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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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thank you, follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram so you can join the conversation inside >> here is a fox news alert. here is the latest on a deadly shooting in quebec city, canada. the building where the shootings occurred has been secured and evacuated. but according to the director of the center, at least five people are dead. radio canada reports several people were injured by gunfire inside the building which is known as the great mosque of quebec. there were a few dozen people
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inside the center when the shooting began. they were mostly men who were gathered for prayers. a short time ago canada's prime minister tweeted tonight canadians grieve for those killed in cowardly attack in a mosque in quebec city. no motive for the massacre has been confirmed. i'm leah gabriel. now we take you to "justice with judge jeanine."ri out. it will just take aways to get up to the top. we already had three or four courts not just here in new york but other places issue temporary restraining ordering. judge jeanine: fox news correspondent kristen fisher is live from our d.c. bureau. kristen? >> reporter: judge, still right outside the white house, because a senior administration
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official just briefed us a few hours ago and described the implementation of this executive order as a massive success story even though you know, they say it only applies to a small number of people and the disruption to travelers has been minimal. but that's very different from what republicans on capitol hill are saying this afternoon. senators lindsey graham and john mccain issued a joint statement condemning the rollout of this executive order. they released a statement that reads in part, quote -- they go onto say that such a hasty process risks harmful results we should not stop green card holders from returning to the country they call home. a senior administration official countered that saying we are letting green card holders in, they have to go through an additional level of security, additional layer of screening. according to the white house.
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170 green card holders applied for waivers and 170 of the waivers have been granted. president trump responded to the two senators in a series of tweets. let me read them to you -- in addition to the protests that we've been seeing at airports all over the country. today 1,000 protesters demonstrated outside the white house. this extreme vetting is un-american, unconstitutional. anyone who might have been impacted by this executive order should have been given advanced notice. but this senior administration official addressed that complaint by saying everyone should be able to use imagination as to why giving travelers a heads-up was not possible. they argue that it's an airport security issue. so despite all of these
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protests, despite many republicans on capitol hill coming out and condemning the rollout of this executive order. tonight, president trump is standing firm. he says this is all about keeping america safe. judge? judge jeanine: thanks so much, kristen. and president trump putting out this statement earlier today --
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and joining me on the phone is a man who wrote president trump's inauguration address. white house senior adviser steven miller. good evening, steven. >> reporter: great to be on your show. first, show, and i hate to start with this, president trump wrote his own inaugural address, and i'm sorry i couldn't be there in person, but we're here at the white house tonight, and trying to do work on behalf of the american people. >> we appreciate that correction, i don't know where that came from. but thank you. let me ask you this, steven. did the white house expect there would be such a profound reaction to the president's executive action here? >> well, i think what you're seeing is a small reaction from a small number of people that is outside the amount of coverage it's getting. overwhelming majority of the american public is concerned about having safe community, good schools and good jobs and doesn't want to have what
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happens in america, what happens in nice, france, when a truck mowed over innocent men, women and children, when a manslaughtered innocents in a theater, or what happened everywhere across the world islamic terrorism strikes. we are interested in preventing terrorism from spreading in through the united states of america. judge jeanine: well, let me ask you this direct question, because it seems that many people are not getting this. does the ban have anything to do with religion? >> no. the ban is applied to seven countries that the obama administration has identified as countries of a special risk to the homeland. that was decision made by the obama administration in 2015 and 2016. they set aside the travel
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restrictions. president trump has taken decisive action to ensure the restrictions are expanded while new vetting procedures are put into place. it would be irresponsible to have no restriction during the 90-day review period and allow terrorists to infiltrate through the old system until new screening measures are put in place. which they will be three months from now. judge jeanine: that tells me, stephen, you are not comfortable with the vetting system that is in place, and specifically the vetting system for refugees that i believe starts with the united nations and involves our state department. >> i'll give you a great example, or a horrifying example, i should say which is in 2011, two iraqis came through on the refugee program, and were subsequently charged for an al qaeda plot in bowling green, kentucky, that led the obama administration to shut down the iraqi refugee program
