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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 12, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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for being with us. you make the show possible. quick programming note. tune in tomorrow night. we have an exclusive interview with paul manafort. his first since being pardoned by president trump. this story will blow you away. you want to know how corrupt your government is? tune in tomorrow night at 9:00. that's all the time we have. please set your dvr an let not your heart be troubled. by the way, who did you want to win last night's championship game? >> laura: well, i have to say, alabama, as you know. you have a lot of fans there, a lot of georgia and alabama fans. they said to say hi to you. however, i'll say, an i'm going to get into this later. how did you know i was going to get into this whole thing? hannity: people don't know that about you that you love sports. >> laura: you knew it. >> you love sports.
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i do love sports and i'm going to get into this later in the show, but a huge fan base for hannity in the state last night. and alabama. >> and georgia. second so a lot of fans, but i will also say that even though i want alabama to win, there's a very positive story going to tell later in the show where alabama fans and georgia fans like what i'm about to say. okay? i got to go. >> i will watch the whole show anyway. >>laura: thank you, hannity. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. do as you're told, that is the implicit message we heard ringing from capitol hill to georgia today. the doj announced that they are going after so-called domestic terrorists, and of course the real goal is to squelch free speech, intimidate political opponents and discourage peaceful protests. the rule of thumb is this, the only people allowed to question
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election outcomes are democrats, all others are suspected domestic terrorists. so do as you're told. atlanta biden did his tiresome atlanta biden did his tiresome summary, and basically accused the u.s. senate of being that racist institution. >> as shell of its former self and the bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but two change the senate rules including getting rid of the filibuster. >> now remember, when democrats lose influence, they don't retool the failed policies, no, they try to change the rules to make it easier to cheat in congress or at the ballot box so this is why the puppet tears support valid harvesting and voting rights for illegal aliens. under their warped world viewer, states need to do what they are told. that means no voter verification
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and no reviews or cleaning up of old voter rolls, either. and after bumbling the response to the pandemic, public health officials in their protectorates, don't believe you should be able to criticize them. even when goalposts shift or the data doesn't even support the recommendation. just do as you're told. tony fauci's appearance before the senate today was frankly one of the most disgraceful performances by a public official i have witnessed in the 25 years i've been covering politics in washington. >> you personally attack me and with absolutely not a shred of evidence of anything you say. you think that's a great success what's happened thus far? lockdowns for our kids, you think we slowed down the death rate? more people have died under president biden than president trump, you are the one responsible, you are the lead architect of the response from the government and now 800,000 people have died. >> what happens when he gets out
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and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is all of a sudden that kindles the crazies out there, and i have threats upon my life. >> laura: by this logic, no one must ever criticize a public official out of concern that third parties may react badly to the criticism. that's cute, but i am not surprised by the fauci reaction at all. he has ruled his own kingdom in the dc medical bureaucracy for decades. and to show nothing but disdain for those who disagree with his conclusions. not even the people's elected representatives are immune. here is how fauci reacted to senator marshall questioning his financial disclosures. >> that is totally incorrect. >> senator marshall, doctor fauci has answered you. he's happy to give it to you if
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you would ask. >> what a moron. >> laura: yes. everyone is a moron except the guy who thought that lockdowns were the way to contain the virus. he was really smart. understand this, fauci's arrogant attitude isn't just directed at republican politicians or tv hosts, but he also targeted practicing physicians and internationally respected adequate figures, one of the stanford doctors who signed the great barrington declaration is going to join as shortly to respond directly to dr. fauci, the main point is this, public health officials are there to serve the public, they're accountable to the public, and are supposed to conduct themselves in ways that engender public trust. fauci himself is the most highly compensated official in the u.s. government, more than $400,000 a year he makes fraid given his
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records over the past two years, given his misrepresentations on vaccines, masks, school closures, therapeutics, he should repay the taxpayers every last dime of it. in a moment we will talk to senator rand paul, but first, new e-mails and documents obtained by congressional republicans raise serious questions about whether fauci and other nih officials were concealing key information about the origins of the virus, and the funding of research that created it. these e-mails show that not only did fauci know that covid may have escaped from the wuhan lab, but he knew the virus may have been genetically engineered. and that his agency had funneled money to the lab through a third party. instead of coming clean or answering questions, he just threw another hissy fit. >> are you saying this is not viral gain of function.
