15 miles per hour. but let's take a look ahead at your full holiday weekend outlook, mostly cloudy skies but then monday we're going to continue with that
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drying and warming trend and tuesday light rain returns to the bay area tracking our next storm hour by hour with our future cast for model in just a few minutes in my full forecast to cnn jack back to you. >>all coming up on kron 4 news today, additional health screenings are being conducted at several major us airports, including as officials are insisting there's no need to panic will explain. >>also homeowners quick reaction in the north bay leaves one burglar with some second thoughts after breaking into this home. >>and snow freezing rains. icy roads. we take a look at i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, 10's of millions of americans are in the path of a massive winter storm has wallop the midwest now it's pushing towards the northeast bringing with it blizzard conditions and treacherous travel conditions as well meredith wood has details. >>snow freezing rain and icy roads. parts of the midwest have been dealing with blizzard-like conditions high wind gusts and blowing snow wreaked havoc in parts of the dakotas, minnesota and iowa. in wisconsin, salt trucks and snowplows working around the clock since friday to keep roads safe something to love and hate about wisconsin you've got to deal with. >>all the elements icy conditions led kansas city international airport to close
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temporarily on friday after a plane slid off the runway while taxiing everyone got off that plane safely across the midwest authorities urged residents to stay off the roads. this shocking video released by the iowa state patrol drove that point home, a pickup truck slid off the icy highway and slammed into a delivery truck. luckily, no one was hurt in the accident. the midwest is expected to see a break in the snow by saturday night the parts could be left with a foot of it. sunday could bring headaches to travelers in new york and boston. 2 to 4 inches of snow are expected this weekend delayed flights and dangerous icy roads are possible. i'm meredith wood reporting. >>let's take a live look outside right now at san francisco looking beautiful on this saturday night city hall lit up in pink for the women's march that took place today in so many different cities, including san francisco what a shot that is trying right now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez point we saw all
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those weather conditions all over in sports. we'll show you. >>and what it looked like in green bay as they were getting on the plane those some serious conditions across the country. yeah, we're so like to hear finally drying out in clearing out everything just feels cleaner right now in the bay area, the street from the air so we are noticing today, daytime high slightly warmer than yesterday in the near average temperatures for most of a slightly below normal though for those of you in livermore but right about where we should be for this time of year, here's a live look outside. >>a closer look at city hall lit up in pink for your saturday night. let's take a look at stormtracker 4 because we're noticing drier weather out there right now but that in blanket of cloud cover isn't really going to help us with our overnight lows tonight, temperatures right now already starting to cool down into the 40's with the exception of some cities throughout the bay area shoreline like downtown san francisco and oakland but overnight lows tonight will be just as chilly as last night so we're going to continue to see widespread mid 30's for santa rosa and napa upper 30's though for most of our interior valleys and seeing
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the flight the warmer temperatures for the bay area's shoreline in the low to mid 40's, a warm a city will be downtown san francisco overnight just cooling down to 43 degrees and wake-up planner forecast is going to show a mostly cloudy start but we are going to notice that increase in cloud cover and that's what's going to help temperatures warm up a little bit for afternoon mid 50's for downtown san francisco and oakland 57 degrees very pleasant temperatures for those of you in san jose, 61 degrees. so we're going to notice low 60's as well for santa rosa, slightly above average temperatures but most of us right about where we should be for this time of year in the low to mid and even upper 50's as we take a look ahead at the extended forecast dry weather through martin luther king monday, but we could see some light rain arriving monday night. it looks to be more of an overnight tuesday morning rain event where we are going to notice some light showers about half an inch of rain or less for the north bay, lighter amounts for the rest of the bay area just getting about a quarter of an inch of rain or less that's going to help our overnight lows
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rebound, pretty nicely so future cast is going to show dry day on monday but then by tuesday morning light rain making its way into the north bay becoming more widespread for the rest of the bay area by tuesday afternoon and then tuesday night already starting to dry out in the north bay with that drying trend continuing during the overnight hours very early wednesday morning so rain totals looking impressive for those of you in the north bay but then drying out by the middle of the next week all the way through next saturday with light rain returned. >>next sunday in the bay area. but good tomorrow for the game. perfect game day whether solve your full 40 niners forecast coming up in my next to thank you so much, thanks. >>health officials started screening passengers arriving from central china at san francisco international airport as a precaution to deal with the new virus that has already sickened dozens of people and killed 2 people and it's prompting worries about a new international outbreak. kron four's dan kerman has more. >>beginning saturday passengers arriving at sfo
