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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this apartment building. he was running from a swarm of police officers. >> he looked exhausted. he looked like he had been up all night. if that's indeed the suspect we believe it is, another live look from chopper 5, and you can see the area completely cordoned off. emergency vehicles moving in. s.w.a.t. has been after this guy for at least 24 hours. again, they believe they are cornering and moving in on a suspect who robbed a bank of america in scotts valley. the area has been closed off to the public an evacuations are under way right now. that's the very latest from our helicopter. >> and as you can see there, police are really focusing in on this building. we are told this is an apartment complex around 8:th street. not far from san jose says japantown. we have seen these s.w.a.t. officers swarming this building for the past hour or so. we also possibly spotted the suspect running along that
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area. we are told there are train tracks in the area that he was weaving out from the train tracks. and earlier today, police located the officer's vehicle that the suspects apparently stole and there was actual police equipment inside the vehicle. kiet do has been monitoring the story since yesterday and he has more. >> reporter: it has been a frustrating day and a half for law enforcement in the south bay. the bank robber has stolen not one or two but now likely three vehicles. >> late this morning, that a unmarked law enforcement vehicle was reported stolen in the vicinity. >> reporter: it's a 2009 silver chevy malibu similar to this one. it's not clear who it belonged to but santa clara county sheriff's office says it is not theirs. >> it was not involved in the search. it was a law enforcement vehicle parked at a residence. and we do not disclose stolen vehicle information regarding any victim and we will not in
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this case. >> reporter: this began yesterday at 10 a.m. when the suspect robbed a bank in scotts valley then got into a pursuit on highway 17. scotts valley police officers rammed the getaway car but the suspect jumped out and ran on foot and one officer fired at least one shot probably missing him. that sparked a big manhunt near redwood estates that closed the freeway for nine hours. then at 10 p.m. he broke into this house on weaver road held a woman at knifepoint -- changed his clothes -- >> we have an update. someone is in custody assuming it's the suspect we spotted frchopper 5 a few moments ago. police have surrounded him and are now giving us confirmation that this is the bank robbery suspect that they have been looking for, for more than 24 hours. the individual they suspect in scotts valley burglary and taking off and running into the redwood estates neighborhood up
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there and hiding out. we had a report at one point there was a woman who said she saw a guy in her home with a knife held her at knifepoint while he changed clothes took her husband's clothes. >> her husband's clothes. >> and then took off again. >> took off again this is on 8th street in san jose near japantown. this is a construction site. it's an apartment complex under construction. this entire area near the train tracks on 8th street in san jose has been closed off. officers have been swarming the area for an hour. as you can see, they have confirmed they have the suspect in custody in handcuffs. how did he get from 17 to san jose? it was a stolen vehicle, a law enforcement vehicle, a chevy malibu 2009 silver, somehow in individual suspected of getting into that car and driving it all the way down to san jose. they find the car, they stop,
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search and they spot the guy. probably from the chp helicopter. we don't know for sure what other information police are using. but we do know that they have confirmed for us this is the suspect and you see him seated there on the pavement in front of that cruiser. and, um, the number of officers involved in this, we can see, at least a dozen on the ground and who knows how many more on the south bay and massive manhunt that went all night into the morning and into the afternoon. >> it's been an incredible 24 hours from the search for this suspect and as you can see right there live the apprehension. we'll have more from kiet do coming up later in the newscast. now to president donald trump's first 100 days. >> the president is ordering strict new screening for refugees to keep radical islamic terrorism out of the united states. cbs reporter weijia jang has more on the president's first white house visit by a foreign
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leader. [ applause ] >> reporter: president donald trump signed two new executive orders at the pentagon friday afternoon. one is to rebuild the military the other to implement extreme vetting procedures for refugees coming into the united states from countries with connections to terrorism. >> i'm establishing new vetting, measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want 'em here. >> reporter: earlier the president and british prime minister theresa may pledged to work together on strengthening trade alliances during a joint news conference at the white house. >> today the united states renews our deep bond with britain, military, financial, cultural, and political. >> reporter: may's visit comes as britain wrestles with fighting radical islamic terrorism the future of nato and its exit from the european union. >> i think a trade deal between the u.s. and uk is in the
