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tv   The First 100 Days  FOX News  January 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> martha: in november, kellyanne conway made history. she became the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign. today, she is a top advisor to the president in the white house. in an office that has quite a bit of history with regard to its former inhabitants. earlier, i got a chance to talk to her about that and much more. take a look. >> martha, welcome. >> martha: thank you. it is great to be here with you. you can tell us a little bit about the history of your office for starters. >> the white house historical association provide that all of us with a packet were removed and telling us the history of our office. i thought that was really fascinating. the recent history of this office, does it tell you my
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immediate predecessors, probably the close advisor to president obama, who also served him all eight years, as she told me when i came here to have lunch with her last month, she arrived on day one and left with him on the very final day. particularly for someone at that senior level. before she had this office, it was occupied by fox news' karl rove, often referred to as president george w. bush is -- before that, this one is really fascinating, first lady hillary rodham clinton occupied this white house. first ladies have their offices in the east wing. but she, hillary clinton, as first lady, wanted to be immediately and deeply involved in policy, so, she had an office in the west wing. the good omen of all of that is that each of those people, valerie jarrett, karl rove, and hillary clinton, served a two term president. >> martha: karma. in terms of the women who aren't in leadership roles in the trump administration, you look back on the march that we saw the day
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after the president was inaugurated, and very anti-trump come in the course of that protest, talk to us about what it's like to be a woman in the trump administration, and the trump white house. >> in some ways, it feels like just being one of the men as being one of the women, meaning, we are all treated the same by president trump. but there is a special responsibility. i do feel like i have a vaunted platform, if you will come a special responsibility to americans. particularly, those who write to me, email me, text me, taught me stop me on the streets, just to say, thank you so much for standing up for women and standing up to other women, other people who are trying to diminish the president of the united states. i feel like we are the ones who extend the olive branch quite a bit. then, you have democrats saying they will "block any supreme court nominee that donald trump gives up." they don't even know the person's name yet. they haven't even met him or her and they have already commended themselves to obstructing and
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blocking and filibustering that person. so, donald trump has promised to be the president of all americans, he is making good on that already, even those who are protesting him will benefit from his job creation, his energy and infrastructure message. at the same time, it is good for people to get out of this business of permanent protesting and try to find a way to work together. >> martha: you bring up the supreme court domination, which we expect tomorrow evening. democrats could easily say, in fact, they have, we are taking this action because that is exactly what mitch mcconnell due to the president's nomination of merrick garland. >> that was different. that was knowing that the president only had less than a year left on his term. that was not unprecedented in terms of letting the next president, who they all thought would be hillary clinton, and fairness, the next president put his or her supreme court nominee. the fact is, when there were vacancies for president that had more time in their remaining administrations, martha, they
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were not filibustered. the one do you support, if senator mcconnell wants to push forward the nuclear optione white house supports? >> we should take a look at of all of our options. i think harry reid probably now retired, but regrets the day that he went to the nuclear option. now, his party is no longer in power in the united states senate, obviously. senator mcconnell, leader mcconnell, has been very public in expressing his confidence that president trump's supreme court nominee will be confirmed. the leader mcconnell did a great job, frankly, in keeping fantasy to think end. >> martha: you see the resistance that is out there that you just spoke of. in terms of the nomination would harry reid put it through, he did it excluding the supreme court, for other things, but not for the supreme court. so, mcconnell what had to add this supreme court to that. will that what he do? >> that is up to leader mcconnell.
