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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 30, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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may pay raise to get pay raise from joseph geraldo. he would join the democratic conference to push the democratic agenda forward. is he tens of thousands of debt and new party affiliation could land him in a higher paying gig. there you go. he had. heather: thanks for joining us today. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is not a muslim ban. any effort to improve the vetting process, i think that's all perfectly reasonable and totally legitimate. >> he is not going to apologize for putting the safety of this country first and foremost. >> perhaps we need to take it further. for now, immediate steps, pulling the band-aid off is to do further vetting. >> this is a fox news alert. protests breaking out in several major cities. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and unamerican.
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>> he what most people don't understand is that no one has the right to enter the united states unless they are a citizen. >> in terms of the outside being greater protection of our borders of our people, it's a small price to pay. >> i'm the winner. the winner is me. land slide. >> and everyone in air force that belong in my america. and when they feel broken and afraid and tired, they are not alone. we will shelter freaks and outcasts. we will hunt monsters. we will punch some people in the face. thank you. ♪ ♪ brian: that last part wasn't in the prompter, clearly. steve: right now it's 6:01 in
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new york city. looking at the avenues of the americas. it's a slow start to what will be a very busy week after a very busy weekend. bribe brian nothing really took place. pretty much more of the same. ainsley: a week from now we will be talking about the super bowl. brian: we are going to be talking about it all week. ainsley: because we're going to houston. also, raging backlash as you saw over the refugee ban. it's intensifying coast to coast. brian brian i think so. angry activists pro-testifying president trump's executive order. steve: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on the tensions and what led up to all of this. good morning to you, griff. >> good morning, guys. here is how regot here. on friday president trump issued executive order on immigration. what followed were the massive protests that we have all seen erupting at airports across the country. seems like this one playing out with jfk airport with
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acting emotionally to the president's order. put the administration on the offensive. sent reince priebus on the sunday show circuit pushing back it? >> wasn't chaos. 325,000 people from foreign countries came in from the united states yesterday. and 109 people were detained for further questioning. most of those people were moved out. we have got a couple dozen more that remain. and i would suspect as long as they're not awful people that they will move through before another hazell a day today. and perhaps some of these people should be detained further. and if they are folks that shouldn't be in this country, they are going to be detained. so apologize for nothing here. >> the president took to twitser as well saying. this our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look what is happening all over europe and indeed the world.
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a horrible mess. now, outraged democrats like senate minority leader chuck schumer became emotional reacting to the order. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited, unamerican. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. it must be reversed immediately. >> he later today california senator dianne feinstein is expected to introduce two bills that would curtail the travel ban. we'll see how that plays out. the president also getting some push back from fellow republicans. guys? steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. you know, i don't think the administration -- when the president signed the executive action at the end of the week,
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it was pretty clear if you are going to be traveling to the united states fromfully of these seven countries, you won't be allowed on the plane. they probably didn't take into consideration there would be some people in transit already. as reince priebus just said, there were 109. there will not be that problem going forward because the department of home land security has made it very clear that the people affected from these countries will not be allowed to get on the plane to start with in their home countries so you won't have the big problems you had over the weekend. ainsley: you are rights. 109 people. >> there are thousands of people who come into this country every day: 109 of them are held at the airport to make sure that they are safe, to make sure they are not going to present another 9/11. i have no problem with this. as a mother, i want to keep this country safe. and if they have to be held in the airport for an extra hour or two or 24 hours, so be with it one guy held comes out and media was in his face what did you think about being held?
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he said i love donald trump. he was excited to be here in america. brian: 109 being detained. they didn't coordinate well with home land security division. and that's why they walked it back. i have think they are going to solve a lot of problems by allowing people with green cards to not be detained. that will solve a lot of it also, keep in mind, too. even the administration didn't bring up, there is a huge problem with the so-called great screening process, especially as it pertains to syrian refugee he is. on friday they do a story in the "l.a. times" how dozens of syrian refugees weren't properly screened, many of which are bad actors and running wild in our country. that was actually even underplayed by the trump administration. but yesterday they were out to scramble to find what exactly was going on and anti-trump people used this opportunity to say i'm not doing anything, i can run out to the airport quicker than can you imagine to dulles, to jfk, to lax and create havoc and that's what they did. one senior official in the
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trump duration said. this the trump administration chose not to be rigorous with immigration laws before september 11th and 3,000 people were murdered. on top of that it's also important to bring up that there is a lot of democrats using this as an opportunity just to jump all over donald trump. this is the latest thing. ainsley: those democrats need to listen to robert gates because he was defense secretary for president bush and president obama and he said there is nothing wrong with this. listen. >> any effort to strengthen national security, to improve the vetting process, i think that's all perfectly reasonable. and totally legitimate. in fact, we would expect that of the president. i think the key is doing it in a way that doesn't risk creating more enemies than threats it deters. i know that former senior commanders in iraq and
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afghanistan re very concerned about this order and the impact it will have those that helped us in iraq and afghanistan, the interpretsers, translators and so on who were promised say haven in the united states and now may not get it. steve: they are going to figure that out. the main thing to keep in mind is this is temporary. it's all temporary. as for the list of countries, the list of countries came from the obama administration. when you look about five years ago, the obama administration also suspended refugee status for people coming from the country of iraq for six months which is double this particular ban. where was the outrage? where was the outrage when bill clinton in 1995 at his state of the union address circumstantial said all of the same stuff donald trump is saying today. listen to this. >> all americans, not only in the states' most heavy live affected but in every place in this country are rightly
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disturbed by the large number of illegal aliens entering our country. the jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. the public service they used impose burdens on our taxpayers. we are a nation of immigrants. buff we are also a nation of laws. it is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years and we must do more to stop it. [applause] brian brian it's easy to understand that was one outrage ago. that was building the border wall. steve: he was a democrat that's why there was no outrage. brian: that was one outrage ago. thursday's outrage can you believe donald trump wants to build a wall and we had that riff with mexico. yeah, they wanted to build a wall, believe it or not, democrats felt the same way when they had a president in power in power. and use the term illegal aliens back then his wife almost president.
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>> steve mentioned the ban in 2011. that was because in 2009. there were two guys they came over refugees from iraq and they were living in kentucky. they traced their fingerprints to bombs over in iraq. those guys were arrested or thrown out of the country and that's when barack obama, he had that ban in 2011. steve: keep in mind folks, this ban is temporary. figure out how to do it right. brian: award show last night. this happens, of course the sag awards. time for hollywood to be outraged. to hollywood. >> good evening fellow sag members and everyone at home and everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes and this immigrant ban is a blemish and it sun american. >> as we act in the continuing narrative of stranger things
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we 1983 mid westers will repel bullies. we will shelter freaks and outcast. those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters. >> any money they have to spare, please donate to the aclu. [cheers and applause] >> to protect the rights and liberties of people across this country. >> i would like to go against the strain this evening and thank president trump for making frank gallagher seem so normal. steve: if you have never seen shameless frank gallagher is a degenerate. they started red carpet with a guy big bang theory and hallberg posed there with his wife cause see. is he holding up a sign saying refugees welcome and she extraordinarily took a sharpy
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wrote across her chest let them. in if i wrote anything on my face today it will still thereby fry day. let's say i have the sharpie. >> that's why karl rove has erasable board he a. ainsley: how was your birthday? heather: nice, thank you. evening services interrupted by blood shed. gunmen opening fire, unleash ago deadly rampage inside a mosque in quebec city. a witness says a masked man stormed in shouting allah akbar as killed six people and wounded 8 more. two suspects under arrest. their motives have not known at this point. canadian officials calling this a thai attack against muslims. more on this story as we get it a major computer problem sparking travel chaos. technical glitch canceling 180 flights nationwide. dozens of delays are still this morning as airlines work
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to get back on schedule. delta offering waivers to those passengers affected. president trump expressing condolences to the family of falliblfallible service memberfe member killed. killing 14 al qaeda and important intelligence in assist the news appreciating terrorism. my thoughts and prayers are with that service member. that hero from seal team six has not been identified yet. president trump au that mission but was planned before he took office. our prayers go out to that family this morning on all of those affected in the navy. steve: all right, heather, thank you. meanwhile, big question this morning. what rights do refugees have to come to the united states? >> if people don't want to be americans, don't come here. nobody has the right to come here. steve: he is right. that's what aclj, jay sekulow is going to tell us next.
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more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper he a. ainsley: as immigration protests rage across the country, president trump standing firm on his executive order and his pledge to keep america safe. in a statement he says america is a proud nation of
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immigrants and we'll continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression. but, we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. so what rights do these refugees have if any? let's ask chief council of the american center for law and justice jay sekulow. jay, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. what rights do these refugees have, jay? >> look, the constitution is not a suicide pact and the constitution does not give refugees automatic status or right to come into the united states. the immigration laws of the united states are just that laws under the government that allow for various times to allow individuals come in the united states under certain parameters. this motion that the left is arguing that there is this constitutional right or statutory obligation for the united states to admit anybody for any reason is incorrect as a matter of law. and it's incorrect as a matter of policy. what the president's initiative with the executive
3:19 am
order put in place is a common sense approach. it's something we advocated at the american center for law and justice. we're glad the president put this law in place is a pause. a pause until we can determine that vetting actually is taking place so that we know who will be admitted to the united states. at least as much as we can know about them before that fateful decision is made to actually admit someone to the united states. look, -- ainsley, i'm a grandson of a russian immigrant. i'm all in favor of immigration. it's got to be done in orderly legal method. what the president has done is well within his statutory and constitutional power. ainsley: other presidents have done the same thing. democrats and republicans. his pause was for six months in 2011. what was your reaction to the president's statement saying of course we don't support oppression in other countries but his main priority is to keep americans safe. >> the president is correct. president trump is right. the first object galings of the president of the united states is to keep the american people safe. that's number one.
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by the way, president carter prevented iranian asylum for refugees for period of time as well. those who are acting as if this is somehow out of the constitutional norm of the united states are ridiculous. they don't understand history and certainly don't understand law. let's look what the president did very quickly. the president put in place a pause, specifically as it relates to seven countries that the obama administration designated as particular areas or countries of concern. that's number one. number two, the 120 day pause on refugee, when you have the director of the fbi, the director of home land security saying we cannot determine appropriate vetting and we know that isis and their ilk want to use refugee flows for access as they have already done in europe, what the president did was prudent. ainsley: thank you, jay. great progressive this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you. ainsley: democrats claim to be the party of unity? >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal.