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national interest of both countries. >> reporter: tomorrow president trump is scheduled to have his first phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin since taking office. and the intelligence community's conclusion russia tried to interfere with the u.s. election results. there's also speculation mr. trump is considering lifting sanctions against russia. >> mr. trump swore in general james mattis as secretary of defense at the pentagon following his meeting with prime minister may. >> that was weijia jang reporting. thousands of pro-life advocates hit the streets of washington, dc today for the annual march for life. and this year, the event included one unprecedented guest, the vice president. >> we are the pro-life generation!! >> the crowd made its way from the national mall to the steps of the supreme court. the march for life walks this route every year to mark the
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anniversary of the 1973 roe v. wade ruling which legalized abortion. vice president pence was there becoming the highest ranking official speaking at the event. >> life is winning again in america. [ applause and cheers ] >> we will not rest until we restore a culture of life in america for ourselves and our posterity. >> many at the march hope a new supreme court nominee will stand on their side. president trump is expected to announce his choice for the vacant seat next week. >> we decided to see who he puts on the supreme court so we can overturn roe v. wade and abolish abortion in our lifetime. >> in the east bay it appears someone is throwing objects or shooting at cars from an overpass near lafayette. the highway patrol says there's been an increase in drivers reporting broken windows along highway 24 near the el portola
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overpass. no clues to go on. the chp now asking drivers on highway 24 to pay attention to anything suspicious. we now know what killed a berkeley couple and their cats inside their home earlier this week, sources telling kpix 5 that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. 35-year-old roger morash was a game developer and his 32-year- old wife, valerie, a reason searcher at uc-berkeley. their bodies found monday in a fourplex on deakin street in berkeley where the couple lived for years. a memorial service for them will be held tonight at 6 p.m. at the ed roberts campus on adeline street in berkeley. new clues in the murder of a castro valley woman. 59-year-old andria st. john was found dead after a fire in her home on grove way last month. now the sheriff's department says they have developed at least one person of interest. they want to interview the man seen in this surveillance video from the night of december 12th.
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sources tell kpix 5 he was inside st. john's home before the fire. he was driving a 2011 to 2013 silver toyota corolla. st. john was only person inside the home when the fire broke out. fire investigators say it started in the attic. they believe it was set to cover up the crime scene. a major breach this evening for popular san francisco solar company. a hacker impersonating sun run solar ceo somehow was able to get tax forms, social security numbers and salary details of many current and former employees. sunrun solar has about 4,000 workers nationwide. it's unclear exactly how many are affected. around the bay area and around the world millions are kicking off celebrations for the lunar new year which happens tomorrow. a new year gala will be televised in china including over the top displays. 13,000 performers. include
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children dressed up as baby roosters. 2017 is the year of the rooster. kpix 5's da lin is al taking part in the festivities in oakland. this is huge in the bay area, da. >> reporter: yeah, big, because we have a lot of asian- americans here in the bay area. now, today is actually lunar new year eve but celebration starts tonight with a big meal perhaps the most important meal for most asian-american families. think of it as christmas and thanksgiving meal combined into one. it started with a bang this afternoon. actually a lot of bangs. [ inaudible ] [ indiscernible ] >> chase the bad spirits away and bring all the good luck parts of chinatown are covered in red, red envelopes, red decorations and bright tangerines. the color red is supposed to
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bring good fortune and good health. >> it's exciting. it's busy. you know, it's heady. >> reporter: the normally busy chinatown is seeing even bigger crowds of last-minute shoppers. no place to park and very little room to walk. long lines at the chinese markets and restaurants where people are buying chicken, roast duck and barbecue pork for tonight's dinner. >> for a lot of chinese families today is about decorating and cooking all the prep work like housecleaning and getting the red envelopes ready. those are things that are done a few days before. my mom invited us into her home this afternoon as she was wrapping the food in red paper. pop was busy cleaning the family shrine. he wants to make sure everything is in place for tonight's dinner. in fact, a lot of asian- american parents made sure their kids are coming home. >> kids like it. >> kids, grandkids all together. have to have -- it's a tradition. >> reporter: folks born in the year of the rooster are
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supposed to be hard workers because they are the first ones to wang and they are always on time apparently. they are the first ones to wake up and apparently they're always on time. da lin, kpix 5. a bay area man goes above and beyond for a complete stranger. >> coming up, the sacrifice he happily is making in order to save another man's life. ,, ,,,,,,
