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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 3, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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>>and i'm james fletcher let's get you updates on weather traffic before we get to the headlines this hour. how the roads have been but commitment building but nothing than nothing crazy. no hot spot. >>let's let's hope for him that it stays that way. to see you can get to where you need to go just a lot of folks out there though everyone is behaving on the roads, the bridges are packed. check those ok, how was a break in the last. >>that depends on where you're at south bay tomorrow to get some showers. especially heavy for areas, south of san jose. today it does look like it's going to be a solidly clear day though than what we had been saying so we can at least hold on to that it's going to be definitely a better one today than what we saw yesterday skies will bring a little bit clear conditions than what we had yesterday to which as you remember was pretty overcast even after showers started to move out of
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the region. a few low clouds over the east bay this morning and you are seeing some showers offshore so a couple of light sprinkles up in the north bay. but yes today i would describe as a break for sure especially when you line it up next to the past couple of days. we have some fog out in the east bay this morning that is cause some visibility issues for the central valley i 5.99 corridors have been definitely a slowdown by some of this dense to lee fog that is formed out there what we do have across the bay though is generally some clearing conditions in clear skies into the afternoon now tomorrow. we do see a few light showers in the morning that could result in some slick conditions, especially for you down in the south bay in san jose. most of the rainfall that we see today and tomorrow those going to be concentrated in southern california. that's where this atmosphere river set up shop at least for the next couple of days, thursday looks to be dry before a new round of heavy rainfall arrives again on into friday and that means that probably shouldn't be the best day for your travel on
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into the start of your weekend as for today temperatures will rise into the 60's later on right now we're in the 40's and 50's really not all that bad of a start to the morning. it's clear it's drier it's similar as far as temperatures go to yesterday and your daytime highs are going to be a little bit more comfortable you actually do have a bit of sunshine out there to do expect, i'm talking about friday rainfall ahead in your forecast. rebecca, how it should be fun on the roads, not. >>on friday john with all that rain heading our direction for now though yup like he was mentioning, we are getting a break and the bay bridge toll plaza approach here just a lot of folks trying to get in the san francisco when earlier stall right at the island on the upper deck. so that was causing some delays once you got on to the span itself but sell your wait time almost 30 minutes right now because it is backed up and again it's backed up through the maze through all the approaches and then because of that stall but the good news is the tow truck is there trying to get that on to the island and out of the roadway once that's clear the drive time should be bumping
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momentarily and another bridge is really packed here the san mateo this is just a normal slowing go though no accidents or stalls to report no hot spots, the flat section looks good i rise just a lot of folks are using this span 27 minutes over to the peninsula and trying to connect with one on one. check the richmond sandra fell bridge and the golden gate in just a couple of minutes. james started. thanks a lot of sun. >>those 3 and following a deadly hit and run over the weekend the fremont city council is going hold an emergency meeting tonight to talk about how to stop fatal accidents. yeah, it's become a problem their goal of course is to make the streets safer, especially during the holiday season. >>when more people will be walking back and forth as they do their shopping crawford's will trend live in fremont with more will. >>james if the city council members say they follow the recommendations they could be implemented. early next year. they were always fearful of niles canyon and then those fears turned into a nightmare.
