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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  July 8, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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for a future wildfires when their equipment is to blame the governor proposed the measure par. >>early in response to pg e's bankruptcy and its role in recent wildfires. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >>has that story. >>was standing room only in the senate hearing room for a be 1054 to love these are the backbone of our. >>economy and the necessary background. >>from our daily lives at the heart of the bill is a $21 billion fund to help you to the companies pay for their future wildfire costs when they are to blame the money would come from utility companies and from a fee californians already pay from the energy crisis decades ago, dozens lined up in support including union reps for electric workers and energy divided on the issue there are many people still struggling and financially even if they have insurance that i hope you don't forgive it so there is less oversight. >>and less accountability in this bill, then current state.
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>>supporters say the bill will make sure victims get paid and protect rate payers from skyrocketing costs. but critics are concerned how far that protection goes isn't completely clear those present form today. >>i can supported up without explicit proof that our victims are going to see a significantly enhanced payments and being fair to those victims and taking into consideration. the repairs stone was one of 2 senators who rejected the bill in committee as it heads to the senate floor it will need super majority support the governor is hoping to have this on his desk by friday. >>make no mistake. >>this is not a utility bailout. it's a ratepayer bailout. >>official representatives for pg e we're not at today's hearing. but a spokesman did tell us the company has not yet taken a position on the bill reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news, the washington dc metro area was hit with really heavy rain during the morning rush hour. >>some cars were stranded. there was flooding as high as
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3 feet a flash flood warning was in effect a much of the day, kristen holmes reports from washington. >>roads turn to rivers. >>and parking lots to lakes as torrential rains hit the washington dc area. >>they opened up on news. i knew there's no chance, you got a point you got to keep it. so this is me trying to get there and seen cars literally under water, so this is just. >>and parking a flash flood emergencies. the rain in one hour but i saw that the water was reaching my headlights i thought out get out of the according to the national weather service more than a dozen high water rescues have been reported first responders in good samaritans alike helping drivers caught in rising waters during rush hour around here. i figured i know the i know the last year pretty well know how deep the roads are. you can see some certain points like halfway up a firefighter might only be a couple feet deep. think i'll
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use some sort of inferences to know how deep it is, but it's always arrest amtrak suspending train service south of the nation's capital as the extremely heavy rain continued to fall. emergency responders begging drivers to stay off the roads. there's always a risk when you're trying to ford the river or any sort of standing water in washington, i'm kristen holmes. >>figure is it worth getting my car potentially flooded out is it that important to cross the road because you know it when you flat out that car say goodbye to that the guy know, but people just keep doing this it just keeps happening when i say to her and don't drown right and let me in lawrence or simple things easing up at all from their catch a little bit of a break this really a ferocious storm moving through especially early on this morning very very heavy rainfall. >>associate with the storm a half an inch of rain in 11 minutes. simply amazing here comes as he wrote a row right there. that was a storm system kind of a slow mover before it headed out of town gets a little bit on the break in the back side now but boy the damage done early on this
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morning around the bay or tomorrow we are going have a nice day, but it will start out some low clouds and fog early on maybe drizzle early on the morning too then partly cloudy skies about 62 degrees in the san francisco, mostly sunny in the afternoon in oakland and sunny warm and san jose temperatures in the upper 70's there, but low clouds and fog will be the story overnight you see the clouds off the coastline, some storm clouds out there that's going to be some rain up the pacific northwest but likely going to deepen the marine layer around the bay area star see little green begin to show up here that some patchy drizzle out there no rain though, but it's going to be damp spot, especially near the coastline and just inside the bay and more the fog and low clouds continuing into the middle week too so yet we got that system headed our way and that will keep the temperatures down just a bit on a 59 degrees in the sunset 59, and cloudy skies in the daily city 59 some of that moisture moving in the half moon bay, 6161, partly cloudy in the south san francisco. 74 degrees more sunshine in a pile up on the south bay looking good. you see numbers in the 70's maybe couple oisin
