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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 29, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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right now: another day of protests at airports in the bay area and across the nation... as the right now another day of protests at airports in the bay area and across the country as the white house makes changes to the president's immigration ban. thank you for joining us at 5:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. across the airports there were protests. >> tonight trump's
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administration making a statement. those holding green cards will not be banned from returning to the u.s. >> we have team coverage for you starting with nbc bay area's thom jensen who's been among the crowd since this morning. tom. >> reporter: you guys, i'm telling you things are really fluid now. the protesters have moved in front of the escalators. some told me they're trying to block all escalators to shut down departures. i saw a man trying to get through with his son. they would not let him. he got kind of upset. we'll get to that video later on. this has been a large protest all day long. it's grown to about 1,200 now, we estimate. one of them is the daughter of an iraqi immigrant who is extremely concerned. she became a doctor and many of
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her patients are affected by this immigration ban. >> they're very loving and i hate to see this sort of thing happen to them or for them to get the message that we don't care about them. we're all immigrants, we're all one big world family and i'm against the politics of hate, which i is what i think he does. >> reporter: now, organizers say that this loud and large demonstration will continue daily until the bans are all removed not just with what president trump did with the green cards. it could be days, months, years. they're going to stick it out. lawyers say they have been refused access to detainees and they do not know how many they are or where they came from, but the airport tells us a total of five people have been detained and all of them have been released now. a spokesman for the airport told us earlier today the main goal
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was to allow these demonstrations to go on but also to make sure that there were no delays in travel here. we were told that there there were no delays earlier. we do not know if that's still true. we know that a lot of the gates have been closed. like i said third quarter were trying to get people to the air train because a and g gates were closed down here earlier but now you can see these are being blocked. people holding arm in arm so travelers cannot get through. we'll try to get you more information. tom jepsen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. sfo released a statement that says in part we are making supplies available to travelers affected by this executive order as well as to the members of the public who have so bravely taken a stand against this action by speaking publicly in our facilities. they say they're basically federal. however, sfo is requesting a
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full briefing from the agency and in the midst of protests there's a backlash over what some uber drivers did yesterday with regard to the protest. >> nbc bay area's christie smith spoekt with drivers and riders about trending #dele trending #deleteyouruberaccount. peg chris . >> reporter: what they're telling us is they have been sharing developments and are aware of the #deleteuber. one rider told us she has deleted it. another is considering it. why? they're concerned that the company's ceo is on an advisory panel with ties to the president and according to the report uber was criticized for charging less
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at jfk in new york at the same time taxi drivers have halted. today lyft came forward saying they were donating $1 million to the aclu. >> i got the e-mail and it was pretty impressive. >> now, uber said it could hurt some of their drivers. some may not be able to enter the country and the company is working to help them including legal support and compensation. he said he plans to raise the considers he has against the advisory group. in an e-mail to drivers he referred to the immigration ban as wrong and injust. that's the latest from here. christie smith. >> one of those detained at the airport is a harvard graduate
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and phd candidate at stanford. she said her flight to new york from sudan ended in an invasive pat-down, interrogation, and handcuffs, all of this despite the fact that she has legal status. >> i felt humiliated. i thought i was going to get deported or detained. why else would they put handc f handcuffs on me, and i started crying. >> she has lived in the u.s. since 1993. she said the customs officials appeared confused about the new executive order. they expressed concern for what their student went through and what others in similar situations could also face. bc bay area's marianne favro joins us live with that story. marianne. >> i'm marianne favro live at
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san jose city hall where 200 people just wrapped up a protest against the president's immigration policies. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> all right. we'll hear from marianne a little bit later on coming up. in the meantime iran is criticizing the united states over president trump's recent actions from iran and six other foreign countries. they're calling it an insult. they'll take reciprocal measures and ban americans to come to iran. that ban will stay in place
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until the united states lifts it's ban. >> it has to do with terrorism. >> then this in his latest tweet the foreign minister slightly backpedaled on that statement saying unlike the united states, iran's decision is not retroactive and those with a valid visa would be lifted. this ban continued online. head to our website for the impact on the presidential policies and the effect of them. you can also download those details on our free nbc bay area app. after several rainy weekends, a neat tice. would u you say.
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it is just beautiful out there. houvgs i have to drop this out there. there are air quality issues. rain coming midweek. high clouds. 61. high smoke pollution. spare the air alert. no wood burning as we see light winds and high pressure in control. radar quite dry. you might have know us theed the sunset outside. it's not going anywhere and then as we head toward the middle part of the week we'll begin to see big raines coming up as we head into wednesday night.
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a chance of seeing some thunderstorms. and for the north bay, we're looking at possibly 2 to 3 inches of rain. nothing like the stronger storms earlier this month. we're looking at 2 to 3 feet of more snowfall. we'll talk about that and amazing rainfall statistics. parts of the bay area have already exceeded their yearly average thanks to all the rain that's fallen this month. we'll have look at that. going up. >> thanks a lot. >> r. still a ahead. the white house a working house for a whole group of advisers. take a look at president trump's west wing. and a concern for the oscars. we'll have that coming up.
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wing they are president trump's inner circle, his most trusted advisers, by his side at a probable win and now at swearings-ins and signings. jared kushner, steve bannon, reince priebus, and kellyanne conway. conway invited us into her office. >> aech of them served a two-term president, so i feel like it's good luck. >> this office is good luck for you. >> yes, it snies every white house, every west wick has power plays right now. kellyanne conway, steve bannon, reince priebus, jared kushner. can you work together? >> we're ready to. we worked during the campaign. >> no clashes? >> no clashes.
