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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons

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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Dec 7, 2019 Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
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Ken Meyerson's 70th Birthday Party 01 intro 02 Days of Heaven # 03 banter 04 Tik # 05 Bone Towers intro 06 Bone Towers # 07 Pink Light > 08 Fastest Horse 09 Cosmo Sex School intro 10 Cosmo Sex School > 11 Hey Mancha > 12 Swimming to Phuket 13 Light is Like Water intro 14 Light is Like Water % 15 banter 16 Road to Damascus > % 17 Yeah, We're Fine % 18 outro Jerry Joseph: guitar, vocals Stevie James Wright: bass, vocals Steve Drizos: drums, vocals Michael Walker: keys % w/Al Toribio:...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: matrix: sbd + on-stage mics
Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Jul 22, 2018 Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
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JJJ w/ Eric Martinez + Jenny Drizos Dixie Mattress Festival Scion, OR 2018-07-22 Set 1 acoustic 01.Missed The Boat 02.Two Balloons 03.Cloud Eyes 04.Belmont Radiator 05.Kind Of Place 06.The Road Home 07.White Peaches 08.Bears That Dance 09.Jacob Ladder 11.Giraffe (slow) intros 13.White Dirt Set 2 Electric 01.What You Feel 02.You Want It Darker 03.Weird Blood 04.Buddha Jim 05.Yellow Ribbons > Powderfinger > Yellow Ribbons  06.Spit 07.LAX 08.Wisconsin Death Trip  09.E:...
Topic: Live concert
Source: KM 184's hanging above SBD > 744 > wav