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to cupertino a few 80's futher inland, but even those numbers going to stay cooler than normal for this time of year about 79 degrees in a walnut creek 64 in san leandro 68 in berkeley in the north bay about 82 degrees and fairfield that breeze blowing right through the delta 75 degrees and low 70 benicia along the coastline, some drizzle 59 degrees stinson beach about 77. in petaluma next couple of days, we're going to see those temperatures holding down just a bit that we're going to warm up headed toward next weekend. you are slower than expected tax revenue means there is a significant risk the government may run out of borrowing authority. >>that could happen in early september. the issue is adding urgency to the washington budget. the debt talks have yet to go anywhere. analysts say the main culprit is a lower tax revenue. the treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the same thing. he's now pushing for a bipartisan deal that lifts the borrowing cap and prevents cuts from hitting both the pentagon and other federal agencies. >>well it was not a one-time deal president trump says that
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he is planning a paid of the big salute to america celebration that was on the 4th of july he called it a wonderful day for americans who says he plans to do it next year. and for the foreseeable future. some protesters were upset about the inclusion of military equipment and what they saw as president trump's co-opting the holiday. >>prosecutors in manhattan unsealed new federal sex-trafficking charges against multimillionaire financier jeffrey epstein today, and they asked the public for help as they make their case. the well connected. epstein has been in custody since the weekend. reporter karin caifa has details. >>we will continue federal officials alleging multimillionaire jeffrey epstein abused dozens of underage girls asking the public for any additional information. >>i'm asking everyone to take a good look at this man. if you have been victimized in any way or if you are somebody who has any additional information about his alleged illegal behavior. we want to hear from you. whatever age you are now. whatever age you
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are then. >>the 66 year-old hedge fund manager was arrested saturday upon arrival in the us from paris federal prosecutors on monday unsealed indictment detailing activities they say took place between 2002 2005 at epstein's homes in new york in south florida charging him with one count of sex-trafficking of minors and one count of conspiracy to engage in sex-trafficking of minors. the girls were recruited in a variety of ways. >>usually by employees of epstein and sometimes by fellow victims. the victims typically received hundreds of dollars in cash. the estimated dozens of victims young as 14 years old at time of recruitment. >>that scene has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he evaded similar federal charges in 2008 making a deal with federal prosecutors in miami and spending just over a yeai in jail on state prostitution charges. the federal prosecutor who handled the deal was now labor secretary
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alexander acosta in court in manhattan an attorney for epstein called monday's indictment essentially a do over in washington, i'm karen caifa. >>coming up at 6 cutting up your cards that might keep you from using them but canceling them altogether that might do more harm than good. the next target is set to competwith amazon on i just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible.
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day sale july 15th at the same time amazon that begins its prime day. the discounts include 40% off furniture, 30% off appliances and cookware and while amazon charges $119 for your early prime membership target's big sale does not come with an additional price tag, and it doesn't stop there other companies like e-bay and nordstrom they are also offering big discounts next week. >>british airways is facing a record fine for failing to protect customers personal information. the airline was hit with a million penalty. authorities say people accessing the british airways web site in june of 2018 were diverted to a fake web site at attackers were able to get payment information travel details and logging information for almost half a million customers airline reported the breach in september 2018. the airline says it plans to fight that fight. in 6 road rage turns
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violent and ends up hurting some children what investigators say happened when one driver shot into another car. >>on the 4th of july. >>if you're streaming us on kron on the news continues during the
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>>somebody cut someone else off on the road and now 2 innocent children are victims that's how sheriff's office in texas is describing a violent road rage incident. it happened on the 4th of july in harris county near houston.
