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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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women that live alone that are at ease now.runs=06 =raj/vo continues=right now 11: you know, there's other neighbors that you know, women that live alone that are at ease now. >> right now, the search appears to be over. tonight, investigators are confident the suspect and the scotts valley bank robbery are behind bars. this crime prompted a wild, 30 hour manhunt that several neighborhoods on edge. the news at 11 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday. >> there's a sense of relief
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this chbing after a tense two-day manhunt that stretched from santa cruise to south bay. and the deputies say they have caught their man. a chevy maliwu being towed away. the officers were looking for a car like this that the suspect stole on the run. >> a lot of twists and turns, including a dramatic foot chase that was on live tv. we have multiple reports. rick? >> reporter: that's right, this was a massive police operation. law enforcement operation that went block by block trying find this suspect. not knowing if he was armed. the takedown that took hours to bring to an seend. you can see the suspect walking slowly, out of breath, as officers rush to his side to take him down. police say the suspect was one of three people found in a stolen, unmarked police car.
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the car was spotted by officers who found people inside. two suspects were immediately arrested and one jumped out, using japan town along taylor on lockdown. >> the suspect chose to flee from the officers to a heavily populated apartment complex. at this point, we surrounded the complex. and attempted to basically seal it off so that the suspect could not escape. >> reporter: police checked cars and homes. searching by land and air for the suspect. who lost a shoe during the chase. he was later found in this construction site. >> he resisted and an officer did deploy a taser to over come the resistance. >> rush hour was a parking lot. and at this hour, all three suspects are being questioned, now, police stayed here on the season an hour or so after the arrests were done, all to make sure that no weapons were left
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behind, and they do not find anything. that is the latest for nbc bay area news. >> now the primary suspect was on the run and could have been anywhere during the manhunt. neighbors were told to secure their homes. some told to shelter in place. from the quiet and rural communities in the santa cruz mountains to the flats of san jose, people were nervous and now they can sleep a bit easier. ian is on the scene for us, ian, many people saw the officers with the guns drawn, did they know what was going on here? >> reporter: no, raj, at first they didn't. it was completely shut down when we arrived in this neighborhood. word quickly spread and finally tonight, some calm after the -- after the chaos. the search for the suspect bursting on the scene of another neighborhood. this time in san jose. >> i was a little concerned. >> reporter: tense moments once
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again in the south bay as people came out of their homes to see what was happening. >> i was walking down the corridor, there were two officers, by the park on 7th street that flagged me out and they had their guns pointed at me and told me to put up my hands and so i did of course. >> reporter: neighbors shut out of apartments and nearby streets as the police cornered the suspect. >> this was as far as i could get and the cars are backed up halfway. >> reporter: last night the search was on in the lexington hills where the suspect held a woman at knife point, jolts people who came face to face with him. >> i was out there, and he was between me and the cops so i was looking at the barrel of their gun. i tried to get out of there. >> reporter: this neighborhood and others stunned to be in the middle of the thanhunt and happy now that the sheriff's office has their man. >> this is my parents house. my mom's at ease and there's other neighbors, women that live alone that are at ease now.
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>> reporter: and what was a very hectic situation, a very hectic scene, now ending up being a peaceful night in san jose. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> it's a relief for the people there. still, at this hour, no mug shots of the three suspects arrested this evening. here is a look at the bank robber caught by surveillance camera. you cannot really see anything, his face is hidden. now, we are inviting you to stay with us for the latest. we are posting on the facebook and twitter feeds and on our website, nbc bay and of course, as soon as we get mug shots we will up them for you. >> other our headlines, highlily anticipated and highly controversial. tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. will talk on the telephone with russian president vladimir putin, it their first official
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conversation. the kremlin said they have not spoken since the election. lifting u.s. sanctions on russia will be up for discussion during the conversation. vice president mike pence will join the call. earlier today, mr. trump welcomed british prime minister theresa may to the white house. this marks a first face-to-face visit with a foreign leader. they are working for a buy laterla -- for a bilateral trade agreement. >> today the united states renews our deep bond with britain. military, cultural and political. >> there's a lot happening right now, mexicans are beginning to debate how to fight back against mr. trump's aggressive stance on trade and immigration. mexico's president neto, scrapped plans to meet with mr.
