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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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slam. this is the first time the cities played each other at the australian open since 2003. you can see a very emotional husband. what an emotional time here. a lot more news to come out of this white house today. we begin with the fox news alert. we are awaiting a new round of executive orders from president trump. amid a flurry of phone calls. including russian president today's highly anticipated phone call marks the first time the president has spoken with the russian leader since taking office. it comes as they charge that he's too cozy. they can leverage better relations with russia. the call just one of five today. the present also speaking with leaders of japan germany and
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france and australia. we find are always energetic responder. another big day another executive order coming in an hour. any guidance on what we will see. >> this executive order will be about restructuring the national security council. he said that they were too big and too bloated and he wanted to trim the fat and whittle it down. it's poised to do just that. but something that they are really trying to draw attention to. this administration has hit the ground running.
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you will never stop fighting on behalf of of the american people. what other executive order is that five year ban on lobbying. and a lifetime ban on lobbying foreign governments. they said that should be on the president's desk. about draining the swamp. what are we hearing about that phone call that we were just talking a moment ago. so fall -- so far we have not heard anything officially about it. it's certainly what everybody wants to know about that. we were able to see this phone call taking place. they allowed the press have to take shots out side of the oval office. president trump said that
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fighting isis would be at the top of his agenda. that is certainly the most buzzed about. they will have spoken to for other world leaders. another very busy saturday here at the white house. dig a little bit deeper. it's good to see you today. and i wonder i certainly remember george w bush when i was covering him said he looked into the eyes and saw into his soul. president obama talked about it. it got him reelected. it have more flex ability. the last two presidents tried and failed to improve relations. what does donald trump see here. >> i would deftly say it's
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important for me to recognize that he's not gorbachev. you can have a normal working relationship with that. so the idea that we can get along well with the russians who are of course occupying supply them with powerful missiles. this is not a friendly regime. with to recognize both of them they attempted to build warmer ties with putin and both of them failed. i think that we need to send a message that includes not only keeping the sanctions in place at the moment but
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strengthening them and also reinforcing the u.s. military power in europe. sending a very clear message that any aggression will not be tolerated. that's why he would not just talking to president putin today. he is reaching out to the european leaders. to stay say tough with russia to have the sanctions and individual nations. against russia as well. there is a lot of speculation that he may rollback some of the sanctions that he put into place against russia. would you see this is a strategic mistake. if indeed that would be the policy. there is no clear indication that that will be the policy. if it goes down that route. to the allies especially in eastern and central europe. it's very important in terms of weakening of the russian
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regime. it sends a clear signal that occupying other countries is not acceptable. is directly menacing the very close friends. blood on the battlefield as well. we need to stand with our allies. and maintain the sanctions. against russia and strengthen them. and also we need to tell moscow very clearly that the united states stands with the nato alliance but the units it will defend its partners. there had been some on the left. in terms of the first meeting.
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and yet it seems like he came out of that with a have of steam. that the talks went well. they were talking of a u.s. british trade deal in the months ahead. talk about the strength of that alliance. yesterday's meeting between the president trump was very successful. reinforce the importance of the younger american agents. it sends a very clear signal. i thought it was a very good day actually for the united states for the great britain and projecting some clear leadership on the world stage. we do need them leading together against a whole host of adversaries that we face today. now last question. what about the german chancellor. donald trump is not shy about anything. he have some tough works --dash backwards. at first she was very
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welcoming. and then as her own political standing has slipped a bit as you know in germany she is all the sudden taking a tough stance not quite like donald than she was safe six months ago. talk about how important that is as well. i think president trump is right to actually point out that the policy has been a complete disaster. has been disastrous for germany. it has created huge security problems across the continent. has allowed a significant number of isis terrace. i think it's very good that president trump is being critical of the handling. i think there is a declining figure on the european stage. i would hope that germany adopts us tougher policy with
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regard to rest few refugees. the open border approach has been catastrophic. a very busy day at the white house. a lot of analysis about some big issues. good to see you. fox news alert is a new a ban on refugees from certain countries is already causing some difficult legal challenges for the trump administration refugees are being turned away and foreign airports before they even board planes. and those arriving in the u.s. are being detained. included two iraqi men who were stopped yesterday right here in new york including one who has been a u.s. government contractor for ten years. one of those two refugees were told and released a short time ago. the other remains in detention. it's interesting because
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congressman jerry nadler is there. it looks like maybe there is even some protests behind you. get us a sense of what happening on the scene. this is really the chaos that resulting about 24 hours after the executive order was in place. there are a lot of questions as to who was loud and who wasn't. a lot of clarity that was needed. there are hundred protesters outside jfk airport precisely because of what you said. essentially you have to i recommend who landed here last night who were immediately detained. two of them according to their lawyers into other rights groups who have a special immigrant visa. they artie had them. they were on their way into the united states. they were detained. nadler said ten others are being held here today.
