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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 31, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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to open 50 new mcdonald's restaurants across russia after the big mac invaded red square 27 years ago today. should news bake out, we'll break in. breaks news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: three days of this. they goof off and the market sells off again. today allow me to connect. you decide. let's just say you won't be happy. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." a confused and nervous business world because of what is going on in the political world. don't believe me. believe folks betting money on it and apparently sick of it. and you know why they're sick of it? because it is getting in the way of some of the real things that they want like tax reform, regulatory reform, jobs, growth and hope and a country moving. here's the thing. it's not happening. stocks are stumbling because
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these guys are fumbling in childish ways. let's give you an example. democrats boycotting confirmation hearing from president trump's treasury and health and human secretaries. senate rules if there's not a single member there, there can be no hearing. there can be no confirmation. so steve mnuchin and tom price, hurry up and wait. the same day that we learned that democrats are already planning to oppose the president's supreme court pick, he's going to announce in a little less than four hours. they don't even know who that person will be. what his or her positions will be. just opposed to him. right out of the gate they are slamming the gate. does this sound familiar? it is payback for the way republicans handle merit garland. he was the chase to replace antonin scalia. republicans refused to even
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offer him a hearing. they said then, senator george biden did it to bush, so they were going to do it to barack obama. i thought it was stupid them and i said so. you don't like this nominee? vote him down. >> it's not that simple. joe biden made it clear when he talked 1 1/2 years ago before the election that they shouldn't be putting people up during an election. >> neil: why? >> it's a toxic environment. it's demeans the court -- >> neil: it's all the politici e politicized. if they don't like him, don't vote for him. >> people say that something new is occurring. >> neil: i'm not. i see the dot on bought party's part. but maybe this is an opportunity for republicans saying we know what the democrats do. in the past we've done it. we're just going to stop this nonsense. you can send a powerful signal
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by saying, you know what? we're going to hold the hearings. we don't like him. we'll vote him done. we're not going to play these games. wouldn't it be a great opportunity to say let the process go forward? we don't like garland, we don't approve garland. end of story. >> i don't blame the president for trying to demagogue this thing. >> neil: he's not demagoguing. he's fulfilling his duty. >> it sounds good. >> neil: you're trying to fill you're constitutional duty. you feel he might get the upper hand and submit a name and you're sitting on your hands? >> i'm tired of the court being politicized. this is politicizing the court. >> neil: no offense, senator, you played a part in politicizing it. maybe that wasn't your goal. both parties do this. but both sides of the aisle say i've had enough of this nonsense.
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>> neil: but the nonsense continues. even know. i don't have time for the games then or now. i don't think you should. like i don't have time for the republican congresswoman freezing congress in the middle of a political crisis. >> they gave the private donors -- >> neil: congress woman, state senate issues. >> no, it isn't. >> neil: where was your raise -- >> listen, let me have one minute here. >> neil: no, no, no. you're inflating issues and being silly. where was your rage when democrats were going after president bush on the same use of executive orders? you knew then that was a waste of time. and i think know you know in your heart of hearts this is a waste of time now. there's more important things to be addressing than filing lawsuits past each other. >> neil: i get the same thing. you hate republicans, you hate democrats. either congress, either
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president, how many times have i said i don't care which party. stupidity is stupid at this time. waste is waste. spending valuable time on money that don't matter to them matters to us, all of us, republican or democrat. not red or blue but green. our green. i said that a few times, right? it's our money. these guys not giving a lick about either. you didn't cave on anything, congresswoman. everything you said is taxes, taxes. not a word about anything -- >> you haven't heard anything i'm saying because you have never stopped talking to listen. you have -- >> neil: tell me what you got. congressman, i'm not going to play the political nonsense game with you. yes or no -- >> when you're the president of the united states -- >> neil: you're responsible for everything. for everything. >> the buck stops here. when you're the boss -- >> neil: the buck stops -- wait. the buck stops but it has a funny way of passing through.
