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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 29, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning. january 29th. i am abby. we begin with the fox news alert. protest is donald trump executives or current immigration is halted by the judge. this morning, the trump white house is not backing down, bowing to keep the order in place. >> the executive actions and intellect into a tizzy of familiar faces rally of supporters. the >> it is illegal. it is unconstitutional. it will be overturned. the >> elizabeth warren is that, but does america agree with her?
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paul suggests, probably not. while the trump administration crackdown on immigration, college students are saying come on in. the >> i have no problem with any amount of fun documents. i believe they should be 100% welcome however many decide to come. the >> i totally agree. but college students say about sanctuary cities. "fox & friends sundays" begins right now. abby: we do want we do want to start with the fox news alert. if you. if you've been watching the news the past 24 hours, protests erupting at the lax airport. it also right at jfk. clayton: video overnighting protesters showing up there. the white house refusing to back down. the first political battle and legal battle as the judge is now
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temporarily stopped the white house order and now there's a battle unfolding between the department of homeland security and its judge. >> interesting who nominated that judge. pete: a judge nominated by barack obama. how the mainstream media has framed face. protest close quote out of nowhere after iraqis are detained there. the >> did you just see elizabeth warren, not the shoe is at kennedy airport, but protests are not coming out of nowhere. it has been whipped up by the left. they have a right to protest and say they disagree sharply with this policy. we will talk about it all morning. but the idea that it came out of nowhere. abby: the trump administration is tumbling down. we put this in place. we are not backing down. we are going full force.
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>> stephen miller from the white house saying the white house and the president's executive order in place, prohibited travel will remain prohibited in the u.s. government trying to revoke visas at any time if required for national security or public safety. the judge saying anybody who is flying the united states will be allowed to day. this is in direct contradiction to what the white house is saying. >> the national review has a story that goes to the actual stats of refugees in this country for the last 15 years. basically the cap president trumpets talking about with 50,000 refugees, that is the average. every year under president bush republican president above the democrats until when? 2061 barack obama decided to sharply increase the number coming in. that was the change. this is bringing it back to pretty much the levels we've seen for 15 years. >> 50,000. the president the other day was quick to say this is not a muslim then.
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abby: even though we hear other things that mainstream media. he made the point yesterday again saying this is not what it's about. here is what he said. >> it's not a muslim then. it is working out very nicely. you see that the airports. you see it all over. we are going to have a very, very strict ban and will have extreme dieting, which we should have had in this country for many years. the >> when he said it's working out very nicely, what a difference 24 hours makes because it's not really working. >> the president of the national security council cracking down on lobbyists. i spoke to a couple officials who told me when we saw the tape the president yesterday afternoon and evening was working on another deal. lockheed martin and the 35 year has been tweeting for a week.
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i'm told lockheed martin has agreed to save hundreds of millions of dollars. they have an answer yet. my sources say it will be not in days or weeks. we can report first he was working on this deal yesterday about the criticism was going on. lockheed martin which didn't want to give a lot of money back because they have the massive defense contract privately is going to save hundreds of billions of dollars. abby: we open up the show showing protest for different airports where it seems like everyone is in hysteria and out. to give you a sense that the support for what president chaput in place, the poll was taken in the last month. this is not by the way news poll. where is this friend? >> we have a poll from quinnipiac. abby: dishes 14% what he puts in place. similar to when we asked who you vote for president, there are people that remains violent or
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don't express the way they feel. people that do support this reflected in this poll. >> we saw yesterday in at the beginning of the show elizabeth moran, people issuing the call to action. michael moore, joel stein, elizabeth moran with a bullhorn. and hillary clinton came out of the woods. she said this on twitter. i stand with people gathered across the country defending guys in the constitution. this is not who we are. paul ryan reversing course as well when this was first proposed. already said absolutely not. and now he says they support the trump administration in their effort to keep our borders secure. >> that seems to be a topic you often hear. even if you watch other networks yesterday, people saying this is not who we are. this is not what america represents. if you think about the president
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trump's message was the entire time in the campaign, america first. we don't even know who we are anymore. there are people that sympathize with that. >> were some legal problems. for getting america first, but there are legal problems when you have airplanes in the air consumers traveling back to the united states and they have a right to be here in this legal morass. >> i think you're right. another big question is how much preparation did they do? did the white house rush through this executive order committed to the president's desk without the channels that the homeland security to make sure you didn't have the chaos it appeared you were having. straight to a 48 hour period of time to say this is going to go in place and start on monday morning. >> gave them an opportunity to come back to reconnect. >> which would be reasonable but
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that's not the way you would describe the mainstream media reaction. >> raking is, president tribes extreme dieting causes panic and chaos did the executive order seven u.s. border shut. >> immigration shut down. left in limbo. the executive order takes immediate effect causing chaos, confusion and protests. >> chaos as the refugee ban kicks in. daily dozen people detained at jfk airport including one who work as an interpreter for the u.s. military. his team scrimmage to manage fallout from this device the executive order. >> tonight president trump insisted his executive order is working out exactly what he wanted to. >> the ban was announced on holocaust remembrance day. they were quick to remember him for to remember him for a couple of young rider killed in a concentration camp after the u.s. denied her family agrees that to escape germany.
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>> i also slightly from bbc. transgender iraqi woman describes how her dreams were shattered when@potus signed executive order. i don't know what their story is, but how is the president of the united states supposed to focus on one individual iraqi having their dreams shattered? the security of the country, he's doing a posterior. trained to do it know that if you're watching the media though. i had to turn it off because it almost felt like a world was coming to an end like when president trump answered the call from the taiwanese president. >> that's an interesting point. we have heard about that. >> speaking of one iraqi. this is where people focusing yesterday. he was an iraqi interpreter served with the u.s. military and he was lying -- >> the american heroes overseas. they said he was detained.
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>> u.s. detained in tearful and then he went fast about this. here's what he had to say. this into the end of days. watch. >> this is the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. [inaudible] >> i like him. but i don't know. >> democrat from new york was next. she turned away like this. like my news conference blasting trump is not going to work out. we didn't check the talking points. >> this is the sort of legal hurdles they are facing the next few days with this judge. the individual bliss release. under this and he would not be released according to the department of homeland security.
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this is where you have the battle unfolding. abby: this all goes back to a division i promise. he said if i went going to do this in week one. here we see whether you agree with that or not. serious though following through with many things he talks about on the campaign trail. >> he said i didn't agree with the president at first but elections have consequences. donald trump on. he campaigned on us. abby: geraldo made a lot of good points yesterday. >> more the headlines. abby: other big headlines with a fox news alert. arrest is protested out of hand at seattle airport. as you can see, police and protesters clashing. officers using pepper spray to disperse the crowd. officers once began they began blocking shut when skating in the way of other travelers.
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a woman accused of using fake credentials breaking into last week's gop retreat in the same day the president and vice president made appearances there. investigators say she was impersonating a lawmaker's life issue is discovered and escorted out. officials still investigating how that happened. our greatest ally in the middle east coming to president tran's defense. benjamin netanyahu showing support for the trump's administration's plan to build the border wall saint president trump is right. i built a wall of one of israel's southern border. this stops all illegal immigration. chris access, great idea. so much going on this week. >> the israeli prime minister say make america great again. more of the top story. we'll extreme bedding stand up in court for the long haul? a legal expert will break it down for us next. >> what is the man who killed man who killed osama bin laden think of trump's executive actions? rob o'neill will be here live.
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>> overnight come a federal judge granted a stay on a stay on present trends are refugees. the department of homeland security and the white house following the ruling will not change anything going forward. here to discuss his ticket director for the american center for law and justice, during secular. we want to go through the legal ramifications. first of all, we mentioned a moment ago, facts matter. is a judge nominated by president obama. that doesn't mean he plainly believes everything democrat do, but that is a fact we should mention. let's start with the ramifications of moving forward in how the trump administration can and should defend the spirit of the mac share, first of all this is the growing pains at day one, two and three of this executive order being enforced.
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this being day three tsa agents, travel agents, people to work overseas before people aboard flights and consulates that hand out he says. they are trying to get used to what this means. at one part that is important to point out, the visa program is one thing, but for people who have worked permits commit green cards, enemies to be addressed by the trump administration. that will settle a lot of this. we support this move by president trump in the trump administration and i believe because of the constitutional authority given to the president, the statutory authority given by the legislative branch and the immigration and nationality act to the president in supreme court precedent in three or four different cases that president trump has acted lawfully and constitutionally enemies made sure there were provisions in this executive order that allowed for individuals that may
3:18 am
have gotten wrongly caught up in this like some of the individuals that arrived in new york. initially those to come initially those two, one was a farmer u.s. military. they were included as people to homeland security department could wait these restrictions for. >> jordan company pitcher finger on something i want to get into. it is not going to tell both sides of the story and i will prove them wrong by reading your tweet. trump never attacked about keeping green card president away from their home and family. #facts matter. the race to yourself a moment ago. explain it to the interviewers because it's true the president did not talk about this extreme dieting affecting people here in the u.s. with green cards. how were they being impacted and how will this be remedied? >> i think there is confusion about the people with green cards. are they supposed to be boarding flights? with a green card you can in
3:19 am
certain travel restrictions and sometimes no travel restrictions for a period of years it got been said, where are they coming from? >> philippe america to visit family. >> in a place of particular concern can be friday she is easy for the trump administration to defend. if they had to a place like syria right now, yes you could detain someone like that and refuse entry based off that. if you talk broader about everyone who's got green cards come about to be addressed by the trump administration. it's not a muslim ban. their 50 muslim majority countries in the world. this affects seven of them. no muslims from those countries can come in. it says no one can commend except for a few classes of people, one of which is those who are persecuted or religion, which by the way is important because senator obama's refugee program, less than 1% of the refugees from syria were
3:20 am
christian or a cd. most are muslim male spirit i want to point out here that there could be a muslim minorities that would also be subject to this special exception. there's a lot of overreaction here. the president has the authority. you can disagree with the policy. it will have to work as help out. >> were going to have to run. >> we have to understand that when donald trump is done the right thing. >> we appreciate you breaking it down for us. jordan sekulow. college students say we can't build a wall. it is racist they said is >> you think the idea of trump told in a chat lot has racist connotations. the mac well, yeah. why don't we have a wall across the border of canada? >> he took that video. he joins us live next. this might be just in beepers gratis hate yet. the hockey play going viral this morning. clayton and just in bieber
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abby: we're back with headlines. president trump speaking with vladimir putin for the very first time since taking office. the white house calling it a significant start fermenting rice relations with moscow. the president will call the saudi king and crown prince of the uae and president of south korea. stephen mnuchin, nominee for treasury secretary make it one step poster to being confirmed to market the vocal then moved on to the entire senate.
