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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 24, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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a rainy night means people across the bay area were grabbing their umbrellas. you can see the rain coming down in san jose. also slick roads mean you'll want to be extra careful when you drive tomorrow. and the mountains are getting a much needed winter storm. >> gelet's get right to mead y s meteorologist sandhya patel. >> you can see a mix of purples,
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pinks and precipation. scattered showers certainly but snow is surrounding the mountain tonight. pockets of rain around petaluma, pen grove area, maria drive it's coming down pretty good. and then we head towards fremont, light to moderate showers. same thing in pleasantten to the san jose area you're getting rain showers as well. very spotty across san francisco. this is level one system tonight through tomorrow. scattered showers, high elevation snow and we're looking at a possibility of thunder. i'll be back with your hour by hour time line for your thursday coming up. >> and as we've said the same system that's bringing us rain here is delivering snow to the siera. now a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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you can see not many cars but wet roads. be sure to watch abc 7 morning starting at 4:30 for the latest on the road conditions before you head out the door. and californians are asking for a divorce tonight from the united states. >> yeah, the effort to have it secede from the union is back. but is it all just a big waste of time and money? >> happy divorce day, the kam pain to make california its own country has chosen valentine's day to make a come back. >> it almost makes no sense to say. >> reporter: he's the new president of yes california, a group of about 44,000 members. >> as we lose about $130 million a year as a government state. >> reporter: that's the financial argument. then there's the social divide. >> it's full of women, latinos,
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undocumented immigrants, immigrants, lgbt people, and the reason is they're terrified of their government. >> reporter: he calls tste of t. >> it's such a probably outcome that would be so disruptive and would historically lead to see much travel. >> reporter: californians we talked to were not onboard. >> california supports the rest of the united states and wee part of the united states and i think that's how it should stay. >> reporter: if the measure made it onto the ballot and if it were to pass californians would vote on independence in may. >> and to qualify for the ballot the group must collect more than
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580,000 signatures. would you vote for california secession? head to to share your opinion and we'll share those results in just a few minutes. a new danger has been found. seismologists say an earthquake fault line runs right under beverly hills rodeo drive. seismologists say its potential for destruction is great, far more serious than los angeles and the 6.7 magnitude north ridge earthquake which was in 1994. michigan state university's president resigned this evening in the midst of a sexual assault scandal. a campus doctor received 175 year sentence today for molesting girls and women in his care. >> reporter: larry nassar
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entered the courtroom dejected and emotionless. just before sentencing he turned to speak directly to his victims. >> i also recognize that what i am doing pales in comparison to the pain, trauma and emotional destruction that all of you are feeling. >> reporter: but in a letter written to the court which the judge read. >> hell have no fury like a woman's scorn. the stories that are being fabricated to sensationallize this. >> reporter: nassar was a highly regarded doctor at michigan state university and a usa gymnastics doctor who used his stature to prey on young girls. >> i can't even comprehend how angry i feel when i think of you. >> sir, i'm giving you 175 years. i've just signed your death warrant. >> reporter: the court erupted with applause.
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>> first i was really afraid to speak about it and now i know i'm a survivor. >> reporter: for the survivors moving in the right direction. >> gratitude the survivors who rose up to stop the reign of a predator and make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. >> reporter: this thing is far from over. there's a civil suit involving michigan state university. and this is the front page of the detroit free press tomorrow morning. you can see the word courage in the headline and under that the names of each of the 140 women who bravely came forward. a pleasant surprise for many university of california students today when regents suddenly postponed the vote on a hike. they're considering raising
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tuition 2.7% for students in california and 3.5% for out-of-state students. new at 11:00 residents in san francisco cal hall neighborhood are upset about an east coast burger chain moving into their old grocery store building. >> she heard from developers and neighbors who have a beef tonight. and she is live, kate. >> reporter: dan and christine, the family trust which owns this building is actually in escrow with the los angeles based developer who plans to lease to two new york city based businesses and now the people who live here are very concerned about how it will disrupt their lives. if the city issues necessary permits the old real foods market closed now for more than a year will likely transform into a rumble gym and shake shack next year. >> they're taking out something
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we need here a grocery store and replacing it with a fast food place known for long lines. >> reporter: now san franciscoens are expressing their concern how the popular burger chain and its crowds will fit in. >> with regards to making sure it's clean and not noisy it poises its own property management staff which will be responsible for cleaning up the streets on a daily basis. >> reporter: they along with the original owners spoke to more than a dozen grocery businesses about leasing the space but they couldn't find a tenant. he said increasing online grocery delivery services also played a part, but in a neighborhood where burger joints
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and gyms are around every corner they say they need a market. a photo led to an arrest in a thief targeting a wedding dress. police say she stole several wallets left in back rooms during two trips in petaluma. all right, stay with us. man's best friend playing the role of hero tonight. >> he's a super dog. he's a hero. >> meet the golden retriever. this dog's quick action may have helped save a man's life in the east bay. plus. a final trip down the yellow brick road for elten john. and bay area fans have a couple more chances to see him here in person. and remember our poll is
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open tonight. would you vote for california secession? go to
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well, wildlife experts are urging people not to shoot at animals following the death of a