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for six full months. by our estimates, there's more than 40 refugees in recent history who have been subsequently implicated in terrorism, and nearly 400 foreign nationals or naturalized foreigners who became u.s. citizens subsequent to entry who have been implicated in terrorism since 9/11. a large pool of people that infiltrated our immigration program, and as we've seen in recent terror attacks like the orlando shooting, one individual can cause unimaginable harm. imagine what 5, 10, 20 people could do. we don't have the luxury of gambling with the lives of the american people and we will not gamble with the lives of the american people. judge jeanine: is that like saying we've never been
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attacked by any of the people from the seven countries or the refugees or we're subject to the lone wolves in this country? >> well, first of all, if you work at recent terror attacks that occurred in the united states, there's almost always an immigration nexus, whether it's in the first generation or radicalized children of migrants, but there's a pretty steady pattern of an immigration nexus. for instance, you looked at san bernardino shooting, the shooter traveled overseas and came back with his bride who was a foreign national on a fiancee visa. judge jeanine: right. >> if you remember, beforehand, nobody in our country was talking about fiancee visas. you have to be prepared. people might say there hasn't been an incident in these countries, which is false and we could point to examples. these might be the ones we remember. the point is the obama administration in 2016 based upon changing conditions in
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these countries, in libya, in yemen, in sudan, determine these are the places where future threats are likely to emanate and we're adopting that recommendation while we do our own review over the next three months. judge jeanine: let me ask you this, what most people don't understand is that no one has the right to enter the united states unless they are a citizen, correct? >> 100%, and i really want to underscore the point because you played the audio from senator schumer, which was inexplicable. no foreign national residing in a foreign country has any constitutional right to demand entry into the united states there. are 7 billion persons in the world. if you were to establish such a right, you would have absolutely no border and no border control whatsoever. moreover, as you know, judge, if you did attach such a right, that would mean every one of
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the seven billion people denied the ability to enter the country could sue in an american court and take money from american taxpayers and denied immigration benefits which is ludicrous. judge jeanine: it's absurd and the courts have supported that. one last point, a lot of criticism about this. and i'm not going to get into the fact that donald trump ran on this and following through on promises. it's stronger than that. people are saying if you're letting in christians as refugees, it's not fair, but isn't a refugee status a heightened, if you are a minority? so that if you are a christian, and minority, then you are more entitled to refugee status than another majority religious refugee status? >> well, in fact, judge, the refugee program has long stipulated that religious persecution is explicit grounds
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for entry. so this is consistent with the long history of the refugee program to recognize religious persecution and, of course, common sense dictates that victims of christian genocide, genocide carried out against christian communities in the middle east are in a special danger, and i would note that the humanitarian goal of this executive order is to give priorities to people who are in the extremely perilous condition. judge jeanine: exactly, the christians and the yazidis. >> but recognizing the extreme vulnerability of those who are victims of religious persecution. judge jeanine: all right, do you have any question that this executive order will withstand constitutional questions? >> there's no doubt, zero doubt whatsoever because it is the power of the federal government
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of the united states, sole and exclusive power of the united states government to determine who can and cannot enter the united states as a sovereign country, and that is an unquestioned authority, and no court can confer on the right of a foreign national a guaranty of entrance into the united states of america, and the rulings issued so far have no effect whatsoever on the operation of the executive order and the prevention of the admission of individuals that the executive order says ought to be suspended for the next 90 days. judge jeanine: well, there's no question, stephen miller, the first order of government is the protection of its people. thanks for being with us this evening. >> thank you, and have a great night. judge jeanine: thank you. and last night, former mayor rudy giuliani joined me on "justice". i asked him whether the ban had anything to do with religion, and here's what he had to say. >> he called me up, he said put a commission together, show me
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the right way to do it legally. i put a commission together with judge mucasey, congressman mccaul, pete king, expert lawyers on this, and what we did is focused on, instead of religion, danger. the areas of the world that create danger for us, which is a factual basis. not a religious basis. judge jeanine: and that statement drew a lot of attention today. so in response, mayor giuliani's former chief of staff tony carboneti gave this statement to fox news this evening --
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joining me now is dr. walid phares, fox news national security and foreign policy expert. all right, dr. phares, good to you have on the show tonight. >> thank you. judge jeanine: some kerfuffle when rudy giuliani was clear it wasn't about religion, it was about identifying those who are a danger or pose a dorj american citizens. now you were an adviser to donald trump during the president's campaign. what is your position? how do you feel about this ban and what do you think it will accomplish in the short term? >> judge, thank you for having me. indeed it is not about religion. i have read nothing in the executive order or any statement any, tweet that this was about any aspect of religion, not even ideology. i would say.
