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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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thank you for my panel and you forwatching . hope to see you here next week. [music] we are awaiting brand-new executive order. we get new information from president trump's phone call with president putin. the two talked about syria. it's iran's nuclear program, north korea and fighting together against isis. it's mr. trumps very first conversation with the russian leader since taking office and that's not all on a busy saturday.affecting national security. he prepares to streamline this counsel putting together a team that's lean and mean. hello, everyone.
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good afternoon and welcome to the hour inside america's news headquarters. hello, julie how are you today. it's been a full working day at the white house. more executive orders affecting national security. that expected to happen this hour and besides the phone call with president putin, he is talking about the leaders of japan. germany, france and australia. between president putin and put president trump >> we are waking for the white house to tell us what happened during the phone call. the kremlin is saying that both president trump and president putin agree that the number one priority is tounite the efforts to fight effort . the kremlin describes it as being one that restored. they agreed to keep in regular contact and working on a time and place for their first
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face-to-face meeting. one thing not discussed , according to the problem, was a possibility of president trump easing sanctions. it's something that the president urged president trump not to do when he spoke with them this afternoon. president trump spoke with the leaders of japan and germany and later australia but things were really waiting on now is the white house to release its version of what was said during the phone call. >> eric? >> we will get to that assumes we have the details. what details do you have about the national security executive order? >> according to onesenior administrator official , what the executive order would do is restructure the national security council. they had about 400 people on staff. president trump said he thought
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it was far too many people. the council was simply too big and bloated. it appears that this executive order will address that concern. it's the 15th executive order that president trump signed since taking office. there are several more in the works. draining much swamp by putting a moratorium on lobbying by former ministration officials and a lifetime they on lobbying in the foreign government. another would ask the chief of staff to give him a plan to defeat isis within 30 days. both of those executive orders, according to the senior administration official are expected to be put on the president desk sometime very soon. that's as close as we could get to some semblance of a timeline. >> we will get that to you and bring it to you live. kristin, thank you. >> julie? >> another fox news alert. more pushback on one of president trump executive orders. officials just a short time ago holding a news conference at new york's jfk of
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two iraqi refugees detained has now been released. protesters there as you can see are out in full force as president trump issued new immigration restriction which has a impact on travelers around the world coming into the united states or trying to. some are being turned away before stepping foot on the plains. others did make the flight and they did arrive in the us. they have been's parking the first challenge to president trump's executive action. live on the scene at jfk with the latest on what's going on there. hi, brian. >> hi, julie. the refugee project says there are dozens around the country who are being held rightnow from what they can understand , the chain and air corporation therefore say they are on airplanes when they arrivedand that's an executive order from yesterday , president trump
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executive order went into place. that's including right here at jfk. it was now 11 people who are in emigrations custody. they are detained including a 33-year-old iraqi refugee. he was given a property be said to the us. his wife was a us contractor for a security company and he was here to arrive and sure enough he arrived at the norwegian flight only to be detained because trump executive order wasput into place . it was in the air. one of those i recommend who was detained, his name is by means riche. hewas released. he is a husband and a father of three . he was detained last night and this is someone who was a us interpreter and engineer and contractor for the us military from 2003 ã2013. listen to what he had to say when he was released. >> this is the soul of america.
