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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 5, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> why don't we ever see men on these bikes? >> you know, we do tend to take to that. >> dana: i'm just saying. >> okay, thanks for joining us. i'm julie banderas. trace, you have a good show for us? >> it reminds me of the old days when we used to banter onset. >> dana: where is your peloton bike? >> it's about 3,000 miles away. we are expecting to hear from former new york city mayor at his first big campaign event in the democratic presidential race. he will be speaking from the city still shaken by that massacre. his topic, guns, the second amendment and what to do about violence plaguing our nation. we will bring you that live. but first.
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>> the facts are uncontested. and at the expense of our national security, and the president leaves us no choice but to ask with allegiance to our founders, and our heart full of love for america. the day i'm asking our chairman to proceed with articles up and impeachment. >> trace: and with those words, that could potentially push part doesn't president trump out of office. house speaker nancy pelosi giving the green light and telling lawmakers to start drafting articles of and impeachment and, republicans are firing back. >> impeachment was so destructive to the nation that it had to be overwhelming and compelling. and bipartisan. that was the criteria she laid
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out for the nation and for her conference. it's just not the criteria she held herself to. >> just on one hour before speaker pelosi made the announcement, president trump himself urged emma cuts to impeach him now and fast. if they plan on doing it. if he plans to move on to what he calls a fair trial in the senate. we have team coverage first, with mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. >> pressure is building with leading democrats trying to put republicans in an awkward spot. >> my hope is just that we can operate from a common effect. >> is also pressure coming from the senate majority leader suggesting house democrats are obsessed with impeachment. >> not one word on the legislation that american people
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actually need. nothing on usmca or the nda, or, funding for our armed forces. it's all impeachment all the time. there's also a counter pressure being 20 days out from christm christmas. the one we've heard a lot mike from leaders of both parties. how about the rank and file? >> chairman asked why democrats are suddenly in such a rush. >> why did we take what is tantamount to two months off in the middle of this investigation, you see what i'm saying? and if impeachment is the right remedy, doing it six months before an election is just as important as doing it now and trying to cram it in. >> high michigan democrat told us that it is not a definite yes yet and this is as serious as it gets. >> i don't think anybody should be celebrating this moment.
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we all come to different conclusions whether or not the information we receive leads us to impeachment. but in no case should anybody celebrate whatever conclusion they come to. >> trace: action will pick up on monday when the relevant committees will present their findings to the house to the shape panel. and, rudy giuliani being in the ukraine this is the focus of the entire impeachment probe. and rudy giuliani was conducting shadowy diplomacy outside of visual channels during the spring and summer. he met with andre to, a member of the ukrainian parliament who has made claims about vice president joe biden and his son to come onto her. he also met with victor soaking who was fired in 2016. giuliani confirmed he was there in country but has refused to
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say why he is in kf. >> mike emanuel on capitol hill. team box coverage continues with edward lawrence reporting live was a reaction from the white house. edward? >> traits, the white house reacting aggressively to the announcement that the houses going forward with articles of impeachment using terms like, mockery of the law. in a statement from the white house press secretary she says "speaker pelosi did exactly what she always does. ignore the needs of the american people and events for selfish political desires. democrats sham impeachment is a blatant purely partisan attempts to overturn the results of a free and fair election. the white house is wondering itself why usmca is not set for a ratification vote and instead focus on this impeachment process. president donald trump at an event this afternoon with the national security council representative, subdued but talking about this impeachment
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process. listen. >> have you ever wondered what effect this will have on your legacy? >> no. >> we've had the president tweeting out that in the senate trial republicans will call hunter biden, representative adam schiff and house speaker nancy pelosi putting him on the spot. white house is handling the placement process and turning it around back on democrats pushing back against what house speaker nancy pelosi says saying it's actually at representative schiff and representative jerry nadler to try to impeach this president. they are ready for impeachment trial in the senate and they say they are eager to get their site out in the light because they feel like they've been handcuffed in the entire proce process. >> trace: edward lawrence live oon the north lawn. thank you.
