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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  December 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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airport. so you ever flown in on why chances are you've been right next to the pearl harbor naval facility there. it's also the location of the shooting we are told is across from the pearl harbor memorial, the uss arizona memorial. that of course is set to commemorate the attack on pearl harbor that happened on december 7th 1941 that ceremony will take place in 3 days the situation is still unfolding as we speak will continue to monitor it you can see a heavy police presence there at the scene. we have other reports that possibly the shooter has been. detained or somehow neutralized but again a lot of raw information we're trying to sort through and figure out exactly what is going on, but the bottom line is there was at least for a time an active shooter. at the naval station in pearl harbor. we first told you about this with a push alert. stay connected when breaking news happens by downloading the kron 4 app today. >>other big story of course today is the fact the rain is back in the bay area and it is going to be here for a while
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the showers are expected to last until the weekend with a break in the action sometime between now and tomorrow. >>we're tracking the storm this evening with team coverage from force just the moment is live tonight in the east bay where walnut creek is dealing with the rain and the slick road conditions. >>first we go to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by tracking the storm florence. >>as more showers around the bay area today in well they continue to pile up outside as a low pressure center is actually moving just to the south now near point conception that is spinning up the raindrops in our direction so really kind of on and off throughout the day today and start to pick up again in the south bay. we've got another batch of moisture that is now the santa cruz mountains in the places in the san jose and the south bay that will continue on and off this evening, but we should see decreasing showers as this low begins to kick to the east overnight tonight. still you can see is a rotates and bringing with it not only the raindrops for some thunderstorms heavy rainfall in the southern california too. but this all part of that same storm system that's about rain over the bay area this past weekend his finally see
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the core low moving on shore now we're going to look at that one begin to come to an end but this storm system really just beginning to wind up in this looks like it is going to pack a punch as it moves on shore. this area of low pressure really now just developing and putting itself together the core low coming down from the gulf of alaska you've got nice cold air support on the backside begin a latch onto a little subtropical moisture tap as it's moving across the pacific now so these all going to bind and it's going to be parked off the coastline. as we get into friday, so we're going to get a little bit of a break i think for tomorrow and then this guy comes racing on shore. we'll see a whole lot of rain from the storm system too but unlike the last one is going his real hard and then taper off the showers so right after that, but still we're talking maybe one maybe 3 inches of rain even in some of the urban areas in parts of the north bay, lesser amounts across the south bay, maybe 4 plus inches across some of the higher mountain peaks are certainly in the rain wake rates could be eyeing up really dealing with the possibility flash flooding, especially in the north bay near the can cave fire burn area and the gusty winds that boy it's going to be very
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blustery as we get into friday afternoon these winds really going to be with him 40 maybe 50 miles a gust near the coastline of course i could bring down some trees and power lines. we have to deal with power outages and that's going continue on and off it looks like right into the weekend guys that split forecast back to you. >>all right, thank you. lawrence of course we are tracking the latest round. and as the storms moved through the bay area kron four's justine waltman live for us in walnut creek which has been seeing some rain there tonight justine. >>nice break in the rain for most of the afternoon today and people were taking. the edge of this dry weather to get out and get some stuff done here at broadway plaza, but you'll see here. people though did bring their umbrellas rare with. one woman told me she even purchase some new rain boots because the one she already got the beginning of the. not a single person i
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talked to here that was complaining about the wet weather. >>from new jersey. so. hated raining when i was there and it's no but now bring on here we need it. >>we do need it out take that back that woman did complain about driving and a lot of people were saying that is driving in the rain that is the most stressful part about all of that, but no one has seen any a major damage to their homes or cars because of it but right now here in walnut creek it is dry. a little bit chilly outside but still good weather for shopping in there a lot of people out here doing just that right now. the creek, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news.
