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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 1, 2013 12:35am-1:36am PDT

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seem to be having a lot of fun right now. >> jay: okay. >> i told them, you know, value your friendship. you know, take care of your friendship. that piece of paper could change things real quick. you know what i mean? >> jb: it can, brother. i've got a 19-year-old daughter. let me say something, man. terrifying. terrifying. get with some guy. take care of my daughter. >> jay: well, we got to go, guys. the book is called "hillbilly heart." billy ray cyrus thank you my friend. [ cheers and applause ] jb smoove thank you. and of course, gwyneth paltrow! jimmy fallon happening now! jimmy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: oh, i feel the love! thank you so much! welcome! welcome, everyone! that's a great new york city crowd right there. welcome, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] we're going to have fun tonight. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon," everybody. here's what people are talking about. homeland security secretary janet napolitano -- the person in charge of our national security -- she recently said she doesn't e-mail, text or tweet. so remember, if you see something, say something. [ laughter ] because there's literally no other way she'll get the message. [ applause ] so if there's a pressing national emergency -- if there's an emergency, don't worry. she'll be aware of it in three to five business days. [ laughter ] >> steve: i don't want to be bothered. >> jimmy: oh, my god. this is actually nice. the white house announced that people dressed up like scooby-doo, spongebob and dora the explorer will be at monday's easter egg roll.
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or as biden put it, "what do you mean, people dressed up like?" [ laughter ] "i just met dora." >> steve: oh, my god. >> jimmy: this is not good. north korea is warning the u.s. that war with south korea may break out at any minute. and then obama was like, "i can't believe i'm doing this. get me dennis rodman on the phone." [ laughter and applause ] can't believe i've come down to this. come on, rodman! speaking of president obama, yesterday he told reporters that his ncaa tournament bracket is busted. yeah, obama said they were the worst picks he's ever made. then he looked at his economic adviser and said, "eh, maybe not." [ cheers and applause ] hey, did you guys hear about this? a woman in england is making news after she gave birth to a 15-pound baby boy. the doctors say the mother is happy and doing well and the father is a bowling ball. [ laughter ]
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you can tell the baby's big, because the doctor was like, "i think it's twins. nope, that's just the butt. sorry it's just the butt. here is your 12-year-old boy. there you go." "how you guys doing?" how did you get a cigarette in there? that doesn't make any -- >> steve: how'd you get a tattoo? >> jimmy: "got any wine in this place?" get this, you guys. on tuesday, employees at a hotel in california discovered a sea lion sitting by its pool. it got even weirder when it said, "that daiquiri ain't going to bring itself." [ laughter ] rude seal. rude. i'm very busy today. you see all these people laying out? [ laughter ] yell at me like that. stupid seal. >> steve: don't talk to me that way. i'm the only person working today. >> jimmy: you guys, listen to this. in an effort to boost ticket sales, boston's fenway park is offering free hot dogs this season. [ cheers and applause ] which sounds nice, until you
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realize it just means the players will be wearing tighter uniforms. [ laughter ] it's a good fifth grader joke. come on. >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: we've all been to fifth grade! >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: "come get your hot dogs over here!" >> steve: they plump when you cook 'em. >> jimmy: this is a -- this is a crazy story. a man in pennsylvania was arrested for hunting deer in the parking lot of a walmart. or as jeff foxworthy put it, "too easy. too easy." [ laughter ] "i'm not even going to touch it. i'm not going to touch that one." and finally, there are reports that the faa will soon allow electronic gadgets to stay on while a plane is taking off and landing. [ cheers and applause ] or as passengers put it, "great, i definitely wasn't already doing that." [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight, you guys. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: oh, you sound great, roots. you sound fantastic. you guys, we have a great, great show tonight. a giant show. he's a hilarious and gifted writer, director actor and producer. tyler perry is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] that guy can't be stopped. he's a force to be reckoned with. >> steve: he's a force. >> jimmy: also, we love him on "parks & rec." he's also got a new funny movie out. the very, very funny nick offerman is here! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh! and a woodworker. >> jimmy: yep. plus, you know him. you love him. from "queer eye for the straight guy," interior designer thom filicia is stopping by. thom is here! >> steve: what? >> jimmy: love that guy! >> steve: what? >> jimmy: and then one of my favorite dudes. got a new album out. country music superstar -- [ cheers and applause ] super stud. >> steve: super stud. >> jimmy: super studly human being. >> steve: super sized. >> jimmy: 7'9" gentleman. >> steve: yes.
