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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 6, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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stand by that with melania trump's wardrobe because it is awesome. >> i don't think we should dismiss i am not saying they were codes but visual presentation matters and this is something frankly that trump himself has experienced in the world of tv. >> thank you, we are back tomorrow, monday, saturday, "outnumbered" overtime starts now, melissa? >> fox news alert, we are waiting for an update on on the deadly shooting at the navy air station and pensacola program, three people were killed. the shooter is dead. eight others were wounded, the associated press is reporting the shooting suspect was a saudi aviation student and authorities are investigating whether the shooting was terrible related. we will bring you new information as we get it and bring you that update from the officials there.
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another fox news alert, the white house facing a high-stakes deadline just hours from now and democrats impeachment push. this is "outnumbered" overtime, i am melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. president trump's legal team has until 5:00 p.m. eastern to notify house judiciary chairman nadler whether they will participate in the house impeachment process going forward. the next hearing set for monday where investigators are planning to lay out evidence in their case. "the washington post" reporting the charges being considered include obstruction and bribery. >> if we were not to proceed, and any future president, whoever he or she may be, democratic republican that our democracy is gone, the president's king, he can do
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whatever he wants in violation of the law and ignoring the acts of congress undermining our system of checks and balances. at one back but rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel heading back saying democrats are using impeachment as a political weapon and defying the will of american voters. >> when you are saying to the american people we are going to negate the vote of 63 million americans and we in congress are going to deny the president due process and at the same time turn around an election from 2015 because we didn't like the results, i think it is frightening for our democracy, it is an abuse of power. >> melissa: fox news senior capitol hill producer's life on capitol hill with the latest. >> i am told the administration will try to comply with that of
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5:00 p.m. deadline. they will have something that whether or not they are going to get involved and participate in that process is unclear. just a couple of moments ago, i spoke with house speaker nancy pelosi and said maybe they will participate and maybe not, they have a chance to show evidence, exculpatory information, they have a consciousness of guilt. but we are looking at is having a hearing with a range intelligence committee is saying its findings to the judiciary committee on monday, then may be, and i underscore may be a leader in the week they could go to what's called a markup session where they actually go through and write the articles of impeachment in the week after that put the articles of impeachment on the floor just before christmas. do they have enough time? here is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> some people have some unease, we will catch them up and haven't asked anybody for a vote, people will make their own mind up. about what this is about. >> why does it take so much time? lets let history be our guide.
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in 1998 during the impeachment of president clinton, they took two days marking up those four articles of impeachment, only approved 2 on the house floor, and then they took two hours -- two days consuming 18 hours of debate and nearly 290 members of the house of representatives spoke on the floor spread out over those two days. this is impeachment, it is a big deal, they want to make sure every member from both sides of the aisle has their say. there are some members on the democratic side who are skeptical of impeachment and my only vote for one or two or maybe no articles of impeachment. democrats are trying to say we can do legislation and impeachment at the same time because they don't want the public to perceive they are just impeaching the president of united states. that's why there's going to be a bill on the floor next week to try to limit the cost of prescription drugs and that's why a lot of these vulnerable democrats from swing districts are saying we would rather focus on legislation that impeachment paradigm >> melissa: thank you. joining us now with reaction to
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all of this is white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. thank you so much for joining us. what do you think the answer is going to be about participating in those hearings on monday? >> i'm not going to get ahead of that announcement of course but up until this point, we have seen this as illegitimate, it is a sham, it doesn't hurt donald trump, the democrats going down this week impeachment road, it hurts the american people. she could have talked about usmca and passing it for farmers and ranchers and autoworkers. she could've talked about fixing our infrastructure that is so badly in need of repair. we are lowering prescription drug costs, she didn't. a time and time again, nancy pelosi puts her own selfish political desires above the needs of the american people. is shameful and she does it over and over again. >> melissa: is the bill in front of her right now, is it ready for a vote? >> she is quibbling over language but it is absolutely ready for a vote.
