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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>>i was 5 a child's hair cut ends in violence. at least a barber hospitalized after he says an angry mother ran him over with her car, a quiet neighborhood on edge after a stranger gets inside a woman's home and rags around. police say the suspect was looking for to date i'm asking to proceed with i have goals of impeachment. kratz take a major step toward impeachment and the fiery response. speaker pelosi had when asked if she hates the president kron 4 news at 5 starts right now. shattered store front and
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a man carried out on a stretcher tonight antioch police are searching for a mom. >>who they say ran over a barber with her car because she was upset about her son's hair. believe it or not thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight, investigators. >>are looking for the woman you see here 28 year-old ruby delgaudio of brentwood, the barber who got hit he says the woman tried to kill him. the violent turn of events happened last night it was at the delta barber shop that's on a street in antioch right off highway 4. police say the confrontation began in the barbershop the victim brian martin he told kron 4 the problem was not really the haircut. but that her son got a scratch on his head. he says the mother left the barber shop and then came back. that's when things quickly escalated martin says the mother started kicking the store's front door he asked her to leave.
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>>and that's when he says things got really violent. >>open to the 40 that put a lot of them. murder and to the in the and in a couple things one that can have a wonderful hair cut most people probably it was a party stretch on the back of the and she came back and she said number sensible you can really see left part of what he won't okay form the whole time you can't you know it's a local problem. you just asked for u s related not couldn't i can calm her down. got not only to the license plate and in the process of trying to get my clothes. she put her kids in the car. we've been often yelling f you. i do think she will park and get out of the way and she literally has go out to brain to the building took part in
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the in the building. >>and the barber there says he thinks they'll get deal was trying to kill him when she hit him with her car so far delta deal has evaded arrest as police are looking for or as well as her blue 2006 toyota prius license plate on your screen 8 l h b 3, 8, 7, again that is a blue previous. >>and we first brought you this story on kron on with a push alert as we interviewed the victim that was this afternoon you can always stay up to date on news in your neighborhood by downloading the kron 4 news app. >>and this is in lafayette police have arrested 2 suspects in a pair of violent home invasion robberies, the crimes happened on halloween and then november 26th during the robberies residents were assaulted in restrained before the culprits ransacked the homes now 22 year-old joseph wells and 20 year-old at the muddy up are both behind bars both are from fairfield and
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both will be booked on charges including burglary kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. >>in the east violent burglary and this is a major cause of concern now for residents. that's because it's been a couple of the burglar is still out there. kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest. >>he knocks on the door. no one answers so we it is the home through an open window. >>but i heard about it on next door, but honestly i thought it was a hoax i didn't think it was real. >>the burglary happened back on november 22th there around one 30 pm here on lincoln street near big avenue in north berkeley now berkeley police are asking the community's help to track down the suspect something like this where. >>the person is this home the suspect enters during the daytime, this is definitely an unusual crime for us. the fact that the burglar became violent with the female occupant of the home. >>is also alarming says berkeley police spokesperson officer by red light. >>this person who claimed to be a handyman. working for the
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landlord and they need to be shown around the place. they knew that taking money and then locking her. >>the incident has rattled nerves of some residents in this quiet berkeley neighborhood. uh yeah we had small burglaries but but nothing aggravated, yeah i a. told my friends that they should all keep their windows locked, i suppose all. >>a few more vigilant. i don't know if it really impacts how i feel about my neighborhood i feel like my neighborhood is safe and this is just a totally outlying. >>berkeley police investigators have a limited description of the burglary suspect we do have some good leads if anyone has information. >>that is very much and let us know. >>in berkeley has a clear view on kron 4 news. >>all right time now to take a peek at the weather situation, we're looking at live pictures of some bridges around the bay