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what is the level that it's so obscene -- >> the level is, the bottom line, neil is, that we cannot drill our way -- >> neil: i'm not saying that. is there a level that you say you make too much money. nobody knows. they can't account for it. when i mentioned -- >> fox news doesn't know where it went. >> neil: no, no. don't be insulting. those are all democrats. before that, all republicans and they have all done it. the last case, that was months before i had heart surgery. i'm just saying, we have big problems. playing spiteful games doesn't move the ball. we call our kids out on it. you should call them out on it. you don't like the president's picks, vote them down. you're being petty now because the other side was petty then. would it kill you to say we're going to be adults now, all of you and you're going to get the nation's business done now no
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matter what you think of the president or the election. say you're sick of poll ratings, even tv anchors. neither of you democrats or republicans will get everything you want. doesn't work that way. if you work with each of you stands to get more than what you've been getting. if you find virtue in being stubborn, take your marbles and brag to someone that cares. i don't. i'm betting most of our kids don't. it's because of crap like this, a tit for tat that makes a mock early of our values. parentsly you guys in washington are okay with that. maybe you tell them now, three words, "we are not." this is more than wall street. it's a reflection of a worried main stre main street. who knows that getter than gerri
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willis? >> there's a lot of talk about when is tax reform going to happen. you promised that. when are you going to repeal and replace obamacare? none of this is happening and we're stuck in stall mode while people do stupid stuff like calling each other out and failing to show up for votes. if these folks acted like this on any playground in america, they would be thrown off. if your kids did this, neil, they would be grounded for a month. here's what's going on in the markets. the markets are down three days in a row. the dow is down three days. we're still up on the three major indexes since inauguration. there's been a real trump rally. let me tell you, any kind of progress against the major issues and problems the country is facing, it's all up in the airs because of the way people are acting. i just want to share something with you. this is from a democrat from oregon, jeff merkley that says he would filibuster the nomination of any supreme court
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nomination from trump. this is the seat mitch mcconnell stole, he says. i will not be complicit. where are have we gone here? i can't imagine, this reminds me of two elderly people that have been married a long, long time and can't hear each other talk. >> neil: what? what? you know,gerri, the thing that is wild about this, each has had plenty of ammunition to do what they're doing. democrats remembering how the last supreme court thing was handled. we're going to come back at you know. doesn't someone have to have the statue to say i'm going to be better than that? i'm going to no matter if i like this election or not, rise to the level of the moment and this is the moment and they're not doing it? >> no. goodness sakes, they're doing the opposite. they're acting like children. the american people are up to here with this. we just about had it.
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it's time to move on. time for people to actually take our problems seriously and try to solve them. we've been at this a long time, trying to figure out what to do with health care and taxes. we need tax reform. none of the solutions are coming. it's not just democrats that are in the way. republicans in the way, too. they don't want to get anything done. i hear that in congress, republicans are kind of shy to present legislation because they're worried that donald trump won't like it. these not leadership. >> neil: you're right. one of the things that we find fe fascinating engaging the markets, there's a connection between what rattles main street and what rattles wall street and vice versa. i think of late -- i don't want to make a big deal nor do we on fox business or one day swings, two day swings.
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the market is up since donald trump was elected. but it was built on optimism that things would get done, whether you want lower regulations or taxes, whatever is your cup of tea. that's the tea that wall street wanted or folks wanted or they wouldn't have voted the way they did. now it's seem to be getting second guessed or delayed. they don't like that. >> it's boiled down to one word. opportunity. there would be opportunity. you would be able to pursue your goals in a way unhindered by regulations, taxes would be lower. across the board, people supported that i think. there was widespread popular support behind these ideas. obviously. trump got elected. the markets like that. but when it comes to getting it done, where are the leaders? i'm with you. i'm confounded. >> neil: i do not see them. gerri, thank you. i do know where one of the good guys is. karl rove, a good student of
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political history, advisor to president bush. karl, my big fear is, we've gone full throttle silly season. when you have some declining to sit in on a hearing so a confirmation can't continue, stop the process mid stream, we have problems. >> look, we're talking about the committees of the senate finance committee and the senate judiciary committee. there's some sensible, reasonable democrats on those committees. but for all of them to walk out for the purpose of denying a vote up or down on jeff sessions or deny ago vote up or down on steve mnuchin is draw-droppingly astonishing. i understand why they're doing it politically. their goal is -- they think they can get away with opposing the nominees now and they won't pay a price back home. i think their bigger goal is, slow things up in congress so that they chew up more time on things like nominations and less
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time on actually legislating. >> neil: i suspect your right. a lot say it's pay back for the way that merit garland was handled by barack obama, the supreme court battle. it's more than that. it's now that i'm here, i'm going to do what you did to us. it's a zero sum game. >> but you know what? the republicans didn't do this to barack obama's cabinet. ten were approved in the first few days. it's 12 days, they had nearly 13 members of the president's cabinet approved. look, the republicans didn't engage in these kind of games. shame on the senate finance and senate democrats for doing what they did and not even showing up. that allowed them to slow it up and slow it up some more. i think it's unseemly. i do have a disagreement with you about the supreme court.
