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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 30, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. >> sean: we have a very big and very important show tonight, welcome to "hannity." dr. sebastian gorka, newt gingrich, they will join us. tonight, democrats, the mainstream media, hollywood elites are so out of touch when it comes to keeping you the american people safe from radical islamic terrorism and they are willing to gamble with your life. that is tonight's opening monologue. liberals spent the weekend freaking out and completely misrepresenting president donald trump's extreme vetting temporary travel ban for countries that had ties to radical islamic terror.
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tonight, we will separate right here fact from fiction, truth from hysteria because that is exactly what is going on here. minority leader chuck schumer welled up in tears and talking about the president's executive order. really, chuck? >> so, this executive order... was mean-spirited and un-american. >> sean: really, saying that about the president? the president responded to that and said this... >> i notice chuck schumer with fake tears, i'm going to ask him who his acting coach was. i don't see him as a crier. if he is, he is a different man. 5% chance that it was real but i think it was fake tears. >> sean: but he didn't tell
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you, he supported a refugee clause back in 2015. i don't remember senator schumer crying after that terror attacks in san bernardino where the chattanooga shootings which combined and killed nearly 20 americans. do you? he is not alone. last night, hollywood elites lashed out against president trump against the sag awards. watch this insanity. >> anyone in airports, the belong in my america, you are a part of the fabric that we are. we love you and we welcome you. >> i love this country. because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes. if the immigrant plant, expand it blemish. any money they have to spare, please donate to the aclu. to protect the rights and liberties of people across the country.
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>> 1983 midwesterners will repel bullies? we will shelter freaks! we will get past the lies, hunt monsters! >> sean: i stayed all the time, they are overpaid millionaires, they have armed bodyguards, live in their gated mansions. they fly on their private jets. they are safe. then of course there is the media. they are are you ignoring the facts and pushing more fake news on to you, to try and distort what is really happening. to counter all this misinformation, members of the trump administration are trying to set the record straight. but the media will not listen. take a look. >> here's the deal, if you're coming in and in and out of 1 of those seven countries, identified by the obama administration as the seven most dangerous countries in the world in regard to harboring terrorists and affirmed by congress multiple times -- then you are going to be suggesting
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temporarily with more questioning until a better program is put in place over the next several months. >> it is a 90 day ban to ensure that we have furthered vetting restriction so that we know who is coming into this country. the safety of the american citizens, our country, it's got to be paramount. >> these seven countries -- what about the 46 of the majority of muslim countries that are not included? this is a ban on travel. >> sean: like kellyanne just said, this is not a muslim ban, i'm sure many liberals have not looked at the executive order, there is no mention of muslim or islam. there are over 40 different muslim majority countries around the world that are not impacted or affected in any way by this executive order. the list of seven countries impacted by this ban come from the obama administration and congress. in 2015, the terrorist travel prevention act which
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chuck schumer voted for as part of a larger bill placed u.s. travel restrictions on some citizens from iran, iraq, sudan, syria, and on other foreigners who previously traveled to those countries. last year, president obama's department of homeland security at in libya, somalia, and em into the list. these countries were not randomly chosen by the trump administration. not to mention, most of these measures are temporary. do you hear that? it temporary. citizens in some cases from the seven countries are banned for only 90 days, the u.s. refugee program will resume after 120 days. the president did suspend the refugee syrian program but only until extreme vetting measures can be put in place. what he's doing is giving national security officials the time they need to strengthen vetting which is what he has been saying he would do for months. it was a major part of this campaign. president obama once said wow,
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campaign, elections have consequences. past presidents have done, back in 2011 after was discovered that to iraq he refugees living here in america were trying to assist al-qaeda, president obama reacted by suspending travel for some people from iraq for six months. after iran took over the american embassy in 1979, democratic president jimmy carter imposed travel restrictions on all iranians including iranian students that were studying in america and carter even had a few hundred of those students -- they were deported, thrown out. unlike what liberals have been saying president trump will still be accepting refugees, his executive order will allow for more than 50,000 -- aside from 2016 is in line with previous amounts from past administrations. not to mention, top obama officials, intelligence, they have been repeatedly warning
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about isis, infiltrating the refugee population. remember this. >> without, bringing in syrian refugees. >> it is clearly a population concern. >> the lack of our footprint on the ground in syria, if the databases won't have the information we need. it's not that we have a lack of processes, there's a lack of information. >> >> that obviously raises a ge can come back grave concern. >> i don't obviously put it put it past among these refugees. >> we can only query against that which we have collected. and so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can quicken clear our database until the cows come home.