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>> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional. >> and it will be overturned. ainsley: are they doing more to fan the flames of hate than they are doing to keep our country safe? that debate is next. yeah? yeah, they have safe rider discounts, and with total loss coverage, i get a new bike if mine's totaled. but how's their customer service? great. 24/7. just like here. meat loaf! [dings bell] just like here. anybody got a pack... that needs leadin'? serving all your motorcycle insurance needs. now, that's progressive.
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brian: please get up and please get dressed. now your head lines. in just hours six naacp leaders head to court after staging a sit in at the alabama senator jeff sessions. earlier this month they demand he remove himself as attorney general nominee over what they consider an anti-civil rights record. if you live in one of these states, you will need more than a drivers license to get into a federal agency's nuclear power plant. yep, it's part of a homeland security initiative to prevent terrorism.
3:25 am
one of those states includes maine. but as they increase security, they get more lax on drugs. maine the 8th straight to allow recreational pot but have you to be 21 and you can't smoke in public and illegal to buy or sell. that's for maine. now for you. steve: thank you, brian. the president's border order spurring outrage from the emotional left. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and unamerican. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it's unconstitutional. >> and it will be overturned. steve: familiar faces including michael moore, rosie o'donnell and jill stein also blasting the plan to vet refugees for the next 90 days. riling up supporters to protest. who is really fanning the flames? here for family debate dallas wood house the executive director of north carolina republican party and brother brad who is the president of americans united for change.
3:26 am
one is a democrat and one is a republican. so the "family feud." what's that dal less? >dallas?>> i'm the republican. >> dallas, a lot of people on the political left really don't like what trump is doing with his 90-day pause to figure out how to get a handle on immigration. how do you defend what the president did? >> well, i defend it because he is putting america first and is he dispensing of the blame america first crowd. we have the right to protect our borders. we have the right to decide who comes in and out. far more people were inconvenienced by delta's computer problems yesterday than there were a couple hundred people at airports across america. now, we don't want to inchron screen yen -- inconvenience peoe unfairly that happens to virtually everybody who goes through an airport today going through tsa. we are causing disruption in
3:27 am
the system and that's good. because for too long american interests have been put on the back burner and they need to be on the forefront. that's what president trump is doing and he shouldn't apologize for it. steve: now for contrary point of view now his brother. >> dallas, you are full of crap and so is this president. this is a blemish on america. it is illegal. 50 years ago laws were paused in this country saying you could not determine immigration status based on national origin and this goes beyond nationallo national orig. this is a president telling entire religion in this world they are not welcome in the united states of america. >> i hope we are not banning religion. i hope we are banning terrorists. >> this is ban on muslims. rudy giuliani who wrote this executive action helped tblit policy said on fox news yesterday this was a ban on muslims. steve: brad, i have read it and i would be delighted in you circling and faxing me the part where it shows in what
3:28 am
the president said where it is that you also said the president. >> steve, come on, steve. steve: hold on. it is clear the president can do whatever it takes to keep americans safe. right, dallas? >> that's right. i think it is very disturbing that, again, my brother, the blame america first crowd, does not recognize american rights. >> this doesn't have anything to do with blaming. i just think think the most important part of what the president has done is lay out the policy that we are going to determine is it in the best interest of the american citizens to let somebody in here first. whatever their situation is back home and, of course, we'll continue to welcome immigrants, welcome refugees but we will first make the determination is it in the best interest of america. brad, why don't you want to put americans first. >> listen to me, i many am putting americans first. steve: one at a time. >> put america first.
3:29 am
brad, start putting america first. steve: dallas, let your brother respond. >> dallas, put america first means representing american values. the first eavment constitution says we won't discriminate against people based on religion. this is ban of muslims. we have people trying to come in this country who have helped us in the war on terror and they are being told they are not welcome. and, besides, this ban would not have affected one terrorist attack we have h it wouldn't have affected the boston bombing attack. it wouldn't have prevented orlando and san bernardino. it wouldn't have prevented 9/11. my brother's argument is we're north doing this to enough countries but we shouldn't it. >> i'm not saying. logic. >> we shouldn't have. >> he is the blame america first crowd. >> puts america first. >> dallas. put america first, brad. >> shut up, dallas.
3:30 am
the president talks about extreme vetting there is a two year process to become a refugee in this country. this is not like the pictures that would have shown during the election of people poring pg across the border. >> yeah, you did that too. steve: let your brother finish. >> your side has no credibility. we have seen you let people pour across borders. >> that's a lifetime achievement. steve: brad, shhh. >> put america first and determine whether these people have good reason to come here and whether a it is in the interest of the american citizen to come here. >> >> all right and we are going to end it and they turned off the microphones. cut the brothers woodhouse. and you know what? we had both sides out there. what do you think? email us at about the temporary ban. coming up the mainstream media better be coming up. president trump could be making more news today and it doesn't have to do with immigration. it could be about the supreme
3:31 am
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we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday. >> the he doomsday clock has been moved up to two and a half minutes before midnight. [laughter] and this award came just in the nick of time. >> and everyone in airports that belong in my america, we love you and we welcome you. [applause] >> and we know that it's going to be up to us and all of you, probably, too, to keep telling stories that show what unites success stronger than the forces that seek to divide us. ainsley: celebrities of this year's screen actor build awards waste nothing time
3:35 am
making it political. brian: talking too each other predominantly. fox news v.p. of marketing michael tammero was there. steve: where is your ducks seed dough? ainsley: did you get a little tan. it looks good. >> that thanks. it's fake. ainsley: now we knee all your secrets. >> well, you know guys, you wouldn't have guessed from t. from watching last night. there actually was an award show. screen actor's build awards where actors honor actors and celebrate the best and bright brightest of film and television. >> actors are actors no matter what we embody the work and humanity of all people. >> the 23rd actor screen guild awards celebrates actors in film. opportunity for many to express their views over trump's recent immigration ban. >> 9/11 airports that belong in my america. [cheers and applause] >> because i love this
3:36 am
country, i am horrified by its blemishes and this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is unamerican. >> any money they have to spare please don't flight to the aclu. hidden bigots. >> winning for cast in motion picture is the he hidden figures. surprise when denzel washington won for fences emma stone danced away for her role in la la land. in the supporting categories alli grabbed a statue for moon light and viola davis did what most predicted and won for fences. >> the world is better in black and white. >> the room almost emptied when orange is the new black won for best ensemble comedy and stranger things picked up a trophy in the drama category. >> i think we're also honored. >> back stage became another opportunity for people to
3:37 am
express their views on recent events. >> i think this is an opportunities for us to look at ourselves as a country and say are we together really and are we holding our eelectsed officials accountable? >> i think that right now is an unprecedented time. so i don't know if i would say forever yes. but i think if we're human beings and we see injustice, we have to speak up. >> we find ourselves wow, interestingly enough, 1962 again almost, right? but the beautiful thing about where we are today in 2017 is a majority of humanity is on the right side of history. so we have to celebrate that and fear not. fear not. because if you have faith, fear and faith cannot coexist. have you got to choose your side. pick your battle. i choose faith. >> well, you know guy the trends for these shows is to see the ratings down year to year i bet when the ratings come out later today the ratings were down for this show.
3:38 am
because people don't want to be lectured to on a sunday night. brian: their fan base was at the airport. they had to make a choice. >> great point. steve: indeed. he ran one the sound bites from the presenters making a donation to the aclu. aclu over the weekend raised five times more money over the weekend than they do normally in a complete year. so,michael, maybe that shows the power of the stars. >> there you go. steve: indeed. all right. ainsley: thanks, michael. steve: meanwhile, 22 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with what we have got some backlash in the business world. ainsley: a little bit. some companies are known to lean left. starbucks is one of them. backlash that the company over president trump's executive order on immigration. starbucks ceo fighting back promising to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. apple's ceo tim cook emailing his employees saying, quote,
3:39 am
it's not a policy we support. people are taking it out on uber doing its job #delete uber is trending? why because that company didn't follow along with a cab strike during the protest at jfk airport. instead, it picked up passengers who are in the country legally. well, by day's end we could have a new secretary of state. the senate is expected to confirm former exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson later this afternoon. full senate vote coming after cleared the foreign relations committee last week. we will follow this as it develops. just hours from now we could know president trump's supreme court nominee. last week president trump tweeting out a tease saying we could expect his picks this thursday. some aids say the decision may come today. the short list is down to three federal a appeals court judges thomas hard man, neil prio --hardiman, thomas pryor ad
3:40 am
neil gorsuch. he is keeping us businessy. steve: 10 ubers within 10 minutes of us. brian: janice, if you need a ride, steve has uber app. janice: 10 where? steve: 10 within two minutes of us. janice: where can i go? steve: i was testing to lga let's get out of town. janice: great. let's buy breakfast. we have been pretty quiet this past weekend which is greats news. it's cold but not extremely cold. feels like winter out there for places across the northern plains, great lakes and northeast. and we have a couple of clipper systems, fast moving storms that originate from canada bring a couple inches of knew isn't a snow over the next 12 to 24 hours as it dies across the great lakes, ohio valley and northeast. some down wind of the great lakes could receive 3 to 6 inches. a quiet weather pattern which we'll take no. big storm systems on the
3:41 am
horizon. taking a look at the northwest, we do have some rain, some mountain snow moving in, but not like the systems that we have seen the past few weeks. i mean, we have almost erased the drought, look at -- watch this, guys as we look at southern california. let's see if my maps will cooperate. we had extreme to exceptional drought. still dry up there, but that's incredible. they have been in a five, six year drought. i mean, we're almost done. ainsley: good. brian: fantastic. they can shower again. ainsley: and grow crops again. brian: repeat when it comes to shampooing. ainsley: get dressed and shower. steve: where would you be without us? just saying. how would you get through the day? meanwhile, he dubbed them the dishonest media and maybe this is why it feels so -- >> this week firestorm. >> a very different america.
