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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> is a jam-packed three hours, huge "newsweek," so much happening in a beautiful new home. i have nothing to complain abou about. because of his wings and some as is but will be back tomorrow. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, a storic handshake is that long anticipated some of between president trump and kim jong un is now in the history books. president trump says he believes the leader of north korea wants to do the right thing and will make good on his promise to denuclearize. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis. from a national security analyst morgan ortega's. if the democratic state a just and fox news contributor jessica tarlov. in the center seat, republican congressman from new york, please eldon, member of the house for an affairs committee. "outnumbered" today but with so much for an committee staff today, we feel it's pretty
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pretty great to see you. >> lee: happy to be here. >> harris: let's get to the news. that historic summit between president trump and north koreans kim jong un has ended with the two leaders signing a joint statement reaffirming kim jong un's commitment to denuclearize. and president trump's pledge to provide security guarantees. a president from sounding they met telling reporters he trusts kim jong un. >> eyes are wide open, but pieces always worth the effort and especially at this case. this should've been done years ago. it is right there, it's within our reach. it's going to be there, it's going to happen. this is complete denuclearization of north korea. and it will be verified. you'd be very surprised, very smart, very good negotiator. wants to do the right thing. >> harris: both leaders pledged to hold follow-up negotiations to be led by secretary of state mike pompeo.
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chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from singapore and he said to be verified. >> yes, as you said, he wants to do the right thing. let's see if he does. the communiqué that they signed it really was an aspirational document. here's what we are promising to do but very few details on how they are going to make sure that each side does what it says. first among them, what you mention, verification. how is the united states going to verify that kim is actually dismantling his nuclear program? the test to set of that regime is going to follow the secretary of state mike pompeo. mention he's going to begin talks with north korean officials very soon. this morning. yesterday evening here in singapore, the president giving a broad brush in a press conference to have all of this here. >> is going to be achieved by having a lot of people there and as we develop a certain trust, secretary pompeo has been really
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doing a fantastic job, his staff, everybody as we do that. we're going to have a lot of people there and we are going t be working with them on a lot of her things, but this is complete denuclearization. ofor. and it will be verified. >> in exchange for denuclearization, the united states agreed to security guarantees for north korea including an end to u.s. south korean joint military exercises which the president termed a very provocative and overly expensive. and on the military front, the president got an agreement to recover and repatriate the remains of many americans who were killed in the korean war. listen to what the president told me. because so meople dung the campaign say is there any way you can work with north kora to get the remains of my son back? or my father back? so many people asked me this question and i said we don't get along too well with that
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particular group of people. but now we do. >> now we do, we get along with north korea. that is the point the president made saying they did develop a relationship during their five to six hours of meetings yesterday. of course big issue, denuclon, goi to take a lot of effort. ncegoing to take a lot of time. the president saying in a press conference that he got one estimate that it could take as long as 15 years to fully dismantle north korea's nuclear program. the president of course would like to get it done a whole lot faster than that. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. as we talk about this, i'm wondering if you couldn't take about an estimate ofould verification. how will ts be different than what we saw with the iran deal which didn't have those promises and guarantees? >> lee: the verification agreement with iran was is ideal as a member of congress. i still haven't red the
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verification regime. what we do is that we know the united states weapons inspectors are allowed into iran, we have ad some reports about iran collecting some of their own soil samples and inspecting some of their own nuclear sites. we have to learn our lessons with regards to iran and learn our lessons with advised the history of north korea. i will say mike pompeo, i served with him in the house, work with him as a cia director, spoken to him about this, they have learned those lessons and they will make sure that we don't get rolled. >> harris: mike pompeo is a special situation because he has a previousationship with the then tops by, his equivalent when he was director of cia of north korea. they've known each other and met many times. they met here recently. that is a different situation in terms of checks and balances. but you talk about the flip side of this and that's where bill