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nothing would show up because we have no record on that person. >> there is some fear that some of these refugees may actually be posing as refugees but they might actually be al-qaeda or isis terrorists trying to sneak into europe or the united states. when you make of that? >> certainly that is a possibility. you cannot dismiss that out of hand. >> we should be conscious of the potential to embed agents within that population. >> the group is probably exploring a variety of means, including refugee close. >> sean: america's top intelligence officials under president obama all saying isis could infiltrate the refugee population. we can add hillary clinton to that list. even though she tweeted against the travel ban this weekend, remember wikileaks? they exposed in a 2013 speech that clinton said it was nearly impossible to properly vet
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refugees from syria. the media will not tell you any of this. they would rather push a flimsy narrative preventing potentially dangerous people will somehow lead to more terror attacks. take a look at the claims being thrown around by former intel officials, liberal politicians and so-called journalists a fake news. >> i think the order is going to make the threat worse. less safe. it doesn't make the threat last while at the same time it is playing right into the isis narrative. >> anyone involved in law enforcement, or national security considers this in order that makes us less safe. >> john mccain is exactly right. it will encourage lone wolves here in america. they created most of the terrorism. the biggest problems we've had with terrorism are not from these countries. >> sean: all fake news.
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these pendants, they are doing a disservice to the country and to the viewers by saying this president is actually incentivizing terrace. let me remind you, radical islamic terrorists have been at war with united states for a very long time. look at all these major radical islamic terrorist attacks against the u.s. did america provoke all of thes these? are we as americans to blame for the bombings? what this really comes down to is very simple. democrats overpaid celebrities, the mainstream media, so lazy, they are willing to endanger your lives. gamble with your life to try and score cheap political points. so to those on the left facing moral outrage, let me be clear. pay close attention. the next time a radical islamic from abroad kills innocent americans, you will have blood
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on your hands. yes, chuck schumer, i am talking to you. and ashton kutcher -- whatever your name is. i'm talking to you. be warned. joining us now, dr. sebastian gorka. the narrative is a lie, the threat is real, we have the towers, the embassy bombings in kenya, tanzania, the 9/11 commission report. they are -- were at war with us. how can we protect the american people? >> absolutely nothing, sean. the president was a little elected to protect this nation. whether it's a wall or extreme vetting, the average american that represents the backbone of our great nation elected him to be the commander-in-chief to do primarily his first duty to protect them and to win this war. the idea that we allow anybody into this country is a act of
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political suicide. every nation -- if the word nation is to have a meaning, every nation has a right to decide who comes into our country and if there is a question whether or not you wish to respect the u.s. constitution or harm the americans that are already here, you will be dealt with as a national security threat. >> sean: and one day, 325,000 from abroad come into the united states. we are talking about 109 that were may be inconvenienced. is it better to have a few people that want the privilege of coming to america inconvenienced rather than having dead americans? is that not what the choice ultimately is? >> if you have a family, would you like to have your family safe or have people just waved through the airport and not checked? as opposed to as he said, slightly delayed. we double checked them to make
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sure they are not a threat to america. look at the statistics. in the last 16 years, we have convicted in america about 550 people of terrorist acts. more than half of them were not born in the united states. several dozen of them were immigrants or people of refugee or asylum status. that's just the facts of the matter, san bernardino, boston bombers, this is what we have to protect ourselves against. it is not hypothetical. >> sean: you listen to all the obama intelligence officials, all saying isis will in chill come infiltrate those populations. the media is calling this a muslim ban. the question was asked, 66% of americans agree in a temporary ban of refugees entering the
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united states. to support or oppose halting refugees from entering? 66, to 24%. what is that tell us about the media and how corrupt they are and dishonest they are? with the american people and the coverage this weekend? >> it tells you that the famous ben rhodes echo box. it's all about ideology and it is not about national security. let's talk about real fake news. if this were about a religion or muslim ban, then how come the largest muslim nation on the planet -- indonesia -- is not listed? egypt is not mentioned. this is one facts are -- facts are optional for the liberal media. >> sean: how do you respond to chuck schumer who said it is mean-spirited, un-american that
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donald trump our president is emboldening and inspiring people to recruit et cetera? is that not the height of irresponsibility? >> there is nothing un-american about protecting the lives of the citizens of the united states. it is the same as brexit. the trump train and brexit are the same thing. the reapplication of common sense. brexit happened -- donald trump became president because the average voter said enough. we want safety, national security to be a priority. the shattering -- you did not understand. >> sean: congratulations on your new position. we appreciate it. coming up next, tonight, on this busy news night here on. >> i want to be clear on this. the president is going to wait, when he can to protect the homeland and its people.
