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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 17, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>good morning and thanks for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news at 4 i'm rebecca strom in for robin winston this early friday morning. let's start this morning off with a check of weather and traffic jontre bulls here to let us know what expect for the friday today and into the weekend so good weekend ahead of us yesterday it was like whiplash one sunshine next it was hailing the rate of and specially yesterday morning was a tough one for commuters.
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but this morning cooperating a whole lot more rain in the afternoon. >>this so yes, a lot calmer than we have been looking outside of san francisco, hanging out right over the er city right now, but overall we will take every thing about today over yesterday it's going to be a little bit more mild a lot calmer lot less wind out there this morning. >>and sure is a lot drier to look outside at satellite and radar right now does show some lingering sprinkles here and ere. but you remember yesterday we were talking about that big massive yellow orange and red across the north bay at times later on in the show. yeah, this compared to that out for some pretty good just a few light sprinkles to start your morning couple spots out there with some ponding of water on roadways some puddles out there that you should watch out for is you do take to the roads risk of hydroplaning with some those wet spots still a possibility 30's d 40's for your current temperatures snapping your at 35 right now see alina at 33 santa rosa nevado at 37 dublin
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and hayward also chilly with along the san mateo down in the 30's that is a lot cooler than yesterday so we are back to those cooler temperatures that you expect on a common clear morning like we do have. but yes, it's clear it's calm and that's a good way to start friday temperatures will rise from these 30 and 40's and eventually back into the low to mid 50's this afternoon, a cool afternoon. but a much clearer afternoon in a solid start to what will be a beautiful weekend i've got that weekend forecast still ahead rebecca all right john thank you so much looking forward to that. >>well a checking the roads right now we're seeing a mostly dry conditions as the roads are just trying to dry out from yesterday's storms like john was mentioning, nothing here to report on a the bay bridge toll plaza approach are looking good in the san francisco, it's going to be about a 10 minute commute out of the east bay to the freeman street exit and switching things over to of the san mateo bridge right now it is light, it is a looks like friday light as well it's
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westbound 92 trying to get on over to the peninsula and connect with one oh one you're looking at about just under 15 minutes to make it from end to end and now checking things out er at the richmond sandra fell bridge is pretty much going to be all yours just a few cars trickling through the y gates there no wait and no problems to report on yo west bound 5.80 right, it's going to be smooth into the north bay at about an 8 minute commute trip. so far at is point in the early morning. and the golden gate bridge coming out of the north bay, you're looking great and it looks like a we are getting the lane configuration switched as well as you're going to those lanes open as you come out of the north and south one to one into san francisco, a 22 minute drive time if you're heading out of the novato area into the city. well the 40 niners are preparing for the nfc showdown against the packers. this sunday at levi's stadium and a key player on the niners is back on the field after missing practice with an ankle injury kron 4 orts reporter jason do moss has our update.
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>>georgeittle was back on the practice field thursday after nursing a bomb for much of the week, get banged up against the likes but he never had any doubt about playing on sunday and it was important for him to get back to the practice field despite the nasty weather conditions can expect that in california i was cold and i, but it was fun always been the best of it. >>and we had an official practice got you know we did what we need to do i've goto reps and practice that didn't have his best performance be clear success. >>opportunity to every game has always been part of our plan. but you never know how the game's going to go into the game starts and. taken account over that, but. have no idea what coverages are going to play all the games go on i will see he always has a chance to. >>meanwhile e starting quarterback is riding high after his playoff debut like kill di't have to do much but just getting the first one out of the way with a good feeling i funds are all you know >>we can overdo it i you got
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to be confident but at the same time you got to know from the work i'm in is a good football team come in here and we know that reporting in santa clara on jason dumas for orts. >>wishing you all a safeand fun we can enjoy the game and most importantly. they're my buddy chief andrew basement of let's write go niners the san francisco police department is getting in on the championship fun police chief bill scott posted this video. >>calling out his former lapd partnering current green bay police chief anders smith for a friendly wager. the chief says if the niners win this sunday. the green bay chief will have to wear at niners jersey and then donate 50 bucks to the san francisco police foundation. if the niners lose chief scott will wear a packers jersey and dote 50 bucks to the green bay police foundation. and to get you ready for the
