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tv   Today  NBC  October 15, 2019 7:00am-8:48am PDT

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morning. we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> back at 11:00 and on hours after resigning. >> to the citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation, and reaction from the victim's family. explosive, a key white house insider testifies for nearly ten hours on capitol hill revealing john bol going to so what do t blow everyone up. investigation? shaken, a strong earthquake rattles the san francisco bay area overnight, tremors felt nearly 200 miles away and more
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expected today. all that plus chaos in the middle east. violence escalates in syria despite new calls for peace, we're there live. lebron james slammed, the superstar under fire after breaking his silence in the fight between china and the nba. >> we all do have freedom of speech but at times there are ramifications. and monday night madness, the green bay packers pull off an improbable last second win giving their kicker a chance to perform one of football's most iconic celebrations, today, tuesday, october 15th, 2019. from nbc news, this is "today" otb with sve from studi 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. i bet you that kicker is waking up super happy after that awesome celebration.
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>> a little skip in his step, it was incredible field goal there. >> you don't ever get to see the kicker making a jump up into the stands. >> why shouldn't they do an end zone dance. >> we are, though, going to get right to our top story. the texas police oer shot and killed a woman in her own home, arrested and charged with murder. that announcement made a short time after he resigned from the force. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in fort worth with the latest on this one. hey, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning, it was a series of fast moving developments. before he could be fired. then just hours later he was booked for murder and bonded out overnight. now the victim's family members say they are relieved he was arrested. this morning, former fort worth police officer aaron dean is charged with murder after body camera video showed him opening fire on a woman inside her own home. >> shots fired, shots fired.
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>> to citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment. >> reporter: dean seen here graduating from the police academy abruptly resigned before he could be fired. the city's mayor even apologized. >> it's unacceptable. there is nothing that could justify what happened on saturday morning, nothing. >> reporter: that's when police say officer dean shot and killed 28-year-old atatiana jefferson after a concerned neighbor called a nonemergency number because her front door was on. in b the home with a flashlight. he approached the side window a. show me your hands! >> reporter: atatiana was a graduate of xavier university in >> when you first heard what happened on saturday, what went through your head. >> frustration, shock, how could
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that happen, she wasn't being violent. she wasn't being against the rules. she's a law-abiding citizen, she was in her house. >> reporter: ashley carr is her older sister. she and her brother darius say tay loved to babysit her 8-year-old nephew. jefferson's family is now demanding the ft. worth police department change what they call a brutal culture of policing. >> we need to send a message to law enforcement officers around the country that there will be accountability when you take someone's life, particularly in their home. >> and gabe, i know there's scrutiny about other officer-involved shootings within this department. >> reporter: yeah, aot officer-involved shooting. we're expecting to hear from the police chief later today and he says that he's reaching out to the fbi about potentially launching a civil rights investigation. so far officer dean has not
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responded to our request for comment. savannah. >> gabe gutierrez in fort worth for us, thank you, gabe, and now to the impeachment inquiry, testimony from one of the president's former advisers has detailed a heated battle inside the white house over the campaign to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden. kristen welker has the latest on all of this this morning. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there is new fallout this morning after the president's former russia adviser, fiona hill delivered a blistering testimony on capitol hill. nbc news learned that the white e result, hill told lawmakers that rudy giuliani was running a shadow foreign policy. after more than ten hours of testimony, the president's former top russia adviser leaving capitol hill last night. fiona hill not responding to requests for comment. >> anything you want them to take from your testimony today. >> reporter: behind closed doors, hill delivering bomb shell testimony. "the new york times" reporting hill told investigators former national security adviser john
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bolton was so concerned about rudy giuliani's effort to get t president's political opponents, he told hill to alert white house lawyers, that's according to three people who heard her testimony. in addition to giuliani, the sources added hill says bolton also told her to report eu ambassador gordon sondland and acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. nbc news confirming that hill ea of e, quote, drug deal, adding that bolton previously called giuliani a hand grenade who's going to blow everyone up. overnight, key democrats reacting. >> all of these witnesses are filling in the picture of what was taking place. >> reporter: as some republicans took aim at the entire inquiry. >> i have never heard of or seen any type of grand jury testimony anywhere in america that works quite like adam schiff's kangaroo court. >> reporter: and it could be nt official responsible for ukraine, is expected to
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testify. kent will likely defend the ousted ambassador maria yovonavitch, previously suggesting in internal state department e-mails that the ambassador had been the victim of a disinformation campaign. those e-mails were obtained by congress. giuliani has acknowledged he was among those pushing for her removal. meanwhile, in a new interview overnight, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff said house democrats are trying to work quote methodically and with a sense of urgency. >> so far, there have been real breaks, significant breaks in the white house firewall. it was their intention to prevent us from interviewing any witnesses. they are failing at that. >> and kristen, i know hunter biden is breaking his silence. what can you tell us. >> reporter: he is. for context about this, rudy giuliani and the trump campaign have argued that hunter biden, who had business dealings in ukraine and china, profited off of his father's vice presidency.