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there are safeguards in there that have never been in that piece of legislation before, it is a new deal that would immediately impact and improve the lives of the groups i mention. i was in arkansas for thanksgiving hunting with family farmers and they told me everything hinges upon usmca. hinges on china deal. we are moving forward with all of those things. despite democrats blocking it and doing it because they don't care about anything but trying to attack and take down our president. >> melissa: there were republicans who don't love it as well. are you confident you have the votes if it was taken today? >> it is our understanding we have the votes, but i have to make a point about nancy pelosi, this is key. you saw yesterday that nancy pelosi pointed out she was moving forward with impeachment before we even responded to chairman nadler's letter. she did the same thing earlier when she said move forward with impeachment before we even release the transcript and who can forget we are going to pass obamacare before we know what's
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in it, this is a pattern of hers. she doesn't need proof or evidence, all she wants is a political power grab to take back power that she lost because of her bad decisions. >> melissa: i want to ask you how confident you are in republicans. here is what chris coons had to say. >> we will be relying on a small number of republicans who are pushing back on this idea who recognize that impeachment is a serious, significant constitutional moment, there are a few republicans who recognize that what president trump did here was demonstrably impeachable, but who are very concerned about the political consequences for them and their party. >> melissa: is that true? are there a few republicans who think what the president did his demonstrably impeachable? >> we already had a vote on it in the house and in lockstep, they stood together which they never do because of what this president, the evidence. he's done nothing wrong and that is pretty clear at this point. the senate as i mentioned
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before, if he goes there, he wants a trial, he welcomes it. >> melissa: but there are republican senators who are wavering. >> he wants to bring forward serious witnesses like the whistle-blower, if they are going to do this, if the democrats want this fight, it is something the president is willing to have. >> melissa: are they republican senators who are wavering? >> not to my knowledge. we met with just about they agree, does nothing wrong, this process is a sham and they also understand when they go back to their states and districts, the people that elected them to actually get something accomplished on their behalf are being blocked. he had into the holiday season is right now they are getting hatred and vitriol and impeachment hearing that doesn't do anything to put food on the table. >> melissa: what was the
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president's response from jonathan turley at the call was far from perfect, that it wasn't impeachable. that was an argument many have said is a better place for republicans to be. now as you move on to the senate, what is his response to people who make that argument? it was anything but perfect but it wasn't impeachable. >> he didn't press zelensky on anything other than getting to the bottom of corruption in this country, once other countries to pay their fair share, the bird and has been exorbitant. the piggy bank said that, in fact if you get back and look at nato, a lot of those leaders now paying exactly what they should be paying, holding their feet to the fire, because understands this country, america is taking on the burden financially across the globe.
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we can't be the only ones footing the bill and so far, this president has been extremely successful in making sure other countries finally chip in. >> melissa: does he have problems with republicans saying what jonathan turley said saying the call was not perfect but it wasn't impeachable. >> with the problem is is this impeachment proceeding. did none president and move of releasing two transcripts, and talk to the president of another country and did nothing wrong and everyone knows that now and all the speculation of the witnesses who didn't actually witness anything doesn't matter. didn't feel pressured, the foreign minister of ukraine said he wasn't pressured either so this is all nonsense. >> melissa: you didn't answer my question, does he have a problem with republicans saying that? it's okay, i just want to give you one more chance.
