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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 27, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it was a very small footprint. >> you drove by yourself in your own car, that's a safe way to do it. and the crew drove in a separate car. >> laura: i love it when people are wearing a mask in their own cars down the street. shannon bream and the speed 20 lake bank "fox news @ night" team it from here. >> i always notice and i have questions but we spent a lot of time in virginia. we will be wearing more masks. i am keeping an eye on you. >> have a great one. daymac reports the democrats are panicked on excellent economic news for the country in the weeks leading up to the presidential election. the news comes as analysis shows red and blue parts of the
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country experiencing fallout differently when it comes to cases and desperate they are consistently experiencing economic damage. in michigan democratic rising star kitchen witmer finds itself increasingly challenged in court and in the court of public opinion the extended lockdowns. fighting off accusations or husband trying to take advantage of her power to give special improvements. after the governor cautioned michiganders not to crowd links. >> my husband made a failed attempt knowing it wouldn't make a difference he jokingly asked if burying -- being married to me might move him. >> breaking from the white house a new record national intelligence and newly declassified transcript of calls between michael flynn and then russian ambassador sergey kislyak, not the only thing declassified. will the dni release the
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documents and if so when. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with reports on what is next for those flynn calls. >> it was highly anticipated and to hear some to let it could shake the foundations of the flynn case and the russia probe. we are talking about if the director of national intelligence john radcliffe decides to make the files public amid a major trove of documents declassified by richard grenell for the transcript of that december of 2016 phone call between national security adviser michael flynn and former russian ambassador to the us sergey kislyak. a senior intelligence official saying key documents offer, quote, a very significant understanding of how intelligence was manipulated to support the launch of the russia investigation. we are told there was widespread
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and false reporting, that mister grenell would take a senior role in the trump reelection campaign. reports refuted by grenell in the campaign on twitter as, quote, fake news. also tonight former vice president and presumptive democratic nominee joe biden has changed his twitter avatar to a photo of him wearing a mask, that image from the visit of arlington national cemetery which was pilloried by some for the way it looked because biden has been on quarantine for two months and because he was standing outside during that ceremony but would it noteworthy was that this might help explain why trump doesn't like to wear a mask in public. finally white house counsel's office has responded to senator chuck grassley from ohio, he made a request for reasons behind the recent termination of inspectors general.
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the white house says it followed the law and use the same standards, without sufficient explanation it is still fair to question the president's rationale. >> excellent job. a potential campaign focus for joe biden and how it could backfire. plus the fallout continues over the present the democratic nominee's controversial comments about black voters. jackie heinrich has the story for us. >> reporter: some are calling a risky plan for the biden campaign as he takes on donald trump's strong spot. is 3 years in office donald trump a lot of bagging rights when it comes to the economy. >> we have made america will be again. >> reporter: the recent fox news poll shows trump leads joe biden
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on economic issues. biden's plan to take on trump that is strong spot is with republicans waiting for battle. especially after a top obama economist reportedly predicted a third-quarter recovery like we have never seen. it is causing high concern among top democrats but biden is a different outlook. >> surges relative but you are starting to end up as all the economists say with incredibly high unemployment rate and a lot of people in real trouble. >> biden will argue the coronavirus response caused staggering unemployment and been on his own experience with the 2009 recession to make his case, the campaign will also highlight how the pandemic disproportionately impacted people of color and hired initial voter protection directed to focus on disenfranchisement that after controversial comments this weekend. >> you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me or trump venue ain't black.
