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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 31, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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which weighed around 30 pounds. the flight was heading from colombia, of course to miami and was moved to oklahoma for a maintenance check. heather: the ugly, say goodbye to free sewe soda recalls. cut down on obesity. >> breaking overnight donald trump hires new attorney general just hours after firing sally gates united states for refusing to immigration order. >> betrayal of office and she is being replaced by somebody who will enforce the laws of the united states. >> what the president did undermines our values. i can hear you. can you hear us? the sound working? >> no. >> it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? can you hear now? no. that doesn't do anything. look at that moon. >> president trump set to announce supreme court nominee ahead of schedule. >> sources are telling fox
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news the two frontrunners are telling fox news frontrunners are neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. >> dealing with regulatory relief. >> going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had in many, many decades. the american dream is back. ♪ he's just made in america brian: he is unafraid and willing to sing about it. that is the place where he was singing toby keith. ainsley: they are making coffee in the white house right now. of the light on the right is on. steve: because that is the upstairs kitchen at the whitehouse. welcome aboard, folks. thanks for joining us on this tuesday a very special day because it is joel fulton's birthday. joel, how long have you been at fox? since the beginning? steve: pretty close. >> i have been here for 20 years. [cheers and applause] ainsley: we are going to give you the catalog and can you pick out a gift. you can pick out a watch after
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20 years. steve: serious catalog. all right thank you for joining us on joel's birthday. brian: unbelievable. huge firing took place. breaking news took place during tucker's show. president trump sending a clear message to washington e get on board or you are out. steve: that's right. a new attorney general has been hired just hours after the president fired sally uniteyates acketting attorney general for refusing to. ainsley: sally yates you are fired. good morning, griff. >> good morning, they are making more a than coffee at the white house. making dramatic news. message is very clear. that is the boss is always right. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates an aobama appointee holdover for questioning the president's executive order. refusing to defend that travel ban in court. the white house releasing this statement. quote, the acting attorney general sally yates has
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betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states. miss yates is an obama administration appointee who is weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration it is time to get serious about protecting our country. dana bentae the u.s. district attorney for virginia has been named as acting attorney general until jeff sessions is confirmed. democrats waste nod time blasting the firing. chuck schumer took to the floor to denounce it. >> if this continues, this country has big trouble. we cannot have a twitter presidency. we cannot have a presidency that thinks oh this sounds good, let's just do it. sally yates was a pro-fiesel courage, maybe some of her courage and wisdom would rub off on people in the white house. >> he also called the firing a monday night massacre reference to the nixon era
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watergate scandal. clearly the battle over trump's nomination has gone up a notch as we wait for scotus nominee tonight. steve: griff, thank you. it does look political. she not only was a holdover from the obama administration but reportedly the department of justice, their internal lawyers looked at this executive order regarding immigration and said it's legal. and so she, none the less, said, you know, i just can't support it. i think it's illegal. brian: so we're done. steve: keep in mind she was going to get fired and no longer in that position just a couple of days from now because jeff sessions is on the glide path to becoming the attorney general probably by the end of the week. ainsley: she inted to get the paycheck because she needed it. if you don't want to work for the president leave january 20th. brian: think about that cut away the day president obama
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came out after hillary clinton came out and lost and donald trump won. the same face everyone had from the state department home land security and down the line. that's where donald trump is having problems. state department. yesterday home land security they got rid of a couple people obama holdovers and this happened last night. steven miller came quickly over to tucker's show and why this took place and why she had to be fired. >> during the obama administration, order after order after order was issued that violated immigration law thrarks repealed immigration law, that pulled immigration law apart. and throughout all of that, the obama justice department stood by and supported those unlawful actions. president trump comes in and directs the agencies to follow the law as written and to protect the country, and the acting attorney general and obama appointee says i'm not going to do it. as you understand, the united states admits 80 million
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people a year as visitors to our country. the idea that we couldn't exercise even a small amount of restriction to protect our country from people that we can't properly screen, that's the most basic exercise of federal authority. ainsley: i agree with that i don't understand why anyone would not want to just make sure our country is safe. just check out the people that are coming in to our country. steve: it's not. ainsley: that's basic. steve: not like the country is affected. we are not talking about sweden. we are not talking about france. we are talking about terrorist hot spots. brian: sweden has their tone problem because they let in too many refugee he is. steve: yes. the reverse. sally yates leaves that position as acting attorney general. several state department officials at the mid and you were level have been signing a document that says to the president we don't like this. and so that is circulating and they will present it very shortly. sean spicer made a great point yesterday, if you've got a
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problem with this president's agenda, just get out. ainsley: yes. steve: you don't have to have this job for life, although many people do. just drain the swamp yourself. if you don't like this put, get out. ainsley: it's not like this is something new. he ran on this. he was elected because of this. a lot of the people were worried about our borders. that's why they i wanted the wall. that was our major thing talked about during the election. this is not something new. she knew he was going to do. you have don't have to agree with everything president obama wants to pass. steve: she works for him. ainsley: telling her boss i don't agree with you he says fine. get ow. brian: nobody says the execution of this order went well. home land security is working things out. general kelly was upset by the way this was handled. is he making it clear. he is also going back and forth with the white house on the staff he has. "wall street journal" that's fine called growing pains. the big word i want -- big number everyone should keep in mind today is nine. it's been nine years since george bush's has commented about another president and nine days since president
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obama commented on a past president. yesterday he couldn't help himself. he weighed in through his spokesperson saying this president obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities across the country dhvment is exact live what we expect to see when american values are at steak. steve: two days before the inauguration, president barack obama refused 91 refugees from cuba. sent them back to castro's regime. brian: went through mexico and spopsed to get in this country and they were sent back. steve: where is the liberal media on this. here is kellyanne conway weighing in on all of there. >> what i think is everybody should be reminded of, it was his list originally number one. when you as powerful as a expresident or current sitting senator and you say or do anything to mislead people to believe something have an impact on something that clearly does not, it's a dangerous game. steve: it is a dangerous game.
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the president, former president barack obama said he hadn't wanted to gift new administration space and looks as if the space was less than 10 days. ainsley: i was asking down in the control room about the show i was saying has other presidents done this? i know george w. bush never criticized he groble barack obama. steve: nor his father. ainsley: yes it has been done. brian: jimmy carter never stopped up until recently. ainsley: nine or 10 days in the presidency. so we'll expect more of this? steve: oh, yeah. brian: if you can't go nine days without commenting on your successor, i think it's going to be a long time the democrats should be madder than anybody. they need a new leader to emerge. and as long as president obama's out there, he is so charismatic so, popular on the democratic left so, no one is going to emerge. senator schumer is doing a full-time job of being exhausted. all he does is just express outrage. ainsley: rib corey booker, too. all week and a half ago and
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now schumer. steve: i hear schumer has a really good acting coach at least i heard that on tv yesterday. so in protest to the immigration order, the temporary immigration order, you have got all the democratic leaders say go to the steps of the supreme court and you know what? something just went wrong. they had a microphone but the speakers didn't work. there they are. and the people out there couldn't hear them so they kept cheanting things like "lock him up." and stuff like that. ainsley: it went horribly wrong. if you want to know how not to have an event. this is it. watch. >> thank you very much for coming out. >> the sound is not working. >> is the sound working? good? the sound working? it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? look at that moon. it's a new moon. can you hear now? can't hear? >> mike's not on. >> bring it closer. can you hear now. no, that doesn't do any good.
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should we sing this land is your land until they get this working? ♪ this land was made for you and me. >> the order will make us unsafe. the order will make us inhumane. [cheers] >> real people now. >> are they here? where are they? steve: as it turns out the real people she was going to introduce weren't there. so they went on the other people. >> she leaned over to him and said introduce the real people now like the other people don't matter. steve: reason they were doing that couple days ago the democrats had a training on thousand talk to real people. let's bring out the real people? where are they? oops. brian: it's kind of ironic our fall back when our microphone goes off is to sing this land is your land. when in doubt this land is your land. you cannot go wrong. ainsley: make sure you know the words. steve: our microphones did go out one time for about 12
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minutes probably 15 years ago. somebody kicked a plug out of the wall, couldn't figure out. brian: 1976 hit "do the hustle. in the in the. heather: or we could just do the hokie pokey. brian: turn yourself around. >> heather: good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a good day. just hours from now president trump will announce supreme court nominee top three contenders. fleel gorsuch, thomas hardiman and he william pryor. vote on six cabinet nominees including jeff sessions for attorney general. the full senate set to vote on elaine chow as transportation secretary later this afternoon. as we await those confirmations, president trump naming a brand new acting director of immigration and customs enforcement. thomas holman replacing president obama's holdover
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daniel ragsdale served as isis executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations since 2013. former nypd officer and border patrol agent who is described as being, quote, really good at deporting people. the u.s. navy seal who gave his life in that massive terror takedown in yemen has now been identified as chief petty officer ryan owen. he was killed as members of seal team 6, which he served on, stormed al qaeda headquarters in that country. they killed 14 operatives. he was from poor i can't, -- pea illinois. he was awarded with two bronze stars. he was just 36 years old and leaves behind a young family. we are praying for that family today. so sad and what a tragedy. brian: and the three hurt. all right. thanks, heather. heather: thank you, brian. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. think all muslims are against president trump's immigration order? think again. >> i thank president trump in
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his first week for beginning to safeguard the lives and circumstances of muslims not only in the united states but around the world. brian: she joins us live with her message to america. that will be next. this is "fox & friends."
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♪ ♪ brian: shock waives and chaos, mainstream media loudly denownszing president trump's immigration order. ainsley: well, our next guest is a muslim woman who supports the president's extreme
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vetting and says that she is not the only one. joining us now is a physician and the author of "in the land of invincible women" there is her book right there her name is dr. ahmed. >> good morning. >> do most muslim women support extreme vetting. >> it's complex. a lot of muslims around the world are afraid. many of us, especially opposed to radical islam are welcoming it. we don't want to prohibit refugee he is here forever. we want to help those in need. but we do think we have to make assessments based on the regions that are identified. libya, the third front of isis. smom somalia beyond failed. cannot travel outside of capital let alone governors. isis, special for helping iraqi forces. muslim minorities that are persecuted in pakistan and other places were thrilled
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that this draft wording includes penalizing those that commit honor violence and percent cushion of minorities. a lot of muslims are subject of that. there is a positive feeling. brian: in syria we see the shots of babies being washed up on shores after lacing together rafts. we get that donald trump saying i have a big heart. that's why i want to build safe zones in syria rather than bring them here because we just don't feel we can tackle the screening because there is no government capable of doing barack ground checks. >> that's not his only motive. fantastic move and one the last administration failed for years. when muslim leaders asked president obama to do the same. i think any syrian that's been displaced from their country would rather prefer to live there if it was safe for them to do. so that's a strong move. look at what has happened. people protesting in our city and around the world. where were those protests when those babies were washed up? nobody was carrying about the neglect of syria for the last six years.
