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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 6, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. state of emergency. massive winter storms hit from coast to coast. 80 million americans in 40 states bracing for major snow, whiteout conditions, frigid cold, and ice. kids stuck at school in new york overnight. cars flipping over in the midwest and skidding off roads. airlines canceling flights. california bracing for a once-in-a-decade storm. fears of heavy snow, flooding, avalanches. donald trump face to face with the groups he's been fighting with over the election hacking. amid new reports russia celebrated after trump's win. the evidence officials say it's leading straight to vladimir putin and the trump team's reaction. the communications director, sean spicer, here live. just two weeks to the inauguration. the church of scientology
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lashes out at leah remini for attacking the religion and getting other former members to come forward. >> i went through hell. >> now, the rare on-camera interview with the church's attorney, first on "gma." and the incredible images. a man risks his life to save a skier. he climbs a tower and helps a man being strangled by his own backpack. then cuts him free just in the nick of time. the hero is here to tell his story this morning. good morning, america. happy friday. and, boy, this rescue is something you're going to want to see. mickey wilson saved a man's life. we'll talk to him just ahead. >> we're seeing so many problems with the ski lifts this season. and 80 million americans facing a winter weather wallop. some people are very excited. take a look at this video. this is from little rock, arkansas. a group of middle school students desperate for a day off. they're doing a snow dance. guess what?
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it started snowing there earlier this morning. >> my kids were by the snow day calculators last night. they were hoping. not so bad here. they're luckier than these kids in new york. check it out. forced to stay at school late into the night because of the conditions. you see them on the sleeping bags right there. eventually, they got a bus able to take them home. that snow still coming down for so many in so many places. ginger tracking it all. >> it's snowing from texas and oklahoma to right here in new york and parts of new england. look at this. almost the entire nation in some sort of winter weather alert. these are wind chill warnings. we have flood warnings out in the west. look at that. through new mexico, right through virginia and maryland, we're concerned about a winter storm. that's the second winter storm. the first one making its way through the northeast. that's where we find our rob marciano is in shirley, new york, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the weather map is jammed up. many americans waking up to this this morning, snow falling out of the sky. couple inches on the ground. coating the roads.
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at these temperatures that's all you need. very slippery to get here. very slick roadways across the area and this is just the opening round. this morning, the start of a wintry weather weekend. for east coasters, whiteout conditions blasting parts of new york state. >> go, go. >> reporter: with some residents digging out of over two feet of snow. in buffalo, a graveyard of cars on the road. out west, a snow day for many colorado residents. workers at denver's airport working round the clock, deicing planes. >> this is what denver is looking like at the moment. >> reporter: in nevada, authorities urging drivers to stay off this highway near reno, after two people were rescued from an avalanche. dangerous commutes across the midwest. in kentucky, car wrecks scattered across the snowy and icy streets. >> the snow is coming down hard. >> reporter: in the south, the preparation begins for the
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winter storm expected to hit tonight. with states of emergency already declared in alabama and georgia. >> we do feel fortunate that it's coming in, potentially on a friday night, where we will have the weekend to really address the roads. >> reporter: they're hoping that weekend timing helps. just three years ago, the a similar snowstorm that paralyzed atlanta and some other big cities. they'll be busy trying to pretreat the roadways. the same system is going to clip eastern new england and long island where now winter storm watches are posted for the weekend. robin. >> all right, rob. the nation's airports are bracing for the winter weather. delaying and canceling hundreds of flights. abc's david kerley joins us from reagan national. outside of d.c. good morning, david. >> reporter: morning, robin. the airlines are preparing for the storm. in the next couple of hours they'll look at the latest forecasts in the next couple of hours. that will make their decision.
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do they move crews? jets? cancel more flights? every airline has their own team of meteorologists. two weeks ago, we were in united airlines' command center looking at their weather team. putting together their forecast for their airline. and what they're going to do. already, we have seen nearly 300 flights canceled for today. delays as well. for tomorrow, 43 flights canceled. that number could go up once the airlines look at the forecast a little bit later. one airline told us they have been preparing for storms like this since september. they'll be putting that practice and training into practice especially in the south tomorrow. >> that's true. >> they're going to be looking later this morning. ginger shows us right now where it's going. >> the southeastern storm is the one we're worried about. they have the dividers on the highways, you can't plow. it's either that or they don't have plows. here's why it's going to be a mess tonight. places like louisiana through jackson, mississippi, birmingham, alabama, that's 6:00 p.m. tonight. that's the not great news. then it slides east.
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overnight, ramps up and drops heavier snow in parts of north carolina and south carolina. your local abc stations will tune this all out and give you exact numbers. these are the big swaths. three to seven inches. clips parts of new england by saturday afternoon and evening. one to two more in the gray and white area. i have to tell you guys this picture from out west, seven feet in seven days in squaw valley. they're going to get another six feet by early next week. i'll have that storm in a couple of moments. >> take care out there. thank you. now to the election hack. exactly two weeks until inauguration day. and the president-elect set to receive his briefing from the nation's top intelligence officials today at trump tower. after president obama received his on thursday. the intelligence agencies pointing the finger at russia. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has the details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: details are beginning to emerge this morning from the classified briefing for president obama and vice president biden on the russian hacking.
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one official who has read the report tells abc news it is loaded with specific granular details. there's no single breathtaking revelation that has not already been made public. a finding say u.s. intelligence officials, are clear. the cybertrails lead directly to the kremlin. to russian president vladimir putin. "the washington post" reporting that u.s. electronic intercepts overheard russian officials cheering the victory of donald trump and congratulating themselves on the outcome. >> there is overwhelming consensus in the community. and overwhelming evidence supplied by the community that russia did engage in an effort to impact on the elections. >> reporter: an assertion that will directly challenge donald trump's often stated defense of the russians and scorn for the cia. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> reporter: but trump will also
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hear today about some of the key russian players who have been sanctioned by the u.s. the head of the military intelligence unit called the gru. two known russian hackers wanted by the fbi and a cybercompany in russia run by this woman, seen on video, leading a seminar about how to break in to private computers. president obama told a chicago tv station he hopes trump will change his mind. >> my hope is that when the president-elect receives his own briefings and is able to examine the intelligence as his team is put together, and they see how professional and effective these agencies are, that some of those current tensions will be reduced. >> reporter: in addition to the hacking, u.s. officials now also say russian state propaganda outlets, including the blog site for russian tv network rt, were behind a spate of fake and
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misleading news reports during the campaign, raising questions about hillary clinton's health. and alleging an attack on a u.s. air base in turkey that never happened. now in just a few hours, the heads of the cia and fbi will be here in new york at trump tower to give the same briefing to donald trump, who has consistently refused to accept that the russians played any role at all in the hacking. it will be quite a showdown this morning at trump tower. >> it will be. we talk to our white house correspondent jon karl. more about that. very high stakes here. >> incredibly high stakes. donald trump face to face with the top intelligence leaders. the director of the fbi. looking at evidence, detailed evidence, a presentation that for president obama went an hour. on findings he has consistently rejected. i have to tell you, talking to intelligence officials on this, they say this is high confidence reporting. which is their highest level of certainty. based on all source intelligence. which means not simply looking
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at computer code and tracking ip addresses. this is about human intelligence, signals intelligence. they're very confident. >> all that we're learning. we heard brian ross' report. the reporting we're hearing is exactly what you're saying and the intelligence is confirming that the hacking is at the hands of the russians. what does donald trump do next? >> that's the big question. i am told that we'll get at intent. why did the russians do this? it wasn't simply about undermining the confidence in the american election system. it was about trying to have an impact on the results. it's a very hard thing for donald trump to accept. i have to tell you. there is nothing in this report, i'm told, that said this actually affected the outcome of the elections. nobody is suggesting this is why donald trump won. >> and you can separate the two? >> you absolutely can. the showdown this afternoon. let's talk to donald trump's incoming press secretary, sean spicer. thanks for being here this morning. you heard jon karl. mr. clapper said it yesterday.