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as to one of those. the man who was released he is 53 years old. a contractor for the u.s. military in iraq from 2003 to 2013. he was released this morning after other groups filed a federal lawsuit in court to day. the other man who is now currently being held his name was there. he was granted a visa to reunite with his wife and his son his wife and his son had been in the country's 2014. there are ten others that are being held right now. we had sound now. of who was released a few months ago. >> this is what pushed me to move and leave my country to come here. i'm very thankful to all of
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the people that have come to support me. thank you very much. renault america is a land of freedom. when asked he said he likes donald trump but he's not sure of this policy. that's what he said to the press. there is a three month immigration ban. that's everybody that includes those with green cards and those groups are asking that people do not leave the country at this time. there is a temporary four-month refugee band and an indefinite ban of all. refugees they will be cut from 110,000 to 50,000. that is what happening right now. it's activist in groups wondering what is next. they are being retained this
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is why there out here. thank you for that new information. about ten more refugees being detained. we will also of course speak life. two new york congressman. he is live at the scene. i just want to quickly mention. the senior demonstration official is same this idea from critics said it's a muslim ban it's band it's ludicrous. they're pushing back on that. obviously a flurry of activity there. we will stay on top of it. a secret recording repeals that they are divided over the strategy to repeal and replace obama care. we are more on more on this developing story in washington. >> from the republican meeting. california congressman tom mcclintock summed up the hopes and fears about replacing obama care this way.
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we better be sure that we are prepared to live with the market we have created. that's can be called trump care. they well on that lock stock and barrel and we will be judged less than two years away. republicans are carried from the constituents that they like some parts of the oporto will care act like making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions they are also hearing some middle-class families are getting crushed by the high cost of premiums. they have to bounce it all while not destabilizing the insurance market. i think the big enough for them is to not get into the trap of rolling back the coverage. if they end up with a plan that leads to many millions more people not having health insurance they could really end up in a political cul-de-sac for which it would
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be hard to extract themselves. they got the ball rolling within hours of being sworn in with an executive order directing government agencies to reevaluate provisions of the law they think are too costly. for that order it didn't get into the nitty-gritty. it is where congress comes in. i think the president is hoping to whatever we can pass that solves the problem. this is not the republicans problem. it was caused by the democrats. we feel an obligation to fix it and we are committed to fixing it. leadership has set a goal of repealing and replacing obama care by august. >> take you for that. our own sean hannity have the exclusive interview. he hinted about a new republican strategy. what is crucial for me is for the public to understand that obama care is a disaster. now the democrats say that. if you really want to do something just let it explode. and then they will come begging this to fix it.