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this morning, the younger biden is speaking out and vigorously denying that. in a new interview with abc news, biden did acknowledge it was, quote, poor judgment for him to have those foreign business entanglements, but he insisted he did nothing improper. hunter said he would step down from the board of a chinese investment company by the end of the month. savannah. >> kristen, thank you very much. craig joins the table with breaking news overseas in syria. >> good morning. the turkish military's offensive has now entered its seventh day. it started after president trump announced he was moving u.s. troops out of the way. now, the president is calling for a cease-fire. he's also announcing some new sanctions against turkey, but so far, the assault is only escalated. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us from northern syria. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. president trump now is changing course, pushing for peace as the
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war in northern syria takes a turn for the worse. after days of a massive turkish assault on u.s. allies, the kurds of syria killing turkey, says hundreds so far. this morning, the white house calling for an immediate cease-fire in northern syria in response to the turkish aggression. president trump speaking by phone last night with the top kurdish commander and turkey's president. >> the united states of america is simply not going to tolerate turkey's invasion of syria any further. >> mr. trump sending vice president pence on an urgent diplomatic mission to the region. >> we'll be leaving as quickly as possible to travel into the region to pursue a cease-fire and a negotiated settlement. >> reporter: at the same time, treasury secretary steven mnuchin announcing new sanctions on turkey. >> the president hasn these sanctions are very, very strong. he is prepared to remove these
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sanctions if there is the necessary actions on turkey's point. >> reporter: but those moves came just hours after president trump seemed utterly dismissive of the kurds, long u.s. allies who feel betrayed he to assist syria in protecting the kurds is good with me, whether it's russia, china, or napoleon bonaparte, what sparked the administration's new push for peace? it appears three major developments, all predicted by u.s. military officials, all against u.s. interests. these turkish backed arab militias, turkey's shock troops, which include former isis and al qaeda members are carrying out atrocities that u.s. intelligence has been isis prisoners less protected as their kurdish guards need to fight have been escaping and
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perhaps most critical of all, the kurds struck a deal with syrian president bashar al assad to join them. ll out by president trump, the kurds had to seek protection elsewhere, and assad is backed by both iran and russia. the question now, is it too late to change events on the ground. after all, it was president trump that gave turkey strong indication that the u.s. would what happened. >> richard engel on the ground in syria. thank you. ciscbay area were shaken san up overnight, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck near walnut creek. minutes before that. people did post videos of swinging chandeliers and broken dishes on social media. no significant injuries or damage reported there. there is a new allegation of
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sexual misconduct against former "today" co-host matt lauer. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with details on it. good morning. >> good morning to you, in the explosive book, ronan far row says lauer exposed himself to a "today" show producer in 2010, seven yebe involving matt lauer, in the new book "catch and kill" ronan far row writes lauer exposed himself to melissa lonner. nbc news request for comment. farrow said she told multiple colleagues back inspect 2010 lauer invited her to his office after a party. once she arrived, lauer closed the door behind them, and asked the producer to sit on a couch. lauer then unzipped his pants, exposing himself to her. she was reeling and nervously joked about not wanting to be
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intimate in his office because evneer made lewd gestures to the woman and never exposed himself. lonner allegedly confided in former "today" anchor, ann curry who tells farrow, it was as close as you could get to a woman just melting in front of you in pain. according to the book, curry allegedly told two senior executives that they should keep an eye on lauer. the nbc news president addressing the allegation monday in a memo to nbc staffers.hreee still had made no complaint about lauer, was paid 22 weeks n a separation agreemeha at the time. that south dakota clause was not drafted to prevent an employee from reporting misconduct and
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has never been used that way. the women were free to share their stories. we reached out to lauer for comment on this latest allegation and of not heard back. in an open letter he wrote, two years the woman with whom i had extramarital relationships have abandoned shared responsibility and instead shielded themselves from blame behind false allegations. they have done enormous damage longer provide them the shelter of my silence. we have also reached out to melissa lonner who is not commenting. >> thank you, steph. let us switch gears on tuesday morning, and turn to the nfl. the green bay packers came back from nine points down in the fourth quarter to beat the detroit lions on monday night football. >> rodgers same side.
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and this time it's in the hands. incredible play, 35-yard >> look at aaron rodgers. packers, crawling back to within two at nine minutes to go. green bay trailed most of the game. two seconds up on the clock, mason crosby, doing what he does, 23-yard field goal to seal th by the entire crowd. should we move to baseball now. the washington nationals now have a commanding three games to none lead over the st. louis cardinals after a big 8-1 win last night. the nats can close out the series tonight, punch their ticket to the world series for the first time in team history. i wonder if someone we know may be attending the game. >> savannah guthrie. >> is that tonight? >> you could witness history. >> you could. and we're taking our son too. >> you are. that's so nice. it's your anniversary, right. >> it's my wedding anniversary so we're going to hopefully
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celebrate a world series. >> we shall find out. let's turn to the weather. al is back with a check of the forecast. >> good morning. thank you for getting your first national weather from us. we're watching this stationary front, a lot of action as you see showers and thunderstorms. it stalled out right now. we have high pressure over the gulf, tropical over mexico, and that is pushing in a ton of tropical moisture from texas on into south carolina. we've got a risk of flooding from san antonio to savannah, peated rounds of hea r through the southeast. heavy downpours, flood risk in the south. gusty showers along this cold front. we've got two low pressure they're going to face together to create a nor'easter that's going to bring heavy rain moving into the northeast tomorrow on into thursday, with the snow in the green and white mountains, the adirondacks, dry and windy for the rest of the northeast as we move into thursday. we could see rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour with this thing. heavy rain, 1 to 5 inches through the south. as you get into the northeast,
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isolated amount of 4 to going to cause airport delays from philadelphia to boston, on hour. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. (amber jagger)if we dos from an underserved background the technology that they need in school, in the workforce that's waiting for them. they're not going to be since verizon innovative learning, students have hardware, connectivity, and quality curriculum. the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. low clouds and fog over san francisco. some mist and drizzle over the next couple of hours that will clear out by this afternoon. our high temperature there only reaching 66 degrees while we
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inland east bay and north bay as well as the south county. in san jose expect a high of 79 degrees with mostly sunny skies. i am tracking a chance of rain late tomorrow night into thursday morning and checking in for more updates. and that's your latest weather, savannah. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, why nba superstar lebron james is under fire after he waded into the league's ongoing dispute with china also as a teenager, she was sentenced to life for murder her controversial case became a rallying cry now cyntoia brown is out of prison opening up about what's next in an exclusive live interview. first, this is "today" on nbc. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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no, just a sec. in what would it look like if we listened more? even push us further? the most inspiring minds, good morning, everyone. 7:26, i'm scott mcgrew. get you up to speed last night in contra costa county. struck near pleasant hill. minor damage, you can see. people felt it all over the bay area. monitoring some minor after shocks. probably most of them won't be felt. usgs says a 2% chance of a stronger quake within the next week. as soon as the earthquake struck, we sent out an alert on the nbc bay area app. great resource. make sure to download it for fr get updates. as you get ready to head out the door cool start with clouds moving by. live look at san jose where we
7:26 am
start with upper 40s and low 50s.emperature today and a few low 80s and temper andese will have a we ge weekend, also a of rain by tomorrow night into early thursday morning. that could bight showers as we get ready for the morning commute on thursday. but other than that, we have some nice weather ahead. some mid to upper 70s for the inland valley throughout the weekend and san francisco we'll see also that chance of rain by thursday morning. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> we're looking at tuesday drive which is much lower involving the speed and we have the overnight quake may have made some folks sleep in because they got disturbed dumbarton bridge and general build westbound, though, for the bridges and as you get down towards the bay bridge westbound
7:27 am
around golden gate field looks like maybe a new crash there. you. more local news coming in half an hour and you can always check
7:28 am
7:29 am
we're back at 7:30 it's tuesday morning, 15th of rockefeller plaza. we will get outside there in just a few to soak up their sunshine >> first, though, let's get you caughtorieonwe're following on tuesday morning. the former ft. worth, texas, police officer who fatally shot a woman through the window of her own home has now been charged with murder. aaron dean was booked into jail and later released on a $200,000 bond dean and another officer were responding early saturday to a neighbor's report of an open door at the home of 28-year-old atatiana jefferson, body camera video showing him opening fire on jefferson inside her home the ft. worth police department issued a statement pledging to work around the clock for
7:30 am
justice in the case. power lines are suspected to have been involved in a major wildfire that led to evacuation orders for 100,000 people and was blamed for two deaths in the los angeles area last week of transmission tower on thursday other areas under rolling power blackouts, to prevent fires sparked by power lines. now to the international controversy facing the nba the face of the league, lebron james, is wading into its feud with china set off by an executive's tweet in support of hong kong protesters nbc's ron mott has that story. morning. lebron james is without a doubt the biggest star in the nba, the superstar is not afraid to get political, weighing in on issues like black lives matter, compensation for college athletes and taking on president trump. but it's what he's saying about the nba and china that's causing backlash this morning.