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>> no question about that. >> biden's allies are working to get back his good graces with the voting block that propelled him to the position of likely nominee. congresswoman deming than the kingmaker can jibe in -- jim clyburn. >> i would not have supported him if i did not think he was best suited to be the next president of the united states, just that simple. >> a potential vp contenders in some hot water. michigan governor gretchen witmer's husband tried to use her title to justify getting his boat launched during the holiday weekend. she claimed it was a joke giving her been on boating and acknowledged it didn't land well. she said she wasn't laughing either. >> thank you so much. dire predictions about reopening in places like ohio, georgia and texas has not come to pass. signs of economic recovery start to sprout, democrats are
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reportedly dreading this general election scenario, trump could be poised to benefit from the dramatic members produced during the partial rebound phase likely to coincide with four months before november. that realization has many democrats spooked. let's dig into the economic a with republican congressman from ohio jim jordan, good to have you tonight. as we look most recent polling others who do you just do a better job on the economy voters we surveyed still give donald trump the edge over joe biden. that was something in this article that talks, democrats are so frustrated to feel that way. is what the presumptive democratic nominee joe biden himself has to say. >> tens of millions of jobs and we are well over 30, millions of jobs and you gain back a quarter of that or half of that it will look like there's real growth but you are still going to end up with an incredibly high unemployment rate and a lot of
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people in real trouble. daymac how does the president campaign against that. he may have a rebound of some kind and people are hopeful on that front but we are still looking at historically bad numbers. >> he but the greatest economy and 50 years, the economists are saying, it is an obama economist, said that we have a less c-shaped recovery which i call the great american comeback, i think it is going to happen and it will be strong, robust, hopefully like where we were just a few months ago before the shutdown. states that are opening back up come back to work be states that are still close hoping for a bailout, back to work works, the best stimulus there is an you will see what is economist talked about and interesting that the democrats right away go to politics. why can't we all just be for what is good for the country. it is good for america to have a strong recovery if we get back to where we were a few months ago. that's good for the country but
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democrats always been politically. because their animosity and animus to the president is so strong and that is unfortunate. >> there are plenty of good americans who want to see the country back and they need these jobs back and people regardless how they vote or how they are registered are welcoming that. let's talk about -- let's talk about other hot stories out there today. the resignation of glenn fine who was in acting ig at the pentagon and a number of democrats a listen, these people keep dropping like flies. jackie spire tweeting cleaning house, getting rid of mister clean and replace their independent watchdogs and igs with mister crony, she has a list, walter shaw, michael
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atkinson, mike and mitchell, glenn fine, lindsey graham, stephen, alexander amendment and to remind folks glenn fine himself resigned, he was not fired but democrats continue to say the president doesn't want accountability and transparency and keeps firing inspector generals. what do you say? >> ms. graham was the acting inspector general, hasn't been fire. mister fenton was not inspector general, he was marched out of the white house because of his involvement in the impeachment thing in the call with ukrainian primacy, the president is entitled at the people he wants around him, he told the american people he was going to get accomplished, that is fine. i would also just point out remember who the inspector general was for secretary clinton at the state department? no one can remember because she didn't have one for her entire tenure, no inspector general the whole time. maybe if we had inspector general we could have gotten more information on what really happened, a select committee on the benghazi tragedy where
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americans lost their lives, she never once had inspector general. it is kind of a little strange to hear democrats complain as much as they do. this president has been faced with more attacks for more places than any president ever and is entitled to have people in office so he can get done what he told the american people he was going to do. >> we have more development in the michael flynn case and acting, not outgoing dni john ratcliff, your former colleague on the hill but rick grenell during his time there declassified a number of things. adam schiff, the congressman who is also chair bows intel committee sent a letter to grinnell last week when he was still acting dni saying to classify and make publicly available any intelligence report or transcript concerning conversations between lieutenant general flynn and former russian ambassador kislyak. the ig doesn't have the transcript for some reason. it is on that i'm schiff doesn't know this but i started the 2 classifications, they should be
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released in full, the public deserves to see it. do you think the public needs to see the transcript? >> yes. i really want to see that call, just as importantly i want to see the 302, the notes taken when the two agents, come the can to the white house to set up general flynn and trent general flynn because her member there's the 302 notes taken after that meeting and that was changed by abca21. and i want to see the one that has been changed, john ratcliff is going to do great job. i hope john makes information available to us so we can do that comparison of the american people deserve to see and certainly sidney powell in general flynn deserve to see that as well. shannon: brooke says he completed the declassification of other documents including one senior intelligence officials
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said was very significant in understanding how intelligence was manipulated support launching the russia investigation. any clue what we could expect? >> i don't know specifically what they are talking about but we know grenell in three months, i said this last week compared with human separate grinnell to three months of chris ray, rick grenell has done an outstanding job, john ratcliff will continue that outstanding work i look forward to seeing this because what we learned, sitting powell's efforts, it is important information we learned about how this all started, the whole trump processing engine comey was the common denominator through it all. i hope john durham will give them a strong look. shannon: and the american people simply want to know the truth and transparency across the board. jim jordan, great to have you. the fate of the republican national convention scheduled for the week of august 2014 charlotte is up in the air
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tonight following what amounted to a presidential veto threat to north carolina democratic governor. senior correspondent record involved following that story tonight. >> of charlotte is out atlanta could be in the georgia gop leaders are talking to the rnc about it and brian kemp says he would be honored to host the convention even though atlanta's mayor is against it. it is scheduled to be held at the spectrum center on august 20 fourth-august 20 seventh with 50,000 people expected to pack the house before the pandemic it. north carolina's democratic governor agreed to allow the rnc to occupy the space because of coronavirus concerns, following the demand of an answer soon. >> all he has to do is tell us and we have to pick another location. a lot of locations want it but i picked north carolina because i do love that state it would have been a perfect place for and still would be but he has got to
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say when thousands of people come to the arena they will be to get in. >> you need to assure us before we lock in all these hotel rooms and dollars revenue to your state that you will let us have this convention. >> i will say it is okay for political conventions to be political but pandemic response cannot be. >> reporter: covid-19 cases are still rising which opened hair salons were taking a slow measure approach to ending its lockdown. georgia which started reopening a month ago cases have mostly flattened but switching venues in state so close to the event would be highly unusual and unlikely because of the logistics involved including reconfiguring the arena, setting up for media, protesters, and
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the expensive security with preparations underway for the past two years, florida's governor says bring it on here. >> we definitely want to work so the doors open, we want to have a conversation whether it is rnc, dnc or whatever because it would be good for the people of florida. >> reporter: texas has offered to host the convention but a decision will have to be made very soon. >> the new report out, coronavirus deadliest in the country's bluest places. is that part of what is driving things? our power panel on deck next.
