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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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miracle of christmas paid on behalf of melania and our entire family, make christmas and god bless you all. >> bret: that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" posted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: it does feel like a lot like christmas. good evening everybody. i martha maccallum in new york and this is "the story." today we went into the breach and this impeachment battle where the stakes could not be higher on both sides. he just likes to shakespeare's macbeth, struggling with the ramifications of killing duncan, he said if it were done, to well it were done quickly and that seems to be where the president's tonight in this chaotic juncture. the so-called grievance and others call it a sham. the president tweeting if you're going to impeach me, do it now. fast. president trump challenging democrats to do so and gets the
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country back to business. nancy pelosi, she is looking at dimensioning support from being impeachment in the swing states. she has well may want to do this and try to move on. >> today, i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment for the president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt, once again, the election for his own benefit. >> martha: time is not on her side writing that she signed a political death warrant for moderate democrats and recent reporting indicates democrats are spooked about how all of this is going to play out so tonight, we got congressman devin nunes on adam schiff digging into the records, plus gregg jarrett and his take on the new revelations of what we are hearing about the ig report which comes out on monday. also, to lighten things up, we have adam corolla with his take on what is going on in the world
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right now but first, mike, scholar and fox news contributor. i know the shakespeare quotes were not lost on you and it's good to have you with us tonig tonight. so timing is everything. chad program, our capitol hill report or any shortened or has said the white house has until 5:05:00 tomorrow to signal whetr or not they would like time in this process created their own folks get to testify until they're tided of the story. how do you see this rolling out? >> i see it as a disaster for the democrats. the fact is that nancy pelosi's speaker today for one simple reason. in 2018, the democrats convinced a number of voters in the swing states to switch their vote for them and flip the majority in the house. if they want to keep the majority, they need to win over those voters again and have them stick with them and the new "new york times" poll that shows that two-thirds of the voters who voted in the six key swing
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states who voted for donald trump and then switch the democrats in 2018 plan to vote for the president so what that means is, they already have an uphill battle. now they're throwing it impeachment to that of your nancy pelosi is asking the people to not just improve an investigation but an inquiry, which a majority of americans support, which actually take that choice away from the voters to usurp their choice and to remove the president of the united states from office. split ticket voting is very rare these days but how many voters are actually going to vote to give donald trump four more years and also vote for the democrats who wanted to take that choice away from them? it's very unlikely so i think many of these democrats are toast. >> martha: is no doubt they are watching these polls, the one you mention, which i thought was very interesting, it showed two-thirds of those who change their vote as you said in 2016, switched it back, and are planning to switch it back again and vote for president trump rather than vote for a democrat
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if they did in 2018 and you said swing state polls, which think are also quite dismissive because let's face it, there's a sentiment in the country and there is a sentiment of how this plays out electorally and there is a look at it. battleground states do use import impeachment, 44%, 61% oppose. so obviously nancy pelosi has been doing all of this calculating in her head and i'm going to talk in a moment to robert who i know believes that this is going to go their way but there are a lot of people out there who believe that the president did something wrong and that he should be removed. there is an abc poll that shows 51% were impeached and removed. >> there are a lot of people out there, two different things but a lot of people out there, the majority of americans, even 70% polls show americans think he did something wrong but it's the minority that thinks that he did something wrong enough to be removed from office and especially in an election year. this is the problem is that the democrats have not made their
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case. they had weeks of wall-to-wall coverage on our network and other networks and their witness after witness and if you look at the polls, the fact is, especially in the swing states, which are really what they should be concerned about, the number of people supporting impeachment and removal has dropped in wisconsin it almost doubled the number of people by seven-point margin before the hearings and buy a 13-point margin that people oppose impeachment and removal so they haven't made their case for the american people and so now to push ahead with impeachment as nancy pelosi is doing, put those people and some of those democrat freshman in swing states in a terrible position. a majority of people supported inquiry. it's against the political whims of the people in their state who say they are going to reelect donald trump. >> martha: what about the timing? because timing is everything in life. how this goes --
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the president saying just get it over with. basically rip the band-aid off, let's move on here. moving onto the senate is not necessarily going to be a great exchange for democrats so it recluses them in some ways to stretch us all more and then there's this line of thinking that they are going to have it done by christmas parade what do you see? >> if they were serious, they would stretch it out because as it was pointed out in the hearing the other day, this is the fastest impeachment has ever been done so if they were serious, they would actually take time but they are not serious. this has been preordained and so they are going to -- was get onto the trial. let's do it because he is going to be -- he's not going to be removed from office and again, that's why these democrats are in such a bad position is because they are not going to eat be able to get them out so you might as well get the trial prepared for republicans, you look at the evidence of how the political winds of change, before they were talking about we could do a quick trial, now they are talking about an extended trial.