7:31 am
lebron james speaking out for the first time about the battle between the nba and china, taking on daryl morey whose tweets supporting antigovernment protests in hong kong set off a fire storm between the country and the league. >> i don't want to get into a feud with daryl, but i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand and he spoke >> james, not commenting about any political tension in the region, instead focusing on how morey's comments damaged the nba's relationship with the country. >> so many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually, so just be careful what we tweet and we say and what we do. >> reporter: the backlash, immediate, with even u.s. senators weighing in, republican ben sasse of nebraska tweeting, your parroting china propaganda. china is running torture camps and you know it. james taking to twitter later in the day to offer a clarification, saying my team and this league just went
7:32 am
through a difficult week i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement could do to others, could have waited a week to send it. >> this is thets numbeike this. >> reporter: james is no stranger to weighing in on politics earlier this month, california governor gavin newsom signed the fair pay to play act the former mvp also not afraid to take on president trump >> the number one job in america, the point of person is someone who doesn't understand the people and really don't give a [ bleep ] about the people >> reporter: but now it's james under fire for his bute here caf negative that comes from that too. >> a lot of people pointing to the nba's financial ties to china. how deep are they and is there any personal stake in it for lebron jes ig biggest markets for james, it's more than that, he's a lucrative deal with nike, and a starring role in the
7:33 am
upcoming movie, space jam 2. it has massive international appeal so the stakes are pretty high for him guys >> ron mott, thank you very much. up next, a "today" exclusive, cyntoia brown's first live interview since her release from prison. her message this morning about finding freedom, faith, and also ahead, she's a busy mom, a mogul and model, victoria beckham, she'll be here to talk about all of this, plus she's got big news to share about what's next for her. first, these messages. n whoaaa! this is incredible. we just got off hagrid, and it is by far the best ride. home of tripadvisor's number one park in the world. so come join us. get all three parks for just $53 a day, restrictions apply. ♪
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with in-depth today, cyntoia brown-long was just 16 years old case was far from clear-cut. after 15 years in prison, cyntoia is now free, granted clemency following a celebrity led campaign to reconsider her sentence we're going to talk cyntoia in just a moment but first, how she got here. >> we have cyntoia brown with us >> cyntoia brown-long, a free woman, ready to tell her story >> i wanted to say that i'm so much more than the worst thing that i have done >> cyntoia waswh mitchell allen in 2004 after he solicited her for sex. prosecutors calling her a cold-blooded killer, her defenders arguing she was a teenage victim of sex trafficking. brown was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison with parole possible in 50 years. her case sparking demand for justice by celebrities like kim kardashian, rihanna, lebron
7:38 am
james. all giving life to the hash tag "free cyntoia brown. >> i'm asking for mercy. >> in january after a decade and a half in prison, cyntoia got the call she had been waited for, tennessee governor bill degree while mentoring other young offenders. now brown-long is sharing her story. >> i think it's important that all of you know what happened with me, so you can prevent it from happening to yourselves >> she's making the most of her freedom while enjoying time with her family and husband, recording artist j long. >> cyntoia, grateful for her second chance. >> it's an honor to actually be a picture of what rehabilitation looks like of what it looks like when we do give people a second chance. >> and cyntoia is with us this morning. so good to see you. >> thank you, it's good to be here >> the book, let's start there
7:39 am
because it is gripping and it's very detailed it's graphic phys a even survive forget surviving prison, how did you survive before that? >> yeah, you know, i often say that if you take away nothing from hearing my story, it's just take away that i'm here by the grace of god because looking back over everything that i came through, like, i mean, i shouldn't be here right now. i shouldn't be here. i shouldn't even be alive, you know >> you started writing the book in prison. did you find the process cathartic as you retold your story on those pages did you find that the process itself was helpful or was it more painful >> it was helpful because, you know, everything that's happened over the course of 15 years, and so i had come to a place where i was like, okay, so i've healed from this, i've come to a point
7:40 am
where i understand things differently. i really dug into it, and then when i put it on paper, it had those moments. i was like, wow, i really didn't know that i was still dealing yo know, her digging in deeper. she's an incredible writer, ffi. >> questions like? >> some of the feelings, like why did i do those things, you know, what was i thinking, and you know, it really helps you to peel back the layers and i go into depth in the book about my inner thoughts at the time that i was going through things, some of the motivations, some of the things that were big factors. and she really helped to bring some of that out >> you're 16, trial is over, you have been convicted, your lawyer you've got two choices you can take the right path in
7:41 am
prison, you can take the wrong path in prison it takes you a while, but you took the right path. there are a few bumps along the way. what did that path look like in prison >> so prison isn't a place that's conducive to thing, i want to stay on this path as you said, there were several bumps along the way so i really had to find it in myself that i wanted to change i had to realize that my actions were affecting other people, and i had to really really want that change so it wasn't enough to just be in a class or be in a program. >> part of the story is also about your faith journey in this book, and you write that you're waiting for the verdict and you i will tell the world about you. >> oh, yeah. >> and you were sentenced to prison in that moment you found out that's not how god works >> you know, in that moment, i started to think, well, maybe i went about this the wrong way. maybe this isn't true, and it took years for me to actually,
7:42 am
you know, develop a relationship with jesus and when i started that process, that's when i started to see god doesn't work on my time. his will is not my will. and so i started looking back over everything and how it and it was like, wow, number one, he saved my life by putting girls avoid being where i am it can help free other people through my freedom, and so in a way he did answer that prayer. >> we have a statement about your release from johnny allen's family i want to read it, it reads in part, quote, we are at a loss fo if the family, friends of johnny allen, the man that you shot and killed, if they're watching this morning, what would you say to them >> you know, i would just let them know that number one, the way they feel is completely understandable i don't think that we can tell someone how to feel when they've been through something like that, and i completely understand like they have lost a loved one. i took that person from them and you know, of course i would tell them that i apologize
7:43 am
if they would ever want an opportunity to speak with me, i would be more than happy. >> you would talk to them? >> i would. >> you write toward the end of the book about life on the outside, what you think life when you get out of prison is going to be like has it been like what you thought it would be like >> it's been better. >> really? >> yes, it's been amazing. >> what's been the best part >> just freedom, you know, i get to wake up every day, decide what i want to do with my day, get to be with my husband, get to be with my family it's just being free. >> i met that fellow of yours a little while ago, he seems like quite the character. >> he is. >> you guys are newlyweds. >> yes not really new >> january, it's still >> cyntoia, thank you. >> thank you. >> cyntoia is going to be back with her husband on the 3rd hour of "today." right now let's switch gears and get a check of the weather from mr. roker.