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>> sean: sean spicer earlier today defending the administration's temporary travel ban, the white house said it will not apologize for trying to keep the american people safe. we will get reaction from newt gingrich and much more, on this busy newsnight. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home.
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>> this is a fox news alert. president trump has fired acting attorney general sally yates. hours after yates directed the department of justice not to defend his executive orders on immigration. the order, signed friday, temporarily halt at the u.s. refugee program and the ban entry to the u.s. from seven muslim majority countries for 90 days. in a statement, the white house said yates has betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal
7:19 pm
order designed to protect u.s. citizens. u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia, dana boente will serve as acting attorney general until the senate confirms president trump's pick for attorney general, senator jeff sessions. now, back to "hannity" ." >> we do not know when the next threat, attack it, is coming. the best you can do is to get ahead of it. if you wait, you're going to be reacting. i want to be clear, the president is not going to wait. he's going to make sure he does everything in his power when he can to protect the homeland and its people. getting ahead of threats is the key. not waiting until they happen, not saying how do we react to make sure it doesn't happen again? what i want to be clear about is since becoming president, he's
7:20 pm
continued to take steps through executive order and otherwise to make sure that this country is as safe as it's can be and we are ahead of every threat. >> sean: that was sean spicer earlier today, defending presidents trumps president mark temporary refugee ban. joining us, fox news contributor, cochair of the great america alliance, newt gingrich. to me, this comes down to a very simple equation. are we willing to inconvenience a few people in the case of this weekend, 109 people for the safety and security of the american people and not to gamble their lives? is that the proper -- am in my framing this right? >> i think you are. that's what the left does not want to deal with. we had eight years of barack obama, who was always willing to take risk further american lives on behalf of people we've never met. anyone who wasn't an american somehow attracted obama's compassion in a way that
7:21 pm
americans didn't. you now have a president to really take seriously the tremendous threat of international terrorism and who is prepared to take steps that are very tough-minded and that will inconvenience some people. but the people in the orlando nightclub that were killed, they were inconvenienced. the san bernardino shooting, they were inconvenienced. the people in berlin, who were killed when a truck went into a christmas market, they were pretty inconvenienced. we have to recognize as a country, we have a right to protect our own citizens and that is precisely what this is aimed at. it >> sean: everyone in the media keeps lying. they keep saying this is a muslim ban. 89% of muslims are not banned from other countries, 40 plus other countries, indonesia, turkey, egypt, i can run to the list, even dubai security chief said we completely support the ban of president trump which i
7:22 pm
found pretty fascinating. why are they so corrupt, so dishonest and they insist on calling this a muslim ban when everybody knows that is not the case? >> last week, there was an article entitled the american civil war. what you have on the left is a complete utter total rejection of the presidency of donald j. trump. what you have on the left are people who are still in a state of shock from the fact they lost. they are deranged, that's how you end up with somebody saying they dream of bombing the white house. were blowing up the white house. the fact is, "the new york times" will be anti-trump and distort things, "the washington post" will be anti-trump and distort things, the major networks are the same way. the most interesting thing to me is almost no one in the elite
7:23 pm
media has had the courage to come out and say they have just plain been wrong. they were wrong about the nomination process, the general election, the cabinet -- which is a tremendous cabinet. they are wrong now. >> sean: for that acknowledgment, i think hell will freeze over first. before you ever get these people admitting that. based on their definition, this is just a nuanced fact here, hillary and barack obama ban muslims when they put a six-month moratorium on iraq. jimmy carter ban muslims based on their definition now, he wouldn't allow iranians to come into america during the iranian hostage crisis. all we are saying is we want the right to vet you. make sure you are coming here with peaceful intentions. that does not seem unreasonable in any way to me. >> theriot two parts to that.