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now they are talking about having a long trial and maybe we could have adam schiff, and justified. adam schiff who wants to charge the president with obstruction in congress because he won't testify, is actually thinking about refusing to testify i in e senate child care that would be really interesting. >> martha: it's always interesting to see how it goes on the other foot. thank you very much, mark. i want to bring in democratic strategists and dnc committee member. i want to start by playing this sound bite free because it strikes me there is an effort on the part of nancy pelosi and adam schiff but every time they talk about this, they want to make sure that people understand what agreed your situation this is. people agree with them but some people don't and i wonder who they are trying to convince here. here's nancy pelosi. >> the course of today's events it becomes necessary for us to r grievances the president's failure to faithfully execute the log where the president's actions are a profound violation of the public trust.
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the president's actions have seriously violated the constitution. >> martha: that's what she believes and it looks like depending what poll you look at, half of the country kind of believe the same thing, but i see an effort to sort of sway the rest of the country by just sort of pounding these words about how grievous and outrageous it is. then you have other candidates to save its president trump, that's how he talks, he wants to get a pound of flesh for every talk he gives, and he's going to ask for some information on the way they are paid >> to me, one of the greatest crimes of the trumps presidency is donald trump's position -- everybody's a critic. everyone claims the game. he says everybody, if everybody plays and the angle -- let me tell you something. the differences come at the end of the day, it's not just the democrats put his own top advisors in ukraine pointed out that he was engaging in a bribery scheme threatening the national security of ukraine and
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also benefiting coot and an intern trying to use our tax dollars to get dirt -- >> martha: he said ultimately he didn't believe there is any crime. he is talking about the way -- >> i'm talking about fiona, i'm talking about -- >> martha: none of them said they thought it was a crime hit >> none of them are in charge of determining that way they were fact witnesses. they were fact witnesses. they presented the facts and we at the american people decide in the congress decides in the facts are very clear. >> martha: are they? >> absolutely. the judiciary didn't defend donald trump's conduct, didn't say it was a perfect call. >> martha: but you're not there yet and that's what we are talking about. if you know, when you look at -- i think one of the reasons is that the people to testify, as earnest as they were, do not necessarily resonate with the american public. they didn't move the needle at all. people in the inner circle. you have to get john bolton coming up to get mike pompeo, you have to get mick mulvaney --
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to go president trump stonewalling and trying to block -- >> martha: on day one -- nancy pelosi today said we don't have time to go through that. why not? >> they've been going through court now for months winning in every court battle to get these people to testify because it's well established precedents. >> martha: what's the rush? >> the rush as we have a president who is encouraging foreign governments to attack our democracy by digging up dirt on his opponents. that should concern every american. >> martha: at the newest line of discussion on this that i have heard. >> he said it publicly. he wants china to investigate the buttons, he wants ukraine to investigate the bidens. he doesn't say investigate corruption, he's going to our adversaries in going to that need her help in saying he wants dirt on our political opponents and he wants to use his power to get that dirt. >> martha: how worried are these 31 democrats in the district and then will they be given some covering? >> there's always a risk when you stand for the constitution
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but when republicans ignore their principles and stood up for donald trump, they were wiped out in the 2018 election and they were wiped out in 2019 i would rather sand up for principles and the rule of law. >> martha: i got a go but just one quick thought. how about the principal that you and other democrats had when president obama refused to send any lethal weaponry to ukraine. i read don't member anybody standing up in the same as president and threatening our national security by doing that. did you stand up and do that? >> barack obama was not trying to bribe the government. >> martha: the weaponry was actually protecting the ukraine. >> that's fine i'm just saying -- >> martha: i think this is it disingenuous. if you really cure about national security and protecting yourself from russia, you would have been screaming from the rafters that you wanted them to have that lethal weaponry. which they had. it seems to hop around in terms of what it's all about but we will see, robert. thank you. always a pleasure.
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coming up next, republicans lash out claiming that the committees spied on other members after the impeachment report included call records that were made by at&t, from at&t come i should say. making member none of the devin nunes was among those call laws and we will talk about that coming up next. >> when you start looking into each other's phone records and who you talk to, that gets to be dicey and i will have no part of that. u & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ creais back at red lobster.ast
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awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. >> martha: adam schiff told the intel committee when they were in the secure room known as the skiff that he had obtained phone records from at&t of certain american citizens, including rudy giuliani and also representative of devin nunes was in that group of numbers.
