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tv   DW News  PBS  January 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> this is "dw news" live from berlin. five people are dead at a shooting at an airport in florida. the gunmen opened fire at fort lauderdale international airport. we will bring you the latest. the gulf between u.s. intelligence and donald trump, spy chief's brief the president-elect. donald trump said hacking had no affect on his victory. descendents thidescendents to gr colonial times.
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how likely are reparations. japan celebrates the season of sport, but these days the kings of the sport are no longer japanese. ♪ sarah: i am sarah harman. we begin with a breaking story out of florida where five people have been killed and eight wounded in a shooting at fort lauderdale airport. the broward county sheriff's office confirmed one suspect has been taken into custody. hundreds of travelers fled onto the airport tarmac for safety. we have no information yet on the shooter's identity or motivation. earlier, i spoke with our correspondent in washington and asked him for the latest. >> i can confirm at least three
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dead and 5-9 wounded are according to the sheriff and other sources. the shooting happened in the baggage claim area at terminal two. we are not sure, but it seems that it was a loan at shooter and that he is in custody. we don't know anything about his or her motive, gang related, terror attack? we don't know. what we see right now are chaotic scenes at the airport. the airport is shutdown, but safe right now. the passengers are heading towards the terminals. they are not allowed to leave the airport. the police are still investigating. fort lauderdale is the 22nd largest airport in the u.s.,
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80,000 people moving in and out every day. the shutdown will probably last for several hours. ari flesher, a former press secretary in washington dc, he was at the scene and is tweeting about it. sarah: thank you very much for bringing us the latest on that shooting. just to confirm, the broward county sheriff's department has said five people are dead and eight injured. staying in the u.s., president elect donald trump says his meeting with top u.s. intelligence officials was "constructive." he said he would create a defense agency to fight against cyber attacks. the director of national intelligence, fbi, and cia briefed trump on the allegations.
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donald trump took to twitter to demand an investigation into leaks of intelligence reports. the intelligence community has said that moscow directed hackers for more, i want to bring in a senior fellow at the american foreign-policy council in washington. good to have you with us. you have extensive experience as a diplomat and analyst when it comes to russia. u.s. intelligence chiefs say they have evidence of russian hacking and have backing of senior republicans, and yet trump seems not to believe him. is he on a collision course with his own party? >> there are two things going on. one, the incoming american president is in opposition with the u.s. intelligence community and some senior members of his own party, but behind it is a deeper concern that donald trump
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has, that he sees this as an effort by his political opponents to undermine his own legitimacy as president. he is being held up here not just as a potential russian puppet, but someone elected only because of the nefarious actions by the russian government during the american political campaign. this has strong parallels with what we have seen the last eight years and actions taken against barack obama. even before barack obama entered the presidency, questions were being raised about his legitimacy based on the accusation that he had not been born in the united states, as required by our constitution. in that day until now, the birther issue has been something people on the political right, including donald trump, have been trying to use to undermine the very legitimacy of obama's presidency. that is now happening in reverse to donald trump.
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people on the american political left are trying to portray trump as someone who cannot be regarded as legitimately the american head of state because of this supposed russian involvement in the american political campaign and electoral process. that is what trump is reacting to. donald trump is demonstrating that he will not be as passive as obama was in responding to this kind of accusation. he will fight it, and he will fight it hard. this will be a serious matter, not just within his own political party, but within the u.s. government. i am astonished that the leaders of some of these intelligence agencies have allowed themselves to be dragged into this process. they could have insisted that any public discussion of this issue way to two weeks until after the change of administration. i think they will regret they have not known that. sarah: the support among senate
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republicans for intelligence leaders who gave the hearing in the senate yesterday, john mccain, lindsey graham, they very much support the intelligence that donald trump has all but flatly rejected. is he setting himself or a conflict with the republican party? >> well, he is already in conflict with the republican party. donald trump is not a republican , and never has been. he used the republican party, which he essentially captured, or the purposes of his own presidential campaign, but some of the people playing a distinctive role on this intelligence issue are people who have no love lost for donald trump at all. certainly lindsey graham and john mccain have barely disguised loathing for the new american president, and i'm sure that is reciprocated. if you look at more carefully at
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the republicans on capitol hill, the majority of them are standing back on this one. what they would much prefer is that this entire issue be pushed back until after there is a new administration, and they are very concerned that the democrats, and strong supporters of hillary clinton in particular , are trying to use this russia issued to undermine the new republican presidency, and that is a serious concern within the republican party and of course something i can guarantee you will go on for every day and every hour that donald trump is in the white house. sarah: thank you for being our guest. it is now official, a joint session of the u.s. congress has formally counted the electoral votes of the u.s. presidential election, certifying donald trump's victory. democratic lawmakers tried to challenge the tally, but their objections were denied by vice president joe biden.