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so these tears are rather hollow, in my opinion. it is a powerful move to argue for no-fly zone. brian: you don't think saudi arabia should be on the list? you are okay with it not being there, why. >> saudi arabia is complicated but united states needs it geopolitically. clean up ideology and extremism. saudi arabia ally in the war against isis and important rebuilding peace efforts with israel. that is blossoming nicely. ainsley: that's where mecca is. if muslims go there they can't come. >> in mecca is the global religious epicenter for all muslims. the united states, if it prohibits american muslims from visiting mecca coming back would be appalling. it's not just seven nations. 68 different nationalities of muslims make their home here in the united states. brian: other nations not included and are quiet and not condemning this order. >> in fact, the saudis are in favor of the no-fly zone and
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they are supporting as is the security chief of dubai supporting trump's stand. ainsley: coming up. small business owners are you ready to start winning? because president trump just met with a group of you guys. here next to tell us what happened. z28cnz zwtz y28cny ywty
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ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you. cincinnati the latest city to defy president trump promising to protected illegal immigrants. the mayor of cincinnati john cranley declaring his city sanctuary and calling it a badge and even calling it a badge of honor and putting people here legally at risk of losing federal funds. and thousands of google employees worldwide are protesting our president by cutting their work day short. some walking off the job to march around the silicon valley headquarters.
3:25 am
and creating their own #gool going lers unite. google has started a $4 million slush fund to help organizations like the aclu support refugees. steve? steve: thank you, ainsley. president trump meeting with small leaders and owners yesterday at the white house focusing on cutting that pesky red tape. >> we want to make life easier for the small business owners. that's what we are here for today. we want to end the unfairness between small and big business caused by regulation. regulation that's actually been horrible for big business but has been worse for small business. steve: joining us right now he is one of those owners who met with the president louise is the chair of the asphalt construction company. she joins us live from our nation's capital. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. thanks for having me. steve: you have been in business for a while. you and your sister run a very successful business not far from baltimore. there is always a lot of red tape, it seems like. government keeps getting in
3:26 am
the way did. donald trump make it clear to you yesterday he is going to do his best to get rid of the red tape and make your life easier to make money? >> he did. you know, through our good intentions of creating regulation and make sure that we have proper audit trails sometimes we can go overboard. as a small business owner, i can tell you when there is federal funding involved in state executed or municipally executed contracts, there are three layers of government it can get dawntding when you are running $100,000 contract or 10-million-dollar contract administratively. essentially the administration of that contract is the same. i think we can do better than that and be more efficient and productive in that regard. steve: that is something natalia that i hear so many small business owners say. the regulation is killing me. now, i understand you did have a private conversation with
3:27 am
the president. you talked a little bit about the fact that your second generation from portugal, your family is what did he say about that? >> well, he was very welcoming. at the end of the day, our country is made of immigrants, whether we are here first generation or whether we have been here for a while. we need to support that endeavor. we need to be thoughtful as it pertains to keeping our nation united, but we are one nation, under god. let's show that we are not divisible because we are indivisible. we are all part of the equation. weave need to think. we need to stop. we need to really reflect on what we're doing. steve: sure. >> we need to make our country safe while being respectful of every person in it. steve: this is something new for us to have a chief executive for the country who actually was a businessman. so, you know, he has walked a mile in your shoes. he has made a payroll. he has written out the check. is that something that is going to take a little getting used to? you like the idea? what?
3:28 am
>> you know, i actually think it's wonderful. i have to tell you i was a big fan of president obama when he put in the small jobs acts in the -- that bridge loan allowed my business and many businesses to succeed and it was instrumental in turning us around. i think where president trump is going is he is making it easier to grow our economy, which is what this nation desperately needs. steve: sure. >> i think that in terms of going forward that we have a lot to be thankful for. i take a lot of solace in the fact that i have a president that know what is it's like to have to make payroll every single friday. steve: right. >> it's a tough job to do. it's an awesome responsibility to have, and it's one that i appreciate that he considers and understands fully. steve: indeed. you were right there yesterday for the signing of the executive action. italia luiz.
3:29 am
anyone needs asphalt call her. >> please call me. steve: i need a new driveway. thank you very much, ma'am. >> thank you. steve: you bet. meanwhile, it was one of his biggest campaign promises. >> we're going to win s so much you may even get tired of winning you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. steve: this morning, there is more winning to report from president trump. we'll tell you about it. big changes coming to the boy scouts. they are welcoming girls who want to be boys? we will tell you about that ♪ changes ♪ want to be a richer man ♪ changes ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> i president obama could receive up to $20 million for upcoming memoir which is more than any other president. i guess he has already come up with a few options for the title. first there is ""fifty shades of grey"." [laughter] then there is good night-uhh moon. [laughter] final there there is, of course, the sisterhood of the traveling mom jeans. unfortunate that he wore those. steve: the mom jeans. that's funny stuff. brian: good to see after nine days barack obama back in the headlines and did not slip by jimmy fallon. steve: that's right. did not slip by president trump either. he is already awake and tweeting this morning. he just tweeted in the last five minutes when will the democrats give us our attorney general and the rest of the cabinet? they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. doesn't work.
3:34 am
let's bring in somebody who works in d.c. that's louie gohmert, the congressman from the great state of texas. >> good morning. always good to talk to you guys. brian: congressman, do you think as president trump gets his people in place there's going to be less problems with executions on executive orders and everything else down the line? >> yeah. a good book once said and still says you can't serve two masters and apparently we had an acting attorney general that was still serving the obama administration. and, by the way, if she really cared about the constitution, why didn't she say something about those seven countries when that was put in to the section of the ina that it was during the obama years. if you look at the executive order, and i've got it right here, you won't see those countries mentioned because it was the obama administration that named those countries that we had to be concerned about. so, it will be good to have jeff sessions because he is
3:35 am
loyal to the constitution and not to political philosophy of the obama years i it's going to be awesome. ainsley: when this news broke last night, what went through your head and why do you think sally yates had to go? >> well, because she violated her oath. i mean, she needed to go. she obviously had a political agenda because if she cared about the constitution, and she thought there was some problem with naming these seven countries, she should have brought that up before obama left office. but politically, she showed herself to be a political hack and hacks have to be jacked and she has been jacked and she is gone. steve: there you go. that's an easy way to put it. louie, you know, you work in washington. you know that all of the departments in the administration have career bratscareerbureaucrats. largely partisan as well.
3:36 am
when you look at sally yates, you say she was a partisan. but what about the partisans at the department of justice and then at the irs, at the epa, places like that. yesterday sean spicer said state department writing that thing we didn't like the immigration thing. just get out if you don't like it. >> exactly. i think what fl g tells steve king and small group of us two weeks ago is exactly right. somebody said what is the number one thing in the trump agenda that we should do to help trump? and he said well it's not actually listed on the agenda, but have you good to give the president the ability to fire people that aren't doing their job. that means amending these civil service eackets. we have got to do that because he has got to be age to say those two words that viewers love to hear you're fired. that's the only way we're going to get things cleaned up and get political hacks out
3:37 am
and care more about the constitution than their political circles. and then we can start getting this town cleaned up and it will start smelling as pretty as it looks. brian: i will know if there is any chance of you guys ever getting along if the supreme court justice nominee, who is able to get those at least 10 or 8 votes needed to get a supreme court justice confirmed without the nuclear option. 10 of which senators are in trump won states. i want to bring up this terror issue. saudi arabia is not on the list. pakistan is not on the list either. that bothers me. should it? >> it should. i mean, i have read the pages that weren't made public yet that were classified. i don't think they shouldable. but i'm aware of how saudi arabia has played both sides. they thought if they could be our friend and help us and help us with terrorism and he, yet, over here fund terrorism activity, then they would be in the middle and they would be safe. they found out they're not
3:38 am
safe. and if the obama administration had been concerned, more concerned about the saudis, they would have listed them among the seven countries that they did that were at risk. the reason saudi arabia is not listed and i think we should entertain thoughts of listing them but they are not. give us vet against people say who think are. we don't have that from the countries that have not been banned but where they're moving into the u.s. has been paused. and that's the operative word. it was simply pause you had. the nation us were determined by the obama administration. it's just that now we have a president who will actually do something. you know, all of the agencies know that iran is the top funder of terrorism. what does obama do? he sends them $100 billion, lots of casual, gold. and we now have a president
3:39 am
when he sees that a country is the top supporter of terrorism, he is not going to send them money like that. and they're going to be listed as a threat and we're going to do something about it. but, it also encourages saudi arabia. by the way, steve, he is doing exactly what he said. our friends are going to be treated like friends and our enemies are going to know they are our enemies. we are not going to pay the school yard bullies to leave us alone. that doesn't work. it never has. steve: people shouldn't be surprised that donald trump is following through on campaign promises. it's just so refreshing to see a politician doing that. >> not used to be shocked. jeesh, somebody is going to do what they say? that's a shocker. trump is doing it. god bless him. this is awesome. ainsley: congressman, good to seyou. heather: one of his big campaign promises and this morning there is another vic
3:40 am
troy report from president trump. >> we're gonna win so much you may even get tired of winning. and you'll say please, please it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. heather: here is one example of that president trump praising lockheed martin for cutting $600 million off the cost of f-35 fighter jet program. >> i appreciate lockheed martin for being so responsive. and that will be appreciated very much. heather: they worked hard on that deal. this coming a day after the president repeatedly slammed the company for cost overruns and delays. more than $400,000 worth of coffee contain found stuffed inside the nose of an american airline plane. the massive drug best thanks to unlikely discovery at the teltulsa airport. an amechanic noticed the insulation around the nose appeared to be new. that mechanic pealed it back and found 30 pounds of drugs. the plane's original flight path miami to colombia.