7:44 am
thank you so much. we are looking at this cold front, ahead of it, warmer than average temperatures behind it a real fall chill to look at. cleveland warmer than usual, same in d.c., charlotte, nashville and st. louis. omaha, 9 degrees below average bismarck, 18 degrees below average. oklahoma city, a little on the warm side. as we move into tomorrow that cold air spreads east. below average temperatures for chicago, nashville, houston, sioux falls, warmer than average, same in wilmington and tallahassee. once that moves through, temperatures take a dip. by thursday, new york is at 59 68 in atlanta. 59 in indianapolis on thursday, and warms back up as we get into the weekend. in the meantime, a little bit of fall in the air. that's what's going on around the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look in san francisco with a cloudy start at times mist ask drizzle. that will clear out as we head towards noon and high temperatures today reaching mid-60s. inland more sunshine and high slightly warmer than yesterday
7:45 am
and reaching low 80s in end extending to the north bay. as we go into tomorrow, more clouds move in. a slight chance of rain between late wednesday night and early thursday morning. we dry out and also enjoy comfortable weather throughout the weekend. savannah. al, thank you so much. much more ahead this morning, including an inside look at william and kate's most ambitious overseas tour yet. but first these messages you're covered.thhouse. we're all here for you. all: all day, all night. (dramatic music) great job speaking calmly and clearly everyone. that's how you put a customer at ease. hey, did anyone else hear weird voices while they were in the corn? no. no. me either. whispering voice: jamie. what? i am an artist. i like to feel things, so being able to really use and touch the surface is the bomb.
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device: (sneezes) theraflu. the power is in your hands. what you reading, savannah? >> i'm sorry, i was just getting some inspiration fhoda'sew this is the t look it's out today it will give you a great mood.s this today." >> guess who's here? dame julie andrews, a legend we're honored that she's stopping by to chat with us. first, your local news i'd tell every one of the 41 million vehicle owners in america who have been affected by the takata airbag recall, that a part inside the airbags can explode causing serious injury, even death. i need your help. go to
7:50 am
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7:53 am
good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56. it's a cloudy start as you get ready to step out the door, here's a live look outside in dublin. also chilly temperatures going throughout the day. it warms up nicely and will reach the low 80s in the trivalley and inland east bay and north bay valleys we'll see the highs reaching into the low 80s. for san francisco we're staying in the 60s while san jose will reach up to 79 degrees. the rest of the forecast tracking the storm system moving in and bring in a chance of rain between late tomorrow night and
7:54 am
early thursday morning. our high temperatures stay in the mid-70s and morning temperatures near 50 degrees. go back to breezy winds and mix of sun and clouds over the next several days extending into saturday and sunday and early next week. san francisco will be in the mid-60s until the end of the week. let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> we're looking great. south bay has the build and typical for 87 and 101 towards capital expressway. my concern over in the bottom corner, i circled it. west 84 across the dumbarton bridge a disabled vehicle approaching the toll plaza. caused quite a bit ofnimitz. north 880 a crash approaching the coliseum isng now 4.5 magni quake struck last night in contra costa county centered in pleasant hill. minor damage. people felt it all over the bay area. the usgs says 2% chance of a
7:55 am
stronger quake within the next week. final public hearing for a propos proposed in in-n-out burger. some say it's overdue and others argue the proposed location is already too congested. it will go in front of the council for final approval. more local news and an update coming for you in half an hour. we'll see you then.
7:56 am
7:57 am
it is 8:00 on "today." overnight, charged with murder, the texas police officer who opened fire on a woman in her own home has been arrested. >> there's nothing that could justify what happened on saturday morning >> just ahead, we'll heaom the victim's family. plus, words of wisdom, i'll share a first look inside my new book with a little help from some special friends. and british invasion, blend it like beckham with fashion icon victoria beckham here live as she launches her own beauty line
7:58 am
and studio 1a is alive with the sound of music julie andrews stops by to share stories from her legendary life and career today, tuesday, october 15, 2019 >> virginia loves "today." >> it's my beautiful wife's 50th birthday. >> oh, birthday palooza outside. weekend. we're so glad you're with us on this beautiful tuesday morning. >> we have reached the halfway lewinsky will be here,member but exclusively, she has a persona and important cause, something spotlight, a "today" show favorite ladies and gentlemen, gymnastics superstar simone biles is going
7:59 am
to join us thrive celebrate that record-shattering week at the world championships. maybe she'll bring some of the medals >> i hope she does >> if she has a really big suitcase. a former texas police officer accused of fatally shooting a woman inside her own home over the weekend has now been charged with murder the encounter was captured on his police body camera nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from ft. worth, texas, with the very latest on it. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. officer aaron dean resigned before he could be fired then just hours later, he was booked into jail for murder. he bonded out overnight. this morning, former ft. wbody me own home >> shots fired, shots fired. >> to the citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment >> aaron dean. >> reporter: dean, seen here graduating from the police academy last year abruptly resigned monday morning before he could be fired. the city's mayor even
8:00 am
apologized. >> it's unacceptable there is nothing that could justify what happened on saturday morning nothing. >> reporter: that's when police say officer dean shot and killed 28-year-old atatiana jeffersontd called a nonemergency number because her front door was open. in the body cam video, dean never identified himself as a police officer as he walked around outside of the home shining a flashlight he approached a side window and opened fire. >> put your hands up, show me your hands. >> reporter: jefferson's family is now demanding the policing >> we need to send a message to law enforcement officers around the country that there will be accountability when you take someone's life, particul i their home >> reporter: we expect to hear from the police chief here again later today. he says he'll be reaching out to
8:01 am
the fbi about potentially launching a civil rights investigation. so far, officer dean has not responded to our request for comment. savannah >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. gabe. house impeachment investigators will hear more today about president trump's dealings with ukraine. the state department official responsible for ukraine, george kent, is expected to testify kent will likely defend the former u.s. ambassador to that country who was abruptly forced out of her post. monday, the president's former top russia adviser, fiona hill testified. according to "the new york times," hill said that former national security advisor, john bolton, was alarmed by trump lawyer rudy giuliani's efforts toss circled overnight at barcelona's international airport where clashes broke out good police dd more than 100 flights were dozens of people were hurt the protests eruptft foam bullets to break up the demonstrations coteseenced to long prison term you kn w
8:02 am
half-eaten brown muffin? a morning boost. who can bus this table >> i've got a boost for you, you ready. >> yes >> it is a beautiful thing when siblings get along, and these two, they like to show their affection every chance they get. this toddler knows when it's time for her big sister to come home from school, so she waits outside, waits for sister to run to her, so they can share a hug. that is the daily routine. is that cute >> i hope my kids are watching that this morning. >> super sweet. coming up, a boost of sorts on the day of her book release, hoda tells us how she chooses the inspirational messages, famous for sharing the words she lives by, and every book comes with muffin tops they just fall right out and are delicious. >> look who's here, andy cohen, he has searched high and low for some real talkers this morning yeah, okay but first, these messages.
