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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 29, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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coming up. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> this is about being fair to the american people. judge jeanine: i visit the white house for a revealing one-on-one interview with counselor to donald trump, kellyanne conway. her role in public service, a mother, and a mother in the white house. >> it turns out there are people who have problems with women in power, and many of them are women. judge jeanine: we'll talk about her boss' flurry of activity this week. extreme vetting, sanctuary
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cities, rudy giuliani live to discuss how the new president is changing the game it's a packed "justice" and it starts now. breaking tonight, president trump not slowing down after a whirlwind week in the white house, and neither are the protesters. welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. hundreds of people at new york's kennedy airport and other airports protesting at this hour. they are demonstrating against the detainment of refugees being held after the president's executive action cracking down on immigration from muslim majority countries. we'll talk about all of this with rudy giuliani live in a moment. plus i'll take you inside kellyanne conway's white house
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office for a two-part interview tonight. but first my opening statement. like it or not, our laws are about to be enforced. those who live in sanctuary cities that harbor illegals are now teed up to lose federal law enforcement funding and protect. each and every one of you has a decision to make. everyone in those 300 odd sanctuary counties and cities. what's more important to you? what you rather protect illegals who flaunted our laws to come here and some committing crimes while here, or law-abiding american citizens who shouldn't have to lose police protection because they happen to live in a swank wary city. now, if you believe in america, and everything we stand for, it's time to demand an end to
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these criminal enclaves. in the first whirlwind week president trump signed an executive order directing the withholding of grants money to sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with immigration laws. where state and local governments share fingerprints to help identify undocumented immigrants. to force other countries to actually take back criminals by using leverage like withholding u.s. visas. and a new victim program for americans who have been victim tides forr by shall -- who have victimized by illegals. and weekly statistics of people victimized by illegals living in sanctuary cities. so you can march and you can
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hate and you can shame and demonize the 45th president. but i have got news for you. law and order is back in the west. and ma'am b -- and mayors like o and rahm emanuel who say their policies improve relations between the immigrant community and law enforcement are in jeopardy of losing law enforcement. i identify with identifying criminal activity by illegals, by the doesn't work. as prosecutor and d.a. in a county of about a million tells me otherwise. an illegal beat up and robbed every friday, every payday. i never heard a word about him.
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i only found out about him when his i am legal immigrant robber finally killed him. brutally. he was more afraid of the illegal than was of the police. so if you are an illegal, and friends with a local cop, and you don't get deported. great. but that doesn't mean that you are going to rat on another illegal. do you really think that one illegal is going to turn in another illegal, especially when they both live in a sanctuary city? the victim knows that the criminal illegal is only going to be cut loose anyway. the sanctuary city promised not to deport him and the illegal. and an illegal smart enough to avoid apprehension to get here in the first place knows the criminal illegal has a sanctuary
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haven forever. so why even have a sanctuary city in hopes of improving relations when an illegal is more afraid of the other illegal than he is of the police. and so is never going to risk turning in another illegal who will be free to come after him. the whole thing is a to want to protect illegals and get them to cooperate with law enforcement. you don't need a blanket sanctuary city, the law is already in place. it's called a visa. if you are illegal and you want to report a crime. this is a visa that protects you and aloud you and your family sanctuary from deportation. so it's already the law. so sanctuary cities are safe
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havens for criminal aliens and not their victims legal or illegal. juan sanchez deported five times. he admitted he came to san francisco baits was a sanctuary city. how many parents do we have to parade in front of you to show you the loss of lives by those protected by these liberal mayors? and now, mexico gets in the mix. and they say, that a warm and crack downon illegal immigrants is an affront to mexico. really? they want us to have sanctuary cities. i have an idea. how about mexico pay a tax on the billions of dollars that are sent to them by the illegals working here. or better yet, maybe mexico should change their laws so that if you cross their border illegally, you aren't sentenced
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to 10 years in jail. what makes mexico think they have a superior right to protect their sovereignty than we do? enough of this benign sounding sanctuary city nonsense that protects criminals. at what point do we stop the killing and violence. are you willing to risk it all to protect the criminal illegal. who would you put in that spot. who would it be okay to lose? your son? your mother or as steinle did, his daughter katherine who died in his arms as she walked along the san francisco pier with him. for those in los angeles and d.c. who say they won't retreat as a stink wary city, my question to you is this. who put you in office.