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you hear the gunfire, slaughter in the streets of iran. the government may have murdered more than 1,000 of its own citizens simply for fighting for their basic rights. that's according to a state department official who says the bodies are now piling up from the protest that has been sweeping iran. now the trump administration will be sending some 14,000 troops to the region in a show of strength against the iranian regime. that's the scoop from our corporate cousins at "the wall street journal." major escalations and even bigger implications will have the pentagon's response from all the journalists of fox news. this is "fox news reporting." you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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we don't see who you're against, through or for,rs, whether tomorrow will be light or dark, all we see in you, is a spark we see your spark in each nod, each smile, we see sparks in every aisle. we see you find a hidden gem, and buying diapers at 3am. we see your kindness and humanity. the strength of each community. we've seen more sparks than we can say. about 20 million just yesterday. the more we look the more we find, the sparks that make america shine.
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investment opportunities beyfirsthand, like because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. >> trace: at the trump administration accusing the iranian regime of killing more than a thousand people during a blood he crackdown on protests. we have team fox coverage and we begin with state department correspondent rich edson, reporting live from the
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white house. which? >> state department officials say they are seeing evidence that iranian security forces were spraying bullets into protesters, killing at least a dozen children. now the state department says that information is trickling out of iran else difficult to get a full picture because of the information controlled in that country. these protests began about a month ago and that is when iran's government announced that an abrupt increase in fuel prices, and that president is at least 7,000 protesters. the state department announced sanctions on at least two prisons saying iran is pertaining to many of these demonstrators. at the white house this afternoon he pushed the international community and even journalists to hold iran a
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countable. >> president trump: they are killing a lot of people and arresting thousands of citizens. because they are protested. the united states is considering sending more troops to the region to address the threat from iran. they are announcing whatever it may or may not be doing. iran said that some tall u.s. removes the sanctions. if it would just hold its ballistic missile program and nuclear program and funding militias across the middle east. >> also breaking today, worried
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that president trump may send as many as 14,000 new trips to the mideast to counter iran. that's according to our corporate cousin "the wall street journal" citing u.s. officials. though the pentagon is now pushing back. team fox coverage continues with lucas tomlinson reporting live at the pentagon. lucas? >> press secretary alyssa fara pushed back strongly on "the wall street journal" story. defense secretary s. reaffirms that we are not considering sending 14,000 additional troops in the middle east at this time. the pentagon's top policy advisor. they have conducted attacks, and they were concerned about the threat string that they were seeing. with respect to that threat situation we are concerned about what we are seeing. >> so you are considering it. is 14,000 the correct number? or is there a lesser number?
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>> the secretary defense has not not made any decision. >> the american guided missile destroyer for a sermon an iranian small boat carrying missile parts bound for yemen where iran continues to support rebels engaged in the deadly civil war which has killed over 100,000 people since 2015. the aircraft carrier abraham lincoln recently entered the persian gulf, 14,000 additional troops have deployed to the middle east since may, half aboard warships. iran was sending more weapons including missiles to iraq, syria and yemen. iranian missile, ethel's are among the 5,000 deployed to iraq and 60,000 to point to the east. the pentagon is currently weighing a lot smaller number, and we will await
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president trump's decision. >> trace: lucas, thank you. democratic presidential candidate and mike bloomberg is set to announce his gun safety plan any moment now. this is the city which was the scene of that movie theater massacre seven years ago. this was just a day after a deadly shooting at pearl harbor. what we are learning about the gunmen there, coming up. plus what could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in preventing unwanted pregnancy. taking just one pill per month. and the whole profile billionaire who is backing the plan. i headed. al, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! >> trace: live look look in aurora, colorado, presidential candidate, and michael bloomberg
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is about to hold a gun battle on violence. a mass shooting in aurora killed a dozen people back in 2012. when it begins, and we will listen and if he makes news. >> a deadly shooting at pearl harbor days before the nation marks 78 years japanese attack said the u.s. into world war ii. military officials confirm an active-duty u.s. sailor shot and killed two civilian employees before he turned the gun on himself. the chief correspondent jonathan hunt reporting live from our west coast news hub. jonathan? >> pentagon officials have confirmed to fox news that the shooter was named g romero. he was a 22-year-old petty officer on board the submarine uss columbia which was docked at pearl harbor. that's according t to a u.s. nay incident report obtained by our fox news colleague lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. a report also says the shooter "open fire on shipyard personnel
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with his m4 service rifle and then turned his and nine service pistol on himself. three department of defense of the contractors were shot, and two of them died. the shooter then killed himself. his motive is unknown as of yet to navy officials. >> we have no indication yet whether they were targeted or whether it was a ring of shooting. they were shipyard employees, don't know any relationships. obviously in the shipyard there is obviously always a mixture of personnel and shipyard workers. >> it's believe the shooter was likely standing near the quarterdeck at the time and that is the entrance point to the submarine from the pier where it is docked. and the young enlisted sailor is often stationed at that point to check i.d. cards of crew members or to board or disembark the s sub. >> it was very scary.