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from the central chinese city of wuhan will be diverted to a separate area within the customs facility and undergo a health screening. >>there will be a temperature check mean conducted and a referral to a local hospitals if someone is symptomatic. >>the centers for disease control is conducting these checks to contain the spread of the new corona virus which the cdc says broke out in move on city and so far has killed 2 and sickened more than 40 people in asia. the health screenings will be conducted at sfo and jfk which are the only 2 us airport staff nonstop flights from move on as well as l e x which has numerous connecting flights the our understanding is that cdc plans on growing this 2 for other us airports and also see connecting flight activity at sfo. there are 3 nonstop flights a week for mohan each containing a 150 passengers and to that as many as 25 passengers a day who are
8:20 pm
arriving on connecting flights from will >>inside our customs facility, we process anywhere from 15 to 20,000 arriving passengers per day we're really talking about a maximum 175 people that would be involved in this and again they're really going to be diverted into a separate area from everyone we're not expecting this to affect the overall arrival activity at sfo again. the idea is to contain this virus before it spreads like sars or mers that first nonstop flight from in the sfo arrive saturday morning at 1045. >>at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan these screenings at jfk started last night. but cdc officials say people should not worry and that more common illnesses such as the flu are much bigger threats to americans than the corona virus. last time the cdc did routine passenger health screenings. it was during the 2014 ebola outbreak. >>now to the north bay with the search is on for a man who
8:21 pm
tried to break into a home in sandra fell this happened on san marino drive friday morning sandra fell police were responding to the scene when they received a call from the homeowner saying that he fired at someone who was trying to break in. police searched the area for several hours without ever finding the suspect they only have a very limited description. investigators say he may have been driving in early 2 thousands mazda or a similar station wagon if you have any information you're asked to call sandra fell police. >>it's just to stay here in the us. >>coming up we hear from an eyewitness to that deadly avalanche in the sea area yesterday that killed one man and seriously injured another. >>and today trump's legal team and house democrats traded some sharp words before
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >>welcome back to kron 4 news in national news president trump's legal team sent the senate a fiery response to its impeachment summons. this week's trial. the team says the 2 articles of impeachment passed by the house last month. >>is a dangerous attack on the right of the american people to freely choose their president. sources close to the president's legal team at that the president believes the impeachment trial is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election. house
8:25 pm
democrats responded saying that the president has abandoned his oath to faithfully execute the laws and betrayed his public's trust. they also called his conduct the worst nightmare of the country's founding fathers. the impeachment trial is set to formally begin this tuesday. >>and this weekend is the last full weekend of campaigning for some democratic candidates. before the impeachment trial. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and the club are and michael bennett will be jurors in the trial their campaigns are now scrambling to come up with ways to keep them on voters radars in iowa and other early voting states. this could be an advantage for the rivals like former vice president joe biden and people to judge. >>30 teachers in southern california are now suing delta air lines after one jet dumped fuel over 6 schools, how the airline company is responding tonight also a pastor's threats to shoot up a church on the peninsula tomorrow have
8:26 pm
been thwarted what we're learning about that pastor. also we hear from a witness of that deadly avalanche in alpine medals what tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children
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8:29 pm
yesterday at alpine meadows there is also a renewed concern for safety this evening among skiers and snowboarders reporter anna giles has more on the avalanche and the man to die. >>a snowstorm brought eager skiers to alpine meadows, but it also brought danger warnings about an avalanche started thursday night in hours later cole comstock was swept away. the man skiing with him rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. >>see there's a serious injury crystal bauer was on the slopes and watched in shock as this happened she says she saw cole comstock take his last term he just to stay here in the us. you my second almost comstock was a beloved husband, his wife caitlin shared kind words about him this evening saying he loves skene any love living life he
8:30 pm
deeply loved his friends, his family and above all his wife. >>he supported everyone with all of his heart and was a true example of unconditional love the alpine meadows ski patrol was dispatched immediately after this happened and followed by search and rescue crews. first responders are thankful for the dozens of volunteers who helped locate comstock after the avalanche we're still be out there looking at you didn't have those witnesses that we didn't have all resources and the volunteers >>people familiar with the slopes at alpine say the area comstock and his companion were in is rugged and tough. >>but the powdery overnight snow made it passable it's just not because. >>and the just inside a that was anna giles reporting for us tonight and you can find calls wife's full statement on her loss on our website. >>kron 4 dot com. >>the black boxes from the ukrainian passenger jet shot
8:31 pm
down by iran are headed to ukraine. iran's accident investigation board told this to iranian media saying that iran will also seek analysis from france, canada and the united states. iranians will reportedly tried to extract flight data recordings from the black boxes. once they've been analyzed in ukraine a 176 people were killed when the plane was shot down. earlier this month. >>the department of homeland security has renewed an advisory regarding iran, the bolton from the national terrorism advisory system warns of cyber attacks and terrorism but no specific threats are detailed the advisory express is continued concern about the ability of iran to carry out cyberattacks as well as terror operations in the united states. this bullet and renews an initial version that was issued january 4th following a us air strike that killed a top iranian general, the updated bolton expires on march 18th.
