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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  August 12, 2016 12:37am-1:15am MDT

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>> we have a weather alert. storms rolling through the area. there's a lot of thunder and lightning taking place downtown. dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center tracking the storms for us. >> nothing severe tonight, but another little good soaker went through in the last hour. you can see it here on the live doppler 4,000. most of the moisture just kind of traveling east across the state.
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i can see where the storms were blowing up in jefferson county. and moving over the city tonight. dousing us with a little bit of rain. now, it has fallen apart over dia, but could see a few more showers into the evening. i will show you when those end and i also have that all important weekend forecast for you right around the corner. >> thank you david. also tonight, a prime time look at the broncos first real quarterback competition in years. mark sanchez, trevor siemian, prove they are the starter. >> mark haas joins us now. >> reporter: this competition has gone on months and it may go on another week or two at least. we may have to go to gary kubiak's judgment card. mark sanchez played the first quarter. he had a pass to demaryius thomas. sanchez, 10-13 for 99 yards.
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he was sharp, but not spectacular, seven for 12. 88 yards. no touchdowns, no interceptions. he led a couple of short field goal drives. as for paxton lynch, completed six of seven passes. 74 yards. also, no touchdowns. no picks. he moved the ball a bit. but did not put any points on the board. broncos dominated that scoreboard 20-0. the final, and michael spencer was in chicago. so any separation in quarterback competition? >> i think we would be talking about separation if not for the interception mark sanchez drive. he probably won the quarterback battle today even with that interception. he was really good under pressure. his interception didn't come because he was under pressure and threw a pick six like in training camp. all three guys were just decent today. nobody was necessarily spectacular. that is kind of how they felt
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clear, this quarterback competition is going to live on for at least another week. >> i think they went out and played like they have been practicing. >> it is important for us to score on that first round. not just a field goal, but to get six points. to stand there on third down and take a hit. it is nice to pop up from a hit like that. they never feel good, but they standing in the end zone with the ball. >> i feel comfortable with the game plan. the way we put the game plan together and the plays we had in there on the plays they call when i was out there. they were pretty simple to run. i felt pretty comfortable. >> reporter: you know, i had a chance to talk to all three guys after the game. now that you have one preseason game under your belt, what do you need to do in the next couple of games and to a man, they all said we need to keep
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do and hopefully hark will be good enough for one of them to step up. with the broncos, i'm michael with sports. >> broncos still need a starting quarterback. the avalanche need a new head coach after patrick roy surprisingly resigned today. he said in a statement his vision for how to make the avalanche better was not matching up with the organization and his imput on team decisions was not heard. he was coach of the year in his first season, but avalan last two seasons. they were caught off guard by his decision. we will hear about that later in sports. outrage over the sentence for a former cu student who raped another student. he won't serve any prison time. for more on the crime and punishment, we send it to lauren dispirito at the boulder county jail. lauren? >> reporter: austin wilkerson is spending his nights here behind bars and it will be that
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to school or work during the day. that is his punishment for his misdemeanor conviction. but a jury also found him guilty of felony sexual assault and it was in sentencing him for that count that the boulder daily camera reports a judge wanted him to have a chance at rehabilitation. prosecutors wanted prison for 22-year-old austin wilkerson. they found the university of colorado student guilty of ng after a party in 2014. he told her friends he would take care of her. >> the defendant had truly earned a sentence to the department of corrections. >> reporter: but the judge sentenced him to 20 years probation. >> there is a lot of oh, poor him, we don't want to ruin his life. it was a one time thing and we are forgetting that this wasn't something that happened to the perpetrator. it was something they chose to do. >> reporter: victims advocate
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judges take into greater account the defendant's future than the victim's. he was in the c football program. earlier this year, stanford university student brock turner was convicted of rape but also lauded for his swimming record and avoided swimming time. >> we have seen other instances where it is a person of color or not an athlete and they are not in college. they are not as worthy of that mercy it seems. >> reporter: prosecutors thanked thct brave enough to come forward. >> this one particular victim through her courage has kept the community safer by speaking out and preventing future victims in her own way. and that's something we are very proud of too. >> reporter: a city councilman took to twitter to express his disappointment with the ruling saying we will never make progress on sexual assault if offenders go unpunnished. live tonight in boulder, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news.
