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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  January 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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an end. where deputies caught a bay area man who kept the this is "kpix5" news. >> now on kpix news at five a manhunt for dangers fugitive comes to an end. where deputies found him. >> working to find a missing teenager whose chalk -- car plunged into the flooded creek. the race as recovery efforts get underway. president trump is taking steps he claims will think america safer but not everyone is agreeing. it's about 7:00 a.m. on saturday january 28th. maria has the weekend off. >> thank you for joining us. i think we should acknowledge to the audience there is a little i don't know animosity on the set. we've got a southbay rivalry
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going on. if my mike goes out at some point you know i've. your is a live look outside. at the golden gate bridge a beautiful day in store and we are looking at plenty of sunshine and mostly clear skies and a chilly start in part because of the clear skies we are just near freezing. 34 in livermore and 36 samples with -- san jose. overall we are going to see a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and here is "futurecast"." taking you through the morning at midday and we should see temperatures in the mid-50s and later on warming up into low 60s for coat test for folks in your full forecast is ahead. >> the manhunt for a fugitive is over. it was in the mountains of santa cruz thursday and he
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was caught in japan town. chopper five captured the moment he ran down train tracks with clouds close behind but he ran into a building under construction where he was surrounded. >> we are working me a family and it's dangerous. >> two other men were arrested police have not released what role each man may have placed in the bank robbery or chase. >> 7:02 and caltrans is closing niles canyon road. it's been one week since the teenager crashed into the surging creek during a rainstorm. video earlier this week shows a small army of volunteers searching the area and today more than 100 trained rescue workers will search from the air, water and ground with the help of drones helicopters and
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dogs and they're focusing on the two-mile area between mission boulevard and a bridge where the teens car plunged into the water. she was studying to be a social worker as she was on her way to the bay area to visit friends. new video sent in by a kpix viewer shows emergency crews on the scene of a cliff rescue. it happened near monterey road and manor drive at 9:00 p.m. he fell off the cliff and into the ocean and it took rescuers nearly two hours to bring them back up to safety and no word this morning on his condition. donald trump is scheduled to talk with russian play -- russian president vladimir putin . mr. trump and putin have both suggested that they will work together to improve u.s. russian relations in this comes after u.s. intelligence agencies reported with high confidence that russia interfered with the election in an effort to help trump win expect president trump signed an
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executive order to begin extreme vetting of refugees. >> establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america we don't want them here. >> the order suspends the refugee admissions program for four months while it is reviewed and that stopped the approval of visas for people from countries of particular concern and the blocks all syrian refugees until the president has determined that there admission is consistent with the national interest. an american citizen and cofounder of the syrian united refugee fund but some of his extended family fled the war and are stranded in greece hoping to come to america. >> i feel ashamed to be living in this country now with this executive order is no chance for them.
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>> the council of american islamic relations says it will challenge the order in federal court. >> president trump has signed paperwork to build up the military. >> we ask former san francisco mayor willie bart -- brown about the first week in office. >> he's taking advantage of the opportunity frankly when no one is looking and believe me in that process he's got you watching something he's not doing. i don't know what he's doing what he has us watching something else. >> they said he only sleeps about four ours a day. it does seem like he's up issuing orders and having conversations and it's hard to keep up with. that's all coming up tomorrow morning right here at 7:30 on
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"kpix5" news. >> former president george h. w. bush make it to the home and he has been hospitalized for pneumonia. a spokesperson says the 92-year- old still has a lingering cough his lungs are clearing up barbara bush was hospitalized earlier to be treated for bronchitis. she was released from the hospital on monday. after john hurt has died the british actor known for midnight express, alien and harry potter ricky. >> more than six decades working in television and movies with three coming out this year. he played a priest in the movie jackie. no word on the cause of death. john hurt is 77 years old. up net. the potential for changes in the produce aisle. we go one-on-one with the center for food safety and why it popular weed killer could come with a cancer warning. >> an apartment complex on the edge of a cliff in pacifica and how long it will take to fix it. a beautiful look outside at a bay bridge as we await sunrise. plenty of sunshine on tap and i have details with you weekend forecast coming up. still a chance to get back
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and you can volunteer to help clean up. pink triangle park in san francisco will kickoff at 9:00. also the san francisco zoo is offering free admission to celebrate the chinese new year and it's open until 5:00 p.m. and a few like shopping the treasure island fleamarket opens at 10:00 this morning.