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. the man wanted for bank rob and a wild getaway in the s bay. we have more now on our breaking news. just minutes ago police arresting the man wanted for bank robbery in a wild getaway in the south bay. >> these are live pictures now of that suspect under arrest. we're also hearing he may be injured. um, we're not quite sure in what capacity. but the paramedics have been called to the scene. and they are attending to him
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right now as that suspect is under arrest. >> of course we're staying on top of the situation. we'll, um, continue to report on it and get back to you if anyone changes. a life-saving donation you will only see on kpix 5. a member of the san francisco gay men's choir giving his liver to the choir member that he replaced even though he never knew him. >> kpix 5's susie steimle is here on the recipient who waited almost a decade for this moment. >> reporter: this is the day ross has been waiting for. >> eight long years. just hoping and keeping my phone with me 24/7 just hoping that there would be a call. >> reporter: that wait ends today. dave andrade will donate half his liver to save his life. >> it's going to hurt but we both know that. >> life from here on out is going to be different. >> reporter: it's an invasive painful surgery that will have both men adjusting their diets
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and physical capabilities for the next six months. >> the painful transition from bed to chair to walking around slowly but surely, um, it's not necessarily the removal of the liver that's so dramatic. it's the fact that they have to cut through the abdominal wall to get to it. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: ross has been waiting for a liver transplant since 2008. but the health complications started earlier than that. in '87 he got hiv. by '96 he lost most of his vision due to the virus and then came the liver failure. ever since he has been looking for a match. he found much more than that in dave andrade. >> it's true brotherhood. there's no other way to explain it. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: we first introduced you to ross and dave back in december. the night before the san francisco gay men's chorus holiday concert. ross and dave never sang in the chorus together instead ross left the chorus on medical leave and dave took his place. dave heard the story through the chorus and decided to find out if he could save the life
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of a man he never met. >> it seemed like it was meant to be like he was the one ross had been waiting for. >> i'm a spiritual person and i joke that that's what needs to happen. it was like this not coincidence that this is happened. >> reporter: ross doesn't see it that way. after all, who would call 30 years of serious health complications destiny? >> it just took the -- the right minds, the right people, the right attitudes, to come together. >> reporter: close friends will say it's his sense of humor even about this major surgery. >> propofol. and no, i'm not michael jackson. >> reporter: it kept him alive all this time. but for the man who seems to always have a witty comeback when it comes to dave's gift it's hard to find the right words. >> um ... i'm i think he is amazing. >> because to him, it's not an
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act of god or an outside force that made this happen. it's simply a perfect match. >> both ross and dave will be in the icu for the next several days. ross' recovery will be longer and with a liver transplant their diets will be limited, no sugar, no alcohol, no grains for months and we'll be checking in with both of them early next week. well, looks like the stanford band will be back on the field sooner than anyone thought. they were reinstated today after the band submitted a comprehensive self-improvement plan. they were suspended in december for repeated conduct violations and were supposed to sit out the rest of the school year. but if an oversight committee gives them the okay they could be back at home games by the end of the winter quarter. an east bay soccer field is destroyed. school officials say this is the second act of vandalism
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just this week. take a look at the damage done at contra costa christian school. tire tracks can be seen throughout the soccer field. school leaders say the field was ravaged twice this week. >> early this week we started middle school boys soccer practice and we are having to do it up on our asphalt court and right here on the softball field because the field is just so torn up we can't play on it right now. >> the head of the school says it will take thousands of dollars to fix. donations are being accepted on facebook or its website. police in menlo park will soon be mellowing out after the city council approved a $60,000 retreat to oregon. it's aimed at helping officers emphathize with others. there's also calming activities like meditation and yoga. if this first trip goes well, menlo park could pay another
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$120,000 to take the entire police force on the retreat. but they say don't expect to see officers on duty doing yoga poses. ♪[ music ] hard to drive a car in yoga poses. if you are making plans for the weekend change them if they don't involve getting outside. it is going to be spectacular! as a matter of fact, it's going to be warmer than we first thought. we'll talk about that change coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, what could be the beginnings of a california tax revolt? only on "5," the first talk of a plan to starve the trump administration of much-needed tax dollars.