8:32 pm
>>were you in the days weeks months ahead to figure out how we can regain your trust we >>delta airlines held a town hall to address tuesday's fuel dump in southern california. air regulators issued a notice of violation against delta airlines. after a delta triple 7 dumped 10's of thousands of gallons of jet fuel over 6 schools in los angeles, the schools have since been cleaned and declared safe. >>but for teachers are suing delta demanding compensation. andy rose reports. >>all they could do was think. making sure my students were safe on friday, a group of los angeles teachers announced they are suing delta accusing the airline of negligence after a plane dumped jet fuel over their
8:33 pm
>>the plane departing los angeles international airport declared an emergency shortly after takeoff on tuesday, the delta pilot was specifically asked by air traffic personnel. if there was a need to dump fuel and the pilot replied by saying quote negative the federal aviation administration says that in situations like this air traffic controllers typically direct a plane to a less populated area to dump the fuel. >>my students initially thought it was rain and began >>in a statement early this week delta air lines said the dump was part of normal procedure to reach a safe landing weight adding they were investigating local authorities say the affected areas were cleaned overnight. we don't expect that we're going to extensive i health effects as a result of this of this exposure. >>but teachers involved in the lawsuit say they were coated in jet fuel. >>my students began screaming and crying because their eyes and skin were burning they say they've been nauseous had
8:34 pm
difficulty breathing and are emotionally distressed after being exposed to the fuel. >>andy rose kron 4 news. >>for your health tonight, question of whether employers can refuse to help pay for birth control is now heading to theehighest court in the land. the supreme court agreed on friday to hear 2 appeals challenging a lower court's block against exceptions to what is called the contraceptive mandate. that's a regulation that requires employers to provide birth control without a copay through the health insurance plans that they provide to employees. this is all part of obama's affordable care act. the justices will decide if employers can be forced to include contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plants. >>now to the peninsula where a man is in jail this evening after threatening to shoot up a church. deputies say 79 year-old pastor paul michelson who you see here made the threats through 4 letters and hand deliver them to holy trinity lutheran church in san
8:35 pm
carlos. michelson previously served as a pastor at that church. police say the threat stemmed from a dispute michelson this had with members of holy trinity is congregation. neighbors are concerned to hear about the possible threat of violence. so close to their homes. >>bad and it's not i'd expect to see in our community and fortunately these incidents seem to happen you know in places where you least expect them. >>michael has served a gun protection order prohibiting him from buying guns in the future. pastor holy trinity did not want to speak on camera, but he says the congregation is praying for michael still ahead here on the kron 4 news today at the royal rebels. >>harry and meghan officially stepped down from the royal duties and their titles but how much is this going to cost. also if you own a microsoft computer. we want to
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warn you about a scam. and i have your whole 49 ers game
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, microsoft computer users take note of this scam that is making the rounds. it's tied to the recent and of technical support for the windows 7 operating system. the better business bureau warns of crooks who might look to trick you into paying for
8:39 pm
an expiring windows license you may not need typical ploy involves a call from a person who says they are a microsoft employee that person might recommend a system upgrade that requires pay a yearly fee that could also be a request to get remote access to your computer putting the user at risk for identity theft. the bbb says rip you double companies do not call customers without permission. microsoft in particular says all their support requests start with customers. if a claim seems unusual the bbb says do your own research before taking any help. microsoft ended its technical support for windows 7. last tuesday >>news now today, prince harry and meghan markle officially quit their role their roles as royals and gave up their highness titles. the queen releasing a statement today saying following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, i'm pleased that together we have
8:40 pm
found a constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family. earlier this month, the duke and duchess of sussex announced plans to step back from the royal duties. the couple says they will work to become financially independent and split their time between the uk and north america. henry and meghan will also no longer receive public funds for their royal duties. the agreement also calls for meghan and harry to repay about $3 million in taxpayer money that was spent renovating a house for them right near windsor castle. we are less than 24 hours away from that big nfc championship game. >>so see how fans are getting ready for sunday. >>and we'll break that down show you what the team's doing show you what the
8:41 pm
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to come down to controlling. >>aaron rodgers and keeping him off the field, we put him on the ground. the game is ours. >>the 49 er faithful will have their nurse tested this weekend specifically come sunday, red and gold will host the green bay packers for the nfc championship game and a win on sunday as you know means a trip to super bowl 54 in miami. so i got a chance to go to levi stadium to see how fans are gearing up. >>take a nobody stop was you know me and gold miners enthusiasm and excitement all buzzing around levi stadium 49
8:44 pm
ers fans feeling the energy ahead of sunday's nfc championship game is going to be off the hook i was here last week and it was incredible so i can't wait to see what's going to happen this one i'm really excited for sunday. i think the 49 ers going to smash on those packers mixed in with all the bread and gold swirling around a few dots of green this father and daughter came to find their seats early packers, fans brave enough to enter enemy territory last time they may got fresh pretty good so we're looking to come out with a good show gopackgo next in line. >>that the 49 ers team store fans wanted all the merge from hats to sweat shirts momento to remember this chapter in 49 year history our defense is amazing this year. we've got a great often so we're going we're going to kick the packers, you know what january jimi while it is one game at a time february jimmy would be good to see too.