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now to bait area headlines. monday crews will begin tearing down an apartment complex along a crumbling cliff in pacifica. the city hopes crews will complete demolition and one day and it will take another couple of days to remove the debris. the complex was built in the 60s and has been vacant for months other neighboring apartments were torn down about a year ago to the -- to do the same erosion. >> a contest -- a compost facility is ordered to stop everything. the odor has been wafting through richmond. they believe the smell is coming from the landfill and the facility is improperly managing
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the compost. >> the whole idea of the cease and desist was we want them to take the material that's already on site and deal with that correctly. >> republic services says it's actively working to upgrade the processing system to a state-of- the-art method of managing organic material right now it has to pay up to $45,000 in fines and have to come up with the plan to fix the small by wednesday. 7:10 and in the wake of powerful storms in southern california, one city is taking drastic measures to deal with the problem of fallen trees. yellow tape surrounds a park where are you -- the eucalyptus tree smashed into a role of picnic tables but this is the same park where a tree killed the mother of a bride during the wedding. >> the crack in the following, if someone is under there's no chance to get away. >> the city manager blames
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saturated soil along with waterlogged trees and he says the city took about 6-7 inches of rain in a short. >> ali trees are calling problems in san diego. one fell in the parking lot in balboa park leaving at least two cars pinned under its desk under its trunk. no one was in the cars and officials claim strong santa ana wins that are bringing wind gusts between 45-75 miles an hour and some spot. >> now a check of your forecast. it's going to be a beautiful day and no rain in sight. take a look at the shot of the golden gate bridge. we are awaiting sunrise. for sunrise at that and temperatures are downright chilly near freezing for santa rosa in livermore. 36 in san jose and a bit more mild by the bay overall we are off to a chilly start thanks largely to clear skies overhead. why?
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this area of high pressure is giving us a blocking ridge pulling off the storm system and another one to ourselves. that means plenty of sunshine through the weekend through the first part of next week but watch what happens by midnight -- with -- midweek next week wednesday. we see an approaching storm system which brings our next winter storm. it doesn't look like it's going to be as strong or as wet as we saw last week but it could come with high winds. you had saturated soil and higher winds we can see minor issues. we are breaking it down and here is what to expect cold start to the morning and mild afternoon temperatures and that continues the rain holds off until wednesday and then we see a weaker storm than what we saw a couple of weeks we could still see minor issues due to winds associated with the storm and certainly any additional rainfall and any additional saturated soil could cause minor problems. as for today we are forecast around average and above average and some spots in the south bay topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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plenty of sunshine and inland in the east bay similar conditions, 61 brett would and 59 in pleasant hill. around the blake -- bay slightly cooler and 58 and adult -- alameda and 61 in santa rosa and up north mid to upper 50s for most spots in the far north. extended forecast shows again we say -- we stay dry and even monday looks nice and temperatures might warm up it. tuesday is our transition day and wednesday it looks like the storm moves in even with showers off-and-on through thursday and we start to dry out. here's dennis. >> is san francisco's sinking skyscrapers safe to live in? engineers say millennial power is seeking about an inch a year but inspectors found no evidence of life safety
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concerns. the even settlement is straining the foundation and electrical systems. it's not much but there's some relief for bay area renters. according to research firm the average year-to-year price fell last month down nearly 2.5% in the south bay, san francisco and on the peninsula. prices dropped less than 1% and this is the fourth consecutive month of falling prices. date area rents are still way higher than the national average. courtside is the best seat in the house. >> i'm sure it is. dennis o'donnell shows us sister francis has been there. >> she is a hall of famer for her contribution in the sacred heart athletic office. she has a confession. she is barely 4'9".
