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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 14, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the historic wildfire near colorado spring turns deadly. two people are killed and evacuations mount in what has become the most destructive fire in state history. >> the wind could shift and it could all be over. it's not over. we have a long way go. dozens of people are hurt when the deck of a popular sports bar panics, everyone pouring into the biscayne bay. >> everybody got scared. the conflict in syria comes to a crossroads. the united states vows to give military support to the rebels after concluding that the assad regime used chemical weapons against the opposition. the supreme court rules against a company trying to patent human genes, and that could lower the price of a potentially life-saving test for women.
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captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, june 14th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning colorado firefighters are battling the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. the black forest fire burning northeast of colorado springs has killed at least two people and destroyed at least 360 homes. it's one of three major forest fires burning in colorado. some 40,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, and it was the first evacuation order issued within the colorado springs city limits. the monster fire is so intense firefighters were pulled out. valerie castro of our denver station kcnc is in colorado springs. >> reporter: the black forest fire has now claimed two lives. the bodies were discovered inside the burn area thursday. their location near a car at a
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home indicates they were trying to leave their home for safety but the flames quickly moved in. >> another sad day. >> reporter: on day three of the black forest fire, officials released the details of the black forest fire the devastating news that so many feared. >> we recently in the last few hours did recover the remains of two individuals. >> reporter: the bodies were discovered inside the garage of a home next to a car. >> the car doors were open as though they were loading or grabbing last-minute things. all indications are from the evidence on scene that they were planning to depart very quickly. >> reporter: the sheriff says the victims even made a phone call to the friend describing the smoke and flames inching closer toward their home. >> the description was it's off to the west, we can see a glow. and at 5:00 the person they're talking to hears popping and cracking. >> reporter: the heavily wooded area has provided the fire easy access to homes, burning them to
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ground in minutes. it doesn't leave much time to escape. >> we were leaving. >> reporter: the fatalities along with a search for the cause. >> we're pretty narrowly focused on one spot as far as point of origin. >> reporter: while the coroners work to identify those who died fire crews work tirelessly. once the bodies have been identified the family will be notified. no other people have been reported missing. for cbs news, i'm valley castro in colorado springs. well, the upper midwest and mid-atlantic region is finally catching a break from a string of severe weather that's blamed for at least two deaths. the storm system hit a large area with tornadoes, flood-producing rain, and strong winds. the stormy weather has moved off the atlantic coast this morning. and damaging winds knocked trees into homes in washington, d.c. three tornadoes were reported in maryland. there is wind and water damage in ohio, iowa, and north carolina, and at its worst, the storm system knocked out power to nearly 600,000 customers in
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the mid-atlantic region. and two people are in serious condition after an outdoor deck collapsed behind a miami area bar. authorities say about 100 people were on the deck at shucker's bar & grill along the beach. many had gathered to watch the nba finals. dozens were thrown into the water at biscayne bay when the deck caved in. others jumped in to pull people from the shallow water. >> first we heard like a crack and then it was within seconds that the whole deck had collapsed into the water. so we were able to get out right away with no harm, but there were people that the tables toppled on top of each other. there was a lady that got hit on the head. >> 24 people were taken to area hospitals. authorities say everyone has been accounted for. well, the man who revealed u.s. secret surveillance programs is not welcome in the united kingdom.
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the british government today urged airlines around the world not to allow eric snowden to board flights to the uk. snowden is reportedly holed up in hong kong. the alert issued by the home office says snowden would likely be refused entry into the uk because he is determined to be -- rather he is a detriment to the public good. the united states has decided to take a more aggressive role in the syrian civil war. president obama has given the go-ahead to step up military support to the rebels fighting president bashar al assad. now the decision comes as the u.s. government confirms assad's government used chemical weapons against opposition forces. ines ferre has the details. ines, good morning. good morning, anne-marie. after months of investigation the white house says the syrian government has crossed the red line with the use of chemical weapons against its own people. now the white house says it will provide direct military support to the opposition. u.s. officials say they now that very dean fiv proof syrian
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president bashir al assad used sayre ingas kills hundreds of people. >> the president has made it clear the use of transfer of chemical weapons or use of chemical weapons has crossed the red line. >> in response they'll now start providing support to rebel fighters. >> if we do not address the chemical compromise in syria before these chemical weapons flow out of syria, not only will israel be in the cross hairs of massive destripgs capabilities, it is only a matter of time that they come here. >> news of the president's decision to support the rebels was met with general approval here on capitol hill on both sides of the aisle. even if he didn't spell out what kind of military support america will provide. >> the main thing about this is
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he has now said that the red line has been crossed. >> that means there must be consequences. >> but some believe arming the rebels isn't enough. >> they need a no-fly zone. >> senator john mccain who was visited with opposition leaders says syrian air force is too strong for rebel air fighters. >> it's not a fair fight. and we know in that kind of climate and terrain, air power is the deciding factor. >> the president has not yet made a decision about a no-fly zone. and u.s. and european officials are meeting today with a commander of the main rebel fighting force, and u.s. officials are grappling not only with how much and what type of weaponry to give to the opposition but also how to ensure that that weaponry stays out of the hands of terrorist groups. anne-marie? >> ines ferre in washington. thank you, inez. well, the polls are open in iran where voters are choosing a new president. more than 50 million iranians are eligible to vote. there are six candidates in the race to succeed mahmoud
