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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 19, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the storm. weather warning of the night, wind advisory starting at 1:00 a.m. >> okay. see you then. bye-bye. from power. the trump's arrive in washington. pomp and pageantry as the president-elect prepares to be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. high alert amid record security. roads and waterways on lockdown. a massive force across the nation's capital. grilled on the hill. democrats unload on trump's pick of treasury secretary forcing him to admit his company foreclosed on military families. many dead in frantic search for dozens trapped inside the rubble of a snow covered hotel. trump's pastor. rare interview with the woman often called trump's spiritual advisor. who comes with a controversial history of her own. father in chief to his kids and other kids.
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we go behind the scenes. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from washington. good evening. the trump era in washington has begun. president-elect donald trump and his family arrived here from new york aboard an air force jet on this eve of the inauguration. the soon-to-be commander in chief laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery ahead of an evening of celebration that included fireworks. tonight from the capital behind me where mr. trump will take oath of office and beyond, the city is wrapped in layers of security in anticipation of close to a million people hoping to either witness or protest the event. our coverage begins with nbc kristen welker. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump touching down in
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washington just hours before taking the oath of office already surrounded by many of the trappings of the presidency. joined by wife and all five of his children. his first stop, a thank you lunch for supporters touting his new d.c. hotel which bears his name. >> where is this? this is a gorgeous room. a total genius must have built this. ahead of budget and ahead of schedule. introducing the soon to be first lady. >> would you like to say a couple of words? >> it's great to be here and thank you all for your support. >> reporter: then a more somber visit. his family still with him as he lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery and tonight walking down the steps of the lincoln memorial at a kickoff concert. >> we are going to make america great again, and i'll add greater than ever before.
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>> reporter: in between it all making final edits to his inaugural address, a speech aides call less of ana general da, more of a philosophical document in an attempt to unify a still deeply divided country. tonight questions about how inclusive his administration will be. with his cabinet now complete, there is some diversity but no latinos for the first time since 1988. >> what are you saying this undercuts president trump's argument that he's here to serve all americans? >> you see a president committed to uniting this country and bringing the best and brightest together. >> reporter: top on trump's earliest agenda? he tells nbc news taking action on immigration, reversing the ttp trade deal, and after mr. trump criticized the nation saying that russia tried to interfere in the election, he's waiting to visit the
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agency saturday. ivanka trump also shedding light on her role, refuting speculation that she will assume any duties of the first lady. >> i think that's improper. there is one first lady and she'll do remarkable things. >> reporter: president trump has one more event tonight. a dinner at union station and he will spend the night at blair house, right across the street from the white house where he will move in tomorrow. >> today, more of president-elect trump's cabinet picks on the hot seat. treasury nominee steven mnuchin came under fire at his confirmation hearing, and energy secretary nominee rick perry had to explain why he wants to lead a department he once wanted to abolish. capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt has more. >> reporter: on capitol hill donald trump's pick for treasury secretary on defense over his role in the 2008 housing crisis. >> in the past it's been said that i ran a foreclosure machine.
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this is not an accurate description of my role at one west bank. >> reporter: former goldman sachs steve mnuchin ran one west bank. it foreclosed on tens of thousands of homes before mnuchin sold the bank in 2014. it's made him top target for democrats, sparking a contentious hearing. >> i've got a valium pill you might to want take. >> reporter: at today's hearing, weeks after her husband died in 2014, she says she got a letter from one west demanding she pay off the reverse mortgage or get out. >> we lived in the house since '54. that's a long time and they're going to take your house. >> reporter: pressed by democratic senator brown sh nuch -- mnuchin also acknowledged foreclosing on
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military families. >> we foreclosed on certain people in the military. it was unfortunate. >> reporter: repeatedly apologizing. >> i feel terrible for any mistakes at the bank. >> reporter: rick perry who couldn't remember he wanted to abolish the energy department. now saying he values the agency he's tapped to lead. >> in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions, i regret recommending its elimination. >> reporter: he will oversee the arsenal. perry's advisers insisting he's up to the job. tonight we're learning that donald trump is going to tap woody johnson, the owner of the new york jets, to be the u.s. ambassador to the u.k. he will also face a senate confirmation. that's considered a plum host for major fundraisers. it was major backer of trump's in the general election. lester. >> thank you. business goes on inside the nation's
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capitol, outside washington, d.c. has been trans formed for the inauguration. this year planners are worried about potential attacks from big trucks or from drones. our justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> reporter: more than 100 blocks of downtown washington are closing to traffic with big heavy vehicles in place to stop any attacks by trucks like those carried out last year in france and germany. >> that's a precaution that we are doubling down on in particular this inauguration. >> reporter: the coast guard is enforcing a no boat zone on the potomac river with extra security and eyes in the sky and overhead. helicopters from customs and border protection will patrol an expanded no-fly zone for private planes over washington, 35 miles in all direction,
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twice the usual restricted area. this helicopter can provide live video to law enforcement to trouble spots on the ground. >> don't even need the electronic map. you can look down and know what street you're over. >> reporter: secret service agents have trained to all kind of trouble to objects thrown at the presidential limo to people rushing past the crowd barriers. robert buster walked the parade route four years ago as head of the secret service protective division. >> it's like riding a motorcycle. when you stop worrying about it, that's when it becomes dangerous. >> i would say we never stop worrying. we're always going to have concerns. >> we what-if it a lot. >> not only do we what-if it, we implement that in our training program. >> reporter: another new worry, drones. secret service agents have trained for the prospect of one bearing an attack, but homeland security officials say they have the technology to neutralize them. pete williams, nbc news, washington.