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richardson went on this nuclear agreement. let's watch and then we will get some reaction. >> i was able the nuclear agreement of the clinton administration, i know at the end it fell apart because the north koreans cheated. they went ahead and made a deal with pakistan and uranium. but for nine years, the north koreans and to build a nuclear weapon. they did,he a did it under the bush administration. >> harris: 's what is different this time? >> melissa: is different is in the past, they lied with no consequences. at this time, i think they understand with this president for the first time, there will be consequences. another big difference, they were paid up front. you heard president trump talk aboutdent clinton handing over money in every situation and every other time we've gotten this close with lots of nations, money has changed hands
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right away that did not happen this time. >> harris: was interesting about that if you look back at the obama era deal with iran, it wasn't just exchanging money. it was pallets of cash. >> jessica: there was returning frozen assets. >> harris: we were also interested in getting americans home. pallets of cash. but not this time. no money going in their direction. >> jessica: absolute and i was relieved to see there would be no sanction relief off the bat, more clear-cut parameters for this deal will be, what denuclearization looks like for north korea and for instance we don't know what side they're talking about at this point. we know one was blown up at the end of last year. it was he just promising to take apart something that's already been dismantled? that's going be no good for us. >> melissa: they said they already begin dismantling. >> jessica: but there has been as of now the four main points that were agreed upon a very similar to what was agreed upon
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in the clinton administration and the bush adminisation. those fell apart so we have to see where it goes. the cautious optimism about all of it. >> morgan: on economic sanctions front, one reason this in ministries and was so successful as this happened at the u.n. and everybonvolved agreed to implement those sanctions. so that i think the key challenge for this administration has we keep the e sex change and is redeemed together. we need to keep china, russia, south koreans, the entire international community on board to keep them lamenting these. it is going to be a tough challenge. >> harris: what we do there had not been drama ahead of the summit? there was some but then the democratic party. 15 progressives in the house signed a letter to president trump healing his embrace of diplomacy and rebuking senate democrats who had insisted on immediate denuclearization. the letter said in part this, concessions is precisely why this conflict remains unresolved. instead, we emphasize the tremendous value of incremental
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progress thatdvances the potential for future agreements. the letter was spearheaded by congressman rowe, who slammed chuck schumer overis letter the president last week outlining demands for a here is congressman this week or this past saturday. watch. >> when the president is doing something that needs progressive principles engaged in diplomacy is doing what you're called for, than i think it looks just partisan to criticize him in every american should be rooting for the psident of the united stateso succeed when north korea in bringing peace. i believe the latter is unfairly restricted. >> harris: meanwhile, senate foreign relations committee ranking member bob menendez who joined schumer and joining that letter blasting the summit. because this ie weakest atement i have ever seen come out of any engagement with north korea. i am alarmed that we are headed in a process on kim jong un's
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timetable. if this is not headed in a direction that i think befits the national interest and security of the united states. >> harris: jessica, whats going on inside the democratic party? >> jessica: a kind of like this. i like it because i think if 2016 taught us anything, politics are local. he of the united states of the american who doesn't follow people need top for the i think principles and the communities that they represent. this is the argument that bernie sanders made about hillary clinton. he said there is no difference between hillary and trump when it comes to national security and foreign policy that's what those progressives are saying. they want to make sure that war is the absolute last resort and it will try epley to make any dippel medic measures to get there. i think it's smart, doesn't bother me at all. >> harris: it bothers is leading democrats. what is that like on the hil?