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this is what pushed me to move and leave my country and come here. i'm very thankful to all the people who come to support me. thank you very much. america is the land of freedom. >> congressman nadler and velasquez came out here. there are hundreds of people protesting. they are saying that dozens of people are being held illegally and unconstitutionally.they have filed a federal lawsuit. listen to nadler and velasquez moments ago. >> the people who are in the air should not be taken into custody in the country. it makes no sense at all. after all, the timing of the order whether it's one day early or later it's based on happenstance. >> they have been detained illegally.that's the argument that the congressman and i and
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i am begging you to go and revisit this. it's ill-advised and mean-spirited. >> of those seven countries, these are them ãiraq, syria, sudan, libya, smalley and yemen. there is a three month immigration ban. all foreign nationals, regardless of a visa or not ã they've been banned. there are exceptions. we can obviously see but there are confusion. that's what the protesters outside of here and activists and otherlawmakers are noting . there is way too much confusion and the people that should be able to be in this country are being illegally detained. >> brian yannis reporting from jfk airport. we will stay on top of the story and find out exactly what
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happens with the 11 you refugees as we get it brian, thank you for the good report. >> the controversy and demonstration against it. the president is facing when he finishes the first week in office. some of the campaign promises with the executive orders and also working with the speed on multiple fronts.what will this mean for the management of thenation going forward ? the senior advisor for brian 2012. the communications director ã marjorie clifton, the former consultant to the campaign in the principal of consultant. welcome, marjorie. it's been a pace. you have 15 executive orders. not to mention the treats ãcan washington adjust? >> the republican party has an adjusted and that is a challenge for them. this the first opportunity that they meaningfully moved
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congress. instead of tax reform which is the focal point that they had going into this ãthey have been in rapid response mode. we are seeing protest and issues around the refugees popping up around the country. we had the cancellation of the mexican presidents and we are seeing a lot across the aisle and the only unifying point is we have republicans and democrats baffled at what to tackle first and how to respond. >> are the republicans baffled? >> the republican party is unified in this is what disruptive change work looks like. this is what the american people voted for. he has moved on the wall and the southern border at the sanctuary city. he talked about tax reform and paul ryan said he wants to get it done by the end of the
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summer. i think the congress is unified and i think they find real agreement on a shared agenda. we have real results. at seven days of it but imagin . it's real change. >> it's coming down the pike so fast and furious. look at the wall street journal. they wrote about the first week of the trump presidency. they said the focus of attention and mr. trump is dominating the universe more than most because of his propensity to spin off his own personal views and messages. already, he is trampled on the script for the opening days with off-the-cuff remarks and tweets.he is up and did his own schedule. the offset is this top aides nor congressional allies know what he might do next. marjorie, do you think it's fair? how does the country adjust? republicans who came in ready to go and i think the challenge
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here is to had always respond to these things? let's beef up the military. we will fight isis. a lot of the military and national security staff and others have been highlighting and the war on isis isn't as simple as refugee policies. that's where you see a lot of immediate has implications on workforce and frankly the pro-business community. how dowe manage when we are upending the workforce and messing with trade deals that greatly impact the cost of goods ? i think the pushback is very universal. how do we respond? it's like trying to have a crystal ball to predict what trump will do you see evidence and a wait and see ã we don't even know this executive order that he pushed through today ãwe don't know what is becoming with that.>> everyone is a little bit and waiting. >> we know it has national security. it has to do with going back with a five year ban by top
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officials. it's really ãyou talk about hitting washington where it hurts ãyou talk about the revolving door and marjorie does have a point. we have had pushback last week. some of the largest demonstrations in the history of the nation. we see the demonstrations live at jfk and refugee policy. how does he address it and how does he explain it to the nation. how does he incorporate that as we move forward with the policy? >> donald trump will be measured on results. i think the left would do well to adjust to it rather than lose her mind.the media has lost its collective mind over the unconventional way that he is doing business. they just have to adjust. results are coming and they already happening. they have to figure out how to
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keep up.marjorie, last word. has he lost his mind? >> i feel fine. i think we are wondering what's on donald trump's mind. a key program of key good leadership is the ability to listen and understand the consequences ãbroad consequences of things like international policy. it's a long-standing experience. it's the embassy in the middle of jerusalem versus tel aviv. some of the things that may seem subtle but are very great impact. we all pray he makes smart decisions. we want to see every president succeed so the question is, does he have a listening ear and does he understand the impact ? >> marjorie and kevin ãthank you somuch. president obama will go out and play golf . neither criticism of him but he would do that most saturdays. this is a very busy saturday to
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start off the administration. thank you. >> president trump takes action against obama care.hours after he was sworn into office. ahead, why republican lawmakers will actually be divided on how to replace the law. the battle lines are drawn. president trump sets to announce the supreme court. how the senate majority leaders are saying about the doomsday options. we never had a filibuster. there is a chance that might happen. [music] d minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™ i deto get my dna testedtry so i could find out more about my heritage. and i also found that i had a sister that i didn't know about because i'm adopted. that was me.