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>> jimmy: blake shelton is here on the show tonight! [ cheers and applause ] make it hotter! hot stuff! hot stuff! hot stuff! hot stuff! hot show. >> steve: superstar, superstar, superstar. >> jimmy: you guys, good friday is tomorrow, which means we're not doing a show. and normally, friday is when i catch up with some personal stuff. you know, i check my inbox, return some emails and, of course, send out "thank-you notes." [ cheers and applause ] so -- do you guys mind if i just do that right now? is that cool? can i write a few "thank-you notes"? [ cheers and applause ] i appreciate that. roots, can i get some "thank-you note" writing music, please? ♪ >> steve: wait a second. >> jimmy: hey, he's looking down the barrel. >> steve: he's not messing around. >> jimmy: tense. something's bothering him. >> steve: something's really bothering him. he knows that guy. and he doesn't like him. >> jimmy: yeah. all right. >> steve: give me your baseball. ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you, easter, for being one of the holiest days of the year. for also sounding like one of kanye west's backup baby names. [ laughter ] easter. easter what? >> steve: kanye west. come on. [ rim shot ] >> jimmy: hey-oh! thank you, 15-pound baby born in england, who sounds even more impressive when you realize that's, like, 30 american dollars. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: two things, right in a row. >> jimmy: thank you, plus-sized mannequins, for showing us what happens when the mall puts an old navy too close to a sbarro. [ laughter ] good pizza, man. >> steve: good pizza. come on, man, that's good pizza. ♪
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>> jimmy: thank you, this weekend's 50th annual atheist convention. 50 years. i don't believe it. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: eh. no. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, peeps, for combining my two favorite things -- eating marshmallows and biting the heads off little baby chickens. [ cheers and applause ] not in that order. >> steve: two -- two things at once. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, geometry, for proving that boredom comes in all shapes and sizes. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: rhombus. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, job
12:45 am
interview question, "so, what's your greatest weakness?" for giving me a chance to talk about fire. [ laughter ] >> steve: fire. >> jimmy: yep. this one's the weirdest one we've ever done. >> steve: is it really? >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: get ready for weird! >> jimmy: this is a weird one. this is a great one, though. >> steve: but it's super weird! >> jimmy: well, i'm just writing them now, off the top of my head. >> steve: oh, you're thinking of them now. >> jimmy: yeah, i'm thinking of them right now. >> steve: week goes on -- >> jimmy: no, no, no, i'm thinking of something weird. >> steve: you just thought of weird thought. it's weird. it's in his brain. it's about to come out through his pants. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, bird nest, for being, like, an upside down yarmulke for a scarecrow. ♪ >> steve: why would you feel the need to say that? >> jimmy: i don't know. that was the weirdest joke we've
12:46 am
ever told ever on the show ever. it's so -- it's funny, though, still. >> steve: if i only had a schmool. weird. >> jimmy: thank you, the phrase, "on the third day, he rose again," for sounding like what happens when hugh hefner goes on a viagra bender. there you guys have it. [ laughter ] those are my "thank-you notes." we'll be right back with more "late night." it gets fun. come on! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ female announcer ] new fruttare frozen fruit bars;
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, here to perform an all-clucking version of the hit song "ho hey" by the lumineers, please welcome the chicken-eers! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ clucking ] ♪ [ clucking ]
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♪ [ clucking ] ♪ [ clucking ] ♪ [ clucking ] ♪ [ clucking ] [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest this evening is one of the most influential and prolific entertainers on the planet. his tv shows, "house of payne" and "for better or worse" are huge hits. and his new movie, "tyler perry's temptation" hits theaters this weekend. please welcome back to the show one of our pals, mr. tyler perry.