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high confidence that russia was behind this. not some guy in a basement. as the president-elect has suggested in the past might be possible. is he prepared to accept that conclusion? >> i think he's prepared to listen and understand how they got to the conclusions they did. one of the things i'm sure he'll bring up is now we're seeing competing questions being asked. the democratic national committee is saying that the fbi never came and looked at their server. >> the confidence -- the fbi has high confidence russia was behind this. >> i think there is a question that needs to be asked. the dnc is saying the fbi is never looked at the server, the fbi is saying the dnc never gave access to the server. the question is if the server was never looked at, how do you, in the intelligence community, come to this question? it's fair question to ask. i think he'll ask questions. not questioning the intelligence. questioning how the conclusions are arrived at. i think that's important. >> does he have an open mind? >> absolutely. 100%.
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we need to see how those conclusions, based on the evidence, were made. was there a direct link? what degree of confidence? is it probability or certainty? the president-elect has a healthy skepticism of everything. that's important. people need to know that when decisions are made, a rush to judgment is not in the country's best interest. he wants to make sure that whatever decisions we make, sanctions or actions, that it's in the country's best interest. i think that the idea that he's approaching this in a logical, methodical way, asking questions. making sure there's a high degree of certainty, asking why things were done and not is the right way. >> i want to get to a couple of other issues. something of a tweet storm this morning. including reports that the transition is working to find money to pay for the wall on the border with mexico. donald trump's tweet, the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. let's go through this.
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is it true that the transition is working with congressional republicans on paying for the wall? >> he said on october 22nd, don't worry about it. mexico is paying for the wall. with a full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states. for the full cost of the wall. he's been very consistent about that. the idea that we're going through the appropriations process and figuring out how to pay for it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. how it's repaid -- >> what's dishonest about that reporting? >> several media outlets say he's going back on a promise he made. that's what he said in october. he's been very consistent with that. the idea that people are trying to twist that and make it seem like it's a broken promise when -- >> mexico says they're not paying for a wall. >> that doesn't mean he broke his promise. he's talking about the appropriations process. how the wall will be funded and how it will be repaid. that's consistent with what he said all along. >> how is mexico going to pay for that wall? >> i think he'll continue to talk about that. whether it's through higher tariffs, a direct check.
7:14 am
he will talk to them about them. that's something he's been clear about and he'll be consistent about it. >> we're seeing speaker paul ryan saying eliminating funding for planned parenthood will be part of the bill to repeal obamacare. that will animate a lot of marchers coming to washington the day after nomination. does the president-elect support this? >> the president-elect has been very clear he's a pro-life president. a pro-life candidate. we're going to stand up for life. it shouldn't be a shocker to anybody. the republican party stands up for life and proudly so. i think we'll work with congress on that. i think we're going to make sure we continue to be a pro-life party. we stand up for life. >> thank you. to the case in chicago causing so much outrage. four young black people seen on a facebook live video attacking a white teen with special needs. they now face kidnapping and hate crime charges. alex perez has the latest. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this morning, authorities in chicago calling the brutal attack broadcast live on facebook a hate crime.
7:15 am
>> smack his [ bleep ]. >> reporter: overnight, charges of hate crime, felony kidnapping. and battery charges. >> the actions in the video are reprehensible. >> reporter: the gut-wrenching video appears to show a bound and gagged 18-year-old white man kicked and beaten by four african-american attackers. >> it appears he was in that position for about four or five hours. >> reporter: the assailants hurls racial slurs at the victim who is mentally challenged. even referencing the president-elect. >> say [ bleep ] trump. >> reporter: investigators releasing new details. the victim, who knew one of the attackers, ended up spending two days with him. when the suspect took him to a friend's house. investigators say it was there that a play fight escalated into a painful assault. >> we have the statements of the
7:16 am
four of them. they admit that they were beating him, kicking him. they made him drink toilet water. >> reporter: the victim has been treated and released. he's now back with his family. >> he's doing well -- as well as he could be at this time. this should never have happened. >> reporter: and facebook has since removed the video. in a statement, the company says they have a team dedicated on call 24/7 to respond to cases like this one. >> horrible cases like this one. thank you. amy has the morning's other top stories. encouraging news in the fight against cancer. >> new figures out this morning show the death rate from cancer has dropped 25% in the last 25 years. the american cancer society attributes the decline to early detection, better treatment, and fewer people smoking. the death rate is still higher for men than women. and survival rates for lung cancer and pancreatic cancer remain low. a prison escapee faces a court hearing today. former army reservist james morales was caught near boston
7:17 am
after two attempted bank robberies. he broke out of a detention center. on new year's eve after climbing on to a roof from a basketball hoop. dramatic scenes in mexico. violence erupted and crowds looted stores to protest a 20% spike in the price of gas. two people have been killed. hundreds of businesses have been damaged. gas prices spiked after mexico deregulated its energy industry. another icon of the american retail landscape is closing more stores. sears will close 150 stores by spring, including dozens of k-mart stores it owns. it's selling off its craftsman tool brand. our friend and sports broadcasting legend chris berman has said he's stepping back, back, back, and gone. from his role at espn. he will continue making appearances on air. berman joined espn in 1979 just one month after it launched. a semiretirement. such a dear friend of yours. >> boomer, he's boomer.
7:18 am
for a lot of people, he's the man. the guy they have watched for 30 years doing the nfl. that's all they know. as you said, semiretirement. >> not going away completely. >> not going away completely. can't get rid of boomer. what do you got there, ginger? >> the invasion of moisture. coming into the west. it's like liquid gold for the mountains in the sierra. they've been waiting for this. in some places, you get it this quickly, it could be a problem. you have the atmospheric river forcing the moisture over central and northern california, you could get up to six inches of rain. some places, up to 15 inches. great for the reservoirs but you could see mud slides debris flows. we'll be watching early next week. first the weekend get away brought to you by sprint.
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hey, good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. today the cold before the storm. flooding rain and damaging wind and the weaker storm coming this week. here's a look at temperatures today. we started off with sunshine but clouds will keep us 49 to 52. my biggest concerns stream and creek flooding. debris flows on the santa cruz mountains and the rest of us hydroplaning. 3 to 5 inches of rain, up >> with all that snow, you have avalanches. there have been several avalanche rescues. in breck, don't worry about it. this guy has you. he's hopping through and loving it.
