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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it means the collapse of the country can't come soon enough. we'll be back tomorrow. sean hannity right now. >> sean: thank you, tucker. welcome to "hannity." breaking news on multiple fronts tonight. bombshell inside fake news cnn just released by project veritas. it exposes all of the face of fake news and its president, jeff zucker, in his own words hating fox and on a mission to destroy the president. the cnn whistle-blower will be here live. friends of jeff zucker may want to call him and tell him. he will join us for exclusive interviews and so much more you don't want to miss. it's coming up tonight. but first, biden incorporated has been exposed. the cloud of corruption darkens above joe and the shady family family business dealings and we have more that the fake media mob doesn't want you to know
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about. to any american with a functioning brain, it could not be anymore obvious what's going on here. this family profited off of his diplomacy in ukraine and in china. even as the media mob is doing everything in their power to try to cover for them, and suspend any fidelity to truth, now we have outlined on the show, night after night, joe and his son's shady dealings in ukraine where sleepy, creepy, crazy, uncle joe leveraged your tax dollars to get a prosecutor fired. why would any vice president in the united states ever involved himself in such a thing? as bad as joe's bragging on tape is, that was just mere millions. that's all. but the bigger, the much brighter spotlight, now shines on the communist chinese where hunter biden received a sweetheart billion-dollar, later billion and a half dollar deal, just days after traveling with his father on air force two.
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these are the facts as we have now known them. we rewind. we go back to december 2013 britt hunter biden joined his father on air force two on a trip to china where his father had a meeting with the chinese president. then in december, 2013, literally less than two weeks later, hunter biden company had about $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary deal of the chinese government bank of china. as peter schweizer outlined and pointed out in secret empires, the number one best seller, this was a deal unlike any other western firm god and it went to hunter biden who as far as we can tell, had zero expertise in china or private equity. now schweitzer explains ensure that the chinese government was literally funding a business that is co-wned, along with the sons of two of america's most
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powerful decision-makers. the bank of china, that's not your average bank. that's not like chase, citibank, no. it is a powerful tool controlled by the communist chinese, by beijing. they have the ability to wield tremendous political power hunter biden and others cashed in despite seemingly having no qualifications and no experience. it now abc apparently interviewed hunter biden and we will find out more tomorrow. it should be interesting a year what he has to say. let's see how he deals with questions. hopefully he gets them about having no experience and flying over to china and air force two and ten days later basically saying the chinese bank of the bank of china picked me over bank capital, goldman sachs, deutsche bank, the real pros at this. it looks like panic may be setting in. now if you're putting the biden's in all-out damage control at this hour because hunter is finally breaking his silence.
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i bet any amount of money it's been a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes. i'm just guessing. years of experience in his business, 31 of them tells me, that probably have integrated we will find about that in time. in addition to sitting down for an interview with "abc news," he also announced his resignation from a chinese private equity company saying, through his lawyer, if his father becomes president, he won't serve on any foreign boards at all. that's a little bit late. he was doing it when his father was vice president in countries that he was going to and working on behalf of this country for what it doesn't answer any of the fundamental questions, does it? abc is going to ask some of the basic fundamental questions or give him an interview. i don't know. will they asked the specifics of biden's work in ukraine and china? will they ask specifically what he did for all of this money? what were his actual day-to-day job duties?