4:17 pm
they were not allowed to discuss it because it was revealed to them when they were inside the room that only allows classified information to be discussed so now the story is out and many, including senator rand paul, has expect outrage inc. using intel chairman schiff of spying on devin nunes and said i would be an abuse of power. there was some glee over the situation in some corners of cable news grade watch this reaction. >> nunez has probably had and deserves about the 24 hours of his life. he has been cabria lee caught up on the phone directory here but what was he doing talking all of these people? i mean it's like picking up the rock as i said it and seeing the bug life under the rock. all of these people working together, i mean, newness, and giuliani it, and john solomon of the hill, all working together in one big network, one big syndicate you might say. >> martha: now, devin nunes, ranking member of the house
4:18 pm
until committee. you've been accused of a lot of things lately, representative nunes. these phone calls, trips to vienna that you say you can substantiate that you were not there -- what is your reaction? what is her response to greg matthews and what he said about you? >> i'm a little disappointed because just a few months ago, i saw chris matthews in the long white building, it was late at night, i think it was there for some kind of meeting or reception, and he couldn't get out. he was blocked out and i helped walk them out and got him to the door and i'm a little disappointed that he thinks the lowly inebriated look, for three years, i've been slowly unraveling what the democrats in the left and most of the people in the media have started with the russia hoax and they moved to the ukraine hoax and that we have been very effective ads touting them on things like they are the ones that paid for the dossier that ended up in the hands of the fbi. we will find more about that next week. >> martha: we are going to
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talk about more of that coming up but i just want to stick with this issue right now. with regard to these phone calls, i remember back after 9/11, the collection of metadata what is a very volatile subject and in fact, adam schiff was among those who was very disturbed that terrorist who may have conversations that come into this country that overlap with the calls of american citizens and that those numbers would be picked up with a huge breach of privacy. so now i'm wondering if that's true, if those privacy concerns are so prevalent between terrorist and potentially some american citizens, why did he think that it was okay in this regard to dig into your phone calls and rudy giuliani's phone calls an american citizen phone calls? >> it's a very good question. we have worked hard to try to protect people's civil liberties and at one time, the democrats actually mostly opposed the use along with libertarians in the republican party. they were not mike oppose these
4:20 pm
programs so the fact that he woy get these phone calls and then -- look, i don't know how he even has my number and we also have to remember we don't even know most of these numbers because what he is describing these numbers to or not the case so i still have to even go back through my phone records to see if he's even telling the truth but the fact of the matter is this. rudy giuliani knows a lot of members of congress and i can guarantee you there are many members of congress, like myself, that spoke to rudy giuliani more than just a few times. so he is friends with him and i know -- >> martha: let me ask you this. i want to hear what did you discuss with love harness? >> i don't even know because i never met him and so it's a great question because many people want to know, including myself. so -- >> martha: you never had any phone conversation with him?
4:21 pm
>> we have not been able to confirm that yet. >> martha: you don't think you would remember? >> you have to remember. you have to remember we are the house intelligence committee oversight committee so we get calls from people every day, all walks of life, i get them from all over the world, allies and people that aren't our allies. in this case, i just don't know. >> martha: are these from cell phones or your office phone? >> we don't even know that. >> martha: see you didn't have an opportunity to look at the phone numbers that are on there at all? >> we are sitting with thousands of pages of metadata of numbers so somehow they went through there and found my cell number a few times and was even worse is, if they use that, they selectively used my numbers in order to build on their conspiracy theory that somehow myself and my two staffers, former staffer, one current staffer, that they don't like, because we embarrassed them with the russia hoax, and that's what
4:22 pm
this is all about, it's about retribution for what we have done to them the last three years because they don't like that we outed them with their russia hoax another ukraine hoax. that's what this is about. so we can't trust -- i'm not going to trust anything that adam schiff has to say until we actually go through thousands of pages of metadata. >> martha: on that note, an interesting story they came out tonight from the washington journal because one of the big headlines was that there was this phone call to owen b which obviously is very relevant here because that would be the office that could perhaps have been involved in the withholding of aids that i got a lot of attention but tonight, the washington journal is reporting that it is actually not possible to identify whether or not that call went to owen d because it was a group call number that could have gone to a number of places in the white house hear what do you say to that? >> that's really my point. you can't trust anything this guy says. the reason he used my numbers and my staff's numbers is to say