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80 years of tradition ought to have been respected. back to f.d.r., no president had ever been able to nominate and get confirmed in the final year of the presidency a nominee for the supreme court. that was in part an effort, a belief that at the end of a second term, a new president -- >> neil: that wasn't what they were saying back then. i think it's silly on both parts. you and i can respectfully disagree on this? >> i don't i don't know. >> neil: so i got you angry. >> exactly. >> neil: thanks, karl. think about that. all i'm saying is we can arrive this. it's not the left or the right. it's both. more again.
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bp engineers use underwater robots, so they can keep watch over operations below the sea, even from thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. >> neil: i want to show you this newspaper cover, "the daily news" from saturday. it was in response to president
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trump's so-called travel ban. it's not a ban. can it be from a 60 to 90-day delay. having said that, you can see that lady liberty is crying presumably because we've given up on being a nation of immigrants. she's crying because she's on the front page of a paper and losing our status of a nation of immigrants when in fact we're not. we're just trying to better police who gets in here and from where. it was all acceptable from the prior administration and not acceptable now. people have tried left and right to explain the difference to me. all i know is that what is good for one is not good for the other. rich laurie goes further. he said this whole un-american notion attached to what the president is doing, however slotfully executed is not the case. rich, what do you think of the way this has been treated? >> the reaction has been
1:19 pm
hysterical. the day before yesterday, the worst thing you could say -- it was forbidden on the left -- was that anything or anyone was up american. we have chuck schumer saying this order is un-american. it's a relatively small change and temporary change in the scheme of things when you look at the entire american immigration system. we let in about a million legal immigrants annually. a million a year. we're talking about several hundred people so far affected by this order. so the reaction is completely over the top. >> neil: people are saying, no, you're targeting muslims. well, wait a minute. let's say our goal. certainly it would have included more countries. 46 that have muslim majority. certainly bigger countries. saudi arabia, united arab
1:20 pm
emirates. >> yeah, a couple of them have no governments to speak up. if you're going to tighten up these are procedures, these are the countries where you want to start. neil, there's legitimate criticism. maybe you don't want to include iraq in there. >> neil: you can do curve out for the interpreters and those that help. >> sure. but several months delay when we look and figure out how to better handle these sort of issues. the refugee cap is 50,000. you look over the last 15 years. the cap -- the number of refugees annually has bounced between 50 and 100,000 on average. several years, it's been below 50,000. 50,000 in itself is not un-american number. >> neil: all i know we pick and choose our history, right, rich? i can remember jimmy carter dealing with the cuban boat people and bill clinton comes to
1:21 pm
mind and not happy about it. we go through history. f.d.r. dealing with the japanese americans, detaining them. we seem to make a big deal of it this day and age but we forget about other days and ages. >> yeah. everybody says we're a nation of immigrants. immigration has been highly contested in our country. the level of overall immigration has bounced up and down. it's high in the 1850s, lower in the civil war. higher in the world war, but in 1924 we pass add restrictive law. for four decades, you had low levels of illegal immigration. since 1965 we've been at a high level and a plateau but that doesn't mean you can't reduce it without melting down the statue of libbertliberty. we can cut it in half tomorrow and still be america. >> neil: amazing. we don't hear that.
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it's a great cull -- column. it's in the "new york post" and more. >> thank you. >> neil: so what is hapless about? we'll have more after this. tiki barber running hambone!a barber shop?t hut!
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>> neil: all right. today president trump has signed 19 executive orders or memoranda. breaks down like this. seven executive orders out right, one white house memo. don't ask. i have no idea. and then we have ten executive memos. bottom line, it's a taste we have not seen. technically barack obama had more executive order per se at this stage but collectively, donald trump has more executive
1:26 pm
actions. if you ask me to explain that, i have no way to do that. i know this guy would. he's a former new hampshire governor, served as chief of staff to president bush senior. governor, glad to have you. >> you had quite an archive of cranky neil. >> neil: yeah, when that happens, it's a long day. one thing i did discover, the silliness. you saw it, trying to get legislation through as a governor. you've seen it in washington. but we can't get past the gate. i thought everything hit the fan today when i hear senators, democratic senators that weren't going to sit in on hearings so that technically the hearings, the confirmation hearings couldn't continue. i heard others, sight unseen, whoever donald trump chooses, they hate the guy or woman. presuming it's a guy.