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will they ask what qualifications he had? will they ask if the status as the son of america's second most powerful decision-maker was a factor in a sweetheart deal? why not pick fake capital, goldman sachs, any of the big firms with tons of experience? now it's also play our little game. let's replace the name vp joe biden with vp donald trump. even though the president would not like that demotion. we will replace the name hunter with the name don jr. what you think would happen, especially with the media mob? what happens when you're taking millions of dollars from 100, shady oil deals, no experience in the country, and then billions, a billion and a half to be exact, from the bank of china after flying with his father who was vice president on air force two when don jr. had zero experience with zero country? readily, zero experience any any businesses that are paying him. you actually think the mob and the media will be saying this is a conspiracy theory or a hoax? or do you think they are
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endless, breathless hysteria and reporting would go on for months and months on end? also developing tonight, the democrats politically motivated unconstitutional impeachment charade is unraveling before their eyes and even adam, the cowardly adam shifts is back tonight making a major admission that may be the nonwhistle-blower who apparently his team coordinated with, doesn't have to testify at all. and he should have been more clear about his secret contact in his office is contact with the nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower in the first place. replace shift with the name trump and i wonder if the media would accept this. take a look. >> we were interested in having a whistle-blower come forward. our primary interest right now is making sure that person is protected. now there's more than one whistle-blower that they are protected and given that we
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already have the call, it may not be necessary to take steps that might reveal the whistle-blower's identity to do that. we are going to make sure we protect that. >> sean: i doubt the media would give trump a pass with that flimsy answer. by the way, the president just weighed in, tweeting, shifty schiff down teams to think they don't need the whistle-blower who started the whole scam. yet, because they are going to find out about the relationship, with his office, and they're going to have to deal with the fact that they don't need any whistle-blower anyway because you actually have the transcript. maybe it's time for republicans in the senate and the house, maybe they need to go on record with the very simple statement that that transcript does not in any way rise to any level of impeachable offense. let's get that on the table so that they can know ahead of time
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that this witch hunt is not going to go on for three years like their last witch hunt went on. by the way, the real reason whistle-blower has lost all credibility was because the story is so far from the facts of the actual transcript. we don't need the interpretation of somebody that got the information vis-a-vis hearsay. are you starting to notice the theme? corruption, hypocrisy, lies, deceit in the democratic party, and their allies in the media mob. every accusation they make, every attack, every allegation, is nothing more than projection. remember, schiff said he has not spoken directly to the whistle-blower when in fact his office did have direct contact with the individual before he ever filed a complaint. apparently he was advised by that team to get a lawyer. to file a complaint with the inspector general. in other words, that would be an organized political hit job from the get-go. and according to the "washington examiner" tonight, we are now learning the fake
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whistle-blower has professional ties to joe biden. shocker. democrats are the ones guilty of real collusion, corruption with ukraine, they are the ones guilty of conspiracy just like schiff is the only one that i know on tape thinking he is speaking to a russian, digging up dirt on donald trump and of course, compromising materials and all of that. and of course vladimir knows. then, too, leveraging tax dollars and a quid pro quo. an obvious shake down with our money to fire a prosecutor in ukraine and it literally working in ukraine, according to politico, january 11th 2017, he had the ukrainians working on hillary's behalf for that election and they screwed up. they picked the wrong horse. they are the ones that weaponized intelligence to spy on the trump campaign. they are the ones that used russian lines to influence the 2016 election and then to spy on a candidate and a transition
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team and then later a president. by the way, that's that. here was a reaction, fox news contributor, investigative reporter, sara carter. all right, you looked at it that's all, it's not like boomerangs everywhere. it all comes back to them. but it's true, if you replace the name trump with biden, i think we get a very different reaction from the corrupt media. >> well, they would be dragged through the mud the way they were already being dragged through the mud on false stories. all you have to do is see how the evidence is pouring out against them. the boomerang, as you say. it wasn't only that the whistle-blower story didn't just add up, adam schiff and the whistle-blower himself did not inform the intelligence community is an inspector general michael adkinson that they had communicated, that he basically was in communication with adam schiff committee on this and will requested help from the committee before submitting the complaint. now we find out that of course, lo and behold, the