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trump and now both sides are agreeing to solve their differences and not speak about it publically. >> the british actor sir john hurt has died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. he starred in more than 200 movie and tv series over a career that spanned five decades. he revealed that he had pancreatic cancer. latest movie he was in, jackie that came out last year. younger fans will remember him as the wand maker in "harry potter." the delayed sierra lamar trial will be starting. she disappeared while walking to a school bus and never been found. we have the challenges of facing attorneys on both sides of the case. >> we have seen these images for almost five years.
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15-year-old sierra lamar, vanished without a trace. now her family and the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra will have their day in court. >> for the defense, this opening statement could be the most important day of the trial. >> legal analysts say that the defense needs to plant the seed of doubt on day one. one reason why, all the jury will hear for six months is the prosecution's case. day after day as to great why he is guilty of murder and deserves the death penalty. >> this jury is going to hear nothing but damaging evidence against mr. garcia torres. it's important for the defense to get the story out. >> the story is that she could still be alive and simply ran away from home, with no body and no crime scene, it means that prosecutors will rely heavily on dna evidence and they will use alleged attacks by him on other women in morgan hill as evidence
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of patterns of congressional by t on-- by torres. >> how this plays out will be key. >> sources close to the case say there's going to be no more delays. after eight alternate jurors are picked opening arguments will begin. >> well, just in to our newsroom, statewide building regulations are go in to effect immediately. all aimed at preventing a repeat of the deadly berkley balcony collapse. the new standards that have been reported on would improve construction of all exterior balconies and walkways. in 2015, six people were killed after it was determined an apartment balcony in berkley had not been properly constructed. >> well, too dangerous to live in. the recent storms have taken a toll on homes and apartments there. today, pacifica announced that
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it will remove the apartments at 310 esplenade avenue, they are worried the building will slide or crumble because of the erosion. the decision comes days after pacifica announced they will receive state and federal funds to clean up from the heavy storm damage. ♪ we have not taken things, just in case we have to take off. >> on shaky ground, devastation has some potential homeowners seeing red. >> mostly clear and damp in san francisco with 49 right now, i'm tracking the weekend forecast and more storms on the way when that is expected to arrive and how much we could get, coming up at 11:19 tonight. >> also, a mystery in a local freeway, dozens of car windows, shattered. we will tell you where it's happening and what police are doing to help protect drivers.
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a hillside is sliding... damaging homes... and it happened almost overnight. a lot of anxiety near the coast. a hillside is sliding and damaging homes and it happened almost overovernight. so far, three homes are red tagged and people are hoping it does not get worse. we have the story, new at 11:00. >> reporter: here on scenic drive, this hillside is sliding. these signs are no joke. the hillside is moving. taking the road and homes with it. >> it just went choo, choo in two days. >> she can feel the ground beneath her moving. >> it's encircling two houses that have both been red tagged and ours has been red tagged and they are all moving. >> crews are monitoring the
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movement, homes at the top of the hill are also in danger. crow said it all happened fast. >> monday we saw a one-inch crack in the garage and we thought, oh, last year, we had a crook, one more little crack. thursday, it was a two-inch crack and we go, it's moving. we will just move to this house next door just in case. >> luckily crow and her husband own the house next door. she put out a call for help moving and she said, it feels like the entire town pitched in. >> we had 20 or 30 people show up. my age, in our 60s, give or take and the next door neighbor kid put it on the facebook and said, the neighbor is going to pay $20 a know hour and we had three young friends come and do the heavy lifting. >> go fund me pages for her pictures show mangled homes and financial ruin. crow is hoping the slide does not take her safe zone. >> we have not taken things out of boxes just in case we have to take off again.