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when this woman was killed the police officers are actually still searching for the hit and run driver on friday night at around 8.30 suzanne back ot. 72 years old and she was walking with her dog just a a few 100 feet from her how she almost got on this is at ngles canyon and linda road when a car slammed into her. she was in the crosswalk at the time the driver actually got out according to investigators looked at her got back in the car. and left the scene as police officers continue with their investigation. city council members and fremont residents. they're doing all they can to prevent another deadly accident in the meantime that area still has candles burning they have stuffed animals the family is begging. the driver to turn himself or herself in. the city council members will hear a few recommendations
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including having lights at the crosswalk it was dark at the time there were no flashing lights on niles canyon at that particular site so that's one of the recommendations the other is to lower the speed limit from 45 to 35 miles per hour skews me from 40 to 35 miles per hour to the lanes as well they believe that a narrow lane as opposed to a wide lane, a narrow way maybe we'll get drivers to slow down through that area that is one of the busiest stretches guys not just in fremont but in the entire bay area so many people from the south may cut across free mind trying to get to the tri valley area that they say on average 17th out 1000 people use niles canyon every day as far as a description of the car and the driver at this time. no solid description to pass along the meeting will happen at 00:30pm tonight back to you ok thank you will. 7 oh 5
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>>and in the south bay wet roads and speeding likely caused a deadly crash in san jose take a look at the car that crashed into a tree. when the driver lost control along meridian avenue near to 80. the driver was in his 20's. he was killed and neighbors say that the rain has stopped but the roads were slick. >>it's just so sad because there's so much whether that's that and and coming down the streets, they just need to take time slow down the roadway is still wet and we definitely want people drive >>you know slow down their speeds and be very cautious. we've had a lot of accidents recently since the rain is as big and so we are asking people to be very cautious. >>after a number of bad crashes neighbors want the city to take action to do something to prevent more crashes from happening on this stretch of roadway. monday's high winds knocked down a tree in the santa cruz mountains there it is on highway 17 near
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lorane road. >>and not only did that tree cause power outages. it also cut off the only way into the canyon. >>one way in now. what was it 2 years ago those terrible rains social tease road collapse ups in redwood lodge is close. so it's a little concerning when it comes to fire there's probably 30 to 40 houses be on this so. >>emergency access has been completely cut off. >>i love the casual head on a i want to do anyway the good thing is nobody was hurt you can see the pg e crews rolling in to get power back on. >>all right time now 7 oh 7 also in the south bay. the chp says that rain played a role in several multi vehicle crash is there's video just one of them. this one in campbell police a car went off the road. no word on any injuries, but officers are urging drivers to slow it down as the roads get wet. >>speed is the number one reason for collisions, especially in inclement weather. >>give yourself enough space between you and the car in
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front. give yourself more time to get your destination because it's going to be congested the lot of traffic. everyone slowing down hopefully you get in a crash minor vehicle clock crash on the road. >>no injuries contact that other driver communicate well and say let's get off the freeway to the next location to exchange information that what you're out of harm's way there's a lot of secondary crashes and injuries happened when someone crashes in the union on the freeway. >>the chp says 42 people died in crashes statewide 40% of those people weren't wearing their seatbelts. there were 867 arrests for dui this is between wednesday and sunday chp says a 173 impaired drivers were arrested right here in the bay area. they're also best 2 fatal crashes that resulted in 3 deaths there was one crash that happened sunday morning that was in san jose right along 1 one. the second fatality happened that very same morning but that was in san francisco near the 20 face 25th street off-ramp from 2.80 south. speaking of san
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francisco, the rain has city crews there working round the clock to try and clean up damage from the storm and among the big problems are the clog sewer systems and storm drains city crews have been working hard to try and free up or clear out those 35,000 storm drains throughout the city. this particular one of the corner cesar chavez and south and s was choked with mud and leaves and it needed to be vacuumed out. >>so we keep your preventive maintenance as long as keep a we keep going at it and when you see floods notifies country 1 one are off. we'll be there them up all over the city. >>as not to storm drains either look they're also turning back some tree branches as well. they say in the city they had 5 trees and 15 tree limbs come down in this last round of wet weather. make sure you download the kron on app by the way that's are 24 7 news streaming service that offers
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you full can complete live coverage of the storms as they roll throughout the bay area. so if yohaven't already go ahead and download that app from your favorite app store. >>in san francisco, i'm at supervisor, she's proposing a measure to protect thousands of renters from being evicted landlords and the city's newer buildings. right now they can evict tenants for no reason. buildings built before 19 7 the landlords they have to prove. one of 16 just causes to evict haney's measure would expand the eviction protection to those people live in buildings built after 1979 including protections against evictions already in progress a full vote by the board of supervisors is expected soon december 10th. 7.10. the morning news, a warning from the fbi. your tv could be spying on you. >>try shortage, i'm jane have those stories coming up. and
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if you're getting outside today. do expect overall clear and drier conditions than what we have been saying, i've got your forecast ahead. >>32 minutes into san francisco be in the bay bridge is all because of an earlier stall this been cleared so hopefully the drive time, we'll start to come down a bit but donald trump failed as a businessman. he borrowed billions and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. he hasn't changed. i started a tiny investment business, and over 27 years, grew it successfully to 36 billion dollars. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. i'm running for president because unlike other candidates, i can go head to head with donald trump on the economy, and expose him fo what he is: a fraud and a failure.
