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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 17, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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personally saved the lives of more than 20 marines. his family and friends watched as he paid tribute to his service. we thank you for your service. that's it for the special report. fair, balanced, unafraid. the story hosted by my friend martha maccallum, is here. >> martha: is that a remarkable ceremony and remarkable hero. thank you, brett. >> bret: thank you. >> martha: we have 19 days now and counting until the big mid-term elections, folks. tonight we're getting our first look at brand new fox news polls. a few surprises that we've gone through these numbers, a few surprises buried in there. what are the deciding factors? and whose voters are going to show up at the polls in 19 days? good evening, i'm martha whooo! want to get a move on your next vacation? maccallum, this is "the story" tripadvisor now lets you book over a hundred thousand tours, that everyone is trying to attractions, and experiences in destinations around the world! predict right now. so far, most of the experts like new orleans! agree that republicans are from cooking classes, likely to hold the senate and to airboat tours,
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tripadvisor makes it easy to find and book amazing things to do. lose the house. there's one huge question mark that hangs over all of this, and that's the memory of 2016 when and you can cancel most bookings up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. conventional wisdom turned out to be so wrong. so your whole trip... will be smooth sailing! one of the country's most read reviews prominent polesters that check hotel prices book things to do predicted hillary clinton would tripadvisor win by 71% right before the election, is doing a little bit of damage control ahead of the mid terms, writing this week that, quote, polls and forecasts are pretty good instruments but they are not all that precise. and we all be prepared for the possibility of another election night like this. >> america is crying tonight. i'm not sure how much of america but a very, very sigant portion. i mean literally crying. >> am i right to ask about a doomsday plan? do you see this as doomsday scenario? jushis local miracle ear t at helped andrew hear more >> from slavery to naziism, we of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him have faced challenges before. >> a rough night for everybody. to hear more of her laugh... >> the people are worried. and less of the background noise around him. >> this is your life, this is our election now, this is us, for helen, just one visit to her local miracle-ear is all it
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this is our country. >> martha: host of "the next took to learn how she can share more moments with her daughter. revolution" watched the brexit just one free hearing test could help you hear more... vote that he worked on, and brad call now for your free hearing test from an industry leader: todd who wrote the great revolt, a chronicle what was really miracle-ear. happening out there in america, during the course of the 2016 election. brad and steve, great to have you with us. steve, let me start with you, does anybody really know what's going to happen 19 days from tonight? >> i think the short answer is no. guy the way, what fun it is, for me to see those clips from election night. can't get enough of. that i don't know whether we'll waiting to see the evidence, get more of that in a couple of despite reports surrounding the week's time. death of journalist jamal the story, there's a theory in polling and communication, that khashoggi, growing more gruesome by the hour. goes back to the early 1970s, indications that four of the men the spiral of silence. and what it says is that when who were involved have close ties to the crown prince. there's a situation where you can see one of them pictured there's a kind of proved point in his detail here. of view that everyone thinks is the right one but it conflicts and reports of audio that are said to exist, that reveal the with what people really think they don't want to say their opinion. horrific 7-minute torture and they think they're going to be
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criticized for it. that was true with brexit all of then killing of jamal khashoggi, the establishment said you have severing his fingers, beheading to against breaks it, but people and dismembering him as the didn't -- brexit. killers blocked out his screams same with donald trump. by listening to music on their i thought that wasn't the case headphones. this time around, everyone is open about how they feel about the president says that mike president trump and so on. pompeo could be at the white but that changed slightly with house tonight, back from his trip to the middle east and the kavanaugh battle when it ready to discuss the next move seemed like, again, you have as the world watches very this approved view from the closely. establishment about what you're ed henry, live at the white supposed to think, you're house right now, with the very latest tonight. supposed to be some one who hi, ed. >> martha, great to see you. believes in dr. ford and if you the president reminding the believe kavanaugh then there's media, and the rest of the world something not quite right about you. today, about that important i think that's changed the american concept of innocent dynamic. until proven guilty. you are seeing people feeling in fact, he linked this case in something that isn't quite ak-to- okay to say outloud. an interview with the a.p. to that might turn into real votes. brett kavanaugh, the justice, and surprise us all over again. and the allegations against him. >> martha: it might. but what might be the big that's very interesting the way difference, of course, is there you point that out. was no corroborating evidence when you look at the numbers against kavanaugh. democrats hold the lead by about but in this case this story is 7 mrs. , that's the same as about -- 7%, the same as about a turning against saudi arabia hard. the president stressing all of month ago, that number has not this is coming in a broader changed, brad. context. he did an interview with fox