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train line to the airport. as of right now, the a line trains are operating between union station and dia, but earlier today, just like yesterday, passengers going to the airport had to get off the train at 64th and pena and ride a bus to the terminal. they are blaming a damaged power wire. the federal government decides to keep marijuana on the list of dangerous drugs despite the fact it is legal in a number of states includ here in colorado. stan bush is live. you found some people are really disappointed with today's news. >> reporter: karen, the justice department says they are not prosecuting marijuana as a crime. at the same time, the dea says marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. those mixed messages from washington now have the marijuana industry moving in a cloud of uncertainty. marijuana advocates are outraged by the dea decision to
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heroin and cocaine. army veteran roger martin says it is a vital tool for soldiers returning from war. >> it can't kill you. it is not as dangerous as the cocktails the va shoves down the throat of american heros. >> reporter: today, they said they would remove barriers for pot research despite e listing. stacey lynn says new research won't flow in. it will barely trickle. >> but at least taking it to a schedule two would have made it not such a federal crime and opened up a lot of avenues for patients and everyone else too. >> reporter: earlier this year, lynn worked with state lawmakers to pass a new law making it easier for kids like her son to take his medically prescribed marijuana at school. even with new standing laws, the dea decision will make life harder for her son jack. >> until that ends, we are
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and keep facing the hardship of finding life saving medicine. >> reporter: both presidential campaigns say they won't do anything to touch colorado's marijuana laws. hillary clinton says if she is elected she will lower marijuana to a schedule two narcotic. stan bush, cbs4 news. new tonight, authorities bust an illegal pot grow in el paso county. deputies are cleaning up a five acre marijuana grow in the pike national forest woodland park. 18,000 marijuana plants were seized along with irrigation pipes. chemicals, and fertilizers, but no arrests have been made. now to a developing story, police looking for a man who has already attacked one woman in southeast denver. happened monday near a cemetery at parker road and dartmouth, our jeff todd live. this happened at an unusual time. >> reporter: yeah jim. just about an hour before dawn in a relatively busy part of town, there's some shopping
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residential. police say that the suspect threw the woman down to the ground and attacked. >> on august 8 around 5:00 in the morning a lady was walking when a man knocked her down and tried to sexually assault her. >> reporter: early monday morning. police will not say where the woman was coming or going but they are looking for this man. >> we were able to get a good sketch. hopefully somebody recognizes him. he has a bump on his eye. that is something that stands out in people's min. an indian male, thin build, and that morning he was wearing all black. on the corner where it happened there is a funeral home and memorial gardens. nearby are several big apartment complexes. while it was early in the morning, police are hoping someone can help. >> when ever you are walking around, male or female, be aware of your surroundings and make sure there is nobody behind you. and try to avoid places where people could be hiding especially in the dark hours. >> reporter: here is another
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may be a noticeable bump on the upper right eyelid. anyone with information can remain anonymous by calling or texting crime stoppers. there is a $2,000 reward. we are live in denver, jeff todd, cbs4 news. tonight, a warning about one of the most dangerous things on the road. >> i just saw the thing fall so i knew i had to move. >> the eye opening report showing why so many people are killed or injured by road debris. >> new video of rage. [ sound of gunfire ] >> the little thing that set this driver off. >> and donald trump's take on isis. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> why he says the democratic leaders gave the group its start. >> today was not so hot. tomorrow, we have a better cooldown that is going to make for a very comfortable friday around here. and, a look tonight at
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>> this is the news many of you can relate to. dodging dangerous debris on the road. a new report sheds light on how many people are dying from it. >> i see tvs. >> reporter: this trucker in denver has a sense of humor about the things he sees on the road. >> the most bizarre thing we have heard of was a rodeo mannequin. like a mannequin clown. a rodeo clown. >> reporter: but road debris has serious consequences. ask 20-year-old brendan jakorsky: he was on his motorcycle when a pad fell off of the vehicle in front of him. >> i was so lucky no one ran over me. >> reporter: incredibly, he escaped with just some road rash, but many others are not so lucky. more than 200,000 crashes between 2011 and 2014 were
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39,000 people and killing 500 more. >> it is a good rule. if you don't want to drive behind it, there is probably something wrong here. >> reporter: tamara johnson from aaa says most of the time the accidents are caused by people not paying attention. >> most of these crashs are preventable. >> reporter: and the man who makes his living on the road couldn't agree more. ingly said wow. people need to be responsible. you know. else. >> reporter: yeah, the accidents mostly happen on highways during the day. 37% of the deaths happen when people swerve to avoid the debris. two people are dead after an explosion and a fire in an apartment building in maryland. the explosion shook the surrounding areas. 31 people went to hospitals. firefighters did rescue several people, but, tonight, some are
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agonizing. >> it is terrible because my grandma is waiting for news. she is very old, very sick. it is hard for us to tell her your son may be dead. >> the search for more victims has been suspended tonight because that building might collapse. no word yet on what caused the blast, but several people told reporters they had smelled gas in the area for a couple of weeks. happening now, an investigation into what caused this massive fire at recycling plant. it broke out near the canadian border. it is still burning tonight. more than 200 firefighters were on scene. hundreds of people had to be evacuated from nearby neighborhoods. the search for a driver who opened fire on a family's suv. in an apparent case of road rage. this was in santa carita, california. they sprayed wiper fluid to clean their windshield and some
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behind them. that driver pulls up next to them and yells at the family. also tries to push the vehicle into the center island. then he opens fire. [ sound of gunfire ] >> one of the bullets blew out the suv's front tire forcing the family to stop in the middle of the road. the gunman took off. police are still searching for him tonight. now to campaign 2016. news donald trump is pulling president obama into his war of words with hill hillary clinton the founders of isis. they are the founders. you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. >> trump claims isis was able to take hold because the president pulled u.s. troops out of iraq. hillary clinton was in michigan touting her economic plan. she wants billions of federal dollars poured into new
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in michigan and across america is this. i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the transpacific partnership. >> clinton promised to release her 2015 taxes soon. donald trump says he won't release his until an irs audit is complete. and local politics, colorado voters will decide whether to raise our state's amenment would boost it to $12 an hour by 2020. supporters say wages are not keeping up with the rising cost of living. opponents believe the increase would cost the state nearly 90,000 jobs. got some welcome moisture. >> sure did. let's get an update from dave aguilera. >> yeah gang. it was a great day for rain. we had two ingredients coming together for the weather cook book. we had cool air over the east. at the same time, warm moisture
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took all day for the moisture to get here. when it did, we had good soaking rains. now, we have a little bit of thunder action going on along the palmer divide. we had a storm moving through within the last hour. that is moving out into the extreme eastern adams and arapahoe county. a pretty good storm holding together out here in washington county. this one had half inch diameter hail and some pretty strong winds going on with that. up to 40 miles an hour. along with some lightning. lightning was the only thing. we don't want some of that raint today. high today was 89. not as hot as it has been. same thing downtown. one point above what is normal. 88 this time of year. out there tonight, it is cool. there is almost a chill in the air. 60 degrees in the city with a little shower that went through. not as much wind now as the storm moves northeast at 3. lori finch is our weather watcher in foxfield with 66 degrees. conifer, 67.