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who did you take an oath to protect? do you understand the first order of government is the protection of its citizens? american citizens? that's your job. so you have a decision to make. are you willing to lose law enforcement dollars that pays for the cops in your city to protect americans in your effort to resist the deportation of criminals who are here illegally? that's my open. tell me what you have think on my facebook page or twitter. hashtag judge jeanine. a federal u.s. judge just granted and emergency stay to temporarily allow people who lands in the u.s. with valid visas to stay in the country. this will affect the people detained at these airports where people are protesting tonight. joining me now to talk about this is former mayor of new york
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city, and advisor to president trump on cyber security, rudy giuliani. a federal judge signing this stay just during my open. >> i think it's -- i thought your opening was absolutely a terrific explanation of what's been wrong with this country for 20, 30 years. a good deal of time you were district attorney, i was district attorney in the southern district of new york and i couldn't get the deportation service to deport the criminals coming out of jail. they put them on bail and they commit more crimes and i would have to arrest them again. what donald trump wants to do and homeland security wants to do is focus on the criminal illegal aliens and get them out of the united states. who possibly could object to
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that? i have no idea what these mayors are thinking about. judge jeanine: i have the same problem. i would seek to have someone deported after they serve their jail time. their country didn't want them, stow the united states would say we'll keep them. >> we should develop detention centers for them. they shouldn't be catch and release. they have shouldn't go to jail for five years for assault and attempted murder or selling drugs, then go back out on the street. they should go into a detention center. they should be held and then we should exert all the pressure we have which is denormous to deport them to the countries where they are supposed to go to. judge jeanine: in the executive action trump just signed, he talked about limiting visas from those countries that refused to
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accept criminals back to their countries. the countries who say he's too dangerous for to us take back. but that makes perfect sense. now we have a president who gets. >> that describes his whole first week in office, which is negotiating in the best interests of the united states of america. not the rest of the world, but protecting our citizens from what's happened with illegal criminal immigrants and in a lot of other areas. this last week i think has been a week that where he has done more than roosevelt did in 100 days. judge jeanine: i don't think there is any question. he not only hit the ground running web's been airborne for the last 24 hours. >> we both know him personally. this man doesn't sleep.
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judge jeanine: does the ban have anything to do with religion? how did the president decide the 7 countries? i understand the permanent ban on the refugees. talk to me. >> so when he first announced it he said muslim ban. he called me up and said put a commission together and show me the right way to do it legally. i put a commission together with judge mew casey, congressman mccaul, pete king, a whole group of very expert lawyers on this. and what we did was we focused on instead of religion, danger. the areas of the world that create danger for us. which is a factual basis. not a religious basis. perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that's what the ban is based on. it's not based on religion. it's based on places where there are substantial evidence that
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people are sending terrorists into our country. jean were i was kinds of surprised to see that saudi arabia and pakistan are not on the list. yet we know that the san bernardino attack. the wife was born in pakistan and came through saudi arabia. >> saudi arabia is going through a massive change. i think the kingdom particularly under the new prince has a real understanding that we are dealing with a radical islamic problem. this isn't the saudi arabia of 2000, 2001, 2002. president trump is dealing with a new saudi arabia.
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than president obama was dealing with. a saudi arabia with closer relationships with israel and with us, if we know how to use it correctly. pakistan i would have to know more about. that troubles me a little bit. judge jeanine: mr. mayor, i can't believe i'm not in new york tonight. >> we miss each other all the time. judge jeanine: thank you so as much. time for a different opinion. joining me is former foreign policy advisor to barack obama's presidential campaign and former state department official. david, good to have you on the show. we just found out a federal judge put a stay on the president's ban. and it's a tell fairy stay. do you know who the judge is who put the stay on the ban?