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that's you? the truck adds 10 pounds. in the arms. -okay... transfer your service online in a few easy steps. now that's simple, easy, awesome. transfer your service in minutes, making moving with xfinity a breeze. visit today. shannon: is the death toll from covid-19 nears 100,000 is now
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reporting about the lethality of the virus compared to the seasonal flu. garrett tenney digging into interesting data. >> the coronavirus may not be as to the is reaches initially believed according to new projections from the cdc. the agency's new best estimate is covid-19 kills less than 0.3% of americans infected. and veterinary which assumes that additional measures taken to control the spread of the virus the agency estimates roughly 4 million patients would be hospitalized, and 500,000 would die over the course of the pandemic. those are far below many of the earlier estimates as the nation started to shut down including one from researchers at imperial college in february who projected the coronavirus would be ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu killing 2.2 million americans in a worst-case scenario. a month later, doctor anthony
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fauci made the same claim. >> the seasonal flu we deal with every year has a mortality of i think if you count all the cases of minimally symptomatic or a systematic infection that probably brings the mortality rate down somewhere around one% which means it is ten times more lethal than the seasonal flu. >> one reason for the change in projections is the massive increase in testing was revealed much higher percentage of americans who have the virus without any symptoms but a number of researchers are skeptical of the cdc's new more optimistic figures and arcs pressing concerns the agency is responding to pressure from the white house to paint a rosier picture. carl bergstrom, biologist at the adversity washington tweeted these numbers are so far outside the scientific consensus that this strikes me as devious and cynical effort to manipulate not only federal modeling but the
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broader scientific discourse is the cdc did note in the latest guidance its figures are subject to changes researchers continue to learn more about the coronavirus and that of the pandemic is likely worse than the official numbers show because many deaths are never confirmed to be covid-19. shannon: the loss of life is enormous and that all the coronavirus pandemic is taking on the economy has been devastating for millions and that is sparking reflection on how the crisis has been handled. >> a certain lost perspective on this, overreacted a little bit, not to say does the ordinary flu, that's not my point but my point is 100,000 people died just a few years ago from flu in the country didn't shutdown. it is time to deal with this in the proper perspective, get back to work safely. >> time to debate that balancing act with richard fowler and
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doctor mark siegel, good to have you both back with us tonight. i want to read something from the federalist the talked about the data and they say this, the appears to be no statistical connection between the economic pain in the nationwide shutdown and the number of cases of fatalities, none. let that sink in for a moment. given we were told we have to lockdown america to flatten the curve and save lives. what are you seeing as you assess the steps we took, how this is playing out in the overall impact not just on physical health but mental health and economic health as well. >> it fits with what garrett just reported which is so much more a systematic spread than we realize going around the country that by the time the country was locked down there were already hundreds of thousands of cases that we didn't know about and why that is significant is
12:25 am
lockdowns work best when you see something coming, when you are ahead of it, australia lockdown the whole continent and didn't let anyone in or out, new zealand kept case numbers very low. was we did is closed the barn door after the horses were already out so then we saw a lot of community spread and if you compare south dakota's montana. montana has been locked down two months, south dakota not at all. 50 deaths in south dakota, 16 in montana, very comparable except montana has a lot more calls to suicide hotlines, a lot more people depressed and anxious, businesses are closed, they are open in south dakota, israel just came out of a lockdown and they found the numbers didn't go up, 10-20 cases per day despite the fact they have been out of the lockdown for week so i think the lockdown as you point to is a big impact on mental health, physical health, other physical
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problems besides covid-19 and right now it is looking like as long as we can maintain social distancing that is key. might be time to come out of the lockdown in many areas. shannon: it is interesting this lengthy report in the new york times breaking down which parts of the country were affected and how. very interesting, coronavirus's deadliest were democrats live, democrats are more likely to live in counties where the virus has ravaged the community while republicans are more likely to live in counties that have been relatively unscathed by the illness so they are paying the economic price. it is an interesting conversation whether this is now driving the political split on open or not reopening because the urban concentrated areas are more liberal and more democratic and those are the ones that have been hit hardest. >> no question states like new york and new jersey have been hit the hardest but we also know