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whistle-blower worked for joe biden in the past and that they did admit to the inspector general, that they did work for a prominent democrat, they did know that. so what we are seeing here is a continuous cover-up. this is the reason why adam schiff doesn't want the whistle-blower actually to come forward. he wants to push this aside now. we know there was no quid pro quo. there was absolutely no quid pro quo because we know now from president zelensky of ukraine and that he had no idea that any military aid was being withheld prior to speaking with president trump and even after. he just had no idea and if you look at the transcript on its face, which was eventually released by the president, you can see that for yourself. so now, of course, schiff is trying to find a way to cover up for this, but remember this. this is something i've been talking to sources on capitol hill about. schiff is continuing to push
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over and over again for some type of impeachment and this is moving forward as an impeachment investigation. i just don't think the american people are going to buy these lies anymore. >> sean: i will tell you, if they do, we will lose this great republic. question to ben franklin. a monarchy or republic? republic if you can keep it. let's see if we can keep this one. sarah, thank you. as we have told your time and time again, the media is nothing but an arm and an extension of all things radical. they act as one voice. they don't even bother making separate talking points anymore. manufactured crisis just one example. corroborating in their same act echo chamber. you don't have to take my word for that we have a cnn whistle-blower now coming forward, a new bombshell video just released from project veritas, showing these fake news frauds at their finest, starting with the president at the top as a canoe cnn. all the things they have falsely
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accused fox of, i've never been told once and now my 24th beyond this network. not one time, however, have i been told what to say or not to say. i've been given freedom to say my opinions to the ever living credit as everyone who works here, even the people who hate my guts. that's fine. we are allowed to have disagreement. we have it all the time of the story. we have not independently verify the video but it's pretty clear that we are are about to show you they reached out to fake news cnn for a comment and didn't return our will all recall but they are writing books about us. i think they need to write a book about themselves. that is nothing but handing the stenographer of the president who you are about to look at. take a look. >> i don't care about it. let's just stay very focused on impeachment. >> basically cnn --
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[indistinct speaking] has a personal vendetta against trump. >> sean: that's just part of it. i know what's coming on part two tomorrow but we have more. jeff zucker also had this to say about lindsey graham. wow. dictating directives from the top. telling what people what to say. agenda driven. it's certainly not news driven. take a look. >> i know there's a lot of people at cnn who are friends and we haven't called them out. >> sean: it gets worse. the explosive footage reportedly shows cnn's ranking file all saying the same thing. network is biased, hate trump, hates fox, and by the way, they are not even trying to hide it. let's take a look.
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>> cooper hates him, john lennon hates them, hannity is right. he lets you know. however, john levin comes on and he makes you think he's adjunctive news. i'm not trying to bash cnn. >> it's whatever, man. >> he makes you think he is objective news but he is. john levin, i mean, love him or hate him, he is basically like anti-trump, he's basically left, so maybe john levin could disclose that but cnn makes it appear as though he had 24 hours of unbiased news. that's not true. >> [indistinct speaking] >> sean: we will show you later what they have to say
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about fox. one of the more fascinating things i see on this is that james o'keefe, the guy you see on the tape, not a member of the vast right wing superiority. no, he's a burning some or create a much more to come. that whistle-blower will join us right here. isn't that amazing? that was cnn. others accused trump, republicans, fox news conservatives, yeah. exactly what they are guilty of again. the russia hoax, boomerangs. they smear and slander justice kavanaugh, the kids in covington catholic school, they rush to judgment again and again. they echo the talking points of the democratic extreme radical party but they are going to right a book on us. tell lies about us. more recently, about shepard smith who by the way, i wish well. we have different political disagreements but we have a great respect for each other and a great relationship over the course of our years working together here. i know he will do great things in the future and by the way, we were able to work together and get along together and socialize
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together and guess what? we got along great. nobody in the fake news cnn media ever reported that in the last weekend. trying to show this huge divide that doesn't exist except in their minds. it's amazing. maybe they just can't accept that they can't be what we are paired there are plenty of people in this network who don't agree with what i say but i'm a talk show host, that's what my job is. we do fair, balanced news. we do investigative reporting. we do in pinon, we do culture, we do sports. we do it all to you and we are the whole newspaper. we broke a lot of those deep state stories and we were right and they were wrong. we were right on ferguson, we were right on uva, we were right on duke lacrosse, we were right on baltimore, we were right on vetting obama when they wouldn't do their job. but you're never going to get credit for that and that's okay. i don't need their love and support that i don't really like them anyway. by the way, where is humpty dumpty? jeff zucker's stenographer. constant self-righteousness and phoniness.