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president trump's approval number went up to 47%, interest business today, he said the u.s. was at 44% in the last poll that needs saudi arabia in the fight against iran, various terrorists we looked at. what's your read on this, as you around the world. but that has left him open to take it all in? >> well, the kavanaugh confirmation has been a pretty big deal for the republican critics saying he's giving saudi coalition. if you read the book, we believe arabia the benefit of the doubt, the details keep pouring in there's a realignment that's taken place in the republican about the death of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi, electoral coalition, it's different than what it was in horrifying. previous years. reports that he was butcher aid up tol until this point you have live during the gruesome had the old traditional republican part of the gop execution, inside the saudi consulate. coalition, not quite know tvae audio tapes potentially some voters who liked trump revealing that he was beheaded better than republicans. they didn't see the value in and dismembered. electing a republican majority. in the kavanaugh confirmation, one saudi saying do it outside. republicans saw it took some one as tough as donald trump to another saying shut up if you stand by kavanaugh and get them want to live when you return to through the fire. saudi arabia. the president says he has asked trumpers sa that it took a for any tapes that exist, his republican majority to achieve secretary of state, mike pompeo, the president's objective. that's pretty important. headed home to washington, after visits with leaders in turkey >> martha: very interesting let's look at the be in that and saudi arabia. both men saying they've been shows what is important to people, which elements are most promised a full investigation as important to them.
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healthcare, 58%. they also stress they do not the economy right near that at want long-term damage to the saudi relationship. 48% -- i'm sorry 54%. >> president trump: frankly, interesting to note, too, that they have a tremendous order, you go all the way down to the $110 billion. bottom, the mueller i have senators come up and investigation, 30% say that that congressmen, say, you know, sir, what we should do is not take is what matters to them. that order. i say who are we hurting, it's steve, what's your take on that 500,000 jobs. poll? >> generally speaking, my view >> we have lots of important based on the elections i've worked on, it's much easier to relationships. financial relationships between change the agenda, the political the u.s. and saudi companies. governmental relationships. agenda shall what are people talking about, what's at the >> the tapes you mention are explosive. front of their mind, than to change their opinion. so that's not good news for because they suggest call ta republicans. if healthcare really is at the pabilt by the saudi crown front of people's minds. prince1. 1 of the 15 killers reportedly so they need to work really hard to raise the relevance of the in the so-called hit squad have issue where they're strong. obviously the economy. ties to saudi security services. but there's one other point, one, even traveling with the immigration. it's actually quite far down the crown prince during his tour of list. the u.s. earlier this year. but one where the base of the just breaking a short time ago, the "washington post" revealing republican party strongly agrees that tomorrow they will public a with what president trump stands for on that issue, and as hah special opinion page devoted to news agenda changes, perhaps with the caravan coming, up khashoggi and his legacy, if you will, including a never before through central america, in a
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could raise the relevance of an published column he had finished issue that could be good to get before what is believed to be out the republican base. his death. >> martha: very interesting. they have not found his body. what is interesting, we are interesting the column allegedly seeing a lot of enthusiasm among talks about the importance of a women, and democratic women free press in the mideast. saying they're driven by the >> martha: that may be the last candidates who are out there. i think that's probably a we hear of his voice, thank you very much, ed. positive sign for some of these democrat candidates. joining me, judith miller, but some of these house races, brad, are happening in places pulitzer prizewinning reporter. where you have a lot of moderates, you know, outside of the cities and the suburbs. what can you teed what we heard? a lot of women who actually do >> what we can add is that care about things like president trump is desperately immigration, and border security, and those issues. trying to buy some time until he and that will be an interesting factor here. can figure out whether or not there is a way to avoid the >> it is. the house and senate are two different stories. donald trump ran behind mitt obvious assumption that mbs romney's number in 86 of 1900 ordered this execution. and if they can't get around largest counties. a lot are in metropolitan areas. that, what do we do as a nation to preserve our special relationship with saudi arabia and the interests that we all trump ran ahead of romney. have in the stable saudi arabia. i don't think they know what to do now. missouri, monh dakota. a very disturbing addendum to you really are seeing a tale of