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speak to mike i am supportive or and full process. president obama spoke out today for the first time, really, since he left office and he spoke out about the travel ban that was enacted over the course of the weekend. and the president fundamental disagrees with the notion of this grimacing against individuals based on their faith or religion and he agrees that american values are at stake in this decision. what do you think about him speaking out so early on and in the way that he did? >> he is welcome to see what he wants. it's a free country, including for ex-presidents. let's back it up a second. president trump agrees with exactly what you just said. the first part. we don't believe anybody should be discriminated according to their religion or whatever he said, in addition to what he said. that is not where this is. this is temporary. it is 90 days and it is very narrowly restricted to seven countries that none other than president obama's administration identified as high risk. >> martha: is he being
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hypocritical and criticizing it? >> he is welcome to see what he wants. i think everybody she should be reminded, when you are as powerl as an ex-president, or a current sitting senator, and you say or do anything that could possibly mislead people into believing that something has an impact that it clearly does not, it is a dangerous game. >> martha: in terms of the nsc meetings, we just saw sean spicer come out earlier and clarify a few points. he said that steve bannon will not be at all of those meetings. in the directive, it said that he would be attending all of those meetings. no? >> i spoke directly with the president about this today. sean, who is doing an amazing job, said, this is very similar to 2001, 2017, 2009. when you had the three lasting presidents, if you will, george w. bush, barack obama, donald trump, basically, those outside the same thing, with respect to the nsc. someone like steve bannon, faria cantor david axelrod for
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president obama, martha, he will come out and into the meetings. president trump took it and other stuff today. he restored or initiated putting his cia director, mike pompeo, into this meeting, as well. i believe when president bush was president, we did not have a dni director. that is a seminew office, former senator dan coats. he will be involved in that. we talk about t nsc, will people think of steve bannon being in those meetings, here and there, it would be like with david axelrod, his role. he was not there as a matter of course, but he was there. the joint chiefs of staff will be represented, as well. >> martha: thank you so much. >> stop by. i will have pictures on the wall. >> martha: still had tonight, tucker carlson will join us on the breaking news that the justice department is not goingp on his travel ban. plus, less than one day until the senate votes on the nomination for betsy devos for
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education secretary. here is a massive 11th hour after that is underway to block the confirmation. we have a reaction from randi weingarten, president of the american federation of teachers. then, bill bennett, former education secretary under president reagan. >> she does not have any understanding of public schools and she is the worst thing that could happen to our children. my fellow teachers, and the profession as a
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>> martha: breaking tonight, we are less than 24 hours away from a senate committee that will be set to vote on the nomination for betsy devos as secretary of education. progressives from around the country are in her midst of a last ditch effort to block the confirmation. i am joined now by one of devos' outspoken critics. randy weingarten. great to have you here.
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many believe that she has been an outspoken proponent of giving children a lot more options in terms of private schools, charter schools, parochial schools, however they want to spend those tax dollars that are devoted to that student, they should be able to spend it and their parents should be able to make a decision. what is wrong with that? >> what has happened in michigan as betsy devos got exactly what you just said. she has lots of different options for kids. these are the things that happened. number one, the option that was not available for kids, and places like detroit, was many times, detroit public schools, because they were defunded by these other options. number two, probably equally important, to parents all across america, is that the options, the for-profit options, did a horrible job for children. michigan's schools, before betsy devos started doing this work in michigan, before 2002, which he and her husband put a voucher initiative on the
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ballot, that failed by 2-1 by michigan voters. from 2003-2017, michigan's schools in 2003 were 28 and reading scores. by 2015, they tumbled to 41. on that same trajectory, they would be 48 and five more years from now. >> martha: in the 20s, the 40s, we all know that our inner cities have failed. the public schools have failed the inner cities. is that true? >> that is not true. some schools fail, some schools -- speed when i have been involved with inner-city schools in newark and new york city. i have seen what the charter schools have done in so many of these children's, in many instances, chicks saving their lives and their futures. >> i think you are right. some charters, like the charter i run myself, a blue ribbon award. 100% graduation rate.
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i also want schools like clara barton high school, that i taught at, to be a great option for kids. i want several of the other schools in the public school system? >> martha: at the grade level they need to be at, there is no reason for that schools who close. >> what i'm saying, you can't actually take the funding, which is what devos did in detroit, from the public schools, to use for other schools and then, on top of it, those other schools acted miserably. what she did was push for options that would let a for-profit operator close a school after he pocketed the money, leaving parents scrambling. in fact, in this past summer, when we fought for charter and public accountability in detroit, she fought against us. >> martha: charter schools are public schools. they are mostly funded by public dollars. >> actually not. the charter schools in michigan, 80% are for-profit. so, they may be funded by public
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dollars but the charter operators get to pocket the money and 80% of those schools -- >> martha: they are not making money off of those kids. >> what i am saying, and michigan, i'd want you to just look at what happened in michigan. the superintendent, the former superintendent of schools in michigan, who is a charter supporter, said that the charter operators were pocketing the money while kids suffered. >> martha: if that is true, -- >> what i'm saying, that is her record, that is why we are against her. >> martha: randi, thank you very much. to randi weingarten joining us tonight. let's bring in our next guest, who also knows a bit about what it takes to fix the education in our country. he served as a secretary for three years under president reagan. joining me now is bill bennett, chairman of conservative leaders for education. good to hear if have you here this evening. welcome. >> thank you. >> martha: you just heard my
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conversation with randi weingarten. what is your reaction? >> a couple things. there is hardly a state in the union that has more union control than the state of michigan. you want to look at the detroit public schools, who do you think is in charge of the detroit public schools? teachers unions have more than their face they are saying and how those schools are run. as is true in urban schools all over the country. by the way, if you pull people in those urban schools and centers and ask them what they think of school choice of charter schools, which are public schools, by the way, you will find out a 75% are latino citizens, 75% of black citizens want more school choice. >> martha: that despite charter schools have these long wait schools -- long wait to get into them. what about what randi just said about betsy devos and the fact that she was not interested in saving good public schools? that was her contention.
