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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 27, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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and "fox and friends first" continues right now. [shouting] >> it is wednesday, june 27th, transportation secretary elaine chao confronting protesters converging on her husband mitch mcconnell, that fiery encounter is calls ramp-up for maxine waters to resign. jillian: a federal judge declaring family separated at the border must be united. a new deadline is a dozen states file suit against the trump administration. rob: a praying coach is put on leave taking action on his own. he wants the supreme court to step in. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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♪ jillian: a start in new york city, 5:01 on the east coast. you are watching "fox and friends rs on wednesday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. behind closed doors on capitol hill. jillian: lawmakers grill them on his anti-trump text messages and his role in the clinton email probe. douglas later has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: these are the text messages that will not go away. peter stzrok will have to explain why he and his then fbi
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colleague lisa page exchanged, whether they effectively colluded to prevent donald trump from winning the white house and stzrok text messages figure prominently in an inspector general report that found bias at the fbi but stop short of saying there was evidence that bias impacted the clinton email investigation. many republicans, the fix was in to exonerate hillary clinton to assure donald trump would not become president. >> and compromise, >> as far as the actual hearing is concerned, some idea what happened. this would take place behind closed doors. donald trump made his feelings known earlier when he tweeted the hearing of peter stzrok and
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other hating fraud that the fbi should be shown how on live television, not a closed-door hearing no one will see. we should expose these people for what they are, there should be total transparency. all of this may be a prelude to another hearing tomorrow with christopher ray and atty. gen. rod rosenstein. jillian: a federal judge ending most family separations at the border and paving the way to reunite those families already separated. the company you court ordering all kids under 5 must be reunited within 14 days and older children within a month as 17 states soon the trump administration over those family separations, the white house says 500 minors have been reunited with their families. and immigration showdown on capitol hill, the deal on the
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table meant to be a compromise reversing the 0-tolerance policy that has been on the books for years, donald trump ramping up the pressure on the border wall. >> we ask an increase in wall spending so we can finish it quicker. it stops the drugs, stops people, give the security and safety. >> reporter: the senate will vote on a similar bill tomorrow, adding 200 immigration judges at the border. rob: a lot of election results after 7 state primaries, the big shocker for democrats, 10 term congressman and fourth ranking democrat in the house, joe crowley taken down in new york by democratic socialist alexandra cortez. take a look at her face right here in complete disbelief as the results came in last night. her opponent could have replaced
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the house speaker, minority leader. she wins in november, she will be the youngest woman elected to the house, donald trump, joe crowley who thought he would take nancy pelosi's place lost the primary election, in other words he is out, that is a big one nobody saw happening, perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president. henry mcmaster surviving his gubernatorial runoff challenge. >> what we have in south carolina, we are on the edge of the greatest prosperity we ever had, nothing like it. rob: mitt romney securing his place on the senate ballot as well. jillian: the supreme court willing support in favor of his signature travel ban. rob: more to come, todd pyro to break it down with what we can
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expect. >> good morning customers tremendous success, victory for the american people and constitution, celebratory words of the president upon learning of the big decision. >> we have to be tough and we have to be safe and secure and at a minimum we have to make sure we vet people coming into the country, we know who is coming in, where they are coming from. rob: it came down to the office of the president's extensive power to act as he or she sees fit for national security. recall travel ban 3.0 includes iran, li somalia, syria, yemen and non-majority countries, north korea, venezuela, government officials and families, chad was removed from the list. writing for the majority, chief justice john roberts explained by plain language federal law grants the president broad
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discretion to suspend the entry of aliens into the united states, the president lawfully exercise that discretion based on findings following a worldwide multi agency review. he goes on, the proclamation is premised on the didn't purposes, the text says nothing about religion. dumping statements by donald trump. and in a passionate descent, justice sonia sodalite or based on evidence in the record, and the majority holds otherwise turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering the proclamation inflict on countless individuals and families. last week of june always big for the supreme court and we are expecting a huge decision on the
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right of workers to be employed by the government without having to pay dues to a union they don't agree with politically, a big first amendment case. hank you. rob: donald trump front and center on capitol hill, the confirmation hearing for robert wilkie turning into a grilling after questions about his past political views, veterans for america senior advisor said wilkie is the right guy for this job. >> i talked to wilkie, we looked at his background, vetted himself in the navy and the air force, the right guy at the right time to take a challenging va and move it forward. rob: the lawmakers are not expecting problems with his confirmation. the position has been open since donald trump fired david shaw can and jackson withdrew from consideration. jillian: donald trump hitting