3:25 am
clayton. clayton: thank you come at me. college students taking extent on the president's push that harbor illegal immigrants. take a look. >> how do you guys feel about this? >> is a good thing. it's necessary. >> every campus should have something necessary on trend like that. >> i think it's a good idea. >> yeah, i'm for it. >> or someone like trump with a demagogue to sit in the highest office of the land and tell people he's going to deport them because the candidate may be some sort of threat is absolutely ridiculous. clayton: interviewing the students. here's how to react. >> what are the long-term impact that feelings are more important than facts. abby: you have a tough job. >> everyone in my generation just goes there. they have been taught you can
3:26 am
pick and choose which laws you want to follow based on what makes super comfortable. their professors and administrators are the ones teaching them this. we asked them if they wall in the southern border was racist. the responses were little bit painful but sadly not too surprising. >> do you think the idea of trump building this giant wall kind of has racist connotations? >> yeah. why don't we have wall across the border of canada? >> we don't have millions of refugees coming from canada. >> teething but it was racist? 100%. their strong racial implications. >> that's never really helped. look at the great wall of china. it is still not just a tourist attraction. >> it did work for a while though. couple thousand years. >> that was a while ago. >> we can pick and choose which
3:27 am
laws they followed but we don't. vicious anarchy. >> the great wall of china. >> a couple thousand years. >> every time i'm on campus, students are saying anything you ask about donald trump, is racist. they've been conditioned -- >> did they know what that means? when they say it's racist, what does it mean? >> this is someone i disagree with. let's shut the conversation down. >> is easy because everyone else around them agrees with that. >> we had rutgers university right next to me at president send out an e-mail to the campus same students lobby to support legislation to make them more official. telling students lobby for this legislation. it's wrong for administrators and professors to use their position to indoctrinate students with one side of a political argument. >> to the rest of illegal
3:28 am
immigrants are illegal immigrants rather illegal immigrants are in the campus they'll take it away from them. one of your earlier clips on the tease. it's great, we want more. >> they realize their hard-earned dollars are going to subsidize. >> until the personal impacts them. >> no great wall of china for us. abby: yoga jesse watters run for his money. >> i'm not coming for your job. don't worry. thanks for being here. the same people who chant death to america, giving president tribe a lecture now inhabit covering those details to the head. >> rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden says that it's comical. he joins us live next. the president's executive action on immigration. but peter teal thinks it is telling his friends in the tech world this morning. ♪
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so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at >> a fox news alert. the white house vowing to enforce present trends refugee band's protests erupt at airports all around the country. abby: the federal judge in brooklyn putting a stop to the issuing and state that temporarily blocks the government from sending people out of the country when they arise if he says. >> like this when they were half
3:33 am
a dozen refugees being detained at this hour. what is the latest this morning? reporter: good morning, guys. the latter much protest that that we showed you overnight have died down. there's not much action going out here at the out here in the parking lot outside terminal four. so a lot of action going on inside this terminal behind me. this is one of the international terminals where we see so many flight command. let show you what things looked like last night to give you the scope of how large those protests where. the situation inside as i mentioned, we've been told by a team of volunteer lawyers working to release those being detained by the department of homeland security. they've got their work cut out to them. still six or seven immigrants being held now. some are green card holders. others on student visas. in the last few hours we've been told that two people were released after intense questioning. a 68 road weapons from yemen who
3:34 am
was a diabetic in need of medical attention was vetted and released temporarily. the other was an iranian band in his 40s who had a green card a permanent resident. lawyers tell us this morning does being detained to have been handcuffed by the way our been asked to sign a form to withdraw the request for nation into the u.s. or accept deportations, which would prevent them from returning to the u.s. in the next five years. other protests around around the country at our nation's international airport have searched through the night at jfk, we expect another round of international flight to land in the next hour 7:30 eastern. more action going on. the latest at jfk back to you. clayton: thanks, laura. rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden and fox news contributor. he said this is not an impossible task. >> is definitely difficult because the mainstream media
3:35 am
will need help with them because they are blanketing out there i'm muslim. which is in the case at all. 42 other nations. a third of the world of the world's muslims are in india, pakistan, indonesia. these are war-torn countries and there hasn't been a vetting process. a lot of my friends that are lawmakers on capitol hill. they were concerned because there's no process. it is difficult but there is a certain part of the world where bad things are coming for the islamic state has admitted the latest immigration system. it's a 90 day -- they are betting. >> can it work? how work? have you separated terrace? >> is a diabetic grandma who can't get from iraq to the united states. >> people are putting out those stories. >> there needs to be -- they need to look a certain links. a diabetic grandma isn't a
3:36 am
threat. the family come in and not a threat. when you get a bunch of the males committed, that is where you kind of do it. you will need to profile a little bit as far as the way they are acting. questioning sharia law versus the constitution, stuff like that. it's not fun, but this is a different war. >> when you say profiling, the left will jump on this. >> seven countries a lot of them on the watch for terrorism. the violent ideology coming in. my ancestors are from ireland. if you have problem with irish terrorists. >> to that point, the seven countries, three of them not on there that should be included in afghanistan, saudi arabia, pakistan. most recently in new york city, the chelsea dominant or linda links back to afghanistan. why are they not on this list? >> air starting off slow where the blood of the islamic state is that right now.
3:37 am
when you get into africa, both are wrong, things like that. they can't think of it yet. i assume they do this to see how well it works and i hope they're smart about it. the diabetic grandma, not a problem. >> hillary clinton came out and said this is not who we are as americans. >> she's going to jump all over it. the people who hate president trump will jump on everything and make it sound as bad as they possibly can. he's a ceo in a strike to protect everybody in the country. because of the law he wants to build mexico and keep all americans safe from the potential terrorists that come in. some people from its parts of the world believe it or not want to kill us because of who we are. the iran supreme leader ayatollah khamenei says gender equality is the worst decision of western thinking. they are not exactly tip of the spear as far as treating people the way way.
3:38 am
clayton: isis releasing a statement from trump saying they have given us the page and we are going to use this as a rally. >> they don't have much time. secretary not a of the light fast way to go crush them. abby: we heard from iran as well. he said talking about the wall. today is not the time to walls between nations. the berlin wall fell years ago. >> this is coming from a country will execute you for being, for promiscuity. if you think you might be they will kill you. not so much because they president trump. >> is covered by tests 111. president obama was in office and decided to have a six-month policy. you know this. elizabeth warren was not out there saying the constitution is being treated. >> elizabeth warren wasn't there
3:39 am
because it didn't go on the side of her politics. a lot of people in there and rather keep their power regardless of what they say. it was probably a smart move because they know that their stratified individuals there. how then slow down a little bit. there's nothing wrong with people saying in their country. there's refugees coming from countries that don't necessarily have the civil war syria has. we will still bring in 50,000 refugees. he wants to see who's coming in. >> press the pause button. >> absolutely. abby: other headlines coming down. 10 people shot at a national guard armory in tennessee. bullets fly and after a fight reichstag against high school students celebrating homecoming. all are expected to be okay. the tennessee bureau of investigation on the case but no dice have been made so far. billionaire tech investor in president trump supporter peter
3:40 am
teal advises silicon valley silly. the paypal founder releasing a statement saying executive action on travel restrictions is not a religious test, but other tech giants jumping on the hysteria trained. google's cofounder protest in san francisco. we are a nation of immigrants. basketball's king james poking fun at our commander-in-chief. take a listen. [inaudible] thank you. lebron james referring to the nba all-star game. you may recall the star power assailing hillary clinton across the finish line after he campaigned with her days before her historic election. >> in ohio where she lost. abby: justin bieber's greatest hit the pop star suiting up in the nhl celebrity all-star game and getting crushed by farmer
3:41 am
pro player chris faldo. showing his anguish. you can see the smile as his press secretary class. both are taking part in shootout games. >> i wonder where this mean that started. cannot be confirmed or denied. abby: if you're a huge mariah carey fan you've got to be a justin bieber said. they go hand-in-hand. >> we know where the president stands on gun rights. >> we are going to protect and preserve our second amendment. [cheers and applause] >> is executive action coming on about? what do gunowners want to hear from the administration should mark plus, the super bowl is one week away. we've got a game day gadgets and deals for you included me $5 off the new roomba. abby: i have one.
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> transfer of richard p. lange headlines. but cats are betting after being stuck in the cars and jan for 12 hours. mechanics in the u.k. free and the 9-year-old feline after she refused to come out. the goodness, she is expected to be just fine. zero white tiger with mass panic in italy after he escapes from a traveling circus. the massive cap roaming the
3:46 am
streets, leading authorities on a two-hour long chase. police are circus workers who were in the tiger into a series of teachers before finally capturing it. abby covey told me on the break i can't handle headlines. abby: henryk of the feline expert. no state or president trump stands on gun rights. >> we will reestablish the rule of law, defend the second amendment. >> we have to protect our second amendment, which is under siege. >> we are going to protect and preserve our second amendment. [cheers and applause] trade to the question now, how will he plan to do that and what do gunowners wackier for the administration. joining us now as firearms instructor and former regional director students were content to carry on campus, antonio oglethorpe. thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. abby: one i ever mentioned it to second amendment.
3:47 am
under his or the nra by saying i am not going to take your guns away. what do gunowners want to hear from president trump reminded they hope he starts on that? >> i know definitely what i want to hear as is a campus security activates an added we have more support in the campus carrying round and more students are able to go on campus and protect themselves and defend themselves and that comes to his promise he made during the campaign to abolish gun free zones. you all know that college campuses are a huge gun free zone. that is definitely something people want more action on. legislative if it comes down to state-by-state legislation. we need more support from our president for that. ask the national kinsella terry reciprocity is well paid the nra pushes not. that is something they will see a lot more with the drug administration. >> your problems he made on the campaign trail.
3:48 am
national right to carry, basis recruiting recruiting senators. that's gun magazine bins, also the big one that everyone can agree on is tackling mental health. >> yes, definitely. that's something that gun control advocates tend to put holes in our argument to say why would he talk about guns but not talk about the other side which is mental health. really that is false that we are all four of mental health and improving not in that exempting trump explicitly explicitly talked about in his campaign and seeks to continue during his presidency. that is something we can all agree on. not only veterans who definitely need for mental health reform, but also to send need more reform when it comes to mental health for sure. abby: as we've seen his art of following through many things on the campaign trail. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me.
3:49 am
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>> the countdown to kickoff for the biggest game of the year days away. geek squad agent with a spicy without the top tech items you need to score a touchdown at your super bowl party. nice to see you. forget anything else really. i'll have to start with the proper tv. >> absolutely. the center of entertainment for the big game. whether you look for the latest and greatest for just a really good deal, now's an amazing time to get a tv of a spy. >> with take a look at this.
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65 inches. >> or 65-inch not only is an amazing tv. it is four k., which is four times the pixels in the quality is so much better, but it's $500 off. >> tell us about the magic mobile connection that has the interface to interact with their code, connecting stream right to it. >> a completely smart tv. you can download and stream content from your mobile device or just from a service like netflix, hulu, et cetera. >> one behind you. tell us about this one. >> the sony 55-inch. it has the hdr color technology. the wider range of colors. >> a curve display. >> this tv is awesome. 1199 this week at the samsung 8000 series four k. pdp delta features, hdr, all those great
3:54 am
colors in this sleek curve design. when you put this on your wall. >> let's talk about sound. will i.t. or the commercial spirit will i.t. or commentators. tell us the sidebars you have. >> these are great accessory for the supersmart slim tvs. the speakers have also gotten smaller as well. no one wants to watch the big game and not have great amazing audio. we have a salad bar from lg and sony and they start at 149, 199 a great deal this week on those. >> very affordable. you've got to eat at a super bowl party. you go to super bowl party without food and walking out the door. >> a great toaster from cuisinart, which is like a really awesome compliment to say a man cave. heat something up.
3:55 am
personal pss be a >> domesticate everyday after school i for one of those stouffer's french bread pizzas in the abend. love those things. >> not included. >> with your making tales for the adult or smoothies for the kids, it would give you a lot of great drinks for the super bowl party, but also for breakfast. >> this is called to name just make a kitchen system. finally companies got to clean up after a run list. i'm a fan of the folks that i robot. tell us about their latest mod. >> this unlike the other robotic vacuums, you essentially said it and let it do its thing and it will claim. you can have it set to clean overnight or while you go out and run your errands. you can program and it then so it does things while you're away. take the kids to school, that's when it turns on.
3:56 am
come home and emptied the tank. >> this studio needed a good cleaning. i think it just to get a camera guy. >> thanks so much. >> two days after meeting one-on-one come british prime minister teresa may say she disagrees with resident trump of this extra batting issue. we'll talk about that with nigel farage, leader of the brexit movement. the left loses it over extreme vetting. taking action to the american dollar. lockheed martin next hour. ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
president donald trump's executive order trump's executive order emigration is halted by a judge. this morning to trump white house is not backing down, bowing to keep the order in place. >> envisioned by president trump's executive order spread of the mainstream media. >> president trump's extreme vetting. >> scrambling to manage fallout from his divisive executive order. >> what else is the press getting right and what are they getting around? fact from fiction. >> controversy surrounding extreme vetting. working through the weekend on a deal that could save america millions. the exclusive story you'll only see here and talks in france. breaking news. i'm "fox & friends sundays". we do want to get right to the fox news alert. look at the video on your
4:01 am
screen. cities across the country, different airports protesting dallas, do list over executive orders and the one particularly focused on extreme vetting. i do have a judge in brooklyn which has temporarily stayed the president's executive order, which would and refugees from coming into the united states. we are going to put a temporary stop to the measure. >> the executive order friday afternoon and so in that period of time they were already on the fly. they were coming from some of the seven countries that are now banned for the next 30 days. 90 days? >> you have in the case of jfk airport a dozen detainees from iraq who came over. two were laid out yesterday. we are not getting in here. this is going to be implemented. they are obviously working through the kinks. in the statement less than 1% of
4:02 am
the 325,000 international air travelers who arrive every day when convenience will enhance security measures were implemented. no foreign national in a foreign land has any unfettered right to demand entry into the united states. 1% of all the travelers around the world. based on the coverage all around the media, if you would think there were hundreds of thousands of people affected by this end is simply not true. true to the last part of the statement was the strongest of the dhs. no one has the unfettered right to come into this country. >> that focuses around threats. that is the rudy giuliani was talking about what justice janine peer-to-peer is not about religion. this is the united states. listen to what the former mayor had to say. >> would focus instead of religion, danger. the areas that the world that create danger for us, which is a factual basis. not a religious basis.