3:41 am
re-routed to oklahoma for maintenance. good discovery there. and a controversial move from boy scouts of america now allowing transgendered children into boys only troops. kids can sign up based on gender that their parents fill out on the form. now, before they had to provide a birth certificate. boy scouts of america say it made the decision based on states changing how gender is defined. those are your headlines. steve: all right. something new. thank you. brian: all right. 19 minutes now before the top of the hour. al sharpts might need to head back to sunday school. what he just said about jesus that has twitter blowing up, ainsley. ainsley: president promising to cut red tape for businesses? how is he going to do it? stuart varney is on deck because he has the answers. ♪ ♪
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brian: now time for your headlines. pure panic in washington, d.c. as zoo ceerp keepers frantically looking for a a bobcat that escaped. if you have small pets, keep them inside for goodness sakes. ollie disappeared from her enclosure at the national zoo it happened yesterday. steve: they canceled school. brian: she looks cute. zoo keepers say don't pet the bobcat. don't make high me yell at you, ainsley. running into an angry moose. should very many if a sized this is a different story. people running for their lives as the moose charges down the trail in utah. this wasn't the first time a pair of snow shears say the same moose charged them the day before. we are going on their word. no one was seriously hurt. if you see a moose and it
3:46 am
looks like the moos from yesterday. ainsley: lucky to be alive if you run into the bobcat than the moose. brian: stay indoors, everybody. just a few hours from now the stock market will open again. both the dow and s&p falling more than 5%. steve: meanwhile critics now pointing fingers at the president's travel ban. here to weigh in the host of varney and company at fbn, stuart varney. is that the reason the stock market went down travel ban. >> it was a factor. poor implementation of the travel ban was not good for the stock market. it wasn't the main reason for the decline. the main reason for the decline was constant talk that the tax cut package is going to be delayed. first we heard it might be the summer that we get this. steve: first it was 100 days and then 200 days. >> it has been put off and off and off. the talk -- all it was just talk yesterday that maybe we won't get a tax cut package until next year.
3:47 am
well, the stock market does not want to hear that the market gone straight up on the grounds that we're going to get a tax cut and that's going to give us growth. if you delay the tax cut, the stock market is disappointed and goes down. ainsley: well, so it could go down for the next year. >> no, no. i will not forecast the stock market for the next year. but yesterday that was the word on the street that we're not going to get a tax package until somewhat delayed down goes the markets. that was yesterday. brian: what's the theory behind that? you can't do obamacare and tax cut at the same time? >> the theory is that president trump is fighting with republicans in congress over the timing of the tax cut and the shape of it and the details of it. there are a lot of people in congress, republicans, who don't want to raise the deficit, don't want to have to borrow a ton more money. steve: big tax cut the deficit would go up. >> correct. steve: way it worked during the reagan years so much money came in the deficit went like that. >> that's their side of the argument.
3:48 am
you don't want more deficit. the president wants side of the argue. is you have got to cut taxes because that's how you get growth. ainsley: that effects everyone. obamacare doesn't affect everyone. but this effects everyone. i guess it does in some way, shape, or form. , this everyone will be in favor of a tax cut. >> i don't know about everybody being in favor of a tax cut. ainsley: why? it would help everyone. >> ask the left. ainsley: it would help them, too. more money in their pocketbook? why not? steve: they want as a big tax out of your powcket as possible. depends. >> half the country pays no federal income tax whatsoever. why should they be in favor of cutting taxes for the half who do pay taxes? ainsley: they don't care. >> they want that money. they they don't want less money from those people they want more. steve: sounds like donald trump regarding taxes is not on the same page as paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. would that be accurate? >> at this point, yes. there is not a fight but a long negotiation and it's going to be a very tough
3:49 am
negotiation. brian: because speaker ryan has worked on this since he was 18 years old with jack kempf. i'm spriftzed they can't have something to present. >> here's the argument that i hear all the time from investors and the republican base. the first thing that president trump should have done was cut taxes. just like ronald reagan all those years ago. cut taxes and do it now. don't wait until hav you are doe with obamacare and infrastructure package. cut taxes now. cut taxes now. ainsley: you might be talking to him because he does watch our show. >> i would be delighted to talk directly to our thank you very much. you. ainsley: thank you, stuart. we have newt gingrich, laura ingraham and talk they will be here live. steve: al sharpton might need to head back to sunday school what he said about jesus that has social media exploding. carlie shimkus is here. ainsley: the shimkus.
3:50 am
brian: right. the shimkus ♪ going up to the spirit in the sky ♪ going up to the spirit in the sky ing your cash back shoult be this complicated. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet?
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3:53 am
steve: welt as we look at trends on friends. this morning a social media firestorm set off by the reverend al sharpton after he slammed president trump's border order by calling jesus a refugee. ainsley: here with more on what is trend something fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carlie shimkus otherwise known as the shim. >> i love that. brian: let's talk about jesus. >> let's talk about jesus.
3:54 am
brian: did al sharpton write that jesus is a refugee. >> let's talk about his tweet. on sunday before you head to church today remember to thank god for his son jesus a refugee who fled to egypt. steve: that's not exactly accurate. >> well, according to the bible, really not. and a lot of people on social media had something to say about that. mc wrote his parents weren't refugees they traveled to pay their taxes, please, al. and then brian, he made it personal. he wrote he paid his taxes, unlike you. different times, no compariso comparison. he also returned to his home. the criticism continues. >> brian: who gave him his gift certificate to be a reverend. steve: what? gift certificate. brian: is it like a gift certificate? >> i don't know if it was one of those online sources. steve: today america runs on dunkin' because a lot of people are boycotting. >> that #boycott starbucks
3:55 am
that reached the top. ceo said he was going to hire 10,000 refugees in response to president trump's travel ban. a lot of people angry with this saying he should be hiring americans over refugees sandy tweeted #boycott starbucks. we put trump in the white house. we can put starbucks out of business. they want to hire refugees over americans. go for it. and then mervilous. i was hoping it was a rumor oh well goodbye starbucks. my country comes first. brian: already spending four hours in starbucks to get a coffee now five hours to wait for it. ainsley: now we can safe money. steve: somebody got caught up in all protesters at the airport. >> the former major lead baseball player is calling out the protesters, he tweeted i mean, seriously, what the heck is going on? if you have time to march, protest and riot, maybe it's time for something called a
3:56 am
job. ainsley: i do wonder how can you afford to do that? ainsley: so much backlash he deleted that tweet. brian: he did delete and it doubled down patriots win you are going to blame donald trump game is fixed because is he actually. ainsley: i liked the font on that. >> i have got to figure that out. brian: if you want to follow carlie go to 115 on sirius. steve: she is refugee on the radio. ed henry is going to be joining us, newt gingrich, laura ingraham and talk tucker n all here live. i have been. ainsley: judge napolitano is going to run it all down for us at the top of the hour. steve: all rise. here comes the judge. ♪ i want to rock ♪ i want to rock
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> breaking overnight, president trump hire as new attorney general just hours after firing sally yates for refusing to enforce his immigration orders. >> she violated her oath. she showed herself to be a political hack and hacks have to be jacked. >> president trump is set to announce his supreme court nominee ahead of schedule. >> sources are telling fox news the two frontrunners are federal appeals court runners neil gorsuch and thomas hardiman. >> we are going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had for many, many decades. >> i take solace in the fact that we have a president who know what is it is like to make payroll every single friday. >> what the president did undermines our values. i can hear you. can you hear us? the sound working? >> no. >> it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? can you hear now? no.
4:01 am
that doesn't do anything. look at that moon. ♪ everybody was dancing in the moon light. ♪ dancing in the moon light ♪ everybody. steve: dancing in the moon light. ainsley: where is the moon now, nancy pelosi? steve: it was over the supreme court last night when the democrats were there. we're going to tell you about an event that went very, very bad. brian: symbol was protest donald trump. the amount of push back that donald trump is getting on everything is he doing is unprecedented. steve: from the press. brian: from the press and also from the democrats. look at what senator schumer has been doing every step of the way. he was weeping a couple of days ago. steve: you are right politicians as well. i was talking to a couple bell of my friends yesterday who had voted for trump. i said what do you think about all of the stuff that's going on? they said it's great. absolutely, he is doing what he said he is going to do. brian: almost everything on what refugee ban if you look
4:02 am
at the quinnipiac poll, 48% of the country for it and 38% against it the objective, the america is behind him. ainsley: did you see the rasmussen poll this morning? what was it 59. steve: 60%. ainsley: 60% of americans agree what w. what president trump is doing. steve: a rude awakening for washington, d.c. get on board with the new president or just get out of your job. ainsley: a new attorney general hired just hours after firing that lady right there sally yates for refusing to enforce his immigration order. brian: griff jenkins live at our nation's capital with the details on the move to drain the swamp i guess, right? >> good morning, that's right, guys. dramatic news and a clear message. the boss is always right or you are out. president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates, an obama appointee holdover for questioning the president's executive order on immigration and refusing to
4:03 am
defend it in court. now dana bente the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia has been named as acting attorney general until jeff sessions is confirmed and president trump taking to twitter already this morning. just moments ago. vending his frustration with the process saying, quote when will the democrats give us our attorney general and rest of cabinet? they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. doesn't work. and just moments ago on this program, congressman louie gohmert of texas weighing in on it. >> politically, she showed herself to be a political hack. and hacks have to be jacked. and she has been jacked and she is gone. >> democrats are blasting the firing. senate minority leader chuck schumer took to the floor last night saying. this. >> if this continues, this country has big trouble. we cannot have a twitter presidency. we didn't k. not have a presidency that thinks oh, this sounds good.
4:04 am
let's' just go do it. >> sally yates was a profile in courage. maybe some of her courage, her insight, her wisdom would rub off on the people in the white house. >> so clearly the political battle over trump's nominations continue to heat up as we await his supreme court nominee this evening. steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. we will see that tonight at 8:00. the quote of the day so far louie gohmert she was a political hack and hacks have to be jacked. brian: mean while, andrew napolitano, judge, he goes by judge napolitano for people who know him. if you get close to him you call him judge. judge, this happened last night. what did you think that 9:00 when steve miller going inside the move to oust yates? >> what i was thinking of reminded me of the saturday night massacre. reminded me of the nixon era when the attorneys general wouldn't do what he asked them to do and he got fired. steve: little different circumstance. >> correct. it's irrehence cybil that the justice department could be
4:05 am
rogue. because who is the chief federal law enforcement officer of the land in the president of the united states. not the attorney general. for the justice department to be run by a rogue attorney general who won't take direction from the president is simply unacceptable. donald trump is 100 percent correct. chuck schumer's delaying tactics along with the other democrats in the senate have deprived him of the tools that the constitution gives him to enforce the federal law. and that is an attorney general who will run the justice department consistent with the president. i'm beginning to think that all these orders that were obtained over the weekend staying various parts of the president's executive order, orders obtained by judges who sat on saturday night and sunday morning were done with nobody in the courtroom representing the government. steve: of course. ainsley: we wouldn't be going through this if the democrats didn't delay jeff sessions becoming attorney general. the lady was appointed --
4:06 am
sally gates was appointed by president obama. what's ironic here is jeff sessions grilled her about taking orders from the president. listen to this. >> you think the attorney general has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that's improper? a lot of people have defended the lynch nomination, for example, by saying well, he appoints somebody who is going to execute his views. what's wrong with that? but if the views of the president wants to execute are run lawful, should the attorney general or the deputy attorney general say no? >> senator, i believe that the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president. >> good question and good answer. so what she should have done, instead of directing the justice department not to defend the president is to say to the white house, in my opinion, i can't do this. it's time for me to resign.