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is he going to hold his own network accountable? because he needs to write a book about this incident. most selective outrage over a massive lack of objectivity. where he works. he said he was a stenographer, clearly he is. the coauthor whose new book about fox one day will be just like her. he's dictating the whole thing. later in the program, you may not want to miss my one-on-one exclusive with the whistle-blower featured in this video here and we will have more on that later in the program but fake news is developing on multiple fronts tonight. abc news now has to apologize after actually using footage. see that? that's actually from a gun range in kentucky. at the states told their viewers all this footage of violence and combat in syria, killing of kurds, that network finally issued a statement apologizing for committing the error but
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i'll let you decide to read how do they keep finding more ways to kill their credibility? where is the responsibility? the accountability? fake news has real consequences. that which they say about us is what they are. is the media mob literally pushing propaganda? an agenda to destroy this president every second every minute, every hour of every 24 day. that's why we take so seriously bringing your truth every night. occasionally we make mistakes and we will apologize when we do and do not take this audience for granted. we thank you for making a show number one in all of cable news. we need to earn your trust every day. no one else vetted the deep state, no one else but it obama. no one else went out to meet the kids in the duke lacrosse case when everybody else was rushing to judgment. i learned that lesson is a local host in atlanta. we've been exposing corruption and the biggest abuse of power scandal in our history. they won on the phony russian narrative, we were on the right path. he sang with ukraine. the left of smear the president and they covered for joe biden
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and his son. all right. as we now move forward and we introduce our guests. adjoining is not, the author of the new book, a phenomenal book, "resistance at all costs: how trump haters are hating america." fox news contributor, kimberley strassel, along with the author of the book, "power grab," and also fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. public congressmen matt gaetz earlier today was actually thrown out of the impeachment inquiry. why? i'm sure you are a friendly guy. >> it's very bizarre. on september 12, the judiciary chairman launched the impeachment inquiry and today adam schiff removed me as a member of the judiciary committee from the deposition he was taking. this is proof that democrats can't win a fair election, they can't win a fair debate, and they absolutely cannot run it for impeachment inquiry because they are stacking the deck. they are doing everything they can to limit access to witness and evidence. they're not allowing us to call
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witnesses and by the way, if the republicans had a witness list and it would be adam schiff. so look, we are going to keep fighting to get to the facts here about time and again we see that adam schiff is running a kangaroo court and that should matter to senators who may have to ultimately consider this impeachment that it was done in a totally shot way. even republicans didn't treat bill clinton's bed. they had the opportunity to have minorities subpoenas and have lawyers in the room asking questions. they went through that with the russia investigation. they allowed us to ask mueller questions. they didn't like the result so now they are trying to reshuffle the deck and i think it's a shameful day for the house of representatives house of representatives. >> sean: they announce they have many reasons, if this one doesn't work out, they will find another one. the book is phenomenal. i think it's a defining moment for the country. tie-dyed and also to ukraine, adam schiff, pelosi, the impeachment madness, and the mob and the media.
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>> well, this is one of the damages that the resistance is causing that i talk about in the book. we have two modern impeachment inquiries and in both cases, the party in charge will bend over backwards to make sure it was done in a fair and open manner because they understood that they needed to treat impeachment as the somber and serious tool that it is and prove to americans that they were conducting an inquiry in a fair manner. we now have a house democratic majority that hasn't even had a vote and take in the accountability on the floor to take responsibility for this. they are holding their proceedings in secret, they are denying the white house the right to call their own witnesses and republicans the right to cross-examine witnesses or even be present. this is not how americans expect impeachment to be treated and these are the kind of damage to institutions that are going to be with us for a long time in this country and that are immensely concerning. >> sean: we won't have a
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country if this continues. this brings us to the ig report. congressman chaffetz, it's been taking a long time and we heard the end of this week, now we are in the beginning of next week, i can never get a straight answer, but at some point, are we going to see premeditated fraud on a fisa court and people held accountable spying on a president and showing campaign transition in a president? >> it has been going on for an exceptionally long time. evidently there's been been intraagency debate and really a food fight, if you will, about the classification issues. you remember in the last report put out by horowitz, there were only seven words or so that were redacted the democrats threw a fit that they couldn't see the whole thing. it this could have ten or 20% of the report redacted. senators, based on my own -- >> sean: is that director ray, who has not shown any willingness to clean up the greatest law enforcement agency in the world? is that him?