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golden gate of course upper left and then you see the traffic is all jammed up at the bay bridge toll plaza upper. below that the richmond sandra fell bridge and next to that is is the san mateo bridge. the headlights a coming towards the east bay. >>and there were talk about a break in the rain but apparently just the calm before the storm we're getting ready for some serious rain tomorrow and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow what can we expect. >>yeah i think it's going to be a weekend storm with this comes through this going to really pack a punch as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon right now you got a lot of clouds out there we've had some light sprinkle some drizzle. some roadways little bit wet out there. but that's nothing compared to what we're going to see in fact look at this storm system off the coastline that is really winding up and headed toward the bay area. i think as we get in toward this time tomorrow afternoon. it is really going to be ripping outside very strong gusty winds, some heavy rainfall and the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms as this comes through. many see all those cold speckle clouds on the backside that's your weekend that's what the rotate right through bringing the
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possibility more thunderstorms maybe some hail again, some heavy downpours with that in mind we've already seen a whole lot of rain from that last storm system so flash flood watches again posted in around the burn area that can cave fire likely going to see some quick rise is a many the creeks there some the rain totals, maybe one maybe 3 iuches rain maybe more than that across some of them out we'll try to break down some of rain will fall totals expected plus the rest your forecast coming up in a few minutes. thanks alerts in the south bay police say there could be more victims who have been sexually assaulted by a well known. >>bay area nightclub promoter. this man daniel moreno was arrested after 3 women accused him of raping them. the alleged crimes happened between august and november of this year and police are now encouraging anybody with information on other potential assault concerning were involving marino to come forward and contact that. >>although the rain has a push the wildfire threat out of the headlines for now anyway, pga
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me is still taking a lot of heat over its role in causing some of those fires would pushing the utility aside in favor of say a customer owned utility mean fewer fires and. >>company more responsive to the people it serves well that is the idea behind a plan that is gaining some steam in the south bear. >>rob fladeboe has been tracking that story for a few weeks now and is here now with the latest erupt. >>hey greg yeah, that's there is indeed growing support for this idea to make pg into a or a pair or a customer owned a co-operative in the idea is that this a new plan as this new a co-operative we strive to harden the grid and also put a man to a san jose's mayor says is the negligence and mismanagement there's more. >>what we're finding throughout the state is just a very strong desire to see a new model emerge for pg any san jose mayor sam liccardo on
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thursday announcing that a coalition of more than 100 elected leaders from 58 cities and tim counties around the state are supporting his plan for a customer own takeover of pacific gas and electric what we need to do is fully aligned everybody's financial interests. so that every dollar coming from a payers is invested. and improving the reliability safety of the grant representing some 8 million people served by pga need the coalition unveiled a list of operating principles in creating a nonprofit cooperative. >>include geographic inclusion and equity a governing board labor and workforce, power supply procurement, public accountability rate impact in credit quality and safety and response the power safety are not going to stop. this company as hard in the grant and ensure that. >>we can operate reliably and safely without causing fires at the proposed guidelines would preserve pgd service
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area and maintain current labor contracts, an independent power producers. >>the coalition hopes to ask the same federal judge handling the utilities bankruptcy to consider ratepayers is a viable alternative to another private owner, either way billions will be needed to pay creditors and wildfire victims. we are going to be paying more. the question is how much more and who is going to benefit going to be added stay hedge funds or is it going to be the customers repairs and stay the unity says it's not for sale is resisting the idea, but the mayor says that there are hundreds of these a utility co-ops across the country serving millions of people but so far. >>none here in california live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>thank you rob. but tonight we know that air bnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties and nuisance guest about of course is in the wake of a halloween shooting at an air bnb rental in orinda this is video of the aftermath, the
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san francisco based company says it banning open invite parties that includes parties open to anybody advertised on social media. the company is also banning big parties that apartment buildings and condos. it says it will remove guests repeatedly accused of noise unauthorized our guests and other violations air bnb is under pressure right now to regain the trust of users as it's getting ready for its planned initial public offering next year. >>today i'm at you know chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. >>house speaker nancy pelosi confirming today that the house will move forward with articles of impeachment against president trump. >>and pelosi's announcement comes a day after the house judiciary committee. the panel that will draft those articles of impeachment held its first public hearing and the inquiry. it featured testimony from 4 a legal scholars 3 of them said that president trump