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what is happening right now is a choice. either we maintain the poflts previous administration, the obama administration where jihadism growing all over the region, specifically in the seven countries and beyond or we'll have more orlandos and californias, or want to change? this executive order is the beginning of a policy change and designates a number of countries not because of their religion, he just spoke with the head of saudi arabia. with the president of egypt. with the head of the uae? are they catholics? they are arab muslim sunnis. of course it's not about religion. they have the same view, the international community, the prime minister of great britain was here, there was a coalition against the jihadist. and those seven countries have in a geopolitical, very specific way, a threat that is manned by the jihadist. that is the beginning of the chapter, nothing to do with
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religion. judge jeanine: what do you say to, or what is your reaction to all of these protests and even to senator mccain and lindsey graham? are these senators just, you know, former foes who can't get over the fact that they lost? i read the executive order, it doesn't say anything about that. >> the executive order is the beginning of a process where by the trump administration will be able to designate those countries. we know that in these countries, you have the hostile forces and we have friendly forces, take, for example, iraq, we have the kurds with us, take libya, you have al qaeda, you have isis, muslim brotherho brotherhood militia and the army. you have a trump administration can feed in whoever may be
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vetted, i don't understand the opposition. the opposition is talking about something that has nothing to do with the actual process. i may recommend maybe to the administration to have more explanation about it in the next few days, including by congressional leaders as well. judge jeanine: you know what's interesting, i can't help but remember what the head of the fbi jim comey said when he first started talking about the isis investigation and all of the 50 states and what he said was, you know, there is no way to vet these people. and i think it's incredible that we would think that everything is so great, the u.n. is vetting them and the state department is vetting them, there are no records on these people, are there? >> judge, i've been in this business for maybe three decades now. i know exactly how the vetting system was done. not just under the previous administration but the previous one of the since 9/11. we don't have so far a system to vet because we're not touching the ideology.
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and if we don't do what president trump is trying to do now talking to world leaders, telling them do we agree that radical islamic terrorism or jihadism is a problem? if we agree we have international consensus which may go to the security council. we're doing positive things and the critics are on a different planet. judge jeanine: going forward, do you think we'll work something out? even theresa may didn't have nice things to say about. this she wasn't critical but said i don't know they would do that thing. >> they all wait for the leadership of the united states. in my connections with leaders all over the world and now that tell me if america lead will consider the product of what the united states is achieving. look at phone call between the president and the world leaders, and look at the statements made after that. the consensus is being built. of course, we're not going to agree on every single issue. one issue to agree on is
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identify the jihadists and that is moving forward. judge jeanine: thanks, dr. walid phares, good to have you on "justice." the trump administration dealing with criticism over the president's travel ban. hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
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. >> wasn't chaos, the fact of the matter is, 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the united states yesterday and 109 people were detained for further questioning. most of the people were moved out. if there are folks that shouldn't be in this country, they're going to be detained. so apology for nothing here. judge jeanine: that's white house chief of staff reince priebus commenting after friday's executive order through widespread protests. court orders have temporarily bard the u.s. from deporting those people. joining me is former foreign secretary of the united kingdom and president and ceo of the international rescue community and dr. zuhdi jasser. all right, gentlemen. i'll start with you, david. you are someone who's been involved in a lot of these refugees' programs and you are