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the campaign trail, thousands will hear him rally support for kevin kramer at fargo, north dakota, he heads to milwaukee for tomorrow's groundbreaking of the technology plan which will crea 13,00wiscn-based harley-da is moving some production to europe to avoid new tariffs. rob: we had some nice weather, it has been pleasant, wasn't too humid. >> i like that you like what is happening. we had severe weather across the midwest and portions of the northern plains, doz reports of tornadoes and look at the hail and damaging winds, a big system, the same areas hit again today. the large hill, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and heavy
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rainfall. be prepared, know what to do if there is a watch or warning, some areas could receive a couple inches in a short time. the other big story is the heat across the south, 93 hoton, phoenix 0,hol have a dry day, the rain moves into tomorrow and look at those highs across the southwest. i know this is the southwest, but it is very very warm. >> the forecast shows very warm temperatures across the northeast. rob: calls for maxine waters to resign over this controversial comment. >> if you see anybody from that
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cabinet, former crowd. rob: sparked a lot of outrage, judicial watch taking action filing an ethics complaint and the president joins us live next, the house needs to hold maxine waters accountable. jillian: he didn't do anything illegal. why this bald bird was put in the back of a police cruiser. ♪
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patty: 1 back. just hours from now peter stzrok will appear before the house judiciary committee. rob: what will we learn from this closed-door session? here is tom fitton. it will be closed door. >> you would have thought
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congress would understand the american people one to transparency. the house has been fighting for transparency, the first session behind closed doors but i expect mr. stzrok will explain the text messages where he expressed anti-trump hatred, talking about having insurance policies, having -- trying to stop trump and things like that, explained that to the ig. he wasn't persuasive to the ig and i don't think he will be persuasive to members of the house. jillian: we have read a lot of these text messages over the last two month. how do you think one tries to defend themselves in that situation? >> he will suggest the messages don't mean what they say and didn't impact is decision-making. the ig couldn't be sure that was the case. the problem is for mr. stzrok, communicating with lisa page,
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member of fbi leadership, stzrok was a member of the fbi leadership, we have acknowledgment the investigation was wired in terms of hillary clinton, they were never going to prosecute her, not only text messages but an email by judicial watch. then we have got to get trump attitudes, through all these text messages and other communications. one of the problems is we still don't have all the text messages. he is concerned the justice department doesn't have all text messages with congress doesn't have all text messages but he may have to come back once more information is disclosed by the stonewalling justice department and fbi. rob: for so many months this was denied is a big nothing, donald trump's excuse there was bias against him and the ig blows the roof off of everything and we have this hesitation from christopher rand rod rosenstein. why do you think there's that
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hesitation to cooperate with this? >> they are protecting the institutions of the doj and fbi come more interested in their credibility than anything else and protecting the mueller investigation is more important than anything else as well. when you look at these text messages, the dossier was corruptly formed and by allowing information it further undermines the mueller anti-trump investigation. jillian: let's talk about maxine waters facing criticism over her comments the last couple days. let's listen to what she had to say yesterday. >> i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president lied again. the children, i don't want to engage constantly with this
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lying president. >> c says she hasn't called for any harbor couple days ago we saw the video where she is out there with the speaker saying confront them, talking about folks from the trump administration. what have you done about that? >> we took her statement and sent it to the office of congressional ethics, the organization that handles these complaints and this type of behavior where she is inciting violent assaults and riots against trump cabinet officials reflects poorly on the credibility of the house and that is an ethics violation and the house of representatives needs to decide if they're going to allow the house to be used as a platform by one of its members to incite violence and i don't care what she says about being peaceful, when you tell people, cabinet official in a private location getting gas or the department store or restaurant, to get a crowd together and push back and say they are not
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welcome, that is the definition of assault and riot, if the numbers are large enough, having an impact, sarah sanders getting secret service protection and the secret service in analyzing threat situation, they have for her, factored in waters's comments in deciding to provide extra protection to sarah sanders. >> 19 minutes after the hour, the pres.'s rallying cry since day one. >> start by building a wall, a big beautiful powerful wall. we are going to build the wall. told that wall. build that while. rob: drug dealers are using drones on the southern border. is this proof the border really does need a wall? brandon judd says it is time to put the safety of the american people first.