8:45 pm
>>but with tickets in hand and a win on sunday in their sights door niners. >>super fun people are buying so much stuff, everyone wanted something for the game on sunday were just a to take time we saw your post on social media. so the question being did you buy that i didn't you know why why well because i want to buy something that's a super bowl champs on it some saving my money and keep my fingers crossed let's not jinx we've still got a couple games be okay, okay, okay, but get this if you want to adopt a dog this weekend or a cat or a new pet. the san francisco spca is offering adoptions in support of the niners screen and there's a bet between the mayor of san francisco and the mayor of green bay that they will depending on which team wins they will then volunteer at a boys and girls club, but they have to wear the other team's colors so i hope the mayor of green bay looks good and ready go i love when they do the and when we when the
8:46 pm
them to get to tomorrow caltrans can offer extra service to levi stadium for fans were going to the game there will be one extra train. from san francisco to the mound to stations starting on sunday morning then after the game caltrans will operate a special northbound train that leaves mount view the station 75 there 75 minutes after the game or when the train is fall gun owners. well let's continue that niners talk we are now less than 24 hours away from the nfc champion said map but match magic can even talk i'm so excited. >>between the 49 ers and the green bay packers. and today, the packers flew out to california. packers got on their team charter plane today as they made their way to the bay area you can see some of that snow a lot of that snow up there in green bay, wisconsin, boy doesn't the shot make you feel so good about living in northern california and not northern
8:47 pm
wisconsin darrius smith, aaron rodgers and company will face the niners at levi's stadium on sunday and in santa clara niners help practice on friday afternoon great news to report. is that everyone is healthy ahead of the nfc championship match. they'll have their entire d line ready to go kwon alexander dee ford and you cross chart all season long 40 niners been plagued with injuries and now with everyone healthy all eyes. >>on that the line to contain the future hall of fame quarterback. rogers went accounts from chico is no stranger to the playoffs head coach head coach kyle shanahan knows that he beat i've said before these you know won best ever do it tremendous competitor fun to watch and all that stuff just so i know we got that opportunity your sunday so will be fun. >>now some of the 49 er bigwigs from the 80's and 90's. they're preparing for sunday's matchup as well this week i met with carmen policy,
8:48 pm
former president and ceo of the san francisco 49 ers policy showed us his 5 super bowl rings in the 80's and 90's. now his son ed policy is the chief operating officer of the green bay packers. we ask harmon who is he rooting for president. >>and media and others have asked who you rooting for and i try to going around i don't want to say anything disloyal to the you know to the 49 ers are disloyal to the communities but by the same token he is my so i i say that i love anything that benefits him i root for and yet if the gods of football. gods of football decree that the 49 ers are going to win the game that i'll be very happy for the 49 ers and root for them, you know. i'm mitigating for the super bowl. we also met
8:49 pm
with tim harris and he is the owner of the canyon and restaurant in redwood city actually. >>fed the team for free for much of the 80's and showed us his memorabilia team practice nearby at one point organization held a rally at the restaurant harrison says this year's team reminds him of that 81 squad ok moving on finally to the warriors who have lost their last 10 games hoping to change their fortunes hosting the orlando magic beautiful san francisco night, the chase or 2 seconds left in the 3rd warriors leading 7971. >>jordan paul how about it. >>drops in the trade and the 3rd sideline is loving it pulled 21 off the bench here come the magic 4th quarter warriors up by one watch out for the one hand a magic take the lead. later on warriors leading one on one 93 d angelo russell from the i r bang. he's got it, got ice in his veins. step was loving it warriors gone to the feet, the magic one on i-ninety-five your final they snapped their
8:50 pm
10 game losing streak. well traveled portland to take on the blazers on monday but that is exciting stuff it was so exciting that stephon curry was doing the postgame interviews out there on the court as well he always life once that is happening and that is going on that you just love it that they snap a 10 game losing streak is you know >>let's take a live look outside right now at the embarcadero here in san francisco, nice cool clear night. on the eve of the nfc championship game it is now i was running short on time and just to remind you we do have red and gold zone. >>coming up at 9 o'clock tonight i wanted to be able to tease that there at the end of sports cost, the red nose on it's all about the niners it really is so here's a sneak peek at your 40 niners forecast for tomorrow, we are going to notice, but increasing cloud cover for the santa clara valley low 60's with kickoff starting at 3 40 in the afternoon, breezy winds at times but 15 miles per hour or less so perfect game day