7:24 pm
being allowed to come to america as a noncitizen is a privilege, not a right. therefore we ought to measure it that way. the second thing, and this is what i think is truly historically disturbing by the news coverage over the last four or five days and by the language of left-wing democrats who are totally irresponsible -- millions of muslims around the world, 1 billion plus people heard donald trump supposing a muslim ban. that is a total lie. indonesia is the most popular muslim country in the world, they are not banned. india is the second. they are not banned. go down the list. as you pointed out, you have the king of saudi arabia, he talked yesterday with president trump. the head of the united arab emirates talk to him. this morning you had president trump talk to egypt, the king of jordan. none of these folks came in and
7:25 pm
said oh, my gosh, i'm so upset by this. in fact, in their countries, they would ban these folks and if they discovered somebody was associating with isis or al-qaeda, they would put them in jail for a long time. >> sean: or put them to death. or they argue but i've heard all weekend was this is going to be a recruitment tool for muslims and i am thinking, that contradicts 9/11. they were at war with us. the towers come in embassy bombings in kenya, tanzania. the first trade center bombing, 9/11 and all these other attack attacks. it seems to me that they are missing the bigger picture. radical islamists. >> if you are a hard-line left-winger, the other guy can never be wrong. so what is it that we did? it's always what america did wrong. if you are a hardline left-winger, you can't imagine yourself saying that may be for example isis wants to cut off
7:26 pm
your head because they really don't like you. instead, the answer has to be what are you doing to force them to cut off your head? this is why left winging it's kind of a psychosis. >> sean: you made a statement, how the left should be scared to death after donald trump's first week. we will get to newt gingrich on that. also coming up, who is behind these organized protests that are breaking out across the country? later tonight,... >> a person who is unbelievably, highly respected and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> sean: the wait is almost over. president trump will announce his supreme court pick. i will speak with the national spokesperson for the muslim community about president trump's extreme betting. a hannity shoot-out straightn! ahead. that gives powerful cold symptom relief
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without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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>> sean: fox news alert, president trump has fired sally yates. she told the justice department not to defend his executive order. it temporarily halts the u.s. refugee program and bands entry to the u.s. for 90 days. in a statement, the white house said that yates, betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect u.s. citizens. u.s. eternity for the eastern district of virginia, dana boente will serve as acting attorney general until jeff sessions is confirmed. joining is now on the phone, jay
7:30 pm
secular. >> that federal law was put in place in a lawful order from the president, on the issue of the refugee status and immigration. she did not have the authority and thus the president made the decision as a commander-in-chief and chief executive of the united states and terminated he her. these individuals unlike the fbi director serve at the pleasure of the president. this was a lawful order, she had no business. that lawful order was signed off by the office of legal counsel. she was way out of line. she is not paid the consequent since. >> sean: basically this was a political hit job. the president, donald trump said the acting attorney general has betrayed the department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of united states. this order was approved as to
7:31 pm
the form and legality of the department of justice legal counsel. what does that mean? can you think of another instance like this were something like this has happened and it does bring up the issue of the democrats slow walking donald trump's appointees. >> this would not have been an issue of jeff sessions would have already been confirmed. which he will be in the next few days. number one, this was all politics. what is outrageous as an officer of the court and sally yates is an officer of the court, she did not do her job as the attorney general. as a lawyer. in defending a policy. she may have disagreed with the policy but for her to go forward and say i'm not going to defendant on moral grounds -- that's basically what she asserted, it's not only illegal in her position but also as a violation of her own oath of office. the president was not only correct in terminating her, she had no business, it was pure politics. at the end of the day, the only people that suffer here are the american people. this nonsense has to stop.