3:42 am
>> trump established a religious test for refugee for from those muslim countries. steve: amy holmes president and the press coming up. ♪ i want you to know right now ♪ you know you make me want to shout ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ shout ♪ come on ♪ shout ♪ stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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>> first week firestorm. protests around the country. after trump limits entry to the u.s. a very different america. [applause] >> so trump established a religious test for refugees from those muslim countries. ainsley: the mainstream. steve: religious test. ainsley: right. the mainstream media in melt down mode. over vetting of refugees. steve: a few things of what they are telling you some are not accurate. brian: my turn.
3:46 am
here to separate fact from fiction amy holmes. are you surprised about the tone and tenure all weekend? >> no, i'm not. we have seen constant protests against donald trump since the day he was elected the day after the women's march. this was a sensitive, emotional difficult topic. i do understand why there was such an intense reaction. ainsley: let's go through some of the things that the mainstream media is saying. i want to find out if this is faction or fiction. let's start with this. president trump is the one that came up with the seven countries included in this ban. >> he included them in the ban. but he didn't come up with these seven. steve: so that's false. >> this comes from obama era designations where places are jihadist hot spots. president obama had a moratorium from people from iraq coming into the country when with he thought we needed to do a better job of vetting. steve: on the cover of the knock daily news today and bunch of other newspapers said this is a muslim ban. is this a muslim ban? >> it is not.
3:47 am
it is a moratorium. steve: that's false. >> it is false. it is a moratorium on traveling from those seven countries, there are 50 muslim majority countries in the world. if you are muslim but citizen of france or u.k. or germany, if your first named is mohammed or aisha, you will be able to come into the country. focused and targeted on these seven geographical spots. brian: also noteworthy not one of those countries have not spoken thought defiance of this, not egypt, not saudi arabia. there is an organization that links together 57 muslim countries and they were radio silent on this ban. >> as you know saudi arainia, for example, they vice president let refugees into saudi arabia. steve: very strict. >> there very strict there while i'm not sure they would be afraid of being hypocritical on this issue they have chosen not to be. steve: the judge who granted the stay over the weekend has connections to obama and schumer. is that true or false? >> i understand that it's true
3:48 am
but i don't take anything from that i think, i hope, tried to make the best ruling she can partisanship, ideology, i have no idea if that comes into play and would night speculate. steve: sure. what happened at the airports over the weekend is very personal to you because your father, a retired customs guy, right? >> indeed. so you know that's actually one of the criticisms that i have request how this has rolled out our men and women at the border need clear directive from washington, d.c. brian: should have consulted better with home land security. >> absolutely. brian: coordinated better but that happens a week into the administration. >> that's a choice. secretary kelly should have been the face of this from the very beginning that the green card question should have been clear particularly, again, and also for the sake of the humaneness of the application of this policy. getting pulled aside by customs and immigration and being detained that's scary. being told that you might not be able to go home that's scary. there should have been clarity
3:49 am
on that. steve: president couldn't consult his tiring because they haven't confirmed his attorney general yet. so, come on, senate, let's get going. >> that's a very good point. steve: amy, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. coming up on this monday, silent refugee crisis is spawning in a major mid west city and people there have been sounding the alarm about it for years. ainsley: liberals like new york city's mayor bill de blasio will say just about anything to defend illegal immigrants. what do the actual citizens who live in these cities, what do they think about their mayor? brian: we would ask but we didn't think he would be up until 11:00.
3:50 am
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. i don't know if you heard but protesters taking to the streets this weekend. blasting president trump's temporary refugee ban. but, are they ignoring the real threat to find out, let's look at some recent cases involving refugees already in america who are caught trying to help isis and other terror groups. joining us now to break it all down for us is the vice president for center of policy analysis jim hanson. hey, jim, so there is a bit of a track record here when you talk about refugee arrests there is, for example, they are the first one would be ramiz are hobsick. they are have bosnia. jim, can you hear me? >> yeah. i can hear you have. the issue is these folks have been caught after already entering the country. fortunately we caught them but they were definitely in a position to be planning and ready to conducts terrorist acts. they were missed in whatever
3:54 am
vetting was going on. so president trump adding what he is calling extreme vetting is just a common sense measure to take the handcuffs off our security agencies and let them tweag dig in to these people's background. brian: get the people here. they came out with a big story last week in the "l.a. times" of all places. good job, glitch in the system screening the syrian refugees. really? dozens got in here that shouldn't have. good luck with that that was a husband and wife team that were charged with conspiring to provide support and funneling funds to isis. now, let's talk about what happened at ohio state. remember this student. abdul arabdul atan. what did he do. >> he drove into a bunch of people and started wielding a knife attacking people. pause on immigration from not just seven certain countries but a charge to the security agencies to go ahead and look into the background of people
3:55 am
before they come in. no one has a right to come here. so you have to prove that you are safe and prove that you value the things that americans value. 13% of muslims already here in the united states, according to the liberal pew international agree that suicide bombing is okay. that's something we might want to be asking people before they get here. brian: that would be part of the screen process. the ohio state guy that was taken out, he was -- he came here from somalia as a refugee. the children of immigrants also should be looked at. you don't know if they are traveling back and forth. also, you talk about the boston bombers, perhaps, the most infamous, the fbi was on their trail. they saw where they went back, but they didn't stop them. >> and the bottom line is most of these cases involve people who if we had been doing what has now been called extreme vetting, we might have caught them before hand. the wife in the san bernardino shootings had a massive social media history of islamic
3:56 am
extremist nonsense. she came to this country and killed a bunch of americans because our security agencies weren't allowed to you look at her background. it says now that we should be looking, we should be finding people who don't follow what our american values are and who don't agree that life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness matter. killing homosexuals. you know, honor killings. all those things are legitimate questions. they are not about religion. they are about the actions of people who probably don't belong in this country. brian: right. omar mateen just did the orlando shooting just picked up his wife a month ago after investigation. we can't do after mouth we are looking for preventative is he looking for delay of 120 days. jim hanson thank you very much. >> thank you,. brian: brian what do think of the president's order and order to limit immigration we will just ask this refugee who just went through the process. [cheers] >> what do you think of donald trump?
3:57 am
>> i like him. brian: iraqi interpretser who just worked for chris kyle has a blistering message for all president. ♪ stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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4:00 am
>> this is a fox news alert. protests breaking out in several major cities. >> this is not a muslim ban. >> any effort to improve the vetting process, i think that's all perfectly reasonable and totally legitimate. >> he is not going to apologize for putting the safety of this country first and foremost. >> my brother's argument is we're not doing to enough countries. but we shouldn't be doing it to any country. >> i'm not saying. it makes no sense. he is out of the blame america first crowd. put america first. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and unamerican.
4:01 am
>> what most people don't understand is that no one has the right to enter the united states unless they are a citizen. >> in terms of the outside needing greater protection of -- it's a small price to pay. >> i'm the winner. the winner is me. land slide. >> and everyone in airports that belong in my america. [cheers] >> and when they feel broken and afraid and tired, they are not alone. we will shelter freaks and outcasts. we will monsters. we will punch some people in the face. >> thank you. ♪ brian: listen to bon jovi looking at new york? don't we have to look at new
4:02 am
jersey. steve: maybe this view is from new jersey. ainsley: are you saying that someone should be arrested for showing this? brian: absolutely. ainsley: illegal? steve: brian, you should see what's in the news live in new york city avenue of the americas this is "fox & friends" world's number one cable morning news show. we have a busy two hours left. the outrage over the weekend, people are shocked in this country and around the world that donald trump is actually keeping a campaign promise. he was talking about if i'm elected, we're going to have some extreme vetting to make sure that we know who is coming into the country. right now there is a temporary pause and people are freaking out on the left. ainsley: a lot of people are feeling safer this morning because of it. the majority of people if you look at the polls. steve: actually we will talk to john mclaughlin about said poll. president trump's executive order is working. ainsley: air france blocking over a dozen passengers all from countries linked to terrorism from boarding planes
4:03 am
bound for the united states. brian: laura ingle, what number are we down to where passengers are being detained. >> you know, that's been tough to kind of figure out here because, when people are detained their phones are taken away. so the communication behind those walls that we can't see has been a little challenging. when we got here early this morning, we were being told somewhere between one and six. and we are waiting for an update. what you mentioned there at the top falls in step with what we have been hearing from the department of homeland security which issued a statement late yesterday saying this: the agency is now working with airlines to prevent people from boarding flights overseas if they would not be allowed into the united states under the new rules of president trump's executive order. now, of course, awful this chaos ensued, the chaos as it's being called because the department of home land security secretary of defense that they were not informed about the executive order before it went into effect or
4:04 am
at least not all of the details. now, the order sparked massive protests. we have been showing you, from coast to coast. the large e. here at jfk's terminal port, the international terminal where up to a reporterred 50 people were detained over the weekend. two of which were actually deported. many being held for hours, in some cases days. the response also triggered legal action to avoid the detention and deportation of some immigrant travelers which landed in federal court on saturday. that is what you have been hearing about with the judge issuing a temporary stay which allowed some travelers to be released. here at jfk, we have seen several families reunited with their loved ones who had been frantically trying to make contact with them, which, of course, articles i mentioned, was challenging because they didn't have their cell phones. a small army of volunteer lawyers have been here, camped out. they are inside this terminal as we speak to help guide travelers and their families through the legal paperwork to keep them here in the u.s.
