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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: two days to trump. negative polls, but positive thoughts. >> the president-elect and our whole team are ready to go to work. >> i'm not a betting man, but i guess i'm a betting man on this one. >> at my core, i think we're going to be okay. >> pelley: also tonight, trump nominees under fire. >> did you propose to cut $1 trillion from medicaid? >> do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> pelley: it sounds like you just raised a moral objection to rex tillerson, who has been nominated for secretary of state. a former president in intensive care. and she forgives the woman who kidnapped her because she's the only mom she ever knew. >> when who've been loved the
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way i have, you understand why. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, reporting tonight from washington. >> pelley: this is our western edition. donald trump's first battle as president may be to convince the people that he is as popular as he says he is. a new cbs news poll out tonight finds only 32% of americans have a favorable opinion. no president-elect has rated that low since we first asked that question in 1981. "cbs this morning" co-host charlie rose talked today with the vice president-elect, mike pence. >> reporter: you enter this white house and this city with the lowest approval ratings of any person who's assumed the presidency. what kind of challenge is that? and at the same time, how important is it to double the
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efforts to reunite because of that? >> i think the american people are going to see a president inaugurated this friday who is going to keep the promise he made on election night, to be president of all of the people of this country. i have to tell you that the polls weren't always right during the election year, so i am a little skeptical about the polls going into inauguration, but i can tell you that the president-elect and our whole team are ready to go to work and really just advance the kind of policies that-- to borrow his phrase-- will make america great again. >> pelley: don't miss charlie's interview first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." what will mr. trump say in his first speech as president? well, our chief white house correspondent major garrett has learned some of the details and joins us this evening. major, what do you know? >> reporter: scott, that slogan "make america great again," the speech is going to be about defining what that means, two big broad goals in the country in pursuit of renewal. more economic growth defined not just by more jobs but better
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paying jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector and on security, reducing, in possible, the fear about terrorism with a concentrated effort to beat isis, broad goals defined in action words, and as much as possible, nonpartisan and populist. the draft put together by steve miller, the policy director for the trump campaign and the transition team now being worked over by the president-elect, kellyanne conway, steve bannon, reince priebus also involved in it. runs 20-25 minutes. it's getting a bit longer because as more people contribute, speeches tend to get longer not shorter. >> pelley: now mr. trump has promised immediate change. what can we look for on day one? >> reporter: fascinating when they gave him a schedule for inauguration he said he wanted to skip the luncheon and go right to the white house and sign things. we can look for executive orders on three big topics, taking away some aspects of obamacare through executive action, exploring energy, and taking away some of the obama
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administration efforts on immigration. >> pelley: major garrett, thanks. today, the trump nominee for ambassador to the united nations distanced herself from the president-elect on russia. south carolina governor nikki haley told senators "i don't think we can trust them." for about a week, we've been reporting here on that supposed russian dossier on mr. trump that detailed completely unproven tales of sexual misconduct. the dossier fell into the hands of the u.s. government months ago, and now charlie d'agata has found the man who gave it credibility. >> anybody has reason to be concerned if they think the future president of the united states is somehow under russian or any other tutelage. >> reporter: it was the persistent rumors of the dossier that had sir andrew wood most concerned, explosive material that could allow the russians to blackmail the president-elect. the retired ambassador to russia was concerned enough that he met
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with senator john mccain at a security conference last november. >> it seemed to me that it was right, knowing that i had the chance to see him, to speak to the senator, that it was only right for me to say, "this does exist." >> reporter: the dossier does contain unverified allegations of mr. trump's sexual behavior and potential bribes. mr. trump says it's complete fabrication. the report was compiled by former british spy christopher steele. you know him. what kind of man is he? >> he's an honest professional. and nobody in his position would wish to make this sort of stuff up. it, after all, is potentially dangerous for him. >> reporter: steele has now fled his home southwest of london and has gone into hiding. wood told us he doesn't know if the allegations are true, but the tactic of sexual entrapment by russia's intelligence services, the f.s.b., is widespread. >> it's just a very common