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>>and we're taking a look well cancel united honor some of card well that's pretty serious. yeah roads are clear is your wind chills not. >>gosh i just reminds me of when i went was it last year and that fog was so thick, it was the worst crimes i ever had yeah. yeah, it wasn't even the snow. it was the >>that's what a lot of people are seeing not just in the sea air this morning but very dense fog has been super problematic in the central valley, too. so had a lot of reports of people slow down at night i fight to hold at
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>>us been talking about to the morning very different than the marine layer kind of far right here in the bay area and we actually do have a touch of that to fog out in the east bay, ourselves not so much for our coastal areas, so it's got to reverse of what you do see on a foggy morning here in the bay which right now is some nice clear skies here in san francisco timber on looking nice and clear too golden gate bridge out to the coast and are a little bit of this morning now looking outside those showers there hanging out just offshore really having yet to drift into the bay, so yeah we do have rain fall on our doorstep but what it's not doing is resulting in wet roadways. so that's been really nice. per commuter so far this morning, it's been a pretty quiet morning overall atmospheric river is shifted further southward, this mean shower potential little bit greater down further south in the state while here in the bay area what we're going to see just a couple of sprinkles possible today other than that
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some partly cloudy skies a little bit of sunshine. this afternoon. tomorrow morning we'll get in the mix with some areas of rain fall, heavier stuff further to the south though i mean san jose your chance of a moderate to heavy showers a little bit higher than the rest of the bay area come tomorrow. tomorrow going to be or so dry day that it will be a wet one for southern california if you're heading that direction or up into the sierra do expect wet to slick conditions though today's daytime highs pretty comparable with yesterday's upper 50's to low 60's. we're looking at daly city today at 61 burlingame millbrae south san francisco in the low 60's low 60's as well further south on the peninsula eventually into the south bay where san jose will be at 63 santa clara milpitas each at 62 east bay temperatures in the 60's as well present livermore right at 60 each berkeley and oakland in the low 60's warmer than yesterday was and north bay not much different than there. also looking at low to mid 60's for today's daytime
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highs tomorrow going to be a bit cooler of a day morning showers as i showed you on future cast and then a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. thursday, our and then friday, definitely not our driest day it will be rainy and windy for your friday. meaning if you have weekend travel plans. just close to thursday or saturday for your drives. rebecca. >>so with a slow and go drive for the bay bridge toll plaza approach it's all because of an earlier stop all that was a on the upper deck right at the island, the good news is it's been cleared for about 1015 minutes for now the traffic still trying to recover so that is why you're seeing the drive time so high 27 minutes to make your way to the fremont street exit the traffic is beginning to move and i am noticing that the drive time is starting to a decreased so that is some good news for you and they're still at home and about to jump on the freeway soon. you should be there in time for get back to normal and start to thin out of that the yes we are backed up to the macarthur maze very normal for this hour of the morning trying to get
7:18 am
into san francisco. there so little bit slow and it's been packed here the san mateo bridge 27 minutes out of the hayward area and the nimitz freeway trying to get over to san mateo and connect with one oh one nothing out of ordinary though just a lot of folks trying to head over to the other side of the day. james. >>all right rebecca, thank you it's 7.18 all week long kron four's helping protect you from becoming a victim of the next holiday scam senior citizens are always targets for scammers but that trend goes up around the holidays and today we want to show you seniors how to protect themselves from becoming victims. >>scammers are known to target senior citizens but during the holiday season. you can become more comment. scammers will poses a grandchild or other family member asking for help. arrested or even hospitalized. they will then ask you to send them money right away, better business bureau experts say there's one thing that people should do first asked more questions.