12:56 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: feel the love don't you? we love you. >> that's good. that's good, man. >> jimmy: you feel it -- you feel the energy? yeah. >> i feel it, i feel it. thank you. >> jimmy: you don't even want to sit down. you can do the whole interview standing up. >> i want to do -- ♪ come on, man, you could have a black chicken up there. what's happening? [ laughter ] black people like chicken, too. what's going on? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no. >> how you doing, man? good to see you again. >> jimmy: nice to see you again. everything good? >> really good. >> jimmy: actually, obviously, it must be good. >> it's really good. must be good for you. >> jimmy: absolutely. i'll tell you what is really good. i went on your website,, that's a very funny website. >> yeah. well, you look at the bloopers or something? >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i love bloopers. >> oh, the outtakes, really? >> jimmy: i loved -- i've did -- i've done two movies, that's all they've let me do.
12:57 am
[ laughter ] >> that's all you have time to do. you should do a lot more. you should do a lot -- [ cheers and applause ] you are hysterical man, really, really. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> no, really. >> jimmy: but those bloopers at the end of "taxi," me and queen latifah just laughing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i remembered we were laughing until we cried. and we just put the bloopers at the end and i was so happy it was in there. because it just gives you another -- it has nothing to do with the movie. if you watch it and are like, oh, yeah, this is a movie. it's all fake. >> did you enjoy the bloopers? i enjoy the bloopers too. i think a lot of people do. >> jimmy: yeah -- you know, madea something like that you can come in -- [as madea ] >> oh, yeah, she's say what's on her mind. it don't matter, it don't matter. [ laughter ] yeah, you know. >> jimmy: thank you. >> oh, my god, i've got a movie coming up with larry the cable guy where he and me madea are doing all these things, man, together. >> jimmy: no. >> yeah, it is. those bloopers some of them couldn't thought make it, they were nc-17. [ laughter ] but they're funny. they're funny >> jimmy: really? oh, larry the cable guys' one of the funniest dudes. >> he's hysterical. >> jimmy: he's so good. so quick. man, no one does comedy like that anymore. >> yeah, he's funny. >> jimmy: like one liners. >> that are quick. >> jimmy: really quick and really good.
12:58 am
but also on the website there's some really, nice inspirational stuff too. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you write yourself. like blogs about this woman who changed your life. >> yeah, i was sitting there, thinking one day, you know, sometimes you have to reflect. and i was thinking about how great things are and how good god has been, and i was thinking about all of people who have helped me. and i thought about this one lady in particular, and i looked her up, it had been 15, almost 18 years since i had spoken to her. she had given me $200 or $300 to help me get an apartment. never asked for the money back, didn't want anything from me. she just gave it to me. i was homeless at the time. she gave me the money, and i said, when i make it, i'm going to help you out. i called her up after all those years and i happened to call her at a time when she was going through a very difficult time, had lost her job, and i was able to help her out. so this seed she planted 18 years later, it comes back to her, you know what i mean. >> jimmy: i love that. >> yeah. i thought it was a really great moment, a really great moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i remember, when i was doing stand-up, i was going to move out to los angeles to become an actor or a comedian. and everyone's like, oh, don't
12:59 am
do it. oh, this is a mistake. >> yeah. where were you coming from? >> jimmy: i was in socrates, new york. >> okay. >> jimmy: like poughkeepsie, new york at this club -- [ cheers ] yeah, shout out. >> four people. >> jimmy: yeah, very popular. >> very popular. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. a lot of more didn't want to clap. they didn't wanted to make a scene. yeah -- but anyways, the comedy club owner said no, i was working at this place, bananas, comedy club, they were like, i don't know if you're ready, you shouldn't go, don't go, like this is not a good idea. like, really, ruining your confidence. and then this one comedian, gregory kerry, i'll never forget, he gave me a hundred bucks. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and he said, knock 'em dead. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and i was like -- >> did you ever call him back? >> jimmy: i did. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i wanted to book him on the show. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> jimmy: he's not doing comedy anymore, but he's a carpenter now or something. so, i go, you can come build something. [ laughter ] >> oh, wait a minute, i get it, he was jesus! >> jimmy: yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: happy easter, everybody! that's an amazing story. >> happy easter. >> jimmy: rolled the rock out of the way, everything. superhuman strength. >> he was jesus. i get it. >> jimmy: yes. >> so let me asking you something, this pillow here, can i move this?