4:05 am
new york governor andrew cuomo saying his team also working to help people through this new set of circumstances. >> we have directed the port authority and my council's office to make sure that we are protecting the legal rights of any person detained at any of our airports, period. >> the teams of volunteer lawyers tell us that those being detained had been faced with a very difficult question. they were offered tough decision to either withdraw their request for admission into the u.s. or accept deportation, which would prevent them from returning to the united states for the next five years. now, as we mentioned, yesterday when we were here, there was another wave of flights that was coming. in you saw more protests. as the department of home land security has stated we shouldn't be seeing that type of situation repeating. those lawyers though still here trying to help people who are still left and hopefully we'll get you an update as to exactly how many people are being detained here this
4:06 am
morning at jfk. steve: it started as 109 around the world. i just got a news flash from the associated press, apparent live the country of iraq is going to institute the same thing we're doing regarding americans. if you are american over here wanting to go there, they will make it tough for you to do that. brian: 325,000 people that came to our country, 109 detained most of them released from. now on if you have a green card you will be allow new of the home land security made that clear. now they will bolsterster up the admission airports before people get on an applane in those seven other countries. i do look for them to add afghanistan and pakistan to that number and we will see. a lot of people are upset iraq is on that. iraq is our ally. the problem the groups in iraq that don't subscribe to it the government want to do to come here. ainsley: it's not mawsm ban. only seven countries involved in. this president obama listed those seven countries at the
4:07 am
post dangerous countries as well. and that's where 3ru6r7 got his information. only evenings 8% of muslims worldwide. if you watch the mainstream media, you get a different story. listen. >> first week firestorm. protests around the country after trump limits entry to the u.s. a very different america. [applause] dramatic new moves at the stroke of president trump's pen. >> president's steps to in effect prevent some muslims from entering the country led to dozens of people with permanent resident status being detained at american airports. and mr. trump established a religious test for refugees from those muslim countries. allowing an exception for christians and others from minority religions. steve: that is not true. there is no religious test. these are people from countries with ties to terror. and the list that donald trump is using is a list that was devised by the barack obama administration. brian: look.
4:08 am
there are republicans that are upset about this. bob corker is a great al life donald trump. he says it should have been done differently, senator lindsey graham and john mccain are critics. they have feel as though this could have been done differently. islamic threat. as well along with corker was even michael mccaul, chairman of home land security saying, look, we could have implemented this. he was evidently part of the writing of this executive order. ainsley: how do they recommend we do it differently? brian: they talk about getting the home land security getting more involved, including legal armour involved before they rolled it out. ainsley: it's a three month wait. brian: have you to relay it to everybody who is work working it. steve: the problem with relaying it through the legal army is we don't have an attorney general right now because of the senate is slow walking it. keep in mind, folks, this is a temporary pause. it's just 90 days. and donald trump made it very clear he was a big believer in extreme vetting to figure out how to make the snl much, much
4:09 am
tighter and much safer, so they are just figuring it out. it's temporary. brian: one thing i look forward to used to be all about sports now it's about the sunday shows. martha raddatz does wonderful job on international reporting can not be unbiased when it comes to donald trump. remember, she crying when he won. over the weekend it was just so obvious yesterday that she could not be fair and balanced. listen to the emotion and disdain she has for anyone defending donald trump. >> and do you think this executive order will create more enemies? >> well, i haven't red the executive order. the refugee was not in my bailiwick. i will say at a minimum the way it has rolled out and the way it has been perceived has -- >> you know what's happening. they are banning people from these seven countries, including iran and iraq. so is this the right way. steve: it's a temporary ban. brian: sean spicer way over of
4:10 am
the top as well. steve: there were a number of muslims who actually support extreme vetting. we heard donald trump was wanting to do it. he is doing it judge gentleman felony ha -- judge jeaninehad -n on the program before. she is behind. this what is happening in this legislation does not constitute a muslim ban. only 8% of the world's muslims are going to be affected. this is actually a geopolitical decision. we are eliminating immigration for the time being for a few months from failed, failing, and most failed states, somalia as the economists called it. this is a rational move. i thank president trump in his first week for beginning to safeguard the lives and circumstances of muslims not only in the united states but around the world. of the first news i had of this muslim ban came to me from pakistani minority muslims who celebrated the fact that the draft legislation includes banning
4:11 am
those who persecute minorities and commit honor violence. that is a very profound value and we recommend it. ainsley: have you to ask yourself why are we doing this as a country? why is president trump doing this? if there weren't terrorists and 9/11 going on, this would not be happening. the people to blame are these terrorists. you had these two guys come here in 2009. they were vetted allegedly, they said they were being persecuted in iraq. they come over and put them in -- president obama puts them in kentucky. these two guys, their fingerprints were traced to ieds over in the middle east. they were the ones that were holding and made the remote controls that let these ieds go o bombs go off that hurt americans. they found these two guys. they arrested these go guys and then president obama in 2011 when these two guys were found that's when he put the ban on anyone coming over from iraq, refugees. so that's the reason this is done so that 3,000 more people are not killed on 9/11. as a mother of a little girl,
4:12 am
i am grateful of this because i feel like this great country that my two grandfathers fought for and my father in the army reserves, i feel like this needs to be done to keep us all safe and protected. what is wrong with this? steve: it's extreme vetting as donald trump promised and it's getting some extreme coverage. just saying. ainsley: it's about keeping america safe. steve: absolutely. that's the ultimate mat goal according to mr. trump. meanwhile we travel over to heather who has a whole bunch other news. heather: good morning to awful you. hope had you a great weekend. a difficult story to bring you out of canada. evening prayer services were disrupted there by blood shed. gunmen opening fire unleash ago deadly rampage inside a mosque in quebec city. a survivor says that masked men stormed in, shouting allah akbar. they killed six people and then wounded eight. right now two suspects in their 20's are under arrest. the smoive not yet known. that attack came a day after the canadian prime minister reacted to president trump's executive order welcoming all
4:13 am
refugees to his country. well hours from now the suspect in the deadly fort lauderdale airport rampage is heading to court. esteban sti esteban santiago. he is accused of injuring five people. a month before that shooting steg contacted the fbi saying he had been having terroristic thought. he faces the death penalty. the new miss universe is this lady: >> it's got to be right. okay? [laughter] >> let's not let this happen again. >> france. [cheers and applause] >> well there, she is. the host steve harvey getting it right this time after that mixup he had last year. the new miss universe making headlines for her answers on open borders. listen to this. >> so the country should have the right to open or close their borders. having open borders allows us to travel more through the world and to find out more about what's out there in the
4:14 am
world. >> the 23-year-old student is the first miss universe from france in 46 years. world peace and those are your headlines. brian: good luck. the mill can i way is in your hand. back with bo dealings. -deelts.- your insurance company
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>> are you ready to fight for the values of this city and this country? [cheers and applause] steve: democratic mayors of sanctuary cities like new york city that we're sitting in still vowing to defy president trump and illegals who commit crimes. ainsley: joining to us react is bo dietl who is running for mayor of new york city. what do you think of new york being a sanctuary city and mayors saying they are going to stand by it? >> i have a question what if one of these illegal immigrants hit your daughter or son and kill them in a car a drunken car accident and kill them? what are we supposed to do? this mayor big bird de blasio comes out and says we shouldn't deport them because they are the bread winner of the family. what about the kid who died by illegal immigrant. this is getting so ridiculous. i didn't see senator schumer crying on 9/11. i was down there on 9/11 when 3,000 americans, the problem here is that this should be expanded not to just those six or seven countries. we should tighten up our security.
4:19 am
when did you go on an aircraft or plane show your i.d. we need to tighten up our security and that's what president trump is doing. maybe people are getting bent out of shape over there but in reality look at israel. they check people coming. in we have got to tighten up our security. and look what what happened in san bernardino and around this country we have had attacks. we will have more attacks. and new york city is the target. when have you a mayor like, this we have a million cards on file in new york city with identifications of people. that's security. we have got to know who comes in. who comes out. just imagine if there is another taste attack in new york city which i guarantee you there will be, what are we going to do if we are one of those people have one of those i.d. cards, you are not going to let us see them de blasio? i will tell you are in contempt of the u.s. government and the attorney general when the confirmation is done should come right after mayor de blasio. steve: i.d. cards that you are talking about, that new york issues to people who may be in the country illegally but they are immigrants, none the less, it sounds like the city of new york is trying to destroy all
4:20 am
records about them so that the incoming administration doesn't know who these people are. >> i'm driving up to albany now there is a couple legislatures up there trying to file a suit against it let's be real about it security is intelligence. we have to avert any type of attack. whether you have a mayor is that steps up and says we want the illegal immigrants to come in to new york especially muslim because we communicate back and forth and they give us information on terrorism. damn him, set one that stopped any kind of investigations around our muslim community. this is not a muslim ban. this is a security ban. and it should be thought of that way. i didn't see these tens of thousands of people demonstrating when they attacked on 9/11. my eye also never forgot what i saw down there with 3,000 americans. where was the demonstrations then? where were they? i love this country and i love this city and people have to realize, listen to me, i i don't want to listen about all these liberal progressives. that's what de blasio is all about. he wants to be the first proivel president. damn him.
4:21 am
steve: all right. bo dietl feeling strong about it. >> thank you. steve: if you think all muslims are against president trump's immigration order. you are wrong. up next the iraqi interpreter who worked alongside "american sniper" chris kyle. his story next. employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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ainsley: good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends." a few quick headlines to bring you right thought. seattle accused of fueling the nation's drug epidemic by becoming the first in the nation to give addicts a safe place to shoot up. the city green lighting the controversial plan to offer so-called safe drug spaces on the taxpayer's dime. injection sites will provide clean needles and also medical supervision. mexico threatening to helpful the u.s. drug epidemic. former mexican official says they will unleash the drug cartels in response to
4:25 am
president trump's border law. >> the drugs that come through mexico from south america or the drugs that are produced here in mexico all go to the united states. this is not our problem. we have a frepsdly, trustful relationship. if that relationship disappears the reason for cooperation also disappear. heather: there you go. he went on to slam president trump for hue mill united states mexico on twitter. those are your headlines: brian: major backlash over president trump's executive order on immigration you may have heard. our next guest is iraqi muslim who spent years trying to come to america after working with our troops, including our own chris kyle "american sniper" fame. here to discuss why is he behind the president is former iraqi interpreter and author of this book code name johnny wall kerr is the name we are going to use right now john anjoan walker. put in perspective what
4:26 am
president trump did on friday that was implemented over the weekend. >> first of all, thank you for this opportunity. second thing, let's forget ourself. let's forget to be selfish. let's think about the united states as a nation and -- ferrarfrom from everywhere. evything donald trump did, he did two things. first of all he wanted to clear the chaos. obama left it behind him. and also he want to protect his family, which is the united states, this country. so we make a big deal about a decision he made. that's important because he wants our kids, our women, our fathers, mothers, our community to have the safe environment.