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you don't know, you are in the dark any hope everything will be okay. >> over the intercom, there was an antiterrorist direction and that's all we heard. >> that shipyard is across the harbor from the pearl harbor national memorial. and that sparked the u.s. involvement in world war ii. >> jonathan hunt, thank you. think ups worker arrested and accused of swiping packages filled with pricey electronics. investigators say it was a seasonal employee in the miami area who helped deliver thousands of packages to a local business. cops say he developed a scheme where he would hide some of the packages under a nearby dumpster as well his coworker wa wasn't looking. a manager at the business apparently saw him stealing the packages on camera and he faces the possibility of up to five years in prison. so far, no response from the
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suspect. scientists are getting closer to a major breakthrough in women's health. they say they have figured out how to pack an entire month's supply of birth control into a single pill. so rather than having to remember to take the pill at the same time every day, women would be able to take just one pill per month. the bill and melinda gates foundation is back in the research which could help prevent surprise pregnancies. jacqui heinrich reporting from her in his room. >> mit researchers got the idea for the spell and they were working on other drugs that have to be taken daily like medications for hiv and malaria. they developed a long-term delivery system where it's less likely that people will forget i does. we are still years away from seeing it in pharmacies but the drug just past a key test in animals. the capsule is shaped like a star with six arms that unfurl as the drug breaks down. during his testing scientists found they had to use stronger
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materials than they started with allowing the star to survive the harsh environment of the stomach for weeks. they did test by soaking the materials in simulated gastric florid which is very acidic and found two types of polyurethane work best for the arms on central core. now scientists are working on ways to dissolve the capsule so it exits the body through the data, digestive tract. it researchers say 9% of women taken daily birth control pills become pregnant anyway each year. the bill and melinda gates foundation is investigating $13 million to hopefully bring this drug to the market. >> trace: jacqui heinrich, thank you. a live look from aurora, colorado, where the survivors of the movie massacre seven years ago before mike bloomberg releases his gun plan. we'll take you there when bloomberg begins speaking. former vice president biden flipping out on a voter. >> you're a liar. that is not true and no one has ever said that.
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>> trace: why it ended in a challenge of physical fitness. but first, a police warning people about a bear and delaware. the helicopter caught up with the animals this morning william wilmington. people saw the bear in an alley and a grocery store and last we heard it, they think it's in a park. wildlife officials are reminding folks not to approach the bear if they see it. you can check twitter for updates, people posting his whereabouts with a hashtag della bear. ♪
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>> trace: right now come up michael bloomberg. this is his first big campaign event any speaking of course about gun violence in aurora, colorado, seven years after. let's listen in. >> probably about a dozen. i used to take one each time after each event and i thought, wait a second, that's not a good use of these trips. they are in the closet and i try to take one -- every day when i run, i take one from the bottom and i assume that it gets put on
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the top once it's washed. it's an honor to speak with you today. and thank you all for being here, and particularly for braving the snow in the rain. i wore a big jacket and i have booths, but i didn't take them out because they didn't have all the snow that you had promised me. tom and i just came from the memorial for the victims of the shooting and i put some flowers down. in the middle of the memorial which is where his son is remembered. and all of you have different places that you go to, and we all have the same thing in common. we have lost someone and we have to make sure that we build for the future so no one else has to go through this. i can't imagine the pain one has
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when you lose a child, it's just unthinkable. and yet you've gone through it and you have the strength and the courage and some of you deal with that in one way and some of you deal with that in another way. but to see tom and so many other survivors turning their grief ohmic grief into action is inspiring and i think it's the main thing that you can do in memory of who you lost. it takes incredible strength and courage, i know. and i want to say how grateful i am for your leadership. you are making the world a better place and hopefully we don't have to have that many more meetings like this one. i've worked for every town for a long time, and the number of survivors is staggering. every day you pick up the paper today and there's another shooting. some are ones, some are to use, some are big ones. this year in the united states, 12,000 people will be murdered with illegal handguns.