1:00 am
[ laughter ] i mean, this is for short people, right? >> jimmy: it is not -- >> when you have short people here. >> jimmy: we usually -- >> because i'm sitting here like this, like i can't even get comfortable so. all right. >> jimmy: we usually have the horse jockeys on the show. >> i got it. i got it. >> jimmy: they fit perfectly on this chair. >> this is a man-sized chair here. >> jimmy: man-sized chair. relax, get into it. >> no, i'm good now. i'm good now. >> jimmy: all right. perfect. how's my pal, oprah? [ laughter ] >> she doesn't know you. >> jimmy: she doesn't know me at all. she does not know me at all. >> she's really good, man. >> jimmy: you're doing shows with oprah. you're in the oprah business. >> yeah. doing a few shows with own. we partnered up to bring my content to own. but i did something and hurt her back the other day. it was -- get your mind out of the gutter. it wasn't like that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can you say what you did? >> no, no, it was her birthday and i sent her flowers and i like to send really big flowers and the flowers came and she wanted to move them to another table and she picked them up, threw her back out, was in the bed for three days. this is real. this is a true story. for three days. >> jimmy: yeah, happy birthday. >> yeah. and she's never let me forget it. i'm like, listen get over it. you're feeling better. get over it. >> jimmy: stop working it.
1:01 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: now your movie, "tyler perry's temptations." >> you don't have to say "tyler perry." just call it "temptations," man. just call it "temptations." >> jimmy: no, i like to say "tyler perry" everything. >> i know you do. like it's tyler perry -- >> jimmy: it's "tyler perry late night with jimmy fallon." >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: special edition. i'm sorry. i was looking at my notes -- i have it written down. >> i love it. it's all good. "tyler perry's temptations." >> jimmy: "tyler perry's temptations with tyler perry." [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: tyler perry, tyler perry. by tyler perry. just do that. why not? >> i do, i do. >> jimmy: i know, but you should just have all the credits. even though -- i know other people are in the movie. >> it's so bad. it seems like an egomaniac, but really what it is -- it was -- when i started, i was trying to get people to remember my name. i think i've gone overboard now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now you have to do it. >> i don't have to do it anymore. >> jimmy: now you have to do it -- >> now their looking for. >> jimmy: but it's a great movie. the lead is fantastic. >> yeah, jurnee smollett-bell she's amazing. lance gross, robbie jones, vanessa williams. >> jimmy: brandy. >> brandy, yeah. >> jimmy: you have kim kardashian in this movie. >> kim kardashian, yeah. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: how did you --
1:02 am
how did you, why did you? [ laughter ] in the good -- in the best way. in the best way. >> let me tell you something. she's the sweetest girl, if you got -- get a chance to know her, man. >> jimmy: yeah, she's been on a couple times. >> she's a really sweet girl. and i just thought i wanted to do a younger, sexier, hot cast for this movie because i want young people to see it. it's about what happens when you make the wrong choices in life. and who else, who better to get to be a part of it -- [ cheers and applause ] what? what? what happened? ♪ okay. so, okay, that's not what i meant. that's not what i meant. okay. come on! ♪ no, what i meant was -- >> jimmy: interesting choice. interesting choice. >> no, what i meant was, who better to get than someone who has -- let me finish my thought -- [ laughter ] who has 17 million people following her every move, want to wear -- what to know what her shoes are, her clothes, her dress. >> jimmy: that's true. >> it's very responsible for her to take her brand and all of those people that are following her and say, listen, here's something that we should all pay
1:03 am
attention to, about making the wrong decisions and about temptations. that's what i was trying to say. [ applause ] that's what i was trying to say. >> jimmy: absolutely. we knew that. >> not about her five-minute marriage. >> jimmy: no, no. absolutely. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip from "tyler perry's temptations starring tyler perry," [ laughter ] in theaters this weekend. check this out. >> i think we are better off just keeping it professional. >> well, you know, we're way past that. i find myself very attracted to you. >> i find myself very married. >> a guy can dream, right? >> i can't stop you from dreaming. >> what do you dream about? >> i don't really dream anymore. what do you dream about? >> you. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's set-up it's set-up.