4:27 am
so h who is going to blame him. brian: johnny, i will call you that, that's the name you want to be known as right now. how many lives you were saving, but, yet, it still took you five years and you are thankful to be here and you say if some of these people are detained a little while, you think that's smart. you don't think that shows any bigotry? >> he did not -- iraq or capture by taliban in afghanistan and they going to kill him. he is in new york. and what happened to him? after a few hours, he head back to his home. everyone happy. but you guys know media they want to just make a big issue about donald trump. i think time to stop that. i think time to support our
4:28 am
president to reach us to the cease-fire age and cross the river. you know. brian: i want you to hear this, johnny. this is the leader of the democrats in the senate getting emotional thinking about what donald trump signed. >> okay. >> this executive order -- was mean-spirited and unamerican. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country. and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. it must be reversed immediately. brian: when you see him driven to tears. what do you think? >> i think they lost the battle against trump and they use emotion now. this is weak weapon. in a state of that, he should talk about obamacare and
4:29 am
confusion when he brings city and refugee without any back ground checks data base and how about we bring a lot of people in the state of syrian refugee, christian family they're on the border now of people who has worked with americans and loyalty. how about if obama think about those people to bring them n a state of syrian refugee. my advice to that guy, he should go to obama and he should chitchat with him about this chaos. brian: johnny walker played a role as we tried liberate iraq. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. and god bless america. brian: all right. thank you. and meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, democrats unhinged over trump's immigration order. >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional.
4:30 am
>> and it will be overturned. brian: so inspirational. this morning the white house responds. senior advisor to president trump stephen miller joins us live next. plus hysteria in hollywood after sag awards turned into a slam fest. >> bullies, we will shelter freaks, outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters. ly ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday.
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4:33 am
♪ >> steve: all right. the president of the united states is up and he is tweeting and he tweeted this shortly ago. he wrote: only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. big problems at airports were caused by delta computer outrage -- outage that is to say tears of shuman.
4:34 am
secretary kelly said that all is going well with very few problems make america safe again. that from our tweeter and commander-in-chief. ainsley: steven joins us this morning. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: obviously we just read that tweet. senator schumer who was crying. hollywood at the awards ceremony last night. that's what they were talking about. they weren't even talking about the awards. but the reality is other presidents in the past, democrats and republicans have done in this time and time again. so what's your reaction to all these people who are crying and blaming president trump for this? >> well, you are quite correct. this is an authority that has been used repeatedly in the past. one the more recent examples was president obama suspended iraqi refugee program for six full months after two iraqi refugees were implaintiff's exhibited in al qaeda plot in bowling green, kentucky. there has been hundreds and
4:35 am
hundreds of foreign nationals and foreign born naturalized citizens who have been implicated in terrorism in the united states since 9/11. this is a matter of national security. it's a matter of keeping the public safe and the reality in the world with 7 billion people, the united states has an sloot sovereign right to determine who can and cannot enter in the united states. brian: normal allies to the administration like bob corker and michael mccaul, the chairman of home land security were critical of this, the way it was rolled out. are there things that you could have done better that you will look to change today? >> i think from a standpoint of national security, the most important thing was to roll out the order quickly and immediately. because we understand that our vetting systems do not properly function. and if we waited five days, 10 days, six months to begin establishing the first series of controls, we would be leavingth homeland unnecessarily vulnerable. it simply makes sense that you
4:36 am
would begin to put controls in place immediately and create a 90-day period to review and assess the ideal system of controls to keep this country dry safe. brian: you say nothing differently but did you come out and say green card holders you can now pass go. you can come in. >> that's never changed. 170 people applied for green card waiver overseas. 107 people got it to be clear these are people who already have green cards. not people applying for new green cards. that policy has been consistent from the beginning. the media, other networks sowed some confusion. the reality is that internally we have honored every request for admission for individuals who have green cards from overseas. steve: terrific. steven to the president's tweet points there were 109 people that were in transit because, right now, if you are in another country and you're from one of those countries on the list you are not going to be allowed to get on a plane. of those 109 people who are in transit, was the thinking at
4:37 am
the white house, okay, you should tell people ahead of time that this is coming? would that have spoiled what you had? >> i think from a safety standpoint if you announce in five days or ten days these countries will become travel restricted you could have enormous unintended consequences similarly and more importantly there are individuals who are plotting to engage in terrorism who simply have terrorist ideas or sympathies, they would then use that window to enter the united states. he from a security standpoint that would be inexcusable. steve: you didn't want to reveal your hand, instead you figured there would be a couple people caught in transit we will work it out at each airport. >> i want to applaud the men and women of customs and border patrol for the professional way they have handled this circumstance in protecting the homeland and how much work they do every day. can you making how much work is involved every year in processing 80 million people to enter the united states through air, sea, and land
4:38 am
ports? they don't get enough credited for the work they do. brian: absolutely. especially when things change on the fly like this. we will see if home land security can now that they have a secretary can actually implement some changes. why isn't pakistan on the list? do you look for pakistan, afghanistan, saudi arabia to be added to the list or some of these? pakistan is where you found bin laden and continue to ferment terror throughout afghanistan. ainsley: saudi arabia's 9/11 attackers? >> that's a great question. this was a list produced by president obama in 2015-2016 for travel restrictions. we inherited this as the most rint -- recent assessment from the government about areas that should have travel restrictions. this has the ability of our government to get good vetting information in a particular country. in other words, if you take a case like yemen, part of the problem is our ability to get facts on the ground there may be other countries that do produce a lot of individuals
4:39 am
with terrorist sympathies that maybe in those particular countries we have better information and can apply better screening centers moving forward. our job was to take the current assessment, start, there and then create a 90-day window to put new assessment in place. ainsley: if you are an american have you rights under the constitution. these folks coming here who are refugee he is do not have rights under the constitution because they are not citizens of this country. elizabeth warren feels differently and keeps screaming out this is illegal under the constitution. listen to. this it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional. >> and it will be overturned. ainsley: so what's your reaction? >> well, senator warren is entitled to her opinion but not her own constitution. >> the reality is the constitution of the united states very clearly gives the executive control over immigration authority and gifsz the government control over who can and cannot
4:40 am
internet united states. more fundamentally no person, anywhere in the world, outside the united states, who is not a citizen of this country, has a constitutional right to enter the united states. if you were to establish such a right, think about this, if you were to establish the right that senator warren he suggests that any one of the 7 presidentialed in the world deny advice is a for any reason at any time could sue the citizens of this country and demand payment and relief for denied benefits which would be insane. steve: it would be insane. let me ask you about this, david, speaking of insane, don't you think it's shocking that people are so surprised that donald trump would actually follow through on a campaign promise? he said, look, there is going to be extreme vetting if i'm elected president of the united states. that's really what we're talking about. it is a 90 day temporary pause, as you try to figure out how to make the system safe and, yet, people are freaking out. >> it's a great point. this has been something that president trump campaigned on,
4:41 am
that he promised he would do and that the american people overwhelmingly support it. i want to say something very clearly to everyone listening this morning. our task in this new administration is to prevent what happened in parts of france and belgium and germany, from happening in the united states. where have you large pockets of radicalization that extend through generation and bikini a serious long-term security problem. we have to act now to prevent that from happening tomorrow. that is the job we all share together and i hope we understand that failure in this task will have permanent repercussions for generations in this country. brian: steven, looks like the word is, and you tell me if it's going to be coming down today, that the announcement is that was supposed to be thursday for he supreme court nominee for justice scalia's seat could come as early as today. do you expect that to happen today. tell us and we will tell everybody else.
4:42 am
>> i would say it could come at any moment but i'm not prepared too make a firm announcement right now. brian: what if you were prepared? steve: i don't think is he prepared. ainsley: steven, are you prepared to do a snow angel on the white house lawn? i didn't know it snowed there. brian: it does looked like it snowed. ainsley: is he having problems with his ifp conveniently so. steve: our thanks to steven miller advisor to the united states joining us from the north lawn of the white house whereas can you see right there, unlike here, it's snowing. brian: let me just tell you what's coming up straight ahead. don't believe everything you hear net america. how do americans feel about president trump's immigration order? the new numbers are next. steve: imagine you inherited a piece of paper worth $4 million? brian: just happened to me. steve: the awesome story what's written on that document is the strange inheritance. jamie colby is here with the strange inheritance ahead of wish come true
4:43 am
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steve: welcome back. the mainstream media painting an ugly picture of president trump's refugee ban which is temporary. headlines blasting his executive order. it turns out the polls tell a very different story as you look at some of those headlines right there. joining us right now to help explain former pollster for the trump campaign john mclaughlin. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: when you turn on the television. >> right. steve: let's say you are watching some of those mainstream media channels. >> right. steve: you would think that donald trump was doing something that was so unbelievably illegal how can lady liberty be standing out in new york harbor with her head held high. >> they are not telling the truth. the fact of the matter is what he has done as steven miller just gave a great explanation. he should be out there more explaining this, because they put a pause on refugees from countries where we can't vet them. so, last december we asked a survey do you support or
4:47 am
oppose taking a pause on refugees unless it's on the screen, there unless -- that are now properly vetted. if you can be 100 percent sure that they are not a threat to the united states, people will say yes. but they are saying if we can't do that, we should stop it and take pause. 66% is a big number. democrats support it 55 to 41. and clinton voters support it 49 to 42. so it's popular. steve: while people say it's security. this is really about politics, isn't it? >> yes. and we did that pulse for security security issues. the democrats are reframing this into something it's not. they are saying we are trying to make it a muslim ban. you read the executive order, it never mentions islam or muslim. steve: never, not one. >> it's all about security. trump, when i talked to him last june during the campaign, this was a terrorist ban.