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>>ask questions about color. only that grandchild burnout and also check with the grandchild parents. >>you know, here's some things you can do to prevent being the victim of a grandparent scam call a family member in question. check in with other family members. and finally never wire money or send gift cards instead of paying with a credit card. >>and we have an entire section on our website warning you about potential holiday scams and what you need to be on the lookout for all you have to do is go to kron 4 dot com and check it out. you can to your holiday shopping the fbi has a warning now for people buying smart tv's. the agency is warning you that televisions equipped with internet streaming and facial recognition capabilities may be spying on you. the fbi says the advanced features could allow manufacturers and app developers to spy on consumers and they also warned that hackers could take control of tv's. the fbi says there are steps you can take to protect yourself, including changing the default passwords on
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devices and disabling microphones and cameras. >>free money this morning, a french fry the horror and a popular teen at ap is being sued in california jane king is live. and the nasdaq with those stories and but french i know. >>you know the dow is down 400 points on more trade worries about the real big story is the shortage of french that but there is a california class action lawsuit that accuses tick tock of illegally harvesting data and sending it to china. now the suit was filed by misty hall a college student from palo alto it alleges the tick tock its chinese parent company byte dance neglected their duty to handle user data with care and knowingly violated a slew of california statutes governing day together ia in the right to privacy tik tok by the way has been downloaded more than 750 million times in the past year. president trump threatening harsh penalties on french products washington post reports an investigation
7:21 am
showed a french and digital services tax discriminates against american internet companies and should be met with tariffs of up to 100% on 2 and a half billion, a french products like cheese yogurt, wind and makeup and that's after threatening tariffs of argentinian and brazilian steel for hurting american farmers. well toy sales are the slump this year big toy makers like mattel and hasbro have failed to launch any blockbuster toys than analysts say that's left the toy franchises that are already a year old or more or to pick up the slack. bmo capital markets says toy sales have been down heading into the holiday season and cold temperatures in the impact of hurricane dorian damage potato crops in the us and canada. the usda says domestic potato output, we'll be down 6% this year that means fewer potatoes and smaller ones and that puts pressure on the french fry process or so. shortage prize, let's hope not know the nasdaq i'm jane king back to you don't use the front. >>so thank you jane i used to live in boise alright is there
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we have take years. fresh look here's a quick check of the big 4 this morning. >>well we've got a slide on wall street right now with the dow off by more than 300 points. we are also seeing the nasdaq i think it was yeah off by a little more than a earlier in the trading day we've got investors a bit worried now by comments that the president made overnight the president trump that is mister guards to the china. a trade war, he said that he. potentially wouldn't mind pushing off a deal until after. next year's presidential election which could mean the trade war is with us for most of next year and that is something investors are not too keen on hearing and that's why we're seeing the selloff will be back with more in a minute. arrests which could come after an off-duty officer was attacked east bay mall.
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>>well in the east bay an off duty officers recovering now after being attacked by a group of teens hit happened
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friday night at the bay street mall in emeryville authorities say that a woman confronted the group because she believed that those same kids that actually stole her phone then suddenly people in that group started to attack or and that's when this off-duty chp officer stepped in those kids will began attacking him. eventually knocking him to the ground choking him until he passed out. the officer regained consciousness and pepper sprayed one of the teens uniformed officers and eventually arrived and they detained several of those teams. >>this morning city leaders are announcing a new plan and to keep up with the i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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>>along i so more rain on the way but it's off on the horizon we've got john true in the weather center to explain to john yeah today, a nice break from the rain guys look at that we actually do have a little bit of clearing going on up above just a couple of
7:30 am
low clouds hanging out across the bay but overall this a much clearer view than what we've seen a lot lately. some slow moving showers just off shore but that's where they're saying this morning have drifted in one just yet. >>so yeah we remain dry thus far this morning, some dense fog out into the central valley that has caused some visibility issues for some of our more inland areas here in the bay, the bay itself though has remained nice and clear and we're going to stay pretty clear this afternoon to hold on to a bit of cloud cover later but you're also going to see some sunshine that will help temperatures to rise well into the 60's. a little warmer than yesterday. rebecca. >>all right john we're getting that to normal here the bay bridge toll plaza, it's just busy now and the drive time. 14 minutes just because a lot of folks trying to get into san francisco. we had upwards of about 30 minutes to get into the city because of an earlier stall at the island. that's been cleared and it looks like traffic almost fully recovered. so that's a good drive time into san francisco for westbound 80 commute. now back to the news story, thanks a lot 07:30am.