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president elect donald trump finish with 304 votes, hillary clinton with 227. there were seven protest votes. donald trump will be 20 to office on january 20. descendents of indigenous people have filed suit against germany, seeking compensation for genocide committed by colonial rulers. the suit was filed in manhattan, and it acknowledges the campaign was genocide. it is discussing a formal in apology with the government, but has ruled out paying reparations. more than 100,000 died during a rebellion against colonial rule. tens of thousands of them were taken to the desert to die in order to save and munition. many of us went to concentration camps. for more on this i'm joined by a
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lawyer representing the plaintiffs in this case. thank you for being with us. what is a fair price to put on the suffering? >> well, the losses suffered by the people are incalculable. any discussions that are ongoing , we believe our leadership and representatives should be included in that because really the discussions between the people and the government are about the losses by these two indigenous tribes, and without their participation, we believe that no final justice, no final resolution, can be reached. the amount of compensation, the circumstances for it, would be a matter of discussion.
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my clients would just like to be part of that discussion, field that they have to be part of that discussion, for a final resolution to take place. sarah: now germany already provide significant aid to the government in the form of development aid, why isn't that enough? why does it need to be paid in the form of reparations to your plaintiffs? >> well, the two indigenous tribes that i represent are really a minority in namibia and have generally not participated in any meaningful way in the governance of the country. therefore, years ago, they asked the namibian government to assist them in facilitating a discussion with germany.
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however, any foreign aid payments to namibia don't necessarily directly impact or compensate the people who had their lands largely confiscated from them, almost all of their worldly goods, and many died, and there have been decades really of deprivation and poverty that have been suffered, and quite frankly they are the victims directly of the genocide during the in p real german occupation, -- imperial german occupation, and they are the ones they should be talking to about compensation. sarah: some say this genocide occurred over 100 years ago. the people who you represent did not live through it. why should they be compensated?
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>> the peoples are recognized as indigenous peoples in namibia and under u.n. resolutions and international law, a separate indigenous people, direct descendents of the survivors, and in some cases the victims, of the genocide of 1904-1908. they were the two tribes and peoples that were really selected for persecution and eradication, annihilation, during the colonial time. sarah: i want to ask you briefly while we still have time, why is this case being brought in the u.s.? >> well, we have pursued the matter in several forums. we have filed complaints in the
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united nations. the united nat states'district courts are a proper venue, and many descendents are in the u.s., and one of their most active associations is based here in new york. that is why they selected to bring the matter in new york, but clearly they are seeking compensation for violation of international law, and there is a is directed jurisdiction in the u.s. courts for that. sarah: thank you for being with us today. >> thank you for having me. sarah: you are watching "dw news" live from berlin. still too calm, reeling in the perfect winter catch. we joined some russians as they go ice fishing outside moscow. and in japan, sumo wrestlers marked the beginning of a new season. we will find out while these
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days that most of this top sports athletes aren't japanese. and of course, we will pull and daniel from the business desk for all the days top business stories. to stay with us. ♪ -- do stay with us. ♪
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♪ sarah: welcome back. you are watching "dw news". police in the u.s. state of florida say five people have been killed in a shooting at the fort lauderdale airport after a gunman opened fire at the international airport in fort lauderdale. police say a number of wounded are being taken to the hospital. the suspected gunman is now in custody. time now for a bit of business news, and the final jobs report. daniel has the details. daniel: it wasn't perfect, but a
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lot of reasons to be positive. jobs growth in the united states has slowed more than expected, but remains buoyant. the u.s. labor department said the country added 156,000 jobs last month. the numbers in a sustained year of job growth in the united states. the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent, close to a nine-year low. the report is the last important snapshot of the u.s. economy under the outgoing president barack obama. last year, donald trump singled out forward specifically for criticism, calling its plans to build a plant in mexico an absolute disgrace. now the car giant has slammed the brakes on the project, investing $700 million in an existing plant in michigan instead. they are ditching the 1.6 billion dollar mexico project. >> it was set to be the pride of the region, but now work on the
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ford factory has been canceled, only a skeleton remains of the grand plans for a plant employing 2800 workers. >> it was unexpected news. it dropped on us like a bucket of cold water. we were all expecting a big development that would benefit the whole region. a sign welcoming ford still stands on the outskirts of the city. there had been big hopes for the new factory in a region where the car industry is strong. >> what will happen to our young people? those who have been training for work? they had been hoping for a job here, and at the last minute, nothing. >> even so, gm has built a factory here, while the m.w.p.'s to follow suit next year. >> it is something that donald trump about throughout his campaign. he often made his intentions clear. he said he wanted to stop american capital leaving the u.s.