4:23 pm
that we had something to do with jovanovich being fired. i didn't even know who they were until the last couple of months. >> martha: i see what you're saying. when you say that adam schiff and senator rand paul what they said is guilty or perhaps should be considered for abuse of power in this case? >> very good question. first of all, to relate to cnn, i was in indiana. i was in benghazi. i was in malta picking up the remains of the world war ii truth and having a ceremony so that he could go get back to his family and be buried here in the united states. that's how sick these people a are. we are going to look at all legal options over the next coming weeks and months because clearly my civil rights and civil liberties were violated. clearly john solomon's were, reporter, and another good point -- i bet there's a lot of reporters
4:24 pm
at fox that rudy giuliani spoke to that adam schiff's, at any given time, he could release that had an opportunity urgent time for somebody to write the story that some of you have fox or any other network comes out with because he's sitting on all those numbers. >> martha: a lot of people talked to a lot of people to book them and to have stories and all of that so i'm sure you are right about that. i think it's going to be the specific connections but if you can get the transcript of the call, it really makes it difficult to figure out where it would go at this point anyway, but anyway, representative nunes, thank you. good have you with us tonight. perhaps strategic inquiries are being linked ahead of the ig report which comes out on monday regarding the russia probe to segue into what devin nunes brought up. will the intelligence community be cleared of wrongdoing as those early reports suggest? gregg jarrett coming up next. t , we're a reliable partner.
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hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. >> martha: the inspector general's report on the role of the intel and justice department and the beginnings of the investigations of the trump campaign has been much wanted and is coming out. i mean it. it is actually coming out on monday. so ahead of it, we have seen a couple of stories that indicate that it may not be what trump
4:30 pm
supporter's were hoping. "the washington post" and blank writing, "trump has played out two probes in the russian investigation, one by u.s. attorney john duran. in both cases, he built up the men themselves. the washington reports on both investigations now suggests that the duo are not endorsing trump's chief conspiracy theory that the probe of russian interference in 2016 presidential election was an unfounded witch hunt. that is a quote from "the washington post." here now, gregg jarrett, fox news legal analyst and the author of witch hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history. greg, always good have you with us. thank you for being here tonight. he literally wrote the book on this and know more about it than anybody i think. what do you make these suggestions that it isn't what it looks like? >> it's based on linked information from people who didn't read the horowitz report but were told about it from people, other people who were
4:31 pm
briefed on it, who didn't read the report. so we are talking about multiple here say. it's unreliable. we will wait to see on monday. >> martha: in terms of horwitz's report and i think it's really important for everybody to recognize what do you and i were discussing in the break which is that his purview was only current justice department employees because as the justice department and starter general, those of the people he can talk to you. he didn't talk to connie or any of those former employees as far as we know. >> we don't know if they volunteer to be interviewed and then, he might have talked to horowitz and same thing with mccabe. we just don't know. it is true that durham has vast superior power he can convene a grand jury and compel witnesses with subpoenas. he can bring criminal charges. none of that can be done by a michael borowitz. i think mostly he's going to be focusing on the fisa applications to surveilled the
4:32 pm
trump campaign member and the question is, if i identify in my book, there were six misrepresentations to the fisa judging here they were deceived and they were vital eve withheld. the question is, was an intentional, which would be criminal, potentially, or was it reckless and sloppy errors and omissions and systemic failures? 's spiel and those two things are the difference between being a deep state witch hunt and something i was sloppy. >> while there can be an agreement on conspiracy or there can be actions of like-minded people who have the same goal in the end which is to harm donald trump. >> martha: i just have a few seconds left. professor massoud has come up and he's early reports is not being what he was reported to be and they said u.s. intel said that they didn't have any relationship with him. i don't know if you can trust that are not. what do you think? >> it's hard to know. massoud was a guy who actually
4:33 pm
was always attending what is knowknown to spook you in italy which trains western agents. does that make him a western asset? we don't know. you know, if you read the mueller report, he seems to suggest he's a russian agent. other evidence suggests that's utter nonsense so maybe we will learn more on monday. >> martha: hopefully. we will be here all day. greg, good to see you. thank you very much for coming into night. still had on "the story," and meeting with adam corolla of the hugely successful free-speech documentary. >> this is why we are fighting for the soul of america. you should be able to share ideas without fear of being fired from your job or shouted down. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it -
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4:38 pm