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democrats need to stop and get back to the work of the american people. >> melissa: thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. we continue to await an update from officials of the deadly shooting of the navy air station in pensacola, florida, three people were killed and the shooter is dead. eight others were wounded. authorities are now investigating whether the shooting was terror related. we will bring you new information as we get it and bring you the update from officials there as soon as it happens. it may be a boost for the
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>> melissa: this aspect of the shooting was a saudi aviation student. at three people were killed, the suspect is also dead, eight others were wounded. there were also reports authorities are investigating whether the shooting was
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terrorism related. officials plan to give an update at the bottom of the hour. we will take you there live when that happens. >> just so much greater than everything we've seen from republicans and democrats for the last 20 years. america is working, a middle-class boom. >> melissa: the top white house economic advisor u.s. economy taking 266,000 jobs in november, unemployment falling to lift 50 year low. a 3.5%, those numbers far exceeding expectations. it's the economy. as more from washington. >> this last jobs report of the decade was a stellar one. the last time the economy
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created 266,000 jobs was last january. they blew away estimates even if you subtract the number who were no back on this report, it still blew away those. going at 3.1% over the last 12 months. this means more people are giving them jobs but making more money. that number is actually low enough that there's almost no pressure on the things that we buy costing more. inflation is in check. at the white house economic advisors taking a victory lap. >> america is working, america middle income americans are making more money. better than anything we've seen in 20 20 years. >> the white house is arguing this is reaching the middle class, the economy very strong. getting a job was hopeless for now been drawn into this economy, let's look at that unemployment number. at 3.% this is propelling the
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market forward, it shows also this jobs report that the economic are strong and experts believe the economy will continue the expansion. >> melissa: edward lawrence, thank you so much. >> didn't get a job working for a gas company that he had no experience with. in order to get access to the president. you are selling access to the president just like he is. >> you are a liar, that is not true and no one has ever said that. you want to check my shape, let's do push-ups together. let's run, do whatever you want to do. >> melissa: joe biden's dustup with an iowa voter gathering a lot of attention.
10:20 am
the former vice president getting very heated after getting a question about his son hunter's work which later admitted they have looked bad. after everyone cooled off, reporters asked him about the exchange. >> spoke in over 2,000 folks on this trip and there's always going to be one. someone told me i'm the best guy to beat trump. god love him, big heart. >> melissa: now he has a big heart. the back and forth may have raise some eyebrows, also boosted biden's exposure on social media giving him a viable moment that presidential campaigns crave. joining me now, someone who always goes viral, chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor and host of the i'll tell you what a podcast. what did you think of this moment? did he come out a winner? >> it is sort of like those for joe biden. he was a pugnacious
10:21 am
irish-american politician, a scrapper, a little bit vain, he was the guy people remember from the anita hill hearings, remember from a confrontation with a voter in new hampshire like that from the 1988 run, he was saying scrappy would be flattering but combative less so. he was in the obama administration and the obama campaign, they reimagine joe biden, this kindly older gentleman who was a sort of elder statesman. we saw the old biden come back. we saw the old biden in this exchange and the reason we haven't seen it before as they've kept them in the candidate protection program. he hasn't done much in the way of being interacting with voters and i'm sure this is part of what they were afraid of. >> melissa: afraid of or is this the way people expect candidates to react in this day and age, have to show some spunk and look for president trump and maybe this is a good thing.
10:22 am
>> may be. all things are possible, right? for biden, the danger is losing his brand. while cultivated with millions of dollars and three election cycles behind it is uncle joe and he's got to stay there because if we remember when he threatened to go out and beat out president behind the gymnasium, that doesn't work, that is not a good thing, that is not on bread when you are 777 and the former vice president. >> melissa: he is going to bring calm and stability back and in the meantime, tackling what some are now calling hashtag that gate. the former vice president facing accusations that he called that iowa voter in the clip fat. we're going to play the clip a few times let everyone vote. here we go. >> look, here's the deal.
10:23 am
>> melissa: what's your vote? >> trying to diagram a joe biden sentence, trying to assess out of the exact meaning of potentiation pronunciation of words, joe biden is a linguistic word chipper, things spew out. i don't know what he was trying to say. >> melissa: he was saying he was saying facts. >> i will not try to play linguistic field hockey with joe biden, it is a loser's enterprise and i'm not going to do it. >> melissa: okay, very clever. chris stirewalt, thank you. should the pledge of allegiance be mandatory for students? whether this could happen in one state. plus, new developments when it comes to monday's release of the long-awaited report on the origins of the probe into the trump campaign and why the attorney general says this may not be the end of it.