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>>this video cop some of what happened on camera somebody shot at a car and the fireworks inside explode 2 young children seriously injured they've been inside a vehicle. police say it was a road rage incident and that the parents of the injured children are doing all right but these children that were badly hurt. they say that the parents and the suspect both had opportunities to end the confrontation. >>there was some time in between this incident didn't just happen bam bam of there was actually a little bit of time maybe it stretch for about 20 minutes or so, and various times it was possibly an opportunity for for both parties to disengage from this. >>the sheriff says the injured children are stable, but will face a long recovery. the 18 year-old suspect has been charged with 4 4 counts of aggravated assault. >>a new york couple is suing a california fertility clinic after a woman gave birth to babies that were not hurt. a
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federal lawsuit was filed last week the mother who is asian gave birth to 2 non-asian babies and each child was a genetic match to a different couple that were also clients at a los angeles clinic called cha fertility. the asian cup was and forced to give up their babies to their true genetic parents. the lawsuit says the couple spent a $100,000 on the ivf procedures and other expenses. it also says shaw fertility collected superman eggs from the couple and then formed 5 embryos. the couple's still does not know what happened to their 2 embryos that were supposed to be transferred. cha fertility has not commented. >>a lot of people think the best way to stop overspending is just to cancel your credit cards that experts say this could actually hurt your credit score. mary maloney has a closer look. >>parting ways with plastic. >>it may seem like a good idea to avoid getting into further credit card debt, canceling your credit cards. >>but according to a recent survey by bankrate dot com.
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that's a decision people may not realize can do more harm than good. that's because canceling a card you've had for a long time short is the average age of your credit history. any scoring models that means a lower credit score. but just 42% of credit card holders surveyed know about the negative impacts while 15% didn't think that there was any effect at all older generations are more likely than younger consumers to have closed accounts, 72% of baby boomer cardholders have canceled at least one card that's compared to 61% of gen x card holders and 50% of millennials the most popular reasons for canceling are having paid off debt not using the card enough, and high interest rates or annual fees. experts say instead of it helping your credit score canceling actually hurts your number they recommended that you should just keep old counts open even if you don't use them which will positively impact your credit score. for consumer watch i'm mary
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moloney. >>in these pay the open library. it is now find free and this is a trend that we've seen sweeping the bay area and beyond. >>kron four's theresa stasi, a top of the library's new director about her push to eliminate fines and some of the other events happening at the library this summer. >>we want books out into the community. so what we're trying to do is make it as easy as possible for people to use of materials. so we're no longer going cynical and i'm people for overdue fines all can director of library services jamie ter bach. >>spoke with me about the big changes coming to all oakland libraries and how it all came about her. >>open to the glider it started a few years ago staff who are serving patients at the library noticed that. some patrons were afraid to even get a library card or get a library card for their child because of this year generate in overdue fines. but it's also become a national trend i think p librarians across the country and realize that this is a barrier that just
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fortunately people who have economic disadvantage is her back says the library fines started out years ago when libraries were much different places than they are today the open library has been around for many years in fact the system is one of the oldest in the state of california. >>it's a very old we the open public library is the second oldest library in city california and we have books from late 1880's that have slips that tell you how much you would pay for overdue fines and it was 10 cents a day that sandwich was an awful lot of money so. it that is then a barrier for a long time. >>turn back also adds that they are putting into place a fun summer program summer reading program has started already. >>and we have a special library card that's behind me here a fairyland card that's a limited edition if people want to celebrate that fairyland opens they can get a special limited edition library card and if they bring that hard with them to fairyland july 30 they'll get in free.
