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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 3, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PST

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♪ tonight jay leno breaks his silence on the "agt" drama. >> why do you think she got fired? >> the big stars coming to her defense. lori loughlin's daughter back in the spotlight. >> it's something that needs addressed. exes reunited for the holidays. ben and jens tense thanksgiving and what we know about jen aniston's night out with justin. then how britney is celebrating her 38th birthday today. >> it's an explosion. and we have a special guest co-host tonight. >> joey mcintyre is with us here in new york city. >> "e.t." starts right now!
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welcome to "e.t." in new york city. it's cold outside but we have someone to keep us warm. >> the guy who has all the right stuff mr. joey mcintyre. >> good to be here. thank you. bring 'em on. we're hanging tough here. >> you have a lot going on. we'll get to all that. let's start with some news. take it away. >> the ongoing drama between gabrielle union and "america's got talent." >> a major theme of all of it seems to be jay leno's guest appearance on the show. >> hey, how are you doing, sir? >> hey, how are you? >> why do you think gabrielle union got fired in all seriousness? >> i love gabrielle union. she's a great girl. i really enjoyed working with her. she's really good. >> was she treated fairly though? >> i don't know. i don't know, but i think she's a great girl. >> leno had nothing but love for gabrielle as he left a comedy club last night.
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he was also asked about an alleged racially insensitive joke that gabrielle reportedly thought producers should report to hr. >> the joke, do you regret telling the joke though? this is a serious topic. >> and this is a place to discuss it though on the street with traffic going by. >> meanwhile, "e.t." has learned gabrielle's firing from "agt" has sparked an investigation by the s.a.g. aftra union and nbc just issued a second statement on the controversy, quote, we are working with ms. union through her representatives to hear more about her concerns. more reporting is coming out. union was labeled as difficult by simon cowell and producers where she complained about simon smoking inside the theater where "agt" is filmed. last week a report claimed that before she was fired gabrielle complained about a toxic culture on the "agt" set. she was reportedly told several times that her hairstyles were, quote, too black.
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the actress is getting major celebrity support. aaron i can't in a grande tweeted we're with you. "grey's anatomy" star ellen pompeo wrote it's unfortunate that nbc, the same network that protected disgusting men like matt lauer, punished women for speaking out has not changed their culture. and "will and grace's" deborah messing slammed nbc, quote, this is disgusting behavior from a network that has been my professional home for decades. gabrielle tweeted thanks for the love. so many tears, so much gratitude. just when you feel loss, adrift, alone you got me up off the ground. now to lori loughlin's 20-year-old daughter olivia jade who has just attempted a youtube comeback and "e.t." has learned lori is fully on board. >> i'm legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now. i want to come back because i want to come back. the moral of the story is i've missed you guys so much. this is the best i can two. >> olivia's two-minute video was heavily edited. it got 1.5 million views. it was her first since news
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broke her parents alleged paid $500,000 to get her and her sister into usc. >> i want to move on with my life and not trying to be in a selfish way. ah, it's so hard. >> our "e.t. source says that olivia, quote, has been told that she cannot discuss the ongoing case and her parents are both supportive as long as she sticks to that rule. they are 100% aware not everyone will welcome her back. as for the lori over the weekend her and her husband attended a memorial service for late restaurateur hair morton. let's move on to the stars' holiday weekend. >> it seems a lot of hollywood couples were thankful for her exes. >> jen called her preholiday get together #fakesgiving with surprise, her ex justin theroux. he posted everything from this group selfie with jason bateman to courtney cox's toast. >> jen, i love you so much. justin, can you stop filming me? >> i'm supposed to be recording
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toasts. come on. >> a source tells "e.t." despite aniston and theroux's split there is still a lot of love between the two and they've always stayed in touch. remember when jen joined instagram. >> she actually texted me and said you haven't followed me and i said of course i followed you. >> now to ben and jen together for the holidays. >> hi, jen. >> garner and affleck seemed civil attending church with his mom yesterday, but later while christmas tree shopping with the kids ben seemed less than joyful. the co-parents also had what looked like a tense thanksgiving at her house. ben's continuing to work on himself and in movies. there's buddy matt damon paying him a couple visits with scripts just over a month after ben's relapse. >> we've been working together on this screen play and he's just doing great. justin hartley breaks her sief lens. michelle hartley took to instagram ten days after the
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"this is us" star announced their divorce. friends are speculating this was an impulse on justin's side. now to someone who is doing better in the love department. britney spears. today is her 38th birthday. joey, you did a disney channel special with her back in the day, right? >> yes. it was very sweet. she was talking about cookie dough ice cream and i was talking about xanax. >> well, britney's been surrounded by a lot of family drama recently, but we're happy to report her life is looking up. ♪ stronger than yesterday >> britney's in a very stable place at the moment. that's what a source tells us adding that her family is very proud of the steps the pop star's taken to get where she is today, which includes following her doctor's orders. ♪ see the sunlight, we ain't stoppin' ♪ >> one of the keys to brit's success -- keeping life simple
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and spending time with boyfriend sam asghari and her kids. her 38th birthday plans for today includes hanging with her boys. another source adds there are no big plans. >> i always do normal things. you have to do normal things so you'll stay sane. i'm still the same britney totally. >> today brit's sis jamie lynn posted this throwback pic both rockin' perms to celebrate while sam posted this ice skating bit of sam falling for his girl admitting they laugh, argue and love. >> you guys have been together almost three years now. is she the one? do you see marriage in the future? >> i mean, absolutely. this is something that every couple should do. that's the whole point of a relationship. we are a family. >> we're told britney and sam are truly happy together, but he doesn't want to rush marriage. ♪ >> so will we see britney return to her vegas residency any time soon? our source says that's, quote, a topic everyone is shying away from, to take off any pressures. >> now remember brit appeared on an episode of "will and grace."