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>> you know that the information -- that the guardrails of what can be done or not, are not established by me, they are established by a three-year process led by the office of science and technology proxy to the white house. >> joining me now is congressman james palmer, ranking member of the house oversight committee which released the e-mails. congressman, you have a list of questions that you posed in your letter, which one of them is the most pressing? >> the most impressive is what happened, around a dozen scientists and vireologists sent emails early on in early february 2020 that said it appears that this vaccine was manmade and it appears that it leak from the wuhan lab. three days later, dr. fauci had a conference call with these scientists who raised these concerns, and he published a
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letter, all the scientists signed on the letter saying any consideration, that this was manmade or could have come from the wuhan lab was just a conspiracy theory. what changed over that three-day period and why wasn't dr. fauci transparent with the trump administration and the public about the fact that this could have, in fact, been manmade in that lab in wuhan? >> at least one of the doctors did not sign that view of the wuhan virus. came from a larks part of the research, to publishing an article in nature magazine kind of discounting the lab-made theory. as you said, calling it a conspiracicy. one highly respected scientist would not sign it. you actually published in part an email from former nih
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director francis collins to dr. fauci from april 16, 2020, and the subject line reads conspiracy gains momentum, referring to that lab leak hypothesis. this is from collins. i'm wondering if there is something nih can do to put 24 very destructive conspiracy down with what seems to be growing momentum. i hope the nature article on the genomic sequence would settle this. it's a shiny object that will go away in time. congressman, it was a bad bet. didn't go way but the most significant question you pose in your email is did they alert anyone in the white house or hhs about this lab leak theory, and if not, all these prominent people suggested it on february 1. why did they not?
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. >> that's the million dollar question. why didn't they do that? anyone that suggested this was manmade or this could have been leaked from the wuhan lab was shot down by dr. fauci. chastised by him and the liberal news media. dr. collins was trying to spin this with the public. they were watching the press and they were concerned that americans and republicans in particular would start digging into this and find out that the probability that this was manmade and the probability that this was leaked from that lab is very high. >> laura: congressman, some of the money that we maybe gave to the eco health alliance and ends up in the wuhan lab may have been tangled up in that? >> that's correct. he denied for over a year that any tax of dollars that went to funding the lab. why did he lie about that?
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why wasn't he transparent? think about the missed opportunities in the early days for the world health organization or some entity that is supposed to be the watchdog over things like this. they could have gone in, if they were credible, we now know they are not credible but someone from the united states government could have gone in and investigated this wuhan lab, and what we fear is, the chinese government had all of this time to go in and clean their tracks, and the american people and the world for that matter may never know the true origination of covid, but the more that we dig up, the more it looks like dr. fauci was trying to conceal important information. >> laura: congressman, we appreciate it and we look forward to his answers to your letters. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. >> laura: joining me now, kentucky senator rand paul who faced off once again with dr. fauci in the senate today. senator, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> laura: the first comment i have to make after watching
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this, and again, i said earlier, i have never seen anything like i have seen f fm fauci these past few years. but he was caught off mic calling one of your colleagues a moron, senator marshall. your reaction to just that. >> you know, i think he's forgotten who he works for. we work for the elected people of our state. all of them. we also work for the taxpayers but certainly he does, too. he makes $420,000 per year and yet you would think that somehow gives him the immunity to use his office to attack other scientists. i think it's really dangerous that he's gotten into his head that somehow he represents all of science, and that anybody who criticizes him prepare for the take down. prepare for fauci and others toe conspire and ruin your reputation. i think that's a terrible role model for anybody in government. >> laura: senator, dr. fauci hurled an accusation directly at you.
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watch. >> i ask myself, why would the senator want to do this? so go to rand paul's website and you see fire dr. fauci with a little box that says, contribute here. you can do $5, $10, $20, $100, so you're making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. >> laura: senator, your reaction to that? he's had a documentary made about him, a book deal, been on magazine covers. >> didn't he win an emmy also. but no, we want people to go to it's a political thing. we think he should be put up on charges but he won't until there is an intervening election so elections do make a difference. i think he's a menace. i think he's lied to the american public. i think he funded the lab in wuhan that in all likelihood this virus came from.
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i think he's ignored natural immunity. i think he has told people to wear cloth masks when they don't work. i think that puts people's lives at risk. if you're an 80-year-old person, a man, taking care of your wife wearing a cloth mask, he's been lying to you that cloth masks work. i think he's abusing his office. yes, we would go after him personally because he attacked others personally with his office. >> laura: what's stunning here, senator, is apparently dr. fauci believes he is beyond reproach. you can't question him and if you do you might as well be one of the rioters on january 6 or a moron like he referred to senator marshall. just that, no accountability fauci. >> he went one step further today. before he was saying he was science and we were attacking science but now he said if you attack him you're encouraging violence against him. he said it to the wrong person.
