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tv   Mosaic  CBS  January 9, 2022 5:30am-6:00am PST

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good morning and welcome to mosaic. it is always a joy and privilege to be here is a host on behalf of hugh burrows our cohost and producer. i pastored taylor memorial united methodist church and st. mark's and now community united methodist church, i would like to thank them for having a tremendous reception for me a couple of weeks ago that welcomed me back for a second year as an appointed pastor to the church. all of these churches in the last 16 years, the members asked me, where do i get these
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stoles that i wear and where do i get the robes that i wear, i count that i have about 28 robe ministry in the last 16 to almost 20, i've gotten at this particular store called sagrada, the stoles i'm wearing my about 100 of those and about half of them. i wanted to invite the owners of the storgo for all these years, and it is a privilege and blessing to have the guests and the owners here this morning. and that is very and carlo busby. great to have you guys. >> great to have you. it's always great to see you. >> when i'm in fairfield, i come by at least once a month. tell us, why sagrada? the name? the history. it is a 20th anniversary next year. >> this year is 20 years. >> we began this story in what
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was a little horse stable at the turn-of-the-century the telegraph avenue streetcars. these were the car barns and so it was born in a stable. the neighborhood that we are in called tennis gal is the ohlone word for the sacred ceremonial sweat lodge. so the land that we are on is sacred ground, so it makes sense that the store someplace that honors traditions of the sacred is in our neighborhood. and that is the word for sacred. the theme in the shisthe celebrate in traditions. >> it is been 20 years coming up this year. >> it will be 20 years that we've been there. it started in a little place like mary described and 3 to 4 years into it, we found telegraph avenue which is where we met you, 16 years ago. >> by the way, thank you for
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helping put food on our table for all those years. >> i feel like if people are going to look at you every sunday, we should have some color. you should have something exciting. >> i've some wonderful stoles, but i was wondering, it seemed like you expanded in so many areas, what made you expand? new artifacts and crosses and as you say, all different religious faiths represented? >> right at the beginning. >> the idea was there from the beginning. it wasn't as expressed the way it is now. we were looking for a way, well, we started off in ministry together and met through ministry and then we decided that we wanted to provide a servicthe thanbe narrowly fo.
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cided to, call serve people of all dates. we weren't quite sure what that meant, so we started small and took a lot of suggestions from customers who are really the ones that inspired us and taught us and guided us and little by little, we adapted and expanded and involved or tried to express the various traditions through our books and other music and places or items that could be used for devotion. >> i see. so you are always working on that? >> it is evolving like a garden. >> you keep looking for ways to expand. >> it changes in terms of what people ask for. part of our job is to listen and respond to that. >> every time i come in, there is that sacred kind of space that is so special.
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are you praying? are you conscious of that? it seemed like it was very intentional. >> aren't you praying? >> all the time [ laughter ] >> we are quite conscious of it. >> people come in sometimes and say, i just needed to come to my temple today. >> okay. >> there is a need for people that aren't connected with any particular tradition or they don't have a sacred place to go besides their own home or a tree and they feel it when they come in. and i feel that part of it is as when you go into a temple or a sacred place, the gathering and the residue of devotion of people that come and the goodness that they bring with them, it is there. >> let's talk more about that in the next segment. thank you for being here. >> please join us with mary and
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carlo at sagrada.
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welcome back to mosaic. if you've been following is, i've another stole on. the creators are with us here, and mary and carlo, and tell us, where is your store located? >> we are at 4926 telegraph avenue in oakland, near 51st street. >> right. and you've been there how many years now? >> altogether, 20. >> it will be the 20th your starting. >> we were talking earlier about how the store expanded
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into some of the different things that you do because of people's needs, and they asked. and so forth. the books you have, you have great books, tell us if you and show us a few of those, why you went in that direction. >> one of the books i brought was just to honor doctor houston smith, some of you probably know this title, doctor smith was sort of one of the inspirations for our shop come in because this came out around the time that we were beginning, a little after. >> hold it up. >> before we started sagrada. and it caught the spirit of honoring and respecting and trying to understand other religions different than our own as a way of nourishing our own faith. so we displayed this book in our very first shop. it became a centerpiece for us. and unfortunately, mary, at our first anniversary, invited
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houston smith to come visit us and he did, much to our surprise and honored our shop. >> he is in his mid-90s now. >> he is. he is a wonderful contributor to human understanding and especially the appreciation of faith in many traditions. so we took him as our inspiration. >> was my books i've gotten about him at your store, his autobiography and all the stories and i think he practices hinduism, buddhism, and christianity. >> and houston came last year and had a book signing and we did a little singing. and it was wonderful having him back again sort of ringing the circle around. >> can he sing? mackey could sing, we sang his favorite song, how can i keep from singing, which is one of my favorites. so we really had a wonderful
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time together. people stayed for a long time because he received everyone so personally and warmly. and people were there to see him that day. it was wonderful. >> i did a funeral couple weeks ago, and the person loved music and certain kind of music, so i looked up all the music that they love which was oldies in the 70s and 80s. and so i brought to the service some of the favorite songs of the person. so it made the service really real and concrete for people and the mother and the brothers and sisters and relatives said, oh, she would love those songs. so it is good to know people's favorite songs. tell us about some of the others. you are the ones that do this, you do so many of these, and i have so many and i brought a few here with me. >> you have a few. [ laughter ] >> what led you to do some of these? >> actually, vestment making was the beginning of our business. and it was, what year was that?