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the excellent report that you two different kinds of americas just heard from ed henry, the in this election. for democrats they pinned their home on the dense suburbs, a lot saudi counsel, who was told to of suburban, independent women, leave the room, apparently, have negative views of the during this procedure, was president. republicans, meanwhile, have a great chance in states where recalled to riyadh. they're rural industrial voters. he has been fired. i think immigration rising is an issue, favors republicans if it might be laying the ground work becomes a bigger issue toward for blaming him. which is impossible to believe the november elections. if you see the number of people connected to the crown prince's independents tend to side with republicans in immigration and office, his body guards, his other conservative issues, and advisors, his people who were side with democrats on there. healthcare. it's hard to imagine that a >> martha: and maybe brett kavanaugh. we'll see. brad and steve, greats to you. general -- consul general ordered such a barbaric act. -- great to see you. i think this is a huge problem with this whole dna test, is for donald trump at this point. and for america and for the saudis. elizabeth warren wishing she >> martha: the president was never opened this can of worms? asked whether or not the fbi was involved, here's what he said. bill bennett on that, next. >> now, the president likes to >> in virginia, why not send the call my mom a liar. fbi in to figure this out. what do the facts say? >> president trump: well he >> the facts suggest that you wasn't a citizen of this country. we are going to determine that. absolutely have native american
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you don't know whether or not we ancestry in your pedigree. i've got to tell you have, do you? >> well, i -- p.m. >> president trump: do you know whether or not we have september the fbi? i'm not going to tell you. >> martha: we don't know yet, i don't know. >> secretary of state pompeo is on his way back, going to meet with the president. he will at that point tell him exactly what he thinks needs to be done. remember, this is where secretary pompeo's previous job, as head of the cia, is going to be very useful. he will know what the cia assessment is of how stable the something important. kingdom is, of whether or not it's not going to be easy. there's any talk within the quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back family that, this is the time to on every purchase, everywhere. move the brash young crown prince out of the line of actually, succession. that's super easy. none of these things are known. my bad. the saudis are quiet and this a very, very difficult kingdom to penetrate. back pain can't win. that's super easy. i think this meeting between now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. president trump and pompeo will only aleve targets tough pain be crucial to the decision the for up to 12 hours with just one pill. president makes on how to handle this. aleve back & muscle. the senate is going to do
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all day strong. all day long. something no matter what. >> martha: what can they do? >> well they can do a lot. they can sanction saudi arabia, they can ban arms deals which they almost did last year, they can stop cooperation on a lot of levels. >> martha: the act against saudi arabia. >> yes. >> martha: travel of the high level individuals in the government. >> but i'm not sure that is going to be sufficient. given what we've already heard about what went on inside the consulate. i think you have to assume that this was ordered at a very high level. therefore punishing the individuals who carried out the action will not satisfy the congress. but i hope that nothing is done, that people do take -- step back. this is very difficult for me, because i did know jamal, i had known him for many, many years. there are many, many interests to be balanced here, if this is a horrific crime, but if we overreact we could jeopardize the stability of a long-standing
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ally. this a very difficult balance for president trump to strike. >> martha: a chess board. >> exactly. >> martha: judith, thank you. sorry about your friend. i know you knew him well. . it's horrible. >> martha: all right, judith, thank you. so, it is the political move that is sparking some fierce backlash. >> mr. president, i will vote to confirm judge kavanaugh. >> martha: republican senator susan collins, facing the fury of nearly 2,000 alumni from her alma mater who say that her decision to support justice kavanaugh calls for her honorary degree to be revoked.