1:04 am
>> jimmy: go see tyler perry's "temptations" in theaters this weekend. tyler perry! tyler perry's nick offerman joins us after the break. tyler perry, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy. the taste of delicious strawberries and creamy milk, bursting together and perfectly frozen in time.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you can see our next guest every thursday at 8:30 p.m. as ron swanson on nbc's "parks & recreation." gosh, he's hilarious. he also produced and stars in the new film, "somebody up there likes me," which is in theaters and select cities and available on demand. please welcome, nick offerman, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:10 am
>> jimmy: just unbelievable. hey, man, you look like a stud. you look like you just popped off the cover of "gq," my man. >> that's very generous, thank you. >> jimmy: you are a stud. thank you for doing that clucking bit with us earlier. >> i had so much fun doing that. and every time i come here, i do something really stupid. and it's the greatest. and if i'm ever lucky enough to be invited back, i challenge you to find something i won't do. >> jimmy: wow! all right. i'll try to think of something. is that your first time in a chicken suit? >> that is my first chicken suit. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> it fit. >> jimmy: yeah, it fit pretty good. are you taking it home with you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you should. you're from a small town in illinois, right? >> i am, minooka, illinois, sort of a cultural vacuum. >> jimmy: is that a real name? >> it is. yeah. i think it means three rivers in the tongue of some indian race that we decimated before -- >> jimmy: yeah, i was just going
1:11 am
to say, minooka for now. yeah. but you, how'd you come out there and become an actor? how'd you get out of the small town? >> i don't know. i always knew that i wanted to be a performer. i had a knack for it. but i didn't have it click until i went to the university of illinois -- >> yeah! [ cheers ] >> jimmy: one of your professors is here. a teacher yell at you or something? >> dad, i'll see you back at the hotel. >> jimmy: oh, is that your dad? okay. hi mr. offerman, nice to see you. that was odd. so you went to the university? >> yeah, and i met -- i found out that you could perform as an actor in plays in chicago and get paid for it. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and i said, what the hell are you talking about? >> jimmy: amazing fun thing. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> jimmy: and yeah -- and now, gosh, you've blown up. you've great on "parks & rec," you're doing this movie, "someone up there likes me," you're going on tour, we talked about this last time, called "american ham," that's the name
1:12 am
of the tour, but you're getting like, people, like -- it's become like block parties and like, people are like camping out. >> it's so gratifying. i'm so grateful to my fans. because i went to play a show at iowa state, and the stage manager before the show said, i think you'd like to come out and see this in the parking lot. there -- it was festooned with tailgaters and each one had a different banner with a different ron swanson meat item that they were grilling. and i went out among my people and shook hands and was fed meat tornadoes and jalapeno cheddar burgers and i said, this is brilliant, because you're fueling the show that i'm about to put on for you. >> jimmy: you're giving me fuel. >> and then i came out on stage -- >> jimmy: full belly. >> -- and i was like, thank you to my fans. >> jimmy: isn't that cool, when people get that creative and fun? >> it is. it's really, it's very humbling. >> jimmy: i love that. well i love that you also talk
1:13 am
to your fans. i saw an interview you did on reddit, which was fantastic, by the way. >> thanks, those are fun. >> jimmy: but the one thing you that talked about is break dancing. were you joking? >> no, no. break dance has been a very important part of my life. [ laughter ] and i realize that still sounds funny. growing up in the small town i grew up in, my cousin and i would perform this job called walking beans, which means you take a hoe and walking the entirety of a soybean field, killing the weeds. >> jimmy: a garden hoe? >> yeah. [ laughter ] or a corn knife, which is another name for a machete. >> jimmy: yeah. but grandpa didn't like us using that, because it's easy to lop off an ankle with the corn knife. >> jimmy: thank you, grandpa. >> because you want to keep your steel sharp. >> jimmy: thank you. >> i don't have to tell you that. >> jimmy: you really don't. >> but it's a long, tedious, boring job, so my cousin and i,