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authorities are bracing for protests not just here in d.c. but cities across the country. hundreds of them are planned. nbc stephanie goff tells us more. >> reporter: the inauguration is still hours away but protesters around the country aren't waiting. tonight in new york, a massive rally outside of the trump hotel. in washington, tens of thousands of anti-trump protesters are expected in the coming days. >> this is not just your normal transition of power here. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrations planned across the country. some groups vowing to create chaos and shut down the celebrations. >> we hope to set a tone of resistance for the coming years. >> reporter: the largest protest tomorrow is set to tapes here at the navy memorial. the event organizers tell us 20,000 people have said they will come on facebook although they admit the number will probably be much less than that. they have a bird's eye vi view. just after taking the oath, the newly sworn-in president will pass right by here. >> reporter: the
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rallies will spend days, the largest planned here on saturday. 200,000 could attend the women's march. it's expected to be a sea of pink with protesters wearing these hats handmade by volunteers. heather lamb of denver will be there along with her daughter and 80-year-old mother who made plans months ago to celebrate hillary clinton's swearing in. she kept her ticket to protest trump. >> there's a part of me that wants to put my head in the sand. you can't do that. >> reporter: the bikers for trump have vowed to protect president trump from any anti-trump protesters. planners are especially worried about keeping the peace among the different groups. the goal, keep them separated. nbc, washington. >> we hope you'll join us as our special inauguration coverage gets under way tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 pacific here on nbc. we have an update on george h.w. bush. his spokesman says he remains in stable condition in the intensive care unit suffering from pneumonia. his spokesman says
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there is hope he will be discharged from icu in a few days. meantime barbara bush is said to be feeling, quote, a thousand percent better after being hospitalized with bronchitis. overseas now to a terrible disaster in italy. a sudden avalanche burying a hotel after an earthquake. dozens of people trapped inside are feared dead as rescuers race to save anyone still alive inside. nbc's kelly kobiah has made her way to the scene. >> reporter: under this blanket of white, a frantic search through snow and debris for trapped families and hotel workers. the snow is 15 feet deep in places. rescuers are digging their way in. this man, one of only two survivors so far. >> it's pretty hard to work there. you need a lot of people. you need a lot of time. >> reporter: the avalanche hit at 5:30 in the evening on wednesday. so powerful it pushed the hotel 30 feet off its foundation, bursting through walls, breaking
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windows, blocking hallways. this man says his friend called him for help. he'd gone out to his car just moments before it hit. his wife and two children still inside. the first rescue teams didn't arrive until the next morning. the only way in, on skis. the exact cause of the avalanche is unknown. on wednesday four strong quakes in four hours shook central italy. felt as far away as rome. some people in the area are in shelters tonight, afraid the ground and snow will move again. doctors and supplies are being flown in. rescuers say the hotel is unstable and so far no signs of life. at least two bodies have been recovered so far. rescuers say they still have hope. they say the hotel is big. there could be pockets of air and they will search through the night as long as it's safe. lester. >> thank you.
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sdorp staying overseas for a moment, tragedy in iran. at least 30 firefighters have been killed after a historic high-rise building in the heart of tehran caught fire and collapsed as they tried to put out the flames and rescue those inside. the collapse was shown live on state tv. the bodies of more than 20 firefighters have been recovered. still ahead, rare one-on-one with donald trump's pastor. the woman often called his spiritual advisor chosen to give the invocation tomorrow at the inauguration but also could be facing backlash for her controversial preaching. on the obama's final night as first family, a look at the president's role through the years as father figure in chief.