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look, i was at the ball field when steve 1k58 lease was almost shot. i had a staff member 10 feet from me who was shot. i know what it was like to be shot at. i've had what looked like anthrax powder delivered to my house. my wife and i have been assaulted and mobbed in the streets of d.c. i had a hater of president trump break six of my ribs. i've had part of my lung removed. i don't wish any violence on fauci. i do wish he would be fired because i think trust chinese is wrong. funding the lab is wrong. ignoring natural immunity is wrong. i don't wish him any harm but one thing for sure, not one republican blamed bernie sanders for that shooting so he's blaming me for a death threat but when we were shot at by a bernie sanders supporter not one republican stood up and said this is sanders' fault. we were not juvenile enough to do that but he came to the hearing today and accused me of somehow inciting some looney person. does he not realize i have
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people arrested once every month or two who threaten to attack me plus i've been attacked and he's going to blame his attacks on me? it wasn't a fair. it was a cheap shot but a cheap shot by a politician and not a scientist. >> laura: at this point should there be any federal or state mandate for vaccines or boosters or masks or any of it given now what we know about omicron and its transmissibility and who it can affect? >> what we found is that the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission, so there is no rule, real rule or any kind of argument for a mandate. i haven't been for any kind of vaccine mandate. the good news is, while it is very transmissible, it's about 75% to 80% less deadly and that's a good thing. i think we're in the process of getting through this. even the biden administration is, how do we spin this to get out of it, it's not going away. 75% of the deaths have four
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co-morbidities. when republicans said that over the last two years, they said no, no, no, trump deserves all the blame. >> laura: co-morbidity on top of co-morbidity. senator paul, great to see you tonight. senator paul also hammered fauci about his coordinated campaign with then nih director francis collins to summer a prominent group of anti-lockdown scientists as fringe lunatics. but fauci offered no defense of this disgusting behavior. >> in an email exchange with dr. collins you conspire and i quote directly from the email, to create a quick and devastating published takedown of three prominent epidemiologists, from harvard, oxford, and stanford. do you really think it's appropriate to use your $420,000 salary to attack scientists that disagree with you? >> the email you're referring to was an email of dr. collins to me.
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>> laura: notice the semantics game that fauci tries to play. even if he didn't send the email he didn't disavow it. he didn't object to has collins was saying. instead he sent an email with a link bolstering collins' attack on a group of highly respected epidemiologists. one of those joins me now. he's been in the crying room ever since he heard about this fauci attack on the great barrington declaration that he signed. doctor, your reaction to fauci's semantic game and, actually, the really important issue of what he tried to do to all of you? >> well, the thing is he called us fringe epidemiologists, his boss did, and, of course, fauci didn't disavow that. instead he engaged in a propaganda campaign to say we wanted to let the virus rip which was a lie. we wanted to protect vulnerable populations.
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it was not a fringe position. in fact, it pretty close to the position the government is now taking. if it was from inenge then, it's hard to understands. actually, there is more concern that have i about this. he is the head of the national institutes of allergy and infectious disease. almost every single prominent epidemiologist and infectious disease and virologist of note gets money from him. if you want your career advanced you need to be able to get grants from the nih and the naid run by tony fauci. a lot of the reasons why he did this was to create a false sense that there was a scientific consensus in favor of lockdowns. there was never a consensus. never. he created that. >> laura: so he created a consensus but you have to get your ticket punched by fauci one way or another. at least most of the doctors you're referencing have to do that. that's a sick revelation for the ingram angle audience but i want to play a common refrain from
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president biden of late. watch. >> you can protect yourself, and you should protect yourself quite frankly. get vaccinated. get boosted. there are plenty of booster shots. >> laura: tonight, professor, from bloomberg, repeat booster shots spur european warning on immune system risk. repeat boosters every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire out people according to the european medicine agency. big survey and study on that. your reaction? are you surprised? >> no, i mean, there is no good clinical evidence that this idea that we're going to have to take shots one after another after another after another for months on end forever, there is no evidence at all to suggest that that's the right regimen. i do believe that the vaccines protect against severe disease and for people who are older they are still quite wise. even for older people it might be wise to get a single booster but i do not think it's a good
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idea to push boosters for the reason to the end of pandemic. the end comes essentially when we decide that it comes. we protect the vulnerable. as we've done, with the vaccines and the boosters, and the rest of society we allow to open up because the lockdowns have caused a tremendous harm to the psychological well-being of the population, to the health of the population. cancer, treatment, diabetes management. >> laura: we've known that for a year and a half. yes. should fauci go, doctor, is it time for him to go? >> i think he has done enough damage. i think he should join francis collins in retirement. >> laura: great to see you, thank you. this is no exaggeration. today joe biden gave one of the most cynical and anti-american u.s. speeches that a u.s. president has ever delivered. we have a response in moments.