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today that cast is in mourning as they remember the life of their co-star shelly morrison. >> lady, don't think i won't go in there. >> i'm proud to be in this show. i was ready to retire. >> yesterday the 83-year-old passed away from heart failure following a brief illness. >> i thought we talked about that suit. >> all of shelly's co-stars expressed their grief with megan saying my heart is heavy. thank you for for your friendship and partnership, shell. you will be missed. >> i'm an elder, i'm a cancer survivor. >> shelly battled breast cancer. she spoke to "e.t." about that. >> when i came back from surgery, they would greet me with tears in their eyes.
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>> this is so stupid. >> i love you. >> that means the world to me. >> thoughts and prayers to her family. let's talk about this funny pair amy poehler and risk offerman. >> we're going to interview each other because the interviewer from "e.t." didn't show up. our parks and rec exclusive. then jenna dewan on her new show and -- >> where do we go from here? >> are the new k i use the color that protects as it colors. excellence haircolor from l'oreal with pro-keratine complex.
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♪ welcome back to "e.t." from new york and our special guest co-host joey mcintyre. were you a big "parks and were you a big "parks and rec" fan? >> i'm a huge amy poehler fan. >> i know a lot of people want a reboot to happen. until then amy poehler and nick offerman are back together again for season two of their nbc competition show "making it." >> but how would they make it as "e.t." reporters? exactly how you think they would.
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>> yes. >> what made you want to be my co-host for this show? >> well, nick, i love standing next to you. you smell great. >> this checks out. >> every day coming to work with you feels like a gift really to be quite honest. >> it's time for "making it." only the crafty survive. >> tonight ten crafty contestants will compete to become the next master maker and win the $100,000 prize. >> now, make it. >> nick, what's the craziest thing you've made out of wood? >> i guess my first 18-foot canoe. >> that's pretty cool. >> so who do you think from our "parks and rec" cast would do the best on this show? >> rob lowe would look awfully good doing it. >> true. >> he probably would make a mess of things though. >> i made this. before i started it was bigger. >> how did we do interviewing each other?
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>> if i was gonna give you a tip for future interviews -- >> please. >> it's pretty obvious pretty quickly when someone's just googled you in the car on the way to the -- >> my apologies. i don't know that much about you. so i did google you on the way over here. >> beautiful work. >> let's burn it. maybe i had to google you on the way over, joey. kidding. i was a die hard enough kids fan. i love their relationship. it's fun. >> speaking of that, jenna dewan is talking all about her next chapter. a new man and new baby on the way. how her daughter is helping with her pregnancy. >> mommy needs to sit down. >> plus our exclusive 911 set tour. >> you're going to show me around. >> let's do it. >> the sexy stars. and the new kids new project. >> you have to see it to believe it. >> joey mcintyre tells his
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secrets to never aging. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ ♪ please don't go girl >> we're taking you off co-hosting and putting you in the hot seat. i love we're getting the chance to sit down in the middle of times square. this is like your broadway home. "the waitress" sign is there. now you have two shows coming out. >> i'm doing my first
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shakespeare which is kbiexcitin. i always wanted to do it. it's "12th night." >> then "the wanderer." >> it's a new musical. >> where did this love for this work come from? >> it's in my blood. it's why i moved back from l.a. i've been busy doing a lot of different projects. >> 46 and you're still baby face. what's the secret? >> when i was 15 i looked 8. that's the secret. >> i know you toured with back street before. they had success in vegas. have you thought about doing a residency? >> vegas has come up a lot. when you can still play arenas it's pretty cool. i'm just saying. i'm giving you the truth. i think some day we'll hit vegas for sure. >> let's talk about the cruise. the word on the high seas is
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this cruise is insanity. >> it is. it's four nights and five days of nonstop krcraziness. we're all dead. everybody goes home dead and we somehow do it again the next year. >> i love that. we went to the "e.t." vault -- >> whatever is on that ipad -- >> we found something so beautiful. >> i think i want to spend some of the money on other people. i like buying things for people. just to be at home on christmas eve for the family. >> first of all my voice was changing. that was a mess. i have always have such compassion for that kid that can barely talk. >> i love in this clip you talked about giving back and spoiling your friends and family. >> back then we were all excited to have this money. we have did a lot of stuff fun with our families. i got to buy my dad a cadillac. that's every kid's dream to be able to do that. >> surprised?