7:32 pm
these are unelected entrenched bureaucrats. >> sean: here's what i want to ask you, jay, the u.s. eternity for the eastern district of virginia, is serving in the interim. this person gave a statement and said i'm honored to serve president trump until senator sessions is confirmed. i will ensure that our nation is protected. do you think there was a discussion as to this specific executive order and her interpretation of this? >> looked, there should have been. the president has the right and it may not have been right from the president, it could be from his legal counsel or from other offices within the white house. you have to know that the person you are appointing is going to faithfully execute the law and defend the constitution of the united states, period. even those that are challenging this order are having a real stretch.
7:33 pm
sally yates could have disagreed with the policy, that does not give her a basis to not move forward with a defendable position. on this order. which is not only defendable but well within the president preview. >> sean: can you think of any other presidential moment like this? >> no, people are trying to bring up the watergate situation with richard nixon. this is completely different. this is an orator, an executive order signed off by the legal counsel and the attorney general decided not to move forward with it. that is what you got here. this is the attorney general of the united states not doing their job. >> sean: we've talked a lot about the slow walking, jay, about all of the president's appointees compared to especially barack obama back in 2009. does this not show a certain vulnerability and by the democrats playing politics it creates problems that we did not
7:34 pm
anticipate that could be beyond difficult? >> there is no doubt about that. what this is done has set up a scenario where basically it is lawlessness. for a period of time here. you had the rollout of that executive order, the issue, and then you have an attorney general saying i don't like this, i'm not going to enforce or even attempt to enforce it. who is the law of the land here? the president of the united states has. it's very dangerous, the political ramifications are really serious. >> sean: jay, stay right there, we appreciate it. we will have much more on this breaking news story and coming up, former speaker of the house newt gingrich will react to this news. as we continue "hannity," stay with us. ♪
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>> sean: fox news alert, president trump fired acting attorney general sally yates. hours after yates directed the department of justice not to defend the executive order on immigration. john roberts is following this breaking news. he joins us now. >> this is a sign that should trump administration is going to do things differently than virtually any administration before it. donald trump without that executive order on friday, expected all of his apartments to follow it faithfully, implemented it right away, a few problems because not everybody at dhs was at least informed about it. people at customs and border protection were not informed about how that works. a little bit of chaos over the
7:41 pm
weekend. the president was fully expected all of his departments would get behind it and when sally yates came out earlier today and told people that department of justice not to defendant and then questioned its legality -- it was almost like the apprentice. he came out and said you are fired. dana boente will take her place, boente in a statement tonight said he is honored to serve the president in this role until senator sessions is confirmed. i will defend and enforce the laws of our country. to ensure that our people and our nation is protected. very different than what sally yates said. >> sean: john, always good to have you. joining us now on the phone, newt gingrich. it seems reminiscent to me if i'm not mistaken kind of like the air traffic controllers back
7:42 pm
in the day. >> i am very proud of president trump tonight. faced with direct insubordination by the acting attorney general, he followed the lesson of his famous tv show the apprentice and said you are fired. and this is crazy. the whole reason -- i happen to be with scott walker over the weekend, you have here in washington all of these people who think they are bigger than the american people. she is behaving like she's bigger than the president. >> sean: the thing is, that's the amazing thing. if you look at what the president said in his statement, the order was approved as to the form and legality by the department of justice and the office of legal counsel. this was a political decision by this woman. what i think from a political
7:43 pm
standpoint, it did not take donald trump very long to say his famous words "you're fired." and she's out, a little shock and awe and moving at the speed of light. d.c. is not used to it. it's happening before our eyes. >> i gave my last speech today at heritage, the point i made at the very end was the reason you can't understand this because you keep trying to turn into a traditional politician but this guy is a chief executive officer. he runs a company. the guy in charge of the flowers upfront, he says i don't like flowers, i'm thinking cactus.