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it doesn't work. it is the editor-in-chief of the hill. it's good to have you on life today. i was struck by the fact that the president seem to be hinting at least too and some kind of private conversations he's been telling them look we just let them die under its own weight. as a rising unpopularity for it. that means they wait a few months and not repeal it. you will have some republican voters wondering why in the world do we elect a republican house and senate. it's a tough spot for republicans right now. they have the house and house and senate and the white house. they had campaigned as the
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easy part. they just need a majority to get rid of it. but to replace it they're going to need 60 votes in the senate. that's going to be difficult though there are a lot of red state democrats. states that he won in november. they may be willing to help. a lot of democratic senators up for reelection in two years. many of them in states that donald trump didn't just when but he won big time. let's talk about replacing obama care. we have heard about the secret reporting a moment ago where lawmakers at the retreat behind closed doors seemed very nervous about the steak with democrats. if you repeal it without a sensible replacement ready to go you could kick millions of people off their healthcare. it was very difficult for democrats to get it passed. it barely passed. they now haven't coalesced behind to their own plan. if you are taking benefits
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away. that is politically dangerous and if you're going to add benefits to obama care that's going to be costly and the conservatives are not going to go for that. it is an enormous challenge. and we will see if there up to the task. it seemed to refuse to tip the hand. to see senate rules that would then prevent them from launching it. i don't want is a major decision. it subject to change at the last moment. i think it will be a great choice. others threatening. we have never had as a from court justice filibuster it but that's a chance it might happen. and then he went on to say
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would you support the nuclear option to change the rules and he said yes. mitch mcconnell once a guess is that because he split with the president on the idea or do you think he is just a riley old politician who wants to keep the clothes -- cards close to his vest. he's definitely a shrewd politician. he is an intense -- institutionalist. he does not want the senate to become house. he does not want to get rid of the filibuster and if you look at it in history the president and his first term usually does get his nominee through. he thinks he can get enough support and he sent her going to get this nominee confirmed. maybe the democrats call us behind that. they have made some have made some controversial remarks about abortion. and then you can get to 60.
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you need a 60 60 votes to get a supreme court justice through. i don't think failure is an option. that's a another reason why maybe he won't be picked. give me an idea handicapping with the inside story is. it will be a solid conservative. and donald trump has been signaling this will be someone in the school mold. you remember he released about 20 judges that could be his supreme court pick. that list was praised by conservatives but you will see him say whatever the pick is is not in the mainstream and he certainly is going to lead the opposition to that pic. they filibustered the supreme court. i suspect there will be a lot of fireworks over that. we appreciate you joining us. soaring tensions with the southern neighbor as well.
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amid their public view the latest of the diplomatic fallout. is coming up next.
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the plan to build not just offense but a wall on the u.s. border. we are live from the west coast bureau as well. earlier this week president trump promised that construction on the border wall will start immediately. the budget for border fencing and infrastructure but the biggest question right now is how to get mexico to reimburse the united states for the wall. he promises time and time again that it would indeed paper the wall. they quoted the idea of having a 20% tax limit last august and were supposed to meet again next week with that was canceled over the border wall dispute. the president of mexico and myself had agreed to cancel
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our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat mncs fairly with respect such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. president trump did say his phone call went well. the next day the 20% tax on all imported goods would hit companies they could ultimately passed the price increases on to american consumers. what i heard today from this president was that it impacts reform. and they would level it with the u.s. products here in america and the exact same rate press secretary sean spicer said it ministration could go in another direction to pay for the wall which could cost between 12 and
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$18 billion. >> protest breaking out protests breaking out today and a new york city airport. from entering the u.s. they have already been detained. as well as critics we talked to one of the critics of the plan. rodney and his new business.