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>>thank you justine and you can always stay connected on kron 4 dot com and with our mobile app kron on online and on the go you can find full forecast in your neighborhood and get alerts to your smartphone. and as with a deadly result in san francisco, the san francisco fire department tweeting out this photograph of an active the scene near the shoreline, it lands and this is this afternoon. authorities say a man fell about 200 feet off a cliff and on to rocks in the water. rescue swimmers attempted to save him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene the us park police department is investigating exactly what happened. >>sunnyvale police say they are looking into an early morning burglary at a jewelry store surveillance video shows some similarities to another a little more dramatic burglary of another jewelry store 2 days ago in nearby los altos kron four's rob fladeboe talked with the owner who believes the 2 burglaries could be connected. >>what he for sure and those of his
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>>owner ruben can i showed me surveillance video that captures 2 burglars using a large rock to break into his sagar exclusive jewelry and bridal shop early wednesday, here on the el camino in sunnyvale a lot of jewelry taken glasses smashed windows smashed another camera shows the intr ders using that same rock to smash display cases as they fill a bag with gold chains pendants and other jewelry can i believe he is the victim of organized crime that we feel like it's a part >>a ring a group doing in los altos ca him to happen. >>shell tell us about the same time on monday morning. she's used a truck to smash their way into marcel design jewelry and then used a heavy object to smashed display cases. >>in more 3rd worries has seen side by side. the burglars were dust masks and gloves and clothing with hoods in both cases, the thieves were in and out of the store in a matter
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of seconds can i believe the 2 cases are connected because the same the way they look on the camera of the way they came in with must gloved. >>more video from sunnyvale shows the burglars getting away in a white bmw driven by an accomplice. a similar vehicle may be connected to the los altos case. they knew what they were looking for says can i. in and look at it and kind of knew we had >>duty that due to be able to sell as he showed me other jewelry damaged by the rock ruben can i told me burglaries forced him to close his shop in hayward he notes that marcel design in los altos has been broken into twice before as well this needs to be taken care christmas season people out shopping. >>if you violated people nba coming and businesses are closing in sunnyvale rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>the fault. survivors are speaking publicly about what had happened to them after using the popular rideshare
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service lyft they are among nearly 2 dozen people who filed a lawsuit today seeking to make the rideshare for other passengers. well for says that my view was there when the lawsuit was announced. >>that night the lyft driver. read while i was in the backseat of the car. i woke up. i couldn't believe what was happening. he had his hand down my pants and was groping and raping me. >>i remember just trying to look my hands up and push him off. >>as he was speeding office on my wife in the back seat. i couldn't believe what was happening. a stranger had just kidnapped my wife front of my eyes. >>all of these alleged incidents occurred after using the lyft ride share service. these were people are now above 20 lyft users who filed a legal complaint against the company wednesday. >>the lyft platform is tailor-made for predators. >>rideshare assault attorneys,
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michael bob berger says the lawsuit aims to establish new safety protocols for lived mandate. >>any time there's a crime that they're aware of that occurs in their vehicles. those crimes are reported. the police let drivers know that they're being recorded digitally and that they're watching. >>in response to the lawsuit this spokesperson said the statement that reads in part quote, but these women describe the something no one should ever have to endure, everyone deserves the ability to move about the world safely yet women still face disproportionate risk. we recognize these risk which is why we are relentless and i worked to build safety into every aspect of our work that means continually investing in new features and policies to protect our riders and drivers unquote. >>this is a very difficult topic for me, but i'm hoping that by standing up today. i can help someone else avoid having such a terrible crime happened to them. >>in san francisco haaziq kron 4 news.