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something like that. >> i think it will be used against her by the democratic opponents. do we want to ris something one with this known problem that he's attacking and fixated on, risk nominate something one like that. >> martha: some in the media on when it comes to making bones stronger, both sides of the aisle, are you headed in the right direction? we are. we have postmenopausal osteoporosis underwhelmed by the reality of elizabeth warren's results of and a high risk for fracture. the test, showing her to be as so with our doctors we chose prolia®. little as 1,10. to help make our bones stronger. 4 native american -- 1/1024. only prolia® helps strengthen bones by stopping cells that damage them with 1 shot every 6 months. she said i got this and made it do not take prolia® if you have low blood calcium, public. is she wishing she had left the are pregnant, are allergic to it, or take xgeva® dna test in the box? serious allergic reactions, like low blood pressure; bill bennett, host of the bill trouble breathing; throat tightness; bennett podcast and fox news face, lip or tongue swelling, rash, itching or hives have happened. contributor, good to have you with us. tell your doctor about dental problems, what do you think the answer to that question is? as severe jaw bone problems may happen >> i think, yeah, she's dealter or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin, or thigh, with hef s grievious blow. as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. i think she's done. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia®, there are smart people who teach as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. at harvard law school even if prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; some of them got in on identity
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politics, which i think she did. serious infections, which could need hospitalization; i've never thought she was a skin problems; and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. smart person. skillful, agile, quick other are you on the path to stronger bones? feet but this was a dumb move. if you're not sure. when she got the results there ask your doctor about prolia®. had to be a critical moment in her office when she said there it is, 1/512, the average, maybe 1/1,000th. there must have been people sitting there saying we're done, keep it kwie e it. >> martha: exactly. >> but she ran with it. and it's preposterous, the average american had has more native american blood in him or her than does elizabeth warren. she is not only done great billions of problems. damage to herself, and obviously morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. many democrats are upset about therabreath fresh breath oral rinse it, a few democrats running for instantly fights all types of bad breath report pleased with it, but she's done great damage to the and works for 24 hours. so you can... cause of racial and ethnic breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. identity politics. >> martha: let's play this from
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one of the descendants of pocahontas. she's being called out by native americans to apologize at this point. watch this. >> do you think that other native americans team as do you? >> i do. i do. i think they feel betrayed, disappointed. and i think, at this point, she needs to come back and apologize to everybody for what she's done. >> martha: we live in a period, bill, where cultural your insurance rates a scratch so smallr you could fix it with a pen. appropriation is, you know, cav how about using that pen to sign up cafeterias and colleges get for new insurance instead? criticized for making tacos and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates sushi, cultural appropriation, because of their first accident. you know, is a problem. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ how this could not be seen as that, i don't think it can. >> that's right. you know, it's ironic, one of >> martha: so this is susan the most liberal states in the collins on the senate floor in country is the center of what her now-famous speech before casting her vote for brett may be the most important blow kavanaugh. against racial identity this line is one that many have politics. you have elizabeth warren, said made it one of the most senator from massachusetts, the memorable senate speeches ever.