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practice. for the f.s.b. to say they never use it is-- laughable. >> reporter: in 2013, mr. trump returned to moscow for the miss universe pageant and used the occasion to try and develop other business ties. >> no one i suppose knew that he was going to become president then, but why not give it a go and stick it away for possible use later? >> reporter: because that's what russians do. >> yes. >> reporter: wood told us he's not surprised christopher steele has gone to ground, scott. aside from journalists trying to track him down, there will be a number of russians wanting to know his sources and where he got his information. >> pelley: charlie d'agata reporting from london. well, today, senator john mccain told us that he took that russian dossier from ambassador wood and walked it into f.b.i. director james comey. mccain said he was surprised that the president and mr. trump were later briefed on the document when there was no proof that it was true. mccain is chairman of the armed
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services committee. and he told us that he has not decided whether he can support mr. trump's nominee for secretary of state. former exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson. >> i am very concerned about someone who took a friendship award from vladimir putin, who is a butcher. and actually what vladimir putin is, he's a k.g.b. agent. that's all. he wants to restore the russian empire. >> pelley: you cannot support tillerson's nomination? >> i have concerns and i've had several conversations with him, and he has made a strong case that his job as the-- one of the world's largest corporations is very different from that of our secretary of state. and, frankly, i have a tendency to believe him. hviously, he's been a great success in business. but i really would like to see more of this issue of what america stands for. >> pelley: your mind's not made
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up then. >> no. >> pelley: what are your concerns for the trump administration going forward? >> primarily russia right now. he continues to say things about how we can improve things with russia and putin's not so bad, those kinds of things. look, i've watched three presidents, scott. all came to the presidency saying, "we'll have a new arrangement with russia." vladimir putin understands strength, and we have to show him strength and that the price for him to pay for further aggression exceeds whatever gains he may make. that's how we won the cold war. >> pelley: john mccain. es our poll, americans are neenly split on president-elect trump's cabinet picks. about 39% approve, 40% disapprove. nancy cordes reports some of the nominees are getting a tough grilling.
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>> we're a compassionate society. a> no, we are not a compassionate society. >> reporter: democrats interrogated two of the nominees so intensely today, that one one th them briefly mistook the hearing room for a courtroom. >> are you aware of those. >> yes, your honor-- yes, senator. rn reporter: oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt was grilled about the 14 lawsuits he filed against the agency he now wants to lead, the e.p.a. >> do you acknowledge you presented a private oil company's position rather than a position developed by the people if oklahoma? >> senator, with respect, i disagree. the efforts that i took as attorney general were representing the interests of the state of oklahoma. ai earlier you said-- >> there was a concern. >> no, no, excuse me, i'm asking the questions. >> reporter: his hearing came on the same day that government 20ientists declared 2016 the hottest year on record. at do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> reporter: but he would not concede that man is primarily to blame. >> this paradigm that we live
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within today that if you're pro energy you're anti-environment, ro you're pro environment you're anti-energy is i think is a false narrative. >> reporter: at the other end of a crowded hallway, democrats were coming down hard on georgia congressman tom price. >> i am very frightened about what you are going to do. >> reporter: as secretary of health and human services, price would implement the g.o.p.'s currently unformed replacement for obamacare. >> believe. >> and look forward to working with you to make sure every single american has access to the highest quality care and coverage that is possible. >> has "access to" does not mean that they are guaranteed health care. i have access to buying a $10 million home. i don't have the money to do that. >> reporter: mr. trump's pick for secretary of defense became the first nominee today to get a "yes" vote from his committee and it now heads to the full senate. democrats and republicans currently negotiate, scott, over how many cabinet members will be confirmed on inauguration day. or pelley: nancy cordes for us on capitol hill.