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>> i really wanted to be a nurse but they told me i was too short. >> the 81-year-old spent a lifetime of service to the church and to irish athletics for three decades. >> when i was in elementary school principal when we had basketball games and there was nobody to run the clock i started doing that too. >> she retired from teaching math choosing to work in the office and then the scores table in the evening. >> oh boy. >> at her age she still puts in 14 ours a day. >> best laid plans of mice and men. >> in line with volleyball off the ball meyer estimates she's worked over 1000 irish games. that's a lot of winning and losing. >> in the olden days it used to get me but that's the way the sport goes. >> the sister brings the corm to the table that sometimes is
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lost of visiting schools. >> i think what might be shocking is to see us sister at the table. >> okay. >> salty language? frowned upon. >> if they do it behind me i will turn around and say something. some will give me a look like who do you think you are. >> but that doesn't mean the sister isn't above some point edwards herself, or at least a stern look expect yeah, that was a foul. i will have some words with referees who reprimanded me for things because of my facial reaction. i get into the game. >> the freshman team.beat in overtime. the finish a bit of a hail mary. >> valley christian will get them next year, right? >> oh, i hope so. >> she sure is fun from one quart to another next showdown between sisters highlights the
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australia open as one of the williams brings home a major win. ,,
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a weed killer commonly used on produce "could" soon come with a cancer warning in california. here's a look at what it means for you. knife sound good morning and welcome back. it's time for our consumer watch weekend segment. weed killer commonly used to produce could soon come with the cancer warning here is a look at what it means for you. no matter how you slice it many are concerned about month sandals roundup. weed killer used by california commerce and
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on many crops worldwide. since it was approved the weed killers active ingredient has been officially regarded as safe but in 2015 cancer experts with the who classified the chemical as carcinogenic to animals and is a probable comment -- carcinogenic and to humans. under prop 65 we are required to provide a list of chemicals that cause cancer. this binding can trigger inclusion on our list. >> sam dawson has explained products that expose californians to one of the chemicals must come with a warning. monte -- monsanto sued say they must find it on state or federal data. a federal judge disagreed in the tentative ruling. scientist insist the chemical is safe in question who finding. >> the data they look at the cherry pick and they interpret the studies differently than the researchers who did it
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expect the chemical is classified as low toxicity is the e.p.a. but it does recommend people avoid entering a field after 12 hours. protesters claim the roundup cause them or their loved ones cancer. if the state moves forward there would be a one year grace period to develop a level of exposure that doesn't cause a significant risk to health and would not require a warning. >> we could end up with warnings in the produce aisle. >> we don't know if there would be warnings for fruits and vegetables but it is a possibility. >> he notes other states and laws and regulations limit pesticide residue on produce so that -- it's not clear how lie -- how high the glycol say levels would be. monsanto will continue to fight it. joining us is ryan berg off the center for food safety. monsanto says glycol safe desk
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glycol state is safe. what is your concern? >> the agency for research on cancer which is a branch of the who and funded by 25 different governments including the united states they determined that it's a probable carcinogen and they are the gold standard of science. they have strict transparency procedures and conflict of interest procedures and all of their work is peer-reviewed. so we listen to that sign and will be here a factual determination from them we take it seriously. >> let's talk about this lawsuit california wants to add glycol to its list of cancer- causing chemicals in monsanto stopped it based on the data and they said we should base it on our own government data. explain the lawsuit and how you became involved. >> okay so under prop 65 it's a
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voter initiative legislation and they decided that if anything is a note or possible carcinogenic guest cars so -- cancer-causing -- >> it would come with the warning so you know it would be there. >> we became involved because center for food safety -- safety protects health and the environment from harms associated with harmful crew -- food production technology we are expert with the glycol and the process and the who and we believe their evidence is correct. they looked at new rat studies and studies on farmers that showed their is a link between that and non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> it can and does use the findings to add a chemical to the list in the called it gold standard. want to read a statement which notes that regulators around the world including the usepa and