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not happy with the executive order, tell me why. >> we run a national humanitarian aid for people who are victims of war around the world and resettle refugees in the united states. we've done so for 60 years. judge jeanine: 6-0? >> yes, founded by albert einstein, famous refugee to the united states. it is neither going to advance the international security aims of the trump administration nor the humanitarian goals. judge jeanine: who are you to say that it's not going to advance their goals? what information do you have that you think is more intelligence oriented than the white house has? >> give you a couple point. 47%, nearly half of all the refugees from syria coming to this country, and remember syrians are banned indefinitely from coming in as refugees. half are under the age of 14. they are children. the number of single males in the syrian population is very, very small indeed. secondly, my organization, a quarter of the people that we're resettling into the united states this year come
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from iraq who have been doing service with the american military. on the ground, you've got american troops, they need translators, risking their lives to save american lives, and the ban announced on those people would prevent them coming to the u.s. if they've been threatened in their own country. that doesn't seem right. judge jeanine: dr. zuhdi jasser, what do you say to that? >> thank you for the work that you do. i have family in syria trying to escape. yes, it's a humanitarian disaster. there are has been vetting against terror groups and militancy. but you can't tell the american people there is vetting against jihadist mentality, isis sympathies, islamist sympathies, as family in aleppo, let american feel more comfortable who is coming here by knowing that the ideologist
9:27 pm
of cal fatism, it doesn't make sense why syria was made indefinite. if anything that should be at the line to start back up at 120 days. >> i can assure there you is etting to the vetting that you see whether or not people are who they are who they say they are. judge jeanine: there are no real records. >> they have extensive records. judge jeanine: wait a minute. 400,000, who's keeping the records? city hall. >> these are people -- remember, we're meeting them in jordan and lebanon and greece where we're keeping them safe as they come off the boats. the first thing they do is take out mobile phone and the second thing is show you the papers. syrians keep the papers. one thing going to the assad government, the people have them now. the u.s. agencies, 12-15 government agencies do the
9:28 pm
vetting over 18 months before anyone is allowed to come into the united states. judge jeanine: what do you say -- i'm going to give dr. jasser a chance to respond, but when the head of the fbi here says that we have no way to vet these people. there's no database to compare them. >> remember the question for those individuals who are no papers, they don't get allowed in. judge jeanine: syria's passports are very -- we know in europe, several of the young people who have become lone wolves and have created problems in germany, you don't have the fake syrian passports. >> the point i'm making is both the biometric to check you are who you say you are. the iris scan. >> you mean to tell me in syria they have iris scanners. >> the person who arrives in jordan and presents themselves, we check the u.s. authorities, when we check two or three years later.
9:29 pm
it's the same person. there are personal interviews by the cia and other offices that they aren't a threat to the united states. i'd also say that the people who are giving service to the united states in iraq today are doing national service for you. they are making sure they're keeping america safe. remember, in my previous job i sat as a principal defending the security of the united kingdom and the western world. judge jeanine: dr. jasser? >> that messaging, you're right, that needs to be corrected. those folks are serving and helpful. you cannot tell us the ideologies are not vetted. the people asking introduce are not anti-islamist, they haven't been, the last eight years has been sympathetic to islamic groups. the founding fathers are the qataris the saudi wahhabis, until americans see the trump administration convene a commission on radical islam and
9:30 pm
begin to publicly say we're going to vet against these ideas. we did ban against communist ideology, soviet sympathizers, et cetera. the biometrics are not make us feel better, there is nothing ideological transparent to the american population to make us feel safe. >> the interviews are not deliberately transparent, then people would know what to say. it's a sad day when the propaganda gift to isis and al qaeda allows them to say to muslims around the world america doesn't want them. >> the gift is not -- i'm sorry. >> the american military, that's not right. >> the gift is your blindness against islamism. that is the gift that prevents america from truly being the beak often liberty and freedom against islamism and the founding foundation is about. we can do this, america is smart enough to say americans