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he is going to join us by phone. to the alabama senator jeff sessions. in the former deputy campaign manager and the former spokesperson. talk about the political stakes for donald trump on this issue right now because we are seen legal challenges there is applicable fight plane out as well. this is something he promised to do in the campaign it shows that as well. despite what some of the media are trying to call a muslim man. it is in fact fairly isolated just to those war-torn regions right now that become isis breeding grounds. very similar to the band that he put in place in iraq during his presidency. it was also a temporary man. politically i think it is both fulfilling a campaign i was
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very important to voters across the spectrum. the la times recently reported that some of the searing refugees had been put in. they're having to go back through this. it's letting that national security part but it's way through. >> on that very point that sarah is mentioning. now it they are being halted indefinitely by the president's executive actions and is for a short time but indefinitely while the civil war plays out. tell us, what is wrong with what sarah same. why should we put an indefinite hold on the refugees. i'm not sure that's actually the case. they had been killed by a
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refugee is one and $3.6 billion. we have no problem with cracking down. this is a broad brush thing. her 81-year-old grandmother in iran can't come visit. i don't think she's any real threat. they're just sending a message. that something is wrong with that. nope he wants the families broken up if somebody legitimately is coming to visit a family. i want to ask you what do you know about these detainees have been detained at jfk overnight. one of them actually worked
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for the u.s. government. and we don't know anything about it. should there be some sort of betting whether you call it extreme betting are not whoever is at the airport we don't know who these individuals are and is it that isn't that the president's point. these are those. they are not included in the visa waiver program. if you come to syria if you go to the u.s. embassy. before you're able to get your visa. the idea that there just boarding planes and we have no idea where they actually are. just actually false. in that la times report the process that was put into place sounded like it would be a pretty thorough process but
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it wasn't being used. some of the refugees who are already here for instance had ties to asis leaders have failed a polygraph test. it was never seen during that process because of human error. they were summary -- trying to bet 70 people at once. to figure out what was going on. when you have tens of hundreds of millions of people around the world try to come to america which has always been the beckett beacon of economic liberty i wonder when we talk about democratic critics on this plan there had been republican critics as well. the calls to ben muslims are offensive and unconstitutional of course this was before he was picked to be the vice president. it's not a muslim man so it's different. the same principle that has
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been laid out is what mike pence the current vice president sharply criticized. that is abandoned based on religious test. of course would be offensive. that's not what's going on. it doesn't target those policies. not affected by this. we are looking at the breeding grounds that are being affected. that is regardless of which religious population you are dealing with. the word islam is not executive order. it is similar in language to obama's temporary iraqi band during his presidency which we never saw the media or the left have nearly this level of turning them up to 11. about outrage. i was covering the white house and president obama decided have a six month time out on any refugees coming in from iraq.
11:38 am
that he was shredding the constitution. why was it okay for a democratic president to say we're going to put a timeout and refugees. it was in response to a very specific instance at a base in kentucky. if there was a specific case that were try to deal with let's deal with that. one case in kentucky and then he put a timeout on all iraqi refugees they sent one case in kentucky. i don't think he put a timeout on everybody in iraq. we have a problem with that. the president has done here has not only deal with that refugee program he put up a pause on all travel. we are not dealing with a specific problem. you're saying to people in iran about how she's threat.
11:39 am
>> we know that it is trying to come here. it is trying to keep americans safe that is what it is. it's not a religious man. we really appreciate you joining us today. thank you for joining us by phone getting your perspective in there. sometimes the controversial phone call today. what moscow is now just breaking out now about the new and ministration that is coming up ahead. republicans are wrapping up their annual rent legislative retreat.
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they been meeting behind closed doors. the party was touting unity. under the new aggressive and ministration. not just repealing. it is still causing worried for some lawmakers. he serves on the preparation committee and was at the republican retreat. we talked about the secret recording that the washington post got his hand on a private republican strategy session where it sounds like you and your colleagues are a lot more
11:45 am
nervous and private than you've let him publicly about coming up with consensus on not just repealing but replacing obama care. there is no question. there is a lot of concern about that. we also had serious reservations . there is concern how do you replace. knowing other political dynamics of the senate where you need 60 votes to determine a bathroom break we are also concerned that if we repeal without credible replacement we know the left well not help us replace obama care. there will be some on the hard right who will denounce any obama care replacement. those political considerations as well as policy considerations making sure there are not gaps in coverage for example.