8:51 pm
whether i know a lot of 49 ers fans happy that it won't be raining for tomorrow's game and let's take a look at golden gate bridge out there right now the drivers commuting along golden gate bridge also happy for the dry conditions out there this evening some high clouds overhead but fortunately, marine layer nonexistent tonight. so that's great temperatures out there right now. >>cooling down into the 40's for most of the bay area but throughout half moon bay downtown san francisco and oakland we are noticing low 50's there in palo alto also mild in the low 50's but we're going to cool down even more widespread 30's a little bit warmer than last night but just by a degree or 2 so really not going to feel any change temperature wise as far as our overnight lows go seeing a few more low to mid 40's right throughout the bay area shoreline so we are going to notice mid 40's for overnight lows in downtown san francisco in let's take a look at your microclimate sunday forecast. >>increase in cloud cover and temperatures warming up also so we are going to be right about average for downtown san francisco in the mid-fifties and also in the 50's for those
8:52 pm
of you it happened at 57 on terror an ogre not a warming up into the low 60 so enjoy that for the 2nd half of your weekend brisbane a san bruno 57 degrees in millbrae though a degree cooler at 56 degrees when speeds light to breezy on 15 miles per hour less low 50's rip hollow all tow but san carlos flirting with 60's at 59 degrees and let's take a look ahead at your game day forecast for the south bay, widespread low 60's there even for san jose livermore 57 degrees and also richmond 54 degrees in the east bay with napa 56 degrees and in the 60's for santa rosa, so enjoy those above average temperatures there light rain returns tuesday but then drying out by the middle of next week john just think back to you thank you so kron 4 news today at the sag awards is this sunday. >>an
8:53 pm
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you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. >>the battle between once upon a time in hollywood parasite in the irishman will take shape the sunday as stephanie elam reports a win at the screen actors guild awards could pave the way for an oscars victory. >>brad pitt, brad pitt, brad pitt this year's best bets like brad pitt, anybody accidentally kills anybody in fight to go to jail and renee zellweger as judy will get their first major oscar test at the screen actors guild awards. so these voters also make up the largest bloc of
8:56 pm
oscar >>it's got my mom didn't like the language that islands. you know she didn't mention the violence funny enough pits once upon a time in hollywood will go head to head with the irishman once both oscar front runners once upon a time in hollywood. >>once upon a time has grabbed the momentum so far. >>but the sag awards could bring a parasite upset the korean film is paving its way to history and could be the first international film to win a best picture oscar is he took you do think that just shows that parasite has overcome the language barrier and the title. it's a hill roma couldn't climb last year. the academy keeps growing its international based things that might have previously to deter the academy like subtitles main up others, many people who are used to watching even american movies with subtitles diversity or lack thereof is a running theme. this award season. >>with the oscars shutting out
8:57 pm
both female director candidates and many actors of color said breaks that mold for nominations for performers, including lupita nyong'o in us and heriot's cynthia erivo to them. >>i think they're on enough for us yet and i think that that was upset said continues the robert deniro snubbed his disappointing award season. evident when he finally took the stage at the critics choice awards i wasn't expecting and frankly at this point but. >>it's still the sag awards come with consolation de niro will get a lifetime achievement award. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
8:58 pm
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we win, i'm pretty happy. so as long as we win"the 49ers continued their winning ways in the first game of the postseason...a dominant victory over the minnesota vikings. now, s-f is looking for its next the n-f- c championship."we are trying to continue that and hopefully go all the way to the super bowl and win that."to get to the super bowl, the 49ers will have to beat the green bay packers for a second time this season...and they know it won't be easy. "they have been a tough team offensively and defensively all year and done a good job not turning it over and their defense has kept people from scoring."we're talking all things n-f-c championship right now...on red and gold zone. welcome to red and gold zone...where we're talking all things n-f-c championship...i' m your host kate rooney. that's right,


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