7:31 am
>>and in our local first story this morning. it's a problem across the san francisco, human waste on the streets, making unhealthy for everybody one city supervisor has a plan to clean up especially in the tender line kron 4 sarah stinson has the details live. >>as the city supervisor matt haney plans on announcing a new plan basically what he wants to do it is clean up the sidewalks not once a month. once a week in this is to power wash them, making sure that we get rid of any of the feces that can be seen while walking on the sidewalks i actually just saw one of the crews they call him the who patrol. she the sidewalks here city center just a moment ago. now take a look at this video as we've all seen there is a homeless problem. this in san francisco. but it's something they're working on. mean he said he was able to secure
7:32 am
$260,000 in terms of making sure that he can get the district cleaned up that was with this year's budget process. he's also been working with the tenderloin community benefit district on his 10 point plan for clean and healthy streets. well let me tell you from personal experience got to look down and where you're walking to dog feces i talk to people who live and work in the area and they tell me that this is something that definitely needs to be picked up take a listen to one woman who works in the area she tells me what she thinks about this. >>one so make us better once a month is too long to wait to clean up the mess. it's very in news should clean up. sometimes walking in that could do realize just step on it. >>that's not cool at all now you can report it that you see coop in the street just use the 3, 1 one service and
7:33 am
that's been really successful just in the last year from january until november they've had 25,000 reports of people seeing feces in the street in reporting it it says 3, 1 one service. and that's the most it ever seen the most problem area is the tenderloin. park is also seen in a rock. so they're going to be announcing this new plan. and they're also going to be showcasing some of the equipment to power washing put in because now they have a portable machine making it a lot easier as i just saw there was a and cleaning up and he had to have a full truck in this whole equipment so the portal machine might make it a lot easier for them to clean up hopefully it makes it better for people who live. and san francisco sarah stinson kron says she said showcasing i am a little worried. >>all right time now is 7.33 national headlines this morning we have president trump in london of course for the nato events under way but at the very same time we have
7:34 am
the house of representatives moving closer to impeachment the house judiciary committee's impeachment report is going to be released today. john lawrence has the latest. >>the house judiciary committee's first impeachment hearing set for wednesday. expert witnesses will testify on whether president trump abused his power to get dirt on political enemies. this is a president who has sought for intervention. in us elections twice now mister trump calls the whole process a hoax. >>the president has house republican backing a 123 page report defending his actions was released monday. and according to some that republican unity could be hurting the u s so many things to do right now are weakening our democracy overall. >>just plain wrong. the evidence shows that just plain
7:35 am
wrong as the impeachment inquiry moves onward president and mrs. trump are in london at a nato summit and nato's relationship with the trump white house has been rocky there's no question in general trump's statements with distinctly unhelpful. >>and have shaken the airlines to the call to now he's treated like it's a protection racket goes well for the second country. >>i'm john lawrence reporting and joining us now to help dissect and digest what's happening this week with the impeachment inquiry, we have political analyst michael yockey joining us via skype michael thank you for being with us and we're still talking about pope. very clever indeed. so talk to me about so we have the house intelligence committee set to come out as we just heard that story with their report and that that will be then moving over to the house. judiciary committee. we already heard from the republicans already basically what say what they've already been saying it with their dispelling this is all nonsense. president did
7:36 am
nothing wrong is that still going to hold a weight once the intelligence committee comes out with its report the democrats anyway. i think they just wanted to have a date to themselves and really no one really picked up. >>much of what they said because it's frankly ridiculous i mean the va the idea that that that all these actions all the testimony. all the statements made by people who are witnesses to what the president did what the administration was doing mulvaney once the link they are withholding the aid. hello i'm be was involved. all those all those witnesses over the last couple weeks before thanksgiving, pretty much show that there is a concerted action by the white house to leverage. the military am in a white house meeting. with the landscape landscape if he would come forward with an announcement that he was investigating. murray's ryan hunter biden so it's all they can say that it doesn't rise to the level impeachment and that's what that that's pretty much what the battle is going to be in the senate after the house vote out its articles of impeachment. and weehs.