1:14 am
you know, in the mid-'80s, break dance was just hitting the scene, and we would write raps about ourselves and we had a team, i was called tick tock and he was called flip flop. >> jimmy: so wait, you're tick tock and flip flop? >> that's right. >> jimmy: is this like a "footloose" thing? like, you just go in the cornfield and break dance? >> well no, then we would go -- >> jimmy: sort of -- >> no, that's where we would work up our kickass routine. >> jimmy: you and flip flop. >> tick tock and flip flop. and we would take it -- and we had cardboard in the basement. you know? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and then we would take it to the channahon skating rink on the weekend -- >> jimmy: as one should. >> we're -- >> jimmy: what does channahon mean? >> channahon means next to minooka. [ laughter ] minooka's junkyard. >> jimmy: did you do -- what were your go-to moves. >> i apologize to channahon. it's a fine town. i didn't mean to disparage it. >> jimmy: no, we know you're a
1:15 am
comedian. you're allowed to tell a joke. >> i just immediately pictured all my friends in channahon that i just dissed. >> jimmy: he's a comedian, everybody. >> we're still cool. >> jimmy: he's going to tell jokes. just a warning, yeah. >> they're stinky, though. they smell bad. >> jimmy: no, you can't -- you went the other way with it now. >> tick tock was thus named because of his propensity for popping and locking. flip flop had more of a knack for the acrobatics and he could do flips and what not. >> jimmy: do you still got the goods? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i think there was a little bit of -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: tick tock! tick tock! that is nice! tick tock, that was very nice!
1:16 am
tick tock! [ cheers and applause ] tick tock and flip flop. dude, you've got to bring flip flop with you next time. let's bring him on! that's something you might not do. >> that's my next tour. >> jimmy: the next time -- >> he's a fireman now, so i'm not sure if -- >> jimmy: if he's down with that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that'd be fun, though. >> people often talk to me about -- they say like, how do you -- you can grow a mustache and use a hammer, how did you become so manly? and i remind them that in my family, i'm the one that went to theater school and studied ballet and shakespearean elocution. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. of course, very manly things. >> my sisters could beat the snot out of me, and they're beautiful ladies. >> jimmy: nick, you have a movie coming out, you have a movie coming out, "somebody up there likes me." great title. funny movie. what made you want to do this? >> i love doing little indie movies. it's with a friend of mine, bob byington wrote and directed it.
1:17 am
and i've done a few movies with him in austin, which is a great town to shoot in. and it reminds me of my beginnings in little chicago theater companies, just 20 of us going out and -- >> jimmy: and putting on a show on? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, isn't it fun? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i want to show a clip of "somebody up will likes me." do you want to set this up? >> yeah, one of our actresses, the beautiful jess weixler, had a tame nude scene that she was kind of nervous about, so as a producer, i brought a bottle of whiskey, which is a producorial move. >> jimmy: yeah. very. >> and that did loosen her up a bit. but it's still, it's weird. you know? >> jimmy: it certainly, it sounds weird. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and so suddenly before we knew it, one of the producers, a hairy fellow, was running around the set with his clothes off, to loosen things up. >> jimmy: as one should, again. >> and it worked. everyone was very loosened up. unbeknownst to the hairy fellow, the filmmaker shot the entire
1:18 am
sequence and immediately stuck it in the into the movie. so that's the mirth that we're about to unfold before our audience. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: here's nick offerman in "somebody up there likes me." take a look at this. [ tires screech ] ♪ >> jimmy: i mean, there you go! [ cheers and applause ] >> some say it's the greatest story ever told. >> jimmy: who says that? >> my mother. >> jimmy: yeah, she says that. nick offerman, everybody! "somebody up there likes me"! in select theaters and on demand.