4:48 am
so who could be against a terrorist ban? that's the way he framed it and title of the executive order. steve: have you seen the other channels where they are detailing this person is trying to come into the country. they haven't seen their children for 15 years or something like that. donald trump is keeping them from coming in. but, as steven miller pointed out a little while ago as well, the list of these seven countries comes from the obama administration. >> right. steve: when they had the six month ban on people coming into the country from one of the country dries where was the outrage then? >> exactly. or recently before president obama left office, he changed the rules on cuban refugee that's they have to go back. if they go back, they go to prison. there is no outrage there. this so so selective and so partisan and political by the democrats they should be ashamed of themselves. because if something happens where terrorists come through, it's because of the lack of the tight policies that the trump administration is trying to put in right now. steve: sure, you look at the paris attack, one of the guys
4:49 am
at the bataclan they looked at his body and there was a syrian passport and the guy was not from syria. he was just from some other country which just makes trump's point. he promised extreme vetting to make sure and to figure out with a pause where these people are coming from. and that's what they are doing. >> right. one of the members of congress that i steve king home land security expert he says you can't speak to these governments -- you know, syria is not going to have a database, syria, somalia. they will not tell you hot good guys and bad guys are because they don't know. they can't vet them themselves and work with us on that. steve: what you see on tv is all politics. >> partisan politics. very sad right now. the majority does support president trump on this. steve: we just saw the polls. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: coming up, next on the rundown, imagine you inherited a piece of paper worth $4 million for those two pieces of paper right there. the strange inhair tansz.
4:50 am
jamie colby is here with the preview coming up in a moment ♪ shake, rattle, and roll ♪ shake, rattle, and roll ♪ every morning
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♪ ainsley: the amazing hit series "strange inheritance" is back for season number three on the fox business network with two brand new episodes airing tonight starting at 9:00. here are the preview of the host of "strange inheritance" my friend jamie colby. >> ainsley, great to see you even if we are 3,000 miles apart. every place else. ainsley: you have been so busy on the road. now you are taking us to meet a family. they are related to the man who invented basketball. what did they have that impressed you the most? >> a lot of people know the story of dr. naismith who in
4:54 am
the late 1800 was at the y for men in springfield, massachusetts. they were looking for an opportunity to keep the young men on the straight and narrow. that's a peach basket. that's where it all started. you used to have to go up and get the ball after every shot. the rules were really different. i had a chance to meet the family. a lot of people may know the story of dr. naismith but they haven't met the people who guarded these rules. two pieces of paper with their life. i got a chance to see them but only for a few seconds because they are trying to preserve them and keep them forever. somebody just paid $4.3 million for them and brought them home to the university of kansas. it's incredible, this one person started the game of basketball, which we now know is a global sport. ainsley: jamie, i understand that the guys that you met that are related too mr. nay schmitz themr. nay -- naismith y thought they lost his rules. we have a clip from the show tonight. watch this. >> touring the country with a
4:55 am
document worth $5 million with no insurance in gold briefcase. >> he was a very risk tolerant person. >> just outside lawrence, kansas, he realizes the rules have gone missing. >> he finished up the meal and got miss van. when he got to lawrence he starts looking around and thinks oh my goodness, where are the rules? >> no? >> he called his waitress who gets on the phone mr. naismith, i can guarantee you 100 percent that i saw you walk out with those rules. >> wow. they are worth a lot of money. >> so where were they? you have to watch tonight at 9:00 to see this amazing episode. we have two -- it's a two-for tonight if you turn in. a man left his accounting job at 54 years old. he was so obsessed with dinosaurs he had almost taken a job with walt disney to be a cartoonist. he builds amazing park in oregon. you won't believe it a roadside attraction to beat all roadside attractions, ainsley.
4:56 am
i think i have seen it all. ainsley: they have to decide if they want to run the business or sell it. >> there is twists and turns. they wrote us, jamie at strange that's how we learned about that inheritance. we have been to 37 cities. i'm here shooting as well. still going at it. i'm so glad people can enjoy it tonight at 9:00 on the fox business network. thanks, ainsley. ainsley: congratulations on the show. the ratings are through the roof. we're happy for you on this great show. thanks. >> thank you. ainsley: great to see you too, honey. where were all the protests when bill clinton said the same thing as donald trump? that is next. s, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. protests breaking out in several major cities. >> this is not a muslim ban. >> any effort to improve the vetting process, i think that's all perfectly reasonable and totally legitimate. >> he's not going to apologize for putting the safety of this country first and foremost.
5:00 am
>> my brother's argument is we're not doing this to enough countries -- we shouldn't have -- >> america first crowd. needs to put america first. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. >> what most people don't understand is that no one has the right to enter the united states unless they are a citizen. >> in turn the upside being greater protection of our borders and our people. it's a small price to pay. >> i'm the winner. the winner is me. landslide. >> and everyone that belonged in my america. >> and when they feel broken and afraid and tired, they are not alone.
5:01 am
we will shelter freaks and outcasts. we will come monsters. we will punch some people in the face. thank you. ♪ >> i love when hollywood starts to talk about the movies they're in and thank the academy. >> there are movies? was that a movie award ceremony? >> it was all punching. >> speaking of unbelievable. as you look at a pretty nice day here in new york city on this final monday of january. unbelievable really does describe winona rider's face. she made many. she's a good actress. >> you know, i studied acting for a while. and they say -- >> really? >> yes. ainsley: just the art faces? we were very surprised. brian: so they say what if you were a tree on a set? dominate the stage as a tree. steve: what kind of acting
5:02 am
school did you go to to learn how to be a tree? >> well, i took this -- i thought it was going to be a basic -- i thought they said basic acting. i said okay. that would be a good elective. it turns out it's a guy in theater and everyone wanted to go pro. ainsley: you practice your acting, and we talk about the real news, brian. brian: you put me in my place. steve: she's acting like she's in charge. ainsley: president trump and his team already reacting this morning to the backlash of his executive order in immigration and joining us now with the very latest is live in washington d.c. what's going on, griff? >> good morning, guys. despite the protests you saw over the weekend and of course the harsh words from hollywood, president trump is aggressively defending his executive order taking to twitter just moments ago saying quote there's nothing nice searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. this was a big part of my campaign. study the world. and democrats like senate minority leader chuck schumer
5:03 am
who got emotional over the weekend continued attacking the travel ban today. >> first, it was done in such a ca sloppy and careless way. agencies didn't even know about it. it was almost like back of the envelope. so even for those who might be for this, i am certainly opposed. the slap -- >> but the white house continues making their case, and this is all about the security of our country, senior adviser to happen steven miller appearing here on fox and friends just moments ago. >> our task in this new administration is to prevent what happened in parts of france and belgium and germany from happening in the united states where you have large pockets of radicalization that extend through generations, and they become a serious long-term security problem. we have to react now to prevent that from happening tomorrow.
5:04 am
that is the job we all share together, and i hope that we can understand that failure and this task will have permanent repercussions for generations in this country. >> and we expect protests may continue as well as well as challenges from democrats like dianne feinstein introducing two bills later today. guys. steve: thank you very much. steven miller was talking about how doing this for security reasons. but we had john on a little while ago and saying, look, the reason the democrats are reacting the way they are, is because they see an opportunity to make political hay. because they see this thing, and they're trying to expand it to the point to make donald trump continue what we have seen since he was elected president of the united states. and that is to delegitimatize him. ainsley: yeah, because i was getting all fired up in the last hour, and you turned to me and said ainsley, it's all politics. when the liberal presidents did this before, there was no backlash from hollywood. and all of a sudden donald trump did this, and he's just following through on his
5:05 am
campaign promise, that's why people went to vote for him, and hollywood is upset. brian: yeah, steve plays the role. i will say this. just this one story stuck out to me that i don't think the trump administration brought up. on friday, the day this came out was talked about how dozens of syrian refugees thanks to a glitch in the computer system were discovered to have not been vetted and potentially have negative information and are out and about in the u.s. as refugees. so they stopped the refugee program indefinitely. they say we want to pause 90 days for others. they admit they should have added green cards allowed in. they just weren't clear. and for now people are going to be stopped in their country, not this country. ainsley: well, and you have to remember that these people that are being vetted, they are not citizens. so they don't have the constitutional right just to walk into this country and a senior official reminds us of
5:06 am
that. and he says the united states chose not to be rigorous with its immigration laws before september 11th and 3,000 people were murdered. steve: absolutely. keep in mind who are we hearing the loudest from? chuck schumer, who heads up the democrat side in the u.s. senate. does he have politics in mind? absolutely and what about elizabeth warren? up in boston over the weekend, she wants to be president. is that why she's out saying this? >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is constitutional. >> it will be overturned. ainsley: she didn't use the megaphone. she was holding the megaphone, but she didn't use it. steve: well, when you have a voice like that. to ainsley's point, immigrants have no refugee price for refugee status. ainsley: the steve miller band. brian: the joker. steve: that's right, and he
5:07 am
said this about that. >> there are has been hundreds and hundreds of foreign nationals. steve: and he expanded and expanded and expanded. ainsley: he said they are not citizens. brian: because our constitution is very clear. people who are coming into the country do not automatically get refugee status because they don't have the rights of american citizen because they're not american citizens. brian: so remember, this isn't the policy of just donald trump. this was the policy in the '90s when a guy named bill clinton was president. america was concerned about their borders, and there was blond out there but there wasn't a 9/11 yet. here's bill clinton at the state of the union address talking about what he thought was important. >> all americans not only in the place most heavily
5:08 am
affected but a large number of illegal aliens entering our country. the jobs they hold might be held by immigrants. they impose burdens on our taxpayers. we are a nation of immigrants, but we are also nation of laws. it is wrong and ultimately self defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and defensemen more to stop it. [applause] steve: so at his 1995 state of the union address, bill clinton called for strengthening the border, which donald trump did. higher more security, which donald trump did, and deport criminal aliens, illegals, which donald trump had. clinton even went further where he said no welfare benefits to illegal aliens. can you imagine if donald trump. brian: imagine if you were an alien. steve: posted that in front of your house. ainsley: president obama did the same thing with iraq in 2011 and according to this article i was reading this morning, it says that the same thing happened with vietnamese
5:09 am
refugees in 1975 and democrats were behind that from letting these folks in south vietnam come here to the u.s. brian: i know what you're saying to yourself. it's sunday, and it's time for the actors award show. so at which time, news was breaking over the weekend about these refugees and 109 people being detained, so they had to go off script, so i can't wait to hear how it went. >> good evening, fellow members and everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishes and this immigrant ban is a blemish, and it is un-american. >> as we act in the stranger things, we 1983 westerners will repel bullies. we will shelter freaks and outcasts, those who have no homes. we will get past the lies. we will hunt monsters.