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did commit impeachable app. >>the president leaves us no choice to act because he is trying to corrupt once again. the election for his own benefit, the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity. elections. >>democrats are considering several articles of impeachment including abuse of power and bribery related to the president's actions involving ukraine and obstruction of congress for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. coming up tonight at 5.30 we will talk live with east bay congresswoman barbara lee about what is next in the impeachment process and how the trial in the senate could go. >>coming up one of the 49 ers team leaders is defending the team's broadcaster after racially charged statement that the analysts star that apparently said and got him suspended. how richard sherman is viewing that situation differently than a lot of
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people. >>and the new rule will strip nearly 700,000 americans of food assistance food stamps, why the trump administration says it's making the move. >>and 2 people are arrested in livermore for human trafficking where officials say they found evidence of say they found evidence of prostitution and bay area. z3nyaz z1ncz
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>>businesses in livermore they're reacting to 2 arrests made in a human trafficking operation. police say it was happening and a couple of massage parlors in town grow forcefully to go now reports that people familiar with the business is in question say they're not surprised by the arrest. >>the lead foot and back center on south vasco road in livermore and 6 miles away paradise city foot and back center on wright brothers avenue closed possibly for good after livermore police served search warrants at both locations wednesday. police say anna weighing and brian
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jones are key players in facilitating prostitution at both businesses. both were arrested and booked on human trafficking charges for the purposes of pimping in addition to money laundering and tax evasion comes out the trash and they. >>and i just see a bunch of guys like and now and now and late you know. >>you know they are either. now police say the investigation into these businesses fans a year the detective conducted several undercover operations, 25 search warrants were served over the course of the year eventually leading to weighing and jones i'm kind of surprised that it took the songs. >>that's kind of day one when that sign went up as likely happened eventually on wednesday alone police served a warrant at 6 different locations in 3 separate cities. weighing is said to be the owner of the to livermore parlors and 3 others in brentwood and tracy police say
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jones was targeted for sexually exploiting women and possibly young girls side can really tell you how they were mean. there are some old actually and some i'm really happy. >>we gs there we run the business to rely all that didn't that these mortally cleaning. >>we want to do the livermore police department is still talking to victims witnesses and collecting evidence once their investigation is wrapped up they'll hand it off alameda county district attorney's office, a partner in this investigation. and they'll determine the final charges they live or more fully to call kron 4 news. >>a policy protection has been launched to give temporary relief to nearly a million homeowners living in areas affected by the recent wildfires. the insurance commissioner has issued a mandatory moratorium today, this prevents insurance companies from dropping policyholders because of higher wildfire risk. the
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order will last one year this covers about 800,000 people in northern and southern california who live in or around the perimeter of one of 16 different wildfires that raged across the state on october. this is the first time california has used a new law designed to give homeowners and renters and businesses more time to find coverage as the growing threat of wildfires makes ensuring properties a lot more expensive. >>new details tonight on the big story that is making national headlines 49 er star defender richard sherman is now defending the team's radio broadcaster, tim ryan after ryan's controversial comments about the ravens quarterback baltimore ravens cornerback during a radio interview this week, ryan. made a comment about quarterback lamar jackson having an advantage when faking handoffs because of his quote, dark skin color with the dark football in the dark uniforms. now lamar jackson is the mvp front
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runner in the nfl, he is a black quarterback in the team, suspended ryan for one game because of his comments after practice today. richard sherman says he knows ryan did not mean to be offensive. but noted that ryan could have chosen better words when making his point. >>wasn't as our races are videos you know i i understand how can be taken a under certain contacts and be offensive to some. but if you're if you're saying hey, this is a brown paul they're wearing dark colors and he has brown sometimes you were having trouble seeing it on it was technically a valid point, but i you know in the the way he's you know you can always phrase things better you can always phrase things in that state is black skin. >>richard sherman of course went to stanford always has pretty insightful things to say about societal issues the 40 niners have said that they've reached out to the ravens to apologize for ryan's remarks the system right here on the screen. ryan also issued an apology to lamar jackson, the quarterback and he said anyone else he