8:03 am
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8:06 am
we are back with "today's" talker, it is such a good one. andy cohen. >> good morning. >> you had to be here for this we know hoda is the queen of finding inspirational quotes and sharing them on instagram. it always puts life in perspective. hoda took her favorites, gathered them into a new book. it's called "i really needed this today." and we really needed this today. >> i dig this book i feel like i have done some books. this is by far my favorite words of wisdom can come from anywhere, and the right ones have the power, i think, to change the way we think about oue world and maybe even change since the wisest thoughts often come from the mouth of babes, i enlisted kids from south orange new jersey, south mountain elementary school to help bring this book to life.
8:07 am
>> i really needed this today. >> a book by hoda kotb and a bunch of other really smart people >> when you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes look, she sees wishes, smart lady >> i'd rather learn to dance in the rain than worry if i have an umbrella for the rest of my >> it's okay to have a meltdown. just don't unpack and live there. >> yeah, you can't live in that kind of place. >> not all storms come to >> some come to clear your path. >> almost everything will work
8:08 am
again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you that's b. >> that's better >> you can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. >> accept what people offer, drink their milk shakes, take their love >> i love milk shakes. >> remember the days you prayed for the things you have now. >> sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs.etim, i shock myself with the try to get laugh is funnier than the joke >> perhaps there are not stars in the sky but rather openings where a loved one shines down to
8:09 am
let us know they're happy. >> sometimes a moment of quiet is all you need. >> amazing >> the laugh is always funnier than the joke is hoda. so perfect. >> can i thank robin for that cartoon extravaganza she did a beautiful job on that. i want to say thanks to her for that. >> this book is packed full ofn did you narrow it down you have been doing this for a few years now, you must have had a lot of quotes in your back pocket. >> every morning i would scribble in a journal and try to and post on insta, and you're like well, there that went, and all of a sudden, people started writing, i really needed this today.stagm, found the quotes tt got the most just attention and people felt a connection with it
8:10 am
and then i went back to my journal, i was like what happened on that day that made me think of that so then we wrote kind of these cool little stories that match up with the quote. so some of them are from like there's a quote in there from you, and a quote in there from you. you guys are all futured in the book but i think i interviewed tyler perry.d a autiful stor homes because he wanted to see where he was going to live he would go to used car lots and sit in the front seat of a ferrari because he wanted to feel the car he would drive. there's a saying that says visualize what you want to be, so i would put that story with that quote. >> i put one that was actually my mom's quote in there, and it was haley, we've waited so long for you, which was her quote when we brought her home
8:11 am
>> by the way, when you watched that animation, did you recognize any of the voices? besides the kids, some of the sounds, can we play? >> what? >> is that you >> that was my laugh >> very good >> there's a little craig in there. >> that's your laugh that's so cute. >> i had to work on that a few times. >> and i think we have another one, the main lady there is one of our producers, chelsea, and the older lady toward the end, the aforementioned, robin simba. >> robin played the old lady, t. >> help keep our costs down. >> i like that it's the kind of book you can put on your bedside table. >> you had a signing last night, how are people reacting so far >> you know what's funny about this, usually you sign books and they have little stickers in them and they tell you their name almost every single book i signed was for somebody else they wanted it for their mom, like a gift. >> a ridiculously great gift. >> it is. >> i like a book that you don't
8:12 am
just read, you kind of look , as kind of like a devotional. >> it is like that. >> you can also keep it in the potty. >> i was going to say that, but i thought -- >> thank you >> thank you, all. >> we're proud of you hoda, you're our guru. thank you so much. the book is called "i really needed this today" and it's out now. go to you can buy it there. >> and join the table. first up, we have a royal two-fer. prince william and dutchess kate touched down in pakistan for the start of a five-day tour of the country. it's the first time they are visiting the country as a couple but no kids in tow william and kate were welcomed by pakistan's prime minister who was close with princess diana and met with her when she visited the country in 1997. they posted a great picture on
8:13 am
their instagram yesterday, and i commented great pic, and i was like, don't comment on their thing. don't worry, we are not leaving out harry and meghan, our first look at an itv documentary, and features never before seen footage of the royal couple with baby archie. >> not always the one i was expecting, the story of their time in africa was a passion for their work, private happiness, but also a world of pressure and he look like harry. >> cutie >> super, super.t gorazy for ba now that you have a little baby. >> i do, yes >> we understand. >> i'm learning about projectile vomit. >> learning about that, huh, you're just learning. >> bringing up the john, vomitoy next up, "the kelly clarkson show," tyler perry and ben plat sat down with kelly where they ended up talking about the people they met who have left
8:14 am
them starstruck. >> beyonce came, which was like, i mean, what do you do at that point? >> look at her, just in her average day, still looking hotter than the rest of us. is she like your, like - >> yeah. >> she's a lot of people. >> and i saw her, and that's another example where i wanted to know she's there, you look in the audience and see the shape of her weave. >> have you ever freaked out on anyone, tyler? >> now that we're mentioning beyonce, she was at my party recently she was at my party recently one person, just one person, and i got a chance to sit down and talk to him. oprah made that happen. >> whoa. >> so nice when oprah does that for you, right >> of course oprah made it happen >> what else all right. you guys meet big stars every day, they're coming through here all day long, anyone that freaks you out or left you in awe? >> you know what, i have never