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the european food safety authority and the state of california have determined that it does not cause cancer. the agency is flawed wanting to list it and it contradicts california's own scientific assessment but violates the california and the u.s. constitution. it is referencing a 2007 study by the same agency agency that wants to list the chemical did a study 10 years ago and they said it was unlikely to pose a cancer hazard so how is it that the data is so different? >> three things. one the e.p.a. and these government agencies they create regulation and policy. the who does not do that. their only job is to make a scientific factual determination. the standards are different. the government agency does a
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risk assessment. instead of deciding whether it is or is not they decide at what level is there a risk for cancer. so they say one and 1 million. f1 in 1 million people get cancer it's an acceptable risk and if it's less than that they are saying there is no risk. what the health organization does they say weather or not something is or is a carcinogen at any level. >> thank you for being here. it's a tentative ruling and we will wait to see what happens but for more information had to our website and over to you. new this morning serena williams just made history at the australian open. hours ago she beat venus to claim her 23rd major singles title and break the record she held by steffi graf. this was the ninth time the sisters met. it mean serena has reclaimed
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the number one world ranking and out to our sports roundup. >> good morning, everybody. what a match what a show. venus and serena williams will expound upon that in the later shows today but let me show you about last night. the men had the night off but the ladies were working. cal basketball washington state as the huskies just to our them apart seventh-ranked for a reason. this is battling romeo. he was in the zone last night. hokies had 12-three-pointers and romeo had 10 of them. nine of the 1st half she scored 32 and they rent cal out of the gym 90-67. cal 2-6 after starting the season 13 and oh tomorrow a host tenth ranked stanford cardinals . two shy of a thousand career
7:27 am
when. stanford a nice confidence builder and read and that was carly samuelson hanging three from the corner and she scored 16 and here they are running the floor and alana smith closes that break in stamford 176-54. a big win tomorrow. stanford washington. the women's double in the australian open and this is how they felt about it. are you feeling it? you have that in front of you? go ahead. how about the greatest flop of all times. the state of oregon's dillon brook the best player on the team. look at that. untouched any blocks. the rectory did not call to follow. that is sports at this hour and everybody have a great saturday and we are coming back later in the day with more from
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the australian open. ,, creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one.
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. live from the cbs bay area studios this is "kpix5" news. it's just about 7:30 on saturday, january 28th. maria has the weekend off. >> we will get started this half-hour with a check of your forecast. taking a look outside at the
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golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to your day. chilly especially for some spots inland and temperatures hovering near freezing. 34 in livermore and 36 in san jose. more mild by the bay and 40 for oakland and mid-40s for san francisco. later today it's a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and we are staying dry for at least the next few days. temperatures in the mid 50s by midday warming up into the low 60s in the south bay and later on many locations we see temperatures topping out in the low 60s and in terms of rain we are going to get more of it until midweek. right now we're looking great when it comes to rainfall totals. over 200% for san francisco and 304 north bay in inland locations and we talk more in a bit. >> the manhunt for a dangerous fugitive led police on the 32 hour man hunt is over. a bank robbery suspect who sparked a manhunt was caught in
7:32 am
san jose yesterday. chopper five captured the moment the suspect tried to make a run for. he ran down train tracks with cops close behind. 's big mistake was running into a building under construction where he was surrounded. >> i went out to check my mail and they said you need to go back inside and we had seen the helicopters for about an hour. >> two other men were arrested and police have not released what role each man played in the bank robbery or chase. >> today a family -- a family will hold a march and vigil. 21- year-old angel was killed in today's march will be held outside the city's police department. ramos was attacking someone with the night when they arrived it happened monday morning. please say he was struggling with the teenager was hanging on his back and according to petey they felt the teen's life