7:44 pm
he goes, you are gone, baby. that's not what i asked for. i think it is so selfish for the federal government to have a leader who is prepared that actually insists that the wishes of the american people be respected by the people we hire. i think this is going to be a breath of fresh air. >> sean: amazing that everything that it happened, i know the reaction that we were getting, you and i have been talking about earlier tonight, what is so amazing about this, i don't think people in washington are quite used to somebody saying okay, i promised it. we will get it done, we will do it now, this is what i said i'm going to do and i'm doing it. this woman had no right to do what she did and basically just defied with the president was saying and she got fired immediately. what message will this end of the rest of the world? >> i think the rest of the
7:45 pm
federal government is thinking if you cross donald j. trump, you're messing with the federal government. much like your point about reagan and the air traffic controllers strike in 1981, here is a man who is decisive. he is not intimidated. he is not timid and he is not confused. >> sean: so well said. mr. speaker, good to see you, thank you for joining us again. laura ingraham and an attorney will join us about this breaking news, that and more as "hannity" continues on this very busy news night. many people clean their dentures
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. you are fired. president donald trump giving a pink slip to the acting attorney general, sally yates. yates directed the department of justice not to defend mr. trump's executive order on immigration. joining us on the phone, a former supreme court clerk, laura ingraham. i am just watching crybaby chuck schumer. he's calling it a monday night massacre.
7:51 pm
it's really a monday night trump beat down. they better get used to it. there'll be plenty more to come. >> trump is not going to be intimidated by the wailing and gnashing of teeth that we are seeing all of the cable news. i am thoroughly enjoying -- and i am not kidding you, 95% of the people speaking on television completely botched their reading of the constitution, if they've ever read it before. complete ignorance on statutory law. as we all know, section f provides the president has power to deny entry into the united states -- all aliens or any class of aliens, immigrants or nonimmigrants or post on toe aliens. the president has the authority, congress has the authority.
7:52 pm
acting attorney general yates was purposely insubordinate to the executive branch of determination on what was best for the national interest. she was begging to be fired, i'd be very curious to know who advised her to take this action, if she was advised by someone. i tweeted out about a tarmac with acting attorney general yates. trump had no choice. if you do this, you are asking to be fired. you are insubordinate and you should go. >> sean: very well said. thank you for citing the statute. some of the analysis is so shallow. it's almost like they never graduated grammar school. this is the amazing thing to me.
7:53 pm
washington is experiencing shock and awe. donald trump is moving like the executive he is, he's making decisions. it's well within the law. as a matter of fact, the person who is taking her place it says i will honor and defend the presence faction. also a democrat. this was a political move. and obama appointee taking a stand here. >> she was acting as a community activists, more of a community organizer. someone who would be at one of the weekend rallies. she swore to uphold the oath of office as attorney general without reservation. freely and without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> sean: did anyone tell sally she's not the president, laura? >> her goal here is obviously not to live out the duties of the attorney general. she it's purely a political
7:54 pm
statement. to do whatever she can to electrify the political conversation. to hear these people on television tonight, hysteria and chaos with their idiotic comments. >> sean: thank you for joining us. i've got to tell you, watching them bubble and fizz -- >> i've been enjoying it. >> sean: they can cannot handle trump for ten days. >> it tomorrow night is going to be really fun. >> sean: laura ingraham. thank you. when we come back, we need your help. a very important question of the day. n and eggs? we decided to go with pancakes. because well, lola can be a real five year old when she doesn't get her way. home. you gotta love it. and it's all thanks to my
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8:00 pm
homan. we will be back tomorrow night with reaction to the supreme court picked. see you w then. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> loud and clear! >> bill: massive controversy over president trump stopping some muslims from coming to the usa. but what is the real story here? "talking points" will lay it out. >> they are not properly vetted, you have extreme bedding -- vetting proposal. as a result, the implementation, we have seen some problems. >> bill: even some republicans are critical of mr. trump for not explaining the anti-terror problem clearly. charles krauthammer and brit hume have thoughts. >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think this country ist doing right now. >> bill: also ahead, we are in california this evening, where jesse watters is causing some trouble. >> is bill o'reilly fair and balanced?


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