7:20 am
>> we needed that. thank you, ginger. coming up, leah remini and scientology. the new attack against the church. now they're firing back this morning. the rare on-camera interview. first on "gma." the professional slackliner. right place, right time. cuts down his friend. saves his life. we'll hear from the hero this morning right here on "gma." we'll hear from the hero this morning right here on "gma."
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i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. good morning. we are tracking breaking news in san francisco. police investigating an officer-involved shooting in the city's oceanview neighborhood. this happened around 4:00 a.m. witnesses say a man was shot during a struggle with police. he's being treated now. two officers were pepper sprayed and they should also recover. a press conference is scheduled to start in a few minutes. it's not been a great friday morning commute. we've got icy patches and slideoffs reported this morning. also have a crash reportd within the bay bridge toll plaza. at first it sounded like it was on the right side. now the person involved is saying it's on the left side. i've not spotted it on that camera.
7:24 am
it's been a tough morning in the central valley. tracy to dublin, but several slideoffs again, slow down, take it easy today. >> good
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hey, good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. let's firth start with the freeze warning. from the north bay inland to east bay and the south bay through 9:00. keep the pipes, plants and pets protected. 41 in san francisco. that's the only temperature in the 40s. today we'll see increasing clouds and temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. light rain develops. flooding power outages. >> thank you so much. coming up you'll meet the 6-year-old girl who accidentally ordered a dollhouse using her family's new amazon echo. we'll have another update in
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welcome back to "gma." look at that incredible rescue. a man saves a skier hanging from a chair lift. that man was unconscious as he was hanging there, cut down in the nick of time. the hero a professional slackliner. right across that wire to save the skier's life. we'll hear from the hero. >> the strap was around his neck? >> unconscious. he was out. >> quick thinking there. also right now, 80 million americans in the path of the winter weather spreading across states. creating dangerous commutes for so many. cars spinning out in the midwest. airlines delaying and canceling hundreds of flights this morning. and president-elect donald trump is set to receive the intelligence briefing on the election hack at trump tower today. president obama received his on thursday. this morning, first lady michelle obama will give her
7:31 am
final remarks at the 2017 school counselor of the year event at the white house. george, you're headed to the white house, as well. going to have an interview. >> the final interview with the president. oval office. very special. going to give us the whole hour on "this week" coming up on sunday. >> he has a lot to say. >> sure does. we move on to the new battle between leah remini and the church of scientology. remini and a church attorney in separate interviews with dan harris that airs tonight. >> george, amy, robin, good morning. i sat down for a rare interview with an attorney for the church of scientology. this is the first time the church is reacting on camera to leah remini's new show which she takes on the religion in which she was raised. what if you spent most of your life devoted to a religion that asked for devotion of your money, your life, your mind? >> it is our responsibility to
7:32 am
be scientologists no matter where we live or work or our resources or excuses. >> reporter: what if you broke from that religion and the entire belief system that defined your world? >> if you're a scientologist, you see life. you see things way they are. in all its glory. >> reporter: what if that religion publicly denounced you, your character, your motives. perhaps you would talk about it like leah remini. >> this thing i've been defending and promoting and helping was a lie. >> reporter: after leaving the church in 2013, then penning a sulfuric tell-all, she's the paid executive producer and star of an a&e documentary series. how would you describe the show? >> i would describe the show as a documentary on the abuses of the church of scientology. >> reporter: each episode finds the former sitcom star crisscrossing the country
7:33 am
harvesting tales of other disillusioned ex-church members. >> and i went through hell. >> let's just stop. let's stop for a minute. >> leah remini seems to be making a career out of attacking scientology. >> reporter: just yesterday, "20/20" sat down with monique yingling, an attorney for the church of scientology for a rare on-camera interview. >> frankly, the church just would like her to get on with her life and try to find something else to do. >> i've heard it before. i'll hear it again. >> reporter: you do get paid and do get attention for doing this stuff. >> i don't work for free. this is a very demanding job. i'm not going to justify. they get paid. they have $3 billion in assets. i'm not saying i'm the savior of your world. i have all the solutions to your life. >> reporter: scientology claims people like leah are coordinating the fabrication of false allegations.
7:34 am
and all these lies have incited threats and violence. they say there have been death threats against church leader david miscavige. >> when people espouse these kinds of lies about an organization like the church of scientology, it stirs up a lot of religious hatred and bigotry. that results in people believing that somehow they have to act it out. >> reporter: but remini says she has no plans to slow down. she's now crusading to have the church's tax exempt status revoked by the irs and hoping more ex-scientologists come forward. >> what is your fondest hope, you bring down the church. >> that someone is willing to say what these people are saying is true. >> reporter: monique yingling says she has zero fear that the church is on the verge of losing its tax-exempt status. as for leah remini, she says she's in talks for a second season of her show. this war shows no signs of
7:35 am
ending. >> you spoke to another former church member? >> a young guy who grew up in the church. he's coming forward for the first time. never spoken publicly before. saying what he experienced as a child in the church left him traumatized. he turned for help to the people that the church deemed most dangerous. so now the church of scientology and this young man's family are pushing back hard. we'll hear from all of them. >> we'll hear all of that tonight. dan's full report, "scientology, a war without guns" tonight on "20/20." 10:00 eastern right here on abc. coming up here on the big board. could hillary clinton be new york city's next mayor? the new report this morning. and are you ready for some football? the nfl playoffs kick off tomorrow. espn's jon gruden, the man, he's going to be here. to join us to talk about it in just two minutes. come on back. minutes.
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let's start with hillary clinton. could she be, people are saying she could be the next mayor of new york city. less than two months after conceding the election to donald trump, news max reports hillary clinton may be considering a run against bill de blasio. there's a lot of speculation about what she might do next. mayor of new york, what do you think? >> this is one of the craziest stories i have heard. think about this. after going through all she's gone through, she wants to do a rope-a-dope battle with bill de blasio? who by the way was the campaign manager of her first campaign for senate. i don't think so. we have asked the clinton folks about this. guess what they've said? >> what? >> nothing. they don't knock it down. they're not knocking it down. so it's still there. let the speculation continue. >> if it's not this, what is it? what's next? >> hard to say. she's been extraordinarily quiet. since losing. someone else who won the popular vote and lost the presidency. al gore. extremely quiet for a long
7:39 am
period of time. went on to be an award-winning documentary filmmaker. found another cause. hillary clinton still has a very loud voice. >> a lot of people think she would win. for sure if she -- >> mayor of new york? >> yes. >> would she want the job? >> maybe she wants the win. >> rahm emanuel became mayor of chicago. i don't know if she'll look at that example, see how much fun he's had. >> that's true. we know where she'll be right there on the front of the capitol. >> that's where she'll be next. next up, it's finally over. the wait for football fans. the nfl wild card weekend kicks off tomorrow when the oakland raiders take on the houston texans. right here on abc and espn. joining us here, super bowl winning coach and the man in the booth calling the game, my man, jon gruden. thank you so much for getting up. i know you don't like getting up early like this. we appreciate it. i know
7:40 am
you are in the booth. you go through the films. you look at the tape. what are the headlines? what are the storylines for the games? >> houston versus oakland. great game. connor cook, the quarterback for the oakland raiders, gets his first career start in the playoffs against the number one ranked defense in the nfl. that's hard, man. that's harder than being the host of "good morning america." i haven't seen an underdog like this since rocky balboa. the texans, they have quarterback problems themselves. brock osweiler started 14 games. they benched him. brought him back because of injury. he's got to play well. a lot of urgency. a lot of pressure on two young quarterbacks here in houston. >> we have never seen that. a first start in a playoff game. you think he can rise to the occasion? >> i have never seen this before. as a matter of fact, it's never happened. i have gone all the way back in my notes to 1966. he's had no reps.