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it was really exciting to find myself in someone else. we expect more executive orders
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to come from president trump. one we are told at top officials from snagging the big lobbying jobs after they leave office. that would be real first. it's a revolving door culture. the federal agencies and lobbyists in washington. another is expected to reorganize the national security council somewhat and we are told to better address the threat of terrorism and isis. we will bring you the executive orders as soon as the president signs them.
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mitch mcconnell is refusing to tip his hand. whether he will or not use the so-called nuclear option. we are not talking nuclear weapons. let me explain ãit would change chamber rules. preventing democrats from blocking the nomination by using a filibuster. joining me is elizabeth harrington. thank you for taking the time to join us. let me show it for the viewers. it's a highly controversial procedure. in this case, it strips the democrats abilities through the nominees and if they take late justice scalia's seat. will it be confirmed one way or another?>> he is a good shot at getting the nomination but you can't underestimate the democrats. it has never been filibustered but they greets a nuclear
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option i think it's a good reason why the senate majority leader should keep that option open. they are faced with the filibuster against trump's nominee. they should play the game. they were reelected in the senate. they have consequences in them voters want them to get the conservative justice. >> mitch mcconnell told politico and the answer will be democrats and they are able to secure enough democratic votes for the pick and they could change the rules.
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harry reid did. should republicans do the same if they are met with the same resistance? >> i think absolutely. that's whatpresident trump has said. there will be a filibuster . why not play the democrats game which is what they did. it has consequences. that's what they should do. chuckschumer , the majority leader now has said they will fight any conservative justice that they say they find out as a mainstream. democrats find anyone out of the mainstream and they will try to paint any of president trump's nominees as a extremist. mitch mcconnell should play hardball. if they play that part than they should be willing to set the nuclear option. anyone trump orders knows that
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the pressure is on. trump is instructing mcconnell to do that. it's to kill the resistance pick. mcconnell says that the decision is not up to trump. it's not up to him to come forward. he cannot makethese decisions unilaterally. it does come up . senator mcconnell is right. it's his decision and as you have seen this week, the republican party has really shifted towards trump's policies. you've seen the speaker of the house paul ryan advocating for building the border wall. really getting in line with president trump's position. as he has said, it's his decision and don't thank you can estimate the force that
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getting his priorities. >> there are definitely a lot of leadership by trump. even if they felt completely against it, the vice president wants tweeted about how unfair it would be to ban muslims from coming into the country and it wouldn't be the right thing to do. now he is a vice president and i believe he has changed his tune. let's talk about supreme court nominations. it's the history of presidents and how they dealt with the supreme court. you've written about a study which basically what this administration could learn from it. the study was just released that found that president obama would be in the supreme court record for modern history since the modern century.
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he only won 50 percent of his cases that he himself was a party and his attorney general for a party and advocated for the extent overreach. it's a unanimous defeat against the government's position. that means he did not get the support of his justice with sonia sotomayor. they look back at the legacy and they think it's a bad eight years of the report and they think they should know and be grateful that his record was so much worse than any other president in history and it could have been a lot different of a legacy if he had not performed so terribly. >>elizabeth harrington. that's all the time that we have . appearing confident in public.