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against theocracy are for us and for theocracy are for us. judge jeanine: demonstrations continue to unfold at airports across country where residents have been detained on the travel ban. oh, how was the open house? so good! did you apply? oh, i'll do it later today. your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? credit karma. it's free. that's great! um hm. just whip bam boom, it's done. that apartment is mine! credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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reporter: canada's prime minister justin trudeau calling the deadly shooting in a mosque in quebec quote a terrorist act against muslims. here are the terrifying images from the scene as police secure the building and evacuate those inside. according to police two suspected gunmen are in custody. the president of the mosque says five people are done. a witness said the gunmen wore masks, spoke with french
9:36 pm
canadian accents and yelled allahu akbar. trudeau said tonight canadians grieve for those killed in the mosque in quebec city. my thoughts are with victims and their families. you are watching the most powerful name in news, the fox news channel. judge jeanine: let's try to make sense of the legal battle over the travel ban. joining me is former foreign policy adviser to the barack obama presidential campaign, a former state department official, david deflurry. good evening. let's start with where we agree, and that is no one has a right unless they're a citizen to enter the united states, yes. >> i fully agree with you about that. unless you're a u.s. citizen,
9:37 pm
have you no constitutional right enter to the united states. judge jeanine: all right, now, i don't know if we still have a sound, but the atlanta mayor today on another station said that -- do we still have that sound, guys? okay, we're going to put it up. take a listen to this. the mayor said -- they don't have it. we had 11 individuals who are impacted last night, but any individual who was impacted by this order should have a right to have an attorney. what do you think, david? >> well, the court, as you mentioned, at the beginning of the program. several courts have stayed the implementation of this executive order. they have stayed it on the grounds that they believe it is a violation of due process and equal protection. to the extent a federal judge said these people issued veesas and are at airports deserve due
9:38 pm
process, then you could argue they also deserve to have a lawyer to take them through the due process procedures that they are required to be given. judge jeanine: however, if it's in administrative proceedings, then it wouldn't necessarily be the case. >> that's correct. i'm not saying they definitely deserve to have a lawyer but that would be the argument one would make to court and we know that some of these courts do seem to like these arguments, they've stayed implementation of the executive order based on the similar grounds. judge jeanine: all right, now, are you comfortable that one of the guests that we had a few minutes ago, who worked with refugees was comfortable with the vetting. you know, are you comfortable that the refugees that we've seen who are living in refugee camps are not being radicalized in some of these refugee camps? >> well, there's two different questions there. are they being radicalized in refugee camps?
9:39 pm
yes, that can happen. and that does happen, and that's something we should worry about. but does the vetting process properly recognize those who have been radicalized and those who have not? so far the answer to that is yes. not one properly vetted refugee resettled to the united states has engaged in terrorism. so it's working. my first job out of law school, i worked for the u.n. in turkey, i was part of a vetting process for refugees and determining if someone was a refugee or not. it is extensive interrogation where the interrogator knows everything and the person being interrogated does not know how to answer. if you say you've been persecuted in iraq and thrown into jail, the person asking the questions asked what jail, who arrested you? extensive interrogation. we've been resettling people to the united states for a long time. before we had computers and records. judge jeanine: do you remember this past thanksgiving in ohio,
9:40 pm
a somali refugee who lived in one of the refugee camps who ended up coming over here as a refugee got in a car, drove in one of the ohio colleges, drove into a bunch of people. didn't kill any of them but got out of the car and started stabbing people. he's a classic example, a young person, i don't know what happened to him. he was in a refugee camp and i don't have his name in front of me, but it happened this past thanksgiving. look. we can't deny this thing can and did happen. i don't understand how we can be so confident about that. let's move on. let's say that the trump administration makes a decision after 120 days that they will continue to allow immigrants to come in, all right? but if they decide not to allow refugees to come in, they are in their rights, correct?