4:03 am
perfectly legal, perfectly sensible enough that the ban is a sign. it's not a song religion. it is based on places where there are substantial evidence that people are sending terrorists into our country. trained >> we want to bring you nigel farage, leader of the reince br. theresa may was here the other day meeting with the president at the white house. she's come out and says she disagrees with the president span on refugee bid along with german chancellor angela merkel and the french president. why did she disagree? >> before we get to theresa may, one thing donald trump must not do is take advice on how to deal with terrorism from the french president of the german chancellor because they are the people and we see that every
4:04 am
month with attacks in europe. as far as mrs. may is concerned, but, this is the u.s. domestic policy. the united kingdom in terms of syrian refugees has taken very, very few could pair to the rest of europe. i guess just thought atmosphere here means she had to say that. >> you make an important point because president trump is on the phone in the oval office included russian resident. that got a lot of headlines, less attention is something you put your finger on. the phone call with angela merkel. people have forgotten a few short months ago and some are closing the doors are wide-open in germany to these refugees. that was all the way the terror attacks throughout europe and she seen her numbers plummet back home and she is now saying slow down, slow down, let's make sure we know whether or not they are terrorists. is now the president trump is saying? >> president trump is saying
4:05 am
that it can i say all these protesters have seen with pictures outside jfk airport, where were they in 2009 when president obama put a six-month ban on iraqis, where were they? >> it was 2011. >> where were they? frankly, it donald trump is a lack it. he could not have been clearer he would do everything he could to make life safer, to try and stop cases getting into america. what i think he's doing is honoring his pledge to the american people. i say to the protesters it's called democracy. wake up. abby: it's interesting to compare what's going on at home with white youth compared and there is dissent out there that we've got to start fighting for ourselves. they've got to take her adventures before anything else. you see this going on october that has been president trump
4:06 am
message the entire campaign. we've got to focus on our values and how to protect the american people first and foremost. what advice do you have going forward? the western media here and it's in hysterics. he seems to be doubling down, very calm through this whole thing. >> as he should be. i repeat the point, he was selected on this ticket. he's doing exactly what he said he would do. it doesn't really matter what the liberal media say anymore. you know, and they will ensure never reconciled since else to donald trump in president and they will go on for the next few years when jean and whining and blaming on everything he does in their market share of audience will go down and down as well. i'm absolutely confident that every person who voted trump is saying this morning, isn't this wonderful? a president who does what he says. he makes a price in the first
4:07 am
week is sticking to his guns. the quinnipiac poll, out this morning in the united states shows should the u.s. ban refugee support 48% opposition, 42% yet here's the mainstream media headlines over the past three days on cnn. trumps immigration and says shock waves as if there's a massive earthquake unfolding. "washington post" judge halts deportation says refugee ban causes worldwide furor. you're at a worldwide position. are you feeling the furor in the u.k. right now? >> yeah, i've just before coming to a number of bbc where i think i'm the only living briton who was prepared this morning to defend what trump has done because everybody is so scared of the media. why are we scared of the media? the public hold the media and the famous politicians.
4:08 am
>> and that she mentioned the bbc. the bbc tweeted this yesterday. transgender iraqi woman describes how her dreams were shattered when@potus as in the president signed immigration executive order. to donald trump run on a platform that said i want to make sure transgender iraqi women had their dreams fulfilled. shattered her dreams. >> as i said, look, i'm in love, all of us over centuries, we in this country have taken in refugees, whether as the french have a nose, where my family came from, the jewish people from russia or germany, you know, we don't need to take lectures on helping genuine refugees. but before whenever they were refugee ways, they were people
4:09 am
who were extremely grateful to come to the country and generally work incredibly hard, and did very well and made their contributions. the problem here is we widen the definition of what a refugee is to basically anybody, and from a war-torn part of the world. within that number, there is a percentage who actually wish to harm us. isis has set themselves they would use the crisis ticket their fighters into mainland europe. i suggest when i say say things like that we should take them seriously. >> it seems like an overwhelming story out there with the media saying this is president trump hated america, hating muslims. this is a ban on muslims turning to religion. they say this isn't about that. this is not about muslims. this is bad and everybody from those countries. >> cannot back that up is making
4:10 am
the point that the five most populous muslim states in the world are not included on that list? if this is a ban on islam, you see namesake indonesia. you don't. as rudy giuliani said, this was done on the basis of where it poses a risk and you only have to look at what mrs. merkel did to know that trump is in the right direction. >> glad you pointed that out, nigel farage. >> yeah, but too late. abby: it's important to say that it is a 90 day ban. it is her just pressing the pause but then look at how we can improve our vetting process. there so many myths back today or lack of facts in the media today. >> is a challenge we can't deny or ignore that this is a monumental legal political challenge for the administration
4:11 am
on how they implement this so was done as fairly as possible in as possible in his focus on keeping out terrorists, which is the stated goal of not keeping the diabetic grandmother from seeing her family. what to see that happen? this is about terror. abby: we do have other headlines. protests get out of hand at seattle's airport. police and protesters clash. you can see the officers using pepper spray to disperse the crowd there. officers made the arrest when protesters began blocking security checkpoint, getting in the way of other travelers. a woman accused of using the credentials on the same day the president and vice president made appearances. investigators say she was impersonating a lawmaker's wife. she was discovered and escorted out during the event.
4:12 am
president trump draining the swamp a little bit more. >> we are going to washington d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. transgender president fulfilling his campaign promise to drain the swamp by signing executive order to to ban officials who leave the government from lobbying federal agencies for five years. that is something a lot of politicians are talked about, but actually have not done. it's a huge problem. >> so great to see that. coming up at the media for repeating phrases like unprecedented policy and muslim ban as they spread the beach and about the executive order. what's the truth? tony schieffer here to separate fact from fiction as only he can do so while macs. >> trends big beautiful while getting an endorsement this morning. we will tell you who it's from.
4:13 am
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see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. abby: president trumps extraditing causes panic and chaos. sweeping executive order sending u.s. border shut, temporarily barring refugees. families stranded. behind the scenes granted to managed fallout from this oppressive executive order halting immigration from southern predominately muslim countries. >> some long-awaited new life here when the order to act. >> envisioned that the executive
4:17 am
order being spread by some in the mainstream media. so what is the truth? but separate fact from fiction is >> it is opposite that is tony schaeffer. nice to see you. >> good to see you all. a lot riding on your knowledge this morning. let me get to the first question. we will set this up for you in your response factor fiction. is this a muslim ban is somehow portrayed it? >> absolutely not. india is the largest islamic population. no one am from coming from india, indonesia. let's be very clear. you talk about sudden war-torn countries. a major analogy people be upset about. during world war ii, you sure as heck would the screening germans to make sure none of them are not safe because they were the enemy, not the german people. same thing here. looking for a way to bet individuals from war-torn areas. nothing to do with religion and faith. this is about specific areas. >> related question is the
4:18 am
suggestion that christians are getting priority coming in from his countries. >> yeah, they are. let's be clear on that issue. the whole idea of these programs are to preserve those most threatened. i'm sorry jim shooter is an at cnn. the program has been set up for purpose of looking at religious individuals who are at risk. being a christian in these areas essentially amounts to a death sentence and this is something people have been trying to rectify and bring to the attention of the previous administration to no avail. i've talked to syrians, and cd christians who were the first to be the ones whose families were taken, sold off in slavery or worse you do have to consider the fact that christians are the most avarice group within the context of these locations. trade do have the separate good from the back? who's to say you can't be a refugee to my about christian and say of course i am. >> that is the issue.
4:19 am
this is something that's not existed at all before. you've got to now by the standards that are reading throat myself learning. you've got to establish a basis for your claim. the idea of saying clayton or one if you show up instead i'm threatened. i don't like what's going on. you have to present some level of evidence saying there's something going on. say they've got to say what's going on and why you're in a special category. >> for its question here. is there cap on refugees? >> absolutely and there always have been. under george bush 70,000 for example syria. i think president obama had 70,000 as the cab. donald trump has lowered the cap overall, receiving these refugees to about 50. so it's not a huge declination. again, complete fiction that there is this whole idea that mr. trump came up with this on
4:20 am
its own. >> was that are dissected. how did they come up with the countries in the band? >> is some legislation that president obama in december december 2015, also modified in february 2016. this is based like so many things this or trump is suing based on legislation president upon the side. >> you will not hear that in the mainstream media. >> as the controversy continues about extreme vetting, the president worked through the weekend on a deal that could save american millions of dollars. charles davis or to tell us about the impact of the story will break in a moment. abby: forget rex tillerson. here with her take on everything went below him. >> she has parameters with wednesday. -- she is friends with lindsay
4:21 am
4:22 am
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abby: we're back with quick headlines. more hysteria on immigration and peered airbnb offering free housing for refugees. they say cofounder brian teske asking refugees to personally contact him for help. people now protesting over claiming that supports the same executive order because the ridesharing company didn't implement search pricing. but they stopped giving rise during a protest at jfk airport. search pricing of places and demand is higher than normal. >> we might have to go into more depth with our next gas. my sister at a refugee crisis, still holding back on the secretary of state confirmation.
4:25 am
this diplomat is swooping in to save the day. [inaudible] and you can hang on and the strong. love and light listings. >> nice to see you this morning. >> where to buy back that come from? >> she's living on monday it forever she wants to be from my guest. >> we should all rest easy. >> i like lindsay rohan. i thought the pair at trap was a great movie. however, i don't understand why people still think celebrities will have a strong influence. i don't care what you think.
4:26 am
it's not a/. i'm not going to buy the idea because you have it. >> she is there meeting with the turkish president. he lets her in the door. >> i guess. if this is something she's passionate about, she should get involved but the influence is way overstated. i really hope nobody's making policy decisions, as good as the parent trap was, because of lindsay lohan. >> california now wanted to become their own country. they don't want to be part of president trump america. >> about. it'll never happen. people there won't get out of bed. also, what will they do without of the federal government made? >> their argument is eventually become the fifth-largest country in the world and the republicans n board with this. it would remove all those electoral votes they have to deal with. should republicans be back in us?
4:27 am
>> go for it, later. california is nice, used to live there. very different. >> california version of brexit. >> as soon as they see how much bar they'll have to pay if they are their own country. >> they want peace and security. the environment, death and taxes, trade and regulation. >> they are concerned about debt and taxes. >> absolutely. good luck with that. good luck with all of this. abby: always good to have you here. next and bring not sure. >> i will. i have it in my tour. the beat uniform while getting a big endorsement this morning. he's endorsing it? the storm of controversy surrounding extreme vetting work to the weekend on deals that
4:28 am
could save millions. charles payne is here to tell us about the impact. he's coming up next. ♪ volkswagen alltrack with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be... everywhere. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last
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i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> the white house going the
4:32 am
white house going to force president trump's refugee workers protest erupted airports across the country. >> an emergency stay would stop the government from deporting people after they arrived with valid visas. lower angle is live at jfk airport were half a dozen refugees are being detained. what is the latest? reporter: good morning, guys space-bar jamaat protest at him away from what we saw overnight here at jfk. still a lot of action behind me in the night jfk terminal for for the international flights have arrived with another wave of light coming in the next hour. let's see what they look like. dozens of protesters, people making voices heard and feelings known about president trumps executive order. for mark green card holders. others on student visas. she has been held since yesterday. she's been handcuffed a time.
4:33 am
a frustrating situation in the last few hours that we've been told two people were released after intense questioning performance intense questioning. one of the intense questioning performance of 60 the 60 women from diamond who is diabetic in need of medical attention. the other was an iranian man in his 40s with the green card has a permanent resident. there's probably a half dozen here. tell them that those being detained who have been handcuffed or also been able to sign up for two with job requests for admission into the u.s. or accept deportation which will prevent them from returning to the u.s. over the next eight years. another way for flights coming in. we'll bring you the latest as it develops at jfk. back to you. >> charles and now joins us on the fox business network. there's a lot of anger right now
4:34 am
on silicon valley care from facebook, google, apple, airbnb and they are upset and worried about some of their workers with software engineers to tell us what they're angry about. >> a lot of workers on some of these countries from outside of america. a lot of ceos of these companies have for not native american. the largest tech companies in the world. the seven countries president trump singled out, i don't think they are necessarily known a massive influence of engineers. that being said, some people are also concerned that silicon valley is also looking out for their own interest in cheap labor. in other words, listening, you look at the numbers and it says there are actually millions of so-called jobs at this moment. science technology engineering and math. until they graduate students in
4:35 am
this country, they must have it from overseas and we need them to stay ahead of the curve. >> would have an their own agenda, tech executives supported hillary clinton. peter teal is one of the only one saying let's give this a chance. he likes donald trump. >> it is a true prompt thing. most of them are progressives and assaults of business. most of them want these engineers are in generic from around the world. the question is do they need -- are there enough home grown folks they can hire who might just want to work more than someone who scripted to come to the country. >> uber was stranded overnight. it don't use it a pylon moment like this and assume the worst that if anything, it's a normal price surge which happens every day. >> i don't think anyone anticipated this. there is a price surge around new year's eve are there certain
4:36 am
times when you know demand will go up and you could be marked critical. i don't think anyone anticipated what we see right now. >> i talk to senior white house people who told me amid the storm over extreme vetting, president trump was working the phones and the steel. people have forgotten about the f-35. the most expensive plane in military history. a program overall. $379 billion. the president tweeted a different program with boeing. anyone after lockheed martin which has the 35. you got it class. his knowledge of the list of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds basically squeezing out. what does that and if he continues to do these kinds of deals? >> president trump is doing its fiduciary responsibility with taxpayer money.
4:37 am
200 -- 2000, almost $400. this is what keeps us about all the rest of the nation and will for a long time. we need to spend the money. there's always this massive federal programs waste. >> i've been here a couple weeks which is one with the conventional takeoff and landing should they lower the price to under $100 million. what that means i'm not sure. could be 90 million, 85 million. there's two versions. one takes off vertically and when they design for the navy. listen, we know there's so much waste. they never come on time. they marveled with bureaucracy. we know the there's a gigantic pot of wasted tax money ended smart to go after the money and try to pull a number of the ways. >> to think other companies to be on watch?