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offended. >>and former sports reporter kelli tennant has now dropped a lawsuit that accused nba coach luke walton of assault at the time of that accusation. walton was an assistant coach for the warriors who's now head coach of the sacramento, kings tenants attorneys have filed a request that the lawsuit be dismissed the request asked that the lawsuit to be dismissed without prejudice that means the accusations cannot be brought up against walton again. >>by taking a live look outside right now as we get a check on the forecast. this is a. mounted on sutro tower that's giving us a vast impressive view of the city and beyond. >>and a large is referring to this is kind of a calm before the storm. more stormy weather get excited about this test could be a fun story will havf all the work for this we get thunderstorms heavy rain gusty winds. i mean this could be a good time by tomorrow afternoon of course if you're on the roads. you may not think of it as such a good time, but there it is
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beautiful looking storm. they're just putting itself together in the pacific all that cold air on the backside to get the main cold front that is going to push to the bay area that band right there is going to bring you several hours of very heavy rainfall as we get toward tomorrow afternoon. the timing on this has changed little bit of a slowdown in that often happens when a storm is intensifying let's roll into time show you we can expect throughout the night tonight, mostly dry a lot of clouds overnight tonight, maybe a little drizzle and then by about 1 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow. we begin to see that front entering the north bay pushing across the rest the bay area as we head in toward unfortunately the commute things are really beginning to pick up and then it is going to slowly work its way through 8 o'clock laying across much of the central bay and then spreading in the south bay in the evening hours then behind that look at this strong band moving through that is your saturday that and good couldn't entails some thunderstorms maybe some hail and a lot more rain right on and off through the weekend guys. thank you lawrence. and a deadly house fire kills an elderly woman living on the
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bottom my neighbors say. >>her death is a loss to the community. >>and changes in the way people who rely on food stamps actually might be able to get on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>the trump administration is delivering on its promise to reduce the number of people reliant on food stamps kron four's washington correspondent recall martin sat down with the usda. deputy secretary about a new rule that could impact nearly 700,000 americans. >>the trump administration is moving ahead with new food stamp work requirements that could strict food assistance from nearly 700,000 americans and some democrats on capitol hill are outraged frankly they should be ashamed of themselves to deter sherrod brown says it's an attack on the country's poorest citizens, how thousands of people who mostly have jobs. >>working 8 $1012 an hour. will lose some of the help
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they get t, feed their families. >>the rule will affect able body men and women, 18 to 49 who don't have children. it will restrict states from extending it pass 90 days for those who don't work at least 20 hours a week. brandon lipps who oversees the food stamp program at the us department of agriculture. >>says the safety net is still there. >>states have the option to exempt 12% of their population individuals don't have to go to work tomorrow they can get 3 months of benefits without any requirement and at that point they just have to begin volunteering he says the administration wants to motivate americans to find jobs. >>this is about believing in the opportunity of individuals to move to work that can be very very difficult >>an individual who may be struggling against homelessness they have no transportation stacy dean with the center on budget and policy priorities has been working on food stamp policies for decades, i think we should be doubling down on improving that program and other key work supports not a weakening
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the safety net. the new rules will go into effect april 1st in washington recall martin. >>next at 5.30 the cdc says teen vaping is not the only smoking concern among students. how many american kids are currently using tobacco products. >>and one california couple they're even more compatible than they thought the life saving operation they went through after just a few years of marriage. >>each and speaker pelosi announces the house will move forward with articles of impeachment political analyst michael yaki joins us to discuss what happens next in the process and we'll be talking to us live with. congresswoman barb ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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