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>> i have not seen any evidence that director ray has been cooperative. i think perhaps you're talking about the cia, the nsa, there are others. i think mr. clapper, mr. brunning, they are behind-the-scenes fighting as best as they can. in front of the camera, they are fighting as best as they can. i think you need to look at what mr. comey, the director of the fbi, and his interaction with brennan in particular, what sort of collusion was happening within our government and overseas? that's the deep concern. >> sean: amazing. congrats on your new book, kimberly., same with jason. matt, great job today. coming up, big news cnn: exposing the fake news propaganda network. written we will tell that story could also, joe concha and jeff react to that. glad you are with us.
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the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing. >> sean: as we mentioned in >> sean: as we mentioned in our opening monologue, project veritas, they are out with a brand-new undercover video exposing outrageous anti-trump bias inside of fake news cnn. we did reach out to them for comments and still no response. crickets.
10:29 pm
here's one alleged staff are describing what it was like at cnn the night of trump's victory over willie clinton. >> as i got closer i could hear a sigh. they never really wanted it. to this day -- [indistinct speaking] it was like i was at a funeral. people were like in shock. people were in shock. >> sean: here's what the fearless leader, yes, there president, jeff zucker sucker, also said. he hates the president and also hates fox news. shocker. take a look. >> i think what is going on in america now is really
10:30 pm
fundamentally the result of fake news conspiracy nonsense from fox news that has taken root in this country and i'm dead serious about this. the fake conspiracy nonsense that fox has spread it for years is now deeply embedded in american society. >> sean: now the whistle-blower, the project veritas video, joins us later this hour. but first, buys it cnn comes to no shock to everybody because hating trumpets what they do best. >> why is president trump showing sympathy for white nationalists and other hate groups? >> that sounds a lot like a certain leader that killed members of my family and about 6 million other. >> this president has radicalized so many more people than isis ever did. >> he has given oxygen to races.
10:31 pm
he is clearly trying to ignite a civil war and his country. >> 16 tweets today to start the new year. some of them deeply disturbing. these are messages from a person who is not well, from a leader who is not fit for office. >> he is president snowflake. he's always like their means to me and they don't like me and i just don't understand, it's not fair. >> this was a white lash against a changing country. it was a white lash against a black president in part. >> we should know cnn has not independently confirmed nor has anyone else. >> an explosive new report that it's true. >> if it's true. >> you're right, we do not see this from presidents. we see this from mobs. >> we've been taken over by a mob mentality. >> everyone else around the table gets one. no word if there were sprinkles.
10:32 pm
>> sean: he was reaction, media reporter for the hill, host of his own radio show on wor in new york, joe concha. political commentator, once worked at fake news cnn, jeff zucker ward. "outnumbered" usually, 10-1. still got fired. joe, -- well, let's start with you, jeff zucker. you were there. you told me jeff zucker sucker was nice to you. i'm playing fair here but what i hear on that tape is a guy that hates the president, is pushing an agenda to impeach him, and hates fox news and thinks he's saving the country. he knows better than the rest of us smelly walmart trump voters. >> two things. i have to say, i sat in on a lot of those kind of meetings when i was there. i never heard this kind of thing. obviously i was in the room, there were other people who were supporting the president and there were others in the room. i certainly never heard this kind of thing.