4:07 am
because the president is entitled to representation whether i agree or not. now, her conscience is clear and the president is not left unrepresented in federal court. brian: did she know this was coming, judge? did she know if i say i'm not going to back this decision is he going to back me? >> of course she must have known that because whatever you think of her politics she is a very intelligent person. steve: has she seen his tv show he fires everybody. >> who knows the way the justice department works. my initial reaction when i saw the email sent to the doj is he has to fire her. he has to fire her immediately. that simply can't be tolerated. ainsley: you know when you are releasing a statement like this i'm sure she called her husband if she is married and said guess what, honey, i'm about to get fired. you know if you go against the president on one of his major platform issues then you will be fired. steve: that would have been. >> defending the president and consistent with your own conscience. she didn't do that. steve: there is a story out
4:08 am
there apparently you justice department attorneys said we reviewed the orders and said we are fine with it and put it in front of her -- >> i saw her review and saw her denigration of that review. look, the orders were, in my view, lawful and constitutional. steve: so that means her actions were political. >> i don't know what motivated her. steve: well, it looks like her. >> look, she is obama appointee. she is not going to do a favor for donald trump. if she can't do what the president needs to have done, she has to step aside. if she won't step aside, she has to be fired and that's what happened. steve: judge, there are a lot of people like her in the administration, career diplomatics, people at the irs, at the e.p.a., people who are partisan. >> and president trump and his team will find who those people are and do what he has done. brian: the long everywhere they stay in place the more problem he is going to have in everything he does. >> we have in this country called the unified executive. everybody in the executive branch works for the president of the united states. they don't work for themselves. and if they can't work for
4:09 am
this president, they should go and he will be happy to replace them. brian: all right. let's talk about the supreme court justice nominee. i don't know if you have been following it at all. i know you are busy. [laughter] ainsley: tell us about all three of them. brian: who is it going to be? >> i don't know who it's going to be. i attempted to find out just the other day and was told, you know what? as close as i we are, i won't tell you hot person i was speaking. brian: it was melania. >> i'm not going to tell how it was. brian: okay. >> i think that the speculation in the media is probably fairly accurate. judge pryor, judge hardiman or judge gorsuch. steve: do you have a favorite? >> i don't. i think -- you know, in full disclosure, i was part of this process, not to discuss individuals but to discuss ideas and procedures and how you find the right person and what questions you ask. i think all three of those would fulfill the promises that president trump made when
4:10 am
he was running for office. steve: is there one of them that democrats would say, you know what? we are not going to filibuster that person? >> i don't know the answer to that. chuck schumer has said if any of these is not mainstream, we will filibuster that person. i don't know that what mainstream means to him. surely he doesn't think that president trump is going to nominate somebody like merrick garland or president obama's nominees. that's not what he was elected to do. we probably have a battle on our hands no matter of which the three. ainsley: no matter of which the three. but you will come back tomorrow to tell us about that individual. >> yes. steve: it's a date. brian: do you know what you are wearing? >> just what you are today. brian: okay. i will leave it out. steve: all right. i'm uncomfortable with that. [laughter] steve: she has got the headlines. ainsley: steve is use offed to being uncomfortable. heather, take it away. heather: we will swap dresses as well. as we were just talking about supreme court picks from that to cabinet picks. six nominees are up for votes
4:11 am
in the senate today, including alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. the other five rick perry for energy secretary, ryan zinke for interior, tom price for hhs and steve mnuchin for treasury. betsy devos education secretary. democrats have delayed the hearings for each of them also on full deck today as senate votes for elaine chow as transportation secretary. we will follow this throughout the day. and then the u.s. navy seal who gave his life in that massive terror takedown in yemen has now been identified. chief petty officer ryan owens. he was killed as he and his six seal team six members stormed al qaeda headquarters in that country. they killed 14 terrorists there. owens was originally from peoria illinois. he enlisted in the navy and earned two bronze stars. he was just 36 years old. we're praying for his family and also the other service members injured over there well, this is the president's biggest campaign promise.
4:12 am
and he was wasted no time making good on it. >> repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the president is eager to get moving on this agenda and so are we. already we have hit the ground running. heather: but until the law is officially repealed, you still need to signed up for healthcare coverage under the affordable care act unless you want to get a big final. the deadline tonight 2017 will be an expensive year for americans. premiums are skyrocketing by at much as 50% in some states. and tom brady a hero to many, but he is revealing that he has a hero of his own. the new england patriots quarterback getting emotional after 7-year-old boy asks him who he looks up to. listen to this. >> well, i think my dad is my hero because he is someone i look up to every day. and -- my dad. heather: sweet. well brady's patriots taking on the falcons this sunday in
4:13 am
super bowl 51 in houston and it airs on fox and we'll all be there. 7-year-old boy made him cry. steve: that's touching. there is a poll out this morning that says that only 27% of americans want the patriots to win. so many people are voting for atlanta. brian: we will all be in houston on friday, saturday, and sunday. and we'll stay there until texas is sick of us. steve: which will probably be saturday night. brian: okay. steve: meanwhile, remember when former president obama said this? >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. steve: well, he didn't follow through on that red line thing. now syria is a mess and democrats are blaming president trump who has been on the job for, what, 10 days? ed henry on that coming up next. ainsley: here is a new way to fight obesity, a government ban on free refills? brian: about time ♪ more than a feeling ♪ more than a feeling
4:14 am
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4:18 am
steve: remember back in the day when former president barack obama drew that red line in syria? brian: yep. he didn't follow through, you may have heard. now syria a mess. democrats are blaming president trump? ainsley: our chief national correspondent ed henry is live in washington. really, ed? >> guys, good morning. it's remarkable because, look, president trump is facing criticism. this has been a sloppy rollout of this executive order on refugees. he is facing criticism from some even in his own cabinet secretary kelly, secretary mattis. democrats taking the criticism much further than that. actually suggesting that people are going to die in syria because of president trump's action on this executive order. forgetting, of course, some of these officials who served in the obama administration that it was president obama who stood by for years as hundreds of thousands were slaughtered in syria. watch what marie harf said last night. >> i don't know that syrian
4:19 am
refugees will ever be let in this country under president trump. the syrian refugee ban is an indefinite pause and actually some of them might die because they don't have a place to go. >> now, remember, marie harf worked for secretary of state john kerry who, in 2013 urged u.s. military action to enforce that red line that president obama had talked about saying that if chemical weapons were used, and particularly in 2013 chemical weapons were used by syrian strong man assad that he would take u.s. military action, that it would change his calculus. president obama did not take that military action even at the urging of secretary kerry. even though he had made this promise, remember, in 2012, watch. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms what every player in the region that that's a red line for us. and that there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the
4:20 am
chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. >> he did not, of course, enforce that red line. more died in syria. that's something you are certainly not going to hear about in former president obama's comments yesterday attacking this executive order, guys. steve: sure. and, of course, donald trump wants safe zones over in syria, which is completely different. and keep in mind marie harf is the same person who back in the day said the root cause of isis, people need jobs over there remember that? >> i do. brian: yeah. and lastly the russians came in and saved the day by taking chemical weapons out and the russians would say this was fun. i'm going back. and since that time hundreds of thousands have died as they have wiped out entire cities and propped up assad. and they are using gas in mosul right now against iraqi troops. you can't quantify how damaging that was. >> of course. that's one of the reasons that president trump has said that he wants to forge better relations with russia to get
4:21 am
their help in syria. we will see whether all that he actually follows through on. steve: all right. ed. thank you very much. >> see you, guys. steve: this weekends is the super bowl. sandra lee is over there telling you how to make a tailgate pizza. brian: is she really do it? steve: of course. ainsley: what? ♪ this program is brought to you byou by otezla it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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4:24 am
♪ brian: all right. quick consumer headlines right now. sandra lee have you to be quiet and pay attention. there will be a quiz. wal-mart upping the ante amazon customers. ditching the plan free shipping with subscription service offering instead free two day shipping to all shoppers who spend 100 bucks. the gap getting ready to launch a new app. that let's users try on clothes before buying them.
4:25 am
shoppers select their body type and program shows how the clothes look on them. i love this idea and say goodbye to free soda free frills. france where the french are making it illegal to all restaurants and hotels to help reduce obesity. ainsley: is that where the french live. steve: in france. brian: that's what i'm hearing. ainsley: i thought they live in germany. ainsley: take on her duty as the team captain for the super bowl. the host committee and she also has this little magazine. 51 things to do. steve: we have semi homemade queen sandra lee here to share her recipes. tell us what you are doing super bowl. >> i'm the team captain of 10,000 volunteers known as the super stars actually the bbb campus 10,000 volunteer super bowl team. and then i'm going to be cooking. i am the host. brian: for all 10,000? >> host committee team captain means that you're greeting
4:26 am
people in the street. our job is to make thatbeautifut as possible. brian: 149,000 people. >> there is going to be over a million people. brian: really? ainsley: what are you most excited about? this is your fan club. you have been to the super bowl before. what are you most excited about? >> this year i'm most excite you had about the commissioner's party and my daughters cara and her boyfriend are coming christmas present and graduation from college. and my brother richie is always my date. steve: have you got your plan. now, a lot of people will be having tailgate parties all across america in their homes because they are not at the game. today you are going to make what? >> we're going to talk about football pizzas, football cookies and football cake and snake bite because you are in houston. are you comfortable baking? steve: sure. why not? >> this is pizza dough from the grocery store. put it in oval shape.
4:27 am
brian: like the chef boy ar arde one: do the best you can to put it into kind of an oval. ainsley: football shape. steve: i'm making a football. i don't think you said it at the end. ainsley: this is what it looks like in the end peperoni in the middle. >> i like to use spaghetti sauce. paul newman is my favorite one. peperoni in the shape. steve: i'm going to cover the whole thing because i want peperoni in every bite. editing my pizza. ainsley: lace this out, right? >> yes. ainsley: there you go. make your lace in the oven, ready to go. steve: this is what it is supposed to look like in the end. >> take this and eat it. pick it up, do it new york
4:28 am
style. ainsley: no fork needed. you don't use a fork to eat it. brian: wow. ainsley: talk about super bowl cookies. use the ones you used at christmas. buy a package, whatever you. the icing on the top of course you want chocolate icing. you can use a store bought ready made icing but add to it confectionner sugar so you stiffen it up a little bit. and pipe on your white laces. that's very easy to do. the cake. this is just devil's food chocolate cake. instead of the water you will use a nice rich coffee to make that moist and beautiful. if you don't want coffee, use chocolate milk but something that gives it some really beautiful. brian: and drink? >> a snake bite. steve: what's a snake bite. >> this starts off with a dark beer. i prefer guinness. it depends what you like. then put in a black rum. steve: headache in glass. ainsley: not like you are. brian: there is no race. ainsley: no race here.