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>> i don't. i learned about this from watching the beginning of your show. judge jeanine: maybe we can finds out who put the temporary stay on that. what is your opinion of this ban and are you surprised that the stay has been implemented? talk to me. >> this executive order is a mess. it doesn't accomplish the u.s. interests in protecting us from terrorism. let me give an example. this ban visits from people from 7 country. countries. but the last terrorist attacks in the u.s. the people who did those terrorist after he tacks didn't come from any of these seven countries. yet the ban is actually too broad. judge jeanine: ma lea maleek cam
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two countries that are not included. judge jeanine: don't you think the white house has intelligence we don't have and stuff that's more contemporary than you and i have from months ago? >> we have great people in the intelligence community and the military. my sense is that the people who wrote this are not those people. they fashioned an order -- they fashioned an order that does not protect us and bands huge groups of people who are our friend who we need to support us in the fight against isis. judge jeanine: how can you say the people from somalia are our friend. we just had an attack in minnesota on thanksgiving. there are a lot of assaults. >> there are good people in iraq who work with us and work with the u.s. military. we ended a refugee resettlement
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program that was designed to reward the iraqis. i served in iraq in the height of the war. i had two iraqis who helped me. their lives became in danger because they were helping americans. they were resettled here in the u.s. as a reward for their good service and they are good, law-biding citizens. every military person who served in iraq or afghanistan or anywhere in the middle east will tell you we need a refugee resettlement program. judge jeanine: there are exceptions on a case-by-case basis and i suspect that's the kind of guy just like the guy who was the translator for the army got in today. but the order makes it clear -- we are in the middle of a terrorist war. >> why fashion an executive order that prevents grandmas
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come to the u.s. judge jeanine: david, i love having you on, you are smart. next, more on the breaking news from the nation's airports. one-on-one at the white house with the president's right-hand woman. she is talking tough on immigration. >> you can't break the law then allow the liberal elites to say the illegal immigrant are here to do the jobs mayor can't don't want to do. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." a live look at kennedy airport in new york. a june has granted a stay to allow people who landed in the u.s. with valid visas to stay in the country. meantime, i'm here in washington because i visited the white house and had the opportunity to sit down with counselor to the president, kellyanne conway. take a look.
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>> it many been a whirlwind week. i can't believe it has been a week -- >> it's classic president trump style. it's who he has been in business, as a candidate, president-elect and now president. washington is not accustoms to somebody who comes here owing them nothing and owing the american people the opportunity to make good on those promises and plans. he has done everything from job creation to wage boosting to protecting us from radical islamic terrorism, from swearing in a cabinet secretaries. the u.k. prime minister * visit. calls from heads of state. it makes us all step up our game. judge jeanine: do you get the sense as you are warming that there will come a point in time where some of his staff-say, i
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don't think i can keep with this man. >> sure. but too bad for us. i always thought even when i had my own research company for 21 years. the boss should work the hardest. but you can't help but want to meet and exceed his expectations and keep pace with his thinking and activity. it's a joy. the country is responding. you see some of the haters out there. but no mind. he's stillr -- he's their president, too. for every loud mouth hater there are 10 people calling and writing and saying thank you to him to tell him thank you. people feel there is a new vibrancy and opportunity. he's not just changing the tone in washington. he's change the contents. judge jeanine: the whole idea of him doing what he said he would do is stunning to the american
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people. not only is he doing what he said he would do. but he's doing a lot of it in the first week. let's talk about what happened with mexico and the talk of a 20% tax on some of the goods coming from mexico. critics saying whether it's 20 or any other number. that that burd' may be held by or burdened on the american people. is he running this like he's the president like a business? >> sure, he can run the country like a business. but he also knows it's a country. what secretary sean spicer said it's one of the options. reince priebus said the 0% tariff is -- the 20% tar are is one of the options. he said i want to weigh the choices before i make a choice on behalf of the american people. judge jeanine: who needs the other one more?
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>> if you look at at trade imbalance, $60 billion dollars each year. you see the statistics that the greatest source of revenue for mexico appears to be money that mexicans in america send back to mexico. judge jeanine: why is it the mexicans see so put off by the idea of the united states as a sovereign nation putting up a wall, the united states saying we do not want illegal immigrant here, the youth doing what it can to stop illegal drug cartels from coming into this country, and the united states from caking tear of it own borders and preventing people from sending money into another country. >> they are just not used to it. donald trump said as president he will put america first. 65% of americans say they like and agree with that as one of his plans. america first. that was in a poll this week that was released.