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when president-elect donald trump is sworn in here in the nation's capital tomorrow, the ceremony will feature controversial pastor, paula white cain. often called trump's spiritual adviser. some critics have slammed her. white cain defends her message and offers insight into the president-elect's beliefs. >> dear god, we confess. >> reporter: paula white cain is glamorous, controversial. >> because of your giving you made a huge impact in life today. >> reporter: donald trump's choice to lead the nation in prayer at his inauguration. >> is it accurate to describe you as donald trump's spiritual advisor? >> other people put that label on. i would never say that about myself. have i had a spiritual
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position and role in donald trump's life for 15 years, i have. >> did you bring donald trump to jesus? >> i have laid out the gospel very clearly, and i know that donald is saved. >> reporter: trump said he's never asked god for forgiveness. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: the first step to becoming born again. trump says he's a presbyterian inspired by norman vincent peale's "the power of thinking." 15 years ago, he saw white cain on television, inspired by her message. she says she subscribes to the theory doctrine. >> do you tell them if they give to you, they will get financial riches from god? >> here's what my
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50-year-old self wouldn't do, what my 20 or 30 or 40-year-old self did. >> reporter: now married to john cain, someie evangelists are casting stones. >> they have absolutely no basis to sit here and call me a charleton. >> are you a charleton? >> absolutely not. >> do you think it's because you're a woman? >> could be. >> reporter: critics not with standing tomorrow, she and trump will have their biggest pulpit yet. up next, there's late word of a major development of word regarding the most infamous criminal. we'll be right back.
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there's breaking news tonight from mexico. infamous drug lord "el chapo" guzman is being extradited to the u.s. he's on his way to new york.
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the drug kingpin twice sent time on the run. that won't happen this time. el chapo in the custody of the dea. after tomorrow when president trump takes office, he has no plans to give up his social media account. as hallie jackson explains, being the tweeter in chief races unique security concerns. >> reporter: it's a twitter transition like never before. a big platform and now big bull's eye. >> all of those accounts are vulnerable to hackers. it will be a high target. >> reporter: donald trump's online voice sometimes sarcastic, sometimes self-congratulatory. has seemed less predictable than, say, president obama's. meaning a hacker could tweet something outrageous but perhaps believable. >> one tweet can move markets and start wars.
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we have to be very careful that the account is secured. >> reporter: what steps should trump take? maybe two factor verification making it harder to sign in, plus password security like changing it often and using a unique one for each account. still, nearly 7 in 10 americans say they don't like trump's use of twitter. that also includes the future first lady. >> what's the one habit you wish he would give up? >> tweeting. >> reporter: even the president-elect likes reservations. >> i don't like tweeting. i have other things i could be doing. >> reporter: his own online mega phone unless, of course, you've been blocked by him, like high school junior ontario. >> i call him a rejected cheeto. it took off. >> reporter: since president obama's tweets will be archived under a new hand, potus 44. trump will take over the official potus account, with nearly 14 million followers
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watching every word, 140 characters at a time. hallie jackson, nbc news, washington. up next, he grew up without a father in his life but he's become a father figure to so many in the white house.
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finally tonight,
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as president obama prepares to leave the white house, he's written a letter to the american people thanking them for making him, quote, a better man. in the past, he's also said the presidency made him a better dad. we have a behind the scenes look at his legacy as father and a father figure. >> reporter: in the millions of photographs of president obama, among the most memorable, as father in chief. >> every parent brags on their daughters, but me and my daughters are something. >> reporter: a doting dad, friend say, shocked at how quickly sasha and malia have grown up. >> what's going to be harder, sending a daughter off to college or leafing tving the white house? >> no comparison. >> reporter: he lights up. he finds joy in everyone's children. >> you see that with
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staffers bringing their children into the oval office for a quick visit. >> reporter: infants bring the leader of the free world to his knees. like ella, daughter of the president's deputy national security advisor. >> i've gotten more comments about that than anything i've done in this job. >> reporter: he couldn't resist his press secretary's son dressed up as superman. >> you're so strong. you knocked me over. >> he cares about the people he works with and he cares about the families. and he's somebody who loves kids. >> reporter: so many moments there's a hashtag. obama and kids. >> i think it brings out who he really is. >> the dad in him? >> the dad. >> reporter: the first meeting with the future king george. the boy who wanted to know if the president's hair felt like his, a free checkup and an oval office face plant. the president who came to washington with little girls now leaving with young women. a man who barely knew his own father with a legacy of being a great dad. chris jansing, nbc news, the white house. >> that's going to do it for us on this thursday night.
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i'll see you tomorrow morning for live coverage of the inauguration and for a special one hour edition of nbc "nightly news" tomorrow night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and right now at 6:00, he's already lost his hot tub and deck. he's not giving up. he's shoring up his hillside before the new storm drenches it again. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. raj is on assignment. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. we are hours away from round two. it looks clear right now, not much happening but boy is that about to change. this is the live satellite radar. the leading edge of that storm
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is in the north bay. we're in a microclimate weather alert. we begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. rob? >> some of the things we're watching with storm number two, similar to what we saw last night, gusty winds and potential for thunderstorms. this time around, high surf getting above 20 feet during the day tomorrow. overnight tonight, wind advisory and the hills could get gusts from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. reaching the marine and sonoma coastline, you can see the storm cranking up as we go from storm two to three. the rainfall totals are very impressive. if you live in the north bay, we saw flash flood warnings last night. stay tuned. you can see as we head to noon on sunday, 3 to 4 inches there. perhaps the biggest rainfall will


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