4:29 am
that's it. that's all. ainsley: have you all of these recipes on website. >> it is. ainsley: ains i'm giving u. the email. steve: you should have put more peperoni on. brian: president bush promised to stay out and be quiet about the next white house. president obama only lasted about a week and he is already bashing his successor. newt gingrich is live to racket next. ainsley: veterans are speak out about president trump's immigration order saying it hurts the military but who are these veterans? pete hegseth is going to answer that question straight ahead while we eat pizza ♪ now blip it into shape ♪ shape it up ♪ get straight ♪ go for it ♪ move ahead ♪ try to detect it ♪ it's not too late ♪ to whip it ♪ to whip it good ♪
4:30 am
we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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4:33 am
♪ home is where wherever i'm with you ainsley: this is your shot of the morning. we have great news of the morning. president george h.w. bush is back home. steve: 92-year-old and oldest living president spending more than two weeks in a houston hospital for pneumonia. president bush thankful for everybody's prayers, we understand, and the doctor's world class care that he got. brian: all right. so the next stop for president bush 41 could be super bowl 51. sources say, telling fox news the nfl has invited him to flip the opening coin toss this sunday in houston that airs on fox. i will also be there so no word yet if they will accept and he did make a statement through jim mcgraph his spokesperson that he wants to be at the super bowl. and to host for houston because it means a lot to him. ainsley: you know he will say yes as long as he is feeling up to it. steve: sure.
4:34 am
meanwhile, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor joins us now. newt, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: we just showed the picture of 41 out of the hospital, thankfully. there was something about the bush family, 41, 43, after they left office, they didn't bad mouth whoever came next as president of the united states, unlike the guy who just left 10 days ago, president obama, it took him nine days. he was quiet nine days and then yesterday he put out a statement regarding the immigration order by president trump saying this: president obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. this is exactly what we need -- expect to see when american values are at stake. newt, your comment about the former president criticizing the new president? >> well, look, i think there is a very different situation here. i think that the -- both president george h.w. bush and
4:35 am
president george w. bush felt that they owed it to the dignity of the office. they owed it to the unity of the country to step aside, to let the new guy have a shot of doing what he is doing. even if they disagreed deeply, they thought it was not the job of an expresident or former president to be engaged. obama is in a totally different place. the entire left is embattled. they are outraged. they are under siege. they are terrified, they don't know what to do. were so sure they were going to win that they're just totally disoriented and he is part of that general movement. so, president trump is going to be a very aggressive reformer. he has already proven that those reforms are going to drive the left crazy. and the truth is that president obama is part of the left. he is not a traditional president. he is a leading figure in a movement which is right now losing ground very rapidly. brian: you know what, newt? i have a different theory. i have a theory it actually hurts the cause for the former president to be out front because the democrats need
4:36 am
somebody else to step forward. as long as he dominates the spotlight, the democratic party suffers because is done. is he finished. he is through. >> i don't disagree with you but frankly as a republican, that makes me feel really good. i hope he talks out often and eats up most of the atmosphere and newer, younger people don't get a shot. i would be delighted to run against the elizabeth warren, george soros wing of the democratic party and have no new person emerge. ainsley: you know, mr. speaker, a lot of people are talking about this immigration order that it's such an inconvenience. what's your feeling about that? [laughter] >> i think that's a crazy word. you know, were people being killed in a nightclub in orlando inconvenient? were people being killed in san bernardino at a christmas party inconvenient? it really bothered me that chuck schumer could bring up a few tears for people not being
4:37 am
killed, not being shot, not being imprisoned, simply held at airport u that brought tears. 4,000 americans being shot over 700 killed in chicago, that didn't bring chuck schumer to tears. didn't bring rahm emanuel to tears. why is it that they put somehow the value of people who are not americans, who are refugees, who we have had testimony from the fbi and the intelligence director under obama by the way that there is a real danger of isis trying to sneak people in. and, president trump feels deeply that his first dude duty is to protect americans. that for liberal democrats, that's somehow doesn't ever seem to be their first duty. brian: in 2014 senator schumer said maybe we should have a pause on syrian refugees. actually bucking president obama on that. and that seemed kind of logical then. where is his heart with the cubans? 93 were stuck in mexico and being sent bake to that horrible nation run by that
4:38 am
horrible government? where is everyone's hearts broken? why aren't people's hearts being broken by that? >> well, i mean, you are making the point. look, the thing about the left wing is they own so much of the media and so much of hollywood, they get on emotional roller coasters. something as this week's hot story then they all feel deeply concerned about it until they forget it. and i think you are seeing that kind of effect right now. plus, remember, anything president trump does that the left can oppose, they're going to oppose. so what do you have? have you schumer who is blocking all the people that president trump needs to run the government, then complaining that the government is not being run as well as it should be without noticing that it's his blocking which is keeping those people from going to work. it's a very hypocritical position that schumer is in now. steve: also, newt, keep in mind, it's not like all this stuff came out of left field, donald trump ran for over a
4:39 am
year saying as soon as i take office i'm going to do this. as soon as i get there, boom. he is here, is he doing it and people are like what's he doing? my head is exploding. >> look, you are going to see exactly the same thing happen this evening. president trump is going to take one of the names that was on a list that he released back in the spring. this is not a surprise. i don't know which name it's going to be, but it ain't going to be a surprise. and chuck schumer is going to say oh, he is too far to the right for me. well, bologna. my view is that the democrats had better find enough votes to approve this guy or i think mitch mostly cloudy council will change the rules. ainsley: it reminds me of what he is happening with the sanctuary cities. look at kate steinle's city. the immigrants in this country aren't paying taxes have more rights than people arguing the right thing. this is our country. i don't understand why anyone is against just making sure the people who come across our border are good and decent people and aren't going to be terrorists.
4:40 am
>> well, and, look at mayor rahm emanuel's problem. he has had 4,000 people shot in the last year. radically more than -- americans than lost in iraq and afghanistan combined in the last year. and, yet, he is against the federal government picking up criminals when they get out of the chicago jail and getting them out of the country. now, how can emanuel argue that what chicago needs is more criminals on the street? i mean, you look at these and think there is something has happened with the left gotten totally out of touch with reality and somewhere out around pluto. [laughter] and you can't figure what's -- you know, what's their reasoning? i mean, how can they get. ainsley: i don't know. >> how can they get to this point? ainsley: it's the president's job. it's in the constitution it's the president's job to keep our country safe. steve: newt, thank you very much for being with us today's. heather: 40 minutes after the hour and we have got a couple headlines that we are going to check out right now.
4:41 am
and we'll get back to you with those in just a little bit. starting with your shot the morning right now. should we take a look at what the shot morning is? what is our shot of the morning? okay. here, okay. boy scouts. we will talk a little bit about that. we will do the shot of the morning later. so here is what is going on. a controversial move in the boy scouts of america now allowing trans gendered children into boy-only troops. kids can now sign up based on the gender of their parents that they would fill out on a form. before they had to provide a birth certificate. boy scouts of america saying it made the decision based on changing on how gender is defined. one lawmaker wants to drop the gavel on sanctuary cities allowing victims of crimes sue the politicians refusing to deport them. colorado state representative dave williams is the first latino lawmaker in his district. he said his mission is to prevent horrific crime like the 2005 murder of this denver
4:42 am
police officer who was am burned and shot three times by illegal immigrant. steve: all right. heather. thank you very much are. brian: it wasn't the shot of the day. ainsley: it's the shot of the morning. not of the day. steve: we are just in charge of the morning. other people in charge the day. ainsley: get it right. steve: meanwhile some veterans are speaking out about president trump's immigration order saying it hurts the military. but who are those vets? pete hegseth is a vet. is he going to answer that question coming up next. ainsley: and a facebook group for dr. mom had one rule. leave politics out of it, that is, until they found out some of the moms supported donald trump. then the bullying started. one of the moms, dr. nicole sapphire, there she is. she is excited to come on. i can't wait to hear her story. ♪ i said it's too late to apologize ♪ it's too late ♪ introducing theraflu expressmax
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4:46 am
♪ ♪ brian: speaking out against the president's immigration order, fearing it hurts the heroes they credit with saving their lives. >> we're americans. we're the good guys. good guys are supposed to keep their promises, right? well, we made a promise to these people in exchange for that service. they stood with us in our hour of need. now, it's time for us to do the honorable and right thing and stand with them in theirs. brian: here to weigh in, fox news contributed tore u.s. army veteran pete hegseth. pete caught up in all of this has been some iraqi interpreters that have helped out in time of war. are they putting out being battery rams for the left? pete: they already have been. listen, the special immigrant visa program that brings iraqi interpreters to the united states has been broken since the beginning. i've been fighting for three and a half years to get three allies of mine to this
4:47 am
country. had to get a congressman involved. had to appeal multiple times. it doesn't work. a visa review process is a good thing both on this process and others. but i do believe this executive order will create a carve-out to make sure that these allies can come to the united states. there is the exception for it. pentagon is building a list. republicans and democrats are putting pressure on. i think our iraqi allies will have a chance to come to this country as they should. brian: yesterday, i interviewed johnny walker is a pseudo name that he uses now that he is in this country. >> yep. brian: he was one of chris kyle's interpreters. it took him five years to get here. that was before donald trump was thinking about running for president. we shouldn't pretend like this ban over the weekend or this pause over the weekend was some cataclysmic event for those that helped us in iraq and afghanistan. >> brian, i have had to fight and scratch and crawl to get my allies to this country. the system is broke. it underlies why donald trump is doing what he is doing. it's not a good process. let's get it figured out. if we can't get iraqi al
4:48 am
thrice this country in smooth process how are we going to vet infantry iraq and syria and elsewhere. that's why this pause makes so much sense to our country. within it hopefully we get a new look at immigrant process so allies do come in this country and keep our promise. we haven't so far. this is not a donald trump issue. this is a state department bureaucracy issue. this is a process that has not worked. for left wing veterans groups to make this about donald trump it, totally disingenuous. it is about securing our country and standing by our allies. let's make it very clear about that. brian: right. i'm sure this thing is going to be ironed out in a short time. you pete hegseth, thanks so much. see you in the studio shortly. >> you got it thank you. brian: facebook group for doctor moms had one rule leave out politics. that is until they found out some of the moms supported donald trump. then the bullying started. one of the moms dr. nicole saphier joins us live to explain. she prom polices to walk down the hall and through the door and onto the set and she
4:49 am