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we don't know. >> well, danger from above for east bay drivers. cars along highway 24 near 680 are getting hit leading to broken windows and sunroofs. they suspect someone is throwing things at the cars but they are not sure. they want to know who or why someone may be doing that. >> i can tell you, it's not bullets. it's not shots. because none of that has been found. there's no evidence that proves that. we are concerned about it. >> chp is urging drivers that report anything that happens, including when and where the car is hit. >> aloha, mark zuckerberg is dropping his lawsuits involving native hawaiian appropriate owners. he made for land in the island of hawaii, and it turns out that some of the property was awarded to native families in the 1800s many of who died without wills. when he filed a lawsuit to buy
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out of the property owners he faced a fierce backlash. >> he is a legend, and he has been given the gift of music to young musicians here in the bay area. >> they are not taping snl tomorrow, so steve is back in town and he is chat with us. cool story. >> very cool story, raj. you know, he is here to pay tribute to joe henderson. a well known big band artist that concert is here tomorrow night. while he is here, he is giving back to his community. a community he grew up in. ♪ >> his name might not ring a bell, but the sound he makes with his trombone is legendary. >> to keep this music alive, you have to pass it on. >> steve is passing his music knowledge on to musicians and students at edna brewer middle school in oakland. >> and it's a form of communication. it's not just a performance
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where you go do some tricks that you learned and try and get the people to clap. it's a deeper experience than that. if you are doing it right. >> he has been doing it right for 32 years as the trombonist for saturday night live. when he visits the west coast, he visits his mother as a priority and the other priority, teaching jazz and how he became a success. on saturday, he will play with other big named musicians at the empress theater in vallejo. >> when you are part of something, no matter how big you get or what you do, when you have a chance to get back to your roots and do something that means something to you, it goes above and beyond getting paid. >> being paid for doing something you love is good. but for him, music is much more. >> if someone wants to learn, i
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forget about the clock. you know, i'm in to it as long they are in to it. >> well, a lot of folks will be in to it tomorrow night. here at the especially brmpress concert starts at 8:00 p.m. >> that sounded beautiful and the best part is if you have to wait in line, it will be nice outside. no umbrella necessary. >> you can take the music the whole way through the weekend. it will be fantastic saturday and sunday, you guys and in to next monday and tuesday, looking good. as you see in the forecast at the bottom of the screen, we are expecting rainfall as we go through next week. right now, most immediately, it is mostly clear in san jose, and a cold 44 degrees. even in the south bay tomorrow morning. bundle up, as you head out, possibly at 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning as temperatures will be in the 30s. let's go across the rest of the bay area as we go to saturday. and this will likely be one of
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the sunniest weekends we have had in 2017 after all of our back-to-back storms. so, you know a lot of you are anticipating this great weather coming our way. south bay, 39 to start and 41 for the average in the peninsula. and the tri-valley, 35. patchy frost and cold in the north bay, down to 37. and sunny skies with 41. let's take you in to the micro climate forecast, as we go through saturday. the biggest change is temperatures warming up two or four degrees, that puts us in the low 60s. 63 in san jose and 62 for morgan hill. throughout the east bay, we will find sunny skies. continuing. antioch, 58, and danville, warmer at 61 and hayward 62 degrees. get you over to the peninsula. belmont. a light wind out of the east. and just watch out for the waves, they will be kicking up a
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bit if you are headed to the beaches. san francisco, 58 headed toward china town, expecting upper 50s with a lunar new year this weekend. fantastic weather, saturday, sunday and in to monday. right up in to the north bay, 62 in millvilly and 60 in sonoma. the main thing that is bringing us this fantastic weather this weekend is high pressure sitting just off of shore. it's not going to last for too long though. eventually, we are going get the storm track to move in. and check out how aggressive this is. i mean, it's a massive amount of moisture sitting in the pacific. now, most of it right now is headed up toward canada and alaska. and eventually, this is going lower and bring us the return of rain. here's how we see it. no big change in the timing. wednesday to friday of next week. that wet weather ashing. you can see on the estimated rainfall map. a lot of the bay area in the orange color. that is 3/4 of an inch to just over 1 inch.