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stay there.
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of voters into a mere suggestion. jim crow 2.0 is about two insidious things. voter suppression and election subversion. >> the threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills. >> laura: that was a speech by the same guy who promised to restore norms and civility to washington and bring union to the country. he further divided the nation over voting rights bills that don't even have the support of his own party let alone the american people. what was today really all about? joining me is conservative commentator host, and also with me, an old friend, jason nickels, political analyst, senior lecturer and the african-american studies department at the university of maryland. dinesh, what i that you was interesting is that if democracy is truly hanging by a thread,
12:28 am
it's a little odd that stacey abrams didn't show up to support the president in this endeavor. what of that? >> well, i mean, i think the strange thing about biden here is that he is unraveling -- he's laying out a scheme that will destroy constitutional democracy as we know it but he's doing it under the pretext of saving democracy. now, the resounding phrase he uses is voter suppression, but there really are two kinds of voter suppression. one, of course, is if you have law that is make it difficult or impossible for people to vote. that's one form of voter suppression. but here's the other. if you have laws that make it easy for people to cheat, that make it easy for ineligible people to vote, people who have moved out of state, people who are not old enough, or if you don't have the proper forms of checking, authentication, voter
12:29 am
i.d., if people can vote twice, what happens? that has the effect of cancelling out other people's vote and that's also a form of voter suppression. notice what the democrats are trying to do, is facilitate the second type of voter suppression in the name of preventing the first. >> laura: jason, what of that? is voter verification of signatures and mail-in ballots or cleaning up voter rolls, do you believe that's voter suppression, because it seems to indicate from biden's comments that that would qualify. >> absolutely not but i think one of the things the president was trying to get across when he talks about the freedom to vote act, there are a lot of things that if republicans understood it or if they read it would agree with like requiring post election audits. therefore, certain forms of voter i.d., getting big money out of politics. if i had a dollar for every time on my show on save the nation
12:30 am
that some republican talked about george saros and big money i would be a wealthy man. i would have my own big money and it's the same thing with making election day a holiday which benefits all americans. >> laura: how do we ever survive as a country without having election day off? this is what i don't understand. barack obama was elected twice. bill clinton was elected twice. on a set of voting rules that i think mostly republicans are fine with. i don't think republicans have any problem with the voting rules of 2008 or 2012. why are democrats now wanting to change those laws which i think, they are doing, trying to take the power away from the states dinesh you can chime in. >> the point i want to make is biden is making it sound at the wholesale level like democracy hangs in the balance and the point is that democracy itself has various meanings, not only
12:31 am
over the centuries, but even today. there are parliamentary forms of democracy, presidential democracy, the kind that we have. and in the ancient world you had direct democracy. we have representative democracy. we have a system of constitutional democracy that's assigns to the states the responsibilities for cut conducting and organizing elections that seem fit. biden wants to alter these arrangements but this is an argument within democracy. what kind of democracy we want do vice president it's not an argument as to whether democracy is at stake so he's making it sound like the debates about national holiday or what is the early voting per, he's making it sound like those kinds of debates, which there could be some reasonable accommodation if people are willing to sit down with republicans and find middle ground but that's the point he isn't. >> laura: here's what i don't get. jason, when biden says this is jim crow 2.0, isn't that getting
12:32 am
tired -- everything is jim crow 2.0. we've heard this time and time again from biden and the democrats. it doesn't seem to be getting any traction even with moderate democrats out there. just kind of rolling their eyes. this is just the rules that elected barack obama twice? >> one of the things we want to get back to, those rules that elected barack obama, so looking at things prior to 2013, prior to shelby county, you know, between 1965 and 2013, no one on the right or left necessarily said that voting was unfair. i mean, we had some instances, of course, in 2000. >> laura: there is always cheating. >> but people largely were saying that it was fair. and, you know, we want to get back to that before it was stripped down. of course, when you're calling it jim crow 2.0 you're referring
12:33 am
to the fact that the voting rights act is being stripped down naked. so we're trying to get back to that that's what's in the john lewis voting rights act. the freedom to vote act. >> laura: the "washington post" is reporting that a group of democratic senators are planning to release legislation that will basically render state legislatures meaningless, if they plan to trump proof the 2024 election. they are really worried about trump. guys, good to see you. you might have missed this today but the doj just announced a new domestic terror unit. what's the target? conservatives. well beyond the scope of extremists. in a moment we talk to former fbi assistant director who explains why this is so dangerous. stay there. >> why are so many people