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lawsuit against harvard, all about the same thing. >> we must always remember that consider what elizabeth warren has done in the larger context it is when passions are most of colleges and universities. everybody knows about the application form, martha, you inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy. check a box. white, caucasian, >> martha: the passions are african-american, pacific still very inflamed. islander, native american. nour some members of the kak well, can you imagine the number faculty and alumni of her alma of people saying, well, if mater call for her honorary elizabeth warren can check native american so can i. degree to be revoked because they think the vote was wrong. so what happens when you have it signaled she was not thousands of people checking the right boxes, because everyone concerned about ending campus rape culture. knows that some groups are favored rather than others. this is going to create chaos. none jonathan turley wrote with next step, give me a second, this story today, these then you say well, you must prove you're what, 20%? professors and graduates are seeking to retroactively punish 30%? now, then, we're into susan collins for an opinion different than their own. it shows how power without mongreliization. principle is little more than a mob dressed up as a movement. like in germany, if you had a joining me, jonathan turley, grandparent that was jewish, you george washington law professor
4:16 pm
were jewish. and fos news contributor. good to have you with us. she may have contributed to >> thank you. >> martha: i, too, am a graduate thend end of this. >> martha: maybe we don't need of st. lawrence university. the boxes on any of these i know that you said that susan collins was the most famous applications, maybe everyone graduate, i would say that's should just apply. true. that's the argument made by some also vigo mortenson, kirk in the harvard case, right? >> right. if some people are winners, some douglas, eleanor mondale, they people are losers. went to st. lawrence. which is what the asian kids bringing the suit are saying. i've heard from many but this is the ugliness of this individuals, and there are many people who support her and do business. not agree with the sentiment in and if everybody is native this alumni letter or faculty american, then nobody is native letter. that being said, this is a very american, except those people strong letter. who can claim, as you mentioned, the people from the cherokee it basically says that they want to remove one of the two nation and so on. what becomes the test? honorary degrees she got isn't it better to do what because, essentially, they don't like the conclusions she lincoln said, regard all of us as citizens, all of white house came here legally or who were reached. >> right. and what's most disconcerting is born here, and just start on that equal basis? that you have almost 100 professors from virtually every this could lead to a lot, there could be a lot of rue department in the university, percussions, broader culturally. signing this letter. another evolution starting in boston. maybe not the one the liberals the most fundamental obligation
4:17 pm
of professors is to preserve want. >> martha: great point, good to see you, thank you. intellectual honesty and >> thanks, mayor that, you bet. institutional integrity, to convey to students that a xlej >> martha: so the white house -- mayor what. or university -- college or >> martha: the white house university is a place for diversity of ideas. awaiting mike pompeo, he is there's no one path, like the one described in this letter. supposed to be at the white there's multiple paths in a house tonight, they want answers world full of different ideas. surrounding what happened when that's what is so disconcerting. he was there regarding the death this is a school with about 217 of jamal khashoggi. a live report from the white full-time and part-time house. professors. >> we're not going to walk away almost 100 signed this letter. >> martha: true. from saudi arabia. >> i don't want to do. and they say that rescinding the that i do not want to do that. honorary is not rooted in partisan loyalties. i hope the king and the crown and they go on to say that she prince didn't know about it, received the award, originally, that's a big factor in my eyes. because she was, quote, willing to break party ranks. but then it turns out when she did vote with her party, they want her to lose it. they say she recognized how great it was for her to break party ranks but when she didn't, there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? spoke her mind in another direction, that some would you that means she doesn't uphold she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. the values of the university?
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but you got this! >> that's right, they celebrated rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. her independence of thought and understand the details and get approved in as few action, until that took her in a as eight minutes. by america's largest mortgage lender. direction they didn't agree with. that's a truly sad aspect of this. this is a wonderful school, it has a really rich history. >> martha: absolutely. >> these professors, in my view, are leveraging that history and doing great harm to their institution. >> martha: they say she cherry-picked the evidence. that she was preserving the crucial role of evidence-based decisionmaking when she got the award. they're saying she abandoned that because she didn't pay attention to the scientific evidence that said that this professor ford, you no owe, understood memory better than they did, scientists backed that up. no mention in the letter of recognizing the other side of the equation, the non. >> corroboration. it says that her story was corroborated in the letter. but we know is that not true, theory was not corroborated.