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19,000 people will commit suicide with illegal handguns. 32,000 or 33,000, some number along that line. it's just -- it just has to st stop. no other developed country experiences losses and gun violence like we do here in america. not even close. 335 million people per day are murdered with guns but politicians ignore the problem. the reason was partly the nra and partly because let's face it. a lot of politicians view this, and for me it's disgraceful what they do. only 6% of the population but they make up 52% of gun violence victims, more than half. there's a number of things wrong in our society and we just have to do something about it.
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these mergers don't usually take national headlines but they are national tragedies. in recent years more politicians have begun waking up because killings are happening in their communities and in their churches and malls and movie theaters. the constituents are losing children and their voters are demanding action. and if you don't want to be depressed, just think. we really are making progress but we have an enormously long ways to go. getting things done is what every town for gun safety is all about and that's what the leaders in aurora have done and why i'm running for president, just to stop the nationwide madness. that's the only way to describe it. and remember alex, but also go out and try to keep this.
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this issue is somewhat personal for me and as tom mentioned, i've gone to an awful lot of eulogies partially because of all the people killed on 9/11. after that as 12 years as mayor, unfortunately one of those things you have to do is you have to go and you have to come for the families and talk about somebody who is deceased that you never met. and, try to put yourself in the place of the parents and that is just so hard to do. donald trump seems to accept the violence and pain, and there has to be something we can do about it. i don't accept that kids being murdered at school is something we should be used to. i didn't expect gun violence ripping our community as a part
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every day and i'm going to do everything i can to change the administration in washington and fight back against this evil. it's not the only problem this country has but it certainly one that we can focus on today. when i started working on gun violence 15 years ago, neither party, republicans or the democrats were ripped particularly interested interested in the issue. in fact some democrats voted against the background check bill back in the 1980s and some even voted to give blanket immunity to the gun industry, something no other industry in the united states has. it really was shameful and as president i will work to repeal it. when i was the mayor of new york city, and even after democrats won control of both congress and the white house back in 2008, gun safety just was not a priority.
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and sadly when you had the opportunity to do something about it, it fell by the wayside. when i left city hall in 2014 i didn't walk away from the fight. i got even more involved because it seemed to me that i had more time and why not devote my life to the same thing that i had when i was mayor. i helped found every town and helped build it into a counterweight for the an ira. that's an army of 6 million supporters. that includes nine signed by republican governors. so if you just go and knock on the door and your redshirts or you right letters or you pick up the phone and you call, you are making a difference. elected officials are responsive, they just have to hear enough people say, this is what i want and this is the
12:35 pm
reason i'm going to vote for you and not vote for you and you will get the action that you are demanding. it took 19 members of congress for us who are a rated by the nra, for us to support candidates to run against them. the 19 were replaced by people who understood that we just cannot continue to kill our young people and that we have to do something and that they are responsible. the gun safety champions that we helped elect flipped control from the house to the democrats and i'm happy to say that under nancy pelosi's leadership, one of the thing is the new house did was to pass a strong background check bill. unfortunately we have a president who bows down to the extremists who run the nra and cannot tolerate that. i believe we need a president who has a track record of taking on the nra and winning. you say why do i think i can do it? because i've done it. today i just want to touch on a
12:36 pm
few things, a few of the actions that i have taken to do something about this national emergency rather than just talk about it. i emphasize "do something" because my candidacy is about getting things done. the movement we created gets things done. i've given my time to organize and reorganize and pull together resources from local groups across the country, and it defeat republicans to stand in the way. i can tell you, i'm just getting started no matter what happens in the next election. for me, leadership is not about shaking their fists at the world or putting ideas up on a website. it's about bringing people together. solves problems and gets results and that's what i want to do as president. to begin with if i'm lucky enough to get elected, we will overhaul the background check system to make it much more effective. no one should be able to buy a gun without passing a complete background check and we will get that done.
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we will also close loopholes and gaps in the system, like the one allowing unmarried domestic abusers to possess guns. and the ones allowing sails to go through for a background check takes longer than three business days, and the one preventing law enforcement from identifying felons and others who own guns illegally. we will also be smarter about, who can buy guns? for instance, 18-20-year-olds are four times as likely to commit a homicide compared to older americans. the suicide rate among teens has increased exponentially over the last decade. and in most states the legal age for purchasing a handgun from a private seller is still only 18. and you have to be 21 at least to buy a handgun or any form of semiautomatic firearm. we will also work to adopt the 48 hour waiting period for any purchase.