7:33 am
was in danger and they opened fire. the d.a. is now investigating. now to president donald trump's first week to the white house. mr. trump took steps to build up the military and clampdown on immigration. >> to keep radical islamic terrorist out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> it stops people from iraq, syria, somali -- amalia or yemen for 90 days and's opponents -- the refugee program for four months until members of the cabinet leave a person is properly vetted. >> we want to make sure we're not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. >> the president said christians will be given priority. >> if you were a christian in syria it's impossible or tough to get into the united states. if you are a muslim you could
7:34 am
come in. i thought it was very, very unfair so we're going to help them. >> critics say the order hurts more than it helps. >> we need muslim allies if we are going to be successful. >> president trump signed an executive action to increase military spending getting new planes tools and ships. >> our military strength will be questioned by no one but neither will our dedication to piece. we do want peace. [applause] today thos president trump's pledge to repeal and replace obamacare is causing supervisors to take action local along the holding a town hall meeting to discuss what would happen if congress repeals the healthcare law. it starts at 10:30 at the first -- first christian church of concord. nancy pelosi is criticizing the trump administration. she warns that repealing would
7:35 am
have catastrophic effects. >> the number of uninsured americans will increase by $18 million in the first year alone surging to 32 million by 2026. the cost of premiums for americans and an individual market would doubled during the same time with the repeal of the affordable care act. >> she went on to say the number of people who took part in the women's march outnumbered those who attended the inauguration. tomorrow morning k px five weighs in on the first week plus our political insiders break down mr. trump's executive actions and that's coming up tomorrow morning at 7:30 right here on "kpix5" extract is christie will not be charged in the so-called bridge gate scandal. >> this after prosecutors said they will not pursue misconduct charges because they could not likely prove them. prosecutors allege christie had a hand in closing lanes on the
7:36 am
george washington pitch -- bridge which snarled traffic. they say it was an act of political revenge. >> 7:35 in caltrans is closing niles canyon road search for the body of a missing teenager has been one week since gina dinkins skidded off the road and crashed into the surging alameda creek during a rainstorm chopper five video shows a small army of volunteers searching the area today more than 100 trained rescue workers will search from the air and water and ground with the help of drones, helicopters and dogs there focusing on the to mine -- two- mile area between mission boulevard and the bridge where the teens car plunged into a walk -- into the water. she was studying to be a social worker and on her way to the bay area to visit friends. new video sent in by a viewer shows emergency crews are on the scene of a cliff rescue. it happened around 9:00 near
7:37 am
monterey and a man fell off the cliff and into the ocean. it took rescuers nearly two hours to bring him back up to safety and no word on his condition. just two days after pg&e sentencing for the explosion protests are planned because of other reported leaks in northern california. at least 34 natural gas leaks have been reported in the city of folsom. the company says 29 have been fixed. since wednesday the leaks are due to a buildup of gas from the distribution center. they're working quickly to stop risks of explosion. >> there are surveys that are hypersensitive late linked and we are working to make sure we find issues and fix them immediately expect gas leaks are fueling a lot of frustration of folsom neighbors and impacted areas are planning a protest against pg&e today. the trial against a man
7:38 am
killing a teenager nearly five years ago is set to begin on monday. she disappeared on the way to the school bus stop in the march of 2012 and her body was never found. 25-year-old torres on circumstantial evidence including dna consistent with his found on her clothing. if garcia torres is convicted the jury would decide to sentence him to life without parole or the death penalty. up next. under construction and when work is getting underway and what you need to know to avoid delays . >> plus homes in peril. the damage left behind after landslide hits and why a southern california neighborhood is blaming the city instead of recent storms. >> a live look outside this morning at ocean beach where we are hoping for clear skies and the beautiful day in store details coming up. l ki nine this mo first on today's community calendar. a chance to give back. volunteered to help clean up pink trngle park in san