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the ever changing san francisco skyline looking excellent post sunset. look at the colors in the sky. you can see the "salesforce" tower now taller than the pyramid and the crane still making it that much hire. san francisco, oakland and santa rosa at 57. concord 58. livermore cool at 51.
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we are going to be chilly in the morning over the weekend. milder weather, but not in the morning. it will be subfreezing or right after freezing in concord, livermore, fairfield, santa rosa north bay and east bay valleys will be chilly. fremont tonight 36. san jose 36 degrees. let's talk about lake tahoe. no snow for so many years. now arguably too much snow the ski resorts had to close. power is out in a few spots for more than a week. all of that is gone. rear view mirror. please go enjoy lake tahoe one weekend this winter or more because look at the weather. 39 degrees sunshine tomorrow. 45 on sunday. with sunshine. skiing will be fantastic for the next several months. do yourself a favor and go spend some time in the sierra over the next couple of months. it just looks fantastic. high pressureling with in. it's going to be visiting for the weekend. the strongest closest it will be, will be saturday and sunday. this big ridge of high pressure will do what it did too much of for the past five years which is block the storms and give us
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too much sunny dry weather. that's why we were in a drought past tense. now we can enjoy some sunny dry weather because we didn't have it for a while. temperatures topping out at 60 degrees tomorrow in san jose. mainly sunny skies should be absolutely beautiful outside. enjoy your saturday and sunday the weekend weather will be cold in the morning but sunny and mild in the afternoon. rain is going to hold off until wednesday evening. so now most of wednesday is also looking dry. and as for this particular storm, we'll have to qualify storms because we just had several really rough ones this one looks like a more normal winter storm with flooding not likely. highs tomorrow san jose 61. concord 59. san francisco 57. napa 58. tri-valley 61 with sunshine. one or two degrees warmer sunday. warmest day will be monday but that's also when we go cloudy most people heading back to work. 60 near the bay. mid-60s inland. rain late wednesday. if i had to circle one day to be the wettest that would absolutely be next thursday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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bound to make you smile. untry have we have just what you need on this friday. a twitter battle that's bound to make you smile. zoos across the country joined in on a little friendly competition. oh, my goodness. tweeting out their most adorable animals. it started with the smithsonian national zoo tweeting a picture of a gray seal pup. look at those little tigers. after that it was game on! the bronx zoo, zoo atlanta and
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others joined in including the san francisco zoo. earlier this week an adorable photo of a hedgehog. beautiful. >> now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. president trump orders a crackdown on immigration for many muslim nations. the woman who caused the lynching of em mett till recanted. and steve hartman meets a hard- hitting teacher on the road. >> that's it for the kpix 5 news at 5:00. veronica and i will be right back here at 6:00. we'll have all the latest on the apprehension that bank robbery suspect in the south bay. and we'll have more shots from chopper 5 no doubt. have a great evening. ♪[ music ] captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> pelley: with the stroke of a pen, the president locks the door. he orders extreme vetting gnsigned to keep out islamic terrorists. >> big stuff. >> pelley: also tonight, a white woman takes back the story that led to the lynching of emmitt till more than 60 years ago. will the product you buy to kill weeds kill you? the question at the center of a court battle. n d, steve hartman with syther. this is not his day job-- >> i put the wrestling on the resume, and that's what got me the job. >> pelley: he does it for kicks. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: citing the terroris


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