7:41 am
i don't think he knows this offense very well. to have to do it on the road against the great defense like houston in this noise, first downs are going to be hard to come by. >> let's talk about the new york giants. they've been taking heat this week. apparently partying with justin bieber. pictured on a boat with trey songz. is this going to be a distraction? and a curse? >> if they lose this game, justin bieber will be the reason why. i don't think that was a wise move by these players. putting themselves in this position. but, if they go to green bay and pull this off, they might be partying with bieber again in miami. >> you got a good point there, jon. so, okay. let's have some super bowl predictions. you know what it takes. i remember being there with you after the big win for tampa bay. what does it take to win the super bowl? who do you think we'll see in the game this year? >> you know what it takes. it takes one team to get hot for one month of the season.
7:42 am
and i think the best teams we saw this year were the dallas cowboys and the new england patriots. that would be a great super bowl matchup. you never know. when you get in the playoffs. the team that plays good defense and a quarterback that gets hot, maybe you get a tuck rule. maybe you get some type of help from the officials. who knows? anything can happen. that's why this time of year is awesome. >> you're stirring it up. here on friday morning, you're stirring it up. what about you? >> i say dallas cowboys. this is america's team. this is their year. wouldn't it be great to see the new england patriots win and to see roger goodell have to hand the lombardi trophy to him. tom brady. wouldn't it be great to see a deflated football on the lombardi? >> a lot of twitter. be careful jon. >> thank you both very much. great to see you as always. the playoffs start tomorrow. the raiders take on the texans
7:43 am
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7:45 am
now, we have the dramatic ski rescue caught on camera. you seen an unconscious man dangling there. we'll hear from the rescuer, mickey wilson, after this report from neal karlinsky. >> reporter: in this moment of terror, a skier strangled by his own backpack. an act of heroism worthy of a hollywood action scene. right there, that's mickey wilson climbed a lift tower. slid himself 30 feet across the lift's cable before trying to free the skier by kicking him loose. but it wasn't working. the ski patrol threw him a knife. he caught it on the first try and cut the man free, saving
7:46 am
him. the skier, who didn't want to be identified, told "the post" it happened when his backpack got tangled. while he was trying to get off the lift. it was kind of surreal. i knew i was going around the bull wheel and then i was backwards. all of a sunday, i was blacking out. wilson, a professional slackliner competing all over the world, balancing high over the ground on narrow ropes. they turned out to be the perfect spider-man-like skills at the right time. the skier should not have been wearing a pack. the lift was immediately stopped to help him. >> it's okay to use a backpack skiing. when you get on the chair lift, before you get on the chair lift, take it off. hold on to it. set it in your lap. and don't wear it on the chair lift. >> reporter: this is the third incident in a month of a skier getting tangled with a lift because of a backpack. >> hang in there, bud. >> reporter: on monday, this little boy's backpack got caught on a lift. at the sundance mountain ski resort leaving him dangling while the
7:47 am
ski patrol rushed to the scene. [ screaming ] >> reporter: a few weeks earlier, another boy, 11 years old, got stuck the same way on the same lift. the resort says they encourage riders to remove their packs. this time, it was mickey wilson's quick thinking, bravery, athleticism that saved a skier who had almost no time to spare. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, denver. >> thanks to neal for that. we're joined by the hero, mickey wilson. thanks for joining us. i know you don't like that word. hero, but a lot of people think you are one this morning. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. i just did the best i could with what i had. and we saved a life together. me and all the arapahoe basin employees. it was a pretty cool event. >> take us back to the moment. you were right behind your fellow skier when you saw this happen? >> we were riding the chair lift together. our other friend had to ride up front. because there wasn't enough
7:48 am
space for him on our chair and when we got off the chair, he wasn't there. and at first, we didn't know what to think. then we started to hear screams, yells, the chair lift stopped. we went down to investigate. my two friends and i and we saw our friend hanging lifelessly from the chair. >> you tried to make a pyramid? >> it took about 20, 30 seconds to dawn on us that he was up there dying. we were helpless to do anything. the first thing we tried was to make human pyramid. the three of us and the lift operator. but because of the very deep powder, we just toppled over. it didn't work. time was of the essence. it was a eureka moment. i could find that tower. >> you're a champion slackliner. you climbed the tower. sort of rode across the wire. the wire must have been cold. >> yeah, um, i actually threw off my gloves. as i was doing it, i didn't -- it was -- i knew i had to do it because i needed to, my full dexterity in my hands to hold on the cable. i have an injured hand. this is the fist with this hand.
7:49 am
and this is the fist with this hand. so i threw off my gloves and it was very cold. but the adrenaline was really pumping. i climbed up the tower. some people were yelling at me not to. i knew it was what i had to do. i got on the cable like it was a slack line. i slid across it. just like i have done thousands of times on a slack line. i got down to him and realized i didn't have my knife. i always ski with a knife. right then, ski patrol showed up. one of the patrolmen made the most perfect toss to me. from about 20 feet below. threw the knife up to me and i caught it with my hurt hand and cut him down. it was a wave of relief. >> and you have talked to your friend. he's okay? >> he left the ski area still not in good shape. they took him to st. anthony's the hospital in denver. that night, i got a facetime call from one of my other friends and the three of them were in the hospital together with him. and he had a neck brace on.
7:50 am
but he was all smiles and they had taken the tube out of his throat. he was making a full recovery. and yesterday, they released him. >> it is an amazing story. mickey wilson, thank you for joining us. >> yeah, thank you. >> everything went right. >> oh. >> wow. >> i didn't know he had to have the knife thrown to him and to catch it with the bad hand. wow. >> it was really something. we have a lot coming up in the next hour. including the memorial for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. an exclusive footage of them together from their new film. a surprise delivery. what a little girl ordered from amazon echo. pretty shocked when it came but she seemed happy. >> uh-oh, i have one of those in my house. >> uh-oh, i have one of those in my house. of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry.