1:27 pm
i'm thinking, man, why bother, right? >> well, look. things are going to get done whether the democrats like it or not. mitch mcconnell will get stuff through there. chuck schumer's delaying tactics will irritate the public and the democrats will lose for the foolishness. it's going to be tough and chaotic for a while and things will happen. ryan and mcconnell are committed to get the healthcare package through, to get the tax package through. it's been seven working days since the inauguration. they're making pretty good progress compared to historic levels of movement. i'm really confident a lot will get done in the next 120, 180 days. >> neil: i know you properly keep -- don't focus on the stock market but i'm a nerd. that's where i live. when i see these guys getting excited about regulatory reform,
1:28 pm
more robust growth, new jobs coming out or know low-paying jobs, significant jobs, reading them in the last few days, i'm seeing they're beginning to get unravelled. they had no where to go after the run-up to the election. are they getting bummed out too early? >> they're not getting bummed out. it retreats. it goes up. you know how the market is. for us to predict a long run is irresponsible. i think what they're liking though is this effort to undo regulation. if you had spoken to people over the last couple years, which was more important? tax cuts or getting regulation off their back? it was almost unanimous. get regulation off of our back. that's part of the executive orders the president is putting forth. the house is acting under the cra legislation, which allows
1:29 pm
the house to undo major pieces of regulation that had been put into place previously. so they're making the effort to take the load off of the private sector. the private sector ought to be happy about the direction this stuff is taking. >> neil: i hope you're right about that. some are worried. but that changes on a day-to-day basis. let's step back and get a sense of how you can see the two sides working on anything bipartisan. it was a problem in the obama years. it was a problem in the bush senior years, his son's years. i'm beginning to wonder if anyone can bridge that divide or that gap, especially an election like this one. is this the way it's going to be? >> let me go back to bush sr., the white house was in. the becomes had full control of the house and senate. that president passed more significant legislation than any president except lyndon johnson and franklin roosevelt. it can be done with presidential
1:30 pm
leadership. i hope this president, president trump, begins to bring the democrats down, begins to talk to them about where they can find agreement on issues. certainly he has been bringing republicans down and talking to them. he has had bipartisan leadership meetings already. nothing happens in washington without presidential leadership. i'm hoping this president is willing to put the time and effort in to give guidance to the 435 cats in the house and the 100 cats in the senate and help herd that group of cats to move legislation forward. i'm feeling good about where this is going to go. >> neil: all right. we'll see. a lot of cats there. you know? >> too many sometimes. but with leadership they can make it work. >> neil: john, thank you. the forker governor, chief of staff to george bush sr. you probably heard today that brand new as a job, the homeland
1:31 pm
security secretary john kelly was meeting with lawmakers to discuss the president's travel order. did you notice i said "travel order?" what it was not called. a travel ban. after this.
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>> neil: you're looking live in washington. john kelly will be meeting with republican and democratic
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>> neil: we're moments away from hering on john kelly, explaining the new trump travel policy, those coming in from seven countries, being deemed dangerous places. the secretary said this was not targeted by the basis of religion. if that were the case, 46 countries would have been targeted. they were not. secretary kelly seemed to acknowledge that the whole thing was clumsily implemented and not shared with a number of airports. one of the critics joins me now,
1:36 pm
california democratic congressman. good to have you. >> thank you. >> neil: the trump folks are saying this is markedly different than efforts we've made in the past to weed out or slow down those visiting this country from other hot spots, the same hot spots identified by barack obama. what do you say to that? >> maybe that's the issue, neil. think back at the last few years, under obama, three to four million people were deported. more people than all the other past presidents combined, including a million american citizens deported. president trump comes in with many promises. and now the executive orders implemented without talking to democrats and his own administration. so what you have? chaos and fear. nobody knows what's going on. a lot of these people at the
1:37 pm
airports, people that have passed clearances, had their visas checked. many close to becoming american citizens. so we have chaos out there. that's why i think what we need to do is turn to the courts. give these folks a lawyer so if they have rights, due process rights, they're taken care of. we're still a democracy. >> neil: would you still have the same anger about president obama's executive order? >> i was very angry with president obama's immigration policy. correct. >> neil: and you want to court to protest? >> i didn't see any of this stuff going on, but i publicly opposed president obama on his immigration policy. >> neil: so his use of executive orders, we had a lot under president obama. we have a lottery on under president trump. presidents are free to issue them. so where do you see this going, particularly when it comes to
1:38 pm
this policy? we have to weed out, slow down the trump administration as they're trying to do here, bad with democrats, republicans, to work with whoever wants to work with me. let's start working across the aisle. >> neil: i admire that, congressman. but where -- >> let's share information. >> neil: you're a freshman. just in here. so when you're looking at this world, it's very much rigidly here's what the democrats are do, here's what the republicans will do. you think there's something to what president trump wants to do, to look at scary areas of the world and maybe more closely scrutinize who is coming from over there? >> i think we've been doing that all along. i think the president wants to give it a second look. >> neil: he has been doing a great job. >> talk to folks of the administration. don't surprise me. don't sign an order in the middle of the night, not even his folks know what's going on. that's not the way to run a