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if your score was just 30 points higher at 660. that's over $60,000 just because of your credit. wow, that's incredible. so don't wait, start working to improve your credit with . >> laura: now america is always facing threats. transnational gangs, cartels, china, but the biden doj with
12:39 am
great fanfare has concocted a new threat. you. >> we've seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus as well as those ascribed to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies. i've decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment the approach. >> laura: tough wrong ideology and you could be targeted by federal agents and treated like a terrorist. joining me now is a former head of the fbi's criminal division and former fbi director. this stems from the week after the january 6 anniversary, while the voting rights push is going on, so-called voting rights push. doesn't this all seem a little too cutely timed here? >> it does. it's way too much in sync. i would love to think that doj
12:40 am
operates with blinders on in this area. but, you know, by definition, this is targeting u.s. citizens and they really aren't operating with blinders on. this justice department has a track record of going after only right wing extremism and bringing it way too close to mainstream conservatism. my biggest concern as someone with 25 years in this business is this doj plans to weapon wise the domestic terrorism initiative. >> laura: the domestic terror threats always has been to the country, but i want to play something alarming from the former fbi director andrew mccabe. he delivered these remarks recently at the university of chicago. >> this wave of political violence that's really not just confined to the capitol, it's going on at school boards around the country. it's going on in local elections.
12:41 am
it's happening even to healthcare workers. it didn't assume that that group of people, business owners, white people, from the suburbs, educated, employed, presented a threat of violence, and now we know very clearly that they do. >> laura: chris, this is shocking, the white people who go to school board meetings. they are the threat here? excuse me? >> pretty scary. yes, that's the same and the mccabe, number two person in the fbi that leaked sensitive information and lied about it three times and got fired. i think he slipped out something here which is, as you point out, is very concerning, and should be to every u.s. citizen is he's saying basically, doj should be targeting mainstream american conservatives, and that's where things get very scary. this happened back in the 1960s and in the 1970s when the fbi had their wings clipped for domestic spying, and there were
12:42 am
some very strict rules and regulations and procedures put into place but he -- it seems to me he wants to override all of that and throw at this time out the door and politicize the fbi. i hope this doesn't happen. >> laura: 20 seconds remaining, chris, we already have ways to tackle domestic terror. you don't need a new unit to do so, unless you want to send a message. >> absolutely. the tools are there. criminal laws are there. domestic terrorism is totally different from international terrorism, which is the greatest threat facing americans today. not domestic terrorism. >> laura: chris, those comments were terrifying. thank you. up next, your freedom and happiness both under attack by leftists, who, if they could, they would keep you locked down, silent, miserable, but americans aren't giving in. my angle late in the show, a new one. in a moment.
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♪ >> laura: the pursuit of happiness, that's the focus of tonight's angle. last night close to 70,000 fans assembled in indianapolis to watch alabama play georgia for the national college football championship. now, i was lucky enough to be in attendance and although i was cheering for alabama, you might
12:48 am
know, i love the story of stetson bennett. the georgia quarterback epitomizes what we as americans should be fighting for every day. the little guy, who has a dream and is willing to work hard to overcome difficulties, to persist, and doesn't give up. now, all he asked for was a chance. he didn't ask for special privileges. he put in the effort and went from walk on to national champ. >> it's the thing that coach martin and the whole team has been preaching all year. resiliency, toughness, composure, connection. i knew those guys beside me had my back and i had their back, too. when you put as much time as we do into this thing, blood, sweat, tears, you know, it means something. >> laura: that's all the american people really want as well. a chance to succeed. the 2021 college football season is the closest thing we've seen to a normal sporting competition really since covid began in march 2020, and that alone is
12:49 am
something to really celebrate. of course, the elites didn't want this to happen. it wasn't just anthony fauci sounding the alarm. >> i would be very surprised if we didn't have outbreaks here and there across the country related to these gatherings, these football stadium events, in the coming weeks. >> when you see these large crowds and packed stadiums what goes through your mind? >> it troubles me that we somehow decided this is over. >> so it's very frightening. >> but as usual the so-called experts were wrong. by mid-october even politico admitted that the football season had not led to a spike in covid. but of course, team lockdown never gives up. last week they were saying that the omicron variant should stop people from coming to the national football championship game at all.