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>> yeah, i was. >> you did the bow. >> i did the bow. drove up. it was awesome. now, joey, you've obviously been out of the dating game for quite some time -- >> you had to say it that way? >> do you think it's possible for someone to fall in love at first -- dance? >> absolutely. >> jenna dewan believes it and as our lauren zima found out jenna's all about the love these days with her new man and preparing for a new sibling for daughter everly. >> how is she feeling about becoming a big sis? >> she's really excited. she's really protective. it's been cute. she's worried about what i'm eating, making sure it's healthy. when i say mommy needs to sit down and take a break, she totally gets it. she hugs and cuddles the belly. i mean it's really been adorable. >> 6-year-old everly is gonna have to wait til early next year before she meets her new brother or sister. as for jenna and first-time dad to be steve kazee they've been dating for just over a year and enjoying every minute of it. >> i am in a really great place and totally in love. and i just -- it's nice. >> what made him the guy for
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you? why is it working so well? >> it's kind of that unspoken chemistry. >> now the "step up" star is helping others find true love with her new dating series "flirty dancing." here's how it works. bring two strangers together. don't let them talk. just give them a dance. choreographed by pros like val chmerkovskiy. >> hi, hello. how are you? >> it's really electric. >> yeah. >> you can tell when there's sparks that are flying. you can also tell when there's not. >> chemistry and love. >> now you're doing this show about love and i feel like you've getting wrapped up in it. >> it's a good thing to come to work and talk about love and happiness every single day. >> have very well said. meanwhile, tonight on fox is the christmas-themed episode of their hit drama "911" and i was exclusively on set. >> hey, hey, hey! >> you're running all over the place and it's such a high impact kind of show. do you still need to train? >> i still should train. today i brought my elastic bands
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to the set so hopefully on the down moments i'll be able to do a little leg lifts and arm pulls. >> attention all units. suspect on a motorcycle. >> angela bassett, that's mother right there. we call her mother laterally 'cause she's done everything. >> what are you doing? >> i'm saving him. >> this show gets very, very intense. how do you guys bond offset? >> everyone on this show is honestly really funny. >> yeah. we found that out firsthand when oliver stark took over the "e.t." mic and gave us a personal tour of the set. >> this kind of the main section. we play a lot of ping pong. >> oh, yeah. there you go. you look the part. it's very chic. let's go find that peter. where is that peter? >> i usually find him by the size of his biceps. >> are you studying your lines right here? >> yeah. first scene that i have with oliver stark. >> he already knows your line. >> i should probably be learning my lines as well. >> we were going to go work out. were you like into that at all? >> i do a little working out once in a while, yeah. >> just a little. we're going to play with the fake weights. >> so this is our work-out area.
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this is a fake weight. we like to start with the real weights then two takes in we give up and say give me the fake ones. >> they are calling him to set. bye bye. thank you for the tour. okay. this is a real working set. people real working. this is a working set too people. >> working it. we've got some "e.t." birthdays to take care of. do the honors. >> which ncis l.a. star got their start on a soap oprah? daniella, chris o'donnell or eric christian wilson? the answer when we come back. ♪ movie. i didn't have to call an ambulance. and i didn't have to contact your family. because your afib didn't cause a blood clot that led to a stroke. not today. we'd discussed how your stroke risk increases over time, so even though you were feeling fine,
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♪ travel consideration provided by -- ♪ tomorrow on "e.t." our new york night out with j.lo gearing up for her "snl" return and super bowl sneak peek. >> what am i doing with my life? then only we're with meghan markle's best friend. what she says about the duchess now. tomorrow on "e.t." in tonight's "e.t."
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birthdays -- which "ncis l.a." star got their start on a soap opera -- >> the answer is daniella ruah. she started on a portuguese soap opera. >> when daniella guest hosted last week she dropped a fun fact. >> i'm good at drawing. i thought i was going to be a medical illustrator. my dad is a physician and i used to sit with and go that's a beautiful illustration of an eardrum. i want to do that. >> joey, what's your hidden talent? >> it's weird. it's -- i clean public bathrooms. when i'm in there and people have made a mess. i pick it up. i get clean tissues and throw it away. >> thank you for your service. >> it's weird. >> definitely weird. >> that's nice. >> head over to new jersey to see him in "12th night" on
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