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>> despite ford's pullout, mexico belize in its automotive future. every fourth car in north america is already built in a mexican factory. that is because mexico offers one key advantage. in the u.s., a worker costs an average of $60 per hour. in mexico, the figure is eight dollars. >> on thursday, trump tweeted to toyota, saying if they build a new plant in mexico, they could expect a big tax at the american border. the chief executive of siemens has weighed in. the ceo saying his company is an entrenched component of the united states and not a target as they are not shifting production to mexico. he says he will cooperate with trump. >> i have made it clear that we
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expect to have a good relationship with every democratically elected president , and that applies everywhere in the world. in this case, we intended to support him with the things that benefit society. i am concerned about how he intends to keep the workforce in the united states, which is generally less favorable when it comes to wage costs than mexico, and how this can be reconciled with wall street, where quite different principles prevail. >> relations between the u.s. and cuba have been falling for the last couple of years with huge benefits for the cuban economy. american planes apply to havana, tourists flock to hotels, as well as investment. the business between the two countries is not a one-way street. cuba seeks to export goods to
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america, and now the first contract has been signed, a small step. >> they are making our tees and all charcoal here. one pile at a time. now they are the first legal export from cuba to the united states and over 40 years. cuba is selling 80,000 tons of charcoal annually to other countries. >> i do hope that the new administration will look at this and the other deals that have been accomplished, that can be accomplished, and if you believe in free and if you believe in economic progress, this is exactly what we should be doing. >> hopes are high. >> selling our charcoal is a
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good idea, a good sign for progress in cuba. >> gilbert's company pays $420 a ton for cuban charcoal, way above market rate, top dollar for a good product. it comes from a plant that cuban farmers cannot get rid of fast enough. it burns clean in pizza and bread ovens. daniel: that is business. back to sarah. sarah: did you know it is christmas? at least for orthodox christians. thousands gathered in bethlehem to welcome the greek orthodox patriarch of jerusalem on friday. he will lead midnight mass at the church that christians believe is the birthplace of jesus. the orthodox church observes christmas on the seventh of january because it has retained
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the julian calendar. we have this about a popular christmas tradition, ice fishing. >> it is just before christmas, and the people in the countryside near moscow are up early. at least most of the men are. they are off on a quest to bag the perfect catch, the christmas fish. >> thank you for coming. we will be fishing in the pond. let's go. >> competitive fishing is a popular christmas tradition here. 40 anglers have turned up today, both young and old. some are old hands, others beginners. all that matters is the trout. in soviet times, there was a fish processing factory here, but it closed down long ago, but the fish are still here, much to the delight of the villagers. >> the great thing is is that
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you can go anywhere on the pond without a boat, looking for the fish, and a bit of happiness. ♪ >> my daughter is doing better than me. i have only just caught my first one. ♪ >> we solved the fish are cooking it in the oven with vegetables. there is a lot more you can do with it. ♪ >> three and a half hours on the ice waiting for a bite. no one wants to give up despite the freezing temperatures. the call does not bother these fishermen. the thrill of winter has finally arrived now in russia at christmas time. >> for 70 years, christmas was banned and people had to celebrate in secret. going fishing was not a problem, but going to church was. the orthodox church has seen a
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huge resurgence, and now christmas is again one of the most important festivals in the christian calendar. much of the celebrating takes place outside in the community. >> so how much does this one way? let's see. look at that. 2.8 kilos. he takes first place with 7.9 kilos in total. congratulations. ♪ >> there is russian champagne for the winner, and plenty of christmas cheer for all of the anglers. sarah: japan's top ranking sumo wrestlers welcomed in the new year with a traditional foot -stomping performance on friday. what the event made clear is that the king of japan's national sport are actually mongolians. >> the ceremony commemorates the sumo wrestlers first ring
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entering before the first tournament begins on sunday. hundreds of fans watched as three wrestlers who have reached the sports highest rank visited a shrine, a thrill for those in attendance. >> i have only watched sumo on tv, and until now, i had only seen sumo without a traditional hairstyle. it was truly amazing to see top ranked sumo wrestlers. what may seem unlikely is that all three are from mongolia. >> the three are living proof that there countrymen's recent dominance of japan's recent sport. one is widely regarded as one of the greatest sumo wrestlers of all time. no japanese wrestler has held the rank for almost 20 years. not all japanese appreciate the current trend. >> sumo wrestling is a japanese court, so it is -- japanese for
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it, so it is sad to see japanese wrestlers lose to foreigners. japanese prospects seek out more attractive paths. from on goaltends, sumo offers a chance for success will be on anything they could find back home. sarah: and that is your "dw news" at this hour. as always, more on the website, i am sarah harman in berlin. stay with us. there is more around the corner. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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