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back here on "good morning america." we're so happy it's a friday. we have got a great audience and i have great video if you're a skier or a snowboarder. check that out in steamboat springs. the plow on the sidewalk. loving it. until this happens. you start a bit of an avalanche. that was in washington state which also parts of oregon have warnings. there's a lot more snow and rain coming to the region. for now, all this is brought to you by target. you by target. your local news and weather is start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
7:56 am
good morning south bay. >> let's get up and get going. >> i'm natasha zouves. let's get over to mike nicco for a check of the forecast. >> black ice still an issue through 9:00. then we turn our attention to sunday with stream and creek flooding debris flows and power outages. the storm will drop 3 to 5 inches here and 10 in the santa cruz mountains. >> we've had several spin-offs and slide crashes this morning. we have a major b.a.r.t. issue. there's a disabled train near west oakland station. that's causing major delays. whenever they say major that means over 20 minutes. >> coming up, it's the product that's taking the $5 billion skin care market by storm. inside the face mask hype and which ones might work best for
7:57 am
you. that's next on gma. another news update in about 30 minutes. always on our free abc 7 news app. remember, you can join the whole team, reggie, mike, alexis, jessica and me mornings weekdays 4:30 to 7:00.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. here comes the snow. massive winter storms barrel in from coast to coast. 80 million americans in 40 states. bracing for snow, arctic cold, dangerous eyes. as california readies for a once in a decade storm. we're tracking it all right here. debbie and carrie. exclusive footage from the mother and daughter from a new film about their relationship. >> i think i'm my mom's best friend. more than a daughter. >> as the two of them are remembered in a private memorial. meryl streep, meg ryan, gwyneth paltrow, more stars, all paying tribute. special delivery. one family learning the hard way how the amazon echo really works. >> alexa. >> hello.
8:01 am
>> they're 6-year-old accidentally ordering four pounds of cookies and a doll house. and backstage at tv's hottest game show. >> the checks are good. >> with host anthony anderson and his mama, doris. they're going head to head to make you laugh. that's coming up, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. that was really good, y'all. that was very good. that was believable. we do say good morning, america. the first happy friday of 2017. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> tgif. >> and we have a lot to get to this morning. we're all going to meet brooke neitzel. you may have heard of her. she ordered her own christmas gifts on the family's amazon echo. they're all here this morning. are the parents? there they are. and mom and dad are still
8:02 am
smiling even though they got the bill. >> yeah. a surprise bill. >> i so would have down that if it had existed. also coming up, beauty news. facial masks are really popular, as you all know. you don't have to spend big bucks to get the results you want. we have our buddy, dr. whitney bowe here. she's incredible at hat she does. she has ingredients you can use right in your own home and get a great result. >> first, you the morning rundown. a state of emergency in georgia and alabama as the south braces for a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. that could cripple travel tonight. they're not alone. people from california to massachusetts are in the grip of winter storms. near buffalo, new york, it was so bad, people actually abandoned their cars on the roads. some children had to stay at school last night. rob marciano is on long island with the latest on those rough conditions. rob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the snow is still coming down. the road crews have been out. salters and sanders trying to
8:03 am
tamp down some of the snow. and these temperatures, all you need is a coating to make for a slick drive. many accidents across new york and new jersey this morning. this is just the opening round. the pattern is full. another storm coming into california this weekend, likely flooding rains there. the storm that was in colorado yesterday will be in the southeast tonight. it's cold enough for winter weather there. birmingham, atlanta, charlotte, by tomorrow, 2 to 12 inches of snow. that's a debilitating event. that same system will clip us here in eastern long island and new england. winter storm watches are posted here as well. amy? >> thank you, rob. california bracing for what could be the worst storm system in ten years. and in northern california, seven feet of snow have fallen at this ski area. the caption on the picture says it all. just a little bit of snow. guess what? they could get six more feet. president-elect donald trump is being briefed by top u.s. intelligence official today about cyberattacks before the presidential election.
8:04 am
new details are emerging about evidence linking the cyberattacks directly to russia. "the washington post" reporting u.s. electronic intercepts overheard russian officials cheering after trump won the election and congratulating themselves on the outcome. intelligence officials also say russia used fake news stories and other tactics to try to sway the election. trump's incoming press secretary explained earlier on "gma" why trump has been skeptical of the intelligence community's findings. >> what we need to see is how those conclusions, based on the evidence, were made. was there a direct link? what degree of confidence? is it probability or certainty? the president-elect has a healthy skepticism of everything. that's important. people need to know that when decisions are made, and we have seen this in the past, that a rush to judgment is not in the country's best interest. >> spicer says trump has an open mind but is going about this in a logical way. meanwhile, trump is not denying reports that tax payers
8:05 am
may end up paying for his proposed border wall. he tweeted this morning that the money spent on the wall will be paid back by mexico. house speaker paul ryan planning to defund planned parenthood as part of repealing obamacare. it could happen next month. rolling down the highway. take a look at this spool of cable fell off a truck near uniontown, pennsylvania. it crossed two lanes of traffic. passed four oncoming cars. eventually, it stopped with the guardrail. those spools can weigh up to half a ton. and, let's just say -- things quickly unraveled there on the highway. >> ooh. >> i was wondering -- i was wondering if somebody was a spool. don't be a spool. >> amy's going to love doing the news from up here. you get that reaction straight from the audience. >> thank you, audience. thank you. >> such great pleasure there. >> remember back in the day we had that little bing.
8:06 am
we may have to bring the -- >> digging more and more. i love it. friday edition of "pop news." >> yes, yes. [ cheers and applause ] let's get to it. time for "pop news." before we get talking. take a listen. ♪ you don't have to have the camera on me. just listen. ♪ love is the best place to find ♪ ♪ me and my friends at the >> you like it? >> we're not singing. >> i was hoping we might see -- >> sounds like paul simon. >> it's ed sheeran. brand-new music. oh, there you go. with my face. ed and i are related, apparently. that is a brand-new song just dropped this morning. after a year-long break, ed is back. he didn't touch social media for a year. and all week long, he came back. he started teasing the debut of this song, surprised fans early this morning when he shared not one but two new songs. this one is called "shape of you." i don't know what that is. it's a shape of something.
8:07 am
and here's a taste of the second song. this one is called "castle on the hill." roll it. ♪ i'm on my way driving at night ♪ >> i like it. >> oh, that's good. >> really good. no word -- yeah, you guys like it? i love his music. he's fantastic. no word on -- you do like it. >> i like the second one a lot. >> no word when the album is out. those two songs available on itunes. >> just look for the smudge, right? >> the shape of something. up next, itunes will be busy this month. john mayer also giving -- [ cheers and applause ] some new music. i agree. big round of applause. >> you've been carrying around this little picture of john mayer all week long. it's been on your desk every day.
8:08 am
>> i have. i was waiting for the right moment. >> you have such a crush. >> to share my news. john mayer has new music. he announced he'll release, not one, not two, but four songs from his upcoming album on january 20th. so take that, ed sheeran. he gave a sneak peek of one of them in an impromptu concert in l.a. earlier this week. it's called moving on getting over. take a listen. ♪ >> i swear it's really good. mayer told fans on facebook he plans to release music from the album, which is called the search for everything, in waves of four songs. each month. he says he believes 2017 will be the year he puts out more music than he's ever put out in one year. that makes 2017 a pretty good year. it's interesting, isn't it? so unconventional.