8:15 am
met oprah. >> really? >> i have never met her either i've seen her, but i was too embarrassed and dorky to say anything. >> i would like that >> at a movie premier down in alabama, and it was probably the only time. she grabbed my hand, she did this thing, and she said my name >> wow >> and i was like, oh, and that was it >> how about you >> oprah, you know, the first time i met susan lucci, it's always your first. >> what about you, al? >> charles schultz. >> oh, wow >> a little bit ofar and to meet him, and interview him, and he did a little cartoon for me >> oh, my gosh. >> i was here when you met lizzo that time. >> i love lizzo. >> that was an amazing concert and we have lizzo news, and justin timberlake, that's a combo we like the sound of, still feeling the good vibes lizzo's concert on the plaza
8:16 am
this summer, and we are hearing from j.t. himself that he and lizzo recorded some new music and apparently it's going to blow us away >> lizzo and i met at the song writer's hall of fame, and i was like i'm such a fan, if you ever want to write, and i think she thought i was lying. but we got in, and we got a couple of ideas, and i don't know when they're going to come out, but they're pretty good >> timberlake adds, it's strange it's so good. >> wow >> not just music, but a video too. >> i like it >> and you're back for the fourth hour. >> yes, i am. >> it's going to be flames >> flames, i can't wait. >> al, you got the weather. >> combine that, it would be flows. >> show you what you got as far as your weather is concerned weather down to the south, part of the system pushing its way up into the northeast we've got a record dry spell from texas all the way into the east, so we are going to see temperatures, a lot of wet
8:17 am
weather coming on in that's what's going on aro good morning, i'm kari hall, we're starting out the day with cloudy skies. a live look outside in san jose. it has also been kind of cool. we will see our temperatures warming into the upper 70s today. oakland today going up to 74 degrees and we'll see more clouds tomorrow, even a chance of rain late tomorrow night and into early thursday morning. after that we will enjoy a nice weekend with highs in the mid to upper 70s in the valleys. and that's your latest weather. hoda. >> thank you, al we are joined by one of the busiest women in the fashion world, of course i'm talking about victoria beckham of course we all knew her as posh from the spice girls and we can't forget about her p now she is taking her talents to the beauty industry with her
8:18 am
very own makeup collection it is called victoria beckham beauty look at you. today is lip day, i hear. >> today is lip day. it's a very, very exciting day for victoria beckham beauty because we are launching our lip story. >> and give me just, for people who don't know the difference between a, b or c, tell me what you're launching today. >> well, we launched victoria beckham beauty about a month ago now, which has been a dream come true for me. we're going direct to consumer, so the only place you can actually buy the makeup is on and this is everything i want in my makeup bag with a strong focus on the best form las, but safe formulas as well. we say this is clean beauty, so a big focus on not putting lots of danlitys also a key message for us as well with regards to our packaging, and offering it at an affordable luxury price point. >> let's say you're on a desert island and you can only have one beauty item, a single one,
8:19 am
what's the one you pick. >> it's my new lip line. >> of course it is >> i'm obsessed. i'm obsessed with the perfect nude lip liner and wt is the perfect nude and the other focus with this brand is that it's very inclusive. so we have six nude lip liners so something that works for every single skin tone. >> i was reading some articles and listening to some interviews with you, and i was reading that your husband likes to use your beauty products, true or false what does he love? what does he love of your line >> we share skin products, beauty products, and so we'll share moisturizers and face masks and that sort of thing. >> 20 years you guys have been together, and there are many couples who don't make it half that far what do you think the secret sauce is in your relationship that made it last this long? >> you know, i think that the kids are our priority, and everything we do revolves around
8:20 am
the children, but we both work really hard. we love what we do professionally we support each other, and, yout we're growing together. >> was it a love at first sight thing when you two met, when you locked eyes? >> it was love at first sight. >> i love that you're trying to keep kids close. you have a family of kids running a million different directions how do you make sure that your family unit stays cohesive and tight? >> communication is key, and we're very present in the kids' lives, you know, we love our family everything we do revolves around our family and i think it's just being focused, working hard, having a great support team around us both of our parents are very very present and help with the kids. >> you were, i think you were, it was a "new york times" quote and you said you asked dvf, how
8:21 am
do you deal with mom guilt, basically, do you have it. and she said i never have it never. and that struck me, and you said, boy that kind of made you feel better. >> you feel guilty when you're a working mom. i'm sure there are so many moms watching this right now who feel torn, you want to be the best professional, follow your dreams but you also want to be the best mom. and diane said to me absolutely, don't feel guilty, it's aging, magazine, and you had fun with one questi the question to you is what is the question most people ask you? and your answer was why don't yo anyu ile ng tsay, you're smiling a lot right here but your answer was that you smile on the inside, that's what you do. >> i do, i do. i'm so lucky, i'm so blessed i love what i do i love the fact that i can empower women, whether that's through fashion or beauty, make women feel like the best version of themselves. and i feel very lucky. i love what i do so i am smiling inside and
8:22 am
outside. >> just lastly, are the spice girls getting back together? >> oh, okay. got me there the girls did a very, very successful tour. i was so proud of them i really was i still speak to all the girls, and i don't knowt y wi be brill. very good morning to you. let's get you up to date on that 4.5 magnitude earthquake. there is some minor damage. people certainly felt it across the bay area and this morning we're monitoring very minor after shocks that you might not even feel them. they say there is a an alert on bay areap.