4:38 am
defense budget is 600 billion. the arguments we need all that money. no you don't. a lot of it is based. gas masks being paid for read-only venues, just to make lobbyists happy. should companies be put on notice? in a golf course should be. so should congress or this is in the defense industry. let's face it, for a long time, the ruling congress is to go to washington d.c. and whatever you can get out of there. if we should know her, fine. attend it sinks in the fandom will never use it, find. whatever it is, bring it home and get reelect me. >> so terrible. that's why so many americans are feeling angry. the spm. turning now to other headlines. he says that on notice of president trump in a strategy
4:39 am
for software that and middle east. this is president trumps first step to keeping a campaign promise to obliterate a sister in the face of the earth as you said. our greatest ally in the middle east coming to president trumps defense as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was a plan to build the border wall. president trump is right. i built the wall and israel's southern border and stopped all illegal immigration. great success, great idea. tom brady sat going head-to-head with nfl commissioner after his nonstandard deflategate suspension. >> he went on a witch hunt alliance layout for numerous ways. >> the quarterback was accused of deflated subculture of the 2014 championship game lead into the fourth game suspension he served this season. brady's patriots will play the atlanta falcons one week from
4:40 am
today on fox. >> that's right. fox. train to one person who will be playing dirty and 10 days apparent a mr. clean. ♪ abby: oh yeah. the cleaning supplies than doing a dance while cleaning the house and its first-ever super bowl ad. this baseline if you've got love, and then that claims. >> i will say we can back me up on this. that is the one thing that women find the is mad clean and do chores around the house. you said you have the roomba.
4:41 am
>> burgess died in the roomba. reporter: take a look at this guys. we have been incredibly busy week last week. here is kind of what we have to win. the rain across florida jet showers, nothing that would cause in a flooded market turns like that. still moving across the great lakes will continue, but nothing will pilot bad. temperature wise, cooler across northern minnesota and the upn michigan but overall looking pretty good. areas of the northeast and mid-atlantic will continue to see snow flurries fall. heaviest around parts of west virginia and areas in the southeast bridge another cool day. not that this horrible, but pretty quiet weather pattern we arraigned. no big changes until rain in the west by wind and thursday of this week.
4:42 am
>> lonely out there. now you've got the euro. at about this says about you. thank you. >> said tumbleweed rolled by. the last thing the president's executive order is causing outrage in the muslim world. many muslims may actually support the idea, including our next guest. tranter sanctuary city showdown between the president and the mayors. >> if necessary we will use city hall at up to shelter and protect anyone who's targeted in just that. abby: one sheriff says that those mayors defy the law he will arrest them. joining us live in just a few moments. ♪ no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience
4:43 am
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abby: welcome back. the mainstream media covering the president order order. >> to make him a break in a spirit president trumps extreme vetting causing panic and chaos is >> tonight president trump said his executive orders were not exact to the way he wanted it to. >> behind the scenes, fallout from this divisive executive order. abby: despite the narrative, many muslims poured extreme vetting that in our next guest editor to an cofounder of the muslim reform movement. good to have you here this morning. >> thanks so much, abby. abby: "-begin-quote the quinnipiac or to show 40% of americans support the refugee ban now put in place. you are muslim and you say it's not just americans. muslims supported. why do you support it? >> i came to america in 1969 as the boy wrote good in these years since come in the decades that, what i've witnessed the next nearest or stand is an
4:47 am
extremism inside my muslim community was last in san bernardino to orlando. we have a crisis. we are facing an ideological warfare generation. we need extreme solutions. i understand deeply the dark human casualties of potential springs from the left or the right to their human beings in the middle and we need to find compassionate solutions. we also need pragmatic strategies. for 30 days in which the trump administration is developing a counter extremism and counter exit strategy is so critical. but i hope they will do is fix some of these logistical nightmares emerging with the executive order, but also come up with a strategic plan that tackles ideology of extremism. >> that's really well said. look at just the past $12 the protests that have taken place at airports across the country.
4:48 am
this has all been stirred up by the left. you go on twitter and it seems like there's a pile of this narrative that president trump hates muslims. complete ban on muslims. how people understand what's going on in wasting this is all coming from the left. >> absolutely, abby. as a tenet or no country general schaeffer's dated, and the countries identified in the span were identified by the obama administration. this is the actual announcement of the department of homeland security during the obama administration identifying those seven countries as countries that can turn. it's not a muslim band. this is a good early identified to try to make this country's borders safer. what i've seen enough left unfortunately as a lifelong liberal is immediately after the election of president donald trump, what we have seen is a concentrated, orchestrated effort to undermine the
4:49 am
president we as if we allow the anonymous said the set of the hunger pains. when a node is the organizations involved in this effort. abby: tell us more about those two assignment protests with the breakout? >> for many years i tried to understanunderstan d the organizations that undermine national security policy in the u.s. into the estimate, open society funded by george soros, tried to undermine the bush administration policies. that same network of dozens of organizations have sent people into the streets. they include the aclu and the empire change. many of the same organization in the so-called women's march. what i invite everyone to do from the left to the right is take a deep rat, stand on the
4:50 am
middle path and solutions that remember the humanity and keep our country safe as well as hospitable to those who do like this country. abby: take a deep breath. a good voice but on a tear this morning. >> thank you, abby. i hope everyone feels safe and calm. a showdown between the president and the mayors. >> is necessary, we will use city hall at all to shelter and protect anyone who's targeted unjustly. abby: if they follow through with that, he will address them. plus, the majority of americans that the executive order on immigration. so who is behind all of the airport protests. more on that coming out. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> you might call a sanctuary city showdown is coming to speak out for move to strip funding for sanctuary cities. >> we will do everything lawful in our power to protect you. >> some will stand with you regardless of your race, creed, color, gender. we know what makes this great. >> is a run for mayors to say they will harbor illegal immigrants? they sure for bristol county, massachusetts has now to her mayors for breaking federal law. sheriff, why are you going to impress them? we really go go through with it? >> i've never said i would arrest them. i said the federal authorities absolutely should based on the fact that both under section
4:55 am
eight of the u.s. code, clearly states anyone who harbors are fields someone they know in the country illegally is in violation. felony under federal law. but the rest of guys at are required to follow along, we have agents knocking on her door arresting us. this is a five-year, up to five years in prison for each alien you attempt. you have the federal agents knocking on our door, putting us in handcuffs and we could be harboring terrorists or anyone else is >> i want you to react to what the mayor told the "boston herald" that my wife and i will gladly take a percentage of our home. i'm not going to run away from my responsibility to my federal man. what's your reaction? >> your responsibilities you've been elected to uphold the laws of this community. you expect everybody to follow last to follow lengthy ordinances and lots of your community, get you are going to
4:56 am
publicly say i'm not going to enforce it and basically push it in the face of the people in your community and the federal authority. you better expect a knock at her door. forget the sanctions on monday. we can't have a special class of people as if the illegals already been told to come here and elected officials on top without wanting to have themselves be considered a special class of people that don't have to follow the laws but everybody else does. the laws of the same consequence of the rest of his two. >> now president trump has taken this executive action, we will see whether the federal government does its job and follow through. we appreciate it, share it. >> thanks for having me. good to be here. >> even thought of jfk airport robbers, but the left actually said he supports president trump. plus, what is the white house saying about the future of the executive order question at we
4:57 am
will talk to a member of the administration coming out. the first, or the ax against refugees on christian? we will debate it next hour.
4:58 am
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>> good morning. it is sunday, january 29th, i'm abby, and we begin with a fox news alert breaking across the country as donald trump's executive order on immigration is halted by a judge. but this morning the trump white house is not backing down, vowing to keep that order in place. >> that executive action sending some on the left into a tizzy. as for familiar faces rile up their supporters. >> it is illegal. >> it is illegal. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it is unconstitutional. >> it will be overturned. >> well, some bad news we might want to put into the bullhorn there for senator warren. most of america tends to agree with the president and not with her. new polls show what america think so. >> and did you see what
5:01 am
happened when the media interviewed the first refugee moments after his release? >> what do you think of donald trump? >> i like him but i don't know. >> he said he liked trump. fox and friends hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ abby: a lot of news. if you're watching it well into the night last night, protests all around the country as executive orders put in place by president trump for increasing the visa process, the vetting process here in the united states. this is the quote coming in from the department of homeland security that are standing with president trump this morning. they say less than 1% of the more than 325,000 international air travelers who arrive every day were inqueens while enhanced security measures were implemented.
5:02 am
no foreign national land has any right to gain entry into the united states. >> so last night a judge in brooklyn stayed a part of this ban, stopped some of the president's action who had visas. >> and the judge did not rule, though, on the broader constitutionality of this issue. obviously, you would expect that this is eventually going to potentially even go to the supreme courtner has the constitutionality in terms of how this all plays out. this is just round one in the legal struggle, obviously. but, look, this is something president trump said he was going to do. he started with a muslim ban, backpedaled from that, and he said this is about extreme vetting. but if you look at what the media are saying, some of saying it is a muslim ban when it is not a muslim ban. it's extreme individualism. it's controversial politically, clearly. >> controversy from other world leaders.
5:03 am
getting criticism from prime minister teresa may, france president ha holland. >> if you want to hit the pause button, make sure we have extreme vetting in and set up refugees in place who should have the right to come to america, separate them from terrorists who might want to come here and do bad things. abby: yes, we had nige nigel farage on earlier this morning, and you remember angela merkel who opened up the doors and said everyone's allowed in here. >> there was a wave of terror attacks. abby: there was violence and people lost their lives over this. and now she's saying the biggest threat that germany faces is actually isis and terrorism. so we had nigel farage on earlier, and here's what he says specifically about the refugees. >> we don't need to take lectures on helping genuine refugees.
5:04 am
but before whenever the word refugee waves, they were people who were extremely grateful to be coming to the country and who generally worked incredibly hard, did very well, and made big contributions. the problem here is that we have widened the definition of what a refugee is to basically anybody coming from the war torn part of the world and in that number, there is actually a perjur percentage that wish to harm us. now, isis said they would use the refugee crisis to get them into the mainland europe. now, i think we should take them seriously, and i think president trump is. abby: so if you were on social media actually over the past 12 hours or watching mainstream covering this, it would feel that this world is coming to an end, that everyone in this country is against this ban taking place. but we just pulled up a poll
5:05 am
that was done january 9th, quinnipiac, and it shows more support this ban than oppose it. 48% say they support this ban. does the president have the people? how is it going to play out? >> he's up by 6 points on it. so the country is deeply divided on it. so, yes, he has 48% but that's hardly some vast majority. so he's going to have to fight it out, he's going to have to explain the policy. officials will be here. we're going to have an official live here at the white house at 8:30 a.m., we're going to have kellyanne conway on at the white house fox news sunday. they're going to have to fight it out, they're going to have to explain the policy, there are a lot of ramifications to deal with and how they actually implement it. is it implemented fairly so that it's not focusing on vetting, but religion. abby: well, the first problem is they put this in place on
5:06 am
friday, they did not think that people were already on flights. so now people who landed here in the u.s., even people right here at jfk, one woman who is 63 years old has diabetes says i can't sit here in a room just figuring out what my fate's going to be. i need to be taken care of. i think now they're realizing we should have at least waited a couple of days. >> to think through the policy and how you implement it. but remember where we started this hour with the statement you read from the department of homeland security that says this affects i believe less than 1% of the hundreds of thousands of international travelers. but if you watched most of the mainstream media over the last 12 to 24 hours, it would sound like there's chaos, this is impacting, you know, 50% of the international travelers. watch how this is playing out. >> tonight breaking news. president trump's extreme vetting causes panic and chaos. that's sweeping executive
5:07 am
orders slamming u.s. borders shut. >> immigration crack down. refugees and other travelers halted. detained. left in i am lo. president trump takes immediate effect causing chaos, confusion, and protest. >> chaos as refugee ban kicks in. >> nearly a dozen people detained at jfk airport, including one who worked as an excerpt for the u.s. military. >> behind the scenes, his team scrambling to manage fallout. >> tonight president trump insisted his new executive order is working out exactly the way he wanted it to. >> president trump's ban was announced on international holocaust remembrance day. critics on mind were quick to remember anne frank the young woman who was killed in a u.s. concentration camp after her family escaped nazi germany. >> number one, the iraqi man who did help the u.s. military as an interpreter was let out
5:08 am
of detention was asked about donald trump and said i like trump. let's play that byte, and i've got another one. >> what do you think of the united states of america? >> the greatest nation, the greatest people in the world. [applause] . >> what do you think of donald trump? >> i like him, but i don't know. >> the woman there. >> bows her head. >> protests at kennedy airport grows quote out of nowhere. out of nowhere after iraqis are detained. are the protests really coming out of nowhere? or is elizabeth warren blowing it up? >> and her blow horn. >> and hillary clinton coming out of the woods saying that she stands with these people who have been detained that this is not america. there are legitimate concerns and questions about this and the legal morality that they're weighing into and the countries that are chosen on
5:09 am
this list. there are seven countries that obama had a previous lest. questions, though, legitimately from republicans as well as to why countries like saudi arabia were all left off the list with direct ties to 9/11 and thousands of americans killed on 9/11 and united arab of emirates as well. so some questions there. abby: if you look at any links to terrorism here at home, most recently chelsea, the orlando shooting, they link back to afghanistan. pakistan is another question as well. so you have these seven countries that as you said came from the obama administration's list. but if they going to put this ban in place, why not also focus on a few of these other countries that you can actually link to attacks? >> and trump was critical of saudi arabia on the campaign trail. he went after jeb bush on that exact issue on saudi arabia calling attention to the fact that the bush family to saudi arabia and the direct relation to saudi arabia and the united states. >> but some of his supporters
5:10 am
like is amid this storm, he's calm. i talked to people last night. while all of this was playing out, he was still working the phones yesterday on this lockheed martin deal where he's been demanding they lower their cost. they have a deal that will be announced in the next couple of weeks probably where he's getting lockheed martin to save hundreds of millions of dollars on the f35 program. so while all of this is playing out, he's defending the policy and working on saving the taxpayer money. full speed ahead for this president. abby: well, he's, like, why is everybody freaking out on all of this? i complained on this for a year and a half. i said that if i win, i'm going to do these things. here we are just a week in, and he's following through, i think there is a surprise. many people thought, oh, he had all of these promises on the campaign trail like a lot of politicians do, they don't actually follow through when they get in. president trump is going to be one of those same people, and he hasn't done that. whether you agree with it or not, he is following through with what he did say he will do. >> and if you take a step
5:11 am
back, and everybody dial it back on the left and the right, president obama did something similar. not the exact same thing, but a pause. a six-month pause in refugees coming from iraq because of an incident that happened in kentucky with a refugee. abby: no protests after that. >> there were no protests, there were no bullhorns elizabeth warren saying that the constitution is being shredded. we needed to make sure that refugees coming from iraq were really refugees who needed help and not terrorists. this is what donald trump is doing on a larger scale with seven countries. >> all right. we have much more to get to, including your headlines. abby: we have other headlines with a fox news alert. the loss of a hero, a u.s. service member killed of a raid in yemen. american conducting the operation killing 14 al-qaeda militants. three other u.s. troops were also wounded.