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the people who put mr. trump in office, of course, will be expecting results, and anna to ser has been talking to some of them in kannapolis, north carolina. >> i never knew what it was not like for the city to revolve daound a textile mill. and then in one day, it's gone. >> reporter: pastor dean hunter remembers the day 14 years ago when the largest sheet and towel rlnufacturer in the world shut down. it was the end of an era, more than 4,000 jobs vanished, along with the mill itself. >> there's a lot of people that lyver really emotionally recovered from that. >> i miss them days. >> reporter: like dan johnson. he worked at the mill over 30 hars. so when he and his wife, vicki, heard donald trump say this... >> we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. as reporter: resonated. >> i just felt like he was going to help us. >> well, as long as he's done
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what he said he would do, like him, i would be very happy. >> reporter: already, they think they've seen progress in the trump transition. >> the man hasn't even got in office yet, and he's already saved some jobs. >> reporter: that impressed you. >> that impressed me. i think he's doing good. i like a lot of his cabinet picks. >> reporter: dean hunter believes mr. trump will act quickly one of his top priorities, appointing a cnservative supreme court justice. but as for the man himself... you weren't sure? >> no. >> reporter: are you more sure now? >> i'm more sure now than i was a year ago. if it comes out that he has done or not done some things that he has said he hasn't or has, that's a cause for concern. >> we want to see something different. >> reporter: former democrat, tony hall, says he heard too ctny promises that didn't turn into action from both parties. >> he may end up being a great president. he may end up being a lousy president. what do you have to lose? he just may do something.
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>> reporter: you're rolling the dice. >> we're rolling the dice. i'm not a betting man, but i guess i'm a betting man on this one. >> reporter: the question for those here: will the bet pay off? anna werner, cbs news, kannapolis, north carolina. >> pelley: former president george herbert walker bush was moved today into intensive care. >> reporter: president obama offered the bushes his best wishes at his final press conference. >> they have been a constant source of friendship and support and good counsel for michelle and me over the years. they are as fine a couple as we know. >> reporter: just this past saturday, mr. bush was treated for shortness of breath. despite his health, the 92-year- old has remained active. early this month, he was spotted at an n.f.l. game in houston.
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but one place mr. bush will not be is the upcoming inauguration. he wrote a letter to president- elect trump explaining why. it read in part, "my doctor says if i sit outside in january, it likely will put me six feet under. same for barbara. i wish you the very best." president-elect trump tweeted his thoughts saying, "looking forward to a speedy recovery for george and barbara bush, both hospitalized. thank you for your wonderful letter." the former first lady will remain independent hospital for observation. scott, former president george w. bush, their son, will be at the inauguration. >> pelley: barbara bush hospitalized because she had a cough and as a precaution. omar villafranca, thank you. also in houston, about half a foot of rain fell, turning roads into rivers. dozens were rescued from cars. severe thunderstorms also hit along the 80-mile stretch of hill country from san antonio to austin. coming up next on the cbs evening news, a band battles a
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and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> pelley: today a rock band took the stage at the supreme court, hoping to trademark its name. jan crawford takes a listen. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the slants call their music "chinatown dance rock." ♪ we sing for the japanese and the chinese ♪ >> reporter: with a name founder simon tam says is a key part of the message. >> i was ridiculed as a kid for having slanted eyes. now it's-- i'm saying it's something that i can be proud of. it's not something to be ashamed of. >> reporter: the trademark office denied the slant's application saying its name disparages asian americans. at the supreme court, tam said that violates his first amendment rights. >> if the government truly cared about fighting racist messages,
5:48 pm
they would have canceled the registrations for numerous white supremacist groups before they even approached our case. >> reporter: the government has awarded trademarks to groups like the ku klux klan, as well as other bands that refer to race in their name, like n.w.a. and uncle kracker. ♪ follow me everything is all right ♪ >> reporter: in court, some of the justices clearly were troubled. justice ruth bader ginsburg ask, "does it not count at all that everyone knows that the slants is using this term not at all to disparage but simply to describe?" but they also seemed concerned about a broad ruling. justice elena kagan said since the government registers and publishing trademarks, that may "give the government greater leeway" to regulate them. for the slants, it's the principle. ♪ never gonna settle never gonna settle no ♪ now, the case could have far- reaching implications. the government, for example, has
5:49 pm
canceled the trademark of the washington redskins, saying that name is also disparaging. but, scott, that case on hold while the court considers the slants. >> pelley: jan crawford on the steps of the court. thanks. coming up, a young woman can kidnapped at birth shares her story. ka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox.