7:37 am
>>ok and for those that may just been sort of touch and go with this topic dipping in dipping out. and we have the house judiciary committee setting up for hearings tomorrow and people might be thinking how we just had the hearings would begin here tomorrow. well it's a different sort of hearing isn't it. >>right in which he had with the intelligence committee was invesligative phase. has actually the charging phase. the way articles impeachment are drafted it's like an indictment, criminal indictment that us attorneys or the da puts together against an alleged well it will spell out what the exact charges are what the nature of the evidence is supporting those charges. it will be voted on by the first by judiciary committee and then by that entire body of the house and then we'll go over to the senate and that's starts the second process which is the trial. so this is this is certainly indictments and that's what this is going to be for during the investigation 2 weeks ago. now you have essentially the coach of the evidence and ordering a
7:38 am
ordering over in a logical and coherent way to create the articles of impeachment will form the basis of the trial of the sun. >>so we'll have to what the judiciary committee comes up with and eventually a full house vote. before i let you go though i have to ask know you're in dc this morning. i understand you there for a briefing on immigration detention who's conducting this and tell us what you expect to hear. >>well be actually 2 more if i take the red eye and this wonderful 22 hour trip tomorrow, night b b that 11:00pm in and the data 09:00pm the following day. but i'm going as a member of the eu us commission on civil rights i initiated and shared a committee that investigated the family separation policy by the trump administration at the border. we created a a report that you can find it at www sec i dot gov and i will be leading that discussion with members of congress about that report and its findings
7:39 am
are what its recommendations are. so that congress because of the server that's and pfizer body to both the congress and the president and congress will be looking to this report to enact reforms we believe with regard to the immigrant refugees at our southern border. >>fantastic well best of luck on that hope that goes well for you and we look forward to chatting with you again as the impeachment inquiry continues to move forward. thank you michael. thank you. >>hello fully protected species is in danger. we'll tell you why or what is to blame. >>and today overall a drier day than what we had been getting used to we do have a few showers but they've been hanging out off shore today just where we want them. i do have more on your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking a new problem at the richmond sandra fell bridge, a stall in the middle of the span on the right lane, causing some delays of about 30 minutes trying to get up to the you know when you're at ross
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>>and we're back at 7.42 fog off the coast of california could be poisoning the state's mountain lions with mercury. so researchers say you see santa cruz found that mercury levels in the marine fog eventually made their way into mountain lions at 3 times a higher rate. then if they were living inland so coastal mountain lions. we're a lot more impacted by this than outlines mercury is released into the atmosphere through mining and coal fire power plants and ends up in the fog. now the toxins can cause neurological damage and decrease fertility. the fog born mercury is moving all the way up the food chain it starts implants goes up to deer that eventually mountain lions, the mercury levels in the fog apparently don't pose a health risk to humans. but it's still kind of disconcerting to hear some 43. >>if you felt sick watching the seahawks win last night you're not alone, turns out some of the players were at shirley, throwing up. i'm sick
7:44 am
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>>welcome back 7.47 on this tuesday morning. it's been overall a clear morning, i know the lens years dirty on your sfo cam but you can see a little bit of that sunshine above the airport. and hey are delays less than yesterday. so good news. if you're traveling by skies if you're traveling on the roads. there are a lot drier to just a few very slow moving showers off just offshore today. really besides that it's been nice and dry the moisture plume that's been involved in the atmospheric river has shifted well further south now. now what we've got is a much drier day ahead of us will still likely have a couple of sprinkles at times into the afternoon but we can chalk this one up to be a primarily dry day today now as we move into tomorrow, a shower activity will increase a bit you'll see some light to moderate showers across the bay, especially tomorrow morning, but also a bit of sunshine into the afternoon tomorrow thursday or driest day before friday easily rainiest day in the forecast.