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>> 93. >> what happened was the current pope had come out with a statement that the conversation on women's ordination in the catholic church was closed and it made me pretty fired up. i got pretty angry about that and i thought, what am i going to do now, because i felt the conversation ought to be very much alive. and i said, well, i feel fine, i'm going to make investments for women. and so that is how the vestment business, how the whole business began. and we named it at the time, companions of kiara who was the, saint clair with a contemporary of st. francis, st. francis of assisi whose feast we just celebrated. so claire is one of the patrons of embroidery and handwork, so we named it companions of kiara, and i began to create investments for women that had
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all of this handwork over the heart that was traditional women's crafts embroidery, and quilting. >> another history. >> that's wonderful. >> that was the very beginning. >> i thought, someday these catholic women are going to need vestments, and we're going to start it now. that was the seed that we planted. >> that opened up the door for me, what were some of your backgrounds? you were a priest? >> i was pastor at in berkeley. in california. and that is where i met mary. >> and i was a music person. >> and worship. those were the areas that i worked in. >> is that something. >> and we pursued our ministry in a way through this work once we couldn't continue it in the work we were involved in. >> and vestment making, so that began, and women from all different churches were hearing about those, these scapular's
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they are called and stoles. and so that is how that all sort of evolved. and then we realized that that was not going to be enough to put food on your table. . >> you included us. >> then we began and thought well, maybe there is a need in oakland for a store that provided books and other devotional items. and there wasn't anything like it that served across the board . >> in the design started becoming more artistic. and elaborate. and men started coming. and other women ministers from other churches. so we realized that they were really meeting a need. and as these people start coming into the shop, as mary was saying, then they started looking for other items that they could use in ministry, good books to use for the ministry. >> music york also devotional items, prayer books, things like that. so we tried to provide a broad
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spectrum of items that they could use in ministry, but also for parishioners or members of communities to come and supplement their faith or strengthen their faith. >> you have one particular resource that you go to get all of these? >> there is so many things. >> it is like a garden. and so much of what we do is fostering relationships. and so someone had told us about mary lou weaver maher, you have several of her stoles, we have been selling the stoles and that was a connection. >> one of hers is on after the break. >> continue to be with us. sagrada, check it out on 49th and telegraph.
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[ music ]
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not just my clergy colleagues, laypeople were always asking me, because there's so many things at
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sagrada store, here is another beautiful stole, tell me more about the symbols i'm wearing in between. >> these symbols represent a number of the major faiths in terms of the largest representation. so we start with the spiral, which represents the indigenous faiths throughout the world. and here, we have the hindu on symbol, the buddhist wheel. the egyptian encore the symbol for the the divine feminine faith religions. the temple menorah for judaism. the yin and yang for the eastern traditions, celtic cross for christianity, and the symbol for islam, all brought together with the flame that unites us all. >> is not wonderful. i have at least five i think at least, i have a green one, to green ones.