12:27 am
america has porous borders, the moment new york decides to fully reopen into new yorkers can travel to other or to the country the disease could spread. were behind the 8 ball, the horses were already out, that shouldn't, that is not a critique on this white house but this is a lesson we should learn as we hear and they predict the second wave in the fall, will there be enough testing, enough testing solutions, and of testing kits, will there be enough contract traces of some test positive we can find out who had contact. that is more important than anything else. i want this economy just like the next person but don't want to see 100,000 more americans die in the process. shannon: the washington post, there's so much testing and not enough people showing up the governors were frustrated and begging people to get tested because the testing kits were outpacing the people. what do you think the odds are of a second spike or something
12:28 am
new relative to what we saw the first time in the fall? >> i would say testing is key. we need more testing of antibodies to see who has it in who can return to work. in terms of what is going to happen in the fall we don't know. i am concerned about brazil because it is clearly burgeoning out of control and i'm glad we are cutting off travel back from brazil because that's where the second wave may come from, south america. they are having -- not guaranteeing a second wave but we have to be on the lookout. shannon: hopefully we learned a lot of lessons and will be better prepared on numerous levels, good to see you both, thank you for being with us. breaking tonight stunning images coming from minneapolis as protesters are clashing with
12:29 am
police, two people reportedly have been shot, the same intersection where black man died after being detained by police. a video of an incident in which an officer keeps his knee on the man's and has gone viral, he can be heard saying i can't breathe. jacob fry announced earlier the officers involved in floyd's arrests have been fired but word of this gunfire, still a developing situation, we will continue to monitor that and as soon as we get more facts we bring them to you. it is time to dismiss the case against michael flynn, the judge in the case is refusing. a higher court is ordering him to explain next.
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>> shannon: federal >> federal judge emmett sullivan keeping the michael flynn case alive even after the justice department moved to dismiss the whole thing was our next guest
12:34 am
asking judge sullivan is it worth your reputation. andrew mccarthy joins us live. let's catch people up a little bit if they checked out over the holiday weekend, get rid of the case, judge sullivan said no. i'm not letting people tell me whether together in this case are not. michael flynn's attorney in the dc circuit a step above judge sullivan filed a writ essentially saying he has got to ask, the dc circuit has ordered judge sullivan to answer within a matter of days why he isn't getting rid of the case are what his explanation is. how do you see this going down? >> i think the problem judge sullivan has is the same problem a lot of people analyzing this has which is the political dimension of it has in some ways
12:35 am
paralyzed the way we look at a very simple legal equation. only the justice department, only the prosecution which is an executive function in our system has the power to commence a prosecution or continue it, sustain it. a judge has no power to force the government either to bring charges or continue charges. there is a ruler, procedure that says when the government wants to dismiss charges in a lowercase, it has to have the lead to do that. constitutionally that is a dubious provision but at most it means the court has to protect the due process rights of the defendant so if the government, the justice department trying to dismiss the case in a way that gains the system, the tries to plead the resolve of the defendant to fight the charges by dismissing and reinstating at a later time, the judge is
12:36 am
supposed stop that. the judge has no were to continue a case, the judge thinks the defendant is guilty. shannon: that gets to the case from the dc circuit for 2016, embracing decisions whether to initiate charges, when to prosecute, which charges to dismiss, it has been settled the judiciary generally lacks authority to second-guess executive determinations much less to impose its own charging preferences. it sounds like that decision can be interpreted to say judge sullivan doesn't have the power to do what he is doing. how do you read that? >> exactly right, very straightforward, he doesn't have the power. they gave him an opportunity to do this on his own, we have ten
12:37 am
days, here is the case that is right on point, that was an opportunity for him to stand down. i still hope he takes it and i would point out sometimes the system works the other way too. there are situations when the government or the prosecutor gets to the end of a jury trial, you presented your whole case and you think you have a strong case, the judge can dismiss the case and say the defendant is acquitted, the judge has decided that the evidence, as the prosecutor you may think that is an outrageous decision, the public may think it is an outrageous decision, the judge has the discretion to do it, that is the system. mostly a great system that is the envy of the world, sometimes people make decisions in their expression that other people passionately disagree with. it doesn't change the rules, doesn't change the outcomes, the judge deferred the justice department decision.