9:41 pm
>> well, there's a caveat to that. we are part of international conventions that recognize refugees and have greed as part of the international conventions and treaties to protect refugees. which means that if there's a person here who is properly a refugee, in other words, they risk being killed if they return to their own country, we have international obligation to allow them to stay and resettle them here, unless they prove to be a threat to the u.s. >> if we create a safe zone where they're from where they're familiar with the climate, the food, the language, with the people, that's just as good. >> well, that's fine. but my point is we have international obligation to protect refugees and remember how much refugees have enriched our culture. the people who built the atomic bomb that helped us win world war ii, they were refugees who resettled in the united states fleeing germany. refugees have contributed in a
9:42 pm
positive way, angela merkel reminded president trump in her call with him about this international obligation. >> i think angela merkel has a lot to explain given what is going on in her country right now with all of the social upset with a lot of the refugees and the problems they're creating. but anyway, david tafuri, thanks for being with us on "justice." >> thank you. judge jeanine: president trump's executive order on refugees. we're monitoring the latest deveveveveve if you head to the bank and wait to get approved for a mortgage, that newly listed ranch will be gone. or, you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank. get approved in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. [whisper: rocket]
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. judge jeanine: my next guest wrote a column last month saying president trump has a unique opportunity to defeat islamism and as a muslim, she
9:47 pm
welcomes in. joining me is dr. ahmed, a british physician and a women's rights activist. good evening, doctor. now you initially were not a donald trump fans, and as a muslim, you had some concerns. what were those concerns? >> i was concerned about the call of a global muslim man. i'm a naturalized individual that is a privilege. it does not constitute a muslim ban. only 8% of the world's muslims are affected. this is a geopolitical decision. we are eliminating immigration for the time being for a few months from failed, failing and most failed states, somalia as the economist calls it. this is a rational move, and i thank president trump in his first week for beginning to safeguard the lives and circumstances of muslims not only in the united states but around the world. the first news i had of this
9:48 pm
muslim ban came from pakistani muslims who said banning those who persecute minorities and commit honor violence. that is a profound value and we recommend it. we're in support of it. judge jeanine: when you say honor violence, it includes honor killings? >> yes. judge jeanine: someone who goes out of the muslim religion or marries out of it? >> or decides to choose her own marriage partner. any number of things are constituted as honor violence and many die because of it. judge jeanine: i want you to take a listen to the sound. >> a lot of muslims come to the united states to get away from genes where they feel freedom of speech is infringed on. we come to the u.s., 22 states with anti-cheviot bills, mosque oppositions, joining boards across the country, kids are hearing this rhetoric. mosques are vandalized.
9:49 pm
kids are executed. judge jeanine: she's talking about anti-sharia laws and anti-sharia bills. >> complete rubbish. the united states regards my rights more than any other muslim majority country in the world. we have true freedom of religion and expression not only to observe our faith but to build our places of worship. this is a falsehood and the same woman is the person who actually boycotted a movie i was in, honor diaries about women muslims who are advocating against honor violence, this is hypocrisy and fueling the myth of islamophobia that the west has aligned it. it's a mistake of fashion. judge jeanine: it is the antithesis, they cannot coexist? >> i have lived under sharia law in saudi arabia which limited my rights as a woman, unmarried woman. this is not islamic. we don't want it in the united states and don't need it. judge jeanine: thank you so
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>> do you know what a sanctuary city is? >> no. >> is that right or wrong? >> let me think about this. >> sounds like a city that does not exercise the extra dig treaty? >> are you in agreement they should hand over the dangerous criminals? >> to the feds. >> that is a toughy. >> no, it isn't. >> morally, i can see why the idea behind a sanctuary city is popular. >> if a woman is killed by an
9:55 pm
illegal who was not turned over to the feds by a sanctuary city, who is at fault. >> i would say the city is responsible. >> that is right, that is san francisco, and new york is the same way. now do you feel safe? >> no, but i keep myself safe. >> i bet you do. >> do you feel safe? >> no, i don't, there are a lot of criminals here. they should be sent back to where they belong not here. >> i feel i have to know more about this? >> what do you mean? the woman is dead, she is dead, and they protected him. >> do you know you live in a sanctuary city? >> i do not know that. >> does it make you feel safe. >> no. >> do you feel safe in new york
9:56 pm
as a sanctuary city? >> no. >> what should we do? >> change the mayor. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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still trying to find how ara good site.going? they charge me. have you tried credit karma? credit karma doesn't do taxes. does credit karma do taxes? yeah, and they're totally free, so they'll never take any of your refund. oooh, credit karma...huh? we... probably still want those. yeah, good call. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. >> we have a fox news alert, reuters reports that 5 people have been killed in a mosque in quebec city, canada, witnesses say it happened during evening brayer service, 3 gunmen were
10:00 pm
involved, there were 40 people in the mosque at the time stay with fox news channel throughout the evening, thank you so much for watching fox news, fox news sunday is next, see yo >> from the white house and the office of the president of the united states, we present an address by dwight d. eisenhower. this is the farewell address for president eisenhower, whose eight years as chief executive come to an end at noon friday. mr. eisenhower has chosen this time for his final speech. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> good evening, my fellow americans. [ dramatic music plays ] in the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. >> the military-industrial complex -- it's one of the most famous phrases ever spoken by a united states president.


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