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tv   News at 6  NBC  June 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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they walk it along. back to krug. steps on across the ice. hands on to peverley. with the shot. up high off horton. >> eddie: what an opportunity for brad marchand. david krejci going hard to the net. look at that puck. soonls he was going on make the pass to david krejci, the puck went right on in. wasn't a flat pass all the way. again the play by duncan keith on the back check. to the outside? no. i'm coming to the inside. look at that puck rolling. no chance. to make a clean play left to right. what a move by marchand and an opportunity for david krejci. >> mike: 1:05 gone in the power play. no shots on goal. three scoring chances have come on it. taken by peverley. elevatored back and a tough pass to stop for krejci.
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controlled for peverley. able to step right back in with it. gave it across to krejci. to peverley. a shot. getting a piece of it. krejci. a big drive by horton and that wouldn't go. another drive and the period has come to a close. >> pierre: right before the end of that period, black hawk defenseman went into the dressing room. what an opportunity. a quick puck movement. >> mike: coming up on the lexus intermission report, they're bringing it early. plus, the impact of jonathan toews and patrice bergeron. 20 minutes played. shots, 12-6, bruins. only one of them found its way
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in. kelly from seguin and paille. 1-0, the home team at the end of the first.
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or st. louis... or philadelphia... we'll get you on your way to the game you love. pick enterprise. we'll pick you up. back inside td garden. the bruins trying to stave off elimination. after 20 minutes, boston leads chicago 1-saufrl it's the lexus intermission report a pretty interesting report coming from from torey krug, nothing to lose. that's funny, we have everything to lose. if that was the goal, what did you think of the start? >> i love their start. the face-off circle in game three. they led 40 and 16. game 4, jonathan toews sets it
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properly. he won that opening draw for chicago. tonight it is lucic to take the opening face-off and from nathan horton, he helps him win it. the bruges dominated the face-off and dominated the period. kelly, physical, the third line was outstanding. paille dropping with bickell. boychuk getting pucks down low. jam plays to the net. kelly wins the face-off here with the help of his teammates and seguin makes an outstanding play knocking that pass down. the bruins have the exact start that they wanted tonight. >> mike in this situation, always talk about playing with desperation. it only lasts as long as adrenaline allows it to. how do they sustain the attack? >> it is an elimination game. they cannot lose or they have to go home. chicago allowed them to come to them but the bruins continue to play. even after that first goal.
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new attitude. an in your face attitude brought by the bruins. it was here for the warm-up. you can see they mean business. torey krug, pounding shots from the point. and they are all around. these are bees around the hive. if not for this near miss, a couple of near misses, this one could be wide open. but we've seen that before in the series. look at this. by krejci. we think that might have been due to the ice. chicago has to turn around with a surge. >> you said we've seen it before. does it remind you of game two but in the reverse? >> absolutely. chicago dominated the first period but only had a 1-0 lead. for hawks fans, you can look at that. if you're in the hawks' dressing room, you can see that. the injuries are starting to mound. >> the biggest question mark tonight, it was jaromir jagr
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with 199 career points who hit the locker room early. following that, andrew shaw. the 21-year-old. look at 'em.
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back here to boston, chicago 3-0 this postseason. after one period in game 6 they trailed 1-0. the biggest question coming into tonight interesting health of patrice bergeron and jonlth toews themselves both left game five. bergeron didn't participate in the morning skate. a complete mystery, what his injury is. what did you see in the first period? i thought he was fine. not quite as well as in the past but he was fine. a little tentative. seemed to get going right from the get-go. he does not seem to be shy about
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this. not shy about going to the front of the net. those are all slenlt signs. >> vision as usual coming from him on a play like that. i thought there were all sorts of things. bergeron without good defensive work which you've shown extraordinarily well. he is a guy that looks like he is maybe a little ten i have the at times. >> i said his injury was a mystery because it was labeled a body injury. jonathan toews' injury, much more specific. he was an upper body. >> he was out there for 6:09. he was creating a opportunities, opening face-offs. battled lucic on that draw. looked ready to compete. getting tripped up. he is attracting a lot of attention. no question about that. i like most about his gamering went to the same place. he got rock by boychuk. he was not scared at all. >> the boston bruins looking to force a game 7. in game 6, they lead it 1-0.
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back here in boston, let's take a look at some statistics. shots on goal were 12-6. attempted shots, bruins, 32. blackhawks, 8. johnny boychuk drives five. scoring chances, boston, 21. kelly, 5, chicago, 4. the stanley cup final on nbc is brought to you by geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance. by coors light. the most refreshing beer. see for yourself why investors are saying, i'm with scott trade. and by honda. official vehicle. ♪
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plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. welcome back to the stanley cup finals, presented by geico. in the series, 3-2, chicago, in game 6. 1-0, boston. they are hearty guys that play this sport. he wore a puck to the face. he has been stitched up and he is ready for the second period regardless of age. that's 41-year-old jaromir jagr. there's 25 seconds up on the penalty board still remaining on the rozsival minor. the ice is fresher than it was when the bruins began this power play late in the first.
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horton led it across. carried by krejci. helmetless is frolik. pushed on to krejci by ference. dropped back to him again. and it is handled by keith. frolik back off and keith sailed back down the ice. out of the box. rozsival. full strength action here. carried on by krejci and handed across for jagr. punched aside by jagr. krejci slipped it behind. marchand with it there. krejci, a shot that is blocked up high and down a play. >> eddie: what a pass by brad marchand. a simple little play by jaromir jagr. he gets his puck below the goal line. and the puck works itself to the other side. david krejci goes to the front. off crawford and off the post.