fulfilled that promise. can i believe in america again ♪ i'm not crazy ♪ i'm just a little unwell submit to i know right now you can't tell ♪ stay a while and then maybe you'll seewa ♪ [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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4:52 am
you. ainsley: the physician mom group is online group set up to bring mothers who are also doctors together to share advice and expertise. but, after this last election, things got really ugly the forum turned into bullying ground for liberals to bash their conservative peers. one of the women who watched this unfold is radiologist. you know her. she is on fox quite often her name is dr. nicole saphier. >> good morning. ainsley: so what happened after the election when you went on this site? 65,000 members. >> right. so i had the privilege of
4:53 am
being a part of an amazing group. it was the two inclusive criteria you have to be a mother and you also have to be a doctor. imagine the diversity that we had across this group. over 65,000 women were a part of this. and everyone came together. there was a wonderful camaraderie, a privilege to be a part of this. after the election i watched as a silent bystander. i started seeing some propaganda, rhetoric going back and forth that turned a bit abusive. whether you are far right. far left, far side of the moon. that extremism has no place in the professional women's physician group. ainsley: the group was supposed to be a political. you weren't allowed to the talk about politics. let me read the posts that. so liberal physician moms were writing. this one says trump is the anti-cyst to christ. i'm not saying republicans are racists. i'm saying people who still support trump are another one says to all those conservatives who cried tyranny every time obama proposed legislation, gave a
4:54 am
speech or even walked across the south lawn. guess what you dumb blank asked for it and you got it this is what real tyranny looks like. so the person who founded this site who said these are the rules, you can't talk about politics, what is that physician mom saying now? >> so i didn't actually see those quotes but i did see a lot coming from both sides, similar to that. what i did notice that was happening was a lot of those conservatives that were posting, they were actually being removed from the group. their posts were being deleted where a lot of them were left wing, more liberal posts, they are remaining. it wasn't even you had to be conservative to get kicked out. i was seeing posts questioning some the current movements that these people were also being removed from the site. ainsley: what does this have to do with raising your kids and being a doctor is my question. they did kick out one conservative. this was the response from the site. you have been removed from pmg for calling democrats sore losers. we have asked that all political posts not are
4:55 am
marginalized or bashing any member or candidate. tossing the other side for being a sore loser isn't promoting discussion but rather adding to division. yet, they were okay with the liberal folks on this site bashing conservatives. >> so i respectfully recused myself from the site after i had fought some of this bullying and verbal abuse going back and forth. the truth is plightness and gooplight --politeness and manno never go out of style. we are doing it to our selves. we are doing a pretty good job at it. the same intolerance that people are marching against in the streets is the same intolerance that is just exploding this physician's group. ains ansz that's a great point. thank you for being with us and telling the story. why did you tell the story? why was it important for you? >> i think it's important to maintain professionalism, to remember who we're. we are strong women. we're intelligent. we are educated and we can be diverse. everyone can believe the same thing but have you to respect your piers. if you can't respect your piers, how are you going to give bipartisan and great care
4:56 am
to your patients? ainsley: these are moms we have to remember. they're raising kids. we want our children to have diverse friends. >> absolutely. ainsley: you want to handle it manners and grace. i agree that never goes out of style. let us know what you think we will talk about that later on in the show. thanks, nicole. great to see you, dr. saphier. president trump telling the assistant attorney general you're fired because she refused to do her job. laura ingraham is going to be live on that story next. ♪ our house ♪ in the middle of our street ♪ our house ♪ in the middle of our it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs.
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aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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4:59 am
♪ >> a new attorney general hired just hours after firing that lady right there sally yates for reducing to.
5:00 am
>> she showed to be a political hack and hacks have to be jacked. >> trump's first duty is to protect americans. >> president trump is set to announce his supreme court nominee ahead of schedule. >> sources telling fox news that two frontrunners are federal judges. >> the american dream is back. we're going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had in many, many decades. >> i take a lot of solis in the fact that i have a president that knows what it's like to have to make payroll every single friday. >> what the president did undermind our values. i can hear you. can you hear us? the sound working? look at that moon. shall we sing until they get the sound working? ♪ ♪
5:01 am
steve: we're already playing a song. ainsley: now when the teleprompter goes out, what do we do? we'll just sing this land is your land. steve: let's hope laura ingram's microphone is working, she joins us once a week and today joining us from our nation's capitol. laura. >> what a beautiful moon today. [laughter] by the way, guys, as someone who had some issues with bad mics before, i felt back for nancy pelosi for eight or nine seconds. brian: is your fall back this land is your land? >> no. i just cry out wolverines from red dawn. snoot last night when sally yates was fired, which was your thought? >> well, here's what i want to say right off the batted. i was on hannity at 10:45 on the phone last night trying to explain this to people because historians, so-called
5:02 am
historians were on television last night supposedly drawing parallels to the saturday night massacre from -- steve: with watergate? >> watergate. now, get this. get this. we had people actually saying that the deputy attorney general and the attorney general in 1973 reducing to fire on president nixon's orders the special prosecutor who was investigating the watergate case. trying to get the watergate case released and proceeding against nixon. they're reducing to fire a special prosecutor in resigning was like the president of the united states firing the acting attorney general sally yates who refused to carry out a both lawful and constitutional move by the president and his administration. let me just say for everybody watching. there are no parallels to what happened in october 1973 now,
5:03 am
they both involved washington. that's about it. >> guys, this is the most facile and pathetic attempt at both revisiting history and tarring the trump administration. there is no parallel. ainsley: and she was appointed by president obama. the guys in the nixon thing, they were appointed by nixon, just weren't willing to go by watergate. she was appointed by a democratic president who doesn't agree with the president now. >> allen, who is no conservative, liberal legal scholar said last night she was basically practicing political hero stuff. she knew she was going to be leaving as the role of acting attorney general, she wanted to be the political hero of the moment, or at least that's the way it appeared. but there is no parallel for all of you headline history people out there, there is no parallel between what happened with richard nixon and what happened last night. that's the first thing i want to say.
5:04 am
brian: was some of the fallout with this friday executive order, was it preventable? >> i think you raise an excellent point. there are two separate issues here. both the legality and the constitutionality of what the trump team did last friday. that is not in question. 8 usc section 1182f gives the president this type of authority to make this type of decision on immigration for the good of the country. he has that authority. congress also is vested with its own legislative powers over legislation. he has no constitutional or statutory impediment to do what he did. however, this could have been rolled out and maybe telegraphed in a better way, and i think it could have been. it doesn't mean you have to announce to the world what they were doing. but i think it was important for the trump team to understand they are going to be at war with the media
5:05 am
likely and the democrats and some of the republican party every day that they are doing what they said they were going to do on the campaign trail. every day it's going to be war. so if you know you're going to be at war, how do you roll out something that you know is going to be deemed to be a muslim ban, even though it's not. deemed to be unconstitutional, even though it's not, deemed to be hateful even though in their view it's very practical? so you have to produce the preface and the preproduction of this. it has to be done i think really carefully and really smartly. i think they could have done better on that. steve: and the media double standard is what you would expect. keep in mind, there were 109 people in transit, and they were the ones who were temporary detained. okay. so 109 versus 91 cubans who two days before the inauguration were sent back to
5:06 am
cuba by barack obama's administration. but the left -- you know, the mainstream media, no word about that. >> yeah. that's one of the things, you know, if i were helping out on communication, that's one of the things that i would point to. both the cubans that were sent home and the 8 -- what is it? 12 or 72 refugees that obama brought in wednesday before he left office. you've got to talk specifically about what the refugee program means to the country. what it -- the positives, you know, values that we take in from immigrants and refugees, frankly, and the difficulty we have with some countries in doing the type of vetting we need to be done. especially with the radicalization that's now happening on the internet. it's a different world than it was 10, 20, 30 years ago with how we look at refugees coming into the united states. ainsley: yeah, and it's a different united states president trump. >> right. ainsley: president obama doesn't like it. he's making that crystal clear
5:07 am
just nine or ten days after the current president took office. he wrote president obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. this is exactly what we expect to see when american values are at state. what's your reaction? >> yeah. american values. controlling your own immigration. controlling your borders. ensuring the safety of the american public. last time i checked, those are american values. doesn't surprise me at all. remember, when barack obama left office, guys, he made it clear to the activists and the democrat hard-core base, it was up to them to carry on the community activism and the community organizing that he began early on in his post-harvard law school career. and, you know, he gave a nod to it. and he said the fight is now yours. but i'll be back if i see things that are happening for what are shared values. it depends on what your perspective is. i think there are a lot of americans who are glad that we
5:08 am
have a president who is taking immigration and the refugee in a program really seriously. brian: laura, in your opinion, does some of these emotion we saw after donald trump won in new york city and other major cities, the outrage, some of the things at the airports we watched over the weekend, is the left giving birth to their own version of the tea party? >> i think they're trying to. i think the problem here is both on the constitution and the statutory level. they're in the wrong. and courts are not going to be able to continue to put these days into place when the trump administration is right on the merits. you can argue whether they're doing the best that they can on the communications and messaging side. but on the merits as what they're doing, liberal scholars like jonathan turley, george twillger from the george h.w. bush administration, all of them said the president is well within his right to do what he did over the past ten days on this immigration stuff. he said he was going to do
5:09 am
this. steve: yep. >> and he's doing it. but the message i think can be a lot more positive and not quite so at times negative, and i think we could bring people along to understanding what exactly they're doing and how they're doing it in a more better way. steve: they're only ten days into it. tonight, just about ten hours from now, the president of the united states will be in the east room. he's going to announce his nomination pick for the supreme court. but, you know, the democrats are already bracing for a fight. there's a senator from the great state of oregon who said unless it's merrick garland, i'm going to filibuster the guy or the gal. >> yeah. part of the on going resistance. steve: the party you know. >> yeah. it's part of the resistance. it's to get the american people understand why you're doing certain things. whether it's the immigration pause, the refugee pause, or whether this particular nominee is best suited for this presidency and this court.