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championship on sunday kron 4 has got you covered on air online and through kron on tomorrow night we're previewing the game with the red and gold zone playoff edition starting at 9 o'clock and then we'll have a full recap highlights and reaction sunday night at 9 so definitely stay tuned. in the south bay 3 men are under arrest accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor. san jose police say social media played a key role in leading to the arrests kron four's gayle ong rerts. >>san jose police arrested these 3 men now charged with several crimes, including kidnapping rape and conspiracy detectives say the suspect allegedly kidnapped and raped a 14 year-old rl. it was tuesday morning when police say 55 year-old albert vasqz of san jose approached a 14 year-old in capitola detectives say the girl was drugged to sexually assaulted and taken here to the easy 8 motel in san jose hotel management declined to comment. but san jose police say the victim used her
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cellphone to notify her friends on social media that she was in trouble and that led officers to the arrest the victim's friends were able to find her location through the apps gps trackeand called 911 was social media too and you can if you don't have like a phone or you know like to make a phone line to call somebody really easy for social media to cut that somebody . >>given all the information they need to know this guest visiting from fresno who also works in the motel industry was shocked but had this to say it's really common side. it does not surprise me at all that this happen wherever you go just the night. >>watch your back and don't accept things from strangers in 2 men police say assisted vazquez in the crimes, 34 ye-old antonio salvador and 31 year-old heavy berteau every got a boost from fremont re taken into custody on wednesday. all booked in santa clara county jail reporting in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news. >>well 4 people were arrested for human trafficking pimping and pandering in san jose police arrested these 4 people after searching to brothels
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one on south king road and the other on silverleaf road. police also say they found 6 victims. officers are now asking anyone with more information to call the san jose police department. will you c berkeley employee has been arrested for child. police arrested john bain tackle after an online tip. he's a school's operating budget director police searched his home and office and found pornographic images on a laptop. he also admitted to viewing and possessing child. the schools in the process of putting bain chuckle on administrative leave. hayward family is still searching for answers after a teen went missing 49 years ago. christine easton was 19 when she went missing on january 18th 1971 easton was going shopping to buy clothes for a new job she was starting the next day. police later
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found her car parked of what was charlies car wash backs and a mission boulevard. it's now car lot easton's childhood friend says this time of year is always difficult and that she in christine's family deserves answers. >>i'll never forget her mother calling me late at night. and i was sound asleep fact i could still hear her. frantic no but i was sure she'd be ie home soon. >>there were police discovered signs of foul play they are offering the $50,000 reward they're hoping to make an arrest. laptops teams are on the rise in the ea bay, a laptop was stolen in fremont earlier this week and in oakland man was killed a few weeks ago trying to get his laptop back from thieves. kron four's michelle kingston has details on what's being done to stop these violen acts.
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>>rival things that you spend money like you're working hard for them so i wouldn't want anybody. no matter the places you'd from this is video of the man police say tried to steal a laptop outse cafe straw and berkeley last year sense. then police say there have been dozens of laptop. that's at coffee shopsin the city students here say they do what they can to keep their electronic safe. >>keep it on my and if it's not i keep in my backpack, i've seenpeople with lks. with their with their laptops that walk it to a team or something when they leave the berkeley police said that they had 61 laptop thefts at cafes in 2018 in 85 in 2019 a 40% incase. >>now very few police agencies keep track of these numberswe checked with oakland, san francisco fremont now in do none of which could tell us how many laptops have been stolen in their citiesbut it is something that's been a persistent problem for us. >>the small personal electronic devices. it's a
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everyone seems to have his ys on tuesday. fremont police reported a laptop theft in a few weeks ago, a young man was killed trying to get his back from thieves in oakland. >>and this man got his stolen vacaville, a number of cities have now teamed up creating a task force to crack wn on the laptop that's in car break-ins berkeley police say they're also runni sting operations in berkeley, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>on the kron 4 morning news people in one san francisco neighborhood are urging the city to make changes before another storm rolls through hear their concerns coming up. plus the us senators are now sworn in for the impeachment trial of president trump what's expected to happen next. and ile the bay area dealt with flooding. t sierra had its own set of weather problems.what officials say is a reoccurring the state drivers are making that's all coming up after the
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break. there's a live look outside right now conditions of the san mateo bridge look great so definitely a hit the roads of the canwe the 92 no problems over to the peninsula. we'll be right back. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important imate bill, ever. this is a probm that conties to get worse. i've spent a decadfighti and beating oil companies... opping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save thworld and do it together.