8:23 am
here is a update on that morning commute. >> looking at northbound 880. a crash at high street does tie up some traffic. those lanes are blocked, be t is taking awhile longer and now 580 in the same area, seeing more photographic. we see it building through oakland as well. a lighter volume of traffic on your tuesday. 237, a flash there at the educator. and there is that flyover, watch the flashing lights as you approach.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
we are back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning, october 15th, plaza. this doesn't get old, does it andy cohen >> i see a lot of andy cohen fans i'm looking for one lovely lady who i think is an al roker fan kaitlyn from nashville. >> she wants to sing for al. >> you do? >> i do. >> can we clear the song >> okay. where are you from >> i'm from peoria, illinois, >> have some fun. clou day ♪
8:27 am
♪ when it's cold outside i got the month of may ♪ ♪ i guess you'll say ♪ what can make me feel this way ♪ ♪ roker, roker roker >> wow. >> i love it >> that was amazing. >> wow >> she's awesome. >> you got a new theme song. >> i have never been serenaded on the plaza before. >> she's going to be singing all day, roker, roker. >> what's coming up, roker. how about this from "mary poppins" to "the sound of music," and a secret whistling talent, julie andrews is spilling all in her new memoir we'll talk to dame andrews about some of the best stories she's finally sharing from her legendary career, not only coming up in this hour but the third hour of "today" as well.
8:28 am
>> he's got the food, he's gotog he's going to teach us a little bit. >> quest love does not sleep by the way. al mentioned in addition to the dame, a former truck driver who switched gears in his second act, how he used his time on the road to become a tech wiz. >> andy, the fourth hour you're co-hosting and we have a surprise for you that you're going to love. >> i love a surprise the bar is low i'm excited about anything. let's get another check of the weather from roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by astrazeneca, visit us at >> let's check out what's happening around the country and your neck of the woods we'll show you sunny and cool in the northeast. we've got a flood risk from savannah all the way into parts of texas, sunshine out west and some wet weather up through the great lakes. for tomorrow, heavy rain moves into the mid atlantic and the
8:29 am
northeast, going to keep it cool through the plains, more rain moving into the pacific northwest with plenty of sunshine through the southwest that's what's going on around the country. here's wha good morning, i'm kari hall, a live look outside in san jose. we're starting out with a lot of clouds and we're going to see our temperatures starting out cool and getting up to the 70s in the south bay. 83 will be the high in oc rain starting late tomorrow night into early thursday opinion t. the rest of the forecast will alfolks are going to be buying hoda's new book. what's the name of the book again? >> "i really needed this today." >> savannah. >> look who i'm here with, oh, just dame julie andrews. hanging out like we always do. >> as we always have. >> you're spilling all the
8:30 am
stories from hollywood. >> not all, but a great many, yes. it we can't wait to hear about this new generation is going to get some great advice from dame julie andrews, but first, this
8:31 am
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dame julie andrews has an oscar, two emmys and two grammys, starred in some of the most beloved movies of our time she's also a best sein"home wor memoir of my hollywood years" is out today. julie andrews, it is such a pleasure. >> thank you >> when i'm in your presence, i pinch myself i guess you have that effect on people. >> you're a hard working lady, too. >> let's talk about you, this is your second memoir when you have a life this big, you have to break the memoir into bits because there's so much to talk about we were just talking about the process. you wrote it with your daughter, what was it like to kind of unpack those memories. >> it was everything, painful, funny. we went -- wept at times, weof
8:33 am
and we worked. it was about a 2 1/2, 3 year project when all is said and done. >> you said that you thankfully >> thank god for them. >> what's it like to go back and read diarying and read about the young version of yourself? >> i suddenly realized how hard i had worked you know, life goes by and you're so busy in the moment, and then looking back on it, you think, my god, you know, as you do, i had kids, and a marriage, and a home and the work. >> all at the same time. >> yeah. and i was learning on my feet as i went. >> there's so many fun stories and remembrances oh, my gosh "mary poppins" alone. you talk about a little flying scene. you said they did them at the end. so in case there was an accident, which is not a real confidence builder i read that, and thought maybe you should make wi
8:34 am
but something did happen >> yes it's all there in the book but, i mean, i felt myself on the last day, i suddenly thought, oh, i wonder if my luck is going to run out, and i was hanging up there, and i felt myself drop by about 6 inches, and i called and said, could you let me down easily when i come at which point i plummeted to the ground but i s and things like that >> so it wasn't quite so bad. >> but it was a shock, that's for sure. >> absolutely. we knew of course of your incredible acting and singing talent i did not know that you are a whistler and you actually were in a spoonful of sugar. >> funny enough, i have whistled in a lot of films just because people know i can, but i didn't advertise it >> you didn't have to. your whistling was like the fifth thing on your resume, acting, dance, but also you're . talk with "my fair lady. obviously we know you originated the role on broadway
8:35 am
that was you you were my fair lady. >> here in new york city, i was. >> in the book you talk about how they cast audrey hepburn in the movie. >> who was a great friend and she was absolutely lovely, and i you know, here on broadway butwy at that time or anywhere, really, except broadway, so it's very hard to be a little upset at not getting that role when walt disney comes along and says would you like to do "mary poppins. >> it's such a classic situation in life. one door closes and you're devastated. >> and unbelievable good fortune. and before the world had seen you in "mary poppins," disney allowed you to be seen so that you could be cast for "sound of music. >> that's right, i had made three films and was having a wonderful time because none of them had been released, so i was learning about movies and
8:36 am
working hard, and all of that, and then suddenly they were all released a t everybody was talking about it, and it was an assault, really, for a while. >> yeah, in the book. >> i n >> no, but the memoir is real and you talk about kind of that moment where you had this period of time, you shot those movies, they weren't out yet, nobody knew you had a new baby at home. >> i did >> and you talk about going through sadness. >> well, there were times, yes, of sadness, and many things like that i wanted to be as frank as i could if i'm going to write a memoir, i might as well be frank as much as i can, and there's so many things were happening at the time it's why i call it "home work" because it's about the work i was learning to do on movies which i had never done before, and also homework on myself to a certain extent, how was i growing, what was i learning in
8:37 am
between you and your husband how did you think of it? >> well, he was the most charismatic fellow i have ever met. i don't think i'll ever meet somebody as really genuinely interesting as he was. sadly he is no longer with us, but we were married like 41 years, and knew each other for 44 >> and worked together a lot. >> yes, we did about seven movies together. >> you said it was like the lion and the squirrel. >> i had forgotten that, thanks. >> he was the lion, you were the lionama, this only takes us up to the '80s and then you have your return to broadway, you have a lot of >> 30 years until i came back to dw because this one took so long. i'm not sure, maybe. we'll see how this one -