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>> melissa: and like the idea that we should be rooting for his success. i disagree with andrew, on a lot of stuff but i remember introducing that event where his successes are successful new yorkers. after tha there wnt disagree about. the president comes into office whether you -- even if you don't like him. if you're never going to vote for, his scess is our success as americans. so we want him to be successful in north korea and that part of the message that came out from the democratic members is good. as far as what bob menendez said, it's important to note this document might be briefed but it talks about denuclearization of the north korean peninsula. and unlike the iran deal which we never even asked for his signature, he sat down and he signed it in front of all of the cameras. admitting to complete denuclearization. >> harriis intesng
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how far they got in the test of time will show us whether or not kim jong un is interested in honesty with his regime was we've seen with pastor james and his family wherehave not been. >> morgan: i think the president has very clear advisors, these are people that have no illusions, not going to be surprised if the north koreans have cheated and lied and treated their people horribly. i think there was a realistic assessment inside this administration what they're going to have to face and that's why we need bipartisan support for the president because he is going to have to keep their feet to the fire. it's not even about north korea. the chinese are watching us so closely. if we give an inch on north korea, guess what they're doing right now? they are actively in the south china sea, they are actively doing cyber attacks against us, the whole world is watching but especially if you look in that theater, they want to see where there's weakness. >> harris: we saw in the days leading up to this for the president said every time
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north korea meets with china, the act differently. >> melissa: was annoying to people about the democrats is when there requing more present and trump, then they have required of themselves in the same situa that's what's frustrating. when we will move on, today is the deadline set by house intelligence committee chairman devin nunez for deputy ag rod rosenstein to hand over key documents on the russian investigation. will the doj comply? what happens if the doj does not comply? we will debate it. and from fire and if he rocket man, who president trump says all that tough talk was all p of helping to make history. speak up i think the rhetoric, i hated to do it, sometimes i felt foolish doingt. but we had no choice. alright, i brought in new max protein
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>> north korea best not make any more threats to united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. the united states has great strength and patience. i is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea.
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rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> melissa: that is just a taste of some of the tough talk that president trump had for north korean dictator in the past year. despite the heat, the president took from his detractors, he tells sean hannity that such language got kim jong un to the negotiating table.>> think with, we wouldn't have been here. i really believe that. we did sanctions and all of the things that you would do. i think without the rhetoric, other administrations, i don't want to get specific on that, but theyady of silence. if they said something very bad in a very threatening and horrible, just don't answer. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. so i think the rhetoric, i hated times i foolish doing it, but we had no choice. >> melissa: you can see more of the president's interview
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tonight on hannity but i would take it out to the couch. i was really surprised when i heard that interview. i feel le there was the first time i heard the president say he sometimes felt foolish saying that and to me, that was the first time he kind of admitted that maybe it is a tactic and an act which a lot of us have suspected but others have said no, he's crazy, all bluster but is truly a tactic. >> lee: is deliberate, it's al, it's effective. we operate on principle. you can look back at one week in august of 2017, u.n. security council passes a resolution unanimously. china, russia vote for it effectively cut off over one-third of north korean exports. that same week, you had the fire and fury rhetoric on twitter, sodom person. kim jong un is known to be homicidal, not suicidal. he sees the military option is . they were singing with ambassador hailey's work in the united nations and her dialogue with the russian ambassador and the chinese ambassador, ramping upconomic pressure, ramping up multilateral diploma
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that's one week and over the course of 2017, you get to the point where you enter into 2018, kim jong un is looking at a different path for his country and when the duchess benefits his country but benef the united states and the entire world if we can bring it home. >> morgan: for foreign policy nerds like me, this is like the super bowl. this is it for me. when you look back at what the ations in that speech he gave her what you got a lot of criticism for, but it took a lot of courage to stand up in front of the entire world and give the speech that he gave. as a very hard line. but i don't think it's just rhetoric. i think he really started to see the machines of the military and other things that he wouldtart to see that we are going to take action starting to take place. i think china saw it. i think north korea sought, south koreans sought in one of the reasons that all of this took place because the president of south korea flew to the
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united states to meet with the president and i think that more than the north koreans, he was definitely afraid of what would happen in a potential conflict because of the number of south koreans that they lost. >> melissa: great point, what do you think? >> jessica: great point and i actually agree with the majority of what you said what i don't think is ever happened to us before. he went out-of-body experience right now >> jessica: the rhetoric played a part that is part of who donald trump is and how h expresses himself whether he ta about foreign policy for domestic politics and how negotiates but i think the most credit is due to his support system, to ambassador nikki haley, the international community to get together for the sanctions and to apply the proper pressure on china to make sure that they are cutting off as much as possible in terms of what's going in north korea and they have always been the linchpin here and i've seen a lot of really smart articles this morning about the focus shifting out of china and what