1:19 am
and "parks & recreation" airs thursday at 8:30 p.m. on nbc. thom filicia joins me next! there he is in the bud light platinum suite, thom! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ children shouting ] [ blows ] [ poof! ] wooo! hey there! i'm your rav4 genie. got any wishes? i wish my son was safer. well, this rav4 has a blind spot monitor and 8 airbags. whoa! how about when he's not in the car? right. [ snaps fingers ] [ laughter ] oh, no. oh, yeah. wooo! use your knees. [ male announcer ] the all-new rav4. toyota. let's go places. suave professionals infused moroccan argan oil into our new moroccan infusion line. the results were incredible. [ amanda ] i love it! all this shine, yet it feels so light! [ female announcer ] suave professionals works as well as salon brands.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a renowned interior designer who starred in the emmy-award winning series "queer eye for the straight guy." he also has a new book entitled "american beauty: renovating and decorating a beloved retreat," which is available in stores now. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show, thom filicia! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thom, finally! finally, on the show! >> i disagree. i think this is a man-sized chair with a pillow in it. >> jimmy: thank you so much. i appreciate that. i appreciate you saying that. hey, you look very tan. >> actually, i'm extraordinary tan, and this is three days after i returned from anguilla. i was at my friend, michael and
1:25 am
nicole's wedding, it was a lot of fun. and i decided the night after the rehearsal dinner to have the after-party in my room. i like to hoop it up. so i'm good at hooping. so i was last one -- i was the one, like, part of the last crew that was up and everyone left and the next day, my french doors were open and everyone's on the beach and so they decided to come into my room and get me. and it was literally like another episode of "weekend at bernie's." so they dragged me out, they put me on my lounge chair with like a daiquiri on my hand. and i'm there and i swear, there's a photograph of me holding my sunglasses, just my arm, i'm passed out -- >> jimmy: do you remember any of this? >> just little bits and pieces. they're spraying me with spf. but obviously, they didn't do a good job. so i'm there, and i'm thinking everything's cool. i go back to my room, and i go into the, you know, the bathroom and i look in the mirror, and i'm like, oh, my god, i look like that woman from new jersey who brought her baby into the tanning booth. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: congrats on everything. i got this book months ago. >> yeah.
1:26 am
>> jimmy: you sent one over to me and i have it at my house and everybody just looks through it. it's like the best coffee table book. people are like, oh, my god, i want to do this. wait, i want to do this thing. i want to do that. it's fantastic. >> well, it's "american beauty by tyler perry." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: smart! >> i co-wrote it with him. >> jimmy: yeah. but it's just like well written, but also good tips and things and show you how you renovated this lake house. >> yeah, yeah. well, actually what it is, it's a story about -- i grew up in upstate new york. >> jimmy: absolutely. shout-out, man. absolutely. [ cheers ] >> and i grew up in syracuse and this is a really beautiful town -- right outside of syracuse. and it's a pretty town. the lake is gorgeous. >> jimmy: beautiful photo. >> and i was up there for a wedding, ended up buying this house, and i fell in love with it. and it's really a story about sort of saving this old house. so it's kind of the ugly duckling story, because it was really a tragic house. there was a family of 12 squirrels living in the house. very hard to get squirrels not to live in your house right now.
1:27 am
and by the way, every time -- >> jimmy: this economy. >> they're on my lawn looking at me like, okay, i think the screen door's open! [ laughter ] i'm like, seriously? but, so anyways, it's a story about renovating the house and decorating it and -- >> jimmy: there's a nice funny forward in here too -- >> from tina. >> jimmy: our pal, tina fey, who you've do -- you've done her apartment. >> yes. i did, i did her and jeff's house and the kids' house here in new york. >> jimmy: very funny. >> they're awesome clients, they're a lot of fun and -- >> jimmy: how did she find you? just from "queer eye"? >> well, it was actually, we used to go to all these nbc events, you know and it was right -- before i left bravo and i went to style network, i would go to all these nbc events and she was there. and she'd walk up to me and go, "hey, thom," she's like, "you know, it's me, tina fey." i'm like, duh, like i didn't know who you were. [ laughter ] and she's like, you know, some day when i strike it really big, i want to hire you to decorate my house. i'm like, what are you going to become, the pope? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you already are gigantic. i'm like, what do you mean, when you get big.