11:46 am
there is some political worry about what to do. let's look at the positive as well moving forward and give our viewers an idea of what we're really talking about. what we are willing to say publicly what are the two big parts of the replacement for obama care that you think well actually improve the health care system. when we go back to 2010. they also wanted to make sure that healthcare could be portable. we wanted to protect people with pre-existing conditions we also want to take care of those individuals under the age of 26. we have many proposals. we want greater competition and greater choice and try to do medical liability reform. we do have a lot of good ideas. what about bringing some democrats into the fold. i'm sure they would say forget about it. they lost the election.
11:47 am
my point in question here is that is one of the big criticisms that they head about barack obama which was that he ran through obama care with just democratic votes and here we are a few years later and it's falling apart. how do you come up with a replacement that is more durable and it seems to me that might be finding a way to bring along at least the democrats. how do you bring along at least some democrats it appears that donald trump has some consensus here. >> any replacement should be done in pieces. i believe there will be pieces of art reform agenda that some democrats could support. i would not want to replace obama care in one fell swoop. it be too easy for democrats to oppose it. maybe we should try to do this in pieces and put out aspects of this law and changes that
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the democrats would find hard to vote against. >> rather than a behemoth do this in pieces and maybe make it stronger. i want to get to another point. you come from a c in pennsylvania where they all said no chance donald trump could win. a big reason why he is the 45th president of the united states. on his first full week you're your back on monday he started off by not just bringing in business leaders but try to make sure he was still reaching out to those working-class voters. by bringing in union leaders. one of them went on and be an msnbc and said this. the building trades had a meeting. in that meeting was based on a whole host of things. we talked about infrastructure we talked about good pain family supporting jobs. we were more than encouraged by the meeting the president's
11:49 am
builder we are builders. final question here is it seems to me that in week one donald trump didn't just follow through on a whole flurry of campaign promises but he also brought in union leaders who have not really sat down. how does that speak about what kind of leader he's in a be in the days ahead. i thought it was a very positive thing meeting with labor leaders to talk about it. i think there are a lot of folks who do want to move forward on if a structure bill. unfortunately i think that message may have gotten drowned out with all of the other distractions i think if the president stays more focus on those types of issues he should let that drive the media. on infrastructure as well as organized labor.
11:50 am
it seems to me despite your praise for president trump you are a little bit concerned about the issues. do you think that will drown out some of his messages this week. i do think it did. a crowd size doesn't matter. president trump he won the election fear and swear -- fair and square. i think that distracts on the other issues. like trying to talk to you if a structure and how to replace the healthcare law. i think that's much more important for all of us to be focused on. thank you and great to be with you. the view live from moscow.
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>> fox news alert. hoping for improved relations with america. russians are very much hoping
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they have a awful lot to gain from that. after the indexation. it could really gain an important ally. president chavez made it very clear that that is the most critical result he would hope for the two spoke today for what appears to have been three quarters of an hour. you can see the u.s. president through a window here. there has been no immediate readout from either side. probably because it involves a lot of very sensitive information. he said he thinks he will be able to do business with vladimir putin and they have referred to trump as a colorful character they interpreted that to mean brilliant. he's made it very clear he is eager to make it a go.
11:56 am
and for some time that has been understood or that was the kremlin's preferred candidate. knowledge to see if you can actually have some magic in terms of improving the relations between the two countries something that president obama tried president obama tried and was unable to succeed at. one thing is certain he said the conditions created by the kremlin will be very conducive to making that happen. we appreciate that report. >> more breaking news from jfk airport. you airport. you can see my pictures right there. and just mere moments. you will hear that shortly thank you for having me this afternoon.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. a busy first week for donald trump issuing a flurry of executive orders. we begin with immigration and the fulfillment of a campaign promise with the president signing orders to start construction of a u.s./mexico border wall and cut federal funding to so-called sang chew or ware cities. here is president trump on wednesday. >> a nation without borders is not a nation. beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of


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