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they're going to do with this and what role they're going to play in drafting this agreement to make sure that they can live with it and that they will keep north korea in check because if anything is going to happen in secret, train is going to play a role in that. >> harris: i have a question for you congressman. would you make with the president saying that he would call off the war games with south korea? what does that inform you of? >> lee: that something that's easy to turn off and turn back on. we still have our troops in south korea, we are still going to work with them. the one what is at accomplish for north korea? >> lee: is important for north korea. they haven't liked the fact that this has been going on just south of their country. now while we would call it not provocative, the north koreans perceived as provocative. >> harris: two people off. >> jessica: is in the problem that he was the rhetoric of the north koreans calling at war games other military exercises with long-standing allies. it's not a game and not something we do all over the
9:23 am
world. nothing the president of the united states has ever said that it was a war game. not what i read. >> lee: what i would say. >> harris: what is it accomplish for kim jong un? >> lee: part of his process when he has a mission and working together, we are war gaming out scenarios of if the north koreans were to attack south korea, this is how we would. over the course of the year, we do many different types of exercises with the south korean south koreans. let's say we decide to pause on august and we are still going to work together, still be prepared for anything, it doesn't mean that fast or to the next exercise and things are going well north korea, we can ramp back up. a side benefit, those do cost a lot of money to do and if you're going to get kim jong un to sign a document has a great first step that says complete denuclearization of the korean
9:24 am
peninsula, that's good for us to get towards a second step if we don't do the next. >> melissa: probably the easiest give up all the things we could put out there. in the meantime, the president's historic moment getting a lot of juniors and seniors in the mainstream media. "the washington post" writing kim jong un may be considered the world's greatest human rights abuser and a totalitarian collector of nuclear weapons but as they met for the first time here tuesday, trump declared himself honored. an cnbc reporter tweeting by ng only their interpreters, trump and kim left no one who could verify what they agreed to in the meeting. policy experts agree this is probably bad for the world but for trump and kim who both build empires on fictional narratives, it is just fine. in fact, it's ideal. and there's much more. watch. >> a summit is not an accomplishment for the american president. in the spectacle of seeing the
9:25 am
american flag along with the dprk flag i would say is somewhat disgusting. because something else at our reporter share today at 4:00 p.m. is that bn liars. they say kim jong un lied, they say donald trump lied. because these are awful people and he wts to beme best friends with them. this is not a date. this is not going to work. this is not just a lunch. it's not going to work. >> melissa: when i watch some of those things, i'm kind of embarrassed for those people as great things are going on. >> harris: i am also reminded that it's entertainment. honestly. you have your thought on it being entertainment. it's so negative. >> lee: if kim jong un had showed up with all of his nuclear warheads as part of his caravan showing up, they would still be opposition to the president who would be complaining at the know that's actually all of his nuclear
9:26 am
warheads and have foreign countries and third-party saying people will still be complaining. the president means to go forward and what was a great first step of signing off on a complete denuclearization. >> harris: it wasn't all going to happen and when sit downs with a little disingenuous for the critics to look at this and say we expected everything. he didn't expect that when we elected someone to office. >> lee: they just want the president to look. >> melissa: is somebody who is involved in national security and secuty affairs, you can't get to step two without step one. you can't get to dealing with the human rights abuse or to denuclearization without this first step. if that involves getting together and appearing together in saying these things, isn't that a necessary step to get there. can you criticize him for that?
9:27 am
>> morgan: you cover business for a long time in the way that we saw the president approach th meeting was certainly not typical. not the way typically president would do it by the way the foreign policdo i it was a way as ceo would do it. i think we would see's you see two ceos come into a room, agree on t big picture and get into the details. i think he is approaching this from the perspective of work is most comfortable and where he thinks he has the advantage. i like to save just one final thing. in a clip that you play that said both kim jong un and ident ump are liars. i t sething really dangerous that is happening in a when you start having moral equivalency between presidential no matter how much you dislike him and kim jong un who systematically murders, tortures his people. it's disgusting and it's gone too far when they do that si: i totally agree with you, there's no equivalency there and there's a mistake to do it and it creates a sensational invasion of this which damages everybody on both sides. i would go back to the human rights issue and there's been a
9:28 am
lot of hypocrisy going around about people who criticize president obama for even setting foot in cuba and not only that, he set up next to fidel castro and talked about human rights abuses. the resin option for this president who proy to be chu ang towards dictators all over the world to not mention human rights abuses. i think that's a missed opportd from that of clips, the one thing t really stuck out to me is a legitimate criticism as you could've said something. stay when i think that's really jumping the shark. >> melissa: they talked about human rights. >> harris: to say that this president is going to do that. japan just sat down with him and said can you get back the 17 hostages? there were hundreds of japanese hostages inside north korea. people didn't think the president was not concentrating on human rights. they wouldn't be asking for his help. >> melissa: i watched a press conference at 4:00 this morning and he said they talked about human rights.