12:38 am
shannon: the general thing case continues, we will see how long that goes with judge sullivan being order to explain what is going on. good to have you explaining what is going on. the president reigniting a feud with the tv personality. the allegations are more serious than political bias. here is the host of fox's media buzz. >> reporter: donald trump was once good friends with joe scarpaoh and mika burzynski but his relationship with msnbc's morning hosts turned better in 2016 and increasingly toxic for the president was tweeting about an unfounded conspiracy. involving the 2001 death of someone in a florida office, undiagnosed heart problem, blackout, fall and hit her head, no foul play was suspected.
12:39 am
responding to harsh attacks, when will they open a cold case on the joe scarborough matter in florida, did he get away with murder? some people think so and guys like low rating say go joe scarborough walk the streets? "case, prompting burzynski to urged accuracy to ban the president. >> you are sick person, really accrual, sick, disgusting person. you can keep tweeting about joe but you're just hurting other people. >> reporter: lori's husband tells dorsey in a letter published.the new york times these conspiracy theories including the president of the united states continue to spread their file disinformation on your platform disparaging the memory of my wife and our marriage. >> he says in the letter the president has taken something that doesn't belong to him, the memory of his day life --
12:40 am
deadweight and perverted it for political gain. >> the theory to the questions whether joe could have done such a horrible thing, maybe or maybe not but i find -- scarborough didn't diminish don imus told a bad joke about how he killed in turn, the president said he read the words letter and just wants to get to the bottom of things. >> i also saw a clip with joe and i miss where they were having a lot of fun at her expense and i thought it was totally inappropriate. it is a very suspicious thing and i hope somebody gets to the bottom of it. >> you are suggesting joe scarborough was responsible? >> a lot of people suggest that. >> republican congressman adam configure told trump to stop spreading what he called a completely unfounded conspiracy, stop creating paranoia. dorsey rejected the request to delete the tweet, the company saying we are deeply sorry about the pain the statement in the attention they are drawing are causing the family. it is is a letter not just for social media but for journalists coping with such an unsubstantiated, the president
12:41 am
and cable hosts were accustomed to public combat but a man who lost his wife years ago never wanted this spotlight. >> thank you. massive house parties in the hollywood hills have the lapd trying to crack down next. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go.
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>> please don't come up here to >> don't come appeared to pretty, come appear to enjoy hollywood. >> public intoxication, is also an issue. >>. about the location of the party there will be consequences. those consequences can range from a citation to, prosecution in 6 months in jail. >> the los angeles police department on the lookout for wild house parties in the hollywood hills reportedly being held because bars and clubs rain closed due to covid-19 sections, please advise and neighbors to report those violating the
12:46 am
stay-at-home orders and loose ordinances. one day after announcing restrictions california church has to meet in order to reopen for limited in person services. gavin newsom facing a new court challenge for not using those restrictions enough. united pentecostal church petitioning the supreme court clearing first amendment rights being trampled and people of all faiths speaking out on the issue. >> incident me that because i'm sick. >> they want to stand shoulder to shoulder so we are going to institute that people should be at a distance of 6 feet within the mosque. >> joining us to talk about the numerous legal fights over houses of worship across the country and the president and ceo of first liberty who has been involved in a number of these cases, good to have you back. this is how we summed it up today, under the governor's
12:47 am
guidelines churches and other houses of worship can reopen if given approval from county health officials but must limit attendance to 25% capacity or 100 people. that is specific to california. why is that not good enough? >> the problem is the same problem we have experienced with governors orders across the country that are discriminatory. it treats secular businesses and organizations differently than it does religious businesses and organizations, these restrictions aren't based on how many people attend, what is the size of the facility. instead, a second the business organization you are fine but if you are religious organization and you meet what you do is criminal and you can't treatment to family. the argument made by california's ninth circuit was the reason they were doing this is too much risk the congregants
12:48 am
at the churches couldn't be trusted to follow the safety protocol so the idea is you can trust the people to go into the liquor stores to follow the safety protocols but not people to go to their synagogue or their church and that is pure discrimination not allowed in the constitution. shannon: the ninth circuit ruled against the church, we are dealing with a highly contagious and often fatal disease for which there is presently no known cure. in the words of justice robert jackson of the court does not tempers logic with practical wisdom it will convert the constitutional bill of rights into a suicide pact. your response? >> the churches were the first to come forward and say we want to work with public health, we care about our people as much as anyone and many more safety protocols than you see going to a home depot or grocery store liquor store, many churches now