8:09 am
i'm sure there's a method to the madness in terms of marketing. but we're just glad to have new music from these two guys. >> we sure are. finally in "pop news" talk about working like a dog. check out this video from the daily mail. it's nova, the canine genius. who has been trained to do some very helpful chores. >> aw. >> most notably, he can use the dishwasher. i'm sure he gets a couple of licks in there as well. he can fill the washing machine with dirty laundry. better him than me. his owners say he helps tidy up the living room. he helped trim the christmas tree this year. turns out, amy, you can teach an old dog new tricks. >> ding. >> good one, lara. >> ding, ding. >> our dog cooper look likes him. but we're always pulling him out of the dishwasher. >> yes, my dogs, one of the favorite places. they think it's their food bowl. it's not.
8:10 am
>> that is a friday edition, ladies and gentlemen, of "pop news." another good week. cheers, cheers, yes. we are going to come up and we're going to celebrate two legends. two hollywood legends. the memorial and exclusive footage of carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. and anthony anderson's mom is going to join us live. she says she's funnier than anthony. we're going to find out. hey, l'eggo my eggo.hat needs? uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules.
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ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. we're back now with the celebration of the lives of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. the hollywood mother and daughter remembered in a star-studded memorial on thursday, before they're laid to rest today.
8:15 am
chris connelly joins us with the details and a look at the new documentary on their relationship. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lara, as well. a gathering of family and friends. a well-chosen song. the perfect resting place. all of the elements part of a fond farewell to these two show business legends. as the new documentary captures their unique relationship. an exclusive excerpt. from the forthcoming hbo documentary. it's carrie and debbie, just singing on the porch with debbie's dog, dwight. >> i think i'm my mom's best friend. more than a daughter. my mother really wants me to be an extension of her wishes. an extension of her. and, to a great degree, far more sometimes than i ever would want to, i know what my mother feels and wants. and -- there's a lot of it. >> reporter: the hbo documentary, "bright lights" starring debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. said to be an intimate chronicle of their mother-daughter bond. >> mommy, i'm home.
8:16 am
>> reporter: now slated to debut on saturday, january 7th. its first arg moved up from march, in the wake of their deaths on successive days last month. >> people want to see them now. we're all curious to understand this relationship better. >> reporter: on a misty thursday in the hollywood hills, a private memorial. among those arriving to pay respects, meg ryan who acted with carrie in "when harry met sally." >> someone is staring at you. in personal growth. >> reporter: ellen barkin and meryl streep. who at the memorial performed "happy days are here again," the same song carrie and debbie performed on "oprah" in 2011. ♪ happy days are here again ♪ the skies above are clear again ♪ >> reporter: later today, the lights on broadway will be dimmed at 7:45 in tribute. as they're laid to rest at forest lawn in los angeles, at a
8:17 am
site picked up by carrie's brother and debbie's son, todd fisher. as he told kabc. >> as i'm standing there, the humming birds come. to where we were standing. and i knew that was the right spot. for her and carrie. and i called billie, who is carrie's daughter and told her what i just observed, and she said, done. so they're going to be there together. >> reporter: their uncommon closeness forged through decades of turbulence and tenderness. still with the power to charm and captivate the world. ♪ happy days are here again >> reporter: and that final resting place said to be close by two hollywood legends. the pianist and entertainer liberace. and that queen of the silver screen, bette davis, always spoke her mind, didn't she, lara? >> absolutely, chris. got to ask you, have any of the family members weighed in on the documentary? >> reporter: todd fisher says he thinks it's a love story.
8:18 am
and says that he thinks his mother knew how important it was for her legacy. >> it's incredible they had it already in the works. the documentary. >> without ever knowing. just moved it up. >> how about carrie fisher's voice. >> yeah, so talented. your interview with her is one to remember. we have to put that online. all right. thank you, chris. coming up, the little girl who made a big purchase using her family's amazon echo. they're here live. and she had a good christmas. echo. they're here live. and she had a good christmas. i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon
8:19 am
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back here on "good morning america," we're chilly. my friends from north carolina are missing out on the snow back home. and you're okay with that? i think you're getting some. and of course, i'm also standing by because we're about to hear from that hey, good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. today the cold before the storm. flooding rain and damaging wind and the weaker storm coming this week. here's a look at temperatures today. we started off with sunshine but clouds will keep us 49 to 52. my biggest concerns stream and creek flooding.
8:23 am
debris flows on the santa cruz mountains and the rest of us hydroplaning. 3 to 5 inches of rain, up all right.of rain, up the neitzel family. they got an unexpected christmas gift. not from santa. thanks to their adorable 6-year-old daughter, brooke who asked for some -- well, some treats from their new amazon echo. a voice-activated device that makes ordering easy and amazon delivered. they got a $160 doll house and four pounds of cookies that they were not expecting. and the family is joiping us. please welcome the neitzel family from dallas, texas. megan, michael, brooke. and your big brothers. are you sure you're not a j. crew family? did we getout out of casting or something? this is too perfect, too perfect. >> thank you. >> megan, what was it like when the delivery showed up and you
8:24 am
were like, we didn't order this? what was the reaction? >> the items they were, all fingers were pointing to her with the doll house and cookies. we didn't think it was these guys. >> not you guys? you knew you were off the hook. right off the bat. phew. this time, it's not us. okay, miss brooke, so, what did you tell alexa? >> i told alexa to order me a doll house and some cookies. >> you did? what made you -- you just wanted that doll house and some cookies and you decided to just ask alexa? >> yes. >> yeah. that makes sense like that. okay, dad, michael, when you heard about this -- >> i was a little bit surprised. but then, we approached brooke about it. she fessed up. we got it, we said, okay, we started eating the cookies, of course. tried to figure out what to do with the doll house. >> i hear that you two started whispering to one another because you didn't want brooke or the kids to overhear because
8:25 am
you didn't want them to order again? >> i said we need to say alexa quietly. no one else order anything until we see what's going on. >> what have you done so this doesn't happen again? and your advice to other families that are tuning in this morning? >> i put the parental controls on. it took literally five seconds to do it. there's a special code which hopefully they won't figure out what it is that you have to say before you order. >> you don't have any pets, do you in? >> many, many pets. >> not the pets' names. >> no. thank you. >> it's what we do here at "gma." it was very sweet. you could have blown up. sent it back. and tell everybody what you did as a family and who decided to do what you did with the doll house? >> we donated it to medical city children's hospital. >> isn't that wonderful? [ applause ] and guys, you were in on that. you said this is what we should
8:26 am
do? help other kids? >> yes. >> yes, ma'am. >> oh, yes, ma'am. he is from the south. i love that. how about them cowboys? i know you're from dallas. >> yes, yes, go, cowboys. >> thank you very much. again. and thank you for the little lesson here and telling parents on what they should do so this doesn't happen to them. thank you for handling it as well as you have. >> thank you. >> take care. have a good weekend. lara, to tell the truth, or not. that's coming up.