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>> melissa: fox news has learned this aspect of the deadly shooting at the naval air station and pensacola pensacol, was a saudi aviation student. the suspect is dead. eight others were wounded. the president tweeting just a few moments ago, "just receiving the full briefing on the tragic
10:29 am
shooting at the naval air station pensacola and florida and spoke to governor desantis. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families during this difficult time. we are continuing to monitor the situation as the investigation is ongoing." they were also reports that authorities are investigating whether the shooting was terrorism related. officials plan to give an update at the bottom of the hour and we will take you there live when that happens. >> if there was a reasonable articulation that foreign agents were afoot in the trump campaign, let's assume that for a moment, that there was a reason to believe that he may have russian connections, why didn't they tell the president or his team? >> melissa: senator lindsey graham still has questions about the motive of u.s. intelligence ahead of monday's release of the horowitz report which has expected to show misbehavior by some intel officials but also that the
10:30 am
surveillance was legally justified. attorney general william barr a reportedly disagrees with elements of the findings. "the washington post" also reporting that john durham tapped by borrower to investigate the origins of the russia probe said that he could find no evidence to support suspicions that the case was a set up. joining me now as former u.s. attorney. a first of all, when you think of those findings if they are true? >> that's the key, isn't it? if they are true, it is very difficult to speculate about what the report will save. seems that both sides are doing exactly what happened in the mueller report and that is positioning themselves trying to argue and allege that it is not going to be as bad or it is going to be worse than we think and common sense says let's wait, let's read it because even if it doesn't allege a criminal conspiracy, we already know there has been significant
10:31 am
wrongdoing and the and if that outlines such misbehavior that they've abused her most powerful court, we should all be afraid of that. >> melissa: if they do find there was reason to investigate carter page and all of that was above board, is lindsey graham right when he says the real problem is that they didn't inform the president as they did say when dianne feinstein's driver was found to be somebody that shouldn't be driving with her? >> right. you start an investigation based on the legitimate belief, you have reasonable and probable cause or reasonable suspicion the long side investigation, it can take many turns, ultimately it may become nothing but lindsey graham is exactly right. they had a sufficient basis to use our most powerful surveillance at our most powerful court to go inside and investigate individuals that might be attempting to compromise the election and are infiltrating the campaign, it should have been one of the
10:32 am
first orders of business to include that briefing to the president of the united states for the future president. >> melissa: would we ever find out why they didn't do that or are there any consequences of not revealing it to him? >> i think we will. the ig has some limited power and when ag barr says it may not be over, i don't think that's a slight in terms of what horowitz has done. the reality is he does not have an ability to compel individuals who are not within the department of justice, the fbi or otherwise meet with him to interview and he doesn't have an ability to compel documents. so very uncertain at this point what he means by that, but he has more power as they go forward. >> melissa: think you for your time, we appreciate it. four people are dead after a gunman opens fire at a florida naval base, the latest on the investigation, plus signs of division among democrats. the house begins drafting its
10:33 am
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and start this family. every family has a unique story. this holiday season, help your family discover theirs. >> melissa: we are awaiting an update from officials after a shooting at a naval air station in pensacola, florida, which left four people dead including the gunman. fox news has now confirmed the suspect was a saudi aviation student and there are reports that authorities are investigating whether the shooting was terrorism related. this marks the second deadly shooting at a u.s. military facility this week. phil keating's live in miami on how all of this unfolded. >> and incredibly tragic morning in the florida panhandle at the naval air station. one of the countries most premier flight academy is producing some of the best and
10:38 am
most talented fighter pilots in the world and as you mention, the fbi according to my colleague jennifer griffin at the pentagon, federal investigators now confirming the shooter is a saudi or was a saudi national who was there at the pensacola naval air station for training, authorities also now looking into the possibility that this could be terrorism related. governor ron desantis should be appearing before the microphones here shortly, we are expecting supposed to be a 1:30 p.m. eastern time press update, but it is currently delayed right now. the naval air station of pensacola is of course home of the blue angels and there is a crime scene they are on the base and remains essentially in lockdown just clearing out one building at a time. according to the navy, not only is the shooter dead, but also to others were found dead on the
10:39 am