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>> she has no problem with good public schools. she likes good public schools, as do i. the point is, the education of the public. we do have some public schools, which are not educating students, i remember when i was secretary of education, there was a school in baltimore, that called itself a school, not one child was reading at grade level. that is not a school, that is a warehouse. when you have that kind of performance year after year after year, you have got to let the people go. let the people be free. let parents choose the school, another school for their children. the dollars should follow the public. the child, wherever that child goes. i am offer great public schools. i visited 85 of them when i was secretary of education. i know betsy well, too. betsy devos has dedicated her life to improving the education of our children and all sorts of schools. >> martha: there is a big effort against her and randi weingarten says there is a bit been a big effort and a lot of money spent against her.
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how is this going to go for her? >> i think it will go fine. republicans have the numbers. it reminds you of the power of the unions, at least traditionally, the democratic party. the democrats go to the convention, 20% of the members are members of the teachers union are married up to members of the teacher union. it is still one of the most powerful parts of the democratic unit, they may be losing out to the sierra club these days. donald trump is moving away some other unions right now. it is very powerful. they spent a ton of money and that is what you are saying going out tonight. i think betsy will make it. you change deserves to make it. >> martha: bill, thank you. great to see you. so, now that fox has confirmed that top lawyers at the doj will not defend the president's travel ban in court, will mr. trump be forced to fire those attorneys or what action will he take?
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to save his travel ban, tucker carlson joins us with more when we come bacacacacac
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meetings. i don't think that's weird, actually. especially, when there is evidence that the executive branch, the employees, are hostile to him and his policies. it is defend and the guy and why is he the guy? he is only work for the president since august. he doesn't have any national security experience. that is the debate as far as i'm concerned. the right person to be in that position. the idea that the guy in that position would be sitting in on those meetings and strange. >> martha: do you think there is a power play going on? do you think he wants his name on that list? reince priebus' name is on that list and everybody is vying for that position. >> that may be right. all white houses are rife with internal conflict. i think there is a public, you can't just invade countries without public support. politics is part of it, for sure. it's a balance.
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so, i don't know. i do know that it would probably be helpful, i think, if steve bannon were to introduce himself more to the public. >> martha: that brings me to this tweet that brit hume put out today. i know you don't tweet, you may not have seen it. he basically said, there is this character in every administration, valerie jarrett, carl road -- karl rove. however, that is a label that has been put on steve bannon. >> there is no doubt that steve bannon has a clear worldview, a political perspective, very different, it is populist. i think it does form the basis of terms governing philosophy. it is good to have someone like that around. as the national security piece that has people wondering. i don't know if those concerns are legitimate or not. >> martha: tucker has got a show coming up tonight at 9:00. we won't give away anything, nothing that we just talked about will be repeated. we like surprises. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: nice to be with
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you. who will be back with some of the final thoughts and tonight's quote of the night after this
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>> martha: coming this week, we will share with you what the women of the trump white house essay about how they are treated in this administration, including sarah huckabee sanders, whom we also spoke with today. you will hear from her. they're up in plenty of women, as you have seen, who have protested the new president. what about the women who actually work with him every day? what do they have to say about president trump? we thought we would leave you with this quote for the night from valerie jarrett, who went the distance, as kellyanne conway told me today, eight full years of the obama white house, and the office where she worked today. she wants at this. "i think having a critical mass makes a difference. it is fair to say there is a lot of testosterone flowing in those early days. now, we have a little more estrogen that provides a counterbalance." that is what she said of the second obama term, which posted
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a roughly 50-50 split of men and women in the west wing after being vastly outnumbered during the first four years. on that note, we thank you for being here tonight with me, everybody. ma


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