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jillian: good morning, white house press secretary sarah sanders getting extra security. the secret service will start protecting her when she goes out in public. she was kicked out of the red hen restaurant over her white business will be closed until july 5th and the co-owner who booted sanders is stepping down as executive director of a local business. rob: a football coach fired for
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praying with his players taking his legal battle to the supreme court. coach joseph kennedy petitioning the court to reverse the 2015 decision to fire him after he refused to stop praying on the field after the games. he joined "fox and friends" in 2015 saying the players supported him. >> incredible to see the whole entire team coming out and joining us voluntarily. >>'s lawyers claim he was unlawfully fired after his contract does not allow staff to leave prayer on school grounds. no guarantee the supreme court will hear the case. >> first there was flipy, the burger grilling robot, now meet the friendly face agreeing bank customers. rob: tracy, roscoe is not a robot. >> reporter: meat pepper, she
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debuted yesterday at new york city's flagship bank, pepper greets customers,ased on their answers, a notified feature that she has. give them more time to help out customers. this is the first financial institution in the us to officially employ robots. we are not robots, we okay with the technology as long as they don't do that. >> we don't want them taking our jobs. facebook, what is going on? >> it is abandoning its drone program. we will leave that to the experts. they are getting rid of this program they started. mark zuckerberg says he wanted this program to connect the world, building drones that
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would fly over remote areas and beam the internet into these areas. they say they will work with companies to do the same thing. rob: leave my husband alone. that message from elaine chao, mitch mcconnell. [shouting] >> the action republicans are taking against maxine waters for promoting the harassment of trump administration officia jackie is here to share them up next. ♪
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jillian: reaching a boiling point in civil discourse trump administration official haggled by protesters after maxine waters called for public harassment. >> things are getting pretty heated. >> reporter: to say the least. mitch mcconnell and transportation sec. elaine chao are the latest targets, leading an event at yorkshire university when they were confronted. listen. [shouting] jillian: homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen, sarah sanders and florida atty. gen. pam bondi have all been harassed in public places seemingly in response to democratic representative maxine waters fueling the fire. >> if you see anybody from that
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cabinet you get up and push back on them. >> california congresswoman later walking back those comments but last night shield a group of reporters off camera when asked about the remarks, judicial watch filing an ethics complaint. >> she is in signing violent assault and riot against trump cabinet officials reflects poorly on incredibly of the house and that is an ethics violation and the house of representatives needs to decide whether they will allow the house to be used as a platform by one of its members to incite violence. >> reporter: andy biggs introduced a measure to censure waters and called on her to resign over her comments. jillian: it is heating up like crazy and people have things to say. >> reporter: daniel writing this on facebook, maxine waters is at it again but donald trump is
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still your president. anyone who listens to maxine waters is nuts, who really should step down because it is clear you are not doing your job and nick tweets as the president would say they are lost souls who don't have any ideas and can't make a rational argument so they resort to violence. bryans is what do you think about trump spewing venom and vitriol toward anyone who disagrees with him? there you go. rob: a bazaar story identifying the body in the home of giants quarterback jenkins, 25-year-old roosevelt renée is a family friend of jenkins living at the new jersey home, how he died is unknown but definitely being treated as a homicide. jenkins was not home when the body was discovered.
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he has been in florida the last two weeks. we are following the story. jillian: several people arrested during a massive protest against jeff sessions. ♪ we will all go down together ♪ everybody has got a right to love ♪ >> the group included several religious leaders from los angeles gathered outside hotel where sessions was speaking, 2 dozen people were arrested. many held signs opposing separation of immigrant children from their parents. rob: the first lady, second trip to the mexican border this week, visiting immigration facilities holding families accused of illegally crossing into the us, details of the visit including when and where she is going remain unclear. last week the first lady met with migrant children in texas. jillian: drug smugglers going high-tech on the southern border using drones to exploit soft
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spots. rob: border agents have arrested 5000 illegal immigrants with criminal records this year alone. is this proof the border does need a wall? brendan judd joins us with more. a lot of people pouring in, 5000 with criminal records. what do you say? >> reporter: that is just what we know, those criminal records are what we have, we don't have access to the criminal records in countries of origin. we don't know what type of people they were in their o countries so that should scare the public, disturbing to the public. jillian: we have numbers, little more than 700 suspicious drone activities in 2016, seems like a lot. how have drones change the game and how can we combat that? >> drones are changing how criminal cartels operate the profits they make, not only do
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they use drones for soft spots but the payload of drones can carry so much opioids in different narcotics like that and slide narcotics over with these drones. i'm a little disappointed in my agency, we knew these would be a problem. this is typical of what we see and carrying over into the trump administration and if you look at current immigration crisis we would not be here if the agency had done its job in april 2016, we had all the momentum in the world to keep illegal border crossings low and they failed to react. rob: after the trump effect, $50,000 a month, that is just
2:36 am
who is caught crossing the border. do we know how many people are getting by? >> we don't know but there is an estimation, border agents go out and -- if you look at it, 50% to 60% effective, to cross the border illegally, still getting away from us. and important policies when we are only deploying, and two or three months ago where we reported the busiest border patrol station and on the border. that will not get it done. >> is there way to fix this problem without a wall?