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everybody wants a story. we're very cohesive. we came out of the campaign the walked wounded and prevailed. we have a president who's very welcoming, open to different points of view and that's the way he runs his business. >> as trump's teams set. place, turf wars will come into play. >> there always is. i don't care how you structure it or manage the allocation of office space, even closets on the first floor right next to the oval office are viewed as an office opportunity. >> reporter: already real estate is at a premium. on one side a small office for the traditional secretary and aid bus on the other, a newly formed corridor of influence,
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the big corner office reserved for the chief of staff reince priebus. the top deputy, the gate keeper, and steve bannon and in the office closed to the president, jared kushner, ivanka trump's husband, already proving himself as a force behind the scenes. >> it does pro e provide significant opportunity to walk into the office without a lot of people seeing you walking in and that's a good thing for the president if he needs that help. it's a bad thing for the chief of staff if he doesn't know about it. >> reporter: kellyanne conway is right upstairs. >> i never take the elevator, always the stairs. >> get the exercise. >> i know it take 1/2 seconds. >> hard to keep up with the new president. >> reporter: for today, peter alexander, nbc news, the white house. and a view of your sunday
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evening right now. across the golden gate bridge, we've got dry conditions, a few high clouds and on the radar, dry for the moment, but they won't be staying that way as we head back to the workweek. notice the increasing clouds and rain. the time when the rain makes a come back when we come right back. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that
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iran announced today that he will not attend and another boycott inspired by president trump and oscar nominated director from iran announced today he will not attend this year's academy awards because of the travel ban. he directed the movie best nominated for foreign language garage film this yeechlt he said even any was granted an exceptie exemption to the ban, he will not attend. >> legendary talent behind the
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camera. >> we're north gnat with climate talent, fresh air, and sort of the enthusiasm coming to work on the set here in san francisco is great. there's all kinds of talent ed, quirky, funny bright people. >> a trip to europe changed his mind to make movies. it's the latest installment of our documentary series and it airs tonight. >> you see why people do come here. >> before we do weather, let's talk about the lupus foundation. >> you raised a lot of money. >> $100,000. >> very impressive.
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>> for research in the bay area in california. fantastic event. thanks to everyone who gave us support. also impressive, the numbers in january in terms of rainfall. as we look at these statistics here, pretty incredible when we take a look at the numbers out of the north bay. let's take a look at the january or rainuary statisticstatistics. 19 inches. 51% all coming down in one month. bay area wide, as you get into livermore, not as much. from a relative standpoint, we had 52% come in. at the bottom of the screen, average, 36.28 for the year. so here at the end of the january, we've already passed the rainfall season average powered up be i thoels at the
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airport. we're treated to a nice sunset. watching out for patchy fog. patchy morning. it shows the high clouds but haze back down toward san jose where we have 61. builds in. warmer air on top of cooler air. it's like being in the room and lowering the skreceiling down. we do have a spare the air night tonight because of smoke pollution problems especially out around the north bay. this is something that typically happens once we've had the storms move on and high pressure build in. winds still pretty light. slightly offshore. if we get fog, some of that may
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try to drift in some of the east bay valleys, but a similar day to what we had today. patchy clouds. a dry forecast as we start the week. midweek we'll begin to see some changes. 30s and 40s outside and we will see temperatures having a chance of climbing into the upper 60s around san jose. may feel a bit more like it for your monday afternoon. low 60s to mid-60s for your highs. not a bad day with high clouds and low 60s around the north bay. so the changes begin to pick up. we'll see. friday, scadder scattered showe. blue and green on this map shows like the north bay may see 1 to
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3 inches of rain. a half inch to an inch is the expedition right now and up to 2 1/2 inches around the santa cruz mountain. so it's the middle of the week we see changes and things begin to clear out as we see the pattern taking us into february. still this pretty typical for this time of year. we should see storms like this coming through wednesday night, early friday. >> coming up, a look at the top six at the box office. >> why one movie might not be doing as well as expected. box office this weekend.
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==terry/take vo== well, it was a 1-2 finish for universal pictures at the box office this weekend. >> the multi-personality thriller "split" stayed in first place. coming in second was "a dog's purpose" even though the opening became in question. a frightened dog was forced into rushing water when making the
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movie and "hidden figures" made it to top three. >> warm weather coming in. >> >> yeah. high radar coming through. we do have a lot of moisture out there. pretty impressive looking storm that for now is kind of bottled up there. high pressure is going to keep it away from us for a couple of more days. rain late in the day. thursday looks to be gusty with rain at times and friday maybe as the showers start to move on you could get patchy fog. midweek. wind and rain, we may see another weekend with some clearing skies and more sunshine next saturday and sunday. >> all right. rob, thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. we're going to have more news for you coming up right at 6:00. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes.
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right now at 6 -- a marathon protest happening s airports across the country --
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after president trump announces an immigration ban on sevremintly muslim countries. we've jusard that all people being detained here ... have been released. and mr. trump is clarifying his executive order. ==terry/2-shot== the news at six starts right now. goove, and than for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. ==peggy/2-shot== and i'm peggy bunker. the trump administration... now says people from 7 predominantly muslim countries... who hold gree cards will not be barred from returning to the u-s. this, as hundreds of people crowded into the international arrival terminal at s-f-o again today. ==terry/boxes== we have team coverage -- starting with nbc bay area's thom jensen -- who has been among the crowd since this morning. thom. been changing since the last hour, thom. what's going on now? >> it continues to grow, that's for sure. you can hear the crowd here very here:ight now.


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