8:27 am
good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves. we're tracking breaking news involving b.a.r.t. >> we've got a marm problem here. so if you were planning on riding b.a.r.t. today, it's time to make other plans. sky 7 over the west oakland station. you can see all those phobes standing on the platform. that train is stuck. there's a b.a.r.t. technician on the scene but that train is not moving. that's causing major delays system wide. b.a.r.t. officials are recommending you find another mode of transportation this morning. there's no estimate on when this train will be moving and when these delays will get out of here this morning. likely a long-term issue. >> thank you so much. meteorologist mike nicco will
8:28 am
join u
8:29 am
hey, good morning. thanks for sticking around. the dangers from freezing temperatures continue inland east bay north bay south bay until 9:00. then we'll turn our attention to the light rain that develops this evening. moderate to heavy rain overnight and sunday. we'll have power outages and flooding. >> we're bracing for it. we'll have another update on the b.a.r.t. situation in west
8:30 am
oakland in 30 minutes and always on our abc 7 news app and we'll send push alerts to [ cheers and applause ] and we do welcome you back to "gma." and this wonderful audience that we have with you on this friday morning. and we have to let you know. george had to skedaddle a little bit earlier. on his way to washington, d.c. he'll have an exclusive interview with president obama in the oval office. it will be a special hour edition of "this week." on sunday. so george has an excused absence. >> such a great audience. such great energy. [ cheers and applause ] so we have to start things off with a little heartbreak. >> what? >> heartbreak. it's all about gelato. a shop in australia closed early on new year's eve. because business was a little slow. who can blame them right? wrong. take a listen to this voice mail
8:31 am
they got from a heartbroken customer. >> are you really sorry that you're closed at 6:00 p.m. on new year's eve? are you? because, you should be. my new year's eve is now ruined. i had plans to buy at least a liter and half of messina as i do every week, and sitting on my couch and eating it and making new year's resolutions never to eat it again. >> when something closes, you love it. maybe it closes forever. have you guys had that experience where it just gets you? >> yes, yes. >> what was yours? >> i have never loved a voice mail like that. >> new year's eve. they wanted to be with their family. >> or on the couch alone. she had them at her wedding. the message goes on for another 1:30. you have to listen. >> she's very serious, too. no humor in her voice at all. >> she's upset. >> we found the humor in it. >> so did a lot of other people. they posted it on their facebook page.
8:32 am
and other people were just loving it. >> it made other people smile, right? >> it's a great advertisement for them. obviously, their gelato is very good. >> so next time you're in australia, wi australia, be sure to look them up. here's another thing. every time you hear a theme music from your favorite tv show, doesn't it make you smile? you know this one, right? ♪ >> of course, "seinfeld." thank you, thank you young man. thank you young man. thank you for clapping. >> this was completely improvised. they did it completely differently? >> every episode was different? >> a man responsible wrote the riff using his mouth, his hands, a simple bass line that could be rearranged. slightly different each time. it got us thinking about some of our favorite theme songs from television shows. >> are we going to play a game?
8:33 am
>> yes, we're going to play a game. a game of -- it's a game. >> we never play games. >> so -- it's really funny. you hear the irony there. so, let's listen to my favorite television theme song first. ♪ ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> what is it? >> "the brady bunch." >> we'll try some new ones, too. roll it. ♪ we're moving on up ♪ to the east side ♪ to a deluxe apartment in the sky ♪ >> all right. what is it? >> "the jeffersons." >> yeah. all right. ♪ i finally got a piece of the pie ♪ >> church clap. >> oh, they're really getting into this. >> i don't know this one. ♪ beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of trying just to get up that hill ♪ ♪ now we're up in the big leagues getting our turn at bat ♪ ♪ as long as we live it's you and me baby ain't nothing wrong
8:34 am
with that we're moving on up ♪ ♪ to the east side >> and now, we have -- >> the best part. and y'all would know. lara starts doing the church clap, you know what i mean. she starts doing the church clap. >> do we have time for more? that was so fun. let's do one more. let's do one more. ♪ >> oh, "fresh prince." >> wow, that's impressive. >> i didn't know that one. >> we have time for another one because she was so quick. ♪ ♪ you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life ♪ >> "facts of life." ♪ the facts of life the facts of life ♪ ♪ when the world never seems >> thank you, tom. >> wait, they're saying we can do one more. all right, let's do one more. ♪ thank you for being a friend
8:35 am
>> "golden girls." >> i waited for you. your favorite. >> no, mine was "facts of life." >> but i do love -- >> can we see the swing there? look at that. ♪ and if you threw a party ♪ invited everyone you knew >> see, wasn't that fun? a little trip down memory lane. [ cheers and applause ] >> there's a lot of love in this room today. >> you have no idea how much george is missing this. how much he wishes he were here. >> do you think he saw the rundown today and was like, president obama, save me. >> he's church-clapping himself in the car right now. he's doing it. >> oh, you're right. he would like this, though. a great experience i just had. "to tell the truth." it's a reboot of the classic game show back from the '50s, this time with anthony anderson. who is hysterical.
8:36 am
it's right here on abc. for a second season. they asked me to be a contestant on the show. here's a sneak peek. what happens when you combine some lies. >> i have 45,000? >> reporter: some truths? >> we have a jubilee every year. >> reporter: funnyman anthony anderson. >> i think number two's pills are kicking in. >> you're about to tell a lie now. >> reporter: and his real-life mama, doris. >> somebody get him a tissue. >> reporter: this. >> i can't believe you would do something like this to me. >> reporter: the premise, three people tell the same story. one is telling the truth. and four celebrity contestants must sniff out the liars. it's a reimagined version of the classic '50s game show. >> "to tell the truth." >> reporter: betty white was there when the show first launched. and again in this incarnation. >> what is sexting? >> reporter: and now, it's my turn -- >> larry spencer.
8:37 am
>> reporter: -- to suss out fact from fiction. i'm a late bloomer. >> be late, but not last. >> reporter: more on that in a minute. but first this is my dressing room. am i telling the truth? let's find out. before the show, i catch up with my fellow truth seekers, david arquette, sherri shepherd, tom bergeron. >> ask good questions. body language tells a lot. >> are you lying? are you lying? who is the liar? this is all about competition. >> i know. >> we're trying to kill each other. >> yes, i'm really competitive, too. >> i'm really competitive. >> i'll take you down. >> do you find you're good at telling if someone is a liar? >> no. >> i believe anything anyone says. >> i was lying. >> i'm dead. and then a moment with the host himself. >> what makes it fun and exciting is i get to work with my mother. this is what my mother wanted to do with her life. >> she's the star. >> that's what she likes to say. >> how is it to work with your son? >> i love it, girl. the checks are good. girl, the checks are good. >> when you get on the stage,
8:38 am
what do you think? >> i'm relaxed. i don't think about nothing. >> you just say it? >> until they open their mouth and i open my mind. >> you say what comes to mind? >> what up, come up, come out. >> what? >> come up, come out. >> whatever you feel, act it, girl. >> here we go, team. >> my mama says, ax it. ax it. don't ask it. ax it. >> reporter: so, how did i do? because you met a lonely farm girl. i won, of course. but am i telling the truth? >> you don't get back in the game, you have to tweet a lie. it's not going to be a good morning for you, baby. it's not going to be a good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. so funny. >> on sunday how i did. >> was it fun? >> i had the best time. the show is so much fun. let's talk about one of the real stars of the show. anthony anderson's mother, mama doris. joining us now from los angeles. doris, thank you for getting up awfully early.