9:29 am
>> jessica: when you look at the document that came out of. >> melissa: he pointed out very well at the talked about it at the meeting after the document was drafted and they would've been there all nht and not sign the agreement if they had been adding it to there. more than anyone expected her others got. one person who may deserve some credit for bringing a nuclear north korea to the negotiating table as u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley. i had, how big a part she played in the latest diplomatic developments and how the trump administration's approach contrasts the obama administration. >> make no mistake him of the north korean regime be utterly destroyed. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other got a scratch so small yocoulda fixed it with a pe maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company.
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it sends the unambiguous message to pyongyang that further violence will invite further punishment and isolaon. we are not going to run scared and if, for any reason, north korea attacked the united states or our allies, the u.s. will respond. >> harris: a new spotlight shining on the role of u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley played in bringing nuclear north korea to the negotiating table. her tough words, a u.s. official telling fox news in 2016, the obama administration began setting the framework for implementing sanctions against pyongyang but the efforts became more targeted under president trump with ambassador haley at the helm. ambassador haley's diplomacy behind the scenes in particular with the chinese ambassador here as well as the russian ambassador made it very, very clear that we were not kidding around. we were literally just one more
9:35 am
provocation away from some kind of military action that would bring great harm to the entire region. i see you nodding, why? >> lee: you saw firsthand with her work with the chinese ambassador and the russian ambassador. we could have been brainstormi in 2016 or getting into 27, how are we going to do with north korea? and if we came up through option a through z, we would've involved china. so her effort not just in supporting president trump in the administration and letting north korea know that the military option is real it was also important to let the chinese know the military option was real because china doesn't want to see military conflict right next to their nation either. it's what got them engaged, the russians got engaged and all of a sudden a unanimous vote comes effectively cutting off north korean exports and north korea are already having trouble with their fiscal situation and that was pretty significant when she was getting done at the u.n. a president trump was showing kim jong un the military option
9:36 am
was real. >> harris: so in addition to her words, supporters of nikki haley have said supporters of the way she does her job have said that it's also the consistency with her. she doesn't break fro town om her mission if you will. >> morgan: count me fan number one. i'm such a nerd that u.n. ambassador is my dream job civil defense. probably on the plane. she is fantastic. n say i actually worked on sanctions at the u.s. treasury. when i was basically u.s. embassy in saudi arabia, part of my job early in the obama administration was to help push those sanctions to the congressman will remember it well against iran. it is so difficult. it is so hard to get the international community to agree to the sanctions and then to actually implement it. i can say is someone who is actually done this coming nikki haley to me as a hero for what she was able to get accomplished and i think if we really pivot and look at what's going to happen to the north korean
9:37 am
economy, that's part of the reason they're here at the table. they're tough but as i said earlier, we need to chinese and the russians to continue to pressure this. >> harris: what is nikki haley is ambassador you think allow her to do for the president that he puts on her plate and doesn't do for himself? that's important. if there are things that messages that she carries that he is off doing other things and she's got this. >> melissa: she's a surprise rock star of this administration without question and it's what you said. and she is so tough and she is so consistent. and you just know you're not going to move her. and that has been a huge strength and a huge surprise at the u.n. getting people together on sanctions' money. that's money that you're supposed to be bringing home to your country. and instead, he refusing to sell to someone for a reason down the road that may look great and is really important but it's really hard at that moment to say we are going to forgo this money now.