base allegedly killed by the gunman and a third person died on the way to or at the local hospital. so for total debt including the gunman and eight people are being treated for injuries and that includes two sheriff's deputies involved in the gunfight. they said their injuries are not life-threatening. no word yet on the type of weapon the gunman used or the wet home at gunman's identity or possible motive yet. the shooting happened at a navy classroom which the navy spokesman says is not unusual as there are many classrooms at the renowned navy aviation school. navy airmen to fly in from all over the country and the world to undergo training there. this is a major military town that has been rocked all day by this shooting about three hours ago come onto county sheriff's office, the navy, and the mayor gave their very first briefing in their tone was rife with grief and disbelief. >> a retired military member
10:40 am
walking through the crime scenes like being on the set up a movie. and as the mayor eloquently put, you just don't expect this to happen that home. just doesn't happen in this county or in pensacola. >> authorities have been contacting throughout the early morning and afternoon the family members of all those involved so no names have yet to be released. again, this press conference with the governor should be starting any minute now. >> melissa: thank you. democrats divided over impeachment with big concerns from lawmakers in districts president trump won in 2016. at some polls show declining support for impeachment and removal but speaker pelosi said impeachment has nothing to do with the 2020 election. >> this isn't about politics at all. this is about patriotism, it is not about partisanship, it is about honoring our oath of office.
10:41 am
one man congressman jeff andrew, one of the two democrats to vote against the impeachment inquiry is now saying he is a no vote saying unless there is something that i haven't seen but haven't heard before, be careful what you wish for. impeachment is tearing the nation apart and i want to bring people together. let's bring in former obama 2008 campaign spokesman, thank you for joining us. what do you think that this means from a political perspective for democrats? how dangerous is it for those democrats in those districts? >> i think those swing districts are going to be very difficult for a number of these democrats just like in 2010, those in swing districts voted in favor of the affordable care act, a number of them lost their job and i will say that a lot of it will have to do with the enthusiasm gap coming into 2020. the republicans are really organized and those swing districts than they can take the house back. it is anything like 2018, there is not one single vote that will make them lose their seats.
10:42 am
>> melissa: if they lost their seats, if they lost the majority and it turned out it was a result of this impeachment push, how would the party feel about speaker pelosi at that point? >> i think people would still think it was the right thing to do. at some point you still have a constitutional responsibility of oversight. i do agree with the congressman from new jersey that it is not just impeachment, we are so remarkably divided over what effect is now a day. the country has made up their mind on impeachment. democrats have made up their mind, i don't think any new information is going to shift anybody at this point but if you believe that there was a constitutional responsibility for this, if you believe in what a high crime and misdemeanor is and that meets that burden, i think you have to move forward with sending this to a trial in the senate. >> melissa: marc thiessen writing at an op-ed today "pelosi is putting her most vulnerable members in a terrible position. our voters really going to give
10:43 am
four more years and also to reelect the democratic house member who tried to take that decision out of their hands by impeaching him, what do you think? >> i think they have a constitutional responsibility of oversight. so it is difficult sometimes to be dispassionate about the situation and not look at it from a political perspective. >> melissa: politicians aren't able to do that, it is very hard because let me put it to you this way. you want the job, it is because you believe that you were going to go out there into the best thing for the people. so don't you want to get -- aren't you always thinking about being reelected so you can continue to go do that good job versus somebody from the other party who would do more damage in your mind then you being there and helping? >> i am an elected official and i actually don't think that way. a lot of people i work for don't think that way and the reason people have lost their jobs over principled votes is because not
10:44 am
everyone thinks that way. i respect that opinion and i think there are a lot of electives that have a self interest but there were a lot that thing that they should do the right thing and we will see how that plays out in the upcoming election. >> melissa: i am not saying a self-interest, i am saying they want to do the most good for their district and then being there longer would do the most good for their district versus this vote, that's what i was trying to say. >> i think they may feel that this is the right thing to do that just for the district before the country. when i think you for coming on, appreciate it. growing backlash after "the washington post" runs a column telling journalists how they can reach voters undecided on impeachment. is this a clear example of media bias? the power panel back next. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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>> melissa: "the washington post" under fire for a recent column urging the media to push impeachment coverage on persuadable voters. the piece is titled "wall-to-wall impeachment articles is not changing minds, how they can reach the undecided. describes the lack of a big shift in public opinion as a symptom of public disinterest. republican congressman lee zeldin slamming the piece tweeting "journalists apparently need to do a better job of being democratic hack surrogates according to this gross take. our own brit hume tweeting "because journalists are not simply to report the news without a favor, their mission instead is to convince the public the president should be impeached and removed. good lord." power panel is here, larry elder has national syndicated talk show host and ethan bierman