5:12 am
and this a woman breaking into gop retreat the same day that the president and vice president made their appearances. she was impersonating a lawmaker's wife. she was discovered and escorted out during that event. and also new overnight, a match for the ages between two tennis legends. [applause] >> it's a challenge. it's game, set, match if it's good. and it is. [applause] >> i love it when these two play together. rodger fetter defeating rafael to win his 18th grand slam title. i saw them play u.s. open a few years ago. it was a five-hour game. unbelievable. >> awesome. well, coming up donald trump just tweeting about the protest and the executive action. chris wallis is here to talk about the fact that he has a
5:13 am
interview with kellyanne conway. >> plus what is the future of that executive order? we're going to talk to a member of the administration. that is coming up straight ahead. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> welcome back. president trump just tweeted a little bit ago saying this quote "somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the fake news and failing new york times and run it correctly or let it fold with dignity. our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. look what is happening all over europe and indeed the world a horrible mess."
5:17 am
>> well, joining us now to separate fact from fiction from all of this is chris wallis. >> i'm not sure i can do all of that. >> it's a tall order. can you handle it? >> they knew a storm was coming. this is something the president talked about in the campaign. you obviously did a phenomenal job in moderating that last debate. he said he's going to implement this and we knew there was going to be controversy. >> yeah. the one thing you could say is they could have handled this transition better so that you didn't have people on planes arriving in the united states and then talk about deporting them back to the home countries. you would think they would have a 48-hour grace period or something. but, look, as far as the general policy is concerned, the idea that we are going to do stricter vetting from muslim countries, that is as you say something the president complained on. originally it was a religious test, a muslim ban, and then it became a banning of people
5:18 am
from countries that are largely muslim and have had a history of terrorism. it was a campaign issue. the president complained on it, he won. as barack obama used to say, elections have consequences. >> there are questions that you're going to be talking about on your show, why -- certain countries left off this list. and the white house arguing that this is a similar list that president obama used but why is afghanistan off of this list? why is pakistan? why is saudi arabia and its ties to 9/11 off of this list? >> no. it's a very good question, and we're going to have kellyanne conway live at the top of the hour, an exclusive interview. and you must have been looking at my notes here because it's one of the questions i'm going to ask her. i mean, it does seem curious particularly in the case of saudi arabia where a vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from that there is no extreme vetting people coming from that country, no temporary ban on people coming and yet there are other
5:19 am
countries, seven other largely muslim nations that are banned. >> yeah. he did after jeb bush on that very issue. he was hard in the campaign. >> yeah. i have to say it was a very legitimate question. abby: i wonder your thoughts. there seems to be a disconnect. if you watched the media the last 1 hours, which you have, there's a sense of hysteria. >> crisis move. abby: they're all against this ban, this executive action that he has taken, but you look at this quinnipiac poll and 48% of americans support is this ban, they support this action. why is there such a disconnect between what you're seeing play on the media and how folks are feeling? >> well, folks are covering the news and what's happening right now is you have major protests at airports around the country. six, eight airports, and that's visual and the folks who are sitting at home and
5:20 am
think, you know, donald trump's doing exactly the right thing, there's not much to cover there, you know, we tend to chase the fires, and sometimes the fires are not representative of what's going on. you're showing it right there. it's obviously a good visual. and, look, this is a legitimate debate that we're going to be having in this country for a while. some people say it isn't our values that we're just saying people are vetted, they're not going to allow in the big country because they come from a certain nation, a muslim nation, and other people say it's a recording tool, and other people see that president trump is finally protecting the nation. it's a vigorous debate, one we should be having. like i said, we'll be talking to kellyanne conway at the top of the hour. >> and also congressman, chris, thank you for joining us. abby: thanks, chris, we'll see you soon. >> are the president's actions on refugees un-christian? father john and pastor here to debate that next.
5:21 am
abby: and democrats meet this week to talk about the future of the party. we're going to ask bernie sanders former campaign manager coming up just ahead. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades,
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5:24 am
abby: we are back with some quick headlines, while the left sending hysteria over the refugees, one country is fine with it. the iraqi government says it understands the security motivate behind the executive order but hope the move doesn't hurt its relationship with the united states. and canada opening its borders even wider -- its doors even wider rather as prime minister
5:25 am
justin trudeau tweeting this. to those canadians welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. clayton, over to you. >> thank you, abby, refugees and immigration causing a lot of can controversy this morning, especially among religious communities. speaking in support of the president, graham says quote it's not a biblical command of the country to let everyone who wants to come in come, that's not a bible issue. end quote. and says quote by helping to resettle the most vulnerable, we are living out our christian faith as jesus has challenged us to do, end quote. so is it un-christian to ban refugees? here to weigh in this morning for a healthy about debate, father johnson moore, fox news contributor and pastor robert, senior baptist, a member of president trump's faith advisory council and fox news contributor. father john, i want to start with you, we heard from catholics saying it is
5:26 am
un-christian that we should welcome those in who are most vulnerable. is it un-christian to ban these individuals? >> i certainly agree with that statement that it is christian to welcome those in who are fleeing persecution, no doubt. i also agree with reverend franklin graham. i believe reverend jeffries as well that it is not responsible of the country to let anybody in who wants to come in. in fact, the responsibility to make sure that the levels of immigration are both safe and sustainable. clayton: pastor jeffers, you heard father john there. what about these individuals coming from syria to father's point to welcome in those most vulnerable from a war-torn country under this policy, would that still happen? >> well, president trump is exactly right in giving preference to persecuted minorities, which would be christians coming from syria. look, under the obama administration only one half of 1% of syrian refugees were christians. and the fact is according to a recent study, christianity is the most persecuted religion
5:27 am
in the world today, 90,000 christians were slaughtered last year and another study said nine of the ten top nations persecuting christians were muslim-majority nations. so i think the president is exactly on target in righting this wrong creating under the obama administration of discriminating against christians. >> pastor jeffers, i think one thing to say is that christians are by doubt the most persecuted religious group in the world right now no. doubt i agree with you. but then to say therefore president trump is 100% right in this order i think is a mistake. let me tell you why. i'm in total agreement that there can be a time for a temporary ban in some countries. if those countries are unable to vet their people or if we're unable to vet them. the mistake i think was, and i hope it has changed, is to make an indefinite ban in syria for refugees. that was the mistake. and it was -- it's a mistake
5:28 am
because all sorts of misinformation about it is created by hollywood and others saying it's a muslim ban. it's not. but saying it's an indefinite ban instead of a temporary ban like in other countries. >> father jonathan, let me just say, i think that's what you're going to see that it is going to be temporary until we're able to vet these people more carefully, and i think you would agree with me that some people need more scrutiny than others. let's face it. a 25-year-old muslim male trying to enter this country from iraq ought to be looked at more carefully than an 85-year-old grandmother coming from great britain. that only makes sense, and i think that's what the president is saying in this study. >> well, he should say that. listen, pastor jefferson, i agree on so many things. but i think it's very important -- it's going to be a temporary ban, call it a temporary ban. don't call it an indefinite ban and then to your point, pastor, very good. what about the children? so why doesn't trump do an
5:29 am
option thing and create adoption possibilities for children fleeing from persecution? clayton: pastor, final word. >> yeah. i think you're going to see all of that unfold in days ahead. but to put a bigger bow on this, america will never be great again until america is safe again. that's what the president is doing. he's fulfilling his god-given responsibility to protect this country. that's something every american and certainly every christian should be applauding. clayton: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. thank you so much. we appreciate it, father john and father robert jeffers. as always, great to see you. what is the white house saying on this? we're going to talk member of the trump administration. that's next. if time is infinite, why is ta john deere 1 family tractor
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5:33 am
clayton: you're looking at some chaos overnight. new york city this is jfk airport. there are cities, los angeles, down in dallas, here's los angeles. take a look at that. a lot of people coming after protests this ban on refugees from entering the united states. and of course the news overnight that a judge has at least stayed a portion of this, which would allow people with visas to not be sent back but to remain sort of indefinitely i guess in the airport while they're examining them. abby: yeah, we now want to bring in boris epstein, a special assistant to the white house communication director. boris, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, abby, how is everybody?
5:34 am
abby: good, as you can see there is a lot of news this morning, people are waking up this morning trying to digest what's going on, trying to figure out how they feel about things. off the top, i want to give you the chance. is there anything you feel needs to be said this morning as you are coming in front of the white house, is there anything you feel you need to explain? >> well, here's the bottom line. the bottom line is we need to be safe in this country. and this president ran on the fact that this country needs to be secure and deserve that as a basic right, and this executive order goes towards that. but it ensures that the laws are followed. the list is actually put together by the obama administration expanded in 2016. as far as the courtard, it has no bearing on the executive order whatsoever. because those folks in transit were already to be screened here in the united states if they have proper documentation and allowed into the united states unless of course they pose a security threat, which has always been a law.
5:35 am
if they pose a security threat, they're not allowed into our country. >> boris, clear up this green card issue. there seems to be a lot of issue what this does for those carrying green cards. >> for those carrying green cards if they're overseas in those seven countries, again, this is limited to seven countries. then they're able to come back if they pass the rescreening to make sure that they're not posing a security threat. so the countries we're talking about, iraq, yemen, somalia, four others. those are the countries if you're in those with a u.s. green card, and you want to come back, you have to pass through a rescreening and that, again, is geared toward making sure america and americans are safe. abby: so rescreened if nothing is to be worried about, then they can get through. >> that's correct, as long as they don't pose a security threat. abby: it's important for people to understand because there are a lot of reports out there, and you watch these protests playing out, boris, and you watch the mainstream media, and a lot of people are
5:36 am
up in arms, and they're worrying that their country is being taken away from them, in a sense. so i think it's better to understand exactly what the white house is putting in place. >> of course. what you see here is that the white house is enforcing the laws already in the books. and regulations in the books and doing so well within the constitution. we are making sure that this country continues to be secure. that certain folks come into these countries through certain visa programs try to hurt our country and have done so. look at san bernardino. >> look at 9/11. >> of course look at 9/11. so we are doing everything we can with this administration to ensure safety and security but within the current regulations, laws, and the constitution. abby: why not afghanistan? there are countries you talk about san bernardino, you look at the orlando terror attack or right here in new york city or chelsea you can link that back to pakistan, nor saudi arabia, is that something the white house was thinking about? why were they left off? >> well, the list isn't a
5:37 am
finite list, it's not a fishe finished list. but it's designated by the obama administration to having severe security threat traveling to those countries. >> the trump administration doesn't care what the obama administration thought, clearly. they've changed course on just about everything that the obama administration, so who cares that the list claims from the obama administration. donald trump during the campaign slammed jeb bush and the bush family for its relationship with saudi arabia and was -- went after the ties to saudi arabia in this country 9/11, and he watched his friend die on that day. i'm just curious why saudi arabia wasn't added to that list as the top area. >> again, what we're doing is follow the statutes that are on the books, follow the insinuations that the state department currently has. does that mean that those are the final destination that those cannot expand? it does not. but right now, six days in, a week into this administration, we're following the list of countries that have been designated.
5:38 am
now, we urge the senate to confirm -- rex tillerson at the secretary of state, so we can continue to work with the secretary of state and the dhs to keep this country safe. >> by yourself, just to take a step back from this debate, you make an important point, it's week one, and we have a dozen different debates playing out, all of these different executive orders coming fast and furious, and i want to talk to you about something i heard last night, which is that white house officials said amid this storm, the president was still focused on american jobs, and he was working the phones yesterday and has closed in on this deal with lockheed martin to save hundreds of millions of dollars on the f35 program, something he talked about doing during the transition. what do you know about that? and just take us inside the oval office. you've seen the president. this week started with the female -- the women's march, the rally in washington. more protests this weekend bookenedding that first week. what's going through his mind right now as he tries to focus on other issues like american jobs?