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the leak audiotape says uncertainties against the republicans when it comes to obamacare.the new tapes show concern over what comes next. that is after president trump signed an executive order to start rolling back the law. caroline shively details from washington. >> the republican meeting with congressman tom mcclintock summing up hopes and fears about obama care. we better be assured that we are prepared to live with the market that we've created. that will be called from care. republicans on that and judged in the election less than two years away. republicans are hearing from the constituents and they come with pre-existing conditions letting dependents say on the help lance until they turn 26.
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they have middle-class families getting crushed by the high cost of premiums. they have to balance it all while not destabilizing the insurance market. >> the big hang up is to not get into the trap of rolling back coverage. if they end up with a plan that leads to many millions with health insurance, they could end up in a cul-de-sac which would be hard to extract themselves it's an executive order having agencies reevaluate provisions that are too costly. it didn't get into the nitty-gritty where congress comes and. >> i think the president is open to whatever we can pass. it's not the republican problem. we are committed to fix it. >> repealing obama care by august.
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eric #ácustomá thank you, caroline. julie? >> extreme betting. the temporary immigration takes effect. how president trump finds common ground with president putin. what they talk about on the phone today. what it means for international relations with our allies. >> as far as putin in russia, i cannot say good bad or indifferent.i don't know the gentleman. i hope we have fantastic relationship. that is possible and it's possible that we won't. we will see what happens.
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we are waiting for the two new executive orders from the dealing with national security and the other barring administration officials fromjoining the lobbying firms where they could
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cash and and make big bucks . the band would last for five years. barring refugees from syria and other nations from the us. pushing causing pushback. a dozen have been detained at jfk. one iraq he works with the military and he has been released after the acl lu filed a lawsuit against the president's executive order. it composes a 90 day suspension from seven as muslim nations. it's controversial and has been challenged. more details in washington on the reaction to the new policy. it's now confirm that green card holders could be impacted. that means for at least the next 90 days. almost anyone, whether a refugee or a tourist ãif they are from one of those seven countries they will not be able to enter the united states. anyone with a green car that's
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legally working here will look that by a case-by-case basis. all seven countries in the order are majority muslim nations. syria, iran, iraq, libya and yemen. over the next three months, trump has directed the department of homeland security to review the vetting process used for anyone entering the us and to come up with a list of countries that don't provide the necessary information to properly vet them. there are exceptions to the temporary ban on refugees. notably, for christians. they have been horribly treated. if you are a christian in syria, it was impossible or very tough to get into united states. if you are a muslim you could come in. if you are a christian it was almost impossible. it was very unfair.we will help ron announced
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that it will enter until the us lift its ban. the foreign ministry says the restriction are an open front against the muslim world and the iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great gift to extremist. we are likely to see more fallout here at home and abroad in the days ahead julia more. >> you know the band already sparks legal challenges. a fox legal analyst with jessica ramirez as a managing attorney for the assistance program for catholic charities of the archdiocese of new york. thank you, ladies. we knew this would spark a lot of protest. >> it's something that hasn't been done. obama did the same.mercedes, let me first ask you. forthose who legally obtain the
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visa , they bought the plane tickets and they are at jfk being held. 11 of them . do they have a legal action? they have an attorney and there is already a lawsuit. >> it depends on the basis. some of them are suing on the basis that they are being targeted because of religious belief. they have a tremendous and it's in the constitution. the courts will have a lot of presidents who took this and did the executive orders on immigration. there's been lots of challenges and it depends on the way they will carve the challenge in court. they will make the constraints against immigration and it will fall on their face. >> one could argue that it's an
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executive order signed by the president and they are being vetted just as the president promised that he would. now he fulfills the promise. today the leg to stand on? i believe so because they have been vetted. the reason why they were allowed to come in and come here is because it wasn't under the heavy vetting that he just enacted. they were deemed admissible and it is a problem. they are here illegally. president trump has been talking about and you could get here legally. they have been vetted by the state department and it really is rigorous. once they have been vetted they were deemed admissible and they are here. >> it's a different
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administration. we want to make sure the us is secure. we want to put in new protocols and procedures we don't know people have been vetted. what questions were asked and why the ban exists. one of the reasons why they will be a lot given to president trump. >> there will be loopholes, obviously. doesn't the executive order has to be passed through congress in order for it to be upheld. president trump does not have the final say. he needs to have the backing. will he have the backing to continue? >> wewill see. i don't know . we will see. it does have the appearance of a ban on muslim countries. it really does. >> it's not the first time. everyone who was upset about that ãwe really when it comes
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to afghanistan we have soldiers fighting there with us soldiers fighting there and families waiting for them to come back. how does this affect our soldiers who are currently in these countries. >> it's a great question. what the president is looking at is if you areradicalized you are not coming into this country. that's what the ban is all about. there could be fallout for the american soldiers .doesn't matter whether president trump takes tighter control. there will be retaliation against our troops but it's all about keeping the us secure. it is temporary. the question is how long? they say three months. >> what i am looking at is i am scared for the troops. especially if now they hear what's happening. he was an interpreter for the military. military needs these people. they call them fixers.
