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Frog Holler

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Frog Holler
Jan 26, 2019 Frog Holler
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Set 1 Bluebilly County Virginia On Winter Blues Wjks New Years Day Bottomless Boat Lake Ontelaunee Too Late (To Turn Back Now) Not Like Us Honest Bill Fundamental Blues Crawdad Hole Souvenir Set 2 Worms Are Good Life I Don't Know Why Small Guitar Choose A Path Sleepy Eyes Can You Show Me a Dream? Building It Up/Tearing It Down How Bout It Pennsylvania Spiders & Planes Band Intros~> Million Things Good Encore: I Can See The Pines Are Dancing
Topic: Live concert
Source: Post Matrix of AKG C414 XLS's~>V3 + Schoeps MK41's~>KCY~>BabyBox~>M10~>DR680 24/48
Frog Holler
Apr 23, 2005 Frog Holler
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Set 1 (Disc 1) Crowd Worried Man About Time Stray Ask Him Why Anytime soon For the Turnstiles God's Children Sleepy Eyes Walkin' Cane Glitter Set 2 (DISC 2) Unlock the door Sight Unseen Buckets of Rain You're Leaving soon Choose a Path What went down Million things Good Who Will... Rocky Road Blues Cows Set 3 (Disc 3) Crowd Glory Brownsville Inn Supposed to be Livin' Berks county Boy BlueBilly County Sweetest Sound Hey Boy Virginia Spiders and Planes Band Intros Alone With You Dead Flowers...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: Schoeps MK4(DIN)->KC5->CMC6->V3->->VX pocket V2->fujitsu 7010->Wave Lab 5.0 (24/48)
Frog Holler
Nov 2, 2003 Frog Holler
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Disk 1 1. Glory / You're Leavin' Soon 2. About Time 3. Virginia 4. Adams Hotel Road 5. For The Turnstiles (Neil Young) 6. The Sweetest Sound 7. What Does The Deep Sea Say? (traditional) 8. Choose A Path 9. Million Things Good 10. The Losing End (Neil Young) 11. Song For You (Gram Parsons) Disk 2 1. Unlock The Door 2. Second Hand Smoke 3. Idle Hands (Will Oldham) / God's Children 4. Spiders & Planes 5. What Went Down 6. Sleepy Eyes 7. Hey Boy 8. Drug Buddy (Evan Dando) 9. Supposed To Be...
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Topic: Live concert
Source: SBD > DAT