5:39 am
>> this has been an unbelievably productive week. as far as i'm concerned, the most productive first week in the history of this country. when we look at everything from the tpp, to the keystone pipeline, dakota access pipeline, all of these things that will ensure american jobs, ensure american employment, and of course the executive orders on national security, on extreme vetting. you look at the great span of achievements just in the first week, it's inspiring, and we're excited for the president to continue in this space and continue to do what's best for america. abby: this is just week one. tomorrow we begin week two, as we said lots to come including what people voted for him on the supreme court pick. he said he has made up his mind but in true trumpshion, the between now and then. who knows. what could we expect this week? >> you could expect a busy week, a productive week, and the supreme court once that decision's made, it will be put out there, and we look forward to adding that very vital supreme court 9th
5:40 am
justice to the supreme court. >> anymore tough confirmation battles you see in the coming week as well? >> we've been -- again, we've been urging the democrats to not be obstructionist but do what's best in the interest of this country, which is to confirm that people who are needed to run this government and make sure that we are moving forward together as a united nation to make this country better and stronger. abby: all right. boris, looking good in front of the white house. how does it feel? >> it's great. it's a honor to be here. excited to speak to you and excited to see what goes on with the president and the people. >> appreciate you coming in. >> good to be here. thank you. have a great day. >> meanwhile the democrats are meeting to talk about the future of their party. what does it mean to reconnect with those white working class voters that donald trump spoke about. jeff weaver is going to join us next.
5:41 am
abby: and this might be justin bieber's greatest hit yet. a hockey player. >> that was him up against the glass. >> getting nailed. [laughter] ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb,
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5:44 am
>> as president trump begins week two, democrat leaders are hoping to find a way to reconnect with voters. so is it that the party is finding a redirection? here to join us is the president of our revolution. jeff weaver. good to see you. >> hi, how are you? >> you're someone who ran a pretty darn good campaign just as donald trump was counted out by all the pundits, so was bernie sanders. you came close. you came up just short, and it appears the democratic party has it largely rigged against you. you ran a very solid campaign.
5:45 am
so what is your advice to democrats moving forward? >> well, this is the time for the democratic party to be bold, to grab onto those policy initiatives that will benefit the middle class, working class people to reestablish the trust that apparently was lost with many voters in particularly in the rust belt states. and that means standing up for fair trade, not these disastrous pro corporate free trade. >> uh-huh. >> it means standing up for individual rights, standing with women, i think you've seen that across this country now. tremendous, tremendous anxiety with what trump's doing. these disastrous executive orders one after another. a cabinet that looks like a whose who of corporate america. i think there's a lot of opportunity for democrats, but they have to be bold. >> i have to challenge you on that point. >> sure. >> sure there are plenty of controversies but trade, for example, you're talking about fair trade, bernie sanders was against tpp. donald trump says this week we're done. we're not going to be party to that. why are you not saying, hey, that's a good move. i saw union leaders at the
5:46 am
white house this week praising donald trump saying that he's trying to work with them on creating jobs. >> well, look, ending tp was the right thing to do. that was the position bernie sanders had, eventually a position hillary clinton had. end the labor movement and people at the grassroots across this country have been fighting tpp. and what donald trump basically was close the lid on the cough in. the thing was basically dead already. >> uh-huh. >> but we need to move forward with nafta, we obviously is a deal with that but not in the blanket way with the walls. we have to protect the american jobs and workers, but not in the way that donald trump is doing it. >> okay. let's get to these protests that we're seeing all this weekend at airports. i saw bernie sanders, your former boss tweeting out yesterday he's angry, he thinks the constitution is being shredded. but the case from the white house is wait a second. this is making america safer. what's wrong with extra vetting to make sure that among the refugees who may
5:47 am
have a right to be here, they are not terrorists who want to harm us. >> look, ed, this is just another example where the white house likes a press release more than they like a good policy. i mean, you saw for yourself that we had people trying to cut back the united states who had served with the american armed forces and whose families were here because they put their lives on the line to help serve american men and women. what does that is to the next war that people who help us there are going to have our backs turned on them. we need to pick a smart policy. if he's concerned about this, where is saudi arabia? obviously, that's a country where many of the 9/11 hijackers came from. you have families with small children being turned back. you know, this is about press release politics. this is about donald trump trying to look tough. but as you know there was no consultation really with other parts the government. people at the border don't really know how to enforce it.
5:48 am
a federal judge has stepped in to overturn part of it. >> yeah. part of it. >> sure. >> i want to talk about that dnc race and just who is leading the party in general. we have this woman, sally brown, one of the candidates for dnc chair, she said this week that she wants to quote shut other white people down, which caused a lot of controversy. and then you have david brock, a controversial figure on the left who you took on as well. he's not running for dnc chair, but he's out there saying that the way democrats stop donald trump number one is through impeachment and number two he's digging up dirt on all the democratic candidates that will be coming up in the years. i saw you quoting in the daily beast that this is ridiculous. >> yeah. well, i'm no friend of david brock. i think he was bad for the clinton campaign, i think many of the clinton people would tell you that as well. and the less the democratic party has to do with david brock, the better off they will be. look, we need a leader in the democratic party who is going to bring in young people, independent people, and other people who have not
5:49 am
been involved in politics. keith ellison, the congressman from minnesota is clearly the person who is not only has the ability to do it but the credibility. this is key. you may have two candidates, ed, who have equal ability to do that. but keith has the credibility on the street to do it, and i think democrats would be wise to pick him. >> keith ellison has faced controversy as you know, though, for some of his past controversial comments. that's going to be an issue in the days ahead, i suspect. >> well, i think -- he was a young man, and i think he has fully explained that. >> good. i want to give you a chance to respond. we appreciate your democratic perspective this morning. jeff weaver, thank you for coming in. >> thanks. >> coming up final hour, we have bobby kendall, general kurtz, and jack keane. and one of you our favorites, he loves us, we love him, kevin mccarthy. he's next.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
. >> well, it's the final chapter of the evil series a billion-dollar franchise but is it worth seeing on the big screen? abby: joining us now is founder kevin mccarthy. good morning, kevin. >> by the way, i want to say real quick, i'm upset i'm not seeing you guys in new york, but i have to say being here in the dc bureau has been really exciting the last few weeks. i've seen kellyanne conway, mike pence, bob woodward, mitch mcconnell, i'm getting with these people and i'm, like, hey, i'm a movie reviewer, and you guys are here for serious topics.
5:54 am
>> you're bret baier now. >> but you had a chance to talk with mila. >> i did, and i grew up one of a huge fans of all time. and you wonder why they made six is because the first five made almost a billion dollars at the box office. the scene right here where the lasers are going through the hallway, that's that's a staple sequence in the film. and her husband directed this film and he said that she had a broom that they put across the hallway so she could jump over it. >> we would do the stunt, you know, and they would bring a pole. i don't remember if it was a broom. >> the terrible film-making secret is that it's me with a broom handle. >> are you kidding me? >> to show us the angle. >> did they bring back the set of the first one or recreate it? >> 15 years ago, it looks
5:55 am
super modern, and we're trying to recreate it and suddenly we're, like, look at these phones, they have cords. it looks so old-fashioned. >> i spent $20.40 in imax 3d, i will say that's a waste of money. the 3d is awful. if you're a fan of the franchise, see it. if not, you might be a little bit lost. i gave gave it a three out of five. >> so a dog's purpose, i cried in the preview, i think some others did. but there's been some controversy. there's been some leaked video of a german shepherd pushed in this pool, didn't seem like it wanted to get in. some people hear torture on the dogs. what are you hearing about this? >> the video is hard to watch. but there are two sides to every story. my wife and are big dog lovers. i will say, though, that's not the only thing about this film that's hard to watch. you're dealing with a canine
5:56 am
spirit who's continuing multiple lifetimes -- multiple dog's bodies, so you're dealing with the death of the dog multiple times in the movie. i will say this. i was 32-year-old grown man. if you want to see me cry, just put marlie and me cry, and i will lose it every day of the week. and, look, the beginning to the end of this movie were very well done. screenwriting aside, that is great. josh who did the voice of the dog also did the voice of olaf in the frozen film. i gave it a 3.5, i don't know how many people will be able to separate the video to the movie itself. >> bring a bunch of tissues. >> yes. >> great advice, kevin. >> have a wonderful weekend. >> you too. >> all right. coming up on the show. the president says his executive order on the refugees isn't about race, it's about keeping america safe. what does bobby think? we're going to ask him next. >> plus your e-mails are pouring in about the protests. we'll share those coming up
5:57 am
5:58 am
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6:00 am
♪ ♪ abby: good morning, happy sunday, everyone, it is january 29th, i'm abby huntsman, and the white house is not backing down on the president's executive order on immigration. former governor bobby jindal is live. ed: and the mainstream media spreading, yes, some confusion about what the president's executive action really means. >> chaos, confusion and protests. >> there was chaos and confusion at airports today. >> chaos, confusion and fear. ed: so is it really fear, or is the media spreading it? we're separating the fact from the fiction live this hour. clayton: and a new justin bieber hit, this time the pop star really crushing it. but we're not talking about his music. the hockey play that has everyone talking about it this morning, it's gone viral. that photo right there. ed: you're a bleaker, right? abby: clayton loves bieber. clayton: filled my ipod.
6:01 am
"fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ clayton: oh, happy leap year, everyone. if no one's wished you a happy leap year -- abby: you are the first. ed: isn't that like last month? clayton: no, we've got to wait, i just wanted people to get ready for it. i don't want you to miss it. i want to be the first to let you know -- ed: that's awesome of you. abby: we will get to justin bieber soon, because i know people are wondering how that ended. there's a lot of news this morning, there is a lot going on, and it's important to just sort of break this down. clayton: take a look at some of this video from overnight, because you would think chaos erupting all over the country, new york city, dallas, los angeles, dulles, protests have been shutting down different terminals as people have thrown
6:02 am
their support behind refugees which they are saying are, you know, being detained at the airports while they're going through this vetting process, screening process. ed: they're protesting the president's executive order, his refugee ban. a federal judge overnight as well stopping part of the president's action, not the whole thing, not challenging the constitutionality yet. there'll be legal fights about that in the days ahead, but just slowing part of the action. and we had boris epstein from the white house on last hour. here's their pushback. >> the bottom line is that we need to be safe in this country, and this president, president trump, ran on the fact that this country needs to be secure and america deserves that as a basic be right. his executive order goes a long way toward that. it insures the current laws on the books are followed. the list of countries is actually the list put together by the obama administration in 2015 expanded in 2016. as far as the court order, it actually has no bearing on the executive order whatsoever.
6:03 am
with the executive order, those folks in transit who are ready to be screeninged here in the united states -- screened here in the united states and allowed into the united states unless, of course, they pose a security threat which has always been the law. if someone is coming in and they pose a security threat, they're not allowed into our country. clayton: so green cards also an issue, what does that mean for those with green cards in this country? they're not going to be sent back unless they fail the screening process. they're going to be rescreened if they have a green card. abby: and if everything's fine, they can get right through. you're hearing from the trump administration this morning, really doubling down on this action and remaining quite calm if you compare that to what we're seeing play out in the media and the protests around the airport. president trump tweeting this morning: our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting. look what is happening all over europe and, indeed, the world. a horrible mess. they're saying we're going to keep going forward -- ed: he was on the phone yesterday with the german chancellor, angela merkel. months a ago she had an open
6:04 am
border policy for these refugees saying we've got to open our hearts, and all of a sudden there's a wave of terror attacks in europe -- abby: she said now this is actually the greatest threat -- ed: that's not what she was saying a year ago. clayton: we had viewer e-mails this morning, ali writing: we are, indeed, a melting pot. the problem with new immigrants is they are not melting. abby: okay. this is from lisa: why not discuss when obama blocked iraqi refugees from coming to the u.s. back in 2011, yet no protests? clayton: we did talk about that throughout the show. ed: he had a timeout for six months in 2011, and you did not see elizabeth warren say lady liberty is shedding a tear today. i have to tell you, somebody who will bring a lot of sense and rationality to this debate, bobby jindal, a good friend, former governor of louisiana. good morning, sir.