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ahmadinejad, a moderate, four conservatives, and a hardliner. iran's president does not set major policies, iran's clerics and revolutionary guards do that. former south african president nelson mandela remains in serious condition as he recovers from a lung infection in a pretoria hospital, but mandela's health is improving according to south africa's president. mandela has been hospitalized since saturday. he is 94 years old. and coming up on the "morning news," sky-high flames. a massive explosion at louisiana chemical plant causes extensive casualties. you're watching the "cbs morning news." casualties. you're watching the "cbs morning news." female announcer ] love. it's the most powerful thing on the planet. love holds us in the beginning. comforts us as we grow old. love is the reason you care. for all the things in your life... that make life worth living. ♪ ♪ sweet love of mine
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he is 94 years old. wow, big explosion. amateur video caught the fire following an explosion of a chemical plant about 20 miles east of baton rouge, louisiana, on thursday. one person was killed, 77 injured. the cause of the blast has not been determined but terrorism is
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not suspected. six months ago today a gunman opened fire at a grade school in newtown, connecticut. when the massacre was over, it was one of the worst in the nation's history. on thursday family members of the victims met with president obama and vice president biden to strengthen gun control laws. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: the names of the 26 children and elementary school leaders killed at sandy hook elementary school were read outside the capitol hill hill wednesday. >> soto was murdered inside her classroom. >> reporter: six months later family and friends returned. to remember their loved ones and to continue a push for new gun laws. jillian soto's teacher was a teacher killed at sandy hook. >> something needs to be done. nobody else needs to die. no nobody else has to die
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because congress decides to sit back and let this happen. >> reporter: the family members are renewing their call for expanded background checks, but they face an uphill battle. in april the senate rejected a compromised plan that many saw as the best chance to get something done. >> we're here to say the momentum is undiminished, the passion is stronger if anything. we lost the first vote. but we're going to win the last vote. >> reporter: the national rifle association and some conservative lawmakers are against any expanded background checks. they say new laws would not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in school. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. in florida, the six jurors and four alternates in the racially charged murder trial of george zimmerman will be sequestered. so far, though, no jurors have been selected. zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, is pleading not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin last year.
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angie's list -- reviews you can trust. oh, angie? i have her on speed dial. it was very painful situation. the rash was on my right hip, going all the way down my leg. i'm very athletic and i swim in the ocean. shingles forced me out of the water. the doctor asked me "did you have chickenpox when you were a child?" the pain level was so high, it became unbearable. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, clearing today with a high of 70 degrees. occasional afternoon thunderstorms in miami. chicago, sunny. dallas, mostly sunny as well. and becoming sunny in los angeles. and time now for a check of the national forecast.
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thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, and tornados are possible across the northern and central plains. rain will persist along the northeast coast. but the mid-atlantic states will be dry and cool. much of the south will be dry as well. scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible in the northern rockies. the northwest will be cool, but the rest of the west will be hot and dry. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, new competition for the panama canal, and how much would you pay to own a parking spot in boston. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, anne-marie. well, asian stocks bounce back after some heavy losses this week. tokyo's nikkei gains more than 2% while hong kong's hang seng added half a percent. better than expected data on retail sales, and unemployment drove wall street stocks sharply higher. the dow jones industrial average ended 180 points higher at thursday's close, why the nasdaq was up 44 points.
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gannett, the publisher and several local newspapers plans to expand its tv holdings. it wants to buy bilow, its dallas-based tv company for $1.5 billion in cash. the acquisition would make it the fourth largest broadcast group in the nation. the deal needs the approval of the federal communications commission. nicaragua has an idea to build and operate a shipping channel. it would link the shipping lane with the sea. it would likely cross the nicaragua lake, the largest in central america, and be three times longer than the panama canal. lawmakers who favor the plan, though, say it would create billions of dollars for cash-strand nicaragua but others oppose construction. anti-canal protesters marched and carried banners that read
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president ortega is selling the country. rupert murdoch and his wife have filed for divorce. rupert murdoch is estimated to be worth more than $9 billion. and when it comes to parking in boston, the sky is the limit. or just about. someone paid $560,000 in an auction for two spots in the heart of the city. boston has too many cars and not enough places to park. one bidder said she would have paid $130,000 for both spots, but clearly that just wasn't enough. and, anne-marie, for that kind of money, i'm expecting someone to wash my car while it's sitting there. >> you got it. and park it because i'm terrible parker. >> me too. >> ashley morrison here in new york. thank you, ashley. when we return, legal fallout. how the supreme court's decision on gene patenting will affect
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washes up next to a bay area playground. why the city can't get rid of him. plus: waterfront scare. a m deck collapses -- dumping ss fans into the water. how it happened and who rushed to the victims. and a marathon game in oakl the a's took on the yankeesw it lasted 18 innings! join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's friday, june,,,,
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. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, occasional thunderstorms. atlanta, though, partly sunny. partly sunny in st. louis. mostly sunny in denver, but seattle can expect showers today. the supreme court for the first time approved the patenting of synthetic dna. the ruling is a big victory for companies looking for medical breakthroughs to fight life-threatening diseases, but in another major ruling the court reversed three decades of patent awards for the federal government on human genes. alison harmelin reports. >> reporter: it's adecision that could affect medical research. the supreme court ruled unanimously the u.s. can't patent human genes.