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>>a big announcement today from governor gavin newsome california cities and counties can start applying for hund eds of millions of dollars in emergency homelessness aid. the funds are being provided by the 2019 2020 california budget at veterans village in loma linda that's in riverside county newsome said his administration would begin accepting applications for almost million in state funding ce set aside from local programs to fight homelessness even though the federal government has yet to release a final homeless count that is typically used to determine how that money will be distributed. earlier this year california passed the state's historic billion investment the most ever spent on programs to fight homelessness that amount included million in emergency homeless. this aid to cities and counties but due to roadblocks put up by the trump administration the state had been blocked from putting that funding to work. the governor also announced that matthew doherty the former executive director of the us interagency council on homelessness would be advising his administration
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as doherty has called for the federal government to do more to solve the homeless crisis. getting ready for more wet weather in the east bay, how they're taking extra steps to keep you safe while on the road. >>plus the impeachment inquiry into president trump has entered a new phase this as the judiciary committee holds its first hearing. >>why some legal scholars say the president abused the power of his office. >>and a new study reveals people living in the bay area are on happy how diversity and cost of living are playing a big role. ♪ a cat cafe sounded better in my head. ♪ ♪ next time i'll go to jack, at least then i'll get fed. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ >>now to our breaking news coming out of hawaii. that's where there are reports of an active shooter at a naval shipyard there. one victim of the pearl harbor shooting is being treated at a hospital right now that we have confirmed the condition of that person is unclear. the navy cannot confirm though whether the shooter has been
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caught. officials say the shooting happened about 2 30 this afternoon hawaii time today. firefighters are at the base and there is a heavy police presence right now so 2 30 in hawaii is 4.30 here so this shooting happened about an hour and 45 minutes ago. >>the shipyard where the shooting took place is a across the harbor from the pearl harbor national memorial which is set to commemorate the attack on pearl harbor from world war 2 and just 3 days the situation is still unfolding as we speak and checking the website of our sister station in honolulu kho and it says the incident occurred. right at the main gate, the nimitz gate at pearl harbor and that has resulted in the shutdown of the entire military base and this is a combined base of the air force's hickam air force base which is right next to honolulu international airport and the pearl harbor navy bases got 2 bases that are shut down and 3 elementary schools in that area so also been put on lockdown because is a is still unfolding so
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conflicting information on whether or not the shooter has been detained or into custody, and also we're trying to find out more about the injuries but will continue to monitor this story throughout the night. new tonight at 6 o'clock a recent poll revealed a growing number of bay area residents are unhappy him. >>only that but the same people are worried that the bay area is going in the wrong direction. graham lotus is here to break down the findings of all of this grant. >>pam you can pretty interesting here they talk to 800 people throughout 5 of the barry county, so pretty good representation and they touch on a variety of topics here but one of the things that stands out is that overall concern about living in the bay area this poll was done by the san francisco foundation and a majority of the people surveyed say they're pessimistic about the direction in which the bay area's going 53% saying they feel like it's on the wrong track and that is it a percent jump from just 3 years ago, similarly the number of people who say they're unhappy or worried about the future of
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the bay area. it went out from 57 to 67% just in the past few years. among other concerns, affordable housing of course a whopping 79% of people say it is a priority for them, and 57% say making housing more affordable is a very high priority for them so pretty pretty interesting. i would say shocking, but you know where the. >>i think we can all make a long list issues traffic are doing these stories about human waste on the streets of san francisco. lots of reasons to be a little on happen as early homelessness is tied to affordable housing and that same study also talked about the things that the people in the survey like about the bay area right not all bad, so 75% of these people say. >>of income levels number one and all the different races all the different people that make up the bay area they like the diversity of it. but again the the drastic income level
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disparity is part of what makes the affordable housing issue. so out and i guess you know you talk about the good. good weather when it's not fire season or atmospheric river season. and then also the food right i mean people some people move here just to eat all the different cuisines so interesting to see what people are enjoying and worried and uh you know that's from 5 different area counties all right. thank you grant you got. >>take a look outside now and we're going to show you downtown san francisco up in the city that a lot of people love and some not so chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us now and grant was just mentioning that the spirit the river which apparently is coming we've got another significant storm that is bearing down on the bay are really just putting itself together and when they start to put themselves together as they approach the coast. that's when they're at their strongest. i think that's where we'll see as we get into friday, so yet today we just saw some showers remnants of that storm went through over the weekend. >>scattered light showers popping up around the bay are