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river otter in walnut creek. you're looking at x-rays of pellets lodged in the otter's head and neck. someone described the otter on sunday. a medical team tried to save it. >> the current wounds were severe enough it would not have been able to survive in the wild. it was starting to become more and more debilitated. so the most humane thing we are able to do is euthanize. >> the veterinarian said the otter was blind and lost teeth because of being shot. uc berkeley police spotted a mountain line cub. the cub ran away seconds after being encountered by a woman around 5:00 last night. campus police advise you to make noise when you're walking or hiking to reduce your chances of encountering a mountain lion. well, the dog you see behind me is being called a hometown
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hero tonight in the east bay. a golden retriever helped save a man in disastrous in pittsburgh. >> reporter: this morning moe's bark was different. less loud, less aggressive. >> turns out i believe it's a human being as opposed to a threat. he's a people dog. he loves people. >> reporter: he went outside and found an elderly man in disastrous. he had fallen into the water and couldn't get out. >> if you were to go in that water right now you wouldn't last very long at all. >> reporter: paramedics took the man to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. pittsburgh police are calling moe a hero. the department posted about him not once but twice on its facebook page. >> it makes me feel very good
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because i'm his dad and, you know, we always have that, you know, special feeling for our child. >> reporter: a lifesaving act that has put moe at the center of attention. in pittsburgh, lillian kim, abc 7 news. well, rapper 50 cent may want to consider a new name, maybe a seven figure name after making a business decision that paid off big. only problem 50 cent forgot about it. in 2017 he accepted 700 bit coins as payment for a new album. well the crypt tow currency sat in his account. it's now worth about $8 million. he just learned about it when tmz reported it yesterday. elton john will hick his tour and making a stop in san
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jose. >> the 70-year-old sir elton says he's in good health and plans to spend more time with his two school aged children. and when he's done touring he plans to write and make more music. >> and presale tickets goes on sale tomorrow morning. you know you want to go. >> and they will sell fast. well, the rain is finally tapering off this evening. >> yeah, some of the roads still a little wet, so let's check in with sandhya. >> a lightening strike near pen grove as you will notice around the highway 101 area. the heaviest of the rain has started to push off to the east near arnold drive and right near our radar site on mount saint helena you're seeing the mix of precipitation, the purples, the pinks.
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from livermore to dublin we are seeing some moderate pockets of rain. and also from the south bay around cupertino heading into campbell, cox avenue, definitely some wet roadways. the summit, santa cruz mountains, san jose, you're getting some pockets of light to moderate rain. and mount hamilton, you're getting some snow. also a mix of rain and snow in the hills just south of livermore. now, lake county area you are surrounded now by blues and whites. that's actually snow falling. they do have a winter weather advisory for lake county until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. get a load of this. about 4 to 6 inches of snow expected above 1,200 feet. this is not uncommon to see in the winter row. a quarter of an inch in oakland. san jose just above that.
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livermore just below that. first part of this system is pushing through. here comes the second part, and this is the cold unstable air, so the thunder chance will remain in the forecast. a blanket of snow in the seira. here's a live look from our tahoe camera. you can see certainly the wind is treasure s to drive up there. one to 2 feet is expected and up to 3 feet at the highest peaks. with those gusty winds white out conditions expected. temperatures right now anywhere from the 30s to the 50s. chilly tomorrow with scattered showers. chance of thunder with small hail. dry and milder just in time for your weekend.
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our level 2 storm tonight becomes a level one tomorrow and the thunder chance will remain i the forecast. hour by hour from tonight into tomorrow morning you'll see some spotty showers. little more widespread. more pockets of yellow. this could slow down your commute at 8:00 a.m. as you're taking your kids off to school or you're going to work. it is definitely going to amount to an additional 0.10 to maybe half an inch of rain. tomorrow afternoon, a chilly day. temperatures in the low to upper 50s with those scattered showers. look out for snow showers in the hills. lightening is certainly possible. it's a level one system for tomorrow. and then we dry out, but it doesn't warm up until the weekend. dry pattern monday through wednesday of next week.
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back now with a look at our california secession poll now there's a new effort to relaunch the ballot measure. you can see right now no is firmly in the lead 72%. >> if you still want to weigh in you can go to to participate. >> speaking of voting. >> yeah, for the hall of fame and baseball, what's it going to take for barry bonds to get into cooperstown. cooperstown. and clay thompson, oops the
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at at&t, we believe in access. cooperstown. and clay thompson, oops the the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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good evening. we knew barry bonds was not going to get into the baseball hall of fame today. the real question now is whether the giants slugger can get enough support over the four years before his eligibility runs out. chipper jones got 97% of the vote today. he was an eight time all-star. vladimir guerrero nine time all-star, 92%. gym tomy, so powerful. 610 bombs, and padres closer trevor hoffman. bonds at 56%, roger clemons, 57%. bond eligible for four more years ask could be very, very
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close. this is the last thing they needed. down goes joe thornton out there out after two weeks. and it was his teammate who took him out on the play. at this point not clear if he needs surgery. these guys body painted their uniforms on. jordan mclaughlin throwing it down. stanford trying to cut it down with authority. that's reed travis. he had 16. his muscles have muscles. oscar desylva, splash. turn over and sc's jordan usher throwing a lob to stuart. the nba will announce who steph curry and lebron james picked as their all-star teammates tomorrow. but clay thompson accidently
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revealed one little detail tonight. clay tweeting he was glad he didn't have the request a trade. clay immediately deleted his tweet. speaking of kd, he apologized today after ejected last nig night. today said he was sorry. >> i can go back and say i was being a jerk last night and i deserve whatever the league was going to throw at me. that was kind of heat of the moment for me. i could do better. >> warriors mcgee and nick young praising if mcgee can reach a cockpit like that, unless you're in coach, the trip was a warriors partnership deal with united airlines. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock


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