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>>well a storm that we saw over the weekend dumped heavy snow in the sierra and a winter storm warning remains in place until 6 o'clock this morning. since eerie tonsil has more on the snowy
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conditions. >>we are hard to tell what little we know thinks of the state affairs along i 80 east to cold facts and about to reno from sacramento. the maltese yorkie mix or more king and his owner frank saldana initially thought they were in good shape to handle january's first big storm, the truck stopped with a set of chains actually had him for 2 years already never had cause to use that until today trouble was when the time came time so saldana i had to come out of pocket again for the safety year he was suree'd already checked off of his check list is not for what i feel it too will drive thought it was i thought it was just got that little misunderstanding about the capabilities of his ford f one 50 sport truck that's kevin ramos in the company of hundreds of others stopped in colfax to be checked for their readiness to handle the rough terrain ahead in his girlfriend use their time waiting for someone to restart
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chains as a snowy selfie moment, it says their trip to truckee was to be all about fun. they saw no point in stressing out us about this i got to ma things happen or happy birthday. it's all smiles for the folks chaining up those caught off guard when they think about the money that would even they think about the conditions in office what are you what are you thinking about your chosen profession today, and i say tell your kids make sure that in his college to learn that being the chain looking like this in those snow on the >>and so you think you should have been >>maybe a physist or something like rocket science is inside a nice warm lab, yeah, but this is much more complicated and you know really really tough. will leave you do it. >>all right and thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news i'm john sure able here on this early friday morng yesterday we saw lots of stormy weather around the bay area, lots of wind lots of rain and hail you're
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mentioning, what about for today for friday, what can we expect so yes, big changes very importantly time changes to because we got a big game. this weekend for lot of people are going travel, you know what if we had to have a crazy weathered a flight up thursday when definitely not that yesterday was pretty wild weather. sierra was packing in some snowfall we saw some significant rainfall across the bay rebecca take a look at some of these numbers around oakland solemn well over an inch of rain along the san francisco around an inch and a quarter in both cities while hayward around 3 quarters of an inch santa rosa just below an inch of rainfall san jose, not as much as the rest of the bay, but once you head up to look towards los gatos in the areas in the santa cruz mountains that total jumps lot closer to an inch while walnut creek about 3 quarters of an inch to and as far as winds go it was also a remarkable day yesterday los gatos picking up a peak wind gust at 62 miles
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per hour yesterday palo alto san jose in the 30 mile per hour range will mount diablo at the top there a 55 mile per hour gusts. so you felt hose winds as you're driving on roadways yesterday at this time you saw the reins a little bit later yesterday at this time this morning. it's a lot calmer outhere a couple sprinkles here and there can't be ruled out, but certainly quieter you do still have some snowfall up in the sierra nevada to note if you are heading up 80 or 50. >>towards lake tahoe watch out for some slick spots up there i'd wait until the afternoon to make your travels up to conditions will be much better towards the afternoon as snowfall clears out crews just have a better opportunity to get the upper hand on the slick conditions the afternoon and evening tonight for he bay area we remain dry. a few clouds here and there tomorrow a mostly cloudy day but look at this not a whole lot showing up on future cast. we remain dry for your saturday. most importantly dry for your sunday and not just right for sunday are clears day of the
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weekend and our warmest and the weekend just in time for 49 ers game day. so weather is cooperating as we make our way through the next couple of days temperatures in the 50's for your daytime highs across the board mid to upper 50's this time around so a touch waer than yesterday was you'll notice daytime highs in the south bay nearing that 60 degree mark again areas like san jose up to 57 santa clara riht there with yet 57. the spate temperatures mid 50's again, dublin pleasanton snow at 54 oakland and berkeley you'll be at 53 for your highs today. north bay temperatures in the low to mid 50's as well with some cooler temperatures as you would expect out along the coastline, here's a breakdown of your next 7 days so today tomorrow nday are dry days and sunday look at that we're going to be in the w 60's for your highs, pleasant conditions mostly sunny get out there to cheer for the niners and enjoy some good weather app monday. we start the day dry. but some evening showers look likely to