1:39 pm
country. >> neil: you're new to this and -- i know you're new to this. it might startle you. barack obama signed a lot of executive orders. you think it's the whole executive order thing? it's just a bad idea? presidents should slow down, if not stop it? >> look, the president has a right to sign executive orders. all i'm saying is let's talk and confer with folks to make the whole process better. work with our friends, work with the republicans and the democrats. it's not only democrats that have concerns. people in the administration as well. >> neil: no, no. you're right. let me ask you -- >> general kelly -- >> neil: he did a great job today. you mentioned that. we have to find a way to avoid mass deportations. by the same token, to protect ourselves. do you think since it turned out these seven countries are targeted account for a fraction of the people that have done us harm, that we have to pursue
1:40 pm
better folks that are already here and start scrutinizing makeup more closely where they are, who they're reaching out to. you think we should be doing more of that? a lot of democrats when i raise that, they say no, no, no. >> we should be scrutinizing everybody. we have a lot of home grown terrorism. remember, saudi arabia was a source of the 911 terrorists. but the way we start is working with people, intelligence in israel and other middle east countries. that's the way we have to figure out this whole dynamic in terms of protecting our citizens. work with people, work with our friends. make sure we get to the source before bad things happen. >> neil: yeah. because they will happen if we keep doing what we're doing. >> absolutely. >> neil: thanks very much. very good having you. >> thank you. >> neil: all right. the other side of this, former louisiana governor, bobby jindal. what he says we have to do to
1:41 pm
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>> neil: you know, they were actually likening this to richa richard nixon's attorney general. when he let go of sally yates, it wasn't that he was enforcing the travel order of his. it had to be something sinister going on. every lawyer i talked to said he had every right to do that hand she wasn't following a directive. including some lawyers on the left. but with me now, former louisiana governor bobby jindal. every time they bring up the 96 nixonian behavior, it's going to be a long day for donald trump. how do you think she handled is that? she was a carry-over from the obama administration. she went to extra mile to not only say she was opposed to a measure but warning all agencies
1:45 pm
not to follow it. that is a big deal, right? >> absolutely. neil, first of all. happy new year's. great to be back on your show. we're still in january. tomorrow we have to stop says that. i think he was exactly right to let her go. she was a caretaker. she's being held up by the left as a principle martyr. this is a political statement. i'm not an attorney. but you listen to the legal experts and they say the standard should have been, if she said there's no way to defend this, this is no way this legally permissible. that's one thing. she said she didn't support it and looked at it in the context of statements he made outside of the order. that's a political judgment. the senate has to go to work, confirm trump's appointees including senator sessions. he should have his own senior staff there so you don't have
1:46 pm
this situation. president obama had ten of his cabinet appointees confirmed in the month of january, his first term. donald trump has had three. the democrats need to get to work. let's get these temporary folks out the job and get his advisors in place. >> neil: even saying that, john kelly said that, yeah, it probably could have been executed better that is the directive from the president. maybe it could have. but people have contemplated that that the order was wrong or illegal or constitutional. i know you side you're not a lawyer but you've dealt with them when they crop up as a governor. how far can you go? >> clearly could it have been rolled out better? clearly. this is their second week in the job. they don't have all their people in place. clearly this is within the president's rights and responsibilities. his first job is to keep us safe. we're seeing an example of what
1:47 pm
i call fake news. we've heard a lot of allegations of fake news, a lot of misreporting, misunderstanding probably intentional of what this order did and didn't do. i like when you clarified. it's not a ban. it's vetting. the reality is this. i've seen the chance from the protesters out there. you heard them. hey, ho, the muslim ban has to go. it's great. it rhymes. sounds like the 60s. you talked about nixon. the reality is, there's no muslim ban. another chant, no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here. another great chant. rhymes. conservatives we're not as good rhyming -- >> neil: you mentioned a key point that we forget. the president was damned if he didn't, damned if he did. he's called a muslim target. we're as quick to say, you should have included saudi arabia or the uae or more countries, presumably the ones
1:48 pm
that are majority muslim populations. none where you go with that one. >> this is why people -- the folks out there that are misunderstanding, focus on the facts. if they're against vetting that is fine. if rationale, here's seven countries that we don't have reliable information from these countries. a significant amount of radical islamic terrorism in those countries. if we're not competent. if we don't know who they are, we don't know what kind of groups they support, it made sense to take a temporary pause and vet them. all the liberals and democrats across the country that oppose this, they should be honest with the american people and say why they're against vetting. why it doesn't make sense. to slow down and see who is coming into our country. we have a right -- i argue the president has a responsibility to protect us. nobody has -- is entitled to come into our country.