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>> he has done all the research into this. this is something he had extremely intelligent people working on, this is the way we can create choked points and become more effective. when you look at a 50% to 60% effectiveness rate, to control how it takes place. wall in strategic locations, if we continue to expand that the border patrol is more effective and some with murder rap sheets will be able to take them into cud ensure the public is safe. >> we are spinning our wheels trying to protect the border. thank you for your time. >> 37 after the hour, keeping america safe, the crystal
2:38 am
framework behind the travel ban and the top court agrees. is the legal fight over? judge and napolitano ways in. rob: mitch mcconnell taking to social media to celebrate a major ruling taki a shot at the obama administration. carly shimkus with reaction to this victory. ♪ how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't have to actually talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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is it to carry cargo... greatness of an suv? could just trust duracell. or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now. receive up to a $1,250 summer event bonus on select suvs. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. rob: the high court upholds donald trump's travel ban and mitch mcconnell marking the historic ruling on twitter. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with this victory lap. >> a picture is worth 1000 words which is why mitch mcconnell's
2:42 am
official campaign sent this picture of mcconnell with justice gore such in response to the supreme court ruling. mitch mcconnell blocked obama's supreme court pick paving the way for trump to nominate neil gorsuch so this was his you're welcome two anyone happy with his ruling. a very different response from vermont sen. bernie sanders, the trump administration's travel ban was never about keeping america safe. you need only look at trump's own words to understand this has only been a racist and anti-islamic attempt to ban muslims from entering this country. let's look at what lindsey graham had to say, as i stated when the new executive order was issued it is not a religious been. the order was focused on countries in true states of disarray and vetting to ensure terrorists are not coming into the united states.
2:43 am
reaction down party lines. conservatives very happy, thank you for following precedent and keeping obama from stacking the court, well done. selden tweets mike dropped. you know democrats not pleased. >> what was the outcome with chelsea manning? >> long-term senate bid to long-term incumbent maryland sen. ben cardin. always a long shot, thousands of sensitive governments to wikileaks. a small victory on social media, winners lose, campaign as part of a political insurrection. our powers will come our movement is larger than election and the political establishment ignores our voices at their own peril. this is no surprise.
2:44 am
on twitter, a grumpy response, who would have thought? another tweet on this, chris said surprise surprise surprise. i have a feeling this is not the last we will hear of chelsea manning. >> jerry seinfeld didn't think it was necessary to fire roseann. >> jerry seinfeld weighing in, listen to that. >> don't see -- never saw anybody end the career with one buggy horse. >> seinfeld said i didn't see why it was necessary to fire. why would you murder someone who is committing suicide? he thinks she is ruining her own career? doesn't sound like he is supporting her but it is true he does support comedians because he is one himself, one of the most successful in history. jillian: we get on over here because it is national ice cream
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cake day. whatever you once here. okay. friendly, thank you for providing wonderful goodness, one of my favorites. >> they didn't even bring me one. there it is. where did that come from? am i crazy? was that there? >> a little tiny bite. >> i'm going to do it. give him one after this. i love the jokes about me all the time. >> what happens if you eat ice cream? >> we got to go. why do you want to know?
