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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, deadly hostage crisis. isis claims yet another attack, gunmen storm and open fire, trapping dozens inside, triggering a tense standoff. holiday fears. security ramping up in the u.s. for the july fourth weekend and will it be a weather washout for many americans? facing the fbi. hillary clinton prepares for a long-awaited fbi interview about her e-mails as her attorney general casts a shadow across the case in a meeting with bill clinton. a coastline overwhelmed by a toxic emergency at the worst possible time. and slashing your bills. how to cut your premiums at a time when car insurance is spiking. "nightly news" begins right now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nightly news with lester holt." >> good evening, i'm thomas roberts in for lester. just days after the deadly terrorist strike at istanbul's airport, tonight isis is claiming responsibility for attacking a crowded restaurant popular with foreigners in bangladesh, where armed gunmen took dozens of hostages. the crisis happening in bangladesh, in the capital city of dhaka. >> reporter: it was mid evening when the gunmen stormed a restaurant popular with foreigners and began firing. >> there have been various explosions and blasts and gun fire coming from down the street. >> reporter: the lakeside restaurant is in the capital's embassy district. from the u.s. embassy came this
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warning, please shelter in place and monitor news. up to 20 foreign hostages are reported held inside the restaurant, their nationalities unknown, though american diplomats aren't among them. >> they have accounted for 100% of american citizens working under the chief of mission authority. >> reporter: but there are many americans among the dozens of aid workers who live in the capital. a news agency linked to isis claims fighters from the terror group attacked a restaurant frequented by foreigners. neither u.s. intelligence nor local authorities have confirmed this, but true or not, this brazen attack is new and sinister. >> it shows they have capacity and capability to infiltrate an area and operate on an international scale. >> reporter: terrorist attacks in muslim bangladesh doubled last year, islamists shaking the country with recent murderers of foreigners and locals. tonight the restaurant siege continues.
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police say at least two of their officers are dead, the numbers of gunmen and hostages inside unclear. bill neely, nbc news, london. while these tense scenes continue to play out in bangladesh, we're getting rare access inside the u.s. mission to take the fight to isis at its strong holds in the middle east. nbc's foreign correspondent richard engel takes us aboard an american aircraft carrier unleashing its firepower on the extremists. >> reporter: the american response to the isis threat is catapulted off this jet. the "u.s.s. eisenhower" a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is today near cypress, in the eastern mediterranean. the first time reporters have been on board since this warship and her strike group began their mission four days ago, to attack isis in iraq and syria and attack hard. with more than 60 aircraft on board, f-18 fighter jets armed to the teeth with gps and laser
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guided bombs and rockets. fighters are taking off or like this one coming in fast, landing here almost constantly. these rarely seen missions are punishing isis and denying them terrain and in iraq and syria now they're flying day and night. commanders say the eisenhower is averaging 12 to 14 combat sortees against isis every day. >> we are sustaining and executing deliberate strikes every day. >> reporter: just returning from a mission in iraq is pilot william rebel. >> definitely from here to the "u.s.s. eisenhower" that this is a war cruise. >> reporter: isis has proved it
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can carry out headline grabbing violence in istanbul and other cities but the group is paying dearly for them at its home base in the middle east, under fire tonight from the sea and the air. richard engel, nbc news aboard the "u.s.s. eisenhower." as we begin the long fourth of july weekend, security and the threat of terrorism are on minds of law enforcement officials across the country after so many recent attacks both here and abroad. tom costello tonight on a nation on the move and on guard. >> reporter: with yet another terror attack overseas, tonight as the fourth of july get away gets under way, the nation's police chiefs are promising heightened vigilance. >> you're going to see many officers with a heavy vest helmets and long guns. >> reporter: the nypd says there's no credible threat to the city, but 27 new officers sworn in today will be joining tactical units, boats and horses. the big event, monday's massive fireworks show on the east
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river, with a million people. meanwhile a big focus on transportation security. 5.5 million passengers moving through new york's airports and train stations, with police maintaining a high profile. in chicago, 5,000 officers on the job this weekend, watching the navy pier where half a million people will gather. while in california, the coast guard will have all hands on deck for the long weekend. nationwide, record crowds and in many cities, heavy security. >> we feel very, very ready for a great fourth of july weekend. >> tonight federal law enforcement sources say there is no known threat to the u.s., though this week the cia director did say isis remains keenly interested in trying to launch attacks against u.s. interests abroad and here at home. >> thomas? >> tom costello in washington, d.c. for us tonight. tom, thank you. and with 43 million people expected to hit the road this holiday weekend, we're tracking potentially dangerous weather this evening. potentially dangerous storms are racing across from the west to the