7:48 am
today's daytime highs will rise into the low 60's a bit warmer than yesterday is dead 62 in hayward conquered in oakland. morrow a touch of a cooler day again showers will be more likely tomorrow morning than they have been this morning. thursday a dry day and then friday. there's the rain again and definitely not the day you want to schedule a new travel. rebecca. >>yeah, definitely don't drive that day if you can write john wall that are right now these we are seeing a lot of sunshine the delays here the richmond sandra fell bridge is all things are broken down car and it's a in the middle of the blocking the right lane. so that is why the drive time bumped up to 25 minutes to just be aware of that one show bridge crews get it out of the way though things should get back to normal. it's back to normal here for the bay bridge toll plaza on the 60 minutes in the san francisco across the upper deck, no hot spots that i'm tracking and i will be checking all the bridges. coming up in just a bit.
7:49 am
>>hate to see anybody sick but is it too and that the flu didn't get the best of the seahawks what the 49 ers something like 8 players were sick right up until last night's game. a couple, so bad. they were far from between plays but still the sickly green seahawks managed to beat the purple liking started it. but i didn't see any niners fan sending get well cards to the patriots fan. so many sick players. they put them on a separate plane to houston. so they would infect the rest of the team. >>maybe they should stay home because they didn't have the gusto to beat the texans i think from now on i'm just going to root for the flu. the flu is the downside of living in new england, the upside show ball fight, here's the boston celtics have a little fun when they landed at the airport sunday after beating the knicks. that's where it's coming from. snowball fights when i was one of the connecticut, the kids would hide behind the tall banks right the snow base. nail you
7:50 am
with that, but the snowballs i could never make them enough big enough it could throw i was in fact i was i was like a sitting duck in self and you know for them. my kids problems are different these days are regular california student has a snowball's chance of getting into a top you see school in less than a 4.6 and a cure cancer. i just discovered the next thing. 2 students small but us brawl campus, a 190 acres. marina was sail boat and kayak just for kids. i kid you not check this out i shot this video while i was writing. campuses like google you pick up a bike you ride around. percent of the students live on campus for all all 4 years. there's a fight nice fire pay like that. yeah, the best part. the kids to pets. oh it's an exception
7:51 am
like a service animal just. i don't know we go on as guinea pigs anything domesticated squirrels basically if you can walk in early show you could have that little guy. have a graduation ceremony for the air. source going to go there if it's the place for that her friend, we both thought it was awesome we went last week and so we came back, i wanted everybody to know about because if your kid, you know loves warm weather she feel it's in california vive its laid back. look amazing. here's the thing early 2000 can't and you wonder about the school part just a feature deciding 97 per cent of students graduate 4 years ok let you know here anymore because it's so hard to get classes 5, 6 years weather. 100% of the classes are taught by professors. that students
7:52 am
he is or not in an amazingly. >>it was it was a cool deal. i don't if i ever go to classify had a beach like that with all looking at kids ok, pretty soon the only thing hard to find in a college that you can afford to go to is going to be french fries apparently the us is in for a french fry shortage. >>because the potato crop is bad this year all the cold wet weather this year has stunted the growth. potatoes and the restaurants, they need a nice big ones for the french fries was he alone. is he and waffle fries are good so either we're going lesser pay more or both and james, i know that's actually good for you because you said you put on a few pounds. >>we're just going to announce that but then your suit and its front it's it's thanksgiving right, it's normal. it's the holiday the holidays, remember we talked about how long are the leftovers good for yes. got something for you because actually. i want you to get
7:53 am
apple is good for the fridge, what in the fridge. few weeks at least that's where i put my honey christian for like a month, us, this apple is called the cosmic crisp and that the honeycrisp and it is good for a year in your fridge, 5. researchers at your
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>>coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news a call to clean up the streets of san francisco will tell you one supervisors proposing to address the city's growing.
7:57 am
rob lowe with us. don't want problem, it and the board of supervisors in san francisco could take a big step to prot
7:58 am
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i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs,
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or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. >>thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher on this tuesday morning. let's get you updated on whether with traffic with the wreck and see if there's anything problematic up there for you when we see yet we are seeing a bit of a problem at the richmond center fell bridge similar to what we saw earlier the bay bridge the 2 stalls. >>so it's really caused a backup. it's not like a major problem because as soon as they get the vehicle out of the way traffic recovers quite quickly, but it is a bit slow there. so we'll check out this but i was just about to go home. and the


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