8:38 am
>> we know how your story ends with huge success, and love across the generations, thank you so much. >> and a lot of writing with my daughter, which i enjoyed very very much. >> what a wonderful mother/daughter project, a real gift. >> it is a gift. >> thank you so much the book is out, it's called "home work" and dame andrews will be back in our third hour along with her daughter, emma. she'll be here too excited about that. >> she will. from one legend to another, look who's here, the ultimate - including he throws a heck of a dinner party, legendary,nd a announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a
8:39 am
public health crisis." from big tobacco. markets-8 biin e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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we are back with "today's" food this morning the age-old question, how on earth do you throw a good dinner party? >> with us now apparently a dinner party expert, quest love, we know him from the skills on the drums for the roots and the in-house band on "the tonight
8:41 am
show" with jimmy fallon. >> how are you doing >> talk about a sizzle reel. ♪ >> when he's not behind the drum set or producing stuff or doing all the other things he does. >> his fans thin's drummer than i am, so, i guess. i guess just a hair better >> quest has got a new cook book out, it's called "mixed tape pot luck" and combines his love of food, music and community. martha stewart wri ttethng, andn the forward she said she wasn't a fan of pot luck dinners and you changed her mind. >> that's impressive you know, i have been as the roots, we have been throwing these types of dinners for 25 years. like a lot of our albums are based on the fact that food has enticed the musician community over to our house.ike, you know ask them to come to the jam sessions, we say come over for dinner and oh, by the way, let's write a few songs, that sort of
8:42 am
thing. >> i love that >> that's what i'm about. >> let's talk about some of the food one of these things is air fried chicken, which one is this. >> courtesy of my boss, jimmy fallon. >> so what's the music pairing >> yeah, for each chef, i paired some music so of course his love for bruce springsteen, i felt like hungry heart. >> that's cute >> apropos for him >> are these your recipes you have eaten over the years? >> i have these things like food salons at my house, like high brow pot luck. usually i have chefs over like dominique ansel. >> marcus samuelson. >> yes, they come and cook this time the twist is that all the guests of the food salons contributed a meal, so over 55
8:43 am
chefs from jimmy fallon to jessica biel to martha stewart. >> how do they all get along, that group >> horrible. they fistfight >> the thing about it is it's more of a social experience than a food experience. they think it's about, you know, when crow nuts were red hot, people thought it was about thed with, now we're working together i thought it sipaich >> wait, there's chocolate in ection to her is muddy waters, her mother bei f records, and muddy waters was chicago, used to work at chess connected to that, so, you know, i kind of --
8:44 am
>> yes, the legendary minnie >> i chose the ocean by joshua redmon, the jazz version of the led zeppelin classic because, you know. >> why not >> because why not. >> it's like a party in a book. >> so this is smoked salmon. armisen, and he did two versions, the hardship version and the sweeter. you get both types of clams here. or fred for their cooking. apparently they have recipes up their sleeve >> food is therapy for a lot of artists, this is a way toin something creativeother jobs, it's kind of hard to do it. >> what's your go-to dish, and did you put one of your dishes in >> i didn't put one of my dishes in, but i put all 55 chefs together. >> this ginger beer is great. >> nonalcoholic. >> did you put a song with the ginger beer? >> not appropriate for morning
8:45 am
tv. >> by solange. >> it's a great song. >> can't play it here. >> exactly >> got to buy the book. >> do you have a favorite in the book >> so many i can't even, you know, it's hard to name them all, but yes >> not like a bieber battle. >> no, it's not. no, i love them all. that's why they made it. >> we always love it when you stop by, quest. >> thank you >> by the way, if you want the recipes from the book, for more on the book, by the way, mixed tape pot luck we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc thy. is "today" on nbc. this is hamish.
8:46 am
he's a bit more brave. ♪
8:47 am
♪ ♪ before we go, can we take a moment to brag about our colleagues, last night the "today" show and nbc news were awarded a prestigious murrow award. it was the "today" show when we went to pittsburgh and there was the shti
8:48 am
award, and we of course are so grateful for that, and it was a moment and a show that i will certainly always remember as well. >> you were lin like, this was one of probably the most poignant shows that we had done and to hear it was nominated for a murrow - >> we heard from incredible people who had been through so much and had so much resilience and grace and faith in the worst of circumstances we wanted to say congratulations to our colleagues at the "today" show. >> and our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel and his team were also honored for a murrow award as well for their work overseas. >> hoda has her new book, that's very exciting. >> that will be coming out, yes, today. >> but we do have time for some birthdays. >> i think we do let's check it out let's spin the smuckers jar and show you who we have to talk about.
8:49 am
108th birthday to viola brown of bearville, virginia. loves to bake, even wrote her own cookbook, maybe she knows quest love toby santoro, celebrating 106 years, you're looking at a bocci champ, won the event at the senior olympics, seven years in a row. oh yeah. 100th birthday, big stone gap, virginia, love celebrating holidays, especially her birthday francis brewer of baltimore, maryland, turning 100. secret to her longeve matenancec technician in world war ii we salute you for your service christine phillips from kingfisher, oklahoma, hitting the big milestone of 110 >> what? >> a former dairy farmer says the secret to long life, hard work and a positive attitude amen utterly correct. if you know someone with a milestone birthday or anniversary, you've got another episode of quoted by on >> yes, we do. >> which is perfect because this
8:50 am
book came out today. >> i really needed this today, guys. >> me too. >> a frito just fell out of it. >> oh, my god, your fav. >> i love fritos so much >> we love you guys. >> yes, thank you so much. >> coming up, julie andrews again coming up on the 3rd hour. g
8:51 am
very good morning to you pap 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck about 10:30 last night. but people really felt it across the bay area. this morning we're monitoring very minor aftershocks, you might not even feel them. they say there is a 2% chance of a stronger quake within the next week. as soon as it struck last night we sent out an alert on the nbc bay area app. make sure you down load it for free updates. also team coverage coming up at 11:00. it is the final day for the
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pro posed in and out burger. people are saying that area is already too con guestgested and will following that meeting. and new scooters hitting the streets. it is part of the power scooter program. starting today, jump line, shoots and spin will be able to rent out 1,000 scooters each. follow our twitter for the latest updates.
8:53 am
many are nervous that the next big earthquake could strike at any minute. >> plus magnitude versus intensity. what iswe will break it down be 4:30 and 7:00 a.m.
8:54 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the 3rd hour of "today." >> good morning, welcome to the 3rd hour of "today." >> al, you voiced the open for the show? >> that's not me.
8:55 am
>> this is so awesome. >> so craig, sheinelle, dylan, mr. roker is here and hoda kotb of course that book is out. just dropped. "i really needed this today". >> ands >> i think it's 26? >> isn't it pretty? >> whatevert
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