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thank you ladies very much. great to have you. >> it's a news conference at dulles international airport. they pushback against the trump executive order in dealing with the refugees. several muslim nations where there is demonstrations today at jfk. we were told there was 12 such refugees being held. it's members of the muslim faith and all faiths. it's no longer open and welcoming. it's how americans will be treated all over the globe. we cannot tolerate this type of activity. we are very concerned. discriminatory tactics breed hatred. it will breed hatred towards
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our nation and americans around the globe. as we saw today, google sent a letter to theemployees around the globe about hundred employees and said , get home and get home immediately because we don't know if you will be allowed back into the united states of america. this is not the nation that we know and this is not the nation that we love. we are a valued country. we value people's contributions to this great nation. i am here with my attorney general, hearing. we want answers. i have instructed my attorney general to look at all avenues that we have in virginia. all legal remedies that we have. helping these individuals who are stuck at the airport here invirginia . youboarded a plane to come to america . you have the right to come to this country but when you land you are detained. we believe in strong vetting. no one should be allowed in this country who does harm but
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you have taken vetting to a new extreme. they talk about extreme vetting ãwe don't even know what that means. our message for the people here today ãthis is not the united states of america that we know and we will not tolerate it. we are open and welcoming to everyone. >> to the department of homeland security ãi want to know if there are families here and who are they? are they entitled to be in this country? i am asking this is the governor of the commonwealth of virginia. you are on our soil and in virginia and i want to know who's implicated side as the attorney general to look at all legal remedies that we have with avenues to continue to come to the greatest country in
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the entire globe. he will potentially pursue legal issues on the executive order dealing with the refugee . some in muslim countries. this is after the aclu has filed a lawsuit but the results of that lawsuit jfk in new york are earlier today with the report. working for the 101st airborne. a translator and a refugee. one has to do with the fact that these people were in flight when the president signed the executive order. they were then stopped and detained when they arrived here in the united states. certainly will bring you more on the developing story as it continues. meanwhile, the president is held his first official phone call with vladimir putin. what they talked about and what it means and what we can expect will happen.
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as we await the new executive orders president trump ãthat happens any minute. made his first landmark contact with vladimir putin. they talked about working together from syria. the two leaders also discussing the process of restoring ties between the two countries. we are told theissue of russian sanctions or influence in the presidential election did not come up . what did the phone callmean? the reserve intelligence with the office of naval intelligence . it's a program on foreign policy research. quickly, first before we get the video, what expect will come up of the phone call with president putin? let me interrupt you. we have the video of the two or three newexecutive orders.
1:48 pm
let's listen to what he said . >> hello. how are you? so, this is a five year lobbying band and its most of the people standing behind me that will not be able to go to work. not to do anything adverse to the wonderful country. >> five year ban. it's a two-year ban now. full of loopholes. this is a five year ban. you have one last chance to get out. >> good ãi had a feeling you would say that. >> this was a five year ban i was talking about the campaign trail.