from iran, white house correspondent kevin corke live in washington with the very latest for us tonight they are. hi, kevin tris speaker evening. it is obviously affluent circumstances on the ground but given the reports we've heard not just from state department and putting on officials but also from eyewitnesses on the gun, it is a devastating revelation for the iranian people and an unvarnished reflection of the leadership currently hanging on to power in that country. the reports do vary and it still believes that it up to a thousand people have met their own demise at the hands of their own government. just since last month paid a briefing today, by and hooked da specific about the death toll overall but he did cite a video is proof that the irg and there were j'mon moore in fact their own people. >> without wording, the irg see open fire on the protesters, killing several people. many of the protesters fled to nearby marshlands to escape. the irg steet tracked them down
4:39 pm
and surrounded them with machine guns mounted on trucks. they then sprayed the protesters with bullets. between the rounds of machine gun fire, the screams of the victims can be heard. incredible story they are by brian hook. meanwhile, the president today noted it still too early to say yet what exactly the moves the u.s. on the partners in the region might make with respect to iran but ages clear that the regime is faltering. >> they are killing a lot of people and they are arresting thousands of their own citizens in a brutal crackdown in recent weeks because they are protesting and i think the media should get involved in that. i don't know that they will because they have their own reasons but the media should absolutely get involved and america will always stand with the iranian people. >> president trump today appeared minimal, two u.s. defense officials tell fox news
4:40 pm
there are new reports that the pentagon is considering a plan to add up to 7,000 additional forces to the middle east to counter what it sees as an increasing threat from iran but the defense secretary according to our sources has not made any decisions to affect such a plan. i'm also told by my sources that when talking about not american infantry personnel, we are talking about additional sailors and aircraft. for example, if you put just one aircraft carrier for context in the region, you're talking about 5,000 sailors and perhaps as many as 80 different aircraft. so we are talking about a lot of people. will it will keep an eye on what is obviously an increasing hot spot in the region. >> martha: kevin, thank you very much. kevin corke in washington. next, the incredible story of world war ii soldiers who brought the spirit of saint nick toward china europe exactly 75 years ago. >> i felt good that kids were
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4:45 pm
>> martha: a lot of anniversaries this day and this one was 75 years ago to this day, a group of world war ii soldiers brought the christmas spirit to war-torn europe. soldiers of the 28th infantry division organized st. nicholas day, celebration for the children of hard-hit luxembourg, where the had previously outlawed christmas. the people would never forget this act of kindness and
4:46 pm
corporal richard brookins who captured the essence of saint nick. >> i did ask them at one point what saint nick was doing and so that's what i did. ♪ >> i felt good that the kids were laughing. i don't recall ever thinking about war because it never came up in conversation. i got a letter that said i would ask you, would you like to come and help be st. nicholas? i remember the priest said if luxembourg should live another thousand years, we will never forget the p.i.s who gave their blood so that we may live in freedom. >> martha: tim gray joins me once again, founder of the world war ii foundation, founder and filmmaker behind the american documentary and so many other great films about world war ii. tim, great to have you here. this is such a heartbreaking
4:47 pm
story because -- tell us about it and what help eventually after that. >> it was destroyed shortly after this. this was a town that had been under pressure for it at five years and when these guys came in, the 28th infantry, they were coming in with force and they were devastated. they came into this town for rest but being the great americans that they were, they recognize this town needed to be uplifted and harry stuck to his roots and said why don't you dress up as saint nick? and he was like i don't want to dress up because i don't want to destroy the myth of the real saint nick and they did and the town was so appreciated that in 1947, they started having the american saint nick celebration. it was no longer just a saint nick celebration, it was the american saint nick and he did not find out about this until 1977 that they had been honoring him and what he did. >> martha: in the way he wrote in on a jeep and they continue to do that every year, having
4:48 pm
st. nicholas friday and on a jeep. here's another piece from your film. let's watch. >> the holiday and luxembourg's version of santa claus were forbidden. solemn looking women and children made at the majority of the local population. as christmas 1944 approached, harry stutz, who was jewish, had been hearing about wilson st. nicholas day. >> so he got this idea of having a christmas party. he asked the company to make doughnuts and cookies for the children and he asked the gis that he could get a hold of to donate whatever they could to donate gift to the kids. >> martha: just a beautiful story and you look at those children and you think about what life would have been like a american soldiers and marines had not stopped hitler and nazi germany because they banned christmas in these towns and just basically robs these children of all of that joy that was brought back to them by these gis.