9:38 am
and some was like being on a diet. i'm going to forgo this doughnut now but this reward way down the line. that's what she did and that's kind of the problem we have with iran now because so many people are dependent on the money at's coming out of iran in the trade. >> harris: our european friends especially like germany. i want to give you last word, jessica. >> jessica: i'm also a fan. i think it's important to have me additional focal point of the administration who has been oppositional to president trump. people remember clearly her rebuke of him and what went on also in south carolina of course. i think that's great. i love having a woman in this position. so up there and defending our values and while i don't agree with everything that she believes politically and every decision that we make at the u.n., there is no doubt that she is a force and directly hurt a lot of people on both sides of the aisle say if you're going to have our first female president, could very likely be nikki hale haley. she someone who in a lot of ways can because of the foreign
9:39 am
pocyocus can cut across democrat republican lines. >> harris: we know from her being governor in the carolinas that he she has the ability to do business across the political aisle as well. president trump refusing to back down in his public dispute with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. despite criticism from some of the media that he is alienating our nation's allies while defending a dictator. with the president is saying about all of this, whether that criticism is even warranted. we will talk about it. stay close. wish we got moneback on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> melissa: president from facing criticism from some of the press, leading up to his summit was north korean leader kim jong un following his public dispute with canadian prime minister justin trudeau on trade. "t washington post" said hitting the commander-in-chief on both issues writing to alienate islands while fawning over dictators is not a sign of strength. but president trump standing
9:44 am
firm. here's what he had to say insin. >> when i got onto the plane, i think that justin probably didn't know that air force one is about 20 televisions and i see the television and he is giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed aroun he united states and i say push him around? we just shook hands, it was very friendly. if that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. you can't do that. >> melissa: so i was thinking about that moment when i watch that whole presser last night he stayed at the mic all night and reporters were daring him why don't you say more about the humanitarian issues and what kind of pushing and i said please remember that you were on a plane and got offended at what the guy at the mike was saying. now you're the guy at the mic like let's hold it together but what do you think of these two ba-tck situations? >> lee: the whole trade issue is a high-stakes one. way before he was even a candidate for president of the
9:45 am
united states, he has been weighing in onhi iuee is determined to figure out how to fix this trade imbalance that is not only with other nations that you consider advsaries but we also have trade and balances from we call friends. these are countries where we want to get along. we want to be best friends with canada. we should be always. in order for us to do that, there is an economic issue that we need to do a bet job working together to help both country succeed. >> harris: can i ask a really basic question? and we talk a lot about the lack where the loss of civility in politics in general. but what makes a leader from another country think that he can come out against a communicate in a news conference and go after the president like that? is there something unsaid that's happened that i missed? >> lee: that is maybe what upset president trump the most. >> harris: could've called him on the phone, a lot of ways he could have handled this. >> lee: they clearly had many meetings taking place of the g7. they left with a sense of
9:46 am
understanding on a very complicated issues, probably a lot that still unresolved in the president chooses to get on the plane and not go after justin trudeau and understanding that justin trudeau wouldn't be going after donald trump and it would not only operate off of whatever understanding was reached but also continue working towards re onver iues are outstanding but you wouldn't expect a gun on the plane, turn on the tv and find out you're getting torched by a neighbor on something you thought you had an understanding on. i think that might've upset him the. >> melissa: you might say is nothing he hasn't said before. >> jessica: that's what his people are saying. that was on record saying exactly that, this is what he communicated to the president a number of times and that he didn't feel like he was torching him. >> harris: why do one dance in the room and then dance a jig out there by the microphone? >> jessica: politicians do that it matter what country
9:47 am
they're from, no matter what side of the aisle thereon, there's a frustration in the community especially amongst our close trading allies of the president inflates deficit numbers. we've all seen the real numbers and then said just a dare. >> harris: 20% of its gdp on things that it exports for us to buy. we depend 1% in the reverse. we have the leverage. so again, did i miss something? >> morgan:'m just going to say, i think justin trudeau just learned a very tough lesson about trying to out alpha president trump. they are 16 republicans a try to do it. he should stop trying. >> jessica: has a lot of support for this. >> morgan: not if you look at the economic figures add here is just gave. "your world" devin nunes ordering the justice department to turn over documents on the russia probe by today. nunez warning that failure to turn over the documents is obstruction.