10:33 pm
only now has this sort of taken over and it just is amazing and one of the thoughts i've had in a 2014 interview with ben smith of buzzfeed, he was asked about running for office and he said, quote on quote, it's something i've thought about. all of which he denies. all of which he denies.1but if you look at this through a political lens, of someone who was thinking at some point he was running for office, primarily laden with new york left-wingers, what better credential to have than to say that you made cnn every day the focus of anti-trump-ism? >> sean: it can't be any more clear. the great irony, joe concha, i've been here from the get-go and i watched a lot of their coverage. i saw a lot of outright lying from humpty dumpty and company about him making a decision on his own. we wish him well.
10:34 pm
shep and i had a great relationship personally. we just didn't talk politics. we didn't get along that way. it was no surprise but that was his decision. fox, both sides say they tried to get him to stay. you know, he's the best breaking news guy ever seen on television. i've never seen anybody do better news than that guy. ever. in all the years i watched television. nobody better than that. >> sure. he was there for 23 years but he was there when they open the doors of fox news. obviously roger ailes had a particular affinity for shepard smith. so when you are a summary for 23 years, it is so uncommon, this business, to be some way for a couple years, let alone more than two decades, so if shep smith leaves and decides he wants to do something else, it's not all that shocking. so yeah, if you say you got
10:35 pm
along with him, then so be it and i'm sure he would say the same about you but in terms of talking about cnn, i don't find it terribly surprising what was on these tapes. if you remember the malaysian airliner that went down and that story was reported on cnn almost wall-to-wall for months and months. >> look, they like to be myopic in terms of going after one story so when jeff zucker sucker says let's focus on impeachment, that continues the pattern. to find out that cnn is biased or is overwhelmingly negative towards the president, that's not just your opinion or my opinion, every study and analysis that has been done shows that that is overwhelmingly in the case and now with impeachment, this is a money decision because you get a little ratings bump from the drama around that and it serves a purpose in terms of the personal analysis that mr. zucker has in terms of donald trump. now it seems that relationship is completely severed.
10:36 pm
>> sean: we will have more of the whistle-blower joining us exclusively coming up in mere moments. thank you jeffrey, thank you joe. as bernie sanders and those with worn jockey to win over the gems most extreme least left-leaning supporters, of course the biggest owners, the media mob, bernie sanders has gotten in the business of name-calling, take a look. >> she's been my friend for some 25 years and i think she is a very good senator but there are differences between elizabeth and myself. elizabeth has said that she is a capitalist in her bones. i'm not. i think business as usual and doing it the old-fashioned way is not good enough. it's not regulation enough. i don't want to get people to nervous but we need a political revolution. i am, i believe, the only candidate who is going to say that the ruling class of this country, enough is enough with your greed and your corruption and greed we need change in this country. and a 97.5% tax on some
10:37 pm
americans. that's full confiscation. we will just legalize outright stealing. wow. by the way, capitalist, oh, boy, that's great. they are the ones that invest and create jobs. i've been working for a lot of people in my life, i never got a job from anyone who was poor. but you know what? everyone i know that invest money on puts at risk and creates goods and services, they create jobs for other americans. you know what? you tap into your energy services, watch grid the standard of every living american would rise and what you can imagine. so bernie backing up socialist credentials with an extremist plan, economists say made tax people in this country a whopping 90.7% but so-called capitalist rival elizabeth warren doesn't seem to be able to answer the simple question. she's going to have to raise taxes on the middle class and amid all this 2020 chaos, even a billionaire former city new york mayor, a guy that ran the dating
10:38 pm
state and you are, nice guy, but i want to buy a big gulf, i have ought be allowed. now he's attempted to jump at the paygrade here and i was a reaction, fox news contributor, tammy bruce. fox and friends weekend cohost, pete hegseth. good to see you both. the interesting thing is there s is the one issue they want to get rid of trump. they are willing to lie and do anything and everything to do that and coordinate even messages with the democratic party but then they are supporting this in exchange. i know there's other stuff coming out as it relates to cnn this week. i'm an investigative reporter, that's part of being a talk show host. my question to you is this will destroy the country we know. i don't see how america survives the new green deal with 94 trillion at medicare for all and no private insurance option. that's just the estimates. >> you're correct and the thing