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>> pelley: 18 years ago, a woman stole a newborn there a florida hospital and raised her as her own in south carolina. well, today, the victim, now a young woman, shared with our manuel bojorquez her story of forgiveness. >> reporter: how would you describe what you've been through? >> just overwhelming. >> reporter: growing up, alexis manigo had no idea the woman who raised her would be arrested for allegedly dressing up as a nurse and kidnapping her from the hospital. >> i have no hatred for her. i love her. >> reporter: how are you so easily able to forgive her? >> when you have lived the life
5:53 pm
i have, when you have been loved the way i have, you'll understand why. >> miss williams, have been charged with kidnapping. >> reporter: that was clear when she saw williams at a court hearing and sobbed. >> mama. it was hard. it was very hard. >> reporter: today in jacksonville, a judge denied williams bond. authorities say her story began to unravel when some of alexis' documents appeared to be fake. the parents who last saw her as newborn kamiyah mobley, shanara mobley, and craig aiken, reunited with her this weekend. she assured them that despite how her life began and that the person she calls mother is behind bars, the last 18 years have been good ones. >> now i'm thinking of all the memories we did. that's what's keeping me going with her, you know. >> reporter: what about the memories your biological parents didn't have, though? >> i'm definitely remorseful for that. and i plan on giving them memories from here on out.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: the investigation is ongoing, and, scott, according to police, a witness said alexis may have started to learn the truth more than a year ago. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez. coming up next, barack obama's final message. essage. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day
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and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. >> pelley: in our poll, 62% of americans are telling president obama "well done." and at his final news conference today, he told them don't worry. >> i believe in the american people. i believe that people are more good than bad. i believe tragic things happen. i think there's evil in the world, but i think that at the end of the day, if we work hard
5:58 pm
and if we're true to those things in us, that feel true and feel right, that the world gets a little better each time. t is is true that behind closed doors i curse more than i do publicly. ( laughter ) and sometimes i get mad and frustrated, like everybody else does. but at my core, i think we're going to be okay. he pelley: when he first took office, mr. obama said, "i ordn't come here for small steps. i came to provide sweeping change." well, today, with eight years of experience, he said if we're true to the things that feel right, the world gets a little att better, and that's what this tsesidency has been about. presidents always come to washington to change history, but history always changes them. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. with thanks to the jones day law firm for this view of the capitol, good night.
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storm: flood warnings, mudslides, and the race to keep massive sinkholes from getting even bigger. good evening, i'm allen martin. we're talking the fallout from the latest storm. flooding, mudslides and sinkholes getting bigger. i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the right now the left side of your screen shows hi-def doppler lit up as it tracks steady rain moving through the bay area. on the right, a live look from treasure island where dark gray clouds have filled the sky. the rain also slowing down the commute in the east bay. traffic has been crawling along 880 in oakland. we have team storm coverage tonight. heavy rain has already caused mudslides and damaged roads across the bay area. first let's get to you emily turner in the weather center. we have been tracking the storm. >> reporter: that storm we are feeling the brunt of it right now. no matter where you are, you are certainly seeing some kind of rainfall. light rainfall in those areas of green, moderate to heavy
6:00 pm
rain in areas of yellow and orange. white is snow in the sierra. in the north bay centered around san rafael for the most part, they are seeing some heavy rain right now. if you are heading north, you are definitely going to have a slog home because i know traffic was back up at 3 p.m. this afternoon headed north and then zooming further south on the peninsula, there's some more heavy storms coming across the peninsula, south san francisco, near burlingame. a third portion where we're seeing significant rainfall is in the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek, scotts valley, heavy rain which is important because they have had several mudslides down there. they don't need to have any more but it is only going to continue to get more saturated as the days go on. we also have a flood advisory in effect so be sure that you're very careful driving home. rain coming down there's new rush to shore up sinkholes and tonight there's new frustration ab


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