5:10 am
i think it's going to be very important. the inside track seems to be with todd har hardman from the third circuit, i've had the privilege to be with him. he's a terrific person. he has impeccable credentials. neil also someone, some conservatives have concerns about him, he was a retired justice and was loaned to the kennedy chambers and then of course bill prior down in alabama. i think a conservative favorite. he might not be in that final three at this point. but they could surprise us, but it could be either one of the three. ainsley: they look at anything. brian: but they'll let anybody clerk for a supreme court justice right, laura? >> yeah. i slipped in under the radar. i was lucky. brian: laura, thanks so much. we really wore you out today. thank you so much for your
5:11 am
time. >> take care. ainsley: she needs a nap now. brian: ten straight minutes. ainsley: 8:00 a.m. she needs a nap. she's like my 1-year-old. just kidding. she doesn't need a nap. steve: 8:00 tonight. >> yes. exactly. so let's talk a little bit more about that one from th the president's supreme court pick to his cabinet. ten nominees up for vote in the committee today. jeff sessions for attorney general, that begins less than two hours from now. the other five tom price for hhs, steve minimum ouch info treasury, rick perry for energy, ryan for interior. now, democrats have delayed the hearing for each of them also on deck this afternoon as transportation secretary. big story to watch throughout the day. well, this just in president trump will not backtrack on lgbt in the workplace. the white house saying it will keep mr. obama's executive order that bans workplace discrimination. the president says he wants to be respectful and supportive, just as he was throughout the election. he says he's proud to have
5:12 am
been the first ever gop nominee to mention the lgbt community in his nomination acceptance speech. this morning we have a brand-new acting ice director. president trump having thomas holman to replace president obama's pick. serves as ice executive director since 2013. a former nypd officer and border patrol agent that is described as quote really good at supporting people. and we're learning more about the u.s. navy seal who gave his life in that massive terror take down in yemen. he was member of seal team six, and he was killed as he and his fellow teammates stormed an al-qaeda headquarters in yemen. he was originally from illinois. he enlisted in the navy in 1998. he was just 36 years old. we are praying for his family.
5:13 am
everybody in the navy today and some of those men who were injured as well. brian: yeah, fighting against women in the field. people are, like, women die? well, they were dug in trying to kill our guys. >> pretty crazy. brian: still ahead. do you remember when president obama said this? >> a red line for us is a we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. brian: i don't know fumbled but he did not follow through. now syria's a mess. and democrats are blaming president trump. does that make any sense to you? ed henry is on deck with that story. steve: plus coming to the boy scouts, they're welcoming girls who want to be boys, question mark. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you
5:14 am
stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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5:17 am
brian: remember when former president barack obama drew that red line in syria, and he did not follow through? ainsley: well, now syria is a mess and democrats are blaming president trump. steve: chief national correspondent ed henry live in washington. okay. so, ed, the new guys
5:18 am
had the job for ten days. how is it his fault? >> well, former obama administration officials are actually making the case that because of this refugee executive order, people are going to die in syria because of president trump. but think back to what happened under former president obama's watch. he went out there in 2012 in the middle of that presidential campaign and at a white house news conference insisted he would do something about syria if, in fact, chemical weapons were used by the dictator assad. here was his vow. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in the region that that's a red line for us and there would be enormous consequences if we start seeing movement on the chemical weapons front or the use of chemical weapons. >> that red line was crossed a few months later in 2013. there was a massive chemical weapons attack.
5:19 am
you can see some of the aftermath there in the video, including -- wait for it -- 400 children. at least 400 children killed in that chemical weapons attack. that led then secretary of state john kerry among others to say that there needed to be u.s. military action. if president obama did not go through with it. and now we have one of kerry's former spokespeople saying it's president trump who is going to have people dying in syria because of this executive order. here's what she said. >> i don't know that syrian refugees will ever be let into this country under president trump. the syrian refugee ban is a indefinite pause and actually some of them might die because they don't have a place to go. >> people may die in syria. so now former obama officials are speaking out saying president trump needs to do something when over the last eight years we saw very little action, guys,. brian: yeah, this entire mess was happening because of a lack of action including the
5:20 am
isis battle in mosul right now. this whole entire thing has been put upon donald trump by the previous administration and now it's his problem that there are so many refugees out there. saudi arabia stepped up and said we'll provide some money to help you set up some safe zones, but i don't think anyone's gotten that word out. >> right. donald trump is taking criticism from fellow republicans. some on the hill, some maybe even in his own cabinet about this executive order. there are going to have to be tweaks. but the reasonable doubt that people are dying in syria because of president trump, a bit of a stretch, guys. ainsley: and why do they get to that point? if they're at the point of death, who got them there? >> good to see you guys. steve: you bet. coming up senator schumer in new york reduced to tears apparently over the president's executive action. >> it was mean-spirited and un-american. steve: so is it really un-american to keep people safe? we're going to talk to a father whose son was murdered
5:21 am
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5:24 am
steve: we have quick tuesday morning headlines for you. first up, thousands of google employees worldwide protesting our president by cutting their workday short. many of them to walk off the job to walk around silicon valley headquarters. creating their own #googlersunite. google has created a 4 million-dollar fund to help refugees in the united states with legal help if they need it. and cincinnati now the latest city to defy president trump promising to protect illegals. the mayor there john cranially declaring his city a sanctuary even calling that a badge of honor.
5:25 am
all right. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: thanks, steve. the left is still hammering president trump over his tough immigration policies. >> there's so many things wrong with this order. this is an outrage. >> it is reckless. it is reckless and rash. >> it is unconstitutional. >> mean-spirited and un-american. ainsley: but try telling that to jamiele whose teenage son was gunned down by a illegal immigrant. he joins us now from los angeles. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. ainsley: you're welcome. first of all, for the folks at home that don't know the story about your son, tell us what happened. >> march the 2nd, 2008, he was coming home from the mall, i had just called him on the phone to see where he was at. he said he was right around the corner and a couple of minutes later, i heard two
5:26 am
gunshots, come outside, he was laying in the street in a pool of blood dead. you know, illegal alien. illegal alien. ainsley: an illegal alien was responsible for it. tell us about him. >> yeah. illegal alien. he was an 18th street gang member on his third gun charge. he was released from the county jail within 24 hours killing my son. nobody called ice. he had already had a deportation hold on him in santa clara county they didn't honor, so he came here and started doing the same thing. instead of deporting him, they just let him out like he was a ymca camp, and he murdered my son the same day he got out. ainsley: now your life will never be the same. i can't imagine the pain you're going through. so why did you support president trump? why were you on the campaign trail with him? >> yeah. because trump said he was going to -- he didn't like what happened. when i told him what happened to my son, i could tell that it hurt him, and he didn't want it to happen to anybody. and i believe that he was going to do something, you know?
5:27 am
i trusted that he was going to do something, and he came through. he came through. i'm happy that he's doing it. now we have to enforce it. you have all of these people fighting against him, so he has a set of precedent and come out hard. ainsley: yeah, he actually listened to you. what was your reaction to what he's doing? we're going to ban anyone coming over here for the next three months coming from those seven countries. what's your response? >> you know, that's good. americans first. what about us? our kids, our family members are being murdered, and they're protecting and their siding with the bad people. all we want to do is go after the bad ones. they want to put them in a bag and say what about the rest of them? let's deal with the bad ones. the criminals. the worst ones. we can all come together on that, that's what we thought. ainsley: jamile, there's a lawmaker committed by illegals
5:28 am
to sue the government. >> yeah. it would hold them accountable, to make them scared for the stuff they're doing. we were trying to sue sheriff baca, even he was the one who directly did it. the police chief out here and the sheriff's department, they don't want to do nothing to protect us. so that will hold them accountable because it will make them do their job. ainsley: so what's your message to chuck schumer when you see him crying because he thinks that these refugees should have more rights than americans? >> you know, it's like trump said, that was so fake. i've been to funerals, candlelight vigils, you want to see real crying and hurt people, why don't you show up there, you know? i know a lot of parents who cry every day, including myself. that's all we do is think about our loved ones and to see him crying for terrorists and people who we don't even know who they are when he has americans here that he gives us no support? you know, i could care less about chuck schumer.
5:29 am
ainsley: jamiel, thank you for being with us. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up, the mainstream media calling the firing of the attorney general a monday night massacre. a massacre. really? used to work for mainstream media. he's next. with every early morning... every late night... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn.
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5:33 am
is somebody going to deal with this? look at that moon. it's a new moon. can you hear now? can't you? can you hear now? no, that doesn't do any good. shall we sing this land is your land again until they get this working? ♪ ♪ >> the lady in the harbor in the city in which i live holds a wonderful torch. we will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch. >> do the real people here now. >> are they here? where are they? ainsley: the real people. tucker carlson is a real person. brian: i think so. ainsley: where were you? nancy pelosi was looking for you, tucker. >> a real person? i was at work like real people. brian: when your mic goes out,
5:34 am
do you sing a folk song? >> we do have music in the studio. it's not 1965 again. these are real adult issues that people should be discussing in detail. if you disagree, explain why. but instead these are morons and demagogues. here's the problem, though. the pressure, the social pressure in the country is rising to a level that is unhealthy. i mean, you don't -- you want to challenge the system, you don't want to break the system. and you do sort of hope that both sides deaccelerate because things are getting to a level of histe hysteria that's not healthy. steve: whoever they rented that system from, i hope they're getting a refund today. after that video was televised, donald trump this morning got out his twitter machine and wrote this. nancy pelosi and -- here's a new name. fake tears chuck schumer held a rally at the steps of the supreme court and mic did not work. a mess just like the democratic party. and then nancy pelosi
5:35 am
spokesperson responded. ainsley: the mic briefly didn't work. but this thin-skinned president clearly heard the voices of the more than 250 members of congress and thousands of others who gathered outside the supreme court last night. the president's immoral executive order is clearly institutional no matter how many times he tweets or how many administration officials he fires. tucker. >> yeah. i mean, it's neither immoral nor constitutional. i think you can make a solid and defendable case for why he's acting in the best interest of the country. but there's another component to this, which is you have to explain things to people. and twitter's not the way to do that. a speech is the way to do that, articulate spokesman is the way to do that. if you make the case slowly and calmly, i think you win over a large majority of the country because fundamentally the u.s. does have a right to control who comes here and act in its own interest and the president has a responsibility to protect the population of the country. but if things get so crazy and if people start saying things
5:36 am
that are so irresponsible, it drowns out those points. so you really need to calm people a little bit. that's part of the job. and so while i'm totally in favor of the themes behind this because i think they're right, and i think they help america, i also think the administration has an obligation to speak in a way that people can hear. brian: right, and i think we're going to see that when we get a secretary of state and general, they're going to get people in the process. and, look, it wasn't executed well, it wasn't communicated well, it was signed and implemented, and a matter of time people started and all hell broke loose. but i assume when they get people in place, it will get better and when the obama people are moved out, they will have more loyalists amongst them. meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on with the refugees. now all of a sudden donald trump is getting -- now it's his problem that there are refugees in syria that want to come here. we all knew that president obama was the one responsible for this crisis that is flooding europe, changing europe, changing
5:37 am
sweden, and we're trying to prevent it from happening here. >> it's destroying a lot of western europe and scandinavia as you know. so the core question is how do you prevent that from happening here? i mean, for 50 years, there's been this experiment going on across the ocean with trying to assimilate large groups of people from the middle east, and i don't think anyone would argue that it works. and, by the way, it has produced a massive political backlash. in first place in polling this morning as of the french election. that's a response to a terrible and disablizing practice in france. nobody wants that. what i'm so struck by is if you press the opponents of the executive order and say why are you exactly against this? if you keep pressing, they say america is immoral and has an immoral history. well, the truth is the united states has let in more people voluntarily
5:38 am
than any other country in the history the have of the world. the u.s. has done a lot and yet somehow people under 30 i think haven't learned that, they've learned only the sad parts of american history. so this is almost punishment for america's sins. that's almost a grotesque argument, i think. ainsley: you had a guy on your show last night, mark, who said if we don't bring these refugees in and don't allow them here into our country, there will be another holocaust. listen. >> you're saying that the holocaust because of american immigration? >> no. i'm not saying that at all. >> okay. >> because hundreds of thousands of americans died fighting the nazis. >> absolutely but what did happen is america turned its back on refugees during that period just like we're turning our back on refugees right now. we're not responsible for the crisis in syria, but we do have some responsibility to protect the refugees who are fleeing for their lives. ainsley: what's your response? >> well, i mean, that is partly true but misleading. the united states did turn
5:39 am
away people fleeing europe in some number. but it also defeated the nazis, you know? at great expense. so millions of americans traveled across the ocean to a country not theirs and a war not theirs and hundreds of thousands died and countless more injured and had their lives interrupted for the sake of ending fascism. so that's something that we ought to be proud of. but to flip it around, and i think most americans are proud of it, and to say because america made a mistake 70 years ago, we have an obligation to bring in syrian refugees against interest i mean, is insane. and actually, it's an insult to all those americans who died doing the right thing. steve: of course, we started the conversation talking about the immigration pause that the president has installed for the next 87 days or so. >> right. steve: of course currently the top law officer of the country aside from the president is the attorney general.