10:39 pm
that all of these issues have in common is a disdain for the american people. it's a contempt for our ability to understand our lives and to make our own decisions and to realize what freedom really is, that we can be trusted with freedom, that we are decent people, that we in fact make better decisions in government. all of these decisions, socialism is an old dead, tired idea. it is nothing new and it has always failed. there has never been success. there has always had to be some kind of shoring up or some kind of fraud that goes on when it comes to the nature of any kind of vague socialism working. we see it in the former soviet union, cuba, venezuela, wherever it's trite it's failed and as a result, they are still addicted to this notion that they are better than us, that they are the ones who can make the decisions, that we can't, that we are too dumb to know that we can't trust ourselves
10:40 pm
and so they are addicted to this notion of being our superiors, to controlling our money, enter proving to themselves as a result was central planning, massive government, taking all of our money into the normal sense of personal freedom, because of course, they just don't like us. we see that in the left in their attack on president trump. he is reviled because he likes us. he likes this country. he wants it to do well. that is why he is who he is. >> sean: 78 top% marginal rate for individuals, 90% for corporations. out of all tax to that. save money after they take $0.60 off every dollar. and then when you die would take another 40% for the death tax. legalize stealing to me, and it is going to destroy any incentive and then the numbers don't add up as i was pointing out to tammy. >> yeah, i can barely add anything to what tammy had to say. she's absolutely spot on.
10:41 pm
bernie sanders -- he's on his way out of the presidential campaign. everyone has become bernie. everyone has become a socialist. everyone -- but he's on that owns the label. so with his campaign on on11igurative life support, he's saying i was a real socialist before the whole democratic party became socialist. yet if elizabeth warren is not a a1socialist, then i'm an astronaut because everything was that warren is calling for has the hallmarks of socialism and she understands that still the american people understand and there got that we are not a collectivist society where we take from the rich exclusively to redistribute because that does not work. yet green new deal, medicare fraud, and he made a great point about how she explained to pay for it. she claims she will not raise taxes on the middle class yet she's got about the best message discipline i've ever heard. she says your medicare costs will go down but she will never deny that she raises taxes on the middle class.
10:42 pm
good luck running against president trump with the mantra of i'm going to raise your taxes to give you government run health care after the economy that this president has delivered. she knows that can't work but in the meantime, she's got a media that won't ask her those tough questions. and i hope bloomberg gets in. no big gulps for anybody. >> sean: bloomberg is a nice guy but i don't even drink big gulps. you go to a restaurant, basalt on the table -- yeah. >> it was the one, all of the entire field of the democrats continue to underestimate the american people, the underestimate the president, that's why we will push this away necessarily because they certainly don't mean well. steel and thank you for being with us. when we come back, "hannity" exclusive. my one-on-one interview with the cnn whistle-blower. i wonder if he's going to be fired for being a real whistle-blower. straight ahead.
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>> sean: for years, fake news cnn has been suffering from a credibility crisis. the latest load of the failing network's reputation is the fake veritas video that a whistle-blower asked was exposing cnn's outrageous anti-fox, antitrust bias. here's a small sample. >> i notice, after, again, this is fairly rapidly after i started, within the first hardcoded six months, that there was a strong groupthink that permeated through the holes and that everyone was on board the i hate trump train and i want to basically go after anyone on the center or on the right. >> sean: joining is now, that whistle-blower, former satellite
10:49 pm
technician. cary poarch is with us. thank you for being with us. i guess you really are an official whistle-blower. you were out of the network. what happened? >> thanks for having me. obviously your cells a few people today over the course of the days all the tapes that have been recorded over the last five or six months or so. i started in june of 2017, just like any other wide-eyed wishful thinker coming into speak the truth and be part of the states and as the title said, within the first few months, i noticed it was completely different than what i originally thought and expected. i came here thinking this is my dream job and very quickly it descended into a nightmare that gave me trouble sleeping every night because it contradicted what i'd originally thought news should be. >> sean: i think it's important.