4:19 pm
>> reasonable people can disagree about the conclusions reached in the confirmation. >> martha: absolutely. >> there was a pausity of evidence, there was not direct corroboration, it came down to a credibility test for many. but what is so concerning is the argument of these professors in a there is no other option. they say we don't -- we're not doing it because we disagree with her position. we just believe there's no ground upon which she could reach a different conclusion. that's the type of imbecilic logic that leads to problems on universities. >> martha: they say that she showed unwarranted skepticism towards dr. ford's claim. and as you say, everyone has a right to free speech, and they have every right to write this letter, sign the letter, start a petition. i don't think anyone argues with that. but to sort of not recognize that the other side of the argument also has validity, and
4:20 pm
that as a senator she -- you know when she got up there, she talked about the hours that she went through, of the evidence, and how difficult a decision it was for her to reach. so, i just think to not recognize that she spent time and energy looking at everything, is somewhat, you know, unfair academic criticism. >> it's bizarre, half of this country believed that he should be confirmed. half the senate believed he should be confirmed. but these professors are saying that's not a good-faith option. all of those people are somehow rape apologists and there's this rape culture at st. lawrence. >> martha: by all accounts that i have read, and i went there a long time ago, i talked to people currently there, they say that is an absolutely unfair kashgtrization. and you know, they -- they say there's a rape culture and they have a process for dealing with it and occasionally that leads to punishment f there's a rape
4:21 pm
culture there, it needs to lead to punishment more than occasionally and call the local police. but that is not a fair assessment from everything that i can tell, the reality on the campus. this charge is all over the country. >> also very odd, you have about half the kak you will ty saying there's a rape culture on campus, the other half, i suppose, supporting the culture? i don't understand where it goes of half of the faculty saying we need to deal with the rape culture. >> martha: the university says they've never revoked an honorary degree and no intention to do that. the end of the letter says this, at the end of the the letter, we continue to be grateful for her willingness to be a regular speaker who inspires our students at our d.c. connect events. [ laughing ] >> you're right. >> martha: i don't know if she's going to show up for the next d.c. connect event. but that was interesting. >> she might be a rape apologist but we prefer her to come and
4:22 pm
speak to us. >> martha: i got a great education there and a lot of people feel on all sides of this. jonathan thank you for writing about this. >> thank you. >> martha: remember this? >> we have taken a scalpel to the discretionary budge rate they are an machete. >> martha: cutting spending something that something that nearly every president says they will do. but today president trump said he means it. and that it's about to begin. mick mulvaney, his director of the office of management and budget explains the plan. >> president trump: get rid of the fat. get rid of the waste. the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150.
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>> president trump: we're here today for one single reason, to cut the red tape of regulation. i am challenging my cab let to find and remove every single outdated, unlawful, and excessive regulation currently on the books. >> president trump: president trump almost a year ago pledging to remove regulations that have gridlocked washington. and today he is going further, employing his cabinet members to get onboard with his, quote, nickel plan. >> president trump: i'm going to ask each of you to come back with a 5% budget cut, from your
4:27 pm
various departments, whether it's a secretary, administrator, whatever. i've heard about the penny plan for 15 years. one penny, every year, per dollar. one penny every year. after four or five years the country is in good shape. i'm saying let's not do the penny plan, let's do the five penny plan, the nickel plan. a one-year nickel plan. >> martha: the director of the office of management of budget mick mulvaney, good to have you with us, sir. conservatives will applaud that, i think. the question is accountability, how is the president going to follow through on this. when does he expect the 5% cut to the agencies to come to fruition? >> well, he asked all of the cabinet secretaries to take 3 or 4 weeks to work with the office of management and budget to do that. it's noteworthy the public part of the meeting when the press left and we had the private part of the meeting, the last two times we talked about budgets in
4:28 pm
the cabinet meeting he turned to me and asked me to talk about the budgets. today it was all the president. the president led the discussion. i didn't say a word. the president's idea. he's leading this. and i think the cabinet secretary is going to take it very, very seriously. >> martha: here's what he said about the last budget, that you had to do. watch this. >> president trump: the last budget we had to go because. military, we had to fix our military. we made deals with the devil to get that done because we had to improve our military. our military was depleted, it was in bad shape. >> martha: you know, i think that that was understood that, that was kind of an exchange to get what you all wanted in defense spending and you had to swallow some other spending increases that maybe you would rather not have done. i guess one of the big questions, republicans have had control of the house, the senate, and the white house now, since the president came in to office. but there's a good potential they're about to lose the house. how, why now?