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east. from virginia to vermont after parts of the northwest were pounded last night. >> oh, my god. it's like an ocean. >> reporter: cars dodging trash cans trying to drive on a road now upstream. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. ah! >> reporter: deadly monsoon flooding across the west, las vegas slammed with heavy rain and up to two inches of hail. with swift water rescues off the las vegas strip, two saved by this ladder truck yesterday, while a woman's body was recovered from a storm canal today, believed to be a victim of flash flooding. now more flooding in tucson and severe weather warnings hovering over much of the plains. while powerful storms are brewing over the northeast, at least seven states are under a tornado watch, including major cities like new york, hartford and albany. >> tonight's threat includes major cities in the northeast. we already have tornado warnings watch out for hail and wind
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gusts. >> reporter: planes grounded and weather delays and weather delays in new york, boston and washington, d.c., while this strong line of storms threatens to damper a long fourth of july weekend. more than a year after controversy erupted over hillary clinton's e-mails, the fbi is on apparently on the verge of interviewing her for the very first time about using a private server during her tenure as secretary of state. this as attorney general loretta lynch tried to quiet a storm over a private meeting with former president bill clinton while his wife is under investigation. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: hillary clinton within weeks of the democratic nomination expected to face her long-awaited fbi interview as soon as tomorrow. possibly at her washington home, the scene of a lot of activity in recent days, including her long-time legal advisor sheryl mills, as clinton faces a critical moment in a political career that has had more than its share of ups and downs. even as the attorney general acknowledging today she made a
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big mistake meeting this week privately with clinton's president, the former president. >> the most important thing to me as the attorney general is the integrity of the department of justice and the fact that the meeting that i had is now casting a shadow over how people are going to view that work is something i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >> that 30-minute meeting after bill clinton boarded lynch's plane in phoenix. they say they talked about grandchildren and golf. firing up donald trump. >> he just happened to be at the airport at this time. think of it. just happened to be at the airport. talking about golf and grandchildren. i love my grandchildren so much, but if i talk about them for nine, ten, seconds. after that what are you going to say, right? >> reporter: after republicans are calling for a special counsel, lynch says she'll let career prosecutors and fbi decide the case. legal ethics experts say bill clinton should never have been speaking to someone over power over his wife's investigation.
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>> bill clinton's decision to go on her plane, was a highly audacious and inappropriate decision. if he had stopped to think about it for five minutes, he would have realized that. >> reporter: now under fire, what did lynch learn from her predecessor eric holder? >> where the lock on the plane door was? >> tonight hillary clinton's allies are dumb struck over this self-inflicted wound just as her campaign was gaining momentum. they worry that even if clinton is cleared of wrongdoing, critics will never accept that the result was not influenced by politics. >> double-edged sword. andrea mitchell in washington. andrea, thank you. now to the growing toxic emergency along florida's coast. a state of emergency has been declared in four counties as the army corps of engineers attempts to control a massive flow of alg algae. one senator calling it catastrophic as we head into a holiday weekend so crucial to that region. nbc's dave gutierrez is there. >> reporter: tonight the thick, gooey filthy mess is expanding
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and disturbing. up close in and satellite imagery, at risk, wildlife and livelihoods. >> the last several weeks, you've already lost thousands of dollars? >> absolutely. >> irene gomez's family has owned this motel in stewart, florida for 58 years on this crucial holiday weekend, cancellations. >> this is extremely heart breaking for me, because this is my whole life, my family's whole life. >> reporter: governor rick scott declared state of emergency in four opportunityies, martin, saint lucy, palm beach and lee, the impact now spreading to florida's golf coast. >> reporter: today protesters blaming state and federal officials for not doing enough to stop pollution on lake okeechobee. >> these guys need to get off their keesters and get this done. senator marco rubio touring the devastated areas and saying it wasn't that simple. >> because, in the end, there are multiple contributors to this. >> reporter: among the other factors fueling the algae bloom s are the warmer temperatures and heavy rain this year. >> all that coming together is a
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perfect storm. >> reporter: today we went along with a team from florida atlantic university as they collected samples. >> we don't have enough science yet to point a finger at anybody and say it's that, it's that, it's that. >> reporter: now concern is growing over the state's rich fish and wildlife. the algae's full impact still unknown. as you can see, the algae in this neighborhood is right up against these homes. locals here worry that even though the army corps of engineers is reducing the water flow from lake okeechobee, the impact here could be felt for much of the summer. thomas? >> gabe gutierrez, reporting in florida, thank you. the white house today in a long-awaited move revealed the toll in its secretive drone war and the lives it's taken on innocent civilians. the obama administration claims between 64 and 116 civilians have been killed by u.s. drone strikes outside war zones since january of 2009. but that estimate is hundreds lower than the tallies by outside groups.
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still ahead for you tonight, are you feeling the pain from rising car insurance rates? if you are, how you can still slash your bills as those premiums might soar. also, resist the craving, why the fda is now warning against this tasty sensation in the kitchen.