6:05 am
>> y'all were the first to wish me a happy leap year. clayton: i just want to be out in front on this. [laughter] happy leap year to you. governor, you have, as the son of two immigrants, this is causing quite a rift in this country this morning, i think it's safe to say. people e-mailing in outraged about it, some happy about it saying it's about time. where do you come down on this? >> well, it is about time. look, the president's first and most important responsibility is to keep us safe. now, you guys may remember it was almost two years ago i went to london, i gave an important speech talking about the threat of radical islamic terrorism. i believe i was the first back then to say that immigration without assimilation is not immigration, it's an invasion. the left went crazy. they attacked me, and you saw some of the same kind of rhetoric you're hearing now. president trump is exactly right. and let's be clear what his policy does. all he's saying is from these seven countries, we're going to vet folks who want to come into
6:06 am
our country to make sure they're not coming here to do us harm. that's just common sense. these are seven countries where there's a significant threat. it just makes common sense. we want to make sure these aren't folks wanting to come and kill americans, come and inflict terrorism here in the homeland. abby: well, i mean, the criticism is president trump just doesn't have a heart, right? he is strictly banning muslims, that he hates muslims, he hates america by putting this in place. as clayton mentioned, this is something close to your heart. as you're watching this play out in the media and hearing that about president trump, what's going through your mind as this is, obviously, something that's close to your heart? >> my parents came here legally, they came here to assimilate, they came here because they wanted to be americans, they wanted to raise their family here in the greatest country in the history of the world. and america's still a welcoming place to immigrants, to folks from all over the world who want to come here, work hard, learn english. we're not here for folks who want to come and undermine our values. the problem is today one of your viewers put it exactly right, we
6:07 am
have historically been the great melting pot where people from all different backgrounds without any discrimination can come here and be americans. that's not what the left wants today. they're saying people don't have to come here and assimilate. if people don't want to be americans, don't come here. nobody has the right to come here. i think it's just a rational immigration policy to say if you want to come here, you should want to be an american, you should want to assimilate. for example be, you should support the same religious liberties for other folks that you want for yourself. for folks coming in from these countries, a little bit of extra vetting is exactly what the president should be doing, and i'm glad to see -- look, the left is going crazy because you've got a president who's doing what we he said -- what he said he would do. he campaigned on this promise. ed: governor, you talked about common sense. people coming in a country like syria, we want to vet them and make sure they're actually refugees, innocents and not terrorists. got it. but why are green cardholders who have already been here in
6:08 am
the united states, might go visit grandma, visit a relative, why are they being stopped? can you understand why critics this morning are saying that's not a part of the plan we heard during the campaign? >> look, a couple of things. i'm sure the administration, if they need a tweaked policy going forward, they'll do that. but one of the things this policy does allow the department of homeland security to make individual exemptions and waivers. the executive order clearly says for folks that are coming here that it's good for america, that those to threat under special circumstances. so there is an ability for the department of homeland security to grant waivers to allow folks in. when you're facing a threat from people who have made it clear they want to kill innocent americans, this is part of their death culture, i think it just makes common sense to err on the side of protecting americans, protecting the homeland for saying folks that aren't citizens of america -- especially, we talk about specifically folks from these seven countries. we're just going to take another look. and by the way, this is also a
6:09 am
temporary, this is 90 days for these seven countries, 120 days for the refugees to give them time to work with those governments, work with those countries to make sure we have procedures in place. this is in part because president obama opened the door, was forcing states to accept syrian refugees without the proper vetting, without the proper procedures in place. this is, i think, president trump correcting some of the mistakes of president obama's administration. clayton: governor, we get your take on some confirmation hearings this week, a big one, betsy devos, education secretary. and senator al franken telling rachel maddow on her show on thursday night that no democrat will vote to confirm her. and be she met this week with the senate committee on health, education and labor, and it didn't go very well. how do you see this playing out? >> look, the left is mad because betsy is a fierce fighter for the equality of opportunity in education. make no mistake about this, i know they're going to try to distract this, this really comes down to two things.
6:10 am
she's pointing out the hypocrisy of the democrats. most of those senators going after her, criticizing her, you can be assured their children, their grandchildren are gog to great schools. they are not -- the reason they're so mad at betsy is she wants the same opportunities for every child in america. everybody says they're for equality in education, that's not what we have in america today. if you're wealthy, if you have the means, you'll send your child to a great private school or move to a neighborhood with a great public school. there are too many children that are trapped in failing public schools, and betsy wants school choice, she wants the dollars to follow the child and so -- instead of the child following the dollar. she's showing the democrats to be hypocrites on this. secondly, so many of these democrats are in the pockets of the teachers' unions, their more interested in -- they're more interested in defending a failed system. many of these are low income kids, minority kids, kids that need a shot at the american dream, the same american dream that brought my parents here in the first place. i commend betsy for having the
6:11 am
courage to stand up for his beliefs, i commend president trump for appointing somebody who's going to stand up to the status quo. the democrats are hypocrites, they pretend like they care about these poor kids, they're actually more worried about the system and the teachers' unions. abby: governor, good to have you here this morning. a lot to talk about. >> happy leap year. [laughter] ed: appreciate that. abby: i'm going to start saying that to people. clayton: even if it's not true. abby: we get that anyway with you. clayton: that's true. abby: now to some other headlines and another fox news alert and mourning the loss of a hero. a u.s. service member killed in a raid in yemen. american paratroopers killing 14 suspected al-qaeda militants including three of the terror army's high ranking members. three other u.s. troops were also wounded. and president trump set to speak with more foreign leaders today, mr. trump calling the saudi king and the crown prince of the uae and the tacting president of south korea -- and
6:12 am
the acting president of south korea. this after speaking with vladimir putin on the phone for the first time yesterday. the white house calling it, quote, a significant start to mending relations with moscow. and a woman accused of using fake credentials breaking into last week's gop retreat on the same day that the president and vice president made appearances. investigators say she was impersonating a lawmaker's wife. she was discovered and escorted out during that event. and the story we've all been waiting for, justin bieber. might be his greatest hit yet. suiting up in an nhl celebrity all-star game and getting crushed into the boards. this photo now going viral seeing beak ebb ear -- bieber's anguish, you can see the smile across his face. both were taking part in shootout games. ed: he's really enjoying that hit. abby: why do we love seeing bieber beat up? ed: i think you know.
6:13 am
clayton: i shed a tear. ed: coming up, the media repeating phrases as they spread confusion, perhaps, about the president's executive order. howie kurtz says they might be missing the big picture. he joins us live next. clayton: plus, colleges have a message for immigrant students this morning, come to our campus. >> i have no problem with any number of undocumented immigrants at this university, i think they should be welcome. >> yeah, i totally agree.
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liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance ♪ ♪ abby: president trump's extreme vetting causes panic and chaos. that executive order slamming u.s. borders shut, temporarily barring refugees. families stranded. >> behind the scenes his team scrambling to manage fallout from his divisive executive order, halting immigration from
6:17 am
these seven predominantly muslim countries. >> some passengers on the way to new lives here when that order took effect. clayton: president trump's executive order suspending refugees causing a major media firestorm. is the mainstream media inciting unnecessary fear among americans? here to weigh in is the host of media buzz, howie kurtz, who turns a critical eye to the media. howie, just at a 30,000-foot level, how do you think they're handling this? >> well, you know, this is a big, breaking story so, obviously, everybody is jumping on it. you did have a bit of a chaotic scene at jfk and a judge issuing a temporary stay, but what i'm hearing missing when i hear reports are, particularly in the television reports -- a little less so in the newspapers -- voices on the other side that support this policy, a reminder or recognition that these are temporary bans, 90-120 days, or the underlying reason for this which is to stop people from coming into this country to commit terror acts. clayton: well, earlier on our
6:18 am
show, howie, to your point, we did have that other side. we had a muslim journalist on "fox & friends" earlier talking about the side of muslims and how they look at this ban. take a listen. >> we have a crisis. we are facing an ideological war of our generation. we need extreme solutions. i understand very deeply that there are human casualties. as the pendulum swings from the left to the right, there are human beings in the middle, and we need to find compassionate solutions, but we also need pragmatic strategies. and so this 30 days in which the trump administration is going to be developing its counter-extremism and counter-isis strategy is so critical. what i hope that they will do is, you know, fix some of these logistical nightmares that are emerging, you know, with the executive order but also come up with a strategic plan that tackles the ideologying of extremism. clayton: why do you think we're not hearing more voices like that on the mainstream media?
6:19 am
>> because it's much easier to focus on the conflict and the divisiveness. television doesn't do nuance well. and so, for example, a number of news organization organizations have focused on one guy who was an interpreter helping the u.s., i believe, in iraq who was caught in this because he had gotten on a plane not knowing this was going to take effect. legitimate story, but television tends to pick one sympathetic figure and make that person the face of the story. not looking at the fact that some people might be getting in, trying to get in who might commit acts of terror in the future. that's what's driving this policy. and by the way, we went through this in the campaign, the media went nuts, said this was the end of his campaign, he was toast. turned out he won the election anyway, so this is not something that is a surprise, but it's something that the new president said he was going to do. clayton: we also saw some similarities between what democrats have been saying and some of the nightly newscasts. almost hard to tell them apart. i'm going to put it occupien the screen. tear -- up on the screen. tears are running down the
6:20 am
cheeks of the statute of liberty tonight -- statue of liberty tonight. and here's another one, president trump drew an x today through the welcoming words of the nearby statue of liberty. which one's which? >> i'm not sure about the wording, but i did see the cover of the new york daily news which has been very anti-trump, huffington post had a big banner headline with the picture of a dead child, i believe a syrian child on a beach. so, you know, it is clear that those who oppose this president in the media during the campaign, during the transition and now during the first week of his presidency are going to jump on this. and sometimes it does echo what people on the left are saying. not all news organizations are committing that sin, however. clayton: no, they're not. the first one, to be fair, was senator chuck schumer, the second one was the cbs evening news, scott paley. sean spicer is coming up on your show, on "media buzz." >> yeah, it's a good interview,
6:21 am
i hope you'll catch it. clayton: thanks so much, howie. jerry seinfeld, liberals ripping him for a joke about black lives matter. comedian joe piscopo says liberals need to lighten up. he joins us on the couch. come on in, joe. ♪ ♪ just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ ♪ ed: some quick headlines this morning. prince charles becoming a royal pain for the white house? the white house advising the monarch to save his breath and not lecture president trump about climate change during his visit this summer. prince charles has been leading the british effort to save the planet. and mr. clean is getting a little dirty for his first super bowl commercial. there♪
6:25 am
♪ >> sarah? cleaning up? ♪ ♪ ed: yes, that ad, the cleaning supply pitch man doing a little sexy dance while he cleans the house. who better to talk about a sexy dance than joe piscopo -- [laughter] our old friend joe. clayton: i don't know about you, but i'm going to go home and start cleaning the house. ed: what kind of ad is that? >> do we have to go there with mr. clean? he was so wholesome, what happened? abby: the only thing sexier than seeing your husband clean is doing a sexy dance. i mean, i love it. [laughter] >> two of them with a mop. clayton: joe, saw we lost our -- have we lost our sense of humor? jerry seinfeld tweeted that --
6:26 am
his show, very popular internet show, comedians in cars -- >> getting coffee. clayton: so louis black, he tweeted this: comedians in cars getting coffee, louis black, black's life matters. he was going to be a guest on his show, and everyone freaked out. >> no, you're absolutely right. we're so politically correct. jerry seinfeld is one of the nicest guys in the business. abby: right. >> in our business, it ain't easy. jerry's one of the nicest, grounded guys, new york guy, stays in new york, he remembers his friends, this is ridiculous. oh, my gosh, give me a break. abby: have we lost our sense of humor? >> that's right. jerry said he doesn't even like to do colleges anymore because it's so politically correct. clayton: last year we reported that, he said i won't go to campuses anymore. >> and i can't stress enough to say what a great guy he is. clayton: he got some backlash. >> people gotta get a life. stop, relax!
6:27 am
when we're on snl and singing you are black and i am white -- ♪ you are blind as a bat and i have sight. oh! oh! and if you continue that, i'm afraid to even talk about -- >> that was sinatra and sammy davis. >> it was with eddie murphy doing the ebony and ivory song, and we could do it back then. if you play that same bit on youtube, they edit out certain words. ed: tyler conway had a tweet, now i see why larry david -- >> larry's a good idea, he's a genius. i came up with him -- clayton: larry david's jokes on hbo are, actually, can be pretty not politically correct. >> you guys are doing a great job. are you on 12 hours today? [laughter] clayton: you're joining us for our 12th hour today. [laughter] >> you know what, everybody's got to relax -- abby: just need to calm down? >> calm down, we're getting crazy. ed: a lot of speculation you
6:28 am
might run for governor of new jersey. >> i haven't heard that. abby: you said you're thinking seriously -- >> i've never been more serious about anything in my life. i love the great state of new jersey. the people need a spokesperson, they need a conduit of the people. [applause] instead of the ridiculous government -- ed: so are you announcing right now? >> no, i can't. [laughter] i promised neil cavuto -- ed: i've got to ask you this -- >> nice pocket square. charles payne and ed henry, best pocket squares. ed: you'd be smart to follow charles. do you believe that politicians should keep their promises, keep their word? >> here we go. ed: because -- i am busting your chops. i'm from new york too, i know what that means. about a year ago, i said, you're a yankees fan? ed modell's got the greatest yankees tickets -- abby: i see what this is going. ed: sorry, i can't do that one.
6:29 am
next thing i know, he's tweeting, him and john mcenroe, john mcenroe got my seat. clayton: i could see that. abby: i don't blame you for that one. >> so i called mitchell last night, any ticket you want at any -- ed: my friend be, you're a man of your word. if you run for office, i know you're going to keep your promise. you make a promise, a year and a half later. abby: and, joe, you've been lifting weights for it. >> yes, we've been working out. abby: you're looking good. good to have you. >> i knew ed would get on me. ed: elevating the level of excitement on our show. [laughter] ed: meanwhile, the mainstream media hits the panic button over the president's immigration order. >> chaos, confusion and protests. >> there was chaos and confusion at airports today -- >> chaos, confusion and fear. ed: lieutenant colonel tony schafer is here to separate fact from fiction next. abby: plus, trump's big, beautiful wall getting a big endorsement this morning, but from who? you're going to have to stick around.