4:29 pm
i mean doesn't it feel late to the table? >> keep in mind one of the reasons we've struggled had to make that deal with the devil the president mentioned, appropriations bills like most bills, not all but most, take 60 votes in the senate. since the republicans don't have 60 votes in the senate that automatically implies democrats have to participate, it has to be bipartisan. the one thing that's bipartisan is spending more money. you buy democrat votes. that's why we did what we did. you and i can talk another time about the control of the house. i'm not as convinced as you are that that's getting ready to happen. these are the president's priorities. he takes the deficit seriously, taking spending seriously, we're doing a great job of growing the economynd getting new revenues into the government. the revenues are all-time highs. the deficit is increasing. we have to look at the spending side of the ledger. >> martha: what is the time frame, when would you be able to get this done, who knows what the outcome is going to be in the house? anybody's guess at this point. a lot of talk as you look at it.
4:30 pm
what is the time frame for cutting spending, you know, it does feel like it's sort of the wire may be running out. >> we just ended the fiscal year. our fiscal year ended the end of september. just starting the fiscal year. now the money is all spent for 2019, just starting. we're starting, believe it or not, on the 2020 budget. we will roll out in march or february of next year is already started, started to get into the details right now. this is the exact appropriate time to have it. and the normal time to have these discussions. the president is doing the right thing at the right time. >> martha: let's talk about the deficit. the treasury says it's $797 billion, 17% increase over the previous year, the highest deficit we've seen in six years. you pointed out there's so many amazing positive strengths we're seeing in the economy when you look at jobs, the cuts that have happened in regulation and what it has unleashed in the economy. by anyone's measure that's an extraordinary story.
4:31 pm
but the deficit is a tough picture. >> not that tough, it only has two pieces. money in and money out. money is coming in because of the economic policies that the president has put into place. money is coming in at a record rate. it's just going out faster in large part because of the senate democrats that i mentioned. so, it's actually a fairly simple mathematical calculation. we just need to figure out a way to do better on spending. the president gets that. we will grow the government. we have proven that, we continue to grow the government, continue to think that this expansion is still on strong fundamentals. but if we're going to see meaningful changes to the deficit we have to focus on the money out, the spending at the same time. >> martha: many say you have to focus on entitlements. mitch mcconnell has spoke about this recently. you really can't make a significant dent in the spending in this country without touching that so-called third rail. are you prepared to do that? >> a couple of different things, that's actually not true. social security only accounts for about 85 billion of deficit this year.
4:32 pm
medicare is about $300 billion. everything else is everything else. when you say entitlements and mitch mcconnell, social security and medicare are a challenge to the deficit several years out. right now, they're not what is driving the defense i sit this year. hurricane -- deficit this year. we had hurricane spending, bunch of different things, a caps deal that increased spending. it's the discretionary spending that has a big impact. keep in mind the president's budget that we introduced last year, was the largest mandatory spending reduction proposal in history. it did not touch social just or medicare. there are entitlement programs that we can fix, reform, without touching core social security and core medicare. we have offered that, and welcome that discussion. everything on this topic needs 60 votes in the senate, that's where we hit a roadblock. >> martha: thank you, mick mulvaney. thank you. >> martha: you have probably
4:33 pm
heard steve doocy has a new cookbook, best selling cookbook. steve is not publicly revealing, i taught him everything he knows. he's up next. coaching means making tough choices.