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57. i hope the clouds clear out because the perseid meteor shower will peak tonight. the best view after 1:00 in the morning. now, if the clouds do clear out, there is the potential of up to maybe 200 streaks an hour going through. we haven't had that many since 2009. so could be a really good view tonight. on the futurecast, the clouds kind of break up after 1:00. they don't go away completely. but you may get a glimps it. showers continue to the east. tomorrow morning we are mostly clear. thunderstorms in the afternoon. now, northeast of the weekend, it was looking like we were going to get a real good dose of rain. now it just looks like isolated and scattered thundershowers here and there. not going to be a washout or anything like that. just the usual afternoon thunderstorms. the big story though will be the change in temperatures. highs tomorrow only 80 and 70s across the eastern plains. no 90 toss be had here.
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the mountains. we will start to clear out. we will be in the upper 50s for the overnight low. looking ahead tomorrow. early sun. afternoon storms, a nice comfortable 82 for friday. the 80s continue through the weekend can scattered storms saturday. isolated sunday. monday and tuesday, pretty dry with upper 80s . so as we warm up a little bit, we will stay in the upper 80s through thursday of next week. just a slight chance each day of isolated thunderstorms.
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>> the broncos have a dominant qb on the roster not apparent in the first preseason game. but the defense looking as dominant as ever at least against the bears. it was mark sanchez's night. capped by a touchdown toss. throw came under pressure. he made a throw in camp on the run. he forced a pass that was tipped and picked off. it is the one thing the broncos really don't want him to do. bu super bowl hangover. sacked the bears q bs several times and showed their depth. chicago just 130 yards all night. no points. broncos special teams in on the action as well. fowler blocked a bunt. there for the touchdown. all broncos in this one. 22-0 the final. michael john fox's bears no
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defense tonight. >> no mark, i really didn't. we heard this defense talk about how they thought they could be even better than they were in 2015 and if tonight was any indication. they are certainly on that path. seven sacks, no points. it is clear the broncos defense picked up exactly where it left off in 2015. >> so, we get after the quarterback. that is what we do. we do a great job of it tonight. >> some of the guys, we just came in and we kind of wanted to pick over where we left off. >> we practiced, worked together. come out there and do what we did tonight. >> whatever you put out on the field in the nfl game, a statement, bad or negative. we showed we are going to be a
1:05 am
the job done. >> now mark, it is possible the one caveat was it was against the bears offense. another thing to consider, von miller, aqib talib, demarcus ware and chris harris not on the field so the 2016 will be about as good as advertised. mark? >> thanks michael. clean up that locker room a bit. patrick roy says his vision wasn't shared by the avalanche. joe sacic says they were on the same page. roy says he didn't have enough imput. either former head coach after announcing his resignation today saying the conditions were not in place for him to help improve the team. sacic knowing he was not very happy last year. but he painted a different picture with roy's working relationship with the franchise. >> we were friends, we are friends now.
1:06 am
with this. and, he let me know he was going to resign today. >> so what was your reaction today? poll results, 40% say it is a needed change. 31% call it a huge loss. all right, coming up, the
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>> it had been a rough week fo the rockies. six of the last seven games lost. four of the losses the bullpen had blown a lead. rockies wrapping up a series in texas this afternoon. every day is david doll day. that ties the major league record. looked like it might be another blown lead for the bullpen as the rangers put up four in the seventh to take a 9-7 lead. rockies answered with five in the eighth. cargo has not been playing with the sore ankle. came off the bench.
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and today, today, no last rally for the rangers. the rockies got a very much
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>> coming up, it's the 100th episode of "comics unleashed" with your host byron allen. tonight, byron welcomemes jimmy walker. sans tripoli, rich vaughn and peggy fenigo. and now host of "racist celebrities say the darnedest things" byron >> thank you, thank you. you're very kind. thank you.


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