1:49 pm
we are putting it into effect. [applause] . this is the organization of the national security council and the homeland security council. you know it represents a lot. also a lot of safety. people have been talking about doing this for a long time. like, many years. okay ãmr. vice president [applause] .
1:50 pm
this is the plan to defeat the islamic state of iraq and syria or another words isis. i think it's going to be successful. it's good stuff. have a good weekend [applause] it's not a muslim man but we are prepared to work it out nicely. you see it at the airport for
1:51 pm
its working out nicely. we will have a strict ban and we will have extreme vetting which we should have had for many years. thank you, everyone. >> thank you. appreciate it. you see him signing three executive orders and taking one question on the executive order in dealing with refugees from several muslim nations. it says it's not a muslim man. he said it's working out very nicely . there have been demonstrations at dulles airport and jfk. we are told 12 people were detained this afternoon and one has been freed after the aclu. the american civil liberties union filed a lawsuit. he is been standing by with us and first of all ãthe three different orders ãone is a lobbyist.
1:52 pm
you have a revolving door in washington and we get a job and you go zip off to k st. we cashion to make the big bucks. also, it's a reorganization it's more active and retired military office. specifically, we are told to target the united statesdealing with terror threats . it's asking or directing the joint chief of staff to have a report in 30 days. defeating isis. can you say from your experience would be special ops, more intense bombing and other isis strongholds. what you think the joint chief of staff could come upwith? maybe we don't have it now . >> it's a greatquestion , eric. taking it one step above that, when you think about these plans you think of the acronym known as dime.
1:53 pm
diplomatic ideologies. the idea is that we will focus on the military but there is another international part of this that is isis resided revolves around the fact that we have not come up with a coherent plan as to who will fall into the vacuum when they leave? you have the ukrainians, russians, kurds and herds. i think a lot of them internationally, we have iran that's not happy about the ban on their citizens. to a large degree, we will require their help whether it's iraq or syria ãmaybe yemen. i think what we can look at this militarily ãisis is not long for this world. military we can go in there and bomb them.
1:54 pm
it's a great point and great distinction. when i talk about isis and the stronghold in the land that they hold in syria and iraq ãi should qualify that and say yes. those strongholds are not long but you are right. the question of ideology is a long one. how do you defeat and ideology? it will be a nuanced problem. love ãi thought the president did a good job in his presentation signing executive order and taking the question quickly and clarifying it as it's not a muslim man. as you know, actions are important and words matter. when you play on the international stage , part of it is the fact that we are dealing with an enemy that knows how to use propaganda. let's not give him more tools to use against us. >> in terms of the muslim man ã do you think it's a successful
1:55 pm
challenge and it will hold up? >> the question about extreme vetting ãsomething the american public should know that's done today. it's completely reasonable to say that we can't get records coming from the deterrent ãif you are a threat we will not let you get on a plane. it's very different than saying we are targeting an ethnicity or a religion. it's not what itsaid. it's very important that the president comes out and qualifies it . i would have no problem with extreme vetting. i would like to see more resources put into this. >> 30 seconds left. i misspoke saying a muslim man. it's a refugee band from some refugee from the muslim nations. 30 seconds left on president putin?no mention of sanctions
1:56 pm
and no mention of russian influence. what you think will come from that phone call? >> the president has said that he will work closely with russia to take on isis. i asked the question frankly, can russia do anything? i would suspect the ability to help us are pretty limited. >> thank you and thank you for rolling with breaking news that we had from the white house. we will see you two hours from now. see you then. >>
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talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> eric: it's been another busy day at the white house. president trump assigned a series of executive orders one day after the extreme vetting system that has led to the detention of at least one dozen refugees and green card holders. they arrived at the us airport this afternoon. eric shawn and a brand-new order of news headquarters. president trump is on the phone with the prime minister of australia. it's one of five today. the president speakingby phone wi l


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