1:49 pm
we have a right to define our borders. my parents are immigrants here. this is a welcome, loving country. doesn't mean we need to let in people that want to undermine our way of life and attack us. yes, we should let people that want to follow the law. but this is a temporary pause to vet these folks. it's -- >> neil: it's a pause. it's not a ban. words to your point matter. thanks, governor. happy new year. last day. >> thank you, neil. you can't rhyme vetting either. >> neil: last day, away. okay. i give up. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> neil: all right. we're only three hours away a
1:53 pm
little more than that from president trump announcing the ninthth seat on the supreme court. it's been vacant since the death of antonin scalia. a couple names popping up but it will be controversial. carrie, very good to have you here with us. >> great to be here, neil. >> neil: these things are never easy to get through. it's pretty clear to me since i've heard so many democrats say they will oppose whoever it is without knowing whoever it is, it won't go easy. how do you think? >> no, absolutely. there's a lot of people that haven't gotten over the fact that we had an election in november, the people had a voice in who will replace the justice and that isn't trump. he has an excellent list that we have looked at for the last year of judges he will choose from. all of whom will be wonderful and carrying on the legacy of justice scalia.
1:54 pm
the democrats don't want to see that. they don't want someone that will be that faithful to the constitution, the law. they're vowing to keep the seat open four to eight more years. at the end of the day, there's a lot of democrats that can't swallow that line that chuck schumer is trying to draw in the sand. >> neil: you've known this better than i do. the names like neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman, they're both young men. the thinking being you want a generational pick for someone that will be there a long time and have decades to serve and keep that view going. doesn't always work out that way. david souter comes to mind. he wasn't as conservative that president bush had hoped. how does it come that they look for someone so young? >> this is something that will impact the country for a generation. we have justices in their 80s
1:55 pm
now. so these men could be on the court for 30 years. what you want to do is find someone that already has a very clear track record. both of those nominees and everyone else on this list has that record that they spent time on the federal bench. you know how they approach cases, that they do understand how to be faithful to the law, how to not let their own political views of the case get in the way of what the law says or the constitution says. and more importantly, do you have a soutor or someone that dodges the case when they get tough. you want someone that shows courage. so i'm excited to see who it will be. someone that will be willing to step up and make the tough calls and make them in favor of the constitution. >> neil: and originally scalia was someone that used the
1:56 pm
constitution in the most lith raleigh sense and doesn't interpret it. >> you have to read the words in context. you don't bring your own context in. you don't read them pretending they were written in the 21st century. you look at what was adopted by the people. he saw that as so protective of the american people. either their representatives are passing the law or a constitutional amendment or the people had a voice in, not the judges. >> neil: we'll know in three hours. >> very soon. stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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>> neil: apple stock is up. it sold 78.3 million iphones. that was more than what was expected. the stock is up. that includes apple pay, apple music. this is the year apple is going
2:00 pm
to have a new iphone, iphone 8,s of the gadget that change life as we know it. >> i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams. president trump's supreme court announcement is hours away. first it's time for a little extreme vetting. let's start with the incompetent babies. >> thank you for coming out. is it working? i can hear you. can you hear us. does this sound work? look at that moon. it's a new


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