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arrive leading us into tuesday. r rainiest day in your forecast after that we dry out again wednesday d thursday. rebecca all right john looks good and check in. >>conditions on the roadways right now your commute great in the san francisco if you're about to leave shortly here westman 80 problem free to th pay gates and then it's going to be a smooth ride to the freeman street exit under 10 minute trip for you so far this point the morning. the san mateo bridge also traveling a very well very light speeds are at the limit west bay 92 looking good under 15 minutes to make your way out of the east bay over to the peninsula and the richmond ndra fell bridge problem free that we're still seeing and a very lightly traveled here west bound 5.80 only 8 minutes to make your way into the north bay. and then finally the golden gate bridge checking things out here very lightly traveled to cong out of highway 37 nevado area, 22 minutes. i'm clocking on south one oh one across the golden gate and into the city. one
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national news president trump's impeachment trial officially got underway in the senate. this comes as hous speaker nancy pelosi uses new evidence to renew democrats push for witnesses in the trial. sara murray reports. >>it's not the kind of history president trump was helping to make donald j trump president of the united states is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors today for just the 3rtime in american history. the senate convened an impeachment trial of the present's and prepared to decide whether trump should be removed from office for his conduct inhe ukraine scandal, the 7 house impeachment managers who will serve as prosecutors in the trial march to the senate where house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff read the 2 articles of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of justice with the permission of the senate i will now read the articles of impeachment at the heart of the trial trump's alleged attempts to withhold a security aid to pressure ukraine to investigate his
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political rival, joe biden president trp used the powers of the presidency in a manner that compromised th national security of the united states. >>and undermined the integrity of the united states democratic process the days heavy pageantry included swearing in the chief justice of the united states john roberts who will preside over the president's trial. i'm now prepared to take the oath he then swore in senators do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of donald john trump you will do impartial justice each senator signed an oath book value to act impartially but the gop controlled senate is almost certain to acquit the president. >>no trial could reveal surprises. >>perry reporting the issue of whether the senate will call wiesses is key even though the republican controlled chambers unlikely to remove trump from office testimony could reveal important evidence. and on the kron
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00:04am morning news and increasing coyote sightings in one south bay neighborhood. >>while why lie, wildlife experts say the animals re
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news i'm tracking your head entertainment headlines today star wars is a aded to space david daniel has that and more in the hollywood minute.
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>>everyone flips for star wars even the international space station crew rise of skywalker stars kelly marie tranand naomi ackie visited johnson space nter in houston to chat withthe expedition 61 crew and play the music from the new film. astronauts christina cook and jessica meir have been working hard spacewalk so they'll relax this weekend and watch star wars, the rise of skywalker with the rest of the crew. 1917 up for 10 academy awards appears to unfold as one continuous shot director sam indies and his cast and crew carefully choreographed long colicated scenes and when the cameras rolled everything had to go perfectly that means
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in an eight-minute taking you know 7 minutes, so that is some magic and that soone makes a mistake and none of it can be used to start again. >>and to that led to some days, i feel the and lost my mind i was getting takebut then en you get it you're so excited and keeps you going to the next on in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>and heading outside right now a live look at conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza approach traffic is light. it is friday hit the roads if you can soon and john travel says this pretty much going to be dry for you for your morning commute. we'll have a complete traffic anweather chk coming up after the break stay tom steyer: no child should have to worry about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves ov 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news on this early friday morning and that rebecca strawman for robin listen this morning we have john travel here letting us know what the weather's going to shape up like for your friday and into the weekend getting to the big sunday again a look at other scholars is you know what's going to be great weather for the game. so if you've got tickets just go ahead and go to it don't for all the money that is whether it's going to be really co-operative we got co-operative weather last saturday for it to soar get lucky let's keep your looking outside at the golden gate bridge conditions out there, nice and clear this morning you can see very well


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