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♪ >> martha: we did not talk about food a whole lot on "the story" but it's always at the center of every celebration from birthday dinners, one of which i'm going to tonight for my husband, to graduations and wedding parties and football sundays. it took all those memories and put them in one cookbook, do know it would be? it would be steve doocy and his wife, the cookbook, the happy cookbook, it is the best cookbook i have ever seen. i love it so much and steve is here as cohost of fox and friends, good friend of mine and he joins me know. high matt, steve brady >> hello, martha. the book, we heard tonight it's an international best seller. it struck a chord because it
4:38 pm
seems like we have learned that foods are able to -- whether you smell them or see them or think about them are able to activate something and in the style department of your brain and a reminder of happy times. coming up in two days, talk about how tonight you're celebrating dan's birthday. in two days, my wife kathy will make the same 4-pound chuck roast that my mom would make for me on my birthday where she puts the cream of mushroom soup, she could sit all day. i walk in the house, even today, you smell it. that's my mom's pot roast. >> martha: you get that every year on your birthday? >> absolutely. she also makes the german chocolate cake, which she made my dad and then made me and it's just one of those things. as we were doing the book to her over the last couple of weeks, so many people have come up to us and said, you know what, i wish i would've kept more of my mom's recipes or wish it would have had my mom write down some recipes and you, martha maccallum, actually helped us with the cookbook.
4:39 pm
there are two fantastic recipes. betty's bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. >> martha: delicious. >> that is the best dessert i have ever had in my life. >> martha: it is so good. >> left with martha and i were preparing a segment for an upcoming episode of fox nation. >> martha: there we are. >> there we are in her kitchen out in new jersey and you are a good cook. >> martha: i said i make two things and they are both in steve's cookbook. pumpkin cheesecake and the all-day beef stew and we made both of them at my house and it smells delicious in the house and steve made me drink red wine at like 10:30 in the morning. >> weight. i didn't make you -- she poured the redline, she said you're probably tired. but here's the thing about that, betty's bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. >> martha: yeah. >> it turns out martha maccallum loves her bourbon. >> martha: i do. >> we had a food stylist who brought the stuff and you look at the bourbon and goes i'm not drinking this. went back to the pantry.
4:40 pm
>> martha: there was a bottle of bourbon that had like this much left and there was fingerprints all over it. not a good look. >> she loves her bullet. >> martha: there's only a little bit of bullet in the bourbon pumpkin cheesecake but it was delicious and the book is just great. it's like all those comfort foods that you grew up with and you have all these different people's favorite recipes in there and thank you so much for including my mom's all-day beef stew and the pumpkin bourbon cheesecake, which is delicious. and i like how comfortable i look in the kitchen in this video. eat your heart out, right? martha maccallum, i'm going to start my own cooking show. >> martha stewart mccallum. why not? if you're thinking for something for thanksgiving, make your most. >> martha: i make it everything's given, the bourbon pumpkin cheesecake. my sister is the excellent cheesecake maker, this is the only one i specialize in. >> a couple of children floating
4:41 pm
around in college. you make an all-day stew and is like my mom's pot roast. if you walk in the house and it smells great. it's fantastic. thanks to everybody for buying the cookbook. it sold out on the first day. >> martha: lucky that i got my copy early. >> thanks for taking part. i'm helping so many people relive their happy memories. >> martha: great to see you. you are up late. that's our story for tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson coming up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." less than three weeks to go until the midterm elections, violence is flaring up again. it republicans in both minnesota and the state of nevada have been assaulted, in effect, punished for violating the unwritten law. if trace gallagher has more on this developing story for us in a period of trace.
4:42 pm
>> in minnesota there were two separate incidents. first the g.o.p. representative sir anderson
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