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there is something to that. people know what that means. it means we are a sovereign nation. and sovereign nations must have physical borders. we have sent billions of dollars helping other countries protect their own borders and their own sovereignty. we are not doing it here. it's common sense to a lot of american people. we want a good relationship with a lot of our neighbors. president trump said we want to have good relationships with all countries. it probably won't happen, but we'll try. this is about being fair to the american people, the american voters and the american workers. judge jeanine: why do you think american mayors are saying we want to protect the illegals and we are willing to risk the federal block grant monies. >> it seems to be a misread on
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the public mood. are they serious they are going to harbor and protect illegal immigrants like the man who murdered kate steinle in front of her father in san francisco almost two years ago? that poor woman should be a household name across this country and we should hold her you have as everything that's wrong with sanctuary cities. president trump stood along with these angel moms, all who have lost their children to illegal immigrants who should not have been here. that's not most immigrants in this country. but the mayors saying they are going to put the protection of illegal immigrants above the protection of their own people and their own city resources flagrantly flouting the law. you want to be in america, we
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have the most generous immigration laws in the world. and we have big hearts as well. we are compassionate. go stand in line and do you it the way our ancestors did the. you have an entryway here. but you can't break the law, then allow the liberal elites tell people they are here to do the jobs americans won't do. americans have said i will do that job. i want to do that job but i'm not doing it for $5 an hour under the table. judge jeanine: more with kellyanne conway coming up. i'm a mor mother. of course, i'm worried. judge jeanine: kellyanne the mother in part two. you will find out who once worked in her white house office. and you will be really surprised. my all-star political panel is here to weigh in on the
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now back to justice with judge jeanine. judge jeanine: here is part two now of my white house interview with kellyanne conway. where we talked about her history-making role in the trump administration. >> we heard a lot about white house counsel. you are counselor to the president. very different. don mccann is white house counsel. your joins different. >> you are sitting in an office which i have yet to decorate. but i'm sure my kids will start hanging things on the wall soon. this office was occupied by valerie jared. and before her karl rove and
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first lady hillary rodham clinton. she famously had an office in the west wing. judge jeanine: the significance is you are very close to the oval office. >> more importantly i am close to the president it's a floor below. i can get there in 12 minutes. i can get there in 12 seconds. i have done it in 3 1/2 inch heels. judge jeanine: let's talk personal. first time you came in, did you go, oh, my god, this is so historical? >> you do feel the gravity and the enormity, but also the humility that comes with this. i was raised by a single mom in a wonderful house of italian women. i think that it's the american dream large in many ways. but donald trump's ascendancy to
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the presidency is the american dream. people have been saying we want somebody who last is not politician and not in government, and they got him. for me it's euphoric and it's also a tremendous responsibility. judge jeanine: when i was a d.a., i was the first woman d.a. there were a lot of people who were concerned that i had body guards. there was a lot of reeve distance and hate. what is it lining for you now. sean spicer is in front of cameras, yet you are the one people are focused on, why do you think that is? why do you need round the clock security. >> there have been threats to my family and i have four small children that don't deserve to have anything but love and affection and have a normal
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childhood. it turns out there are people are problems with women in power, and many of them are women. look at the ridicule i face thed by wearing a gucci coat to donald trump's inauguration. he thought it was a beautiful coat. judge jeanine: first woman to get a president-elected. you are not allowed to wear an outfit you pick as patriotic? >> it's no one's business. they all depends they are all independent mind and we are such a part of centerhood and it turns out it -- part of the centerhood. and it's not -- iserhood and it's not through. i have said i apologize to the black stretch pants women of america for adding panache to the inauguration. i want them to know, you are
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wasting your breath. there is no way anyone is going to redefine or unravel me in 140 characters or less. why do women feel better about themselves by putting someone down. we have to reflect on that. i reflect on it as a mother of three daughters who are 12, 8, and 7. i have been trying to teach them to be impervious to your naysayers. focus on who you are and what your values are. we spend billions of dollars a year on self-help books. how about just being kindser to each other. how about just being a better friends. if you want to walk around in yoga pants all day, that's your business. don't insult me base added a little class to the inauguration. judge jeanine: what about your kids will be are you worried about them? >> i am a mother of course i'm worried. i'm worried about them because