5:10 am
>> any money they have to spare, please donate to the aclu to protect the rights and liberties of people across this country. steve: and after she said that, as it turns out in addition to hollywood's war on terror, the aclu has really benefited from this action by president trump because over the weekend, they raised five times more funds to run the aclu this weekend than they normally get in a year. ainsley: so a lot of people do support hollywood, i guess. a lot of people don't, though. i do agree a lot of people it was rolled out the wrong way. as you were saying, not all the agencies were aware of it, people were trapped at the airport, but now they stopped that, they fixed the glitch, now working with seven other countries, they're not going to allow refugees to get on the plane. steve: just to show you how this all got started, if we could put up the picture of the big bang star, simon, he
5:11 am
and his wife were out on the red carpet and as you noticed, he is holding a sign that says refugees welcome. and his wife, jocelyn has taken a sharpie to write on herself and write let them in. ainsley: actors need to remember they have no job without us. brian: right and remember in 2014 senator schumer was the one asking for a pause in the refugee program. that was him in 2014 until we got proper vetting. ainsley: really? now he's crying. steve: weeping. ainsley: weeping. steve: so it supports the theory that what you're seeing is not necessarily democrats about security, it is about politics. brian: in our to a woman who cried only -- steve: when you were acting as a tree, she would then be a weeping willow. brian: absolutely. ainsley: how do you act as a tree? show us. brian: i was never that character.
5:12 am
ainsley: oh, brian. that's just cute, brian. >> all right. good morning to you this morning. it's a fox news alert, evening services interrupted by bloodshed. a gunman opening fire inside a mosque in québec city. a masked man stormed in shouting as he wounded eight people. the motivate is not yet known. that attack coming a day after the canadian prime minister reacted to president trump's executive order welcoming all refugees into his country. we'll get more. also overnight, president trump immigration executive order is working. air france blocking more than a dozen passengers from boarding planes from the united states. they were from countries that were affected by the travel ban and linked to terrorism. well, hours from now the suspect in the deadly ft. lauderdale rampage is headed to court.
5:13 am
will be arraigned on 22 charges but terrorism is not one of those charges. he's accused of injuring five people and killing six others. a month before the shooting, santiago contacted the fbi saying he had been what is called terrorist thoughts linked to isis. he now faces the death penalty. we have a lot going on today. brian: straight ahead, 13 minutes after the hour, is elizabeth warren right? is president trump really making america less safe? the man who water boarded the 9/11 masterminds is with us next. steve: and donald trump tries to stop drugs from coming to mexico, one state makes it a lot easier. going to pot, we wonder? at bp, we empower anyone to stop a job
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if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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ba heart attack doesn't or how healthy you look. no matter who you are, a heart attack can happen without warning. a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. brian: u.s. governor said they would not allow syrian refugees enter the states. now the president's executive order makes more power to give
5:18 am
them that choice, which should be up to the states to decide. joining us is pete schneider and chuck. without the hat on, chuck, last time i saw you. so do you think it's a good thing, pete, to give governors the chance to decide to come in or out? >> i do. they're in charge of keeping their state safe, and they need to work hand and hand with the federal government, and i absolutely believe that governors should have a say in the process. bill clinton wanted that when he was governor of arkansas and blamed his first loss and reelect on jimmy carter for forcing him to take cuban refugees. brian: what about that, chuck, is that reasonable? >> well, they should have a say, they're the governor of the state. but they don't have the right as the executive branch. the executive branch has the absolute power to keep america safe and protect its borders and put together and pass laws to make sure we're safe. but what you're seeing here, brian, is of these governors, most of them are republican, most of them are up for
5:19 am
reelection in two years and back to your point about making things political, a lot of this has to do with worrying about their reelection in two years and getting on the option side of mr. trump, president trump. >> well, most of them are republican because most governors in america are republican. >> well, i will also like to tell you they are also joined with 18 democratic attorney generals this morning that are fighting the opposite side of this to see the political ramification on that side. so we have to stop making this about america and make this about making america safe. brian: absolutely. we can focus on that but now people are focused on the implementation. but hopefully this will be solved to include the states like pakistan and afghanistan, perhaps. meanwhile let's talk about the democratic senator front and center. they seem to be running for president are seems like cory booker's making it clear he'll jump in front of anything that has a camera, as well as elizabeth warren. are you getting that sense already, pete? >> oh, absolutely. everyone's gearing up for 2020
5:20 am
putting out their fundraising e-mails, you know, leaving dinners to run out to airports and join protests. and you see that is coming out of hollywood these days. it's as if chuck schumer and ashton kutcher have the same talking points. brian: chuck, do you see president in these demonstrations? >> i do as coming from the party that's red in particular from texas, i'm not one to be part of the coast. i'm part of middle america. and middle america, they're trying to set back. a lot of them vote for trump because they didn't want to vote for hillary, and they want to see if they agree with it or not. they want to shake things up but now you see democrats want to take opportunity out of that. brian: let's see it. chuck, i really like the sweater and pete, very traditional garb as well. straight ahead, we move ahead. a democrat who says extreme vetting is exactly what our
5:21 am
country needs. just don't tell the media that. there it is and everything we ship whether it's expedited has soovernight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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. ainsley: some quick headlines for you starting with a fox news alert. delta hit by a major computer problem sparking travel chaos at this hour. right now 80 flights have been canceled today due to a technical glitch. the system is back up and running but delta having problems getting back on schedule. and people in these eight states need more than a driver's license to get into federal agencies and nuclear power plants. it is part of a homeland security initiative to prevent terrorism. one of the states, the state is maine as they increase security, they get more relax on drugs. maine joining seven states and washington d.c. allowing recreational pot. but you have to be 21 years old, you can't smoke out in public, and it is still
5:25 am
illegal to buy or sell pot in those states. steve. steve: thank you, ainsley. mainstream media making its stance clear in covering the president's border order for the weekend. >> first week firestorm. protests around the country after trump limits entry to the u.s. >> a very different america. >> trump established a religious test for refugees from those muslim countries. steve: really? well, despite the narrative, many muslims support donald trump's extreme vetting including our next guest here cofounder of the foreign movement joins us from our nation's capitol. and if you remember her, it was just a couple of days after the election that you came on the air, and you said you had never voted for a republican before, but you cast your vote for donald trump. so as the mainstream media examines what he has done with this extreme vetting and the temporary pause, are you shocked at the number of mainstream media outlets that say there is a muslim ban?
5:26 am
because that is simply not true. >> you know, i've been a journalist for 30 years, and i'm really disappointed in the facts that the media has, unfortunately, gone along with this meme of #muslimban. it's a propaganda campaign. in communications there's a term called agitation propaganda, and what we see right now is agitation propaganda from a very partisan political movement that lost the election. steve: sure. >> on election day. and what i'm really disturbed by is when i did the search last night of how many outlets have muslim ban in their headlines, they go everywhere from the new york times to slate magazine. it's a disturbing trend where we are basically inciting fear. steve: just look at history. this list of the countries that donald trump is taking the temporary ban of having
5:27 am
people come over, the list came from the obama administration. and, you know, you don't hear that on the other channels. and also when barack obama and i believe it was 2011 had a six-month ban on refugees from the country of iraq, where was the outrage then? >> yeah, you know, i was driving in today listening to npr, and they had senator cain on as opposing the ban. it's such a partisan view. of course he's the opposition party now, and he will oppose this ban, as well as elizabeth warren. everybody has a right, but we need to have our eyes wide open about everybody's special interest. steve: right? >> i came to this country in the 1960s, and we know very clearly that there is an extremism problem that has been exported to the world from all -- that reaches all the far corners of our societies. i hope that over the next 30 days as the trump administration battle
5:28 am
battles -- you know, establishes its islamic state strategy, we deal with the ideology that crosses these porous borders. steve: in all 109 people around the globe were detained at airports, and you just said that this is all political and, you know, it's been suggested that some soros money is involved as well. are the democrats using these 109 detainees who most of them have gone on their way for political purposes as, you know, essentially for political purposes? >> well, you know, i came to this country. i understand the how or the magic of america. and many people are very well intention in trying to protect the -- protect people on humanitarian basis. but i did the search and what i found was, in fact, a campaign that was started by the open society foundation in 2008 called the national security and human rights campaign. it has funded dozens of
5:29 am
organizations that are now pumping people out into the streets. as many of your viewers now, george soros was also one of hillary clinton's biggest donors. steve: indeed. we thank you very much for joining us, giving your point of view from our nation's capitol today. >> thank you i hope everybody moves forward with compassion and sense of safety. steve: absolutely. and also keep in mind it's just temporary. it's going to be done in 90 days. >> yeah. we all need to keep calm about this and really recognize that, you know, we only serve the interest of america's enemies. we are at war. if we continue on the streets and try to basically topple our government, we have to be democratic and civil in our discourse. steve: well put. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. coming up our telecast today, senator schumer crying foul while crying. >> this executive order was
5:30 am
mean-spirited and un-american. steve: but some are wondering isn't it more un-american to let people into the country without proper vetting? we're going to talk to somebody who knows. the guy who water boarded ksm coming up next. plus are you going to starbucks this morning? what the ceo just said about the immigration debate that actually might send you to dunkin doughnuts.
5:31 am
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>> another thing that should have been done of course is to
5:34 am
alert our friends and allies what we're doing because we expect them to cooperate because people are leaving from these various places, particularly in europe. so i think the effect will probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda. brian: perhaps the real story, james mitchell is with us now. he's been with the washington post of the worst, the al-qaeda operatives who did 9/11 and wanted to do 9/11. you ask them. is john mccain right? does this give muslims a reason to become terrorists because we put a ban, temporary pause on them? >> i don't think so. in fact, if that's the issue, if the point that drives them to decide to take up arms and kill us is the fact that we want to check out who's coming into our country and be sure that they are who they say we are, then we have a much larger problem with muslims than i think that we do.