5:40 am
sally yates came out very publicly yesterday and said, look, i don't think this thing is legal. she's a holdover from the obama administration. looks like she's a partisan as well. but now the mainstream media has hopped on this, tucker, and calling this a monday night massacre. now, i think we're all old enough to remember the saturday night the massacre, and this isn't anything like it. >> well, it's different on a bunch of different levels because at its core, there's not a legal debate here. who, by the way, was kept on by the trump administration, and i think it's why. >> that was a mistake. >> yeah. clearly. from their perspective. but there's not a legal debate, again, at the center of this. so if you read what sally yates said, she said basically this is wrong, i don't agree with it, it's immoral, it's bad, and therefore i'm not going to defend it. not really -- you know, that's fine but that's not really her job. her job is to interpret the law against the constitution, legal requirements and evaluate whether, you know, an order like this is legal. and she didn't really do that.
5:41 am
and so she's acting outside of her job description. >> she went rogue. >> well, a little bit. she's allowed to have that opinion. but as acting attorney general, she should evaluate whether it's legal or not, and i don't think she did that. brian: and of course that had to change your show. no one think so when these firings happen, it changes your show. >> what affect is it going to have on cable news? that's a fair question. brian: how does it affect tucker? and overall lately you've been saying ainsley is your favorite. has anything changed. ainsley: nope. sorry, brian. brian: on fox and friends? >> you know, a lot changes in this world, brian but some facts are immutable, they're in stone and ainsley being my favorite is one of them. steve: they work together the weekends for many, many years. brian: when they were kids. steve: all right. brian: tucker, thank you, we'll be watching tonight. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: coming up vetting refugees is a great start but what are we doing about refugees who refuse to assimilate? steve: good question. >> the islamic schools here in
5:42 am
minnesota, they teach sharia law? >> yeah. they stich sharia law. articulate has do they also teach the american constitution? >> actually, i have no idea about that one. ainsley: well, great. the issue up close and personal is from that area. he's going to chat about that one coming up next. when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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bounty is more absorbent,mom" per roll so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper ainsley: good morning to you. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. now allowing transgender children into boys only groups. kids can now sign up on their transgender that their parents fill out on the form. before they had to provide a birth certificate. boy scouts of america made the decision based on how states changing the gender is defined.
5:46 am
and you know how some folks just can't get enough soda? >> where do you put all of that stuff? >> all right. well, say goodbye to free refills. france is now making it illegal at all restaurants and hotels. the country saying it's part of an effort to reduce obesity. big brother over there. steve: all right. heather, thank you very much. meanwhile vetting immigrants and refugees is just the start of the next step. it seems like nothing's melted. fox news contributor keith joins us now. you traveled to there in minneapolis, didn't you? >> well, that's exactly right. just not far from the studio. i mean, minneapolis this morning there's an area somalia muslim area who a lot of folks fled the somalia civil war here in minneapolis. and a couple of months ago -- i believe it was many months
5:47 am
ago, and i traveled there and went in there to talk to folks and find out why there was an enclave and not as much assimilation. this is what folks on the street had to say. >> you go there, and you find out someone has been there for 20 years and he or she doesn't speak a single word with english because they don't interact with people outside that circle. it creates an environment where the lone wolf is going to be easier to hide in. >> is radicalization still going on right now? are somalia youths still being recruited by isis as we speak? >> yes. >> the islamic schools here in minnesota, they teach sharia law? >> yeah. sharia law. >> do they teach also american law, the u.s. constitution? >> actually, i have no idea about that one. steve: oh, my goodness. that's one of the scariest sound bites i've ever heard. when you come to the united states and the whole idea of assimilation is to become more american but if you don't learn the language, you don't learn the history, you don't get a job, you don't assimilate. >> well, that's exactly
5:48 am
right. and somalia's one of the countries on the list that donald trump put out of this temporary ban. listen, these are people coming from intolerant countries where women and gays are persecuted coming to tolerant countries like western europe or the united states. if they don't assimilate to the idea of america, america is not a race or a gender or a creed, it is an idea around founding values. if they don't learn english, if they're not taught in american schools about the constitution and why this country is special, then why should web surprised that they're seduced by radical islam? they're seduced by mosques that teach sharia law and then backlash against this culture and our country and here at home? that's why the next step to vetting is allegiance and we're not doing it in our schools. this is a press tube for spanish or another language. and it starts back at the basics. whether they believe in america and once they're here, we ask them to invest in
5:49 am
america and become part of the fabric of our country. this is a pretty simple construct. nothing racist about it. it's called americanism. steve: sure, and you made it clear why assimilation is important. but you mentioned allegiance. how would you like to see them pledge allegiance to their new country? >> how about say pledge of allegiance in our public school classes every day? which we no longer do. and your local principal every day anymore? or whether they say under god? or tell kids to take a knee for the national anthem that america has been a beacon in the world where anyone can practice their faith and not be persecuted unlike the countries iraq, syria, pakistan, somalia where they're coming from. america's a special place. we need to remind our youth because if we don't and new immigrants, we're going to lose our country and that's what trump's speaking to. steve: great point, pete, but i think some liberal heads just exploded throughout america. are you happy? >> i'm very happy, steve. that's my goal.
5:50 am
steve: there were, steve, thank you very much. we'll see you later. good job. >> thank you. steve: do you remember when brian went head-to-head with boxing champ? brian: are you serious? >> yeah. go ahead. steve: i remember that. now he's in the fox and friends ring and current ibf heavy weight champion joshua. talking to us about the next big fight coming up next. but first with you're coming up in ten minutes. >> i thought you were going to say putin. vladimir putin. steve, good morning. another stacked day. we're waiting on the name of the u.s. supreme court, we're waiting on the committees, will they approve more cabinet members today? how is this obama versus trump thing going to go? shannon is live at the supreme court. i will hold court here in new york city, and we'll see all of you ten minutes away top of the hour. campbell's one dish recipes.
5:51 am
one pan, less than 30 minutes. because if they aren't going to eat it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life.
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brian: london's stadium will be the center of the sports world in april when former heavy weight champion -- i i know you hate me when i say former, takes on heavy weight champ anthony joshua. but first in the fox and friends ring that we made famous first. vladimir. >> great to see you back. >> he actually went to new york boxing camp as a young man. >> that's true. so anthony was believe it or not, my sparring partner, so we helped each other well
5:55 am
preparing for my up coming fight. and then i went to his event 2012 olympics. so i was watching him win the >> .pic gold. brian: and now you're okay to be friends to fight for the championship? >> why not? you didn't fight your brother. >> so we're buddies. okay? friends, it could maybe go too deep, but we respect each other, and i think this respect people out there got really seriously and sometimes to promote the fight, you don't need to be a nasty. whistle out the stadium after 90,000 people and actually respect to each other shows to people that this match is going to be about two olympic champions fighting each other. brian: i'm going to do you a favor because vladimir and i haven't spoken for a while. i'm going to show you footage
5:56 am
of us sparring and show you some weaknesses. i'm going to fight very similar to you. so watch when i land right after right after left, but you can see he has a reach advantage. but besides that, have you watched anything watching me spar that will help you retain your title? >> main best not to get hit. that's what i see there because the result of you standing in the way of his punches was knocked down. brian: so your goal is not to get hit and your goal is to hit him. something has to give. >> interesting. that's the goal of myself, i've been in this sport 26 years and actually what floyd mayweather strategy is not to get hit. and some people say it's boring. on one hand, it's about sweet science and big time boxing. so we have on 29th of april, we'll have a big time boxing stadium. brian: for the championship of the world. the world. best of luck april 29th. we'll watch. price...
5:57 am
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>> well, join us tomorrow. we'll have reaction to whoever the president picks to be his supreme court justice. >> after the show we talk about life in the ukraine. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we're only hours away from one of the most important decisions donald trump will make as president. who will he nominate to fill a nearly year old vac -- vacancy on the u.s. supreme court? i'm bill hemmer, shannon, good morning in washington >> shannon: i'm shannon bream live today from the u.s. supreme court. at 8:00 p.m. eastern president trump will announce his choice to sit on the high court after the death of justin antonin scalia. president trump is getting his chance 12 days in. we'll have more on the frontrunners in just a moment, bill. >> bill:


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