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justice clarence thomas wrote a naturally occurring dna segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated. tom saunders is a lawyer for the biotech industry. >> i think you can see unintended consequences, things that would affect areas of medicine that the justices just never thought about. >> reporter: the ruling is against myriad genetics who wanted the keep the patent on the brca gene test. they're the only company that is the only test that sells and shows a person has a high risk of developing breast cancer. actress angelina jolie recently revealed she had a preventive double mastectomy after testing positive. >> as this test becomes more available because more laboratories will be able to do it, it's very likely that the price will become more affordable for more patients. >> reporter: myriad had rgued that the compangovernment gave company more to make up
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in spent in gene research. in a statement myriad said we remain focused on saving and improving people's lives. the court ruled myriad is allowed to patent synthetically occurring dna because it does not occur naturally and they can pointed out that myriad can paeblt the ways it's lates dna. alison harmelin, cbs news. in sports the spurs and the heat meeting in game four of the nba finals. miami's lebron james finally gets off to a solid start. he scores a game-high 33 points. to get the heat right back in the series. miami wins, 109-93. the series is now tied at two games apiece. and the first round of golf u.s. open wraps up today. another bout of rain soaks merion golf club on thursday. so far phil mickelson is in the lead shooting a lead three under 67. meanwhile tiger woods was two over par and also appears to have hurt his left wrist. because of the rain, woods will have to play 26 holes today. coming up after your local
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james "whitey" bulger's racketeering trial resumes today in boston. bulger had suspect 16 years on the run from authorities before he was arrested two years ago. and he was hiding in plain sight in santa monica. one of the people he became close with wu his neighbor, josh bond. carter evan spoke with him. >> reporter: josh bond moved to l.a. to break in the movie business. he ended up co-starring in the movie "climax." >> the first time i ever meeting him he came to my door and knocked on my door one day and introduced himself and gave me a cowboy hat, said he thought he didn't need it anymore and thought i could use it. >> reporter: that was 2007. josh bond was the new resident
4:26 am
manager at the princess you gin ya apartments. the exclusive retires who lived next door in apartment 303 went by carol and charlie gasko. >> josh bond was the one contact whitey had a contact with. >> reporter: dick laird wrote an autobiography on bulger. he told us when bomd moved in, whitey had a problem. >> what better way to check it out. >> reporter: and he kept knocking, usually about once or twice a week. >> he was very nice to me, both very kind and generous, supportive, almost protective. >> reporter: during all those conversations, did he ever say anything that made you suspicious at all? >> >> no. >> reporter: acting on a tip from an fbi hotline, an agent showed up in 2011 with a picture of bulger and katherine graig.
4:27 am
when you saw those pictures, what did you think? >> i was shocked. >> reporter: they came up with a plan. he called them to tell them their basement locker had been broken into. when they went down, the agents arrested him. >> i called my family and i said i helped the fbi arrest the most wanted man in america. >> reporter: after his arrest, did you ever hear from him again? >> yeah, i got a few letters from him. >> reporter: did you write him back? >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you talk about? >> i don't want to talk about it. i'm not going to. >> reporter: did he say anything about the arrest? did he say anything to make you feel better about your involvement? >> yeah. he said, don't worry about it. you know, at that point they were going to get me with or without your help. >> reporter: bond says he may release the letters one day when the man he called charlie gasko that he now calls jim bulger passes away. well, coming up after your
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local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go to the white house for the latest on the u.s. actions in syria and get an update on the fighting there. plus, the future of the movie industry. we'll see what big changes are predicted. and we'll look at how eating hot peppers may prevent cancer. that's your "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's friday! not a moment to spare here. it's june 14. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 4:29.
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whatever are you talking about frank? >> if the world only knew how you guys blow in here at the last second! >> how was your drive? >> great! >> clear around the bay area today. [ laughter ] >> likely going to be the hottest day of the week. changes are coming for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> traffic looking good so far. a live look at the bay bridge. other than construction, it's a very quiet day. hopefully it will stay that way. >> happy friday. a slow one hopefully. a beach boat is getting a lot of -- beached boat is getting a lot of attentions, belongs to a sex offender and washed ashore next to a park in richmond. anne makovec is in richmond to report the parents in the area are worried about the owner. >> reporter: it's an eyesore when daylight hits. this boat hanging out there right off the side of this park in richmond. and the owner has until


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