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it's a weekend of celebration but also a potentially dangerous one. with a record number of people expected to be on the road and this independence day we're seeing car insurance spike over
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7% more than last year. but our only olivia sterns explains how to get those costs under control and save you some serious money. >> reporter: amy calls the family van her second home. >> i take my kids to school in the morning, then i go to work then after school practice, track, soccer, you name it. >> reporter: she and her husband own three cars and in the past three years their auto insurance has spiked over 25%. >> i did expect an increase with a teenaged driver, but i never expected it to be 25%. >> reporter: nationwide, auto premiums are up 5% to 10%, but some states have been hit worst. 15% in florida, 20% in mississippi and in georgia, one allstate plan rose 58%. >> why are insurance premiums going up? >> costs are going up, there are
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more accidents, people are driving more and they're driving faster. >> reporter: also gas prices are lower and people are buying more cars with are more expensive to repair. what to do the make sure your rate doesn't spike? call your insurer and make sure you claim everything you qualify for like a clean driving record. you can compare premium quotes for up to 35 insurers per state. think about dropping option coverage such as collision insurance on an older car. for amy calling helped save her $1,200 a year. >> what brought it down the most was evaluating the age of the cars and the values of the car to determine if we were carrying the right insurance for them. >> reporter: drivers taking the wheel, finding their own savings. olivia sterns, nbc news, new york. awe from a simple phone call. we are back in a moment with donald trump's veep stakes? the big names on his short list for runningmate.
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from the fda tonight, one more reason to avoid eating raw cookie dough beyond risks from salmonella in that dough, the potential risks from raw flour after dozens of people in several states became sick after eating uncooked flour contaminated with e. coli bacteria. that flour was processed by general mills plant. the company has voluntarily recalled 10 millions of flour sold under several brand names. it's the biggest and most talked about mysteries in the race for president. who will donald trump pick to run alongside him on the gop ticket. nbc's katie tur takes a look at that short list. >> get out there and vote! >> reporter: donald trump needs a win, now testing political waters on his vp pick. sources close to the decision
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tell nbc news, that indiana governor mike pence, newt gingrich and new jersey governor chris christie are all being vetted for the republican ticket. pence traveling to meet with trump this weekend. besides demuring thursday. >> i wouldn't speak to a hypothetical. >> the 67 years adds legislative experience, conservative credibility, and a disciplined demeanor, factors that could help him in battleground, ohio. while easing concerns on capitol hill. newt gingrich could do the same with deep roots in washington, a knack for political persuasion and a history of going after the clintons. >> hillary clinton lies all the time. >> reporter: but that history carries baggage, gingrich's tenure as speaker in the 1990s left him deeply unpopular. in 2012, he was still the most disliked politician in america and a donald trump-gingrich ticket would mean six marriages between the two. that leaves trump's endorsers, helping craft policy and strategy. but with a 26% approval rating in new jersey, it's not clear
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the governor could even deliver his home state. sources close to the campaign say pence, christie and gingrich might not be the best options, but right now they're the best available options. already this season big names like john kasich, jeb bush, condoleezza rice and nicky haley have said they do not want to run with trump. when we come back, one man's massive ground breaking image, bringing noah's ark to the hills of kentucky. next at 6: not through our tn.
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a popular shorcut to the beh -- is cut off. the tough stance to stop affic ===jess/vo=== st for thholiday . whale watching trip toyour holi ===jess/next close=== the newis finally tonight, the possibility of an epic flood is a remote possibility in the hills of northern kentucky. but that hasn't stopped one man from building a boat like no other, the plans taken right from the bible.
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and we get that story tonight from kevin tibbles. >> reporter: with no big water for hundreds of miles, kentucky's rolling hills are a most unlikely place to find this. >> amazing, magnificent, awe inspiring. >> ken ham has plenty of adjectives to describe his latest creation, noah's ark. >> it's 1 1/2 times the length of a football field. it's half the width of a football field. >> reporter: the ark encounter is of biblical proportions using the same measurements that god gave noah in the bible. it's the largest timber frame structure in the world. which through life like displays tells the story of noah, the animals and of course the flood. >> we wanted it to be as good or better than hollywood. >> reporter: he wants to attract more than a million tourists this year alone. >> we hope they show up two by two, seven by seven, hundred by hundred. christians can have a tourism facility too.
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>> reporter: he says people of all faiths are invited at 40 bucks a pop to marvel at this $100 million structure, adding his art won't even have to be used like noah's was. >> there's never going to be another flood, not a global flood, the bible makes that very, very clear. >> and ham says he hopes people will flock to this modern day ark to study the story of noah for generations to come. kevin tibbles, nbc news, williamstown, kentucky. kevin always takes us on an adventure. that's going to do it for us on this friday night. i'm thomas roberts in for lester holt, for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching and have a great holiday weekend and good night. trt:05
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right now at 6the holiday ru is and one southay communi is fed up with people usitheir tow ==jess/2-shot== thanks for joig us. i'm jessica aguie. the holiday rush is on and the south bay community ask fed up with people using their town as a short cut. los gatos says find another route to the beach. they are blocking the short cute used by thousands of drivers and
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this weekend an next weekend the santa cruz on ran ramp on to 17 will be closed. this will force many drivers to u -turn and backtrack. robert is joining us from the short cut. any objections from the locals there? >> a little but not much. we are along the short cut route. the so-called short cut route was actually made popular by driving apps, such as ways and google. but that has become unpopular with businesses and residents. lisa runs a beauty salon and her business is in the path of people looking for short cuts to the beaches she is all for the cutting off of the short cut. >> i hope they get in line like everybody else and not cut


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