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still a 3rd of an inch in the santa rosa mill valley checking in just over a 3rd of an inch a san to tense there 1800's in oakland and almost half an inch in a san jose and that's because of all that rainfall coming up from the south. hey you know just a week and half ago we had next to nothing as far as rainfall is concerned we are about 0% of normal and then all of a sudden we start get the rain on again our 45% of normal in san francisco, 55% of normal now over an inch and a half in the san jose. 43% of normal in oakland, the sfo checking in at 57% of normal now, and look at santa rosa they've really gone up a lot of heavy rainfall move their than 98% of normal now and over 7 inches of rain and there's plenty more to come. here's a core of the low that is finally making its way on shore moving into southern california bringing some heavy rainfall there scattered showers he was of thunderstorms into the monterey bay and you see those cells moving across there are some heavy storms rumbling on by now another train of moisture move into the santa
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cruz mountains more scattered showers up in the north bay, more rain begin to pick up again in the south bay in the san jose. much of the showers continuing there and there's more on the way. cloudy skies overnight tonight is going to stay that way i think given for the better part of the day tomorrow, see plenty of clouds rolling across the skies may be even some leftover drizzle or sprinkles out there as well and then stormy weather going to make a return as we head into friday that storm system going to pack a punch. gusty winds and heavy rain more showers over the weekend. thank you lawrence as we get ready for more rain crews are also preparing for wet roads tree damage and possible flooding kron four's charles clifford was out in walnut creek is. >>crews prepare for more wet weather. >>here in walnut creek on wednesday, there was a steady rain falling throughout most of the morning at let up a little bit in the afternoon but overall just a very wet day. >>driving from san francisco out to the east bay on wednesday morning highway 24 very slick. there was this accident. just before or end on eastbound highway, 24 looked like maybe 3 vehicles involved in this crash, not
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too far along the way there was some tree work going on crews out there clearing some brush and branches from over highway 24. but just overall. slick day out on the roadways here in the east bay. >>now we are expecting a bit of a break in the rain wednesday afternoon and thursday with a big storm rolling in on friday. now anyone who mighn be concerned about some flooding in their garage or around their house can pick up some free sandbags at one of several locations across the east bay. i just checked with the county or your city to find out where those sandbags stations are but for now in walnut creek charles clifford kron 4 news. >>tonight at 6.45 there could be tough harmful ingredients in your beauty and skincare products and all of it legal. how lawmakers on capitol hill are working to change that. >>up next so once a month of birth control pill is in the works will tell you when i
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to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. he borrowed billions donald trump failed as a businessman. and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. he hasn't changed. i started a tiny investment business, and over 27 years, grew it successfully to 36 billion dollars. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. i'm running for president because unlike other candidates, i can go head to head with donald trump on the economy, and expose him fo what he is: a fraud and a failure.
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>>for your health researchers say they are a step closer to making a once a month of birth control pill, a reality today, researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology reported that the capsule is packed into a tiny star shape get it that unfold in the stomach and gradually releases the drug. it is still years away from jack stores, though more safety and other tests are required before that pill can be tried for the first time in women, the research was published in science translational medicine. >>also for your health tonight all 50 states are now dealing with vaping-related lung injuries, the centers for disease control prevention reports as of november 20th officials were dealing with 2,290 cases of long injury linked to vaping the cdc is recommending people not use thc containing east cigarette or vaping products. the cdc has identified of vitamin e acetate often used as an additive in thc containing products as a leading cause of the reported injuries.
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stanislaus county is working to crack down on illegal pot growers by creating some new penalties on december 19 east the county will start finding illegal growers a $1000. a day per plant. if they're caught growing and selling without a license. growers will also be assessed between the time a citation is issued and the growers plant removed the plants from the site. the county board of supervisors created the new citation process last month. looking to buy an electric car or want to cash in on the state rebate program don't count on getting much bag. >>how the rules changing and how much less you'll get after the break. >>plus a major win for consumers is after 50 plus auto parts makers are sued by the state leading to a million settlement, how you may see a change in the price when you go shopping for a car and next at 6.30 the judiciary committee holds its first hearing as the impeachment inquiry into president trump enters a new phase. >>what legal scholars said today about the investigation
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>>and the evidence before the house. president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. corruptly abusing the office of the presidency. >>for legal scholars on capitol hill today weighing in on the impeachment case against president trump. the house judiciary committee took the reins of the proceedings today the day after the house intelligence committee made their report on the matter public. karen caifa reports from washington. >>house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler kicking off his panel's role in the impeachment inquiry against president trump. >>never before has a president engaged in a course of conduct that included all of the act. that most concerned the framers. >>witnesses for legal scholars 3 called by democrats agreeing the president abused the power of his office. >>we 3 are unanimous and


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