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i've a purple one, and a white one. so i've always tried to reflect the colors along with the symbolism. and so it is a wonderful, people say they've never seen it here >> i had seen, i wanted to do something that was a multifaith robe, because we have customers who are chaplains and who do that sort of ministry. and i had seen several similar designs, there's a woman in alameda, elinor wiley who designed a prayer wheel with symbols around it, and she's gone all overrld teaching peacemaking. i also saw design of an artist in hawaii, and another one. so i was inspired by their art, and i just adapted. >> the ordination service last year, i wore a robe, and they said they had never seen anything like that. and i said that's where i go, even though they were from all
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over the country. i said if you are in town, please go over there and will see something you've never seen before. so i've been pleased. tell us some of the other books that you have. >> one thing that perhaps we haven't mentioned is that we have a wonderful children's section. like you were just saying about inviting the laypeople to come visit us. there is, perhaps, the best books on spirituality right now that are happening are with children's books, because they are usually very well done, and simple to read, and yet powerful lessons. these are just two of them from a series of four that came out a couple years ago now. they continue to add volumes. they use the hebrew and christian scriptures. and illustrate them. this is about psalms and each one has a beautiful illustration and a concise summary of each of the psalms in a beautiful
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way that can be used for daily prayer. >> not just for children. >> i try to preach on the psalms at least half a dozen times per year. >> we would be happy to show you the rest of it. it is a beautiful book. they followed up with one on the images of god again from the scriptures and all illustrated from a different offer and it has beautiful illustration, very engaging for youngsters and thought- provoking for us as well. >> that went over there with god, what is that when? >> love poems from god, poetry is another area we've expanded in the last 2 to 3 years, especially. this one is a very popular book including love poems from god, inspirational religious poems from a variety of traditions, and people love to have something to contemplate perhaps at night as they go to sleep or in the morning when they wake up to guide the day
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and this is the kind of book that we like to carry, we have a whole range of them and people are finding that this theme of spirituality as you know is a much more broad theme than anyone reticular religion, these are the kinds of books that can inspire to bring people together around the theme . >> what made me think also is that you have had some focus around howard thurman, one of my favorite thinkers and writers and spiritual giants of the past and i believe reverend dorsey blake was there for the celebration. can you remind me of what that was? >> he did an event in our shop on the spirituals, we sang, and he used some of doctor thurman's writings, and he wore his robe when he came, that was very special. >> thurman for those that were listening, he founded the
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church of the fellowship of all people in 1934, quite a unique church in the country. and he was here, well, he lived to about 89 years of age and i happen to go to his funeral. it was a four hour funeral and i enjoyed every moment because they had speakers and singers in scripture reading. it was a wonderful experience. i'm glad you had such a broad approach. >> a wonderful resource an american theologian. >> way ahead of his time. >> we have one more. >> a lot of people reading some of the contemporary buddhist writings are seeing similarities with doctor thurman . >> is common ground. >> yes. >> we have one more segment with these wonderful people here, please join us and go out and find sagrada on 49th and telegraph.
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i am a lover of books, glasses, shoes, but i put stoles right up there as well. stoles and robes. and this is another beautiful one made by mary. but there is another book that you want to share with me. >> i wanted to mention, for those that have come in to sagrada, there's a couple of areas in the store that are devoted to celebrating the divine feminine which is a very strong interest of many of the customers.
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an area that has books and devotional objects celebrating mary magdalene and also a table on the goddess and this is a beautiful book, holiness and feminine spirit of janet mckenzie trying to find an image to give your camera, she is just a, beautiful images, and we have anointing bomb made by my sister that is also a popular item. >> we have also a treasure in the neighborhood who devoted her whole life to the creation of actually you may like to interview her sometime, she has, it is called the suppressed history archives of women's images and goddess spirituality from every culture through the centuries and max has been to the store a number of times also with amazing
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slideshows of archives and so i just wanted to mention that that is a richness of sagrada that people really enjoy when they come in. >> i mentioned, i remember now , you had a huge cross. remember that, did that ever sell? >> probably not. >> the one from africa? >> that is such a beautiful piece. >> we do. >> we usually bring it out during lent. it is quite a strong piece and a beautiful piece pierce >> our shop celebrates handmade and they are treated items. so you often can find something really unique like that. >> i have a few of the crosses, but i can't quite wear that one. >> it is about 4 feet tall. >> it's something else that we should say that people should know, so i want people to go to the store and appreciate all that is there that i've experienced for 16 to 20 years.
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>> not long from now, we have the holiday season and we are almost transformed in the holiday season because they put in a huge tree with fair trade gifts on it, and a lot of new items that come in that are beautiful. handmade ornaments. >> my sisters beeswax candles. >> beautiful items that i think are inspirational. and really pick >> we mentioned, wonderful cards. unaware you get all those wonderful cards. >> local artist. >> had one a couple weeks ago and then i borrowed some socks over there. [ laughter ] >> i would say that in the bay area there's quite a bit of emphasis on eating and food. and sagrada would be a nice balance that to provide some food for the soul . >> great idea. thank you. >> thank you so much.
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we appreciate it. >> we will see you next time. >> i am ron swisher, i've enjoyed this, i'm glad they are available. we will mention the hours. >> tuesday through saturday, 10 to 5, thursday nights 10 to 7. closed sundays and mondays except december open in may your >> get there. i find it a tremendous joy even when i don't buy anything, i almost by something all the time. god bless you. thank you for joining us.
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is now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, crooks bust into a san francisco home in middle the day. we talked extensively with the two young women, sisters who were hiding inside. >> i thought they would hurt us and i thought i couldn't leave. i thought if anything, i could distract them for a second and my sister could get away. >> plus a plea from several bay area mayors and restaurants to help his assist airflow. >> really important we keep the pressure on. you don't get anything if everybody just


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