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>>your back says getting back to the no fine issue she says people will be charged if they of course keep a book but that oakland along with 50 systems nationwide are now more than ever in bracing a fine free concept for the betterment of their community. >>and we're taxpayer funded and we want to be responsive to the people who are are supporting us is not our libraries the communities like are want to really make sure that everybody feels incursion welcome very theresa kron 4 news. >>we first brought you this story on kron on and our 24 7 streaming platform me find you can find more exclusive stories on kron on as well as commercial free live local news go to kron on dot tv to start watching. >>coming up our can capel said europe for bay area sports night, including nba, free agency women's world cup soccer. >>also 15 year-old coco gauff who went up against a former world number one fire today at wimb
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>>a lot to talk about in the sports world tonight, including cocoa mania mark carpenter relief from the set of bay area sports night. >>that's right getting ready for bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron i'm koko mania was taken over the all england club at wimbledon, the 15 year-old teenage prodigy she gets to the round of 16 but the run comes to an end today losing 2 former world number one simona how just how
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amazing though was it to see that entire week unfold where she's taking over the tournament. >>i absolutely incredible we all love an underdog right, especially you take the fact that she's 15 years old first 15 year-old to make a run like this since jennifer capriati that was back in the 90's just an incredible moment and we're all going member her and get to watch her grow from the rest of her career now so pretty exciting. >>really amazing what a row coco gauff a bright future ahead to will be talking about cocoa media and also the fact out. >>kawhi leonard single-handedly alter the nba landscape over the weekend. a lot to break down the bay area sports night 7 o'clock on kron on i thought back to you at the desk. >>thank you mark and kate and just looking out the window looks beautiful. the looks pretty afternoon. >>nice you are up there but to lawrence has a different perspective. if you're looking at sfo, there you know what sfo they are. >>socked in with low clouds and fog and the other seen delays now a 139 minutes.
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arriving flight so expect anybody in there have to go into a little late this evening. you see why there's the cloud cover that has moved on right now that low cloud deck make a little harder for the pilots get in there this evening, so do expect those major delays there but as we head through the night probably going to see a lot of clouds rolling well inland overnight tonight, temperatures right now a cool 59 degrees partly cloudy skies in the san francisco oakland checking in at 63 66 in san jose the 66 also in livermore still warm and the concord this evening, 72 degrees 70 degrees in santa rosa. so not a bad evening out there, but low clouds and fog are really looking to move further on shore the deck. high that's going likely make its way all the way to some of the interior valleys in season put into motion here see some of those clouds rolling on in right now artie inside the bay at this hour and starting to push further inland so bumping up against parts of the east bay hills already going to move on shore further overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we wake up with some fog and low clouds and even some drizzle out there early on tomorrow morning, not only just along the maybe even inside the bay temperatures going to be in the 50's to
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begin the day we head toward the middle the day going to be interesting the temperatures will be cooler as you even some of the valley's maybe some low 70's by noontime for your lunch 60's inside the bay and along the coastline plan and some 50's and some 60's with a patchy fog kind of lingering there by the afternoon temperatures likely to warm up, but at least in the 70's probably low 80's. well inland by tomorrow afternoon lot of 60's 70's inside the bay and then as you get out toward the beaches temperatures topping out there in the 50's and the 60's so cool along the immediate coast. here we go breaking it down like this will pand a high of about 83 in concord tomorrow about 76 in the napa valley about 70 in oakland 62 degrees in san francisco, san jose and santa clara valley looking very nice lots of 70's there by tomorrow afternoon. and cool on the coastline and a half moon bay at about 61 degrees. so the trend is for some cooler weather at least along the coastline. more low clouds and fog going to continue over the next couple of days, we'll search further on shore likely going to see some drizzle early on tomorrow
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morning. and then we've got a storm system off the coastline doesn't look like it's going to get here but will help to deepen that marine layer that's all we're talking about the low clouds surging well on shore tonight and seeing some of that is not by the end of this week it looks like temperatures turn around it. high pressure will start to build a now the desert southwest that is going to warm things up lease for the valleys you see some of those numbers getting caught up in the 90's there, but along the coastline. more low clouds and fog temperatures there in the 50's and the 60's some around the bay area that's this year, thanks and if you are watching us on the new kron on app for a full hour of local sports. >>coming up next on bay area sports night have a good evening. we'll see you at 8 o'clock. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair.
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welcome home! ♪ we are the champions >> the colossal ticker tape parade planned for team usa. then, billionaire jeffrey epstein indicted. exclusive. on board the so-called lolita express. >> on almost every trip that i did go on, there were young girls around. >> and mansion raid, with a crowbar. >> you can still see some of the splintering on the front door here from when the fbi busted in. would you like me to explain? >> for the first time actor kevin spacey's accuser speaks out. >> when did you first notify


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