12:50 am
but no one listened. they came by the tens of thousands. and just like the folks who will be at the nfl playoff games this weekend and at the super bowl next month people will be there having fun. they cannot coming to the games out of covid ignorance, by the way and it's not because they don't care about the science or they have no respect for human life, you hear that as well, it's because they know our elites will never, and i mean ever, tell us what is safe and what is not. there will always be another variant, there will always be another excuse to lock us down there, will always be more calls for sacrifice, because that's who our elites are. even if they wanted to help us, which they don't, they are incapable of doing so. they don't know how to keep the schools open. they don't know how to keep the streets safe. they don't even know how to get their own bureaucracy in washington to come back to the office at this point. all they can do is ask you to
12:51 am
stay home. while aoc, of course, is recreating maskless in florida and democrats like pelosi take off their masks for big time fundraisers or just some fun party or blowout. this country was started by people who knew about the folly of waiting for the government's permission. the founders understood that sometimes we have to pull together. they were prepared to fight and die for this country if necessary. but they weren't fighting and dying just so a bureaucrat could tell them how to live. they were fighting for the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ccp, they can tell their citizens how to think, how to act, and how to behave. the e.u. can track its people in a never ending network of regulations. but here in america we don't have to obey the government's every whim unless the government can point to a legitimate law passed in a legitimate manner,
12:52 am
we're free no matter what the elites want. they don't want us to have a football season but we did it anyway. they don't want us to drive our own cars or own guns or vote for candidates who share our values but they can't stop us, and they certainly do not want us to scrutinize their takeover of state election laws, but we're doing that, too. the truth is, we're gaining power and they are losing it. and it's driving them mad. >> they want chaos to reign. taking away the options, as a predictable effect, longer lines at the polls. lines that can last for hours. when i showed up at the g-7, i said america is back. and the response was, for how long? joey, keep the faith. then he said, no, joey, spread it. let's spread the faith and get this done. >> laura: there is no pursuit of
12:53 am
happiness for the modern left. there is only pain, suffering, racial recriminations and ever-changing rules from the supremely woke overlord. theirs is an impossibly grim, depressing and hopeless ideology that's finally beginning to collapse in on itself. there was this sad piece by a democrat in cleveland whose family suffering due to idiotic covid policies in schools and the "new york times", another mother laments that school closings will mean a winter of kids staying inside playing video games and not learning. a lot of democrats have had it. they are tired pain money for schools that don't work. they are tired of soaring prices afterward government officials whose predictions are always wrong. this year americans are going to vote for themselves, for their kids and for their future. and they are going to vote against the despairing lefties
12:54 am
for whom cs lewis wrote about narnia, it's always winter and never christmas the future of america belongs to our movement of happiness and freedom, not the party of misery and restrictions. and that's the angle. coming up, wise words from the greatest coach in college football. the last bite explains. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. our friend sold their policy to help pay their medical bills, and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some research and called coventry direct. they explained life insurance is a valuable asset that can be sold. we learned we could sell all of our policy, or keep part of it with no future payments. who knew? we sold our
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>> alabama may have lost the championship last night, but coach nick saban ended the season the right way. >> thanks for your time, we'll let you head back to your locker room. >> i would like to say something. can i say something? >> absolutely. >> you know, these two guys sitting up here, they are not defined by one game. they are great leaders, great competitors on this team and they contributed tremendously to the success of this team. we would not be there without
1:00 am
them. >> that is it, set your dvr to stay connected and never forget to show what is at stake, wear your usa freedom matters gear on laura ingraham.comand winter pom-pom hats. remember, it is america, now and forever. greg gutfeld is next. >> president biden: jefferson davis, we have no option but to change the senate rules. i'm tired of being quiet. >> todd: it is wednesday, january 12, president biden delivering a speech, attacking anyone out there who disagree with senate rules to force his radical agenda. >> and did you see this? >> more people died under president biden than under president trump. lead architect for response of the government and 800,000


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