1:28 am
but, yeah. >> jimmy: how about -- may i ask, "queer eye," maybe, possibly reunion, maybe? >> well, you know, there's a lot of hubbub going around right now. so -- we're thinking about a bunch of different things. and i don't know exactly what we're going to do, but whenever we get together, you know, it's been ten years and we've all grown up a little bit, probably less than most. but we were -- >> jimmy: you're still hooping it up. >> i'm still hooping it up. >> jimmy: hoop! >> hoop! but the thing is, when we get together -- we digress right back to where we were. and i just had dinner with ted the other night. and it's really fun and we were just like, you know, it would be awesome to do something. we don't know exactly what we're going to do, but we're going to do it. >> jimmy: all right, good. i love it. [ cheers and applause ] well, come back whenever you want, my man. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thom filicia, go pick up his book "american beauty" in stores right now! blake shelton performs next! he's a stud. come on back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:29 am
1:30 am
1:31 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a country superstar who just released a new album, clucking -- no, i'm just kidding. it's called "based on a true story." that was a high point for you, blake. "based on a true story" is out this week. you can also see him each week as a coach on nbc's hit show "the voice." [ cheers and applause ] he's a stud. performing his chart-topping single, "sure be cool if you did," please welcome, blake shelton! [ cheers and applause ]
1:32 am
♪ i was gonna keep it real like chill like only have a drink or two ♪ ♪ but it turned into a party when i started talking to you now you're standin' ♪ ♪ in the neon lookin' like a high i wanna be on baby it's your call ♪ ♪ no pressure at all you don't have to throw back your pretty pink ♪ ♪ lemonade shooter and lean a little closer you don't have to keep on smilin' that smile ♪ ♪ that's drivin' me wild and when the night is almost over meet me in the middle ♪ ♪ of a moonlit chevy bench seat and do a little bit of country song ♪ ♪ hanging on you don't have to keep me fallin' like this but it'd sure be cool ♪
1:33 am
♪ if you did you can't shoot me down 'cause you've already knocked me dead ♪ ♪ got me fallin' apart with my heart talking out of my head let your mind ♪ ♪ take a little back road just as far as you wanna go baby, i'll do whatever you wanna do ♪ ♪ wanna do you don't have to throw back your pretty pink lemonade shooter and ♪ ♪ lean a little closer you don't have to keep on smiling that smile that's drivin' me wild ♪ ♪ and when the night is almost over meet me in the middle of a moonlit ♪ ♪ chevy bench seat and do a little bit of country song hanging on ♪ ♪ you don't have to keep me fallin' like this
1:34 am
but it'd sure be cool if you did ♪ ♪ ♪ have a night that you'll never forget ♪ ♪ ♪ and now you're standin' in the neon lookin' like a high i wanna be on ♪ ♪ you don't have to throw back your pretty pink lemonade shooter and lean a little closer ♪ ♪ you don't have to keep on smiling that smile that's drivin' me wild and when ♪ ♪ the night is almost over meet me in the middle of a moonlit chevy bench seat ♪ ♪ and do a little bit of country song hanging on you don't have to keep ♪ ♪ me fallin' like this but it'd sure be cool if you did ♪ ♪
1:35 am
♪ yeah it sure be cool if you did ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that was great. you're a good man! blake shelton! look for the album, "based on a true story" and watch him co-host the acm awards on april 7th from las vegas. blake shelton! [ cheers and applause ] my thanks to tyler perry, nick offerman, thom filicia. thanks again, buddy. blake shelton! and the greatest band in late-night, the roots, everybody! stay tuned for carson daly. thank you for watching. have a great night! hope to see you tomorrow! bye! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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