10:50 pm
your dream job, that's sad. you have your goals in life and i find that part tough. you're not a conservative, you voted for bernie and the primary and voted for gary johnson in 2016 election, he didn't particularly like trump. that's fine. i have plenty of friends that disagree with me politically. but this issue that they say they are news, you say they are not. >> that's in my honest opinion, yeah. you know, my whole thing was even from the beginning, i'm not trying to hurt anybody or take the network down, i just want the biases to be up front. so for instance, if i were to watch an msnbc, i'm doing getting kind of a left-wing perspective, as i watch fox, i know i'm getting a right-wing perspective, but for someone to report that they are straight up trusting cnn like the news of all, i saw many things every day
10:51 pm
to the contrary and i spent the first basically two years of my employment there basically fighting what i originally thought. i came here as a staunch person on the left for in today's terms, probably the far left. and -- go ahead. i mean, i came here obviously as a registered democrat, bernie voted, i obviously was a never trumper at the time. didn't want to vote for hillary so i loaded my libertarian roots and the funny part is, my dearest and closest friends around me, you know, i'm actually coming way back to the conservative side and a lot of them asked me how i could even thinking about being a conservative or conservative leaning and i tell them -- i told them precisely working at cnn is what caused me to shift back to the center. i thought you might think that's funny. >> sean: it is funny, i'm
10:52 pm
reading your story and i talked to james earlier today. this whole story is fascinating to me because i've never been told what to say. i am talk show host. i can produce thousands of hours of news. if something terrible is happening, i'm just asking straight questions. we've done our own investigative reporting, the deep state recently, vetting obama is another example and then i give opinion, yes. and i follow other issues and straight up, i am a conservative. i don't hide that. i support the president who is governing conservatively. you approached james o'keefe. you know i don't have a job. did you get fired or did you leave? >> a little bit of both. i was originally planning on resigning tomorrow like my bosses and i agreed upon. the story got released today as a few people have found out and it just had legs of its own and the public had a desire his
10:53 pm
appetite to consume whatever we were cooking up so yes, i am unemployed at the moment. it's definitely going to be a long road ahead for myself and my family. that's why i definitely have james and the gang over at veritas helping me set up a gofundme, cnn. i approached the public veritas guys this year and i was honestly about to quit at that time, about two years into my appointment. i had honestly had enough. i lost so much sleep leading up to about a year and a half, when i came forward. my prior world view has been rocked from what i've seen. you have people in the company driving a specific narrative, claiming to be center of the road, i mean, that's all i want, just for people to be able to take the facts as they come and make up their own mind. i don't care which way you lean, i just care that you take the facts and you make up your own mind. that's one of the many beauties
10:54 pm
of america. so i approached him and i believe that's where i did the insider and it just spoke to me and i decided to go forward and you can imagine being at cpac and wearing a cnn badge -- >> sean: we are running out of time. let me say this. i wish you the best. i'm sorry you had to go through this. if we can ever help you, let us know. more "hannity" next.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," that's all the time we have left this evening there will be throughout the week more of these tapes. let's put it this way, it gets
11:00 pm
worse for fake news cnn. we will never be the crazy rage hate trump psychotic media mob ever. we will always pursue the truth. laura ingraham is live. hey, laura. >> laura: the camera angles on whether they come a little and cameras. they are not flattering. that's all i'm going to say, they are not flattering angles. if were focusing on that. could they have a better angle, if you're going to do an undercover angle, can you let the people look their best, that's my point. >> sean: the content is the problem, the content is what matters. you're worried about camera angles. >> laura: you know what, hannity, the fact that cnn is pro-impeachment, it's like, you know, we all know that's. so why is that? >> sean: remember. we did an investigative report. >> laura: we did all that, i'm glad we have it confirmed that he doesn't


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