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up in the north bay, we are looking for anywhere from 1 inches to 2 inches at this point. i don't think that it will set off a major river flooding. we will have to watch out on the small creeks, rivers and streams. again, dry weather on tuesday and then we start to see things pick up as we head through next wednesday, thursday and friday. it will stay cool over the next seven day forecast. and again, while that rainfall comes in next week. i think we will handle it okay. the ground saturated though, so we are just going to have to take it a week at a time at this point. >> bring it on, we are used to it at this point. >> vandalism that made the mess out of the year's soccer season for the east bay middle school. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, drew barrymore is here. we will show guiness world records. the hook" in the id
11:22 pm
happening now on the home page, nj prosecutors say that governor chris christie is off the hook in that bridge scandal. the state does not believe it can prove official misconduct beyond a reasonable doubt. and happy new year. it's the year of the rooster with a lot of activities. fireworks and food. it's known as the spring festival, it's the most important holiday on the chinese calendar. back in a moment. for the third time in less than
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a week - surveillance want to show you video that just came in to the newsroom. for the third time in less than a week, a video captured the
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same suspect prowling around the westside neighborhood. if you recognize him, call the santa cruz police department. >> they ruin the pitch. vandals take to a middle school soccer field and now the kids have nowhere to play. look carefully, you see the grass ruined by tire tracks. maybe a truck there. the head of the school said it happened monday night and then the vandals returned to do more damage. the school leveled and reseeded the field for this year's soccer season, now, they don't have the funds to repair the damage and will have to rent fields for the boys to play on. >> it just really stinks that we can't play soccer on the field and we are just trying to get ready for our season. >> disappointing for that community. so far, police have no leads. >> okay, hollywoods that oscars
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and now, bollywood is getting the spotlight. the musicsals are loved around the world and they are meeting to promote the first ever indian academy awards. it will include a fashion show, musical performances and of course, awards will be presented to the bollywood stars. >> we have to go. that will be a big party. we will have the latest with the 49ers coaching search. i can show you the world
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is in atlanta tonight -- trying to finalize the futurof well, it's the final round of interviews, or so we think. 49ers owner, jed york is trying finalize the future of the franchise. he met with kyle shanahan, there he is. who will likely be the 49ers new head coach after the super bowl. after the falcons are done. also, tonight, the 49ers met with vikings executive george payton for their vacant general manager spot. >> hard to believe the baseball season is around the corner and this morning the a's had the preseason media day, tomorrow is the fan fest at jack lemon
11:30 pm
square. more than a dozen players and coaches will get together for a meet and greet with the fans. they are interested in putting the season behind them. >> when people are counting us out, that's when they play our best baseball. that's how we have always been. >> a first full squad workout of spring training begins this three weeks. >> did you say three weeks? >> baseball season is right there. >> up next, the sneak peek at a special celebration here on nbc this weekend. stay with us. directv now! the future of tv is now. [ now echos ] 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now.
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you have watched him for years and you can see him again this sunday. tom brokaw who has reported on the most momentus events in our time. >> live from the berlin wahl. >> you know how important symbols. >> he is celebrating 50 years on nbc and he will look back on the stories that impacted him the most and of course us. a two-hour special sunday at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. >> he is not going anywhere.
11:34 pm
he adds so much tepth and perspective. >> when i was a kid, that's who i thought of when i knew i wanted to do this. i was like, yeah, i was doing the brokaw. >> all right, san francisco, for tomorrow, lunar new year, temperatures in the 50s and sunny skies, fantastic all the way through sunday and monday. on the extended forecast, we do have rain back by wednesday, thursday and friday next week. 1-2 inches possible. i don't think that we will have major flooding, but we will have to watch the small creeks. >> year of the rooster, correct? >> year of the rooster. >> happy new year. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drew barrymore --


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