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>> he gets a call. >> judge andrew napolitano next to talk about supreme court ruling on donald trump's travel ban but first let's talk about brian kill need with what is coming up. >> some issues here. congressman steve scalise will be here. i will pass major immigration bill, who is with me? maybe not the president. marco rubio talking about holding on to the house and senate and where he picks up in the -- talking about civility when it comes to politics. anyone working with donald trump safe? sarah huckabee sanders need secret service and tommy laren went to the border with the border patrol and got an
2:47 am
incredible point of view, an example she is discussing. >> i heard the comment about people being outraged with this administration and what we are doing but we are the outrage for the public against some of these parents taking their children through the desert in extreme heat. rob: neck wrote this book because he is othe cover and the impractical jokers did not write the book. we have more on tommy's interview and the giggling going on on the set. have i met these people? put your hands up. who wears a gown? let us know. community organizats like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then.
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rob: a supreme victory for donald trump as the highest court upholds the travel ban. >> judge andrew napolitano, and ideological lines voting to uphold the ban. dissenting from it. and the right policy or that it would work. and the president and president alone speaks for the company and congress enacted a statute in the harry truman era, with groups of immigrants from finite. gos of time for national
2:52 am
security reasons, the 4 corners of what donald trump in the executive order. and what he said he would do. the defense says it was racist and anti-muslim. if we look at what public officialidefore they become public official there will be no end to second guessing them so we just look at what they wrote and what he wrote is consistent with the powers given to him. >> here is that dissent, to conclude the proclamation was motivated by anti-muslim animus talking about comments on the campaign trail. judge napolitano: she is a dear friend of mine and i can only describe this dissent as ferocious, very stinging dissent causing a lot of bad feelings and shouting matches when the supreme court was addressing
2:53 am
this. you may recall from history a time when japanese americans, americans of japanese ancestry were rounded up and put into camps against eir will and the supreme court upheld it. justice sonia sotomayor compared this decision to that. it is a stretch but does remind us of religious and ethnic bias that has happened in our history. nevertheless it is upheld and it is upheld, it is constitutional but people can challenge it. somebody can show up at the port of brooklyn or oakland, california. it is constitutional but doesn't apply to me. i'm a professor, i have a lecture to give, they can't keep me out because i'm not dangerous and the court will hear it. the issue of constitutionality has been resolved, hundreds of litigations involving individual
2:54 am
people. >> a landmark ruling, what could this mean? what do you expect to happen and what should happen? judge napolitano: it involves public-sector unions. the state of illinois like in new jersey, you want to work for the government, local, county, resource date, joinor union. this is forced unionization. can the state do that? if the answer is yes the unions will flourish because you will have no choice but to join. of the answer is no as i think it will be it will break the backs of public-sector unions because instead of having to attract or use force and want to get members in you have to attract them, do something. and i don't know if it is related to that so it will change the relationship of labor unions to the government as it comes down as e travel ban at the same time before. rob: doesn't sound very free country to be forced into a
2:55 am
union. judge napolitano: you could not have said that better. first amendment guarantees the right to associate and the right not to associate. as the government can't keep you from associating with somebody, it can't force you to associate with somebody. that is the argument. that you will have a 10:00 this morning. jillian: you are calling at at 10 to 4. we are coming right back. . . from the first moment you met,
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♪ it's a beautiful morning
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♪ i think i'll go outside awhile ♪ just take in some clean fresh air. jillian: happy song to start this wednesday. wednesday, right? rob: i think so. jillian: checking. the good,ed bat and the ugly. oregon police coach coach wounded bald eagle. put it in at backseat treatment for dislocated wing. rob: i love the face on eagles. a man who jumped the fence in underwear has been charged with trespassing. jumped on the wing of a plane and pounded on windows. motive for bizarre rampage unknown. jillian: ugly. bad to steal anything but really bad to steal a doughnut from a cop.
3:00 am
that's what this squirrel did before run away with it in alaska. called it a straightup felony. get back here. jillian: thanks for watching. have a good day. >> this is a great victory for our constitution. >> the travel ban has been upheld by the u.s. supreme court and democrats predictably they are lashing out. >> it's a moral assault. a moral vandalism going on. >> this is a dark day for anybody in our country. >> the ruling shows that all of the attack from the the media and democrats, politicians are wrong. >> just coming in, a federal judge is ordering the federal government to reunite migrant parents with children taken from them. >> firing back, transportation secretary elaine chao confronting protesters who were converging on her husband, michigan mcconnell. >> back up. back up. [shouts] >> a shock among the democrat ranks. fourth ranking democrat in the house joe crowley taken down in new york. >> and he was beaten


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