10:50 am
is liberal radio host and cochair of hometown value packed. ethan, what did you think of this article? >> i will agree that i think there is a place to be a little upset about it. objective journalists are supposed to be just that, objective for setting the information in as fair a way as possible. however, we are in the internet age where we have macedonian troll forms pumping out traits wow fake news to the benefit of vladimir putin so how do we get facts and information out when millions of americanized are being flooded with false information? walter cronkite was against the vietnam war and help turn that tide, one of the greatest minds of journalism is not perfectly objective either. >> melissa: what is interesting to me is that when the left expresses an opinion like this for steps over the line, i guess, it is always because they are correct, some of the facts aren't getting out there, the fact is that he needs
10:51 am
to be impeached so you have to do it in a more persuasive way, if the facts aren't getting through not really icing when you're making that argument that they aren't the facts. >> the good news about "the washington post" piece is at least they are being honest. now we know their agenda. they are p.r. for the democratic party. "the washington post" has not editorialized in favor of a republican president in their history, never. "the new york times" has not endorsed a republican president since 1956. according to research, only 77% of reporters described themselves as republicans. there is a great deal of hatred against donald trump, a great deal of polling for the democratic party. in october 1992, they looked at the front pages of newspapers at their business stories and 90% of the economic news october 1992 when george herbert walker bush was running for reelection was negative. the next month, bill clinton gets elected and now only 14% of the very same newspapers headlines are negative about
10:52 am
economic news. what happened between october 1992 in november 1992? bill clinton got elected but the data was the same. a majority of people thought we were in a recession. the last economic order. >> melissa: we have to go, we have some breaking news rated >> throughout the navy nationwide,d around the world because of so many people that have been involved in this space in one way or another and i know the president is actively monitoring the white house on the thoughts and prayers go out to everybody. we as a state of florida i've already dispatched support, our department of emergency management and health coordinator to talk to any of the witnesses and the victims, the families and offer whatever support they can get, department of children and families in mobile response teams to the hospital. we have fatalities but we also have people who are wounded,
10:53 am
some deputies look like they're going to be okay and some are in surgery so we are still praying for those folks. i think there is obviously going to be a lot of questions about this individual being a foreign national, being a part of the saudi air force and then to be here training on our soil and to do this in the fbi is working with the county sheriffs to answer those questions. one of the things that i talk to the president about is given that this was a foreign national in the employ of a foreign service is it will be time to do this, but obviously the government of saudi arabia needs to make things better for these victims and i think they are going to owe a debt here given that this is one of their individuals but what i can tell you is the response that we saw from the deputies in the county, some of the active-duty personnel responding to the scene, and you will hear more in
10:54 am
depth some of these stories as the day goes on but i can tell you lives were saved because of the response of people both in uniform with the navy and uniform and one of the darkest days, i think you still saw some of that bravery and great come out and even people who had been wounded themselves thinking about others and what could be done to save others and so those stories are inspiring and keeps us going on a very otherwise very bad day. with that, i am going to bring up the base commander. >> again, commanding officer of the station in pensacola. this has been a very difficult day for us and for our family the navy family here. all i can tell you is i am absolutely in awe of the response by our sailors, our civilian dod, by the county
10:55 am
sheriff's department, some real heroism today. real heroism. i am devastated. we are in shock this is for real, but i couldn't be prouder to wear the uniform that i wear because of my brothers and sisters in uniform, civilian or otherwise that what they did the days to save lives and for our brothers and sisters here in the state of florida and with this county sheriff's department. from the bottom of my heart, i think you for the support they can for the support governor. the days ahead are going to be difficult when it finally sinks and what has happened here. our efforts will be going to supporting those families and the people affected by this terrible tragedy.