9:48 am
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>> jessica: house intel chairman devon nunez settip deadline today for the justice department to turn over
9:52 am
documents on an fbi informant looking into possible russian meddling during president comes 2016 campaign. the president claims the obama doj was spying on his campaign. in a letter to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein last week morning your continued refusal to prevent members of congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation. any response falling short of this request will be considered an effort to conceal material information from congress. the justice department refusing to turn over the documents saying in a statement that officiother engagements in another briefing with the materials in question would proceed as scheduled for that. i'm not a fan of this. i think personallys many documents as possible should be released that don't hurt national security. that's always a line in the sand for me but what do you make of this? >> lee: it is obstruction. congress has an oversight role
9:53 am
that needs to perform. we created a lot of these powers, these laws, these agencies, provide them with the fund and we have an oversight role. with been especially frustrating not just the delay as the heavy redaction's and then where something might be provided where before, we can provide it because it would risk national secu. nothing in their risk national security. obstruction is contempt. we have some great members of congress who have been fighting hard on this for really long time. new members who are getting frustrated. maybe i should ask you for jason chaffetz back. >> harris: we have over time in a few minutes, he can visit the mezzanine. this is obstruction. this is what obstruction looks like. there's been a whole lot talk about obstruction but you're saying this is obstruction, this is what it looks like. >> lee: when you say you can provide us with documents because of the risk to national security, and what the american public to have more information, not less.
9:54 am
>> harris: so when carter page says he doesn't mind has phis application process being looked at, does he have a say in it? >> lee: if that was a consideration as to whether or not to dy, i would say yes. however, i think that the reason not to disclose the phis application is not because the wantorotect carter page. i think it would cause some embarrassment. i think also from talking to people who have read parts of the phis application that they would like to see released, it's going to provide a lot of answers. and you don't have to take our word for it with the media's word for it, just read for yourself with these applications say. >> jessica: absolutely and they were a number of issues here with how the applications are done and obstruction of justice and collusion in all of that. but we know that what this does do is continue the witch hunt narrative for the president has been going with that there was a spy when there were a lot of people even republicans refuting there was a spy.
9:55 am
using president trump will weigh in on this? he's been distracted by north korea. do you think is coming back to the witch hunt? >> melissa: i would imagine yes but here in a better position to talk about security and the security issues. i do think it is frustrating when you feel like they were redaction's and they aren't for security purposes and it has become and feel like we are on this wheel and we've been chasing the same thing for a long time. do you feel a light at the end of the tunnel? >> morgan: there does need to be some light on all of this and we owe it to the american people, but i also think i have served and continue to serve a lot of people were rank and the fbi. he intelligence agencies and these people are not necessarily happy with the politicization starting in the obama administration and some would argue now. people are very conflicted about this. these people gave their lives and our country, they move around the world, they missed birthday parties and weddings and funerals and family events to keep our country safe we are all owed some light on what
9:56 am
happened whether is political or not and there needs to be a housecleaning of leadership. i think that's clear. >> melissa: more "outnumbered" and just a moment, don't go awa away. managing blood sugar
9:57 am
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if you can't afford your medication, p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting. oh yea, me too. i have cheese and uh these herbs. p3 snacks. the more interesting way to get your protein. >> melissa: thank you to congressman lee zeldin. always chatting on the way through. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it and you guys as well on the system work day the big summit.
10:00 am
exciting to be here. we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern, here and now is faulkner. to be is what's coming together. president trump on his way back to washington, d.c., after that course of history.change the as we go "outnumbered" over time. i'm harris faulkner. president trump is celebrating that historic sit down with north korean leader kim jong un. the two leaders signed an agreement that made a broad commitment for the united states to provide north korea with security guarantees in exchange for denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the president says will halt joint military exercises with south korea. and at the n had agreed to destroy a major missile testing site. the president also open the door for kim jong un to visit the white house as he expresses optimism that the dictator is committed to peace. watch. >> chairman and i just signed a statement in which he affirmed his unwavering commitment to complete


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