6:30 am
ed: foreign leader maybe? ♪ ♪ ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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clayton: we are back with a fox news alert. the white house vowing to enforce president trump's refugee order as protests erupt at airports across the country. ed: a federal judge issuing an emergency stay temporarily stopping the government from deporting people after they
6:34 am
arrive with valid visas. abby: let's go right to laura ingle who's at jfk. what is the latest where you are? >> reporter: good morning, abby. and, you know, this has been a very fluid situation all morning long as very concerned family members have been inside here behind me, inside terminal four, the international terminal, pacing and waiting to find out if their loved ones are going to make it out jfk and walk out those doors. last night, certainly a very different scene today. we actually don't have protesters now, but things have settled down from that very large protest we saw last night here at jfk where thousands of people came to let their feelings be known about president trump's executive order. right now we've been told five people remain in detention. we just learned that two more immigrants were released, a woman from libya in her 70s and a man from iran were just allowed to leave. this after serious efforts by volunteer attorneys -- there's an army of them here -- who have been trying to help.
6:35 am
one man we talked to is still waiting for his fiance from iraq to be cleared. >> we're not terrorists, she's a 21-year-old, most beautiful woman you could probably meet. initially, they were bad because they handcuffed her. it's getting a little bit better now. she hasn't ate in two days, she was crying for the last two days. as of today, it's getting a little bit better. >> reporter: and everybody who has been detained, their phones have been taken away, they don't have a lot of access to speak to their family members. they are allowed to use the office phone, so to speak. that's how we're getting the information out. as these families wait, the public contingency tries to understand exactly what these two orders mean for travelers from the seven countries listed in president trump's executive order. >> the truth is, it's not a muslim ban. there are 50 muslim majority countries in the world, this affects seven of them. and it doesn't say, by the way, that no muslims there those countries can come in, it says no one can come in except for a
6:36 am
few classes of people, one of which is those that are persecuted for their religion which, by the way, is important because under obama's refugee program, less than 1% of the refugees from syria were christian or yazidi. and most were muslim males. >> reporter: and again, the situation continue toes to go on -- continues to go on as more nights are coming in this international terminal today. back to you guys. clayton: laura saying a fluid situation, exactly the says. ed: thanks, laura. it is important to actually get, you know, the facts. let's separate fact from fiction. here to help us, retired army lieutenant kohl them tony schafer. -- colonel be tony schafer. this question of whether or not christians are prioritized over muslims. >> clearly, they're minority. and frankly, look, they're the first to either face being, essentially, sold off as slaves or death. this is -- one of the issues regarding asylum, regarding why
6:37 am
we have this program to bring people in, these refugees, is the fact that people certainly are persecuted. the christian minority within the region we're talking about, especially in syria, the asyrian christians, yazidis, i've talked to these folks, and they are literally being decimated. they're being removed from the face of the earth so, of course, we should be looking at giving them preference on this. abby: the other question is how do you separate the good people from the bad? can refugees lie about being christian? >> right. abby, that's an excellent point, and i think this is what we've got to fix. look, you've got to be able to figure out a way to vet people, and this has been one of mr. trump's central points. we don't have a vetting process, so as i said earlier ed or you or clayton could all come and say, hey, i'm christian, and we just accept that. you've got to present some level of proof, something saying that you are now. so i think this is where we have to be accepting of people wanting the status, but you've got to vet them as well. you can't simply accept things on face value.
6:38 am
clayton: right. another question is to how many will be allowed in. is there a cap on the number of refugees allowed in? >> excellent question. well, there's always been a cap. we've never had unlimited -- this is where angela merkel got in trouble, the unlimited migration of individuals to germany. no, we have a cap. under george bush it was something under 50,000, i think it was 26,000 one year, under president obama it went up to 70, and now under president trump we're back to 50, and this is all well documented, this is something that we have had in place as a nation for decades. so this is nothing new, this is simply a specification of the law which currently exists, and mr. trump's gone to 50,000 which is, i think, still high. ed: how did the president come up with the seven countries included in the ban? >> yeah, great question. again,s this is going back to legislation president obama signed into law in december of 2015. which is, essentially, an act sent over by congress limiting the number of individuals coming from -- individuals, not
6:39 am
religious individuals, any individual -- coming from these war-torn countries. i've used the analogy, and by the way, it was a little bit more specified in february of 2016. frankly, i think we ought to add saudi arabia and a couple others to that list. abby: right. ed: tony, it's interesting how the media's framing this, quote: transgender iraqi woman describes how her dreams were shattered when the president signed immigration executive order. since when has an american president, democrat or republican, since when has their mission been to headache sure the dreams -- to make sure the dreams of a transgender iraqi woman are met? where's that in the job description? >> well, it's not. and let's be clear on this, or president carter excluded iranians for a good long time during the iranian hostage crisis. president obama himself, we talked about the limitation of this law back in december 2015, he actually implemented a ban of well as -- as well of travel. what is new is the media
6:40 am
essentially acting irresponsibly, putting out completely false and erroneous information. i used the analogy during world war ii we were at war with the nazis. during that time you would not allow for unmitigated migration of nazis into the united states or england. going back to the bbc example. so we're at war in some form. as a matter of fact, you guys just reported this morning, we lost one of our special operations in yemen. yemen's one of those countries. we are at war. this is about security, it's not about religion. clayton: and to your point, afghanistan, saudi arabia could be coming to this list soon. abby: pakistan. clayton: pakistan too, absolutely. abby: that's why we have you here. thank you, tony. clayton: president trump also working to rebuild our military coming up. abby: plus, it was one of the president's signature campaign promises. ed: how did his first full week in office impact the american worker? well, maria bartiromo's here to discuss it.
6:41 am
abby: come on in, maria. ♪ ♪ i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. ♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back. some quick headlines. our greatest ally in the middle east coming to president trump's defense. benjamin netanyahu tweeting this, quote: president trump is right. i built a wall, it stopped all illegal immigration. great success, great idea. mexico now upset with the prime minister saying he's interfering with u.s. relations. netanyahu also agreeing that the u.s. embassy should be moved from tel aviv to jerusalem. and college students at george washington university say they want more illegal immigrants to go to their school despite the president's temporary ban on refugees. >> how do you guys feel about these things? >> well, it's a good thing. >> i think that it's necessary. >> every campus should have something like that because i'm
6:45 am
personally against trump. >> i think it's a good idea. >> yeah, i'm totally for it. >> i think that is an incredible idea. clayton: some students also say the president's plan for a border wall is racist. abby: all right. one of president trump's signature campaign promises was to bring back american jobs. ed: so how did the president's first full week in office impact the american worker? here to weigh in, sunday morning futures host maria bartiromo. >> how are you? ed: we've been talking a lot about the refugees, but i think it's helpful to just take a step back and think about everything that happened in this first week. and it started with business leaders coming in, but also union leaders who came out of the meeting with the president and said, democratic presidents didn't invite us in on week one and actually listen to us. >> well, it's true. and the american worker this week had a big success, by the way, because of everything donald trump signed in terms of those executive orders.
6:46 am
look, the truth is is nafta truly dislocated american workers, there's no doubt about it. the whole premise of nafta where american companies were able to move production to mexico and get workers at a much cheaper rate totally dislocated 700,000 american workers because all of a sudden it became okay for america to produce something overseas in mexico and then sell it back to the -- abby: why wouldn't you to that? of course you're going to move to mexico. >> of course. clayton: where do you think the trump administration's going to come down on nafta? what is going to shift? >> well, first of all, donald trump has been very clear, he will pull be out if, in fact, the american worker is not at an advantage. i think nafta is one of the first things wilbur ross will address, and they will redo it. i think it will look completely different, and american workers will once again -- finally, after 20 years -- see their wages start going up. that was another implication of nafta. workers, employers could basically bully the worker to accepting a much lower wage. that's why wages have been down for 20 years, and that's what
6:47 am
this election was all about. i mean, it's incredible when you start studying nafta, the trans-pacific partnership, you understand much better than we ever have why the american worker -- ed: so obvious, and workers were crying out about this for years, as you say, and politicians in both parties were really ignoring them. >> right. because the idea that business was able to transfer production and workers overseas and then sell it back to the united states just became common place. and all of a sudden the rules of nafta became the template for other deals like the trans-pacific partnership, like world trade organization and what they were blessing in terms of world trade. so we're going to talk to peter navarro about this this morning, he is the director of white house trade council. he's going to be on the show, and also i've got james hoffa. to your point, the big unions and what are they saying. james hoffa is all this on president trump right now. it's extraordinary. clayton: wow. abby: i think peggy noonan had a piece yesterday saying this is really quite a moment for president trump when you take a step back --
6:48 am
ed: and could reshape the republican party if he's able to have these reagan democrats that are trump democrats now. >> exactly. and that's what's happening. we're going to talk with michael mukasey, former attorney general, to get his sense of this this temporary stay from the federal judge in brooklyn and where he sees this going. and we've got scott baio coming on the show -- clayton: you can't fit that all in. [laughter] ed: you should have led with that. >> attacks on inauguration weekend, i want to get him to set the record straight. clayton: you can't get that all in. starts in ten minutes. ed: has a new white house already made us stronger on the world stage? abby: and retired four-star general jack keane is on deck, he's reacting next. e feet... jumped into city life as a kid... ...and kept my town moving. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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ed: president trump receiving a
6:52 am
lot of criticism overnight for his executive action on refugees, but our next guest says the moves the presidents has made are a good start. retired four-star general, folk military analyst, general jack keane. general, good morning. obviously, the critics are framing this as a ban that is heartless. the president is trying to frame this as something that will make the country safer. >> well, i certainly agree with the president. listen, our senior law enforcement officials who are part of the obama administration, served in this that administration have said repeatedly in testimony that they did not have confidence in the vetting process that was bringing people from the threat area into this country. and, obviously, president trump took note of that. he wants, what this is truly about, he wants to establish a very good vetting process so our officials will have confidence in it, and he wants a temporary ban so there's time to do that. clayton: part of the criticism,
6:53 am
general, is this list of seven drawn up under the obama administration, countries with potential terrorist ties and of concern to the united states. colonel tony schaffer on our show a start short time ago pointing out he would like to see saudi arabia on this list as well, perhaps pakistan, afghanistan. do you think these other countries need to be added to this list? >> no, i don't think so. i -- listen, you've got to have some faith in the intelligence briefings that the president is receiving every day, and he's asking those intelligence agencies to make recommendations to him. they have the facts, they know where the threat areas are and where the likely refugees being infiltrated by isis. there's plenty of evidence to that because they were doing that in europe. so i'm going to leave that alone and not pick and choose which one, add another one, take one off. i'll leave it to the intelligence agencies that are providing the president that kind of feedback. ed: you though that critics in
6:54 am
the bush administration were saying gitmo is al-qaeda's biggest terror recruiting tool. now the same song sheet is being used here, saying that what president trump is doing will be a recruiting tool for isis. do you buy that criticism or no? >> no, i don't. and gitmo never was, and isis has never mentioned gitmo that i'm aware of one time. the institute for the study of war tracks everything they say every day. and so this is a lot of rubbish that's put out there. listen, the president of the united states is trying to protect the american people. that is what this is about. and i think we should support him in that effort. during his temporary ban to put in place a good vetting process. abby: yeah, he has said over and over again this is, most importantly, to make us a safer country. do you think this is going to make us safer in the end? >> we get a good vetting process in that we don't have right now, absolutely. and that's the intent of this. and i'm -- i will assume that after that process is in place,
6:55 am
the ban will be removed, and people will flow as they have been in the past. but they're going to be properly screened. ed: that'll be the last word. general jack keane, we appreciate it. ed: super bowl sunday just one week away. abby: big daddy is here with his predictions and super bowl snacks. can't wait for this, it smells so good in here. ed: i'm starving man. come on, big daddy. [laughter] ♪ ♪ you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar.
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♪ ♪ clayton: super bowl li kicks off one week from today right here
6:59 am
on fox, and big daddy's here, and he's brought some food -- abby: thank you for that. it smells so good. clayton: you can order this to do from the internet, healthy eating. >> look at the ribs, wings, chicken, chili? abby: what are your predictions? >> ready? atlanta falcons. clayton: how are they going to rattle tom brady? >> they're just on a ride right now, and their offense -- i think it's going to be a shootout, actually. clayton: you think a high scoring game. ed: and they beat brady. >> they're going to beat brady. ed: i've got another prediction, you're going to have a heck of a meal. clayton: you can order this clean eating, all natural -- >> they are feeding all of long island already. and new york. so now they're taking their game to a national level. clayton: wings, ribs? abby: i love that you brought squash for a super bowl snack.
7:00 am
ed: ed is on his second bowl of chili. clayton: more with big daddy on the after the show show. abby: have a good sunday, everyone. >> see you next week from houston. abby: are you going to be there? >> yeah. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everybody. president trump facing his first legal challenge over executive actions as his controversial extreme vetting order is put into action. good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo, welcome to "sunday morning futures." president trump doubling down a amid nationwide protests. former attorney general michael mukasey is here on the legal fight ahead. plus, next week jeff sessions expected to be confirmed as attorney general by the senate while secretary of state nominee rex tillerson awaits his vote. when will the president's cabinet be in place? relations with mexico got off to


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