4:49 pm
>> it's one of those stories, and peter lyon is the author of the book, he's a friend of mine, and i said peter i have to do a documentary on this because this is inches story about casualties and death and all of the things that happen in war, this is a story about humanity and compassion, and to me it's one of the best books ever written about world war ii because it's not necessarily about battle, it's about america and what they represent and what they represented back in 1944, which was amazing. >> martha: this is ratably for the battle of the bulge and the town was caving in sadly before that. great to see you tonight, tempted we will see you again soon. good to have you with us. it's coming up next, hilly clinton just dropped the biggest regret that she may be thinking about getting in this race perhaps. who knows. maybe it's joe biden has dropped out. she got on the howard stern show and adam corolla is here on that plus his hugely successful space document dark mike documentary
4:50 pm
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>> now she finally did it, made her first appearance. she poured her house part out t mistakes that were made. watch. >> i did not prioritize media the way i should have. and i think that's one thing that -- trump would interview with anybody and in his pajamas they would take him and he was a constant presence. i think i made a miscalculation, i do. >> to call the interview of the hit yet that henry is mulling a 2020 presidential run. comedian adam corolla, the movie
4:55 pm
that is hitting theaters nationwide and host of very popular adam corolla show. great to have you with us. so what do you think you might do you think hillary is serious about getting in this race? >> i hope she is because she is talking about it everywhere, and i have no idea why she would go on these tours. ironically doing more media now than she did when she was running for president, so it's ironic that she wouldn't do howard stern when she was running for president and now she is not running for president but goes on howard stern to talk about running for president. then she would probably be the president. >> i don't know if he just enjoys the attention and enjoys people talking about her getting in again, i don't know she would go for around three that could be punishing again, it is hard
4:56 pm
to imagine how you steel yourself without possibility of going through that again, she said it was devastating for her. >> i don't know, doesn't she say to everything that is devastating for her? i just feel like everything is devastating for everyone all the time. running for president is devastating, being in a palette on bike commercial is devastating, everything is devastating although i don't think anything is devastating because we don't really have problems. earthquakes are devastating and landslides are devastating. running for president and being carted around an armored suv with air-conditioning blowing is not devastating. >> children in world war ii who had christmas taken away from them by and their village bound to pieces and i think that is an accurate devastating situation. is you brought up, all this discussion this week about this
4:57 pm
peloton add, saying he can't go anywhere because it's about shaming your wife into exercising her by buying her a peloton for christmas. >> i don't know. first up, i like the commercial because of how grateful the wife is to the guy who bought the peloton. i bought my wife and suv that is worth 100 grand and she grunted at me twice. >> she didn't want it? >> she is not grateful like the peloton lady. >> she didn't send you selfie pictures of herself driving around in the suv. >> did not see any of those pictures. i got her a stationary bike hooked up to a generator that powers a big screen tv and i just drink beer and watch "sportscenter."
4:58 pm
>> a perfect marriage. i want to talk about your movie and i want to bring up something that i read about today at the university of california with no safe spaces, and this is a professor at university of california who said she was pushing back against the idea that math professors should be judged on the background that they have in increasing diversity where they have worked in the past as a criteria for becoming a mass professor at the university. they have use these diversity statements to screen out candidates early in the search process, the idea of using a political test as a screen for job applicants should send a shiver down our collective spine and she got blasted for that by 600 professors across the country who all signed a letter saying that they thought that was reprehensible. >> to be fair to all the 600 professors, they can to get a shiver down her spine because
4:59 pm
they are spineless, so there is always that factor. also, let's really talk about diversity. is all about the color of your skin, all about the shade of your skin or what about diversity fought? know about some different ideas on a college campus. you think about the real diversity, it is different thoughts, not different shades of skin color, so why are we so focused on what everyone's heritage is or what they look like, why are we focused on a diversity of opinions? >> this professor got blasted basically by professors all across the country and you open your mouth and you're going to get a barrage coming out you and that's what no safe spaces all about. i have to leave it there. thank you very much for joining us and opens nationwide this week as i mention. we we will see you soon. that is the story of thursday,
5:00 pm
december 5, and they're going to continue next week and tomorrow right here so we will see you at 7:00, tucker carlson coming up next in washington, d.c. if have a great night, everybod everybody. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president is going to be impeached, that's the word we have heard from the house speaker nancy pelosi who effectively confirmed it during a short dress this morning. on the one hand, the news is no surprise at all, approximately 100% of msnbc viewers have been demanding impeachment since well before donald trump was elected president. they would be baffled and enraged of democrats pulled that now. these people who believe trump not only works directly for arch villain vladimir putin but also once had an extramarital affair, something that party of polyamory claims to


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