12:49 am
take temperatures before you come in the building, they can keep social distancing. there's lots of things they can do. it has never been about the public health issue, the problem with these orders is they are trying to treat churches, synagogues, houses abortion flight some sort of lesser group or have lesser freedoms when they have most fundamental freedoms under the first amendment like the injunction statewide in kentucky in federal court stated churches have every right to safely open for in person services, they should be treated like any other gathering around the state and if other secular places can do things in a safe manner so, churches, so, synagogues. it is a matter of them doing in a safe manner. >> we know you are continuing to be involved in a number of these sites. we will wait to see what the supreme court does with this case of california, the first one that has gone to their doorstep. was standing by, we have you
12:50 am
back for analysis, thank you. >> i want people to know they want to follow these things they can go to and we will try to keep people up-to-date with so many cases but i feel like we will get a good victory at the end of all these. shannon: thanks for joining us. the manhunt underway for university student accused of double murder. what we have just learned next. dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. new dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse.
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for 37 years we have been fighting for survivors of child sex abuse. even in these uniquely challenging times
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we're still fighting with dedication and devotion. california law gives survivors a chance to take legal action, but only for a limited time. if you were sexually abused by a priest, scout leader, coach or teacher contact us confidentially today. it's time.
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spew on law e shannon: law enforcement on the
12:54 am
hunt across the three state area for a suspect in two brutal murders. family members plead with the young man considered armed and dangerous to turn himself is. alex hogan has the latest. >> reporter: the multistate manhunt bringing together fbi and law enforcement around the north beach, accused of a vicious crime spree. only 5 days, he killed two men and help two it is captive and stole guns and cars, he's the university of connecticut senior, his family says he has a history of mental health problems and they are begging him to give up. >> if you are listening, you are loved, your parents, your sisters, your entire family loves you, nobody wants any harm to come to you. time to let the healing process begin. it is time to surrender. >> reporter: the family of the first victim from willington, connecticut speaking out about
12:55 am
their loved ones, police say macedonia killed his victims randomly but the family says he clearly planned the attack. >> this man came with a purpose. you don't just put a machete in your backpack and get on your motorcycle and drive to a dead end road. >> reporter: the prime spree sending police on hunt from connecticut to new jersey, pennsylvania, a camera caught him walking on the railroad tracks 200 miles. >> police say he is armed and dangerous, reminding people to stay away and call them. shannon: thank you very much. some good news before we go. a memorial day tribute to remember for roger swanson, a world war ii veteran who passed away alone in a nursing home because of the pandemic lockdown. 's memory answer is honored in a special flyover in missing man formation.
12:56 am
and his family applauds the gesture say although they lost the hero they were deeply moved by this. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. it's only human to find inspiration in nature. and also find answers. our search to transform... waste into renewable natural gas led chevron to partner with california bioenergy. working to provide an alternative source of power... ...for a cleaner way forward.
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i didn't know what was happening. she said it was like someone else was controlling her mouth. her doctor said she has tardive dyskinesia, which may be related to important medication she takes for her depression. her ankles would also roll and her toes would stretch out. i noticed she was avoiding her friends and family.
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(woman sighs) td can affect different parts of the body. it may also affect people who take medications for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. she knows she shouldn't stop or change her medication, so we were relieved to learn there are treatment options for td. - [announcer] managing td in today's uncertain environment may seem daunting. but we can help. visit for a doctor discussion guide to better prepare for your next appointment, whether in person, over the phone, or online. - we were so relieved to learn there are treatments for td. - learn more at
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todd: it is wednesday may 20 seventh and this is a fox news alert. hundreds of taliban prisoners walked free in the largest single release in the room with the territory. why this is ask afghanistan's best chance for achieving peace after decades of war. todd: donald trump's tweets labeled with a fact check for the first time. how the social media giant is defending the move in the face of swift backlash. todd: american-made rockets will return to space for the first time in almost


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