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francisco. also happening the san francisco zoo is offering free admission to celebrate the chinese new year and it's open until 5:00 p.m. and if you feel like shopping the treasure island fleamarket opens at 10:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> 96.5 feel good while you work. k lit. -- ko it. ,,,,
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traffic in oakland is getting worst--due to unprecedented levels of tourism. time now 7:42. more they area headlines. for traffic in oakland is getting worse due to unprecedented levels of towards him. hospitality jobs have out pieced every other industry hike of 12% in a three-year. in 2015 alone 3.5 million people visited the city prompting $795 million -- pumping 75 million -- 700 and -- pumping $795 million into the bay. an agreement was abruptly postponed after the privately owned angel island to brown company threatened to sue. commuters will not be stranded. the fleet will operate until it
7:43 am
sorted out. a commuter alert in the north bay. construction on the bridge could impact your drive to work starting monday night the san what did mainstreet offramp will be shut down nightly from 7:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the on ramp will be closed from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. as part of an effort to convert the shoulder to a third lane during evening, temporary striping and barriers were installed to protect construction workers among 580 next month crews will relocate a water main to in san francisco boulevard and the eastbound on and off ramps. this just in. all lanes on highway 37 are back open. eastbound lanes were opened earlier this week after last weekend's storms flooded the four lane stretch of highway. crews pumped out the water and fix clogged drains. the recent rain made it
7:44 am
dangerous in san clemente and now it's worse. homeowner sued the city for failing to maintain the jury -- drain plate. the city just settled a $10.5 million lawsuit after heavy rains this week the land continued to erode. >> we are orange right now but everything else down the street is red flagged and you can't live there. >> if you see the houses there street patios and falling off because there's nothing to hold the dirt up. >> the hearing is planned to get emergency repaired -- emergency repair started. >> while we are getting a break at least for a few more days and today plenty of sunshine. take a look at this gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the downright chilly and near freezing. 36 in san jose and 34 in livermore and we were down to freezing in livermore earlier and more mild by the day. overall chilly and nice mild afternoon thanks in part to
7:45 am
this and thanks primarily to the high pressure in place. it created a blocking ridge and in the meantime it meets clear skies but nice mild temperatures in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine. changes midweek next week wednesday into thursday and it will bring the rain. not as wet and strong of a storm as what we saw last week but any rain and we could see relatively high winds with this system and see minor issues. this weekend cold morning and mild afternoon and plenty of sunshine. the rain holds off until wednesday and really nice and clouds tuesday. the weaker storm moves in and we say weaker wednesday and thursday we could see minor issues due to the wind and already saturated soil it's not
7:46 am
expected to be a strong storm. high temperatures today right around or just about average in we're topping out in the low 60s for the warmest spots in the south bay and similar conditions for folks in the east bay, 61 in livermore 58 in vallejo. around the bay temperatures upper 50s in simpson beach at 56 and 61 in santa rosa. farther north mid 50s for lake port clearlake and ukiah. if you're looking for something to do maybe you have something -- maybe you have a day off head out to the high country. 45 degrees and plenty of sunshine for tomorrow and sunny and mild and great skiing conditions. and here is a look at your extended forecast where we see plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. nice on monday and rain moves in on wednesday and thursday and looks to be drying out on saturday back to you. today oakland the fans have a chance to get up close with their heroes the team is
7:47 am
holding a fan fest starting at 11:00. it's been held at the coliseum and for the first time fan fest is free free. >> interesting details about the raiders possible move to las vegas the franchise is proposed $1 million -- a $1 annual rent to play in the $2 billion stadium according to a reporter from the las vegas review journal drug -- doug through the draft with the stadium of 40 -- >> three movies are vying for the number one spot. split came in at number one. >> this was me and then this with me. >> it looked like a weekend favorite until and edited video went viral showing a dial resisting jumping into turbulent water. the producers saw it filming in the dog was in danger.