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they are in the spotlight a little bit though george and i shield them. they are big trump fans. they met the president and i think they feel the blessing of being able to know what their mom -- what their mom's role is. they are also different. my daughter charlotte wrote a note, i love you, mom, thanks for saving the country. she doesn't realized all was doing was preserving her ability to be the first female president. my son said i want to know what data analyst had you and your team had that made you see something in wisconsin others did not. they kept sending back pence and trump to wisconsin and minnesota, and michigan. i told my daughter claudia, i don't want to come to watched
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and be known as kellyanne conway's daughter. little vanessa. i was telling her i was going on pbs, and she said, is that the "news hour" show? they know so much more than i did when i was tripping their age. judge jeanine: kellyanne conway, you are a gift. >> god bless you. jenna: my political panel is
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judge jeanine: here with me in washington, go pack chairman david avella. and david goodfriend. my understanding is this an
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emergency stay that halts the executive order banning muslims or bang entry to the u.s. from 7 majority muslim countries by a federal judge from the eastern district of new york that -- an obama appointee last year that is nationwide. >> this is what happens when you do executive orders without getting lawyers to vet them. i happened to help write executive orders. judge jeanine: let's just talk about this. >> this is exactly the problem with a disorganized white house. he's doing this stuff to to say i'm getting it done. but when a federal judge looks eight he hasn't gone the anything done. judge jeanine: i want to talk about a judge's authority to do a national stay. >> when president obama's
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dreamers order was stayed by a federal judge. that was zplational in scope. sometimes what that means is the district judge can look at it as applied it's violating the due process clause nationwide. judge jeanine: david, do you think there is a chance, an emergency day. what do you think of this ban? it's a 10-day ban on 7 muslim majority countries for whatever reason the trump white house thinks is possibly a danger and these people need to be vetted. that doesn't mean individual like this u.s. army interpreter was allowed in on a case by dais basis won't come in. >> you had rudy giuliani on earlier. trump had a number of people who helped him work at this ban cluck the heritage foundation so
1:49 am
we know who is coming into this country. look at all what he has done this week whether it's this, telling the generals to have a plan within 30 days on how to defeat isis, whether it's border security. palm of it is focused on what he said he was going to do during the campaign which is make americans safer. >> i think it's great we have courts in this country. when president trump overstepped his bound in the views of conservatives. courts jup upheld it or didn't. we all should be glad they are going to examine these under the constitution. judge jeanine: historically presidents have had the ability to ban certain people from entering this country. this is nothing new. the question is whether there is a nexus or a reasonable connection between what the president is intending to do. i suspect there may be in a hearing possibly a closed door
1:50 am
hearing, a nexus the trump administration may have to show between why this country and why this extreme vetting. >> if you asked rudy giuliani, why not pakistan, i think we are dancing around a bigger problem. part of the problem here is we don't have a really good immigration system to begin with. a majority of senators, republicans and democrats, passed an immigration compromise that died in the house. we have to bring that back. we have to reform our immigration system. >> we need to know who is coming into this country. judge jeanine: i don't want to hear about comprehensive immigration reform. i want to talk about the dangers to americans by those coming here to hurt us. we are dealing with a global problem, and that is isis. they are seeking to even gang
1:51 am
lone wolves in this country through social media or children of refugees who are killing us. >> we just got wrong countries. judge jeanine: how do we know? do we know the intelligence? >> there is much belief those are the countries where the foreign fighters are going out of the war-torn areas and coming here. experts-say that's why those 7 were picked. when need to have good border security. judge jeanine: i'm going to end it with this. no one has a right to come into the united states of america. you do not have that right. last word. fast. >> i like the. i like it. judge jeanine: i'm right. >> there is a system you have to follow to get in here. just some breaking news. we had a short discussion. thank you, guys. a late update on our top stororr
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been telling you, a a federal judge at just over half an hour ago granted an emergency state to block the trump administration from sending
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people with a valid visas who have already landed here come out of the country. this after after protests around the country tonight against the administrations immigration policy. we have been on top of the story want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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>> remember to fry me on facebook and follow me on twitter. i am just shy of 2,000,000 likes
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on facebook. do me do me a favor, go to facebook and get your friends and do some likes. thanks so much for watching. julie banderas is up next with "the fox report." julie: president trump and russian president vladimir putin vowing to -- as president trump signs three new executive actions in the oval office. i'm julie banderas and this is "the fox report." mr. trump and russian president vladimir putin speaking by phone this afternoon at the white house calling it a positive conversation and first steps towards improving relations between the two countries. the videos were shot from outside the window from outside the window. the present fielding calls from several other world leaders today including those from japan, germany, france and australia. the present taking an afternoon break from the phone to use his


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