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that's why the face-off stays inside the zone. and a quick developing play. >> mike: the shots tried to work by and could not. jagr able to pull three. we have noted marchand much more tonight than in the prior games of the series. back to seabrook. he moves in and shoots one. blocked and held by tuukka rask. >> eddie: he has had some good jumping. >> mike: watch live nbc national games on nhl game central. call star, star. gets a free premium jump grade on all tablets and lge smartphones. the bruins get the last change. trying to force one more game on wednesday. a game 7 in chicago.
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when they will get next to last change. stepping behind, boychuk. along to hossa. watched by boychuk. continues to work on him. collides with hossa. rolled off and continued on and ference defends. then hossa again. met by boychuk. it ricochetted off. it continues. reaching in is sharp. bergeron backs right into hossa there. and hossa defended by bergeron. he swept it away for peverley who rolled it back to the safety center. so it is hard. 1:45 gone. a lot of hard working action here early in the second period. bolland tried to play one along. time for inside the glass. >> pierre: they talked about what claude julien keeps telling his team on the bench.
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aggressive. going early. lucic against toews. on chara. kelly hard on hjalmarrson. the hard plays on the net. not soft plays, hard plays. they want to do everything hard. you knew they would have this kind of brush in game number 6. >> mike: and their coach as you pointed out was saying that to them along the bench. in case anyone has forgotten. the bouncer is chopped on by paille. rozsival out defensively now for the blackhawks. galloping ahead for stalberg. in the second effort. able to push it off the stick. it can be played back up. a cross that ricochetted back. held by crawford. >> eddie: andrew shaw will get a penalty here. he gives a little. cross check to tyler seguin. he followed through with the
6:24 pm
punch, i believe, to chris kelly. the players came together right in front of the zamboni door. watch seguin. a little shot. keep an eye on shaw right there. that's the penalty. one thing every coach tells his players. it doesn't matter what level. discipline wins. joel quenneville knows that's undisplinld by andrew shaw. he has to do better than that. >> mike: the bruins' power play, though it has not scored, has registered six shots and ten scoring chances. krug led it across. given back to him. he has krejci and settles back. then krug. that block by frolik. tucked on by keith and sailed back down the ice by kruger. >> eddie: the play there for duncan keith to get the puck and
6:25 pm
cleared it down. >> mike: led across to lucic who steps in. sailed one around. it comes near keith. nicely read off the boards. >> pierre: the play by duncan keith with all that pressure on him. >> mike: it was an old bruin named adam oates as coach of the washington capitals, talking about power plays early in the playoffs. and he said, even if our power play leaves four men for the other team down on the ice and we don't score, we like the fact that they have become fatigued from defending. and even though you don't score, you've earned something from it. trickled by seabrook. trying to plate further. was run into by chara. the puck battled for behind. got it back and scaled it to chara. the big man able to trickle it along. it is frolik clearing. 42 to go on the power play.
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nathan horton. soderberg is out there. 34. the pass comes to marchand. swept away from him. controlled by saad. saad spinning and sending one in front. it settles down there and given across from bergeron to marchand. no shots on this power play so far. it has 17 seconds to go. marchand guided it on through off soderberg's stick and around for hjalmarrson. pinching along, chara. settled down. we get a stoppage of play. >> eddie: pierre talked about it. watch this play by duncan keith. this is world class play. you have two bruins coming. you get the puck on your back hand. spin away. to clear it all the way down. the confidence level of duncan keith. it looked like he will go shoot that puck and that's the key. david krejci thought he would put it up on his forehand. when he made the move, he did a
6:27 pm
tight little turn and a beautiful escape. he was able to shoot it down. >> mike: one of eight blackhawks on the championship team. ahead comes another jonathan toews. he scores! toews! it's tied! >> eddie: you won't see zdeno chara make many mistakes but he just made a costly one and toews capitalized. >> pierre: neutral zone face-off. there's zdeno chara. everything is fine. chara goes to play the puck. toews is quicker and a great decision by jonathan toews utilizing patrick kane, eddie. >> eddie: there's the quick little pass by michal rozsival. short-sided. coming out of penalty box. when a quick shot. what a relief. >> mike: soderberg delays and the pass angled across. peverley stepping to it.
6:28 pm
then soderberg hired one that ricochetted off crawford and can be carried back out again in a 3-on-2 developing. kane back up the wing. bickell with it there. jacked that by over duea. by rask. played by chara. on now to kelly. delays and shoots one that is snapped up and held by crawford. he can shoot, pass, the puck is on edge a little bit. look at that puck. it has eyes right between the legs of tuukka rask. talk about the ice being an issue. not going to make a pass all the way over with that puck on edge. no hesitation at all. the quick release. connected to lucic. and the shot ricochetted wide. pushed back on.
6:29 pm
pivoting, down to the ice he goes. that was krejci. there will be a penalty coming up. the fourth to chicago on the night. >> pierre: smart awareness by krejci whose body position, he tries to pull it. right there. seabrook gets caught. to the penalty box, seabrook. >> mike: a trip. another power play for boston. there have been four penalties on the night. all four to chicago. lucic on this face-off tie-up. played by peverley to krug to krejci. the shot ricochets off. it doesn't look like it. back to center.
6:30 pm
>> mike: the puck back up. krejci will wind up. right over the head of hjalmarrson. tripped off the stick. i don't know if it went on edge the last second. seeing that set-up for the bruins on the power play. eight or ten times so far in this game six. >> mike: 11 seconds gone on power play number four for the bruins. hjalmarrson sent it back down. here is krug. stepping ahead. connects on now to lucic. walks it back ahead. he fired it across. peverley gave it back. krug, a shot. bouncing puck in front. and lucic had crawford out of position but c


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