7:48 am
analyst not sure whether the controversy will stop people from keeping split the number one top movie. >> resident evil the final chapter and expected $15 million review the franchise based on the videogame series will be knocking on the door of $1 billion in total block -- box office sales. >> what are we talking about? >> a mainstream. right here. in indonesia that's where we find the goal. >> matthew mcconnaughhay stars in gold. the unlikely ventures of a real life prospector. they forecast a 5-$8 million to deal. still ahead. meet our pet of the week and how -- and how you can help you can help this dog and other dogs in
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biggles is in need of a new home. joining us now with more on how you can adopt the pup is kristin hoff of muttville senior dog it's time now for our pet of the week segment. bagels is in need of a good home. he's adorable. how you can adopt this hot -- this puppy, let's start out with the important step. why should somebody adopt him? >> these old dogs are so ready for a new beginning. his owner surrendered him in l.a. and so he is just nice and quite and likes to hang out and if you have to go to work he can rest while you were there and go for short walk. >> he sounds like the perfect dog. >> tell us about senior dogs. what do you need to know? >> short. senior dogs are bit more relaxed the oftentimes haverty come from homes and so they know the whole situation and they are
7:52 am
great companions and they are so grateful once they get into your home. >> he is so mellow. he sitting here and hanging out you have a senior dog rescue event coming up. >> every saturday and sunday we have open houses at our headquarters on alabama street and anyone can stop in and we have so many great dogs big to small and our dog start at seven years old and worked their way up. this guy is around 13 but we have great dogs to meet. >> are there any restrictions or homes you won't let older dogs go to? i have a toddler. we have an older dog. >> that's a great question. we do have dogs that are good with kids and dogs that are good with cats and a whole range of dogs because i adopted one to family yesterday who had a one and a half-year-old. we can let you come in and we do a lot of matchmaking. that's what the weekends are
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great for and everyone finds their new home. >> valentine's day and your new -- looking for a new love this guy is ready to go home with you. thank you so much for joining us today and thank you so much for bringing him alone. >> thanks for having us. if you're interested you can look -- learn more had to our website cbs and we will look at your final final stories of next. or smack -- ,,,,he phone
7:54 am
with russian president vladimir putin. this comes a day after mr. trump sign a final look at top stories. residents of is scheduled to talk with vladimir putin one- day after mr. trump signed an executive order to immediately begin what he calls extreme vetting of refugees. >> the bank robbery suspect who sparked a manhunt was finally caught in san jose's japan town two other men were arrested and police have not released details on what role those men's may have played in the
7:55 am
bank robbery or chase. caltrans is closing niles canyon road to search for the body of a missing teenager it's been a week since 18-year-old jaden jenkins crashed into the surging alameda creek during a rainstorm. more than 100 trained rescue workers are searching the area. two days after the sentencing of the sammartino explosion, protesters are protesting because of other leaks. 34 natural gas leaks have been reported in the city of olsen and 29 have been fixed since wednesday. the oakland a's is holding a fan fest at jack london square at 11:00 a.m. it's been held in the coliseum in the past and for the first time it's free. time for a final check of our forecast. we are looking at a beautiful weekend. if you like the sunshine and a lot of folks could use a break from the rain. >> after two weeks we need
7:56 am
sunshine. >> a lot of reporters are looking for a break as well. and we really do need it weatherwise. we have a lot of saturated soil and here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge we will see a lot of sunshine and high clouds. off to a chilly start and if you're heading out the door maybe heading out to breakfast temperatures in the 30s for san jose and santa rosa in livermore in concord and 40s by the bay and more mild but still chilly start and you can see the flag is blowing in the wind on the golden gate bridge. certainly easy conditions along the coast and around the bay. "futurecast" takes a through the day we look to the south a warming up to mid 50s by about lunch time later on today temperatures warming into the low 60s for places like san jose and folks inland going to see temperatures in the low 60s as well and then a bit cooler in the upper 50s around the bait for portions of the north bay pick similar condition slightly warmer and we do stay
7:57 am
dry as i mentioned through the extended forecast. here is a quick look at the rainfall. we're more than 250% of average in san francisco and almost 300% of average in the north bay and 301% for many of inland locations. we are getting more rain on the way and dry for the next couple of days and temperatures warm on monday. tuesday is a transition day wednesday into thursday we see our next system. it will be a strong but with already saturated soil we could see gusty winds and we might see a few problems with the storm but it's not going to be the drench are we saw over the last couple of weeks. pick up the umbrellas and and average winter storm is heading our way. >> nice. time to say thank you for watching "kpix5" news this morning and we will be back tomorrow at 7:30. enjoy yourself. enforcement ,,
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