5:35 am
any -- my experience with talking to mohammed, he ran the media committee for al-qaeda for a while doing their propaganda videos, their recruitment videos. and what they told me is they can take any position our politicians take and spin it in a way that it looks like it's the mistreatment for muslims. so, for example, let's imagine that we opened up our borders and let everyone in from all of these countries that wanted to come in. what al-qaeda would probably say there is we're over in their homeland bombing their cities driving their people out and then luring them into our country to poison their minds with western democracy. they can spin anything we do into a recruitment tool. steve: sure. absolutely. of course, james, i'm sure you saw the protests over the weekend because 109 people were caught. they were in transit, they weren't stopped ahead of time. they were between here and there. donald trump in the last two
5:36 am
minutes has actually tweeted this out. if the ban were announced with a one-week notice, the ban would rush into our country during that week. a lot of bad dudes out there. and his point is anything we announce something in public, i believe this is his point, is that the bad guys figure how to work around us for their, you know, whatever they're trying to accomplish. >> well, they're constantly probing our immigration system to find its weaknesses. and i think his point is well taken. because if what we do is signal in advance that we're going to crack down on these things, they're going to try to move as many people in ahead of time and, unfortunately, there are some insistent people who get caught up in this. brian: so people understand who you are, you're one of the few people on the planet who have had a chance to -- and were hired by the cia to come up with an interrogation program to maximum the intelligence coming out of the worst of the worst. so when you talk about break
5:37 am
away walls and sleep deprivation and leaving the lights on all the time along with water boarding, these are some of the tools you used in order to get information to keep us safe. so you have a unique window into the mind of a terrorist. so in the mind of a terrorist, if they wanted -- how bad do they want to attack us here? >> that's their point. their goal is through violence to impose sharia law on the whole world and al-qaeda and now more so isis viewed the united states as the only true obstacle to doing that. and so they believe that if they can have our people turn tail and run or create such disruption inside of our country that we will stop trying to oppose them, then they will be able to impose their sharia law on the whole world. they will eventually be able to take advantage of us. and remember, ksm said that the way that we're ultimately
5:38 am
going to defeat you is to have people emigrate into your country, wrap themselves in your civil liberties, feed themselves off the welfare as they spread jihad, and rise and up attack within just like they're doing in europe. and i think president trump's temporary ban makes us safer, not more -- puts us in more danger. i don't believe it does that. ainsley: senator schumer got really emotional. started crying. watch this, and we'll get your reaction. >> this executive order was mean-spirited and un-american. it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country, and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. it must be reversed immediately. ainsley: now, james, he's in
5:39 am
tears. listen, we are all for people coming to this country the right way. but you have come face to face with these terrorists, the people president trump is trying to keep out of our country to prevent another 9/11. what is your message for chuck schumer and for hollywood? >> well, what i would say to those folks is that theyrists believe that we're militarily strong but weak and do not have the encourage to do the sorts of things that we need to do in order to protect ourselves. they believe our desire to have the world like us and our humanitarian efforts are not -- are not good things for us but rather weapons that their god has put in our psyche so that they could defeat us. they are gifts from alla so that the terrorists could defeat us. character identifying that executive order in a way that is not true.
5:40 am
brian: do we alienate muslims who want to help us? that's been the mantra who say we're not helping ourselves with this mission. are the muslims that want to be americans being hurt by doing this? >> i don't think they would be hurt. they may be slowed down. the problem that we have is most of the muslim countries around this area have more permanently banned them. and so if -- it makes no sense to us that we would take into our midst those people who we cannot verify who they are actually who they are. so i think as some folks have said, it actually makes them feel better that it is -- that we're doing something to make sure that these are the people and who they say they are. brian: real quick, do you think we should add pakistan to that list and saudi arabia? >> i think we need to be caution about saudi arabia and
5:41 am
pakistan. i think we need to make sure that these people are who they say they are and that they're not coming here with evil intents when they're coming from the area of jihadist activity. steve: and they'll figure it out within the next 90 days. james mitchell, someone who knows a lot about extreme vetting. ainsley: thank you for joining us. the white house just responded to protesters in the airports across the country. >> it's about keeping the public safety and in reality in a world with 7 billion people, the united states has an absolute sovereign right to determine who can and cannot enter into the united states. ainsley: so we are live on the ground at one of america's busiest airports, and that is coming up next. steve: plus did you go to starbucks this morning? what the ceo just did about the immigration debate might have you running to dunkin doughnuts. meta appetite control...
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ainsley: good morning welcome back to fox and friends. some headlines this morning starting with business. some in the business world reacting to president trump's executive order on immigration. the starbucks ceo promised to hire 10,000 refugees over the next ten years and in the meantime people taking it out on uber to do its job. #deleteuber is trending. why? because that company picked up passengers at the airports during the protest. the new ms. universe is. >> i just have to get this right. let's not let this happen again. ainsley: ms. france getting it but the host steve harvey getting it right this time after last year's mix-up. remember that one? making headlines on open borders. look at this. >> so the country should have the right to open or close
5:46 am
their borders. open borders allows us to travel more through the world and to find out more about what's out there in the world. >> the winner is a 23-year-old dental student. she's the first ms. universe in france in 64 years. congratulations to her. steve: terrific. meanwhile we have a fox news alert. refugees turned away at the gate. president trump's immigration executive order is working. ainsley: air france blocking over a dozen passengers all from countries linked to terrorism from boarding planes bound for the u.s. brian: laura is live in new york city where they will not be going. she has an update from the people detained this weekend. >> we do have more information coming from the volunteer lawyers who have been here camped out over the weekend. now, they are telling us that there is still one person being detained at this hour, though, that differs from what we're hearing from the department of homeland security and the white house who say that everyone has been cleared that there are no detainees left in the united states as of right now.
5:47 am
but volunteer lawyers for what it's worth telling us they still have one person in there. 41 confirmed individuals who were released since friday and two people in all were deported. take a look at some of the action that we had over the weekend as we look at what the department of homeland security is telling us, announcing that the agency is working with their alliance to prevent people from boarding flights overseas who wouldn't be allowed into the united states under this new order. so that should slow things down in terms of the number of detainees that we have been seeing, adding this in a statement. the executive order protects the united states from countries compromised by terrorism. and ensures a more rigorous vetting process. this executive order ensures that we have a functional immigration system that safeguards our national security. now, that order of course sparked all of these massive protests from coast to coast. the largest here at jfk and
5:48 am
new york. thousands descended upon terminal 4 to make their voices heard. the response also determining legal action in a court over the weekend in brooklyn a judge issuing saturday which allowed some travelers to be released. and some of the reunions that we witnessed, including an iraqi couple, the man a citizen of the united states who has lived here 18 years. he waited two days to meet his fiancé who had a fiance visa. she was held and released on sunday. the situation has been a challenging one for those held after of their cell phones were confiscated upon rival. a team of volunteer lawyers, i mentioned this team, they have camped outside terminal 4 to help travelers and their families through this legal system. as you can see behind me, guys, the protests have slowed down. the day's young. you never know what will happen in the afternoon here. back to you. steve: you're right about that. jfk, one person still being detained at this hour. brian: thank you, laura. now for a little levity this
5:49 am
morning. we turn our attention to the dogs. will these canine be top dogs? making their debut at the dog show and janice is excited. ainsley: but first, let's check in with shannon to see what's coming up at the top of the hour. hey, shan open. >> i can't compete with that. brian: you can try. >> well, here's what we're going to do. we're going to kick off america's newsroom by separating fact from fiction. what does the president's executive order on immigration really say and do? and why is the left so outraged now when president obama did virtually the same thing back in 2011? and why are some republicans going after the president also is the suprem supreme court's pick we're standing by for that. governor huckabee, judge napolitano, much more coming up at the top of the hour g to e, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life.
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. ainsley: good morning and welcome back to fox and friends. some big, breaking news coming out of the white house right now. the supreme court decision president trump announcing that he will name his skotus pick tomorrow. he sent out this tweet a short while ago saying i have made my decision for while nominate for the supreme court. it is it live on tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and that's your headlines. i'll see you soon. some big news in washington now. >> yes, hey, the week kicks off right here in new york city february 11th and this year a brand-new furry face will compete for top dog, ainsley. >> that's right. and here to meet this breed, gail, miller, thank you so much for being with us. >> happy to be here. >> so tell us about some of the breeds that you brought here for us. >> this is a terrier, she
5:54 am
doesn't have hair. >> no hair of course but they're wonderful terrier, and they're great for people who have allergies. >> that's right. i'm one of them. >> these dogs that have just been invented. >> these are actually ancient breeds from other countries, other parts of the world like this here. an ancient african hunting dog. >> it looks like a greyhound. >> it is not. it dates back to 8,000 bc. >> and you know why? he's freezing right now. he's used to africa. >> i know. >> and then we have the shasha. she was in florida, so she's shedding a little bit. >> this is a surprisingly powerful dog. watch you go to ed. go to ed. go to ed. >> will be at the dog show on february 13th and 14th. >> this is exciting. >> it is. >> i mean, people get excited here in new york city about the westminster dog show. >> the dogs take over manhattan, and we're excited
5:55 am
to have over 3,000 dogs here in manhattan from february 11th through the 14th. >> what's the most popular breed? >> well, this year the largest entry is golden retrievers. 65 golden retrievers. >> i love golden retrievers. >> what about the way they walk? is it important? like, this dog is showing a lot of spunk but spunk is not usually a category. >> that actually is perfect for herding cattle and sheep. the barking and the quick movement. steve: excellent dog walker. brian: how do i walk? do i walk like this? >> no. they kind of run. did you not see best in show? ainsley: trot. trot. that is not a trot. that is too fast. brian: run? ainsley: gail, could you show him how it's done? there you go, brian.
5:56 am
there you go. steve: if people would like more information about the dog show, you can find ticket information and the schedule. ainsley: fox sports 1 and natgeo wild. steve: would going to be back in two minutes. brian, walk that dog. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> what's happening in that picture? >> doing a little birthday celebration. >> look at that. happy birthday, heather. >> with her kids. >> we had my brother and my mom visit me this weekend. a surprise. >> we love you.
6:00 am
>> happy birthday. so glad you were born. >> thank you for that. i love cake. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, guys. >> have a great day, everybody. >> bill: 9:00 in new york, fox news alert. breaking news on the next supreme court justice moments ago. president trump announcing he will unveil his pick sooner than that. tweeting that he will name his nominee tomorrow night live in the white house in prime time. not a slow weekend. good morning. hope you had a great one. welcome to a brand-new week inside of america's newsroom. >> shannon: i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. that looming supreme court announcement follows a ground swell of fury in 30 cities. the border war. >> bill: thousands protesting that executive order tem temporarily banning entry to the u.s. from


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