10:56 am
>> thank you, everyone. we thank you for all the prayers from the officers and also the injured navy personnel. the shows who we are. this shows the best of who we are. one of us needs help, everybody responds. when the call went out, you didn't need to go behind following you through that door because you knew they were all standing behind you and they were there together. we are in a recovery mode right now and this is going to be a lengthy investigation, do not expect quick answers. they were going to be parts of this investigation not only that we are a part of with the fbi and atf and the state authorities that you may never have access to just because of the fact of the nature of the case and who we are dealing with. that will be extremely
10:57 am
frustrating for you. this is something i talk about in your government and your elected officials today that no one speaks of and that's called trust. you are going to have to trust us. we are going to tell you what you need to know to keep our communities and our state and our nation safe i want to also assure you that for the men and women of the county sheriff's office for more than proud to serve every day that you will hear the truth from us as best we can tell you. pray for the navy personnel, their grieving mothers and fathers today who will never recover from this day. you don't believe me, let me give you a david morgan test. in two weeks' time, remember the names of who was killed today and you won't. but if today was a member of your family that was wounded or killed today, this day will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life. that's what the families of the navy personnel are dealing with today. they need your prayers, they need your comfort and that's why this morning, i ask for your
10:58 am
assistance in helping us deal with this case. we are going to get there, give us a little bit of time and we will provide all of the answers that we can for you. you can be proud of your community and you can be proud of your navy. thank god for the united states of america. >> thank you. governor, thank you so much for being here and a part of that and i just want to say to all of our citizens, we are grateful you are here, certainly have gotten calls from our congressmen, our senators and even the white house and certainly they have expressed anything they can do for our community they are willing to do so we very much appreciate that. this is a tragic day for the city of pensacola. again, i think the world of our base commander here who always says that as goes the base, so goes the town and as goes the town, so goes the base. there is a deep affinity and relationship between pensacola
10:59 am
and the city of pensacola and the women that work here and served our country every day. this is a sad day but i think some of the things that were said there that you've heard, this is also a community of great resiliency and i am confident that they will bounce back from this day and be stronger as we go through. but again, i am certainly here in support of everyone and certainly want to thank all of our first responders especially the county sheriff's deputies that got here and took care of neutralizing the threat and certainly all of our pensacola police officers that were you assisting, had ems as well as fire and rescue from the city of pensacola, certainly all of our first responders and what they do every day to keep us protected. you never know when you were going to have a day like december 6. sieve again, thank you to all of those individuals who service every day. that is the professionalism you can expect from the city of pensacola and we certainly appreciate all those who have
11:00 am
come, the governor and everyone else, state of florida has reached out to us, and we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers, please continue to keep thinking about pensacola and the people there and we will bounce back from this, thank yo thank you. >> i think we have time if they were any other questions. >> is a former member of the corps, former officer, how would you expect this investigation to play out? >> i think the fbi is probably going to brief you guys in due time and i think they are leaning forward but obviously when you have a foreign national involved, particularly in that part of the world, the investigation is going to be different than if it were just somebody from a local community and i think you will see that as things go on. >> can you help people understand the background nature of what this training program is and why someone would have


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