8:39 am
you are fantastic on the show. we want to ask you. we know you're honest. i want to ax you a question, who is funnier, you or anthony? >> me, of course. anthony needs a script. i don't. >> i witnessed that first hand. what do you love about doing to tell the truth? and you better tell the truth. >> my check. my check, girl. love it. >> now, come on, doris. i was there with you. it's not just about the money. >> oh, no. i have so much fun. the people there are so nice and wonderful. i just love it. i used to hate going home. >> aw. >> i love it there. >> tell the truth again. you're also there because you want to meet man? >> oh, yes, oh. yes. i brought my picture to show you, girl. look. mwah. you've been kissed by a rose. yes. i got my fingers crossed this year. >> new season, new opportunities.
8:40 am
doris, when we were there, remember i mean, you meet some crazy people. not just the liar. the truth tellers. where do they find these people? what is the craziest thing you have seen on this show? >> the world book of records. the lady with the five-feet fingernails. i -- i had a time with her. they had to bleep all that out. mm. you could imagine what i asked her. >> doris -- is it -- is it just so easy with you and anthony on the set where you don't need to talk about how you're going to work it? you just know each other that well. >> nothing, hey, what come up, come out. it's just real. i'm real. >> keeping it real. >> you sure are. >> that's it. >> doris, we love you on the show. are you staying on for many seasons to come? >> yes. >> should anthony be worried about his job? >> yes. he should. cause i stole the show this
8:41 am
year. >> you most certainly did on my episode. mama doris, thank you so much. please give anthony anderson our best. >> okay. bring me that man. bring me that man. call me. >> she's still talking. >> i want to be more like doris. >> up and out. right, up and out. thank you, doris. for those words of wisdom. you can see the show. see doris and how i did on back-to-back episodes of "to tell the truth" on sunday night. 8:00, 7:00 central. right here on abc. >> we'll be watching, lara. face masks are all the rage. there's dr. whitney bowe. how you can make your own using ingredients from your kitchen.
8:42 am
8:43 am
here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
8:44 am
tgif, i'm getting my glove back on. it's cold out here. and so many people. y'all are from chicago? >> yes. >> so you got the cold. we're talking snow in other places. you'll see that in a bit. and how to make a great face mask. first, we made it to friday. our last dry day. hi, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. increasing clouds will keep us in the low whos to 50s this afternoon. 9:00 tonight, the rai >> this weather brought to you
8:45 am
by the university of phoenix. they're from north carolina, too. we have a lot of north carolinians. robin? >> good to know. thank you, ginger. time to take you behind the beauty counter this morning for unmasking face masks. there are so many kinds for all skin types. hard to know what to choose. eva pilgrim is taking a closer look. >> over the counter doesn't mean that it's bad. pricey doesn't mean that it's good. >> reporter: it's not a typical office visit or a support group. >> look for the ingredient and address your trouble zone. >> reporter: it's a masquerade. and this dermatologist hopes her patients have a ball. learning about a product that is taking the skin care market by storm. the mask. not just for superheroes. so many to choose from. hundreds if not thousands of masks made from gels, creams, rubber.
8:46 am
and that mask? that kom that comes off with a magnet. >> we're seeing so many more innovations. we're excited to play with them. >> reporter: helping to drive the craze, sheet masks from korea. celebrities from lady gaga, january jones. chrissy teigen. joking about scaring children while touting these cloth cutouts in selfies all over seeshl media. >> in korea, they have a very skin first philosophy. they invest time, money, and care. they start at a young age. >> reporter: my korean mother was no exception. she didn't mask her desire for me to take care of my skin. i wear masks all the time in public. i don't think anything of it. i don't have too much shame. what are you hoping to see from the mask? >> i want to look refreshed. >> reporter: you're not looking for it to change your face? >> i would like to look 21 again. >> a younger crowd is getting into that. it's great skin care. everybody wants to look good so later on down the line we don't have to visit our friend the plastic surgeon.
8:47 am
>> i think a mask is sort of the unsung hero of skin care. >> reporter: the key, choose one right for your skin type. oily skin, clay or kaolin. for dry skin, the essential ingredient is hiylauronic acid. one more thing. >> never want anybody to feel like access to good skin care is an exclusive thing that only people who are very wealthy can have. that's what i like about the masks. you can actually get good skin care for a really decent price point. >> and full disclosure, i'm seriously obsessed. as are celebrities. taking a shine to the high-tech light masks. lena dunham found a lower cost alternative. she's bragging the one she has on right now is just $35. i have one right here. kind of feel like a storm trooper.
8:48 am
it matches my dress. >> that does match your dress. we have dr. whitney bowe with us by popular demand. yes. so it looks a little bit like science fiction. what is this? >> this device is a combination of red and blue light. light therapy can be therapeutic for the skin. i have a version of this, mauch more powerful version of this, in my office. these at-home devices are safe when used as directed. but don't expect a result overnight. >> you get what you pay for. there's so much we can find in our own homes to make the masks. when we come back, whitney has more homemade masks when we come back. raid the refrigerator.
8:49 am
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. all right. we're back now with leading
8:51 am
dermatologist dr. whitney bowe. >> with just two ingredients you can make from home. this is a coffee ground and yogurt mask. i call this the hangover mask. >> why look at me? >> i don't know why i just looked at her. any way. it's for depuffing. the caffeine reduces swelling. and the yogurt is cooling and soothing on the skin. >> any type of yogurt? >> you smell the coffee immediately. >> finely ground coffee grounds. you can open up a krkeurig and dump it in. you want a plain greek yogurt. any with probiotics. >> and what over here? >> ginger is wearing a redness reducing mask. this one has just two ingredients again. it's just green tea and honey.
8:52 am
open up two green tea bags. dump into a bowl. a couple of drops of water. three tablespoons of honey. and you mix it together. paint it on, 15, 20 -- it brings down the red. >> it smells so good. >> what brings out the red? >> anti-inflammatory. both are ant anti-imflam toir. >> the audience wanted to participate. jenna and -- >> you look great. >> ladies, how does it feel? >> feels good. >> very good. >> would you do this? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> clean, tight, smells good. [ applause ] >> it's easy.
8:53 am
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so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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[ cheers and applause ] tanya, jenna. thank you. whitney, as always. i would say the year's off to a great start, wouldn't you? >> i think so. have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
live breaking news. >> that breaking news is in oakland where we just learned a house fire near 62nd and baker street is under control. sky 7 was above the scene just a little while ago. we're waiting on a cause here. more on that b.a.r.t. situation. >> yeah, i've got really good news. just in the last few minutes. we'll go live to sky 7 over the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. we had that disabled train that had a mechanical issue. it was not move. they moved that out of the way and they're working on restoring major service. we still have major delays system wide. check in with mike. stormy week ahead. >> we're seeing the high clouds rolling in. they'll keep us in the 40s, low 50s. here's my biggest concerns n the mountains stream and creek flooding, debris flows, for the rest of us hydroplaning power
9:00 am
outages. 3 to 5 inches of rain for most of us. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the film "underworld: blood wars," kate beckinsale. and from the netflix series "chasing cameron," cameron dallas. and we wrap up our "new year, new you" week with a bungee workout. plus, host of "the wall," chris hardwick is back at kelly's cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and chris hardwick! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: hi! hey, thanks, chris hardwick! thank you!


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