12:38 pm
that's really important at preventing suicides. one of the biggest problems with the existing background check systems, it has nothing to do with the database. it contains a lot of useful information about criminal history but most of it can't be used to deny a purchase. and we will and change that by requiring buyers to obtain a permit before they purchase a gun. the question is, even no matter what the background check says, can he stop them from getting a gun when they are a minor, they have a criminal record or when they have psychiatric problems this permit will allow authorities to screen applicants for dangerous behavior and i just think about you and i and our conversation before, and that includes our rest or violence like assault and domestic violence, or reckless
12:39 pm
behavior like driving while intoxicated. now i know critics will say that americans it should need a permit to exercise their constitutional rights but voting is a constitutional right and we require people to register to protect the rights of all citizens. and that includes new york i'm happy to say and it's time to make the law of the land take that up. as president i will attack gun violence from every angle. i will work with congress to reinstate the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, to ban the 3d printing of guns and to require firearms to be safely secured. i will work to give the consumer product safety commission the authority to adopt a minimum gun safety standards and i will declare gun violence to be a national public health emergency which will increase the funding
12:40 pm
for a available for research. i will also increase funding for the atf to conduct enforcement and community-based violence intervention programs. i will ban guns at all schools and colleges. i will work with business leaders to encourage responsible sales practices and pressure of the gun industry to change. and i will do everything in my power to save lives. my agenda is not some johnny-come-lately list of borrowed ideas, this part of my life's work and i'm just telling you i will get this done whether i get elected or not. i have proven in new york that gun safety laws can be passed and that they can be enforced. it takes focus. it takes facts. it takes determination. it takes never backing down. i know tom sullivan isn't backing down, i know all of you are not backing down, and that's a kind of president that this
12:41 pm
country needs and that you deserve. it's a very difficult time verse four years of cruelty and incompetence. mind boggles at the thought of reversing eight years of it. so the number one priority, you have to make sure that donald trump is not reelected. and number two we have to stop pulling people apart. we have to pull people together, and we need a president who represents everyone, not one particular political party. that's why i'm running and that's the kind of president i will be. we just have to do something about this, we can't keep killing each other and killing our children killing our grandchildren and our parents and loved ones and spouses. it's time to say enough is enough. we're just not going to put up with it anymore. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> if you can stay here for a moment while we restage, my name is debbie where an international gun violence per advocate. i spent the last two years managing moms demand action and students demand action with every town for gun safety and i'm now with the campaign getting the word out there. number one, i want to say we have volunteers here and survivors every single day that are out in the communities and working together got major solution passed in colorado. tom, i want us to also your son's name alex out loud because sometimes we hear a statistic and we forget that these are families and these were people and these were children. so if we could just take a moment and say alex's name out loud. >> alex. >> we can never forget the victims and the survivors.
12:43 pm
also i'm a survivor of gun violence. my dad took his life with the gun ten years ago. he was a farmer, he was a vietnam vet. i spent 15 years at madd and what madd taught me, when people work together, change homes. so many of these tragedies are 100% preventable every single time. so i feel like we are making progress, we have to have a president and a well that makes this the number one priority and not say words but not doing about it. so thought you mike for everything you've done in this issue. i'm going to ask a few questions of tom and mike and tom, i will start with you. can you tell us about your journey to state rep and how did your work with the every town survivor network prepare you to be elected for office? >> i ran -- i had to run twice. so we don't give up, that's one
12:44 pm
of the things that i learned working with moms. we are on the right path. we are making change. >> trace: and just so you know that's michael bloomberg's first big event in his race for president there. he's talking big on gun control. of course michael bloomberg has been doing this for years. one of the most controversial things, he talked about background checks and closing loopholes but he wants to prevent 18-20-year-olds from buying a gun and he also wants to mandate that you buy a permit before you buy the gun so instead of just a cursory background check that that they can do it a more embedded background check into making sure they are giving guns in his estimation to the right people. the man by the way that is talking right now is a state lawmaker in colorado and his son alex was killed in the aurora theater massacre seven years
12:45 pm
ago. if more news comes out of that, we will it to you. meanwhile we will bring in jeffrey kramer. he is now the managing director of berkeley research group, a consulting firm that helps organizations during investigations. i kind of want to get just your take on what michael bloomberg was laying out there. he was talking about, we are not going to let 18-20-year-olds by gun. mike guns. and this permit before you can actually buy the gun. so they background you and then they sell you the gun some point. your thoughts? >> a few things. i think every federal prosecutor in any large city has done a fair amount of fire and cases and i certainly have. there are certainly loopholes in the existing law that if they were close would stop certain people from getting guns and therefore logically would stop people from shooting somebody. and there's no doubt about that. that's why they are called reports. it violates the law but they
12:46 pm
were able to get through some areas. the broader proposals that mayor bloomberg just brought up with respect to changing the age that someone can get a firearm, and the permit before one gets, that would certainly extend by years in the first instance and probably by several weeks to a month and the second instance. would have more are older and arguably more mature people who were allowed to have firearms which i think anyone would agree was a positive versus the flip side. >> trace: but how difficult is it to get it through? we will have you buy a permit before you buy the gun but what's a process and how hard -- we can't even get simple legislation pushed through. it will be extraordinary difficult to get something like that. that's the distinction between what would help, lessen the number of people who died by firearms versus what could politically be done. obviously there is a difference there. if you asked me if some of his
12:47 pm
proposals would help, the answer is absolutely yes. is there a political blow for it? that's an open question but one could certainly arguably with no. and i think reasonable people can do that. one of joe biden's campaign events in iowa. biden firing back after a man accused him of sending his son to the ukraine to work for a gas company. >> you are selling access to the president he was. you are a liar, and no one has ever said that. >> trace: the man also accused biden of being too old to be president and he responded in a similar fashion. >> look, the reason i'm running
12:48 pm
is because i have been a long time and i know more than most people know and i can get things done, that's why i'm running. if you want to check my shave out, let's do push-ups or ron come on do whatever you want to do. [cheers and applause] >> trace: they went back and forth for a bit more and biden told the man, you are too old to vote for me. not sure how many push-ups they did. ever been mad about a bad haircut? one woman in california was so upset about her cut her son received, witnesses say she had the barber with a car. now police are looking for her while he recovers. and a billionaire elon musk claims he actually doesn't really have that much cash. he's on trial you know after the man he called pito guy guy tookm to court. more after the break
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>> the billionaire founder testified that he does not have a lot of cash and most of his money is tied up in stock for this company. this from his defamation trial after he called a british cave diver "pedo guy." this is about to go to a jury. they have to prove or show that he was negligent in causing this guy home. >> they will focus on the harm. apparently after those young boys were saved from the caves, he's taking pictures with the prime minister at the time and being honored for his rescue of these boys. how is it that after the tweet that he said to the jurors that of course i was harmed? it's inconsistent. >> further context is this guy was a cave diver. elon musk said use one of my
12:54 pm
submarines. he said something bad. he responded with "pedo guy." that is where we are today. he has 30 million followers. if you have more followers, does that make you more liable? guys like to go after people. >> that is a great question. let's say it is two polymers. what is the harm if you're tweeting out and the stratosphere, i think this guy is a "pedo guy." of course, there is harm here. you're calling him up. you have tens of millions of viewers. i think the defense does a really good job cutting that back significantly by showing him much he was honored out of guys were rescued. >> great to see you. the police say they are searching for a mother that was apparently so upset over her son's haircut she tried to run over the barber with her car.
12:55 pm
seriously injured. the mom was causing a scene. the barber started to write out her license plate number. that is when they say she slammed her car into him and through the story glass window. the aquarium shocking visitors with its ability to light up a christmas tree. his name is mcgill. his tank is set up. miguel has his twitter account. what do you think? this is his twitter page. do we have this? just yell in here. this is miguel. >> not an electric one. >> every time he zaps the christmas tree, it tweets. how about that for cool? at the corner of wall and broad,
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janie, come here. check this out. let me see. she looks... kind of like me. yeah. that's because it's your grandma when she was your age. oh wow. that's...that's amazing.
12:59 pm
oh and she was on the debate team. yeah, that's probably why you're the debate queen. - mmhmm. - i'll take that. look at that smile. i have the same dimples as her. yeah. the same placements and everything. unbelievable. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. one call to newday can save you $2000 a year, their holiday favourites.
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every year. activate your va refi benefit now and start saving. p1 forget about the president and the impeachment vote likely coming his way. did you see the guy that wants to be president and his own controversy that can seem to go away? >> you on the other hand, is that your son over there? he had no experience. in